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Read this: RadioToday Roundtable October 2019

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RadioToday Roundtable October 2019…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at radio.

This is exciting new venue guilt-free studios in London special Soho in that very nice.

They are to wearing one of them.

It's the October and let's see who is rounded.

My name is Matt Hill I am the head of rethink audio podcast company and also the co-founder of the British podcast awards and you have some news will come to you in a minute, please exciting and I'm Adam Bowie I'm a business development manager of the BBC World Service on the director of content for a new company called listen and when we booked you you were director of content for why what happened because Mark Goodier still your chair Mark

Reassure is that we have seen clearly the potential and where he was head of the last couple of years.

It's just exploded such an exciting time for audio.

We as a company as wise Buddah previous company making put on the radio programmes for 25 years and we've seen this opportunity to reinvent ourselves and effectively launch a brand new company that makes both radio programmes on BBC and commercial radio but also build on our ever-growing podcast portfolio of work for a wide variety of clients, so we effectively the business advice bigger as a new team Marcus as you said shower still our chairman and all the team of come with us to to launch this brand new shiny sparkly company which were very excited about it gave me that a great sense when we saw yesterday on Monday the the work from the building of Great Titchfield Street been stripped away with that and you listen logos in their place.

Every success with this is going to be the usual format we going to hear what I guess.

I've been listening to and we'll have a chat about some of the other issues that emerge but first I just want to actually pick up what Adam was saying about how exciting audio is and play you a little clip audio radio.

It is the best medium we all know that but we have scientific proof of why I went to do an interview last week for show on Radio 4 with a guy called Michael pro, who's the psychologist at the University of Bath and I'm just going to play you a little clip of him talking about audio.

Why do you think that audio remains such a powerful medium? I think powerful is the right word because if we just thinking about it in terms of how we pay attention to different forms of information vision is very much and active sense because

I don't want to see something scary film or something like that.

I close my eyes but with hearing even if you cover your ears, you can completely block everything out the things in the environment or constantly redirecting you to a sound and it's something that we always received and always respond to and I think when it comes to listening to podcasts radio in any form is still has a powerful experience of giving you a sense of being there which watching a video on the flat screen doesn't necessarily give you definitely a lot of research has shown that if you look at brain scans while people are shifting attention between the different sensors.

You'll see you like the visual part of the brain should have go down in its energy levels you how much blood is going to a region in order to put all that important oxygen in the Auditorium is the brain to that's really need to process more and so you can't just keep increasing every area in pay attention.

Everything and so if you really want to focus on something enjoy it closing out the other senses is a great way to do that so maphill has the oxygen in your auditory areas.

I would say pretty good.

That's why I'm in this industry.

I love that.

I'm not sure it's connected to Endorphins but the same time I think for me if they feel very much are the same thing for me the idea of an episode really eloquently there, but the idea to tap into someone's Minds are is very much the point of what we doing radio and audio generally we're trying to people visualise something without something is happening in the studio something a story or taking people into a place into someone else's shoes if you can do that and everything that you do in the first 2 minutes in the full name of the programme.

I think that's basically anything you need to do as a producer is create those those visual moments in people's Minds eyes a lot of time looking at audience figures.

I wonder if there is any evidence yet that the Drift of young people away from audio has actually been reversed.


I don't necessarily I'm not sure that people drifted.

There's so many other things going on and you know there's audio elements to everything I mean no one of the things.

I was thinking when I was listening to that was actually Wednesday a local cinema upgrades.

Its kit you might get excited initially by the picture element but actually it's the Spectacular sound system they put in a Dolby Atmos or whatever the surround sound and I think you know with young people you know you don't underestimate how much important goes on in you no audio in games for example which is a massive part of the business.

You know all the audio is clearly a primary one of our primary senses and you know whether I can give you any time.

Definite numbers on that but I think you know the importance of audio remains massively significant.

I think we've seen that I mean you know even things like you know Bluetooth headphones and things like that.

You know they are the must-have gadget at the moment really and Adam I guess the you wouldn't be long to your new company if you didn't have a lot of faith in in there is evidence from your perspective that corporate entities advertisers marketers are just more interested in audio.

Then there were a few years ago.

You're absolutely right.

