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Read this: 11/11/19: Roger Bolton presents the programme that holds the BBC to account on behalf of the radio audience

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11/11/19: Roger Bolton presents the prog…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts leave it earlier secam the news is official Chris Mason has been named as the new presenter of any questions and feedback.

I'll ask him whether he intends to be an interventionist like is Jonathan Dimbleby and whether his award-winning brexit podcast has been damaged by its move to TV also this week listening to Radio 4 used to be a pleasure and a nightmare.

When will the BBC technology has made a serious mistake and restore the excellent Radio iPlayer it's replacement BBC sounds comes in for severe criticism in this program that the corporations digital head tells us that he still thinks it's an improvement on what went before and to quit The Beatles is getting better all the time and after.

It's never totally perfect but we will be constantly improving it and in 6-months time then some of those users too aren't you happy with it.

We've got familiar and feel much we shall see and out of your comfort zone feature.

Can we tempt to Radio 4 listeners to switch their lunch time listening to Jeremy Vine on radio 2 now right side of lost the interest rate that they did that was because they were following this new structure where you put the most important items we begin with more musical chairs at the BBC while John Humphrys will not be replaced on today.

It's just been announced that Jonathan Dimbleby 6 on any questions is to be Chris Mason has been working as a BBC political correspondent for the last 7 years I caught up with him shortly after the announcement welcome and congratulations.

Who won the plumbing jobs on Radio 4? Thank you.

Where did you find out so if a couple of weeks ago and for the last few weeks? We've been to the working out how I can buy it with being critical and that was kind of my pitch so I thought the two jobs would be complementary to do 3 days a week here at Westminster and then a day a week zipping around the country doing any questions and I don't know you know you won't be able to see my smile on the radio, but hopefully can hear I am delighted and can't believe it.

I can't wait to get started.

It's a terrific program with a terrific heritage and all of the rest of it.

I am genuine.

I'm my fear is that I kind of the you know the David Moyes replacing Alex Ferguson at Manchester United the previous guy who did all the garlands.

I've been there for a generation and I hope I see you know more than you did have had to go through this.

Tell my wife I want to other people but basically had to keep your trap shop which required some of stamina and acumen in that direction that I don't normally possess anyway, how much of an interventionist German do you want to be your first question about how much will it change? I think the core format will remain unchanged because I think that's a timeless format my instinct as a presenter is always to be informal to be informed but informal which is that the kind of toner helps fix the program on the question of intervention is a really good one and to an extent.

I don't mean my instinct is always on a program like any questions you want to hear people had reasonable length because it's not a program like a conventional news program.

Where you hear the 15-second soundbite.

It's not like the Today programme where it is a one-on-one interrogation.

It has a conversation but at the same time particularly in these political.

X I think there's an expectation that answers will be probed so I think it's safe.

And I will have to turn extend a learn on the job and find out what I think is comfortable and what the listener thinks is is right and wrong time when Jonathan Dimbleby was doing any he was also doing any answers.

It's not done by an announcement will continue to carry on taking calls on a Saturday afternoon after the Saturday edition of any questions and for the conversation that will proceed her program will get the phone is ringing so that she has lots of people to talk to you.

Good luck.

When do you start soon is the action of the exact date that was an understandably delighted Chris Mason and I'll be talking to him later about his brexit podcast now be seen as well as heard however many feedback listeners are not delighted with this music Radio podcasts.

The Corporation has been making several changes to the ways we can listen to BBC Radio and it's podcast during September the BBC Radio iplayer app was gradually phased out in favour of the new BBC Sounds app.

However the new app is only available on more up-to-date devices and its performance has been widely criticized judging by are bulging box you are not impressed in fact.

We only had one positive response from a listener who's describe the new app is belting his what song have you have to say Mary left? I realise that the Young Turks at the BBC will just laugh me off as a dinosaur with a 6-year old phone you have no idea what a difference this will make my life.

I'm not in a position to pay £500 plus the new smartphone and in these Extinction rebellion DayZ earth with anyone with a conscience scrap a perfectly good phone that can do everything else required.

Rowan discrimination against people on the grounds of their wealth or income is discrimination as much as any other form of discrimination Michael I found it very cumbersome and difficult to use Robert Lloyd Davies I've heard a commentary that is seeking a younger audience and it's package uses devaluing the regular listener and have experience sounds I made that they can regard this as anything for the change of Direction we should ban dance those with lolly support the BBC in its delivery of in particular Radio 4 and radio extra clearly the old is no longer valued and despite the fact that is demographic in this age range has expanded Tom please consider giving iPlayer radio reprieve at least until sounds can be upgraded to better meet the needs and expectations of licence fee payers Steve Heywood when did it become policy not to give you?

