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Read this: The Imaging Days 2019

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The Imaging Days 2019…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio Harlow and Stuart Clarkson coming up later in this edition of the radio Today programme will hear from Broadway bill Lee and other guests at the imaging days conference in Amsterdam also James cridland, this week.

Look so what he calls the misguided quest for control and they belonged to be here at the end of the podcast with more radio moments including this time to Milestone moments for LBC and the arrival of BBC Radio London Ireland this week and is now in Amsterdam hello Roy to be on the line as you say tell us is there with you at the was an interesting story because Ian Brannan the world-famous.

Use of and occasional radio presenter his with me but he's in the other room so we're both on the line, but we couldn't get to headphones and two macros to work in the same laptop to connect up so we're in different rooms both connected to separately from Holland to the UK so I believe I say hi and he will respond over there.

Hi Roy it's like one of those winkups on on light surprise surprise in the olden days.

What is a huge delay, but yet? We're just like a couple of metres away unfortunately nobody needs to see anybody so obviously you're a voice-over your producer as well and radio presenter and you can do some interviews through which we can hear later on This podcast at imaging Dacia

It's great to come back and great to see quite a few familiar faces and to check out the sessions and and how things have changed a little bit we had a session from Holly pengilly hear from you later on he is doing the machine for kiss and obviously now since the last 3 years and grime is something that's really come to the surface and solicitor to change in work out.

How they Gonna accommodate that into their images of Jeff Berlin was sharing some some great secrets from across the pond producer in Boston so great to hear from him and then a session that will be round in the whole going to hear from is Broadway bill Lee so looking forward to hearing him.

Talk about his imaging as well.

I think you got that wrong again.

It's the way you let's do a little Radio today in the UK cos Broadway is here.

To make sure everybody is amazed, because it's more than just imaging at the imaging days at him and on your social media have made me some pictures of you out and about in town drinking and eating rather than the the event itself, so that's been volume four five six seven hours a day.

It's too to socialise with people and friends.

You haven't seen for Alan make new networking connections the Chinese we had last night was the most expensive Chinese I've ever seen in my life.

It was like £25 for each dish including a rice and somebody had a flaming pineapple pineapple was on fire when the table but a pricey Chinese with quality so have you learnt anything you because I know you're an imaging producer in your a voice-over has it been worthwhile? And what have you taken away from it?

Think of me being a former imaging producer takes up too much 24/7 these days and I give the occasional bits and pieces so that's right.

I have to have it went over my head in previous years they've had a conversation some panels and interviews on stage.

There's been a couple of sofas and people talking to each other but this time it's literally a guy on stage playing with Pro Tools for an hour at a time and a lot of it has been a right over my head.

I get the jargon and technical bits, but yeah, I'm not I'm not a lot but I won't be for me.

I'm using is officially reported to the people who are producers and yeah, it's bang on target the engine produces here and loving it take away tips for writing notes iPhones and other phones so it's hitting the nail on the head radio imaging probably don't see many people just like yourself.

So you actually get out and meet the producers and talk about what they want is probably good.

Yeah has been interesting on a couple of levels to see obviously some of the Producers that you may work with from time to time and also to see how the voices are being processed because as a voice-over don't really do much with any plugins or anything like that.

It's really quite the McLean voice to be able to do what they do that produces 12 of a mess about with voices, but it's interesting to see what sort of effects.

They are putting on them Berlin was was talking about microphones in recession and the session as well about how they get the most out of voice is so interesting to see the kind of things that they tweak in order to bring the most out of the voice and maybe there are one or two things I can take and how my mics maybe sound or football for promotion and things like that and also being in Amsterdam I've got a couple of agents here as well and so I've been able to catch up with them then.

It's been good to work to do it and it working on that front as well.

