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Eric Smith - BBC Radio Shropshire…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at radio Harlow and Stuart Clarkson coming up later in this edition of the radio Today programme up to the longest serving breakfast presenter in BBC local radio and Radio Shropshire Derek Smith clocks 25 years on the show other David Lloyd will be here with more radio moments this week including The Separation of Jane and Peter on 5 live at departures of Tony Blackburn and Peter Powell from Radio 1 at the table of CD quality sound on DAB and return of Moyles on Radio x sound editor Roy Martin is here as usual to look through the big stories of the week.

I don't know how do you do you ok? I'm good.

Thank you.

So I think I just done this week.

Talking about pop-up radio stations because ready to have got one on this week's Radio 2 Beatles which says got some interesting lucky programmes on it is some syml cast with to some kind of one-off documentaries and things looking forward to Gary Barlow chatting to Paul McCartney about songwriting looks like one of the highlights for me.

So that looks like an interesting one Nicky Campbell's on there as well programme from 5 live on on the radio to pop up so check out the schedule for that looks really good celebrating 50 years of Abbey Road but you have a story on Radio today this week about another pop-ups.

That is coming to Bradford and this sounds interesting this is because I'm I'm stuck between this is the most bizarre idea ever and this is exactly what the BBC will set up to do because extra operate a local station in Bradford for like 35 hours playing urban dance music and doing local news.

So it's a bit weird and I'm probably gonna look stupid in 5-years time when this is the norm and everybody's doing it.

I put on Twitter I'm looking forward to Radio 2 PopMaster in 24-hours that might be normal in the future and of course pop-up station has been been around for a long time and brand extensions and all that so I mean is there a this is 4Music day is this Bradford 1xtra radio going on this week and all sorts of things happening around the country and around the BBC for it, but yeah, so the writing urban and black heritage music in Bradford with one extra working together with BBC Radio Leeds live radio station that seems like a sensible thing to do.

I don't know that word.

I don't know what I'm listening to other people will find it and know about it.

This is the problem it's all very well doing it, but you've got a market it because if if that young one extra style audio.

Doesn't listen to 1Xtra at the moment and they don't listen to BBC Radio Leeds and how in Bradford are going to find out about it.

It's a 1Xtra doesn't kind of serve Bradford at the moment.

So they have to do a special one.

Yeah, the property is an argument that it's a kind of london-based stations are getting out into some of the region's can chose those areas what one extras all about so probably benefits 1Xtra more than its benefits Radio Leeds in that respect.

I guess but BBC local radio is trying to get a bit of a younger audience as well, so the party and ready leaders branding be next to 1Xtra says to Lister's in Bradford hey Radio Leeds duster for you as well.

What about those people in the 1Xtra pop-up obviously for get small scale dab?

Is in the future as well then and I'll be towns all over the country that could have an extra bit of capacity for the BBC to put something on so it's if they're trying it out.

Maybe it's something he can do more of in the future when we've got more multiplexes a joke about this, but I think stations like five live it would be quite useful if 13 of the Tory conference labour confident they could do 5th whatever it was this week was the Brighton for a few days that would actually make no sense, but then again is it on the people in Brighton who care about that? It's nice and national thing so then again.

It might not be enough.

It's weird because why you know why just told you people in that area just because the the event of the conference is true, and I think one of the things that David Lloyd has written about this before and in terms of the possibilities of DAB for opt outs for BBC local radio on what they can.

I think we have the conversation off area.

We did when I was talking to you about hours listen to Radio Lancashire to the football and it kept flicking frequency so I was driving through Lancashire down into Manchester and keep trying a different football match to the one I wanted to listen to because there were two different ones on different FM frequencies, but this time so when we migrate everything to digital and audiences are all digital instead of FM and am then BBC local radio stations that can I put different commentaries on digital to FM to medium wave and even different ones on different FM frequencies then all this extra DAB capacity could help with that.

I think BBC local radio is fantastic.

Of course this week.