46 well a lot of Discontent over there.

I'm delighted we joined by Dan Taylor watch Director of Product BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds to answer some of your concerns play BBC sounds launch too early when you enter a great deal of pressure to do so no so we developed sounds to bring together all BBC audio radio music and podcasts into a single experience we have the two apps running in parallel for over a year and got loads of great feedback.

I came on this program a year or so ago and that's really helped us develop the functionality so we could wait until we found was ready with that key functionality for the people to move across a large part of our audiences not think so we've heard as you know about the difficulty of finding schedules and download podcast don't we start where you left off accessibility for listening swimming larger type and better contrast as a problem there and also people I can speak from my own experience playing random programs at the end of the

Broadcast shouldn't leave things have been eliminated.

Are you saying that they have been say to you to talk to a few of those points on schedules and download so they are accessible from the the home screen to get to a station schedule takes two taps which is the same as it did on iPlayer radio download links appear on each of the episode pages as they did on iPlayer radio and download programs to be accessed via via my sounds into taps the same numbers on iPlayer radio think there's a bit of getting used to things being in a slightly different location so the podcast not starting after they left office and if you have come across a encourage that listening to email to our support team via the help site to say we can investigate random programs playing say the if there aren't any more episodes in the series is to play then we do you queue up another program a podcast from the same genre however if you don't want that you can easily told off AutoPlay if you'd rather have silence at the end of your episode.

Resenting the fact that they feel they are being obliged to buy more expensive phones and when the existing ones are fine and you're pushing them to spend more money to accept that now so hopefully clarify things they're so all devices released in the last five years should be able to download the Sounds app and then Priestley the majority devices older than 5 years should still be able to access sounds via the website at sounds on that same device and we've put a lot of effort into designing the website to work on mobiles and tablets and everything you can listen to In the app you can also listen to on the website.

Are you a reassuring is that one of these problems have been resolved and will be resolved relatively soon, but the number of people think that it's a very strange that you should have killed off iPlayer radio before you resolve the problems on BBC sounds.

Why couldn't you run those systems together until sounds was absolutely sorted out and as good in many people view as iPlayer radio.

Play radio app was about five or six years old before we closed it and was at the point where we needed to rebuild it in order for it to work with new operating system.

So every year Google and apple and other operating systems and maintaining both of those apps on an ongoing basis was breathing too too costly, so when you say to Costa how much are we talking about you, so it's it's the cost of the team be on it so it's the same team who developed iPlayer radio to develop the Sounds app.

They were developing and maintaining both of those apps, so we got sounds to the point where we're able to move a cross and they can focus on making sounds the best it can possibly be for everyone but I didn't understand that there's always budgetary constraints on the BBC particularly at the moment, but there is a real sensimar listeners that the young girl is not what time should young person that has been privileged over the older listener and the odour and perhaps less well-off, listener is being penalized as I listened Robert Lloyd Davies said earlier clearly the older listeners.

The value despite the fact that its demographic in this age range has expanded your so desperate another was to get new listeners your scared to go what's happening that they never come to the BBC that taking a risk with your older business say that's that's not the case.

He sounds absolutely aims to serve all listeners young and old and some of the most positive feedback.

We had his come from some older listeners also features and functionality that we see disproportionately used by our older audience and to come back to one of the the points.

It was raised earlier.

We've invested a lot in the accessibility of the app and included support for dynamic type which enables you to make the font larger something that wasn't possible iPlayer radio that we've enabled within sounds in 6-months time if we're running perfectly.

Can you give any assurances when you think this performance will be as good as many people died in the outstanding iPlayer radio was safe amore monitoring.

We know that the in technical terms and the

is performing better than iPlayer radio so few error messages and faster loading an app is never done it never totally perfect but we will be constantly improving it and and how do you think in 6-months time then some of those users who aren't you happy with it will have got familiar in and feel much much happier or don't know what I look forward to talking to you in 6-months very much and next week will be responding to your concerns over the corporations decision to withdraw from TuneIn that's the platform through which many of you have listen to BBC programmes and cost using your Amazon and Google smart speakers to tell us what you think about that or anything to do with BBC Radio you can send an email to feedback at alright to Leicester the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow our activity on Twitter by using HP

R4 feedback or you can call if somebody the phone message on 03330456004 standard landline charges apply verted could cost more on mobile networks and other details are on our website now back to programs.

Well each week or asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zone's and listen to a programme.

They wouldn't normally switch on this week.

We have Claire Harbour from st.

Albans and Peter West from the first.

Let's get a sense of your listening habits.

