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Global’s Make Some Noise…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at radio Harlow and Stuart Clarkson coming up later on the radio Today programme global's make some noise raises more than 4 million pounds will talk to the charity director Emma Bradley and classic FM breakfast presenter Tim lihoreau who £400 piano across London also this week James cribbin looks at copywriting in radio adverts at David Lloyd is here with more radio moments including the start of any questions Chris Evans joining Virgin capital radio coming on the scene and regular stereo broadcast beginning so fascinating stuff and it's all on the way first radio today's founder and editor no Martin is here and he's back from his travels in the UK hello.

Hi Stu it's good to be back.

There's no place like home is that it's good to go away, but it's even better to come back.


Say pouring down welcome to Walton clocks changing soon.

Make sure you play up systems ready for it.



I could public information on trying our best so that's going on this week in the radio in the streets what we're here for after all we got here on the podcast about global's make some noise, but what a total 4.1 million pounds and lots of people getting involved all across the group make some had a bit of a rumble this week about it in a good way of course because over 4 million pounds in one day.

It's fantastic.

Is that there's so many people taking everybody and even communicate with people communicate I saw on the social media taking part in the make some noise day as well.

What did you do? Did you raise money yourself not personally know but I don't work now, but I shall we text to donate because you can still I think if you want to donate some money.

You can still do it and get your phone out now.

We'll do it together.

That's all do it right.

Ok, so you need to text the word noise Noi SE27 0776 and Alden 857 01772766690 to make someone that we go with gone.

I have we done it.

I've done it, but you might be able to.

And I've got another job well done.

You done your bet you've done your bit and I've done my bit excellent good good work and will there be glad when I see lots of pictures of people dressed up in all sorts of fancy costumes and then obviously although the massive fundraising feet so they will hear from Tim from classic FM in a little while on the podcast to pull the piano at halfway across London and Emma from the charities are coming on as well to talk to us.

I can't believe that Jamie Theakston cycled from Edinburgh to London that is just yeah busy is crazy day today.

I I I can't believe it.

I said nothing I saw the stuff.

Do you think he just cycled when the cameras are there in the car for the rest of the way to do it? It's just cos you don't cycle and you don't.

But I was talking to a friend actually on radio friend which I've got a couple and he said he was listening to in your hats off to Jamie Theakston is great.

How they are hard and everybody else gets together with other competitors for this make some noise day and make loads of money together by the same companies like what is a high with being friendly with the competition but had to put in writing the same thing next to each other really well done read and see lots of pictures of things that they were doing on the radio state of UK has been on there this week and still a lot of sharing and sharing the love on social media was the audio or announcement that they can offer some 4-week work placements at four of them next year where you can apply for a work placement and you will get paid for working there and show what you can do with maybe.

The job in the radio industry, fantastic idea, do you know what I wish they had this when I was when I was getting into radio yeah fantastic initiative.

They're paying for it and if so, then you get spend a month with Stuart Morgan entertainment or you're always at Media City UK in Manchester which is also the radio today office did you did you know that did you I've never been known as it's the right.

It's what we used for post ok, but yeah, it's a wonderful thing.

I've got studios there and everything and it's just done a really good job and they content for u105 live they do they produce the Radio 2 tonight.

Yes and Elis and John on 5 Live yes, I've not actually been in the office, but I have seen through its window from the second floor of car park.

What did you do for work experience?

Why would I did hospital radio like you did bye and get fired from there and yeah, I did a week's work experience from school actually at the pulse in Bradford when I was 15 16 and he was there who did you meet I met Steve Martin it was program director at the time.

He will sort of thing that was on breakfast David Sterns on meds Simon Hirst was on and evening show then don't remember him a ring about but yeah, yeah, it's good to hear as well Chris Cooper who was in the news team their Richard Murray and also Simon Priestley who was the engineering who I was spent the day with connecting isdn lines and testing them and things and then went on to work with him at GMT in later life, so I did a week at radio wave in Blackpool believe it or not a long way to go but I apply rock FM

They didn't have any room for me even I asked them like every week, so I ended up at radio wave second place prize and had a real good week then Simon Tatham he was Neil Sexton on breakfast and loads 24/7 local and live as it was back then so yeah never ended up working there anything that is a good week excellent opportunity if the people listen.

I'm just starting out and fancy some production experience with an independent production company for weeks and you get paid you can apply all the details on the radio website think it's December you got to apply by and then I'll be for placement through next year another great opportunity for up-and-coming Talent at Radio 1.

This is quite good.

They're only up their Christmas schedule answering it open to people from Student and community and local radio on hospital radio to get involved when we were kids.