I mean going off in a different Direction but the whole speech in Cambridge this week talking about how BBC local radio is going to get more local control back and it's not going to be one size fits.

Is fantastic because the one thing that BBC local radio should be doing is managing itself and it's not been doing that in recent years, so let's hope that that is something that will the what's the benefits of offering in years to come even months to come and great to see the director-general saying he believes in like really only wants it to thrive you probably need to tell the people BBC sounds make it more prominent BBC sounds up because it's still it's sometimes a little bit hard to find a local radio stations and on Apple carplay, which I have if you've got that the BBC Sounds app as it is on your car dashboard.

It's just physically not possible to pick her up BBC local radio station even if you've listened to one recently on the app on your phone.

You can't get it on the carplay interface iPlayer radio.

Didn't it that you got picked out so yeah, so yeah still needs work.

I think somebody said.

It's pretty much though as far as features golden.

What is replacing but clearly not more work to get on the BBC congratulations to Heidi turn the new 5 Live controller just announced this week.

She started out in local radio BBC Radio Solent went on to work it Radio 4 world at one and PM 2.5 live by 18 years ago.

That's recently been the managing editor and his new controller replacing John Wall so congratulations to her at departing the BBC this week.

There was John Humphrys who did last Today programme Radio 4 his this week's radio moment if you didn't hear the end of his time on the show after 32 years.

Thanks of course to the BBC for tolerating me so long as there's a lot wrong with it as an organisation that wrong with every organisation and it's facing massive challenges from social media and changing behaviour and all that but I believe we need the BBC as much as we ever have done I simply cannot imagine.

This country without it is an Unthinkable thought and finally and far more important than anything else my thanks to you to the vast numbers who over the years sometimes to give me a pat on the back of him to give me a kick up the backside for getting it wrong not being able to touch your always right.


He always I am amazed at the loyalty you have shown this programme you really are the backbone of our country.

You care about our democracy.

I know that from all your letters and emails old fashioned to say I suppose but I really do feel that I have got to know you over the Decades and you won't be some people.

I'm more proud than I can say that you have with me for so long.

Thank you all of you and I do hope you keep listening today matters for tomorrow.

And if someone gets rather only way to end my Amazon the program well so beautiful and that's it from me and from today from Justin and me thanks mate editors good morning, so that's John Humphrys boring out.

Do you think it'll turn up somewhere else you can look up to LBC no I would be after 32 years on the Today programme Nigel Farage experienced a tricky colour on his LBC show on Tuesday night this week at there's nowhere producer could have known that call Mark going to say what he said at least he didn't sleep in the Borrowers Mark or not.

I used to be a and believes in the European project.

I believe that the best thing for us something happens and something happened.

I completely changed my opinion on the situation.

What was that monumental phone Mark in Head by horse very good ok fine.

Thank you.

I'm going to move on from that.

I'm going to David and you call up.

It was all getting so well might could anything even worse than that just decided to say it with somebody or last week of April Chris Moyles call on on LBC Nick Abbot show wasn't it? Yeah? I listen to that.

I didn't really sound that much like Chris Moyles

Hello Tony like Chris but the rest of it didn't and it wasn't that funny really sorry we dismissed that was if you've got any audio of Radio presenters messing around calling other radio presenter then send it in if you want to do it yourself.

You know record it and send it to us.

Then we like stuff like that people used to do that only used to do that.

Italy call 5 Live a few times and got quite cross about things did miles to ring Nick Abbot today say silly things are funny myself onto twice as well.

Really clear this moment stations are what the topic work to do some news from helius Media just in as we record they bought high Peak radio.

Ashbourne radio back in June this year I think it was and then I said we're going to change her name to match our station in Stockport so they're going to Brenda's imagine radio keep a local breakfast and drive show output will be shed from Stockport this is sad, don't think I mean we've had dozens and dozens of radio station to changing their names over the years, but when you've got the two names that what your station does as in town name plus the word radio Ashbourne radio high Peak radio to get rid of those and give yourself a generic station name after sold these stations have been there for so long.