We have double down on audio effectively, when are the companies for their own good reasons are going off in all directions while still still doing audio.

We believe there is enough more than enough once for podcast audio on demand generally from the general market nothing that you may agree.

That will possibly three years or so behind the US market but we are I think catching up.

Quickly suddenly up, what is now called lesson we've been receiving so many more phone calls from potential clients looking to make podcast to get into that market and branded company that big brands and their Talent every piece of Talent One support cast and wants to have the run of your product because they know how powerful is still have their own research that the looking at it says spend money in this area the levels of Engagement are higher.

There is loads of research that says that so I find that really exciting tweeted out of thing the other day and not sure whether it came from but it was basically about don't do podcasting unless you like doing it because you won't make any money in at the parallel.

Was you wouldn't pick up a guitar just to be a rock star and be famous and Rich he would pick it up because you wanted to play that instrument.

Do you think the Beginning now to see that?

Actually a business as a livelihood in podcasting yeah absolutely for certain types of podcast through a good 5-6 years now and this country, but close that gap with the thing that really needs to happen is to convince advertisers, but this is a valid medium that the stats hold up and the engagement is far better than getting other mediums in terms of the key messages across now.

I think later this week.

There's the podcast upfront first time we've done that in the in the UK and that's accompanied by a person audioboom selling their stool too big medium sized make big Media buyers showcasing some of their best axe and really just showing the power of Engagement playing adverts playing Leeds that you can come from host red stuff that I can't get away with it being broadcast for regulatory reasons, but that can be used in that within as guidelines you can do in podcasting and so that.

I think will hopefully start change the way that advertises Si podcasting and audio in general when I took the money and online audio now's the time you can make your announcement, but hell yeah, so the British podcast Awards which has been going for about 4 years with my colleague McGuigan fun Kids radio in the folder Media we have been just doing a one-off ceremony every year to Showcase basically an old-fashioned Discovery tool for the industry to showcase the best podcasts of the last year, but we've been looking at how we can support a huge range of other initiatives throughout the year and so on Monday 7th of October will be launching the BPA fund which is a grant giving bodies will be supplying cash to podcasts in certain areas, so we're starting off with unequal the Pulse award which is a collaboration with the Wellcome Trust will be giving out grants up to.

Pounds to that 10 podcasts about £50,000 in total which will look at a health and wellbeing and the latest scientific research so podcast as you know they're all doing very well.

There's great day too now on sort of breakdowns of gender and age and locality and so the idea is to use the colour of the heft of the Welcome To really try and engage small orders is big audiences, but really clear highly targeted audiences to switch What's This podcast already looking for your website so I can make that bed yeah, but the idea of it of course is to make sure that you know the the right project and the right type of Engagement is for the right audience so whether you're doing an lgbtq plus podcast and you want to talk about so they've engaging the Elders with the most of their local health centres or weather.

Trying to your car panel show when you want to have more science communicators on your program.

This Grant should allow you to find the time the money the equipment answers podcast make them more rigorous in their scientific applications where fund British podcast Awards radio.

That's old fashioned thing Adam as we got you here and you are one of the great bloggers and analysts of audience figures.

What's the lesson we learnt from the first few months that great upheaval earlier this year the the arrival of new breakfast shows for 70 ball the launch of scala and many of the radio station what's been happening in the radio market.

I think there has been definitely a change and these changes don't happen as fast as you sometimes expect so so good look at Radio 2 Zoe Ball first rate.

Are there was basically no change it was flat and

Recent one we saw her audience drop about a million or so and that's actually probably not surprising.

It takes people while to get used to things.

I don't think Radio 2 to worried about that aspects of that audience or drift back because it's not like it's gone to one other place.

You know again.

You look at what happening with Virgin and Chris Evans that about 1.1 million or thereabouts now across various digital version services and what was clear as they have taken all that audience ratings Radio 2 that has been a bit of a change around I think Virgin they might be getting a little bit edgy.

They've got this obviously interesting model.

They're not running ads on Chris Evans which makes it hard.

Obviously sky giving them a wedge of money, but have a how long that will continue this is not really to clear and I think the sums don't particularly add up at the moment.

I think they need to you know.

Forward a bit morning and give that's a bit more traction.

I don't think it's the show but I think it's people discovering it and finding it scholars another interesting one.

