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Dave Berry…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace, so I'm coming up later will hear from Absolute Radio Dave Berry about his new project.

It's called Dave Barry's dad bod and we'll chat about his show as well.

Also this week James cridland report from a radio conference in Brisbane Australia my podcast for high on the agenda and David Lloyd you say with more radio moments including the arrival of commercial radio in Liverpool Radio City universities of deaths of two BBC Legends this week.

Thank you and John Peel exciting things are on the way on This podcast before that we got the excitement of radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin hello.

I'm not sure there's any excitement 10-minutes good.


Fancy going on it seems like a busy week the radio uses all come back again.

We've had a bit of a quiet.

I'm on holidays and then by midday on Monday morning.

It was like it's going to be a busy one.

So let's talk about some of those big stories.

We had already today in the last week or so a Ben Cooper leaving Radio 1 in the new year this came as a shock to me.

I was kind of hoping it stick around at least in BBC to do something with 1 coming into can I take over the role of controller of poppy leaves him to hang around really sad news, but he is doing the BBC after 68 years in charge of Radio 1 at good luck to Ben and good luck with whatever.

I'm sure.

He's got a plan choose not to disappear from streaming service or something when you've been management E14 what's 16 years and 8 years as control.

I'm sure big things can still happen for you.

2-bed for that we got any boxes at heart and capital this week as well Andy everitt promoted from deputy editor to managing editor of hot bread Tobin moving from a regional role to be the capital when you say we've got new bosses.

Are they there in charge of us know now that the industry has got a new bosses KS2 maths class was going to Andy and Brent and also Greg and mark as well Mark Finley they they got new titles what a week going yeah.

Yeah, I think Greggs had something else added to his job as a result of these latest Changes but yet so very confused.

It looks like his top team now in place stuffed.

What else is going on it's all happening this week, isn't it? Oh yeah well the global LBC News is coming and replacing LBC London news.

Suggesting that we need a rolling news service in the UK Monday morning dance to brand new radio station, although it's really every brand of LBC London news.

Is you say which is the case and it doesn't know because she shouts about this and it's a rolling news service for about 1213 hours a day in London on a.m.

And now it's going to go on the ones going to be nationals going to 24/7 I presume it's going to be live at 3 in the morning to wake me up with live news, which would be good and I'm looking forward to it for 1 people in to do it as well so Martin Stanford x sky and Lisa Aziz and I am painting to be on a diamond is on at the moment as well, so they going for it which you got to applaud them for that as what they've done with although there are other new national stations Live Lounge said last few months of the marketplace because how many music radio stations have launched in the last 1 to 3 years of the hundreds of them a miss finally is a new speech station, so I should be listening.

20-minutes news in 20 minutes every 20 minutes, but yeah, I mean the main LBC station and five live and talk radio the obviously cover the news they have new stuff, but they do a lot of analysis a lot of discussion and they pull away from live coverage of press conferences and Commons proceedings and that kind of thing to do the analysis and to get the reaction so I guess this is just no punditry.

No analysis.

It's just the news what's the news and long may continue as part of these changes radio x is going DAB Plus on the one so I think miles was talking about what's on on the radio this week.

I'm getting very excited about the switch to stereo and people go and hang up was it not Syria in the first place, but you know it's a big brand for them to do that with the Robinsons some other brands are ready but I think some of the main global brands are still normal flavour DAB because there will be people with all the DAB radios.

They won't be able to get DAB Plus

Explaining stereo and talking to Toby Tarrant about bitrates and stuff like that we got a clip.

Tell me you've got a clip.


Why do I have to do on Friday you wake up and we'll be there.

Just sounding sounding pretty good 100% unless you know you've got an old radio yeah in which case the app do I need to retune James and yes, you're retuning not necessarily necessarily be there as normal but are now being stereo with their if you need to take it or leave it really isn't it? How do I know if my digital radio can receive DAB plus just listen to your radio? It'll tell you the west.

We just won't be on your radio on Friday

We tried to you.

No, have you deliver it was impossible for the bitrate me when when your ex moves over to dab plus a detailed on standard bitrate usual ballpark and bitrate yeah, but I think they're sent you say, what will that? What will that bit rate be but it'll be in the usual brackets of a good question again in many ways 64 and 1 to 8 depends on you know this weekend Christmas talking as well about getting brought back on the case of top of them anymore to switch on the stereo like it's 1988 girl, so some other things going on this with lots and lots and lots of big news at five live schedule changes this game of bit of a surprise actually even for people at 5, I think.