It's just a shame that you think yeah and ultimately if they're gonna split a lot of the output have some local programs made specifically for those stations talk about stuff going on there in the clearing their quote the Whaley Bridge Dam stuff that happened recently showed them that it was important for local radio to carry on just seems a bit strange to lose.

Even if you are local council local lads and everything you change the name on a station name that is so you know it's part of the community like high Peak radio always was and we had dinner on the podcast few months ago.

It just seemed a little bit strange.

I'm just looking for the radio because there has been adding radio nevermind.

I'm actually in radio.

So they probably don't care, but they're recall will you know what station do listen to the station with my town name in the title to go to imagine a good luck with the guys know there's a little radio group and they've got three four stations now and the building a little pub in South Manchester so we'll see yeah and they're going to have studios in Ashbourne as well.

So there where they studios in Chapel-en-le-Frith were previously they've left those on their leaving those and they will have

Studio facility in Ashbourne so still within that kind of high Peak District Ashbourne area to do those local service from apparently one of the presenters of being there have been cut at this move.

So that's good news.

Just about the name.


We've not touch about Bower this week, so let's give him a quick mention and it's it's good news because Jazz FM is Radio 3.

Did it just a few years ago for a pop-up station BBC music jazz, but they're going to work together for the London Jazz Festival and some content created by Jennifer and will appear on Radio 3 on the BBC sounds and some Radio 3 stuff will be on Jazz FM as well.

I think it sounds like a good idea and project banana to talk and power in their kicks in this week hasn't in a drive show pubs, the radio is now on Absolute Radio 60s 70s 80s 90s.

Classic rock I say, let's just get the whole station as one and put every single shower cross every single station maybe that's where they're headed and I think we mentioned last week that nobody else in the country was doing this but that Jack FM Oxfordshire on the choir and didn't tell us about it.

I didn't see that press release movie they were just experimenting it, but it's been like that for Jack

Jack and Jack 3 all with the same content of Breakfast at different music which is great for the people of Oxfordshire but not as the country but maybe absolute will that out you never mention barrel extension thanks for the team at global and ready x who invited me this week to go to the exclusive gig in Manchester with Sam Fender and Liam Gallagher classic Oasis to sing along to some of Liam's solo tracks as well to launch his new album and more than happy to be invited to any gig or event your station is putting on and if we can make it will.

That is good to be invited to be thought about the fireworks workshops.

If you're interested funny about small scale DAB are continuing supported by radio station player wondering Edinburgh 28th of September Newcastle the 5th of October Sheffield on the 9th of November Watford on 10th of November and Cardiff on the 23rd of November full details at at next week's rota.

It's Ireland and in Amsterdam for the All-Ireland Radio Awards and imaging days, so I'm a drink and say hello if you see me, it's going to be one hell of a road trip actually going from the middle of Ireland in the middle of Holland with a couple of overnight stops should be good looking forward to it.

I think there are still places available for drive to digital on the 30th of October at the British Library in if you'd like to go to that next week.

It's round table so right.

I will be back with you in a couple of weeks.

I'll see you then the radiated a program.

Broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and under your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it a legend of BBC local radio is been at Radio Shropshire on the air for about 25 years more than 30 at the station and nearly 50 years since he joined BBC local radio.

Sorry mate.

Can you put sold here? It's Radio Shropshire Derek Smith I know so we'll talk about 1972 and Radio Sheffield in a little while but I'm told it's a record you know the longest serving breakfast presenter across all of BBC local radio, how does that feel so I think I feel like a survivor to be perfectly honest especially for you there we go back.

Do the very early days a local radio things all survivors to be honest to be here because it's a long story to be told about the early days.

Look radio call him know and we will sort of looking at records restaurants in the past year or so and to be honest the last 25 years doing a breakfast show for somebody like me who I am a self-confessed not a person.

I have I have a breakfast mug that everybody knows about the radio station and it says on it.

Not a morning person and that's me because the early morning alarm clock and I we are not friends and we have been friends for 25 years because before that I used to work in nightclubs and another late night.