Ok, might make a demo and send it in the afternoon if you get a chance, please half an hour.

It will send the ratings through the floor in your radio today, cos it's such a good thing to do up and coming down as well the student radio was happening next month all the nominations are out for those still radio somebody else rhino from when I was back to work experience in the 90s hardcore Chris Mason you might have heard of any does the brexitcast and some of the political stuff at just been announced last week as the new host of any questions on Radio 4 well done to Chris and he's a massive radio geek as you know when you heard him on This podcast a few months ago, so I'm sure they do a great job at that.

I don't know David Lloyd's blog.

What is radio? What is audio on how we should Embrace the word radio and it got me thinking is this radio or is this a podcast what they were doing now updates on podcast isn't it? But we could we could make it radio how to make it better? I am I thinking the other day about it and I thought I'd mention and I thought the definition of radio must be something that is broadcast or streamed available in a linear format and not available on demand initially with that.

Would you agree with that? I would do but I'd still classed myself as a radio presenter and a radio to make a podcast so maybe that's because we're from the radio background in the first place, but people do start out making a podcast see themselves as podcast presenters of podcast producers.

An interesting topic coming over and just put a microphone up and say I'm doing radio and then putting MP3 on our website because that's not ready but if if you were talking on the radio real-time anyway anyway to David Lloyd to if you haven't read his blog about people using the word radio then have a read of it recommended play radio person through and it was on the radio have to be on the radio just after the announcement that he was going to be the host of any questions and it was talking to Tony and Anna on 5 live drive about how excited she was to get the new celebrations in order because you've been announced as the new host of strictly no hang on Radio 4 iconic political programme any questions congratulations.

Thank you.

Thank you both I am blushing but yes, it is it's taken almost as long to nail down as it is fine.

He probably just going to believe to me cos I'm not very good at Keeping a Secret

Diane in classic, I should probably go to what the hell in classic circumstances around this sort of thing when do you press release was released? It was news to me that I'm starting on Friday that press release so it must be true right well.

Good program actually listen to so don't ruin it came out.

I know you will also I mean you are officially the new dimples that is the scary bit and I'm just I just I sort of Fear I don't I don't want the David Moyes to his stripes Ferguson he's done that.

He's done that job since about the time.

I learn to ride a bike he started doing that job in 1987 and obviously it's whatever you know from the the biggest family in broadcasting all of that and then I think you know anyone who wants to write the right the headline about the other BBC going down the tubes.

I fear has ample evidence big feet and all that so look.

Sometimes in life Chris you know that text came into the shower earlier saying I was the best looking person on five live because I think you've got the rough with the smooth for your benefit.

You know your mother's so you wouldn't Jonathan Dimbleby your predecessors actually tweeted.

I'm sure you've seen it.

Just heard #chris.

Mason is my successfully hashtag any questions chair great choice for a great job fine political journalist who inhabits the Westminster but has feet firmly planted outside tough clever and witty listeners will relish him as much as he would I saw that I assumed it was a bit wasn't his account but apparently to stop being a quick that I'm just reading a text from actually.

I don't know who this is from does the name hasn't come up.

I can't actually read it out of abating but it the gist of it is don't mess it up.

As Tony Livesey and Anna Foster with Chris Mason the new host of any questions on Radio 4 and you can hear a great old clip of any questions coming up in radio moments with Lloyd later on in This podcast so the Aria entries are now open all the details on the radio today website there.

We've no word yet on when it's going to be aware.

It's going to be I think it's the waiting for news.


It's quite interesting that they have not announced the actual details of where is going to be as yet, but let's hope that their forthcoming fourth with some of the events going on the fireworks workshops continue next month if you want to find out more about small scale digital radio supported by radio today and playoutone.

They had to Sheffield on 3rd November Watford on the 10th and Cardiff on the 23rd details and how can get yourself along to that at and drive to digital happening on the 30th of October at the bridge.

London Google and eBay will be there will you are taking place though.

I don't know if you've mentioned this already, but it's in a couple of weeks actually the 26th of October just after the dreading Ranger and it's also the same day that the coming to Radio Awards take place in Barry ok.

So if anything to do with the radio I suggest you pop along and enjoy the day.

It's the night the clocks go back as well, but I can't make it to the South Wales that night unfortunately I like you.

I can't make it straight for the job is half term so I've got the kids so we won't be there the ship will try and get somebody long to record some bits for the podcast if we can indeed right.

Can you hear about make some noise with Tim and Emma in a minute? Thank you for listening as always and will be back again next week.

Thank you.

How do you spell cancelled by the way cancel?