We've only had one rage.

I think there might be a bit disappointed about it wasn't enormous of a bit of a quarter million or so and in Scholars Way there's been a whole bunch of new services launching boat from global Bowers as a few of its own as well, so it's going to be kind of hard for them to cut through and it's interesting both those new new Evans show washing your three of those that is not for one thing they did do all got good marketing pushes at the start sometimes.

It's continuing that marketing Virgin has the fortune to be owned by News UK which means they can put ads in some of the papers although I've got say I think maybe freshening up someone that copy would be my suggestion made myself and see who's on the next week.

Still gets his amazing guest and I think some people about that and tell people what you know.

I've got these people coming up.

I know you don't always know that stuff up front but what's the rationale for launching a full-scale station like scholar when you can just launch the radio station now that doesn't have any people need to talk.

I think people still want you know in which case you know are you Spotify you are radio station is really what you're saying and some people a lot of people you know that they are finding their and listen to live music on streaming services and maybe they are leaving Radio behind to an extent but you're talking about personality as you know someone likes Simon Mayo they've got one of the biggest.

You know one of the most popular most loved to presenters in the country.

So you want to utilise that and when you're talking about something that not everyone is super confident about the music you need a helping hand to guide you through it.

I think a little bit.

It's trying to deliver something a bit different because I think of you just do a playlist and your ad-supported.

You are fighting against a algorithmic playlist that Google Spotify can do any of these new services tempted you this year.

I generally what I'm finding is really only radios always be exciting.

It's never gonna waste not going away for the more exciting again every one of these presenters.

You just mentioned Adam is a big personality the fact that Chris Evans one across the road.

It's huge thing for his work for them.

Zoe's a fantastic broadcaster sir Simon Mayall you rightly point out is one of the best scholars do something completely different and that's exciting because radio at some point in the past definitely did get glands and homogenized and told to to be branded with a lot of Australian consultants who said just do the same thing all day long.

You get lots of listeners turns out people come out like a bit of variety but I think that was a strategy.

Pre the Alexa Spotify and apple.

Will you couldn't just go to that music streaming get a playlist about the base of the music you like radio clearing now has to be so much more than just that and that's the thing where we've got two.

There's proper investment going into not just BBC Radio commercial radio because you know commercial commercial leases realise that to survive and to grow you need to properly invest you going to spend the money you going to bring in big data and create really strong brands that work across the country stand for something very clear and whilst there's clearly a better way to go with pasta point where everybody was station sounds the same and in Marcus I've worked in the past.

We've had that problem you stop playing a certain type of music in your competitor radio station.

Just follows you and everyone ends up and running in the middle and I think it's got clear stations with clear identities.

Just got to make sure that they have passed.

Personality comes through clear, what's the rationale if there is one for a station light Radio 4 when you can aggregate your own radio by choosing the podcast that you like having it comes back to Lord Rees doesn't it? You just need to see what it has the original consultant to be that you have to be surprised.

He didn't buy the next thing you don't know what's coming up and we still not that place in any major algorithm at the moment still cannot supply that prize in quite the same way as he does human curation and there are so few like schedule.

They didn't commissioners left at places like Radio 4 now that kind of feel like that.

You know they're working very hard to let us know where there is algorithms can't but I am absolutely loving this change of breakfast shows the good of the change of people in the chairs is a fantastic and I've been very disloyal.

Do all the flicking through channels and wake up in the morning and I will click on you know whatever station.

Is it they've got to really challenge me now to stay on that chat that channel does I've got the preset line up or I can ask Google home to change it.

You know it's so easy to do that.

I think we've broken through for at least a little while now that idea that you've just down the same day and actually the breakfast because I will chase the same time whatever you click on to that morning.

Maybe that you stay with the rest of the day.

It's the radio today round table for October guilt-free in Soho and we have an advertisement the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio.

Set the way you make it and so is Adam Bowie Adam what's gone wrong with my Alexa box when she play the BBC this morning.

I don't know my Alexa wake me up to Radio 4 hey play whatever it was and what I got was some NPR station from Philadelphia ever and I thought that was just me.

I think is it today October 1st at the BBC is taking itself off TuneIn possibly that's related.

I don't know they were both had to go somewhere else.