Mills and Chris Stark taking over the old Danny Baker slot from next month on a Saturday morning on 5 live at that's a good hire.

Yeah, be the best of Scott and Chris without interruption of music so looking forward to that I heard Scott Mills on Radio 2 this week as well cos he's coming for Claudia on a Sunday night, so it's going to be doing his Radio 1 show during the week Saturday on 5 live on at the moment to Sunday on radio do is taking over the world just need to classical music show on Radio 3 and documentary on Radio 4 to complete the set menus and we talked about Ben Cooper leaving there's a treasure hunt this fun.

This is happening on Thursday this week, so by the time you hear this might have already been going on there basically hidden some golden tickets around the country and this is going to go and find it's a bit like that thing that they did it's great and hopefully somebody will find the new controller Radio 1 tickets for festivals.

Greg James has got a new thing as well.

Have you tried this new Alexa app? What's my age again? I have I almost want to say I don't know how they do that.

It's so clever technology is really clever, but Greg interacting the colour even interacts with you at home talking to your speaker.

Obviously give different answers for what is very clever.

I have to do is say the words Alexa ask the BBC to play What's My Age Again it works.

So if you haven't tried that home is good fun.

It is Cleveland yeah, absolutely it's exactly the kind of thing ready.

When should be doing together younger audience again because I notice when you finish playing the game.

It takes you back to the live stream of Radio 1 said let's get

Before but it puts Radio 1 on the screen, so it's very clever BBC Mrs BBC the great.

Thank you.

Just launched as well this week anything on Alexa where you can skip the news and ask for more information on such as well.

Just like the kind of deepdyve on a voice news which sounds very interesting to give that a go as well as just launched on the on the BBC skill as well and a couple of other people needs crisp packets new editor BBC radio Nottingham is left Bower and gone back to his Nottingham roots and taking over BBC local radio station so BBC local radio hiring people from commercial radio to programming wow fantastic.

That's what we need and I was reading the story that would be done Chris Pegg leaving Bower and it was the typical line of he's off to pursue new interests or other and opportunities.

She was it wasn't just a throwaway line that everybody everybody is well done to Chris yeah.

Well done tomorrow.

Radcliffe getting a achievement award at the folk Awards this week for his 40 years in radio that was at the Radio 2 folk Awards which took place in Manchester is your audio business brexit ready probably not why Stewart is there something you can help me with yes.

Get ready for brexit does an event going on on Friday if you listen to this before Friday the 25th then get yourself along to that in London free events aimed at audio businesses and audio freelancers to get you brexit ready whenever brexit may come and the new podcast series coming out soon as well, which we will Direct you from Radio today.

I'm going to be at Peppa Pig World so I can't go this Friday so I can listen to podcast define and there's a joke to make backgammon, but we won't go there fireworks workshops people interested in funny.

Small scale DAB continuing support of my radiator stay and Play at 1 they roll into Sheffield on the 9th of November Watford on the 10th Cardiff on the 23rd for details at and play Charlie Kray another busy night for us and of course.

It's anybody didn't know so double the work for us today being today being Wednesday so looking forward to finding out who's up who's down and who isn't yeah, I think the thing that things were looking out for him.

I get scala radio is going to get his first kind of proper proper book isn't it and will also find out how Chris evans' to whether it's flattering out of it on Virgin weather is going up and up and up so the things I'm looking out and we'll see how Zoe Ball doing as well with the Radio 2 breakfast show all the analysis for you at radio

Night Thursday morning.

Thank you.

Thank you Roy he's back next week next week, but will find out that still to come this week after the ad we've got Dave Berry and he's very funny switching off of Absolute Radio and offer the new podcast I do like a bit of Dave Berry how do you spell cancel the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it today programme classic FM Breakfast presenters, are the only way to follow that is get another national Radio breakfast hosts on.

It's Dave Berry from Absolute Radio on the podcast hello subscribers nice to be here.

It's good to chat.

Radio show the minute but the reason you're on with this week.

Is you have a new podcast I guess it's the cool thing to do in 2019 launching new podcast.

So where did this diverse dad pod has been a labour of love if it was any labour at all for some time? I totally get what you mean about your quick bits.