Tell us about your microphone because I know you're very proud of your and carrying around a big long one and the reasons number one this make that I'm using now is got a mention in Justin's session of being like the pro mic and it has a particular that sounds really good on Amazon music for Hollywood movie promos and stuff like that, so it's quite good for the Nelson record stuff on the on the move without having to build the full on pillow fort in your in your hotel room where myself and I are staying in the hotel which is like the 1970s cruise ship and I don't have anything in there, but yeah, it's

Can you put that on the road? It's very small table top takeaway in your bag and quite as well, so it's been with me too much until now.

So what is it if you get one of your voice sound of this microphone is the Sennheiser 416 is a shotgun mic explaining that you got a shotgun anything in your bag to the security in the airport and long conversation bring back stew vs.

Roy which will do in a minute, but why lawyers here.

We talked about his big long trip is made it to Southern Ireland first of all.

How was that was Friday night you at the Radio Awards in a little fairy showbiz.

It looks very glitzy reminding me of the Sony Sony as15 now before I went tits up that was a good night and the Irish Rover I still doing great radio and they're all independent stations are all they work together.

They got the key I've been to bring them all.

The competing for content and competing for a wood and a such a good crack as they say at in the room so yeah, it was the radio.

I have been calling it the imr radio words for a Nobody never said anything to me, but I turn up and get him know so I apologize for my lack of knowledge at the imro Radio Awards and look forward to coming again next year was newstalk FM station of the years for local and national and specialist things I have you still got the national station of the year so well done to everybody at newstalk which is communicor station fantastic right shall we bring up and then that we kill have a few months ago.

Is that what we doing anything? We killed enough we just we never got round to it.

Hopefully there jingle related on the theme of imaging supplies and related now.

We have a as you know how to get to this venue.

We have to go on a

Three minute ferry Ride Across the river here in Amsterdam and in that two minute ferry ride myself in a few a few attendees of this conference three questions, so there will be I'll be ready question one package for claimed.

It was serving the universe.

Bright colour tables it doesn't actually from from John there is a bonus point available here which cut which said seven universe yeah cut 10 question two what does TM stand for in TM Studios is a very easy still is a very which UK presenter has a jingle for claiming.

He's the man who's got the best music of the of the jungle quest fix fantastic.

Five-pound note that was fun talking Tuesday afternoon.

You still got a bit of the event left to go and then bit more but my socialising is that what you doing now you when I'm stuck at home here in the Rain Billy is the final session in about half an hour from a speaking and then yeah, it's just chill out time and then back on the road tomorrow.

I've got the imaging update to voice for nation Radio on the duvet somewhere sun FM which station are you on these days even well, I all of the nation ones for SNP promos and station promos so that's obviously nation Radio nation radio Ceredigion

Swansea Swansea Bay radio radio Carmarthen nation, London and kacy fm1fm stuff for Ipswich menu at the station and cross-country vehicles not for us at Imogen days, but presumably you're available for all good voice of a jobs and you can get 300% as well.

If people are looking for anybody all good voice-over jobs and the bad ones any any any is good.

I'm available at short notice and I'll be used to call it but a lot of work with commercial stations across the UK and around the world particularly the UAE there's quite a few be there and not corporate work on hold IVR just started as the voice of EON so if you phoning up to get your gas electric bill.

Thought it then baby greetings from now on there as well, let's anyone and yeah Radio presenting.

I'm still doing some presenting as an office move.

The time being and also the case of its four BBC on some simple BBC Tissot still doing some radio stuff and it's going to do it.

I really enjoy being on here and doing the voiceover stuff as well as I get to work from home and connect up with people from all over the world.

It's a brilliant have a safe trip back gents royal touch again next week and thank you for doing your interviews that we can hear on This podcast.

Thank you for that couple of things to say about this weekend trees have now open for the 2020 Arias you'll find all the details that radio event happening in brain other events going on the viabox, Workshops if you're interested in finding out a bit more about small scale DAB the workshop supported by radiotoday and player one day ahead for Sheffield on 9th of November Watford on 10th of November and then Cardiff on the 23rd of November all the details at and drive to digital the conference from digits.