Did you go like I've managed to get there in the end by going to my Sonos app rather than asking Alexa to do it.

This feels like Radio 2 from 20 years ago.

I thought things with you over and realise it.

Was you need to get the BBC skill in the Alexa app on your mobile phone and it's BBC and then and then the first thing you do is you get a load of reviews of it which give it one star which is not a promising beginning.

I'm not here to defend ok.

It's like the strategy of the BBC connected to what's happening with Google home and podcasts because I'm aware the things that Night released for with my perfume because it's actually a UK only situation and my my my remix UK but as far as I'm aware the TuneIn

She was still with data and the BBC not getting data.

I think that's sorted out there the Google podcast one is a data related thing but I understand I'm going there so hopefully we'll get something sorted in what's going on at five live has anybody got any of you when I know you've got used to before we came in Knaphill you can say what you like.

I really wanted to talk about this is rubbish collections for audio recommendations for this week, so I have been really enjoying Elis James and John Robins on 5 Live 5 Live management have been in the the week since they launched if you listen to their old shows on catch up.

They do basically everything they're not meant to do as presenters on the BBC a name products.

I think John name.

Is is upcoming comedy tours every?

I'm pretty sure it's not meant to happen.

They talk about that previous station radio x all Almost encourage people to go and check out their past programmes on there and then even at some point were sort of telling their lessons if they don't like us the reading out tweets bad tweets, you know that they had on their lives.

They said if you don't like us go to LBC and I can just imagine the management upstairs like pulling whatever had left out, but that whole afternoon shift with Kermode and Mayo going to you later to make room for them to make it entertainment you start your weekend early kind of feel this might be controversial.

I really loved it and I really loved it so much that I've recently become a dad again, so I got two kids and I've gone down to 4 days a week and when it was trying to work out.

What day of the week I should take off and made it Friday I can't Pretend It's because I actually quite.

Five live in the afternoon bringing these children up as five live listeners looking for younger audiences good.

Ok, Emily yeah, could you give us some slang terms that mean I can learn please do bear in mind you are on the radio that things are working at school and if someone is ugly back in that used to be buttons, but these days back in your day today is your love life.

Tell me that you had a your day nowadays for kids say that they are clapped.

You know if my generation has a legacy to bequeath to yours.

If so, we wouldn't be calling people ugly anymore because we've all been very body positive.

That's what I was trying not to say what do you tell them to say? What's the word for someone who's achieving their best to be nice to each other and very good good Wi-Fi does Elis James and John Robins on 5 Live 5 Live I'm going to come and get a choice from you hadn't been listening to entertain by so lovely new podcasts one called box of delights which comes from Julia raeside these of journalist and presenter and it's just a very light fluffy 15-20 minutes where each episode.

Sage weakness density one or two a week she interview someone and they talk about a bit of TV that made an impact on their man is probably from some years ago.

So they had better for the character in Grange Hill they had one about a sequence featuring David Walliams from the sitcom space that just celebrate 28th 20th anniversary and perhaps the most entertaining one which I really enjoyed was an episode of trouble at top about bucks Fizz and they just took about 20-minutes play the odd clear the Twitter feed the right saying that she wants you want to go and watch it and I did watch all 50 minutes of that documentary on boxes which somehow I missed the first time around and biology to do it and it's basically Steel backspace from under 4 Beeches

Himself is beautiful absolutely amazing.

I want to talk about a David and banging on about how he comes out of his very very badly about how he was he says.

He never played Hamlet outside Adam Newman your first Choice please so what's the forecast world and I've been listening to you from BBC sounds is the missing crypto Queen

Where is she? Where is she indeed is a family it for me it sums up everything I love about podcasting and story telling everyone loves a good true Crime of combines it with hotels broad is a story of scam and fraud investigating this woman behind was known as it is known as one going at scheme that most people to invest millions into this cryptocurrency.

That's so far and I'm up to episode 3 which is worse that doesn't seem to exist and she's gone missing receives me some kind of mafia.

So far.

I don't know where that's going to go, but it's really really well done for people who haven't heard it.

Will have a look in a minute.

Does it also stretch the boundaries of storytelling way the podcast in ASDA and I think increasingly I can begin to feel as though I know now whether it's a radio show or a podcast as the Styles are quite different sparkly that cereal.