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and at the next unlock and understand your content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it more million pounds was raised by global stations for this year's make some noise charity pay lots of presents and staff getting involved with make some noise day last week the culmination of a load of hard work and we can find out what about it from global director of goodness and the MD of makes a noise Emma Bradley and classic FM breakfast presenter Tim lihoreau who got involved himself pulling a piano from Leicester Square to the alcohol find out more about welcome to the radio Today programme hello hello hello, thank you.

Thank you for coming home so Emma first of all more than 4 million this year.

You must be absolutely delighted with how it went.

Velvet actually surpassed our expectations.

It's been quite a challenging landscape for charities and fundraising for the fact that our listeners just responded with that much money where absolutely smell them very grateful of course all the presenters as well that inspired the listeners and so many things that they all did you got in there with you obviously but lots of the Breakfast presenters and the teams from all the station not really involved.

How can you convince them to these crazy things that they do well you might have to ask him who and how he was persuaded to undertake his challenge, but it's a kind of can we talk to the program as about what might fit on their Brand and their station and what am I feel to the audience and what the presenters might be up for and then there is some arm twisting and some inspiring and some but in the end.

We got a fantastic array of challenges this year and it really caught the imagination of the audience is so it's gone very well, so to a £400 piano was this your

How did Sonny come to you with it let you guess the answer to that one.

No I was I was in a meeting and it was basically my boss said I've heard that there's been a meeting in this building were someone had the line we like to harness Tim to a piano much like a horse and I think this may my boss Martin came to me and the rest as they say is is piano pull history if there is such a butt know you asked why you know why we do these things I've got to say there is a remember that old advert that used to be on in the seventies about the answer is yes, what's the question? There is there's a sort of Us attitude that like that to make some noise.

It is one of those things that brings this building together and you are just chuffed to be asked really to to be apart because the entire building I'm going to get a bit gooey in time with family.

It's so to be asked to do a challenge yourself.

It's just like absolutely absolutely I will just tell me what and then they told me.

Suppose because of that as you say because the answers always going to be yes, cos it's for charity Newcastle and I've had to ring that then they can get away with asking quite ridiculous thing so I'm in Jamie Theakston did something very epic last try to beat that this no, I know it really puts in perspective.

Does it when Jamie literally Cycles round the blooming country? I should really have taken a very very long route to the Albert hall light brightness of my Leeds Headingley so why not go there? But we we took a fairly direct route was only a few miles, but it was with a £400 piano and we just I don't think anyone knew quite how is going to go? You know I'm sure I'm sure if you are still in checking my life insurance and and working it out, but they did give me a get me a great company to train with and all that sort of thing as they do things properly.

Yeah, I've got to say it was really really good fun in the end.

You do realise you're pulling a piano from Edinburgh

The Leeds piano competition people got interested pull it to leave and I found myself typing.

Yes of course you are a few places on the way of his little bit of a rest and a bit of a singsong as well because European is absolutely we had a lovely couple of trainers who really really looked after me.

We stop for Jelly Babies every now and again we start for a water and now and again people just you know I think people in spy this all this piano come towards them in the street, so we do sing songs with anyone who who would give us a tune.

We did a couple of us tomorrow to Buckingham Palace we stopped being a right outside just before the police checked.

We had all the her details shipshape, which they were of course and we played the queen God save the Queen right outside Buckingham Palace so you any excuse for stopping and playing rest don't know what that word means but stopping and play we did that.

So you play the classic FM jingles at one point as well Tim is it was really good fun.

I have to say it was tough on the up hills.

I got to say but it was really really good fun cuz it's a fabulous bunch of people behind you you really I can't stress this enough you get me the frontman of a fun stuff like this, but you you have a fabulous massive team behind you or with you always say it really is good fun and I think you're aiming for a 30 of £40,000 of money here, but I've got to say I'm very rarely seen without a piano at home.

I'm always at the piano.

I used to play for my living apply for choir.

So it was a second nature to me to have a

And I think it just changed with the classic audience as well.

You know so maybe we could we should sing piano man always around next time I think next time I'm saying that time.

I don't know next time.

I've got I've got here.

I want to push that through the streets.

I don't like but this is all for obviously they're small charities around the country that you're supporting was going to support somebody smaller ones to give them a voice.

You know where a large media organisation we reaching 25 million people on our stations every week and that's a gift and a privilege and a responsibility and if we can give a voice to some of the smaller charities that are doing wonderful work at grassroots level in local Communities that's a wonderful privilege to be able to give them so we talked about a three-part promise that we raise money for them.

We raise awareness for them and we raise the bar for them.