UK happening on the day before brexit possibly at the 30th of October at the British Library in London details about that radio the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SM4 next unlock the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it in Amsterdam and one of the stars of the show this year is from New York City Broadway bill today.

Show is a new thing for me.

I might be the afternoon drive.


I might be well known in radio circles, but one of the stars of the Show because

Are the show goes Broadway Bill and if they haven't been to New York and hers you on? There are no of you there probably now through social media and sharing your videos where you you do these great took up straight up to the vocals on your own wow Wednesday so is this something that you decided to share with the wider world.

Yeah, actually it is something I've done my whole career.

It's because that style of crash and roll only took over the intro radio with first popularized by Bill Drake back in the late 1960s and when I came up in the early 70s.

What was the only way we were allowed to do it now.

Obviously it's changed over the years.

We've all got more conversational even I when I'm not recording his brakes.

I'm on the phone is doing phone call with people or I'm doing your local contact that sort of thing or even doing jokes that updates the stuff.

I do and it's very your brakes is meant to be a fun called.

The Wave radio used to be when we used to just 2 straight top 40 and that's why I think people get a kick out of it because it's such a throwback Union hear that anywhere anymore a Lost Art in radio now.

Do you think they're checking old video where to buy morning men's scotch and who is well known throughout the industry and now he's a conversational morning man that back is ladies 1983 when he's 100 radio talking in rocking with the best of em.

I'm in and it was all over record intro.

So he knew had to do it.

Just doesn't do it anymore because I think if radio presenter now and you went on are certainly in the UK and do that as a link it will probably would be your last link.

Thank you, if you set me up in a position of ladies and gentleman.

Let's play Back to the 1960s and I've called USA radio said it's something like that and if you set up that way and I did a break that we have you got a pleasant and how are you enjoying your trip over to Amsterdam bit of the time difference over jet lag yet or how's it going? Yeah yesterday getting over jet lag and we had an interesting way of doing it.

We worked on about an hour of sleep in the same.

I know let's get up hit some museums and get soaked in the rain.

So that's pretty much over jet lag when we came back and slept for about 8 hours so it worked out well and you're speaking tomorrow.

I'm speaking on the first day of the imaging days your ending the the whole prince Riley with with your performance tomorrow your section your your parts.

I was thinking a presentation symposium performance.

I'm just going to get up.

See what comes out and what do you think will come out what something to talk about talk about the history of imaging and joking, but I'm gonna talk about some of the people who I learnt from you going to talk about what basically I do and how my show is more produced, then.

It is performed.

Obviously there's a component and he decided that but production and that's why I relate to imaging and I think that's why we all have our symbiosis serious because every break I do I produce it like it's just a commercial and I'm talking to you for my present is kind of mindset I suppose but this is an imaging conference and I think certainly in the UK and probably in Europe people have looked towards New York and the USA and general for being the pace setters of imaging and things have changed my Lost in New York over the last 2030 years while you've been broadcast in there from to get your attention.

Quietly and get your attention and then it was now and then it became get there and now it's actually formed into exactly what we got for them and let them worry about getting your own attention on this another word content is King and that's basically going to be the theme everything I talked about tomorrow Oliver pengilley, who is one of the Producers at kiss in London yes, so it's a full-time imaging producer there also the rest and it's myself and very very talented Guy Called Gerald Lucas so him and I like day-to-day duties.

It's Imogen production a shedload of recipe and then we all have a retainer with wise Buddah so they tend to help out with the UK IDS top of hours and things like that just to sort of help us out filling gaps now, but then will do.

The actor staff and then talking about your session then you're giving an insight into how you do things that kiss yeah, so I'm thinking doing a top of our it's going to be not necessary like a top of our with traditional like House 128 BPM I've got like a drum and bass tempo one there.