Being able to say I'm not sure where as on Broadcast reportage you have to say I know what I'm talking 100% and it's a good example of one of these where is very clear that they are in the process of telling the story rather than having already told a story I'm listening to the end results.

My understanding is being released week by week and they're still recording it as somebody great crime podcast and done in the style of that so I'm so I'm here because I want to know where it's gonna go and there's one great moment and episode one or two where the realising very early in the investigation that they didn't see it going this far and getting this TV and quite scary so quickly which is amazing to hear that reaction in audio from the team actually telling the story isn't it? You need to know how are blocking works if you don't know how blockchain works you never investing or gambling.

In 2016 after investing €10,000 of her own money and encouraging friends and family to invest 250.

There's one coin invested Jean McAdam received an invitation from a Stranger on the internet.

He claimed to be a good samaritan.

Someone who studied onecoin care.

I wanted to speak to people who invested reluctantly Jen agreed one coin is not there is no watching and I can prove it prove it to you that does not have back into bed if you must I am the man was Timothy curry a Bitcoin

Advocate for cryptocurrency adoption he believed that one coin would give cryptocurrencies a Bad Name and wanted to stop it crypto Queen I asked a new hosts here at guilt-free if they like an advertisement in return for giving us the use of their studio.

They said no just just waffle and say guilt hoping that they might be honest you to pay for a kind of bad that I could read out but no so I'll just say guilt-free again and they're in Soho and their facilities are rather nice and there's probably number somewhere you can ring them on if you want going through our choices.

I think it's time for your second choice manahil.

Yes, so I've gone for the birthday which is a new quiz show podcast by Richard Osman made by remarkable television and I've picked it because I'm listening to it at the moment but also because there.

Really that many Christian podcasts and it just seems to me that the whole genre which does so well in radio that just really hasn't taken off in podcasting in quite the same way, it is that's all.

It's all it's all comedians and it's obviously a feature which you would find any daytime radio station a little much depends on who was on that week, but really it's people getting the age of celebrities and once you can play the game.

You know they play it maybe I think I'm staying there during the course of the podcast.

It's more the tangents and running jokes and Osmonds ability to host it like a very smooth professional which is not entirely given in the podcast world.

Just going to make the whole thing together.

It's only five episodes in it might be a completely different showing in 50 of them but right now.

Light fluffy telephone think about that I saw Liam Gallagher in the street last week pass my office I was standing at the window and I looked and there was walking on the street without a care in the world have some shopping bags fashion probably only one handler which I thought was very modest of a handler yeah well.

Yeah, someone's Bruce ok and we got 46.

What do you think at home? How old is Liam Gallagher this week is the news on giving away points which is lovely on the first Nice to give away points.

7-years old the birthday game on television and which is a spin-off from The Empire Film podcast from Empire Magazine so it comes with our pilot TV is a kind of the TV supplement that they under with the magazine every couple of months play any it's presented by two of the panels from the empire podcast it's Terry White and James died and also Boyd Hilton from heat magazine and from many appearances and place like five live and it's just the guide you through the gargantuan amount of television there at the moment.

I I was actually actively looking for a good podcast on television that could tell me about things that coming up not just tell me things on Netflix because I can read those online very easily what BBC One go ITV's got Channel four's got and they talk about new staff they talk about the news.

Span on well over an hour the one interesting thing I find giving it comes from Bower is that there's basically no advertising it and I'm not quite sure why they not doing that because it feels like it's like the Open goal.

They have people who sell audio advertising that business.

I haven't know that but that aside they had their first live event at the recent podcast week in London and yeah, it's entertainment.

I look forward it on Monday so slightly weird line of duty story, so it's really interesting yeah is Britain's most senior police officer who assists The Casual and extreme corruption in line of duty gave police a Bad Name she took a task quite rightly tweeted her back about effectively saying you know well in fact that have been some examples of corruption and cover-up he took the John Charles De menezes situation when innocent man was killed with.

and he's not taking a flight for her to have any TV taking its subject police investigating corrupt police police recruitment rather shamelessly pics of people do this Radio 2 recently did pop-up station to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles Abbey Road so we made a program with the musician Tom Odell

Flybe souls so yeah, he just said this wonderful already already talked very very passionately about what The Beatles meant to him growing up how it was then time to get into music to play that piano that is so well known for playing and I just play some amazing Music I was just a really simple production, but then had passion for one band from a musician.