So actually help them up skill in areas that we can help them with such as improving websites are improving their social media or giving the media training.

If you can give him a package to help them perhaps be more sustainable in the future and that seems to really changed with both the audience and the charities that we support a lot of focus on on what's coming out of Leicester Square and even doing there but offices around the country.

I've seen pictures of them all getting involved as well.

So some of those charities there in the regions get the involvement of the local global offices exactly right.

I'm absolutely everyone in the Global family throw themselves into this is the most crazy day so right up and down from Glasgow to Bristol and Cardiff everybody got involved.

You know from the local drive time does got involved in all sorts of things including a skydive a local sales teams got dressed up and they build a relationship with the local charities and of course Jamie on his vocal met a number of charities on the way as did Roman Kemp challenge that was really been involved in over to involve everyone and it doesn't come to stop here.

I guess it's not only your planning for makes a noise down next year but it's an all year round thing is the fundraising that you do don't mention next.

In the glory for an extra week, but yes it goes on all year around you know where like any other charity.

We're looking for any opportunity to make a difference and change and so we're already plotting a few bits and pieces and we're fairly opportunistic with the global calendar as well.

So if there's other bits that come up.

I'm a little each that basically says all how come you evolve make some noise in that how can we get involved? So yes, it's all year round not just a fundraiser Tim but a record breaker as well as in that's going on the TV is it definitely not going on holiday to be fair we set a record I believe this cos no one's been quite crazy and after two attempted before that means we'll have to try and break it next week is I'm washing my hair now.

I will next year you might even have a bigger show because your audience figures are going away you hear him, I think.

Classic FM was storming and even with scholar arriving on the scene you still can a storm in your head, so I suppose it's good for classical music having her competitors that pushes you on even more absolutely I just it just why does the field it just means there are more people listen to classical music all the time and we could we were lucky we got we got Myra not too long ago and Maya is just the icing on the cake.

She's just that Touch of Class and makes you realise this is just wonderful to her and she said she had my mum said she's a hoot as well in the morning.

She really is fun to have around so I think partly the mirror effect definitely on those figures so can't complain about that fantastic.

I wish you well furniture for next week.

Hope it's still at woodtrend and congratulations for your epic feat really well done.

Thank you and thank you for talking to it.

Thank you very much makes a noise and Tim Laura from classic FM at talking to the radio Today programme still.

David Lloyd and James cridland first a reminder about cleanfeed, it's definitely worth trying out this awesome if you are doing an OBE or maybe making a podcast and you need to get a guest co-host on from somewhere different to where you are and you want to be in good quality clean feed has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's really simple to use and connect in live decent quality audio over the web and you can even record within the browser.

There is a completely free version so it won't cost you anything to get started and it takes 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing the first live interview coding for your shower podcast find out more about it at cleanfeed Donna I'm James Corden the radio futurologist them for 7 years all in mainly for local clients smartly dressed sales executives used to take a scruffy creative like me along with them to take a brief but I read a script and any period of listening to the radio will tell you.

Q radio Commercials are well.

They're not the best part of the output that I believe actually aired.

I'm getting on radio tees for a company in Cannon Park Industrial Estate behind the Renault dealer in one video on Metro Radio in the 1980s ladies and gentlemen this is speaking please listen.

I have a factory on Westgate Road Cowley place to visit in trouser skirt and Jean but only £1 yes only £1 also Irish zip in coat leather clothing in anything and everything if you have any problem with that we can text them.

You know what I quite like that now here's the thing with advertising.

Agencies mainly have little experience of radio because it's not seen as glamourous.

They give it to the most junior member of the team and they really see the radio stations creative team has been specialists even though they must award-winning ads and I wrote my fair share of award-winning ads really work very well for clients.

Some of my least creative work work the best for them and actually very little data out there about what works and what doesn't from a local Advertiser point of view so in terms of effectiveness as virtually no continuous improvements or learning from your mistakes.

There is data is often hidden behind a smokescreen of negotiation as a hard-nosed clients.

It's there and says yes, my ads didn't work but I rebook this.

I think is the most 7 years.

I only have one piece of feedback from a program director just once a congratulations to you program director for ran FM in Derby for pulling off one of my ass.

Is the Spanish to mispronounce the name of a large local town literally that was the only time I given the radio Commercials and more than 20% of the broadcast our these days.

It's on the program directors seem powerless to give a feedback on a fifth of their stations output until then in the UK the classical music station classic FM was a bit theatre at launch, but the exception rather than the rule but it surprises me that after 30 years when I better at writing these things get my weekly newsletter james' Dock Road Docklands had Daily Podcast music pod music for this bit is from diva web who are very good and until next time keep listening canal on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd wonderful busy generous Chris Mason is to take the reins at

Was any questions from this week you won't be able to see my smile on the radio, but hopefully can hear it.