That will really I'm at 3 in the morning no problem at all, but getting out of bed.

It's just a rendered and you put yourself through six days a week as well as you do Saturday morning Saturday Breakfast good thing is this business and we do it because

And you know what might the early morning alarm clock the job and the the detail if you like the variety of the job is fantastic especially on the PlayStation I've worked in commercial radio as well and played records and play the ads and and on the music but on a speech radio station on Notre days of the same.

You don't know what's coming up next things changed at the drop of a hat.

It's a challenge and I always stated.

I never thought I will say to the it's not work.

You know my dad used to work in a factory my dad used to go out and work for living because you were you screaming and put the wages on the table on a Friday give me my money and he did that pay the bills, but you know a great career is fantastic is not work and you're so loved and I know this from a personal view as well because some of my wife's family live in.

And whenever we used to go down and visit her Gran she will always talk about her if she would put Radio Shropshire on first thing in the morning when she woke up and leave it on all day and she glows about you should you know you were part of her life, but that's the thing is you know some of them the reason I'm still doing breakfast here and it's been sent to me by MGMT on several is that I've got was generally known as heritage.

I know the Pat backwards.

I've been everywhere in the patch lots and lots of people know me I suppose and and they know I love this place.

Just as much as they do when I first came to Shropshire 30 years ago an estate agent said to me within a couple of months of me being here kg basin Shropshire you'll never you never want to go anywhere else ok one you never want to go anywhere else because it's so nice.

It's a great place to live it's great place to bring up kids which is what we did at the time, but it?

With the killer of ambition and I've always said that as well, but you know I stay here.

I'm still here but I'm still so still want to do things you can sit there with you with your slippers and put your feet on the desk if you want, but what you doing about the way you still got to keep trying you got to keep striving and things change technology changes the county change the world changes and it is going with it and and adapting to them and I think to be honest because I've been able to adapt to those changes and the way we've done things the style of the breakfast shows different from the start of the Breakfast Show cats 245 years ago we read it on a little quicker.

So because I've been able to change maybe that's why I cannot maybe that's why I was doing and that's because the world has changed places in Shropshire feel closer to Birmingham and other bits of the so, that's why commercial radio said we don't need Shropshire base stations anymore and you looked at the last man standing at breakfast and you and Claire I think the only only Breakfast Show coming from the County now which is it's quite important.

Keep doing that because of that reason and there is a sense of identity in Shropshire and if you look at radio particularly then and so did some of the areas that work and some of the areas and don't some of the areas where radio has a bit more of a difficult time the big cities this far more competition of course there is I accept that without any problem at all, but then if you start to look down the Thames Valley the M4 corridor right people lived-in in some areas because they have to live there.

They have to live there because it's relatively easy to get to their place of work whether it be a challenge in the Midlands on whether it be in London and they don't really have an investment in it that is different because people in the main live and work in Shropshire there are some commuters go off to Wolverhampton and the people in the main live and work in Shropshire and I think the reason that BBC Radio Shropshire has been successful from the very beginning and it was is because we capitalised on that low.

That love of this County it's a bit like for instance Merseyside you can build a wall around Merseyside and then be quite happy you can build a wall around Shropshire and people be quite happy because they loved and generally people Livia because they want to live here now because they have to a lot has changed as you say even in the last few years that I guess when you started on Radio Shropshire breakfast.

Just at the station before it you were getting letters and postcards everyday.

Where is now it's the reactions instance so that your life is turned upside down.

I guess in that respect totally different absolutely right totally different ways to get to get the photo of the old phone call to that's fine ok, and then people did send you post cards and things like that, but it cost nowadays for all of us things have changed the world is moving so much quicker to be so much more reaction instant reaction to what goes on by the Facebook buy Twitter any any any means of social media and emails Bangla in there and I first and remember when we first got emails.

Walking back in the office, so I'm going to get an email that yeah wow that was a big deal, then it was fantastic.

