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Media Masters - Julia Hartley-Brewer…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

welcome to media Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the movie again and Julia hartley-brewer and experienced broadcaster and political pundit who presents radio features from which apparently popular YouTube channel previously news reporter and political correspondent for the London Evening Standard and the Guardian Julian later became political editor and columnist for the Sunday Express on LBC for 4 years, she's also regular and often controversial guest on many of the UK's most popular political programmes on television and radio up to you.

Thanks to be in a media world dominated by remainers.

What is it like to be a vocal high-profile brexiteer introduction is Adam controversial controversial views on pretty much everything I completely mainstream and yet the media political, Westminster

Controversial and the chest arms, it's about brexit or any other topic under the sun.

I'm my views are remarkably I think I'm one topic only which is the background.

I would like to connect to have very much mainstream, but because our Media world and I worked on it on the right and the left is garden in the Sunday Express you couldn't have to the extreme is so dominated by a particular kind of thinking that the idea of being a brexiteer is something that can be seen as a strange and unusual or working in the media than you'd think but they keep quiet about it because of the group that people like me get the top radio audience you know represented by the the Liberal Media commentary as you said yes possibly the beginning of March 2016.

Could you imagine the better time to start a radio station January we had the brexit campaign?

Donald Trump getting elected we had general election in 2017 with everything has been going on ever since absolutely been crazy crazy little time so I want to set up an alternative to the meeting will be on Main Street World by Murdoch and sisters with the sun and the and the Times and Sunday Times newspaper.

We are now he was started off this with wireless Radio and and the kids have any station other than radio for being a great unwashed.

This is real or not.

I'm sorry I've got parents.

I've got to be honest until LBC originally they didn't know there was another dial on the radio accept your volume down a bit Radio 4 on that's all they had on and more and more and more people are just cry for a different perspective on the news and generally perspective you think they used to get on the news which was something more open and and not just one-sided and

I've had a hospital consultants get in touch with me.

How do I find your radio station DAB we're not on FM 104 FM signal and it was how do I find a fed up absolutely fed up with the day bro? I can't bend listening to it anymore because it's Ramona after Ramona after ammonia after Ramona that's what you get on Sky News and you get ready and I think people have just had enough and when we had chatted before the recording start at you mentioned that you not that kind of BBC journalist.

You can have a present on in the studio.

He could never do because he's so you know the entrance of the BBC that he can't say that opinion and a lot of people when they moved to commercial radio find it really difficult to do that when I was years ago.

I was approached by a few senior people at BBC Millbank knowledge now and when I would like to apply for a new political correspondent job, but you're never going to.

Never going to be hired by committee.

I'm too opinionated when I left LBC 5 years ago now.

I wasn't talk to you lots of BBC Radio 5 and and the like can you just make very clear that you just have to have 0 opinions either in imprint on social media handle and stand on there, but if you are a brexit to you, so beyond the pale.

They aren't allowed and yet.

We see if you're if you're a remainer that's perfectly acceptable to have your views out and about loads of babies on that to me downwards on the on the paper.

I just kind of figured.

I'm not really her by committee kind of girl but in America that they used to having some BBC neutral print and then talk radio on radio and TV stations that have opinionated and quezon.

There is quite it's almost that it's just not the done thing here in Britain really.

Chop chop like you do not listen to my show I routinely have as many cabinet ministers on this I say there Today programme with you.

I'll have been reading it is harder to get labour front Bench People that something that the BBC and Sky News struggle with as well.

They're just not very good at that side of the operation, but can we listen to all sides? Yeah it in America there is a very different thing and that's probably better niche radio and that's different from television because we've got these two big mainstream broadcasters and we expect to see balance expecting a full spectrum of political opinion on the Sky News for ITV that's very different from Radio now commercial radio not paid for by the taxpayer.

So what you want.

We are still guided by the Ofcom guidelines General Election or referendum.

I know I am guided by the same guidelines as other broadcasters and I'm very careful not to give my personal opinion very careful we have to have to fill out.

Homes for compliance to make sure we giving the right balance of your proof of that.

I feel really strongly about that and how we don't distort the the electoral process during a campaign.

That's a good thing but for me it is just about giving people an alternative so for instance whether it's about climate change protest or or about brexit diversity.

There is so much for the mainstream Media I was just accept the things as a given course we should be doing this or that of course it is in and of itself and it's a new the first woman is the first black that this first guy that this is this is my definition of perfect and good thing and brexit will cause we all know that brexit is stupid and races etc main would be the sensible option and those things are just cited in mainstream media has just the normal and instead of but why would you question it and the polling shows them?

Majority then not 90% but they're not even majority of use anymore ever have been and we haven't I think that is just leaving the popular country behind because they're not keeping up not because they're stupid not because they're not will read or informed or a thoughtful all good people more moral people.

It's just because there is a way of thinking in the symbol.

That is just not representative of the country at large are your friends and family that voted brexit because there was a new Ford missing and you still speak to them because I respect their views even if I might disagree with them because I'm not sure what my dear is anymore now because the whole thing seems to be a pig's ear on both sides, but one of the reasons why they said they voted brexit because they were fed up with being snared by the remain campaign like they're there a couple more experts and you'll change your mind as if they were completely convinced.