That's at its centre was quite new to broadcast he's not done ready before in the middle of making a six-part series with them Radio 2 for later in the year about his Love of the piano and is quite natural and it was a good one to do next I want to play The Ballad of John and Yoko came out in 1969 and it was there last UK number one.

I remember hearing was like 14 or 15 or something and I don't know why but I just became absolutely obsessed of it.

I guess some people listening parents or children.

Maybe recognised that feeling or remember that feeling when your kid you hear a song and then you just want to listen to it over and over and over again mine was The Ballad of John and Yoko what I can tell this song is about John and yoko's marriage and there are some references to some of the criticisms.

They were getting and the bedding at the Amsterdam Hilton hotel for the thing I really find interesting about this song is actually amongst the chaos that was going on that.

I'm sure a lot of you aware of the each member of the Beatles in a separate ways McCartney and Lennon almost going for their and divorce in some ways Paul McCartney still helped call the song it was in the real last days of The Beatles and he still but I think what that reflects is that stuff like Brotherly Love

Joker and the latest Paul knew that people would be nasty to John and he just wants to make it well that Paul has a very brother beside him the hairs on my neck up.

It's like even though they were going through all this stuff like always still there for him.

He cared for him like a brother and put a comment I found on YouTube which was the top comment with all the likes on this song to said that's how much of a friend who was even though he didn't quite agree with the Yoko thing you still help John record the song did the backing vocals Lennon and McCartney forever.

It's nearly time for us to go but as always we'll see if there's any other business anything else we feel we should have talked about that.

We haven't only I was going to say to me on that we having on happy place podcast in the next couple of months time and he was talking about how much you love making that piano documentary series he just went to visit.

Factory I think and he just could not stop talking about it was amazing so but so much for the offer that series believe he's gonna be hard to turn on plug to plug my favourite cycling podcast which is just been one of the Producers on my own too much.

It has been the world championship for the last week in Harrogate that up the Arsenal podcast the Alan Davies what did you think of the facilities wonderfully well done Gill free.

Thanks for having us will see you for the November podcast not here, but insult will look forward to that.

Thank you Trevor and guests and still to come on the radio today for more great memories with David Lloyd at James cridland in a second but if you make radio.

A contributor on radio on a podcast at then you might want to try out something called cleanfeed, if you maybe do a lot of things on the phone and you want to make the quality bit better than it's a great way to connect in decent quality.

Just using your browser and an internet connection and it's a great for radio great for podcasts and simple to use the quality is great and it won't cost you anything to get started.


Will just 30 seconds to sign up and with the minute.

She doing the first live interview or recording for your shower podcast find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet find James Corden the radio futurologist.

I once sat at the end of a telephone helping people tune into their favourite radio station and wow was that an eye opener because most people don't know the difference between a.m.

And FM and no and sunsets.

Am I strange ways to make it really hard to tune in you probably know somebody who's tune into their favourite radio station and never want you to touch their set in case they lose it forever.

Increasingly available everywhere, but we don't appear to be telling people where we are at how to tune in and I find this really curious for an FM or a.m.

Station reminding people of the currency is kind of important if they forget it don't forget her to find you and that's a bad thing so one of my lesson the clutter just say on FM as some radio stations do in UK LBC I'm looking at you.

You may actively be harming your audience not to give a frequency out, but it's also a good idea to remind people how you can listen on other devices and how because guess what someone might not know you're on a smart speaker or available through the telly or on DAB Plus or a different HD frequency somewhere maybe one of those in maybe alongside the FM frequency might be a better way to remind listeners that yes, you're available that way to every hour will be nice in my hometown of Brisbane to large a.m.

Never mentioned their frequency many never mentioned that are available online none not one mentions DAB plus if your listeners don't know they can listen that they weren't so we know that keeping things simple works on are we also know we need to make it simpler to tune into the radio one day.

We'll put these two useful pieces college together.

You can get my hands and Daily Podcast music and until next time keep listening on the radio today.

It's David Lloyd the start of October is just about the busiest time in the radio calendar the beginning of that last quarter of the year.