Just like everybody and their tennis partners flatmate dog has got a podcast at the mo salah of joining the ranks of millions, but it came it came about because when my wife and I found out we were pregnant and we got given certain milestones that we were everything's going to be ok, and I was saying I was keen to talk about it on the breakfast show on Absolute Radio and so many people something about the list as and famous faces a like got in touch with piece of advice or words of encouragement and I didn't want to at the time because it'll be a little bit too self-indulgent and for many people listening probably quite boring just make the whole show about becoming a parent and that journey that we were going on so I thought this could.

Somewhere else and so with a couple of months ago and still Evangeline our daughters first birthday Dave Barry's dad pod has been born and the first episode became available days ago on on Monday and I'm I'm very proud to finally have it out there and we've already received some some nice comments from people who already parents are expecting children and that's really really rewarding and it's good to listen to the first one with Simon Hooper who's the queen of Instagram famous dad and I didn't realise he wasn't just a daddy's got the proper job as well.

Thank you for listening to it.

That's very kind of you exactly what we thought I'd call about who we launched with an because we got Emma Willis she's going to be on on the dashboard as well and we've got Rob Beckett and Co Joe and forgot John Thompson of kind of Fast Show and cold feet phone.

We got Tim Minchin to talk to you about Matilda and what does that mean so much to so many children? What does it mean? He's quite upset when he told me it means nothing to them whatsoever but we thought we would start.

You just put it out there.

You know he might be an influencer and it's quite interesting what he has to say about being classed as that because he is also a nine to five working and his wife is a midwife and also she's of phenomena on Instagram as well, and I got four children the youngest two of which are twins.

So they are in more than a colour of authority position to tell and talk all things parenting so we thought we would start with him as a kind of super Dad I think I'll call him in the introduction and he had so many you know why so many warm anecdotes and Sony Fe little stories that I think we made the right choice by putting them first as well because we work funny shifts were quite often at home with the kids when normal 95 jobs on so I guess you're lucky in that respect that you get to spend more time with Angelina you home at 10:10 every morning.

Is that right? So how it works? I'm in some of us like to do a little bit of.

Little little post broadcast debrief and stuff Stuart so you can't tell us all with that brush, but yeah, you're absolutely rough day today, but you are absolutely correct in the main.

I do get to spend a lot of time with my daughter and I feel that I haven't missed out on some key parts of her going up even though she is still so young but they change so quickly age interesting one of the things that Simon talks about on on the Dead pub, which not many people are not many people know is that you can in this day and age many places of work.

I happy to split the eternity maternity.


Do you get more of an equal split of that time off instead of it being traditionally you know the father takes a couple of weeks off work and Mum gets a lot longer because Mum might be the breadwinner Mum I will get back to work dad might want to spend some of that time as formative years with his kids and there's ways in which you can make sure there's more equality between who does early on but and that.

The reason he is he wanted to bring that to the for is because as you say he works like so many people listen to this do really hard and into the evening.

Where is for me.

I do I do feel lucky that on occasion.

I can be done with my breakfast show at 10 a.m.

And then I can head home to being a dad.

I suppose it's kids bedtime there when you get up so early, but what what does having a podcast enable you to do that you can't do on the radio with these topics because I suppose you're lucky absolutely that you're not just limited to a minute and a half 2-minute links with guess you can tell they're a bit deeper with them, but you go even further On podcast by mean.

That's why I love working here is that freedom to do what you want to do and discuss it was getting a fact you know I've been positively encouraged by our you know our program controller to do to do just that but I think it's up to the broadcaster or the presenter to make sure that they know where the parameters are on that because you can have as much freedom in in the world as you like but how you use it is key the house.

Breakfast so you're going to be making which is why I said at the Beginning yeah sure I could I've been I'm allowed to go and talk about being a dad for half an hour if I wanted to but I don't want to because I know that's not going to be very you need to play some of the songs you need to mix it up and very up well as on the doing a podcast allows you to do that.

Obviously and longer form and also you can you can dive into the detail more and you can also you know with the Breakfast Show we we do touch on on on serious issues from time to time but in the main.

I like to keep it light I like to try and make it funny.

We like to play the songs like have a laugh and we like to get call azan and interacting here.

They're funny anecdotes.

Where is when you talk about something like fatherhood or parenting in general.

It was so many opportunities with the guest.

I had on a lot deeper and we spoke about we spoke about miscarriages.

We spoke about how it feels to be a doctor that reflects upon how you feel about your mum and dad.

