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Read this: Podcast Movement and RadioMoments

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Podcast Movement and RadioMoments…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson selling very Gravelly voice this week.

I'm afraid I've been on a trip to the Far East and that's Cambridge by the way and I returned with a bunged up nose sore throat and riddled with germs.

I would avoid Cambridgeshire if I were you so when I go to maximize the potential of my deep voice by spending the week in the Booth recording movie trailer voice overs.

We're going to leave you in the capable hands this week of James cridland and David Lloyd James reflects on his trip to podcast moving in Florida last week and it has more brilliant audio forest in radio moments.

That's all coming up voice permitting will be back to normal next week at do remember by the way to check out clean feed nets and great.

Site if you're looking for a great way to connect with gas for your show all podcast in studio quality audio.

Just using your browser put on Today programme bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to an ex unlock and understand the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it on the radio futurologist, how is a podcast movement in Orlando in Florida did you miss me? What is the largest podcast event in the world? I think with a variety of tracks covering almost everything you need to know about podcasting and grows each year podcasting is increasingly serious business with both Spotify and Google on the show floor this year and Pandora also being very visible throughout Apple or at the event to.

Invite only super secret session only for the Elite few and guess what I'm not in the elite few.

I mean I don't need to remind podcast as that exist as Spotify is in strong competition for them.

I bumped into brand milky.

Who's the host of the US is start here podcast from ABC News and he's clearly happy and excited about the work He is doing an excited most of all about the production value that the post produce nature of podcasting can bring over and above radio you can convey more with sound he says than just a straight back and forth interview plenty of earnings to Martina Castro CEO of a Spanish language podcasts company called of Gondor Media said to me during a panel of 50% of spanish-speaking podcast listeners at listening to English content to this plenty of the international Grove it seems have an international growth was seen later in the conferences podcast producer wonder he told us that their hit podcast Dr Death had been launched in many different languages including.

Spanish Portuguese German French and others and as I write this here to have hit the top of the charts in virtually all of those countries that certainly growing up while retaining its charm.

What a big business is certainly involved including us radios largest broadcasters, it's also a place where small independent podcast to still have a shot at making a hit podcast in their spare room is really nothing else like podcast movements so the organizers are planning to Events next year the main events in Dallas next August to add an event alya in the year in Los Angeles the podcast World open all Lounge from I think it's podcast is large and small get together to share best practices and invest in each other and at a time when many US radio conferences have lost their excitement and enthusiasm is much to learn from what the podcast is there up to my newsletter.

And now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd it's 2 years since Big Ben Ireland petrol station management for radio for responsible for the operation of the network, this is London and we heard during the war we who were in occupied France has been broadcast live for over 90 years on BBC Radio 4.

Still not quite right it was in 1976 and once again.

It needs work, but nothing quite compared and now largely.

We hear recordings Big Ben stopping.

It's regular chiming and broadcast week in 2017 this week last year the first breakfast show from someone who's just had a decent set of early figures play James and I love radio more than anything else in the whole world.

It is the best thing is there on you're happy when you're sad, it seems you are summed up moments in your life and this is the most famous radio show in the world and it's a privilege to share it with you every morning.

If you been listening for years hello nice to be back on and you know what we can get up to together if your new welcome.

I hope you like it is already a great Disney delicious makes of solid radio values contemporary authenticity and hard work as well.

Greg James making his breakfast debut last year the famous Radio Caroline ship that sank in 1980 really standing by we're not moving and disappearing from the Lifeboat but then this week in 1983 and new ship and a new start for the offshore hero good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Radio Caroline on to the next one.

Caroline precise album presentation at the side of generators as well Caroline back again from the Ross revenge ship this week 36 years ago this week in 1998 XFM in London closed for 4 days.

It has been acquired by relaunching it from Republic as well.

This is 7:07 Mrs kept XFM Blue Danube radio was based in Vienna principal targeted at the United Nations Community and many well-known British presenters work there for a short spell including Dale Winton

Graham Knight Paul home Steve Allen Katya Adler the station opened this week 40 years ago internet radio programme for international people in the Greater Vienna area news and information from around the world for 9 a.m.

Directions from the RF in English and French

Report from Australia with India news in social services 40 years since the launch of Blue Danube radio it closed in the year 2000 from Luton died this week during the war he was on there as a regular part of the ministry of food programme called kitchen front but back then the rules were that doctor's couldn't use their actual name.

He was simply known as that radio Dr which creature was a role which continue the 80s and how's the stomach.

Is it firm and steady or someone warm your Christmas day, so starting today.

You're fighting fit with no fringe of remorse indigestion.

Absorbed into the body but nature is so arranged that we know not what they're doing maintenance of stomach movements of gastric juices and pepsin and all the paraphernalia of the digestive ferments the wonderful Lord Hill who died this week in 1989.

Is it firm and steady is it firm and steady he became chairman of the independent television off and also chair of the BBC governors used to fall out with AVG to sew with capital and dancing it's launch programme schedule 46 years ago the best of James Alexander Gordon 5 years ago of course one day.

I'd love to read out on there for atletic 585 for the formation of UK R&D with its first investment at stake in Cornwall pirate FM 29 years ago.

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