Just to sort it a bit more work and then also I'm doing I've got a special for one of our specialist teachers called rude kids who does Chris Brown don't know how many people over here know about Grime music predominately I was stationed here is a gram complain.

I think I'm fairly universal ish, so I was right and I heard they had that Skepta and ASAP Rocky song that came on so it is starting to horsey by it's hopefully going to get recognised but that is sorted out if you're working and my husband.

Wetherby hip-hop grime especially Grampian like a kind of light battles honour and stems from that and it's from London and they're very kind of proud of their sound and heritage you use like authentic samples make it sound like the representing that genre with like respect.

So you can't really like dilly dally around it all like white wash it's got a sound you know like Brian music.

That's what you're representing in branding your branding that show classroom kids like mad talented producer and DJ so you've got as they say to you know.

How do you reduce their because obviously there are many different genres you yourself personally probably on into all of them and listen to them all all hours of the day.

How do you balance that you've got a big fan of the music? I think so recently relaunched as my PlayStation's kiss garage was one of them and circumstance was another and Wear with me and Jared is that we've got different strengths and different interests.

That's What Makes gel so well, so what I might be lacking in certain thing.

He'll be able to sort stepping on that so when we did the package for the VIP stations he actually works on kid's dance and I did this guy is on the garage now underground head so if you want if you're a fan and you can kind of dial into the culture and you sort of understand what the context is in the tracks and you get the college on the language and stuff and you know the songs in the Artists then you bring that in Gerard actually like my music and bits and pieces as well like he's he's big and his eyes dance music and things like that.

So he was well aware that I had a sweetheart a garage and then through loads of Life samples from sessions and things disturb trying to make it authentic is a voice-over in Europe producer at Sam I think it's 3 producer at one of the big stations in the world all the country.

I think you've probably true that the case.

Yeah, I mean it's a dream job.

I'm from London anyway, London and I moved up to Birmingham for the job to chase that opportunity and then came back down then up to Manchester to chase that and not that I was like moving around all the time.

You know you got to have ambition, but you've also if you're starting off when you're young and you can't get into that your home city with your the market in where you're from then.

You've got to go where the work is an can I get that comprise roll when I was at Orion that really opened up doors to sort of established itself amongst those which were one of them amazing video everyone using that really opened up the industry and then you know you just hang out and you pick up the girls from that and then again when I went up to Manchester when was it called again that was like getting trained up in-between that I was interning Chris Nicholl actually like got me in and was just sort of teaching me the fundamentals that and then again you just take what you can for me to bit and then as long as you got like an idea where you are.

Eventually, it will happen as well.

I'm available for equity rates of course at short notice finally been doing is offering their their big tip if you like for for anybody who's in audio production at whatever stage where they are in a well established that have been able to make it to the imaging day.

Only just starting out.

You know as well done at some point.

You know when editing on whatever software they've got what's your what's your tits it to really add punch to your promos think about it making a cake or like making a meal if you're cooking let's say for your partner's parents or at your family.

You're going to want to put in like a mad amount of effort to make it really good.

So you go out and buy the good ingredients in stock so in the sense of imaging just keeps searching for that piece of music that track whatever you can find like remixes or whatever that really like that punching that gives energy if you want to.

The message out and make it really clear message and be creative with that look for samples.

Get up a paragraphs keep Gathering ingredients so in keep having acapellas.

Get a bank of picky with your ingredients and your tools then once you've got those and then you get to the point of actually like piecing it together in your day.

We then it will come and then you'll find that actually because your favourite ingredients there you have a lot of fun putting it together, but you won't have to sort of the sky things as much because it's already there if that makes sense the imaging day, so I'm with Anthony timothy's the man behind imaging days and it's got to be honest and it's all over you can relax something went wrong.

I was told it's not your highlights personally.

I love address because it's unique Radio station in Ireland bourbon, so we learn a lot from.

I'm a big fan of James Lawson is worth for it radio.