We spoke about the fact that foster carer.

Bad pressing why am I guess wanted to go on a mission to turn the perception of foster care around there were lots of places.

We could go where I wouldn't necessarily want to go on the Absolute Radio breakfast show but we could definitely do that and it's obviously because you're part of our you got the sales people.

They're selling it for you as well, and I like what you're like with your breakfast show you've got a sponsor that you get involved in the suppose.

I had the Script reading the first one, but you making the advert content relevant to the target audience will listen to the podcast with London well, that's what I mean.

I like the fact you've given the impression.

I have minions run around doing my bidding for me.

I can't take away the hard work that the team did on that one, but you're right it was I got it.

You know it was run past me first then I think what Royal London would do in which fit really well with the dad was talking.

Yo planning for the future and you know before you have children if you're lucky enough you can get your your Commitments to where you see your money going all your finances going or what you going to do with it change wildly and London at this moment in time had a really nice message and I will put it out there about you know not having shareholders having you know their customers best interests at heart and looking pensions and savings and a nice thing so it works.

It works quite nicely within the context of the Dead pub.

That's for sure.

That's so he is now.

Just gone since you joined absolute.

I think you had six months off after leaving Capital lot of people in the radio industry and in a similar position on some gardening leave, so you got any tips and what they should be doing in that time away from a Daily Show well.

It depends what situation you're in because when I had mine Force gardening leave.

You knew where you were going.

I knew I had something coming so it may

Ben some of my time thinking about that and getting excited about that and getting nervous about that, but that's a good place to be because of the position I was in my event mine and then girlfriend and I will decide to go to a different on a different holiday or different trip each of the 5 months.

So that was that was our things so we spent a lot of time.

I mean I became addicted to eight on TV programme called American Pickers that was my attic that was my real achievement through my garden at the first show we did the first time time showing Absolute Radio Matt Dyson went through a list of all the things that people have achieved to time including writing books skating Everest and I just got a new word for word and what the two main protagonist of American Pickers going to say when they saw a rusty old alarm clock in the back of the barn Guiseley spend your time wisely gardening leave.

I think a lot of people want to know how that actually works.

Have you have you been tempted to say what the track was it ends as you're here in your headphones while I believe it works through and the Magic of elves who live in the desk.

I haven't asked me that question to that that's gonna say it was mughals.

Just don't understand it.

So I kind of I took to it quite easily.

We have recently started doing play Call of Duty box request hour on a Friday in the final of the show which means we come out of what we call banana because we have split playlist so that's been quite nice to be able to because it's not so much that is not so much crash in the vocal at the beginning.

It's a lot of the songs that we play particular decade stations like the 70s.

I just got these like 5 minutes long weeping guitar solos at the end so for the people who want that like listening to that are the purest when it comes to that kind of music I can't touch it.

I'll leave it alone but as soon as I was given the opportunity to talk all over the end of a fire.

Longwy guitar solo the radio DJ me kicked in and I was doing all the text numbers and giving up people's names who got in touch then I must I must have been operating.

I did I felt fantastic doing it and so during the show on the normal day you listen to the main absolute output to your can you pick and listen to 80s tunes all morning or how does that work? I know you like to take down into the detail of these things so I'm going to tickle your inner right now my friend.

So you can flip between the different stations which in the 9:00 hour once we've lost another ppt and we play more songs back to back and we only do a little things like the daily smash or somewhere play Fun whenever you have we can click around and enjoy it.

So I'm I'm I'm an absolute radio 60s kind of guy do I think that's what I listen to I'm playing FIFA so we can have a bit of that however.

There is a particular button, but I must remember to hit before we go live as I'm going to be in the lay-by.

Like this which most DJs are falling to get hold of some point when the headphones are in the lay-by, so I decide during the main bulk of the broadcast just to listen to The Fabulous songs we play Lane station and not mess around with the kit too much and it looks like you've been having a lot of fun big guest silly stuff with the team crazy things with Wickes I think even last week as well.

So it you sound like you're enjoying yourself.

It's one of the happiest.

I've ever been from a kind of work and creative perspective Stuart it's really great posting.

It is is brilliant and I absolutely love the show hosting alongside such a fantastic team including Matt Dyson Hoovers you know it's like my first loves and I always will be always have a special place in my is incredible but the the fat we all sit around we come up with ideas and we integrate them into the show and we can make them work and I've got the team who were able to do that and actually.