I remember when I was here for a while and we use the years ago, but we got a fax machine delivered this fax machine which cost about 500 quid and they put it in the office and I said never use that we did we use fax machine plastering it all out there and all that but now I don't need any more emails texts Twitter Facebook and it's all happening on a screen near you and right by my right hand side here.

There's about five different screens in one with the technology is going to be a bit quicker to keep up with that and instant reaction from having a co-host sat next to you to bounce off clothes be with you on the shower think about 8 years now, so I guess that must have made a difference when she joined she has a reaction don't worry.

That's why we do.

Sometimes and competitions that daddy because then the phone line start writing up anything else.

Thank god.

That is somebody there.

That's amazing wonderful baby.

Look through your glass at the end of the auction when you see you smiling and laughing and struck a chord there, but the good thing about doing it with the co-presenter it and especially Claire she's got a great sense of humour and it's lovely we get very well people have suggested sometimes.

Are you are you married? You are married but not so a bit like an old married couple if you like or maybe a loving brother or sister a bit of a love-hate relationship works because you can bounce off each other and sometimes the odd comment that you think I'm going to go anywhere create something and off people go when they pick it up on Twitter and they pick it up on Facebook and I pick it up on emails and it just flies and I know that applies to tell me about guys around the country doing radio just the on comments sometimes.

It's taken you by surprise that you mentioned, Cumbria

Humberside at Stokenchurch Sheffield so I kind of journeymen of BBC local radio in it's early days, and I guess the point of local radio has changed little bit now, but it is perhaps more important because we are we feel closer as a country when that's when you started out.

We were closer as smaller Communities we've moved around a lot as you as you suggested EN7 local radio stations and in regional television and initially was just my wife and myself and that she was she said she's lovely she's delightful and she just said whenever the job is on so we went and then we started we had children and then we came here to Shropshire and that's that's why we stuck in Shropshire structure wrong word pants.

That's why we are still here in Shropshire 30 years because we brought children up in the county at cetera et cetera and it's a nice place to live in a nice place to be but then you start to think about how people consume news now.

How people find out about what's going.

I always thought it was quite amazing BBC Radio Shropshire started in 1988 local radio BBC local radio started in 1967 for 20 years and a bit there was a BBC local radio station in Shropshire to find out what's going on you had to then by the local newspaper and I'm not for one second locking the local newspaper.

We got a great local newspaper here and local weekly, but I just had incredible but you wake up in the morning and you will have no clue as to what was going on until you then bought the Star at later on in the day now.

It is instant you can put your radio on you can even listen you can go on social media and social media websites are on BBC website and everybody else's and find out what is going on the thing about breakfast radio and I think that the reason I think we still work as as breakfast radio around the country is that people wake up and they want to hear somebody talking to them one.

And if you can get that one-to-one communication, we all know that in radio between the presenter and Alyssa You're Winning a one-to-one communication if you like about what's going on this morning.

How are you? What's your this is what's happening in our big wide world not just in Shropshire but around the world as well and you mentioned your children David one of your son's as follows you into radios.

Why you didn't do enough to put him off it didn't take me to the only one of my three lads.

Who's gone into radio and it was it was it was going to happen from when was a very boy really he was the one who was fascinated by radio and I remember David to start going off to university and decided have a gap year and you rang me one day said I've got an interview at Radio Leeds it's what you got what you got I've got an interview for ABH Dropout Radio Leeds so it's next Wednesday or whatever and I do know.

I don't know who's going to be interview when he went to radio you got the job and then he rang me so I got the job.

I'm not going to bother with University course.

I'm I'm going to work for radio if you want to work for BBC Radio Leeds blessing good lad and then he went to any is at the moment that BBC Radio Gloucestershire he loves me he loves it just as much as I do which is great.

So if that's that's if it was passed down to us because you gave up what was hopefully going to be a promising career in law to record librarians.