Love it and it goes to the ground off with the Broadway bill Lee as well.

I meet you through a curveball yeah, you know that guy is amazing on the radio and also during the event for the first time ever.

I think I loved it and he played a bit with him because we started some intros, so you do live intro from Steven wonder.

What was the other one is a song from the 1970s the name of it wasn't a well-known song in the UK but it's a big one in American Egypt right up to the vocals with just without any practice.

I love you yesterday.

I love you come all the way from Boston to sort of talk about the imaging of the voice-over as well what an amazing day was the voice of February this year.

He's the kiss 108 and I think that I really liked about his his job for kids.

It's so creative if you listen to radio in Hollands or Europe everything is really becoming more basic.

So really quick to the point drop the question or drop that Tom contest contestant is going on and then of course.

It's only on this is radio station and he was like making false catches people in cars and then scream at their favourite radio station and the whole room gave him I run because it was finally something different again.

I loved it as well.

He has but he carries around with him and go to events and that's why interviews listeners and he just Records random stuff that he saves and then like 20 is Lady wheelie out and stick it in the promo.

I had to laugh so much about that because he the stuff he recorded like 20 years ago.

He still uses on the radio today because most of the Times like I love you.

Of course and the new venue of course as well.

I think it's because now you're in Amsterdam previously you're in haarlem, Amsterdam book hotel in Amsterdam Wendover to haarlem for the event and came back to Amsterdam so we thought let's find a location in Amsterdam found one and I think it's it's a pretty good isn't it has been a great event and it has been a great location as well.

I'm in the location itself is right opposite the the Amsterdam Central Station you can get much more central and even a car on the way in just like an old car underneath the glitterball social media thing yesterday about you can listen this week to the window screen car because it's like a really old fashioned car.

Too many places and then next one so I will keep your eyes open Keep On checking our channels because we're coming back excellent stuff.

That's great and thanks for a fantastic event and chairs.

Thanks talking to Broadway bill Lee from wcbs Holly pengilly from kiss in London and the imaging days event organiser Anthony Tim still to come on the radio Today programme James cridland and also David Lloyd radio moments that reminder about cleanfeed, if you've been using it and enjoying it then do tell us what you using it for if you've not even heard about it, then check it out today at cleanfeed dotnet basically.

It's a way to connect between different computers between different browsers in a studio quality and you can even record it right within your browser is great for doing OBS or interviews or maybe code.

Your shower podcast from somewhere different to normal it's really simple to use great quality and it won't cost you anything to get started.

It will just take 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be in your first live interview or recording a clean feed dotnet on the radio futurologist copyright law in Europe it's aimed at people like Google and it forces them to pay news organisations if there is more than just a headline to link two stories on news websites Media analyst Thomas bite car has posted a long essay on Twitter highlighting how Pointless this law is in the place.

We wouldn't have made much money he argues but more to the point the highlights that news organisations are asking for other people to pay for rewriting other people's stories and that's what most news organisation do anyway the parallel in radio is the current trend for radio broadcasters to remove their streams from 3rd party apps in an attempt to insist that list.

Use their own apps instead the BBC is the latest pulling their streams in the UK off TuneIn have an action has broken a variety of services not least nobody with an Alexa speaker.

Can you set a radio alarm clock anymore well done BBC Radio broadcaster, because they sing your radio station your audience connect directly to your service you get the data you want and if you want to offer a better after you as the originating broadcaster have much better data TuneIn clever have so it should be really easy.

Have you taken to the Logical conclusion if you're pulling a station of TuneIn you should also follow a station of your FM frequency as well, because you get much less data from that.

I would reckon you should focus on your own app and make sure it's a better experience.

Keep your on-demand content for your own app if you like add now playing information and more.

Make your at the best way to listen to your radio station, that's how you're at will win not by bullying your audience the central point of radio is do the best for your listeners, but there seems to be forgotten by the digital strategists in their misguided quest for control because radio listeners really choose second best and that goes for apps as well.