So let's race through this week 22 years ago the abrupt end of kiss in Yorkshire and Manchester at the start of Galaxy there and 300.

4000 people have made the switch to kiss 11 years ago the original Virgin Radio from London on a.m.

And dab was rebranded ok, let's go to the Future the absolute future.

It's 747 the Christian O'Connell breakfast show all over the world on Absolute Radio for the field brilliant that was the first song on the radio is The Beatles A Day in the Life and see where we're going to be this Thursday which is something to do with that fantastic song so we are now absolute you can discover more than 45 years ago Swansea Sound arrived to provide a service with something for everyone including 10% of its total logbook for the Welsh speaker and the franchise was granted the company's first task was to decide on a site.

They told garlic and building work started last December but it had to stop almost as soon as it started the light on the common between garden and Gorseinon was flooded for 5-weeks.

No problems followed not the least of the resignation in June of managing director John Bevan I was speaking broadcaster and businessman.

Number of disagreement in after the resignation came the rumours would never get on the tool and the most optimistic of them focused at the station would not start broadcasting anywhere near the original all wrong at 5:58 on the morning of September 30th just 2 days after the builders moved out Swansea song was on the two years ago Sam and Amy left gem in the East Midlands for the new version.

I am a bit weird if I'm honest so we've done for 11 and a half years now for 13 years here at 13 in the afternoon show and what they do.

Katie and head out on the lash all day all day before we have a few more calls about these jingles.

I think they're rather than the other sketches.

I don't know you do but let's just say you another one.

I will explain why they sound so good.

Nights are the reason that sounds so good is because we hired the entire Moscow Symphony Orchestra 45 years ago hello to Hallam in Sheffield part 2 when doing a program on Sunday between 12 and 2 in which Roger Moffat will be presenting a request program that will be our main one of the week or the weekend if you like it to Archer and the week between 6:12 and 6:55 Knightley request program.

We're not doing request during the day.

We're just getting on with the music with having a specialised program in the evening alright.

Hope that means trouble and we've got a record for the charts in the early days of Hallam the BBC third programme came on here this week 73 years ago Etienne cameo was part of the launch team is starting very ground.

Are we going to have the Goldberg variations? I think we all have a laugh at ourselves and whiskey, I've getting Stephen Potter to write a send-up of the third licence number 8 65432 this is what is the easiest turn up the Wallace Mrs Marske 52 years ago the time is dust now 11:50.

This is David angel, and this is the end of the home service for today and for all days.

The 1st I suppose we are like a bride on the eve of her wedding we go on being the same person we hope that we will never again have the same name tomorrow at 6:35 a.m.

We will come here for the first network chart on commercial radio was 35 years ago this week with David Jensen it was eventually to beat the BBC's already in effect from Edinburgh's Radio Forth to Bristol radio West this chart is the best network chart show your top 30 sales returns from over 300 shops along with their play favourites from Independent Radio the fastest the back after 16 years in the chair in 2014 saw Peter Helens last Drive Show on five live and a chance to him.

It's like this again warm the cockles of even have coldest heart.

Divorced 57 years ago and I just married again.

She is 93 years old now.

I'll see you at 19.

So good everything I wish you a long and happy married life together.

Take care of yourself and 40 years ago this week today left Piccadilly in Manchester at The Maltings Station 5 and half years before I think actually you know the memories that come back again to do it.

I've had so many good times here where I'm going.

I don't know yet.

I remember reading my horoscope for the beginning of the year and it said you will be changing things happen and well you have to move on.

I can't think of any other programs.

Thank you for that usually fade you out because I don't want to say anything more to do with the first radio x 96 years ago the official organ of the BBC Radio 2 show 38 years ago.

24-hours a day every day we're talking about you radio Wyvern launch in 37 years ago.

It was somewhere in the radio Wyvern area and that's the county of Hereford Worcester is a special certificate finance certificate and you win the Wyvern treasure Trove because our treasure Trove isn't absolutely unique plate decorated with a Wyvern emblem design especially made for us by Royal Worcester porcelain and of course the BBC live programme splitting 52 years ago 1500m in a Little Help From a lot of the music all day going back to the only for programs like Saturday club 12:00 and housewives this week's radio moments.

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