About that when it's like.

This is a funny thing to do when you've got a minute and a half left or it's 5:30 in the morning and I put it on an email when you've got producer Mark Lockett who can just put all that together for you.

It's a real to do it from every single and also nowhere Rhapsody be loving it we really are and it's still get a text saying where's The OC fellow gone all jokes aside.

We don't we don't really know if I'm honest you're listening Christian they don't miss you.

No no, I'm sure they do and he didn't he didn't obviously a fantastic job for 12-years and of course there and I'm sure there are some of them have just gone and you know but I bought some in as well.

I like to think but you know what Christian Slater on Richie when he joined in what they did was it was a great breakfast.

So so of course.

He was gonna miss you know it's he had this big life-changing journey that you wanted to embark on it.

It's not just the radio on it's moving his wife and his children to the other side of the world and

New life and nothing but respect for that and you know I'm running my own race we often talk about this together that you've got to do your own thing so the people did miss Christian I can't see it as like I'm well.

It's because I'm not trying to be him and we're doing her own showing will we get we get some really nice correspondence from listeners and stuff and I think that there's weird both of us can live with in this world and within the the history of Absolute Radio we want to try and beat you at your own game because you do five words five grand when you get your guests on so you up for a quick radio radio decree version of five words five grand.

I've got my five grand tier I host it and the other three members of the team of force to play all we do is some of the guests but I was asked the words.

I've never once answered any of the words right.

Let's go for the word association said she first word that comes into your head is going with the same way that have guessed yet.

listen to don't listen to your show broadcasting Legend head space Absolute Radio Chris

Cross-eyed stripe radio 101 criss-cross what a cracking reference I had Broadcasting House headphones vs.

Absolute 80s Evans Radio today that was the radio of course.

I'm sorry I should have got Radio today at 5, so I'll keep my five grand thanks.

Thank you for the opportunity to try and win it from you know that's all I can say thank you.

Thanks for coming on Dave episode 1 of the podcast is out now.

It's called Dave Barry's dad and of course weekdays 6 till 10 on pretty much any radio station with the word absolute in the top Stuart it's been lovely talking to you.

It's always lovely to see you and

The one who subscribing downloading.

Hope you enjoyed a little chat when I send the Dead one of my favourite guests on the podcast recently.

Thank you Dave it's still to come on the radio Today programme James cridland is here and David Lloyd has some already.

I won't know the first about cleanfeed if you're doing an OBE this Halloween or maybe an interview or hosting a podcast or show from somewhere different to normal cleanfeed has been designed for people and for podcasters and it's really easy to use and connect in live decent quality audio.

Just using a web browser.

You can even record within it as well clean feed won't cost you anything to get started.

Just take you 30 seconds to sign up on within minutes.

You'll be doing the first live interview recording or that OB you've been planning for a little while and haven't got the technology to do you find out more at cleanfeed change code on the radio futurologist last week the big Australian radio alive conference was in my hometown of Brisbane and I popped along to it and was quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event.

The surprised it's always been a large flash event the first time I came to it was in 2007 and Melbourne but the main speaker was Harry Shearer best known for being that guy who does the voices on The Simpsons and he was taking questions and answers from people in character process of Batman messages on albums in the work of the devil and the guy that does the voices on the show which is available on us public go and as a podcast yes and as a podcast it's probably the most popular sentence for a radio programme these days because isn't everything available as a podcast.

When is this year radio alive was at the first Big set-piece wasn't about a radio programme at all.

It was about a podcast the teacher's pet which was hosted by the journalist journalist Hadley Thomas had no radio background know any radio experience and that's a Ball Z and clever thing to do for a radio conference to start with wasn't on the radio in the first place and I think the right thing to do podcasting was quite a big part of the day a good part of the afternoon, which split into individual tracks was given over to podcast and probably quite rightly radio might believe as I heart radios Bob Pittman said recently the podcasting is its birthright after all radio has been producing audio 400i thing or two about how to make great sounding content but still only 7% of audio listening.

It does seem to attract rather more than it's fair share of press coverage.

Radio has much to learn from how in spite of having a tiny fraction of the reach and total listening time podcasting is captivating new listeners and advertiser like podcasting has much to learn from the media that still attracts nine out of ten of us every week, so wonderful to see radio and podcasting together this year radio alive.