I'm delighted and can't believe it Chris becomes part of radio history that program started originally on the BBC the west region this week in 1948 the first edition was from the Guildhall in Winchester in this country.

It's really not the case you know that these things are settled by fire from by decree.

They are settled in exactly the same way in which every other methods settled in this democratic country.

That is the government has the right policy it goes to the house of commons and discuss.

Is it and it's debated there.

It's disgusting freely throughout the country and if people don't like it then of course they've got the section, but it's really ridiculous to say that the some different system of determining this isn't turning everything else that happens in this country through our parliamentary machine and fruit parliamentary discussion that were told me.

Rationing less there be any confusion Freddie grisewood, was the first presenter handling those topics of the day when she's too old to attract lessons therefore Chris Mason grief any questions which is already before he began 71 years ago this week.

Not many presenters launched the same show on the same radio station twice in 1997 came the first virgin breakfast experience for this man of London Town London E10 5NH crystal Clear another great reason to move to London so you can even and better quality.

That's a beautiful day.

We can see what's going on.

Still waiting to interview.

What do you think is Chris Evans still competing against Zoe to this day there was on Virgin Radio breakfast its first incarnation from Golden Square this week 22 years ago compliance is a walk around the BBC a little more than it used to before this week 11 years ago.

Sorry about what I said about Andrew Sachs and now is it 27000 Russell Brand gone from Radio 2 Jonathan Ross may not have a future at the BBC is dependent on the outcome of meetings today.

Is this a terrible?

The Corporation Russell Brand and sachsgate as it became this week in 2008 senior heads roll at the BBC needlessly.

It's 46 is this week since the first commercial radio music station began.

Good morning this for the very first time is capital radio did not going to be a cat and we have it to deliver long radio that strategy certainly holds true to this day.

What about the week day line-up for 9 we have a News Bulletin and then Tommy Vance joy Shenton entertain the morning until 11 when Peggy Mount stars in a day-to-day cereal called bed said it's a down-to-earth humorous very amusing and entertaining cereal and then after that Tommy and Joan carry on until midday and at midday Dave cash comes on.

With cash counter and the side of the good music I love star prizes to be given away as well 1400 sees Tony Myers on the air and a 215 King and his mistresses and in this play in this picture which appears from day-to-day William Franklin plays the effervescence Charles II and it's ok nanny.

Where are you orange juice and after that he goes back to the music and then I just got takes you through the car home after which we have London's day at 6 which is a newsreel presented by Simon prebble and Susan Denny giving you a day-to-day rundown of London's affairs national affairs International Affairs 6:30 Nicky Horne and your mother wouldn't like it which is 2-hours and rock and roll capital launching this.

1973 not the only commercial station to come up with drama in those early days this week in 1958 regular stereo transmissions began in London and remind her rear stereo is on DAB these days.

It's a Charlie Brooker explained it 61 years ago as you know stereophonic sound requires two channels to represent the two ears.

Am I right there? I am going to use the sound from a television receiver, but you could equally well use any ordinary sound receiver tune to the third programme.

From I left there.

I am going to use a sound receiver tuned to the home service I have set up the two receivers about 6 feet apart and pointing play place where I'm going to sit which is also about 6 ft from the receivers.

You will see that the two receivers myself form a triangle of roughly equal sides.

Now run the program begins tomorrow.

There will be an introductory talk to enable you to adjust the volumes of the two receivers, so that the sound appears to come from a point exactly Midway between temporary and Julie if you can't achieve this balance because it probably means that the connections to one of the loudspeakers is the wrong way, but the engineers at the BBC you are going to reverse the connections to one of the channels halfway through the program and then everything should be alright stereo and in 1958 this next station was to home the on their Talents of Chris Moyles and Paul McKenna amongst others Shilton was born this week for the eight years ago beautiful English countryside across the hills.

Good morning my darling and Costello launching from Dunstable this week in 1981 so with the final day of cash program three years ago have yourself a wonderful week.

See you next Saturday the 1970s and 1980s ok will radio launching 37 years ago deep into The wra.

Volts for some crazy eyes and believe it or not.

Would you like your car clean the Queen's first radio appearance 79 years ago to different parts of the world going on 33 years ago now.

I play with you 24-hours a day 7-days a week every week of the year are Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates starting on the Radio 1 charts 12 years ago those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you David

cridland and Co Martin and so I guess this week Tim and Emma from global joiners again for another radio Today programme same time next week on music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa

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