What would be your top TV programmes if you were stranded on a desert island and you only had a radio with three programmes on it.

I love Josie Long shortcuts and Woman's Hour and the Today programme and Peter I go for Farming Today just a minute and Woman's Hour when we asked you to abandoned your favourite network for a couple of hours listening to Jeremy Vine broadcast every weekday afternoon between midday and 2 on Radio 2 and the episode were going to discuss went out on Friday the 4th of October thank you so much.

Good afternoon.

How do you describe the programme about is the balance of current affairs often?

Emotive issues and of music that the program they very much wanted to be driven by the news.

Yes, but also by the stories of listeners and keeps on saying that actually the best stories are from listeners.

Did you get that impression? Yes, I think the one about the toilets was obviously as a populist story thought they were doing really well to use by everybody and complaints about that, but I was a bit surprised that they he put the two more serious issues together at the front and then it windows could half an hour.

I died suddenly lost the interest really agree with you, but it also gave him a problem when you're dealing with a very emotive story like the Rosie Duffield account of being coercively controlled and then what your trailing later is an item about mixed sex toilets.

You are giving yourself a tough act to follow.

I thought

Rosie Duffield PC what they did was to take her speech from the House of Commons extremely moving speech but cursor control and run it but I think I'm cut which is unusual things to do does that work for you? Yeah, I was surprised because it was the first time.

I've heard the whole speech.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was a really good opportunity to hear that to give it a space it deserves because it is well crafted and I felt that then following it up with phone calls from people who had similar experiences it actually quite a powerful tool because to merge was it was a very recognisable pattern Jeremy Vine himself, and he said I'm stunned by how similar your experiences are impossible to make you his wife, but the mask has slipped the good and questions are starting excuses a given to Warwick friends.

Turn family listening to those two ladies.

It's just absolutely exactly the same way home absolutely bladdered going tonight.

I'll go home because I just didn't know what I was going to be faced with Jill in the North West of England since the father of my child would hit me and emotionally control me look at my bruised face and take pleasure from his abuse cause Peter having done a subject like that.

They have to move on little bit later to question unisex toilets with the important, but perhaps and also damaged musical instruments.

Can you do that one programme? Yes, you could I mean? I thought the musical instruments thing kept on being trailered and actually was a bit of a thin story of the day this poor guy had his this beloved Corps damage, but I thought it was a bit of her an excuse to to have him play the instrument having the studio.

Music with the toilets that there are deeper issues there that would have been dealt with better on woman's hour so there's a whole issue.

If you are lgbtqia plus toilet.

Do you use which toilet will people let you use perhaps women feminists who say we are not comfortable with people who are Man or who appear to be men coming into our toilets we feel threatened and that's why they would say all they often consist of the real story about we hear from the audience.

They dominate.

Did you get that sense Peter listening to the program that you were listening to Britain not just to the BBC I got the impression that it was yes, we're listening to the nation on the first story but less there is a pregnant on basically and also the music I mean that we're alright.

Did that go down alright with the subject matter did feel that the music work.

Absolutely beautiful in the article about the Cora we had a little live streaming from the musician himself, which was magical and what also where I really thought the program came to me fine was audibly enthusiastic and moved by this music.

I thought that was the perfect combination of article and music thank you.

Thank you gorgeous afro celt sound system is the key question you would be listening to something like you and yours.

I have Sarah Montague at 1 on Radio 4 in future.

Will you actually I'll give Jeremy another girl when I was trying to listen to the news the musical tracks got in the way and when I've been on a car journey trying to tune to a background music with my family.

I found that the torque element of the show got in the way.

I probably won't be listening to it again.

If it was on I wouldn't turn it off in a minute, but I wouldn't proactively turn it on and I didn't particularly like the music once.

I thought well actually that your time to think between the items but for me it didn't really add anything qualified till we see the Jeremy Vine thank you very much since last on the air the issue of due impartiality has reared its head again with the funeral around BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty she was found crossing the line and then cleared by the DJ himself after widespread protests about the original decision of the corporations executive complaints unit the BBC's political correspondent Chris Mason who we heard from earlier about his new role on it understands the difficulties he has to remain impartial while covering the brexit debate in which most everyone else in the Kingdom is exceedingly partial I talked to him about that.

Transition of brexit cost to BBC One on a Thursday evening that's the successful Radio 5 Live podcast which is a founder member along with Laura kuenssberg, Katya Adler and Adam Fleming when I last talked to you.

I think you said that Mr Blobby has got as much chance in the brexit Debate has anyone else is that still the situation while so close presume.

You know what the result will be plenty of things on the television radio that I wouldn't be proud to hear back, but thankfully for now at least that is one in sight or if you like reflection that has stood the test of time because I think are Returned pink friend could be as useful as any of the rest of us in offering a definitive prediction on what is going to happen because frankly still right now.