I look forward to much more of it as audio continues to become more multi-platform in the future and get my weekly and Daily Podcast news next time listening and now on the radio Today programme is David Lloyd it's 15 years this week since this shop news BBC

Apple children with Radio 1 since the beginning in 1967 controller and I'll just more about what happened to take away from the station, but he has gone somewhere that he's always wanted to go with Sheila he died of a massive heart attack in the hotel.

No one could do anything for him.

She is out there with him and making arrangements to come back UK broadcasters presenting on Radio 4 as well as Radio 1 in 1990 he was awarded an OBE Tony Blair has called him a unique voice.

I think we're all aware that it was a genuine one off and and a very warm and decent human being to from bands and artists have been flooding in to give some idea of the Statue of John Peel and the fondest he enjoyed his very life started in the United States as a spokesman about Matters UK

And I have to pay tax on it then it was back and the pirate radio London and Houston Everything by Andy Warhol is and I hope it is and they were playing bit of that during the next couple of weeks and the perfume Garden so as I advised to before through in our midst and pick out of flour from the perfume Garden planted summer in your mind and maybe it'll be memorable.

I hope so then on to the BBC and this was his first show there in the dark brown and myself will be appearing at Middle-earth tonight.

I'll be wearing my latest rather daring ensemble and laminated rice paper which I had worked up over the weekend.

I might mention.

Papercut doing that past the last record so if someone keeps on talking.

I'll run for help.

I'm waiting for the coffee actually so I couldn't wait this isn't paper IT Services next song from tomorrow as a matter of fact it's clever I buy moment and featuring Keith West this is real life permanent dream John Hurt on his first Radio 1 and that is the years flew by his trademark approach crew that from Joy Division II produced by Tony Wilson and the first title Sound of Music the sound of music I just come back from a week at Watergate Bay near Newquay in Cornwall and a bit of Sunshine played tennis which I've never done before my life much and I have 45 times the swimming pool and almost went to see Bruno Brookes in the Radio 1 roadshow in UK unfortunately the car broke down on the way to the thing water in the tank one of those things.

Tell her day in the 60s 70s and 80s as we Mark 15 years his death was talking to David Jensen the other day.

He said that one stage John Peel was considering capital Radio Live could have been very different commercial radio now and 45 years ago this week.

It was Liverpool's two years building a radio station when we arrived to start work at Radio City a month or so before we were due to open in October 1974.

It was a bit of a mess.

I think The Newsroom is pretty.

Tablets to have the teleprinter staying the desks in the typewriters the studios were still being constructed and much of what we prepare the trailers and the test transmissions we made Studios with wires hanging out of the ceiling or how the floor the desks were just about working, but yeah, it was a mess.

We worked our socks off.

We had hardly any sleep.

I remember falling asleep in the corner of the studio between voice-over sessions perfectly happy about it.

Cos it was also thrilling for the very first time.

This is 194 Radio City broadcasting to Merseyside camaraderie of people who work in the first.

Radio because most of us were making it up as we went along and the first woman to program a patient capital of nearly had ruefully on but she was replaced by Michael but just before launch.

It's 21 years this week since Frank Gillard died Frank had been and a war correspondent senior BBC executive dreamed of such programs as any questions, but most famously he was the person who convinced government and the BBC of the case local radio helped by demonstration recordings of just how it might sound I spent more than 4 years causing the United Kingdom with the photograph in the boot of my car and with this demonstration tape and hundreds of demonstrations of it in city halls in universities and community centres to grow.

Group after group of members of Parliament and members of The House of Lord you green countdown with me to hold my hand and then you know there were 1000 Miles and time clocks and south of a very important body indeed, but the staff was very very convincing and in the end by the end of 1966 the government was now a Labour government could no longer so we don't see any other people because the other evidence is overwhelming everybody was saying that we have this it seems a good show Frank a lot who died this week in 1998 so with Freddie Mercury launching for Reigate and Crawley years ago now hard glr replacing radio London 31 years ago 7 sound like in Gloucester 39 years.

Yes, we just began early today.

What are you staying with us indeed? What is permanently selling off most of its restaurant answers for 11 million pounds 20 years ago to concentrate on core radio interests this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David James Roy and my main guests this week day vary from very sad and the Dave Berry breakfast show on Absolute Radio and anything else with Dave Berry in and I will thank you for listening to music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa

Transcriptions done by Google Cloud Platform.

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