That's why I I I left school and I went to work in a solicitors office as a trainee legal executive that was a very posh title from junior clerk to start with anyway While You Learn a little bit and I got the associate examination for the Institute of Legal Executives and over a three-year period and then I was going to go on and do the fellowship and I just didn't enjoy it.

I didn't like it at all wrong career wrong.

Just didn't work for me in the evenings.

I was working for Mecca and places like Tiffany's in the penny-farthing in Sheffield and places like that doing details until 2 in the morning.

So there's no wonder I didn't like the the early morning of getting into the office and trying to do her job in the legal business and then one day a colleague at work dropped an advert on my desk and apply for that and it was recorded live at BBC Radio Sheffield sided I apply for it and I went along and blow me I got the job and I was then record Library at the age of 20 BBC Radio browsing.

I was in the world of radio and I knew nothing about it apart from listening to radio and enjoying radio Ibiza live Radio Luxembourg and the pirate stations of course but I was at BBC Radio Sheffield and I was too lazy to put cataloguing records didn't really enjoy doing that either to be honest, but I could attack now.

Inside a different job because that's what you do isn't it you volunteer to do stuff and eventually started doing a little bit more on the technical side went out doing fox pops in the street.

I hate doing them, but you're doing to get you to get yourself on the radio and then in the end.

They took me out the record library and gave me a job as a ABA station assistant as we called it.

Then we do everything or learn learn in the technical side of it as well and little bits little bits of presentation which I then started to enjoy and a half years later.

I got an audition from them if you like in house anyway to do the Breakfast Show because the breakfast presenter of left and then started to do and breakfast on BBC and then went on to Stoke-on-Trent and came back to Sheffield and commercial radio and back in the BBC again a long career and you being honoured with her an honorary doctor of laws.

From the University of Chester Inn in Shrewsbury this month as well that was your reaction when you found out that they can give you that are not sideways absolutely not sideways to be honest.

I have my wife when I open the letter and asleep the letter up and had a look and I think she thought his back and she said you were right I said yeah.

I'm fine.

Just read that on there.

It was we would would would you do us the honour of accepting don't do them the owner might goodness gracious.

It's an honour for me.

I'll tell you so yeah complete up sideways.

It's going to be summer local radio as far as I'm aware, but you know this is something I absolutely love doing for as you kindly pointed help nearly 50 years is a long time.

I just another one I watch into Radio Sheffield when I was 20 still remember it as grass not doing this thing and now I'm I'm hoping to bring the young and some help as well.

Have you got a highlight from your

Play Five Years on Air Radio Shropshire I think the Queen's Jubilee celebration, so that would be 50 years wouldn't because I did the I did commentated on the Silver Jubilee which was be 1977 in a park in Sheffield Hillsborough Park as my remember as far as I remember in Sheffield when I was asked when the Queen's Jubilee celebrations were on she was going to come to Telford to the International Centre and there was a concert at the international Center and I think the council were organising it and they asked me I think of Telford council that they are speak to host it so I'm hosting a concert in the International Centre with about 1000 children there as well and the audience of mums and dads and everybody else in front of the Queen and that was just wonderful scary if you like.

I've always said to my lads as long as you're enjoying your life.

It's good to be.

You gotta push yourself you got to do things that may be outside your comfort zone sometimes and we do all the time and radio course and in the media.

Generally you have to do jobs a bit scary site and I think that was one of my fantastic highlights of the 25 years the other is for the past 1617 years this year.

I don't pantomime locally professional pantomime.

Oh, no, you haven't weeks of the A27 last year did Mother Goose so we have 42000 people see it as it's amazing.

So that is another slightly scary thing that you that I've done.

This is my kids and my wife immensely which is wonderful and I just love my love Panther on a little panda at Christmas time as well.

Well well congratulations on the walls and thank you.

Thank you very much.

That's Eric Smith who this week has been awarded an honorary doctor of letters degree from the University of Chester in Shrewsbury fantastic achievement well done Eric David Lloyd his hair in a minute with some radio moments first a reminder to try cleanfeed which is a great way to get a quality guest on to your radio show or maybe your show or podcast from somewhere different to normal cleanfeed has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to connect in live decent quality audio.