There is so much that is unknowable that was the point I was trying to make then and you're required to operate under a system of due impartiality how difficult you fighting ago state due impartiality.

I think it's relatively.

But I have been doing it for the best part of 20 years and I think the challenge now is people have a sense particularly on social media what they think it means and they usually quite at the word that is so often used his balance and impartiality is not the same as balance.

It's taking a look at a particular issue and it's gone and it's based on a reference for fact that you are driven by where the evidence or facts about this is Graham Rice from Arundel near Peterborough we need more calling out of the so-called facts quoted by politicians that are not fat but lies we should always be as candid as the facts allow us to ber broadcasting and our analysis and reporting but it always have to be grounded in a reference for facts and I'm what is the verb to lie? It is about knowingly deceiving you know if you tell me that the coffee shop around the corner is open and I go round and it's closed you giving me Duff information.

Definitely determine but I can't prove that you lied to me.

Maybe you saw the light on that seemed it was open and actually it was closed maybe you were talking about a different coffee shop in other words the evidential bar for proof that something is a lie is a lot higher and a lot harder to get to then saying that something that was said turned out not to be the case of styles from York the political debate in this country is forever being shut down to the BBC's myopic focus on brexit and otherwise excellent journalists like Chris Mason spin the story back to this one bipolar personality disorder of a debate Christopher you are on to something that depending on my mood and I need different by the wake up and think I'm the most extraordinary political store in my lifetime or I wake up and think my grandson.

We talk about brexit again and of course both things are true and I think it's what I did text from speaking to as many people as I come outside of the political.

Brexit is that people are simultaneously fascinated and bored by brexit and the same person can hold the same view on Christmas point is there's so much happening elsewhere should be reported.

We are prisoners covering British political story since the Second World War II does that mean that things are Crowded out of the news agenda.

That would otherwise be featuring on the 6:00 news are on p.m.

Or today.

Yes, I mean that's a thing as self-evidently true that other stuff being squeezed out debate though that has been pretty polarised and it is a debate that is not yet resolved to put it had so the reality is successful brexit podcast which transition from Radio 5 Live to BBC one of them when I'm sitting in the studio talking in the very brexit podcast this is what some of our listings May

At the move to television Trevor Rothwell Ipswich I'm somewhat equivocal about podcast in general because they're not fixed in time.

I have a tendency to listen later with the result that I don't listen at all the brexit cost is different it is compulsive listening anon, but don't think it is translated to the TV very well.

It is actually quite distracting and pointless watching a radio broadcast do the program has changed to be on television I guess that you are much better dressed and we are a little better dress that was that is true and we're told to sit up straight and things like that.

I'll big fear and it remains are for you because only a few weeks when we have to do the telly with two things one at the TV programme would be rubbish and 2 and it was our biggest fear that we kill what we create it.

So not only would we launch and of product we would.

Now so far, I don't think we've done over but you left relax.

Tell me the greatest tennis swing the original proton radio on it was there you're sitting back.

I can only see you with a glass of whiskey for of you sitting in front of the control panel for an exceptionally well dressed and you do think you're aware that the conversation is good, but you're more self-aware.

I think that's right and I think that's the challenge we face with desperate to maintain.

What made the podcast the success.

I think pragmatically that has to be a bit of a nod to the fact that they were on the telly and be suddenly were it's a mass audience product is a podcast it out of a niche product now.

We're getting around a million viewers a week on BBC One and with that comes the reality being on the telly and also this is an interesting thing as well, which would be trying to get the balance right on reality that we are talking to a broader audience than we were before with the podcast consumer level of knowledge in the audience.

I'm in most in normal linear broadcasting television radio was only a handful of people are there just in a practical example who you wouldn't give the job title to when you named see you could say Boris Johnson navigate new prime minister Boris Johnson prime minister and all their name but not use both.

There's only a handful of jobs in the country.

It was a journalist you would do that, but I'm brexitcast we would like Michel barnier the eu's chief brexit Negotiator and we might not every time so he was if we disappear really into the weeds.

We might start explaining it now.

We're doing it as a TV show and the TV element that affect this is just the size of the audience say now.

Would you have to be that bit more careful because we are we are broadcasting rather than Eric acid my thanks to Chris Mason we will try to avoid next week, but that's really up to you since.

It is still listening decides the content of feedback and finally Happy Birthday to Nicholas Parsons who was 96 on Thursday

Is 6 a must be the world's oldest regular broadcaster loving Bragg has just turned 80, is it toddler by comparison until next week, goodbye?

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