You get my weekly newsletter James Dr thomlinsons Daily Podcast news upon until next time keep listening on the radio Today programme his beloved.

It's 25 years this week since what we thought was the end of LBC radio good morning LBC of course wasn't it was replaced by the Young

London news 97.3 on FM and am am original talk radio LBC 97.3 and the first moment I are off and replace and it's tipping just a little bit like David commercial radio arrive in the UK with the news is reported to have thrown 400 tanks and thousands of troops into battle on the Israeli sources said the Egyptian attack is based on massive waves of infantry and recovered some of the main forgive us if we just break off this morning at 7:43.

Which ourselves Happy Birthday I promise I will never do it again, but we're only worn once and I would like to thank all of you wish us luck like the what is credit score need a windows and John and Susan is Samantha Heather and Brian and I would like to thank especially this message from number 10 at the London Broadcasting Company station is broadcasting all news radio station in this country.

I'm sure 24-hour service of news information and coming to London and the United Kingdom service station, I'd like to wish the station it starts from the idea is local radio service success commercial radio this week 46 years ago and it was 3 years after BBC local radio had arrived in the capital this week in 1970.

Good morning.

I am the manager of BBC Radio London to welcome.

You all his listeners to our first morning broadcasts the time is 6:45 and Tom Vernon introduces our very first programme Rush Hour jolly sick tunes.

The news music on the information we hope will help to get your London day off to a good start a bus.

We're all excited to hear about this being our very first day of fishing on the are excited but they were challenging day is not least because of the BBC local radio music policy of the time and other continental flavour tonight at the Albert Hall Joe Bugner Britain's best heavyweight prospect for years is one of the toughest fights of his career at the Albert Hall Longford getting from one thing to another programs later on that day.

You can hear at 9 a program about all the radio London woman in town that a woman's program ok 1120 listen children.

That's a program for the under sevens.

I'm getting this now 12:30 and main news magazine capital.

And 1:30 a.m.

Individual type of disc show lunch and a quarter.

What was the programming strategy for that new station Monty modlyn spoke to the stations manager Peter red.

Are you going to have a radio station here like so many local radio stations pouring out endless record programs can talk from disc jockeys.

Are we going to have that people like like record programmes and entertainment as that is a very important part of the service by providing but our main aim is to provide a service of news about London for Londoners the sort of thing that we've started to provide already in this program.

We hope that will carry on for the rest of the day and for all the rest of the time that were on the air new information about London that's what we really about well.

That's absolutely first class.

I heard you start the program off but are you going to be a pioneer in station for instance there are so many things that counts.

Play blockhead in a used to be on when you know their search deadhead some of these councils red.


Are you going to say as a radio station things are wrong with down to investigate them.

Can you things like to go out of our way to knock cancels? Just for the sake of knocking them, but we're going to do our best to look into things that seem to be going wrong.

It's not always a cancer that can be a lot of people sold the place the style of radio in 1970 so with Mark and lard ending their spell on Radio 1 Breakfast 22 years ago like a pig for my lovely wife Helen who directed to a family home concert on Friday night, even though I want to stay in and watch the final episode of Sex and the City radio presenter Sandhurst commercial radio Top 40 chart is best known as the host of weekday breakfast on Capital Yorkshire until June of this year, but tonight in an exclusive interview for this program.

It tells me.

He's changing his gender and will live life as a woman the start of woman's of 73 years ago very left wing politically begin with and we felt that London programmes rather smug and we wanted to get people onto the programs not just professor some people who would really good script.

We wanted to present Ordinary People this is Mike Ahern 10-years ago who hosts of just one show on Radio One Red Rose radio 47 years ago morning Lancashire with the old Doris Day number.

Tell us something about that in this game starting now this week.

Thank you.

David and James and Roy and our guest this week.

Who was with Roy at the imaging days in Amsterdam join us next time for more industry news and chat.

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