Just using your can even record it as well within the browser cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started as a completely free version it only takes 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

We were doing your first live interview or recording for your are you podcast find out more about it at cleanfeed Janet it's 12 years this week since a daily radio marriage ended.

13 years we have had a terrific timer 5 live the people if you like the station and you wonder sometimes people who really like I have to say that without exception the people who work here are terrific as a great atmosphere.

We do have a lot of fun which I hope comes across has come across on the radio over last decade or more and I think was changed during the course of Peter my working together has been the connection with the audience text in an email in when we first started only our closest relatives were listening at 5, but things have got so much better over the years we do appreciate it.

Thank you all for listening and for taking part in the final comment from Scott Scott Webster and Darby with Peter Allen on the last Drive program together.

Tony Blackburn's left Radio 1 35 years ago this week.

And thank you very much as well from time to time and final show on Radio 1 this week in 1984 and I suspect he didn't imagine he'd still be at the BBC over 30 years later.

Staying with Radio 1 departures who's this landing in his security pass in 1998 for the rest of the teams around the country, but on behalf of your fellow disc jockeys, miss you a lot.

You've been great fun and you've always had a good thing to say for everybody so thanks a lot, please and we were last year.

We have a one other thing you know in the studio.

There is a special phone you have the telephone sometimes.

I can't get through and all the time we DJs use ourselves here.

You know that phone.

We have a surprise for you.

It is your telephone bill for all the personal calls.

You've made over the last 11 years at radio 1073.

Could you have one phone call that big of the phone use to happen at just about every radio station back then after 11 years of Radio 1?

Waving farewell this week 31 years ago.

It's a staggering 24 years this week since the BBC first, when did do full DAB offensive digital audio broadcasting transmits Radio 1 and the other national and networks in the Daily Telegraph radio critic Gillian Reynolds says it will be worth the wait one is beautiful quality to it doesn't pick up you can walk from room to room and you don't have all that terrible necessary.

I just lost the end of the play or where did the end of the record BBC helping to lead the way on be this week in 95 of US commercial radio Multiplex holiday, 99 and Anna locals.

Transmission the early days of DAB 80 years ago this week's Radio Luxembourg close down.

It's international broadcast which have been so widely appreciated in UK on Sundays when the BBC was even more state aid than usual, so you rather needed a little bit of this good morning everyone.

Can you refuse sunny melodies to start off the day well now is the season for sunbathing and if you're a Sunday then here are a few tunes, which will remind you that this is the time to get out of the sun in Europe some of those vitamins that should be full of meaning for you.

Do you remember Here Comes the Sun until the Radio Luxembourg might jeopardise the country's their neutrality.

So there was much loved international broadcast ended as the domestic broadcast when Luxembourg was invaded.

Do you like some Birds Mighty transmitters? We used for propaganda famously this job?

Imagine listening to that here as people did Lord Haw-Haw on Radio Luxembourg transmitters, just before a fasting breath smell just have to D-Day when the station was quietly run by the American army Radio Luxembourg was to return after the war and briefly with water when it's 80 years this week since singing together Began on the BBC it was the last over 50-years the BBC Home Service for schools singing this series is designed to encourage children to sing together and help them build up their repertory of songs the songs have been chosen for their simplicity and the program will contain a song with a rousing chorus a song with a beautiful melody and a nonsense songs singing together which launched this week in 1939 and the broadcast from later years.

The remembered by Jarvis Cocker amongst others 2015 now and a new home for Christmas for years ago the breakfast show this week 17 years ago, but I can't work the record alive ending his breakfast days this week 17 years ago so with the pierces Last Dance Anthems on Radio 1 11 years ago.

Radio station brings you here so it would begin themed radio stations by the end of the year 19 years ago always ahead of this week's radio moments yes, thank you David and thanks.

This week as well for my main guest Eric Smith from BBC Radio Shropshire next time on the podcast is back home edition of the radio today roundtable for that.

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