You know there are plenty of terrible reasons to vote brexit was also some sensible ones too and I'm

Remain lost because of that look them all together and also the scaremongering again none of which has come true by the way that was all the scaremongering.

This is going to cost in a half a million jobs and things like that.

It's not it's just not equal treatment of all the topics that there's always does the phrase it's absolutely does my head in like constantly to eat at the reporters you do this when they talk about if we crash out on this or that date when they talk about me lots of the broadcasters have these things about the brexit crisis democracy crisis and it's about about leaving the European Union this there's no question about that whatsoever and and the language that is used about anything to do with leave the language used for anything to rain.

It's so subtle that she's not even Saturday morning everyone pointed out and again and again completely normal for the mainstream broadcasters on BBC sky and and in radio and television routinely.

Remind Airsoft Remain get off get off and not even see you question time panel any questions panel routinely to have people who simply do not represent the majority of you in this country and people say the the producers and editors from both sides, so we must be doing something right at the facts are clear that.

They are routinely putting forward guests who don't represent the views of the British people at large and pretending that the views which when they do have a lever on are somehow beyond the pale somehow bits and Alex have this funny little person who is in favour of leave my mate.

I don't think they knew they're doing it.

I can remember very vividly the day 24th of June 2016 the morning after brexit victory and seeing the faces on the staff of the BBC newsroom behind the newsreader just looking absolutely sure.

They didn't know a single person who voted leave not one of them it must be a boon for you personally that as as an articulate and erudite up on Question Time and all of these very shows listen.

I'm ever 2014 I did question time for times that was long before brexit was was massively on the agenda, but you must be good for the produce of the Ferrari that you generate my being on your how dare they platform all the grief you get killed someone getting violent balance to represent different viewpoints of everyone and your show is in favour of second referendum in the majority country isn't maybe you should think about expanding your guess.

I have to say I'm constantly told on Twitter

Is paying me somewhere I'd like to know I've got an offshore bank account somewhere which has got all these hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I'm being paid about these issues as someone whose is pulling my strings as a puppy but also this idea that you're making money.

You've only got a job because of these you've only you've only got me know what's 2000 followers on Azura brexit actually have lost income as a result of the terms of corporate work that I used to do definitely he saw some of that go with me some you get because you're more well-known because of brexit actually a lot of the stuff that I was doing you're a bit too controversial.

So you can work both ways and certainly something jobs at newspapers that were in the pipeline because you've seen as someone who's very much on that brexit.

So you don't get.

Various various TV shows on Prime Time TV shows you're suddenly you just know you were acceptable and then suddenly or not and there's only there's only one thing that's changed and that is used to be very good friends with the Steve Hewlett and he went to have coffee with him.

He would say there was a blessing and a curse because he will get lots of well paid gigs in the Middle East are there because of his profile which would then put rightly to the BBC's Committee on ethics and how does each of them are saying that you can do that sort of 500 quid a week I get for doing the things that were going to BBC you sometimes if you haven't paid a bit more because they're not allowed to do some of these gigs as a result if they are for anything that could be seen as a conflict of interest I turned down so I might just because I don't want to work for a tobacco company.

Thank you very much couple of other events have said that I don't think this is me.

Party political as I'm often asked to speak at the Conservative Party meetings unpaid.

I just don't want to do anything public speech have given anything political and has been the leave means leave rally in March 2019 the day we was supposed to have left the EU and that's because I was upset you didn't I need to know in writing that there is a representative Victoria the whole range of political opinion across the board because I don't have any party allegiance at all.

They would vote for in different parties, but yeah, it is it that you can be a double-edged sword is the idea that if you say anything at all this without you must somehow you must have been saying it for questionable reasons you can't just honestly think this is what I actually think this is what I believe it and it took me a long time to come and get it, but it was very much and very sincere.

And still remains a very heartfelt saying when I wake up on the 24th of June I did you do a daily radio show on so you can't do the staying up all night thing with elections and I've gone to bed and I've actually had a text message change with Nigel Farage overnight pretty convinced that the brexit and don't even lost and when I wake up and it was about earlier for 5 in the morning.

I can't tell you I was crying with joy III it was it was in the top 10 of greatest days of my life.

It's up there with you know my daughter being born and my mum are getting married to her husband up.

They're not bigger than those two obviously I'm not insane, but it was it was one of the greatest things.

I think that ever happened in article Histories in this country and I still think it's still think it will happen, but it does hurt me that people would think that that's something that I've spoken out on the tickets so much crap for friendly.

Tell you that I am on offer the same person 24/7.

I mean you are quite robust character that she credit but it has you just said it must be careful that people had the question the integrity and it's not even about its almost worse than you being paid to say it's saying that you deliberately changed to a person I have many Folds many many many ready, but this is not one of them.

I'm I'm probably too honest.

I'm one of those people that are doing that job in your fault.

Not my questions today.

I was supposed it by post it notes.

How to steal a word as part of a package you must get loads of grief I've got about a fifth of the following you but even I get loads of grief and sometimes are blocking sometimes, but I also just think it'd be done yeah.

It's weird.

I actually until a couple of years ago was little I got given the time ago be bird if you're a woman and the public are you get a lot of Greed more than men probably would if you need to be on the right and again? I'm sure we'll discuss that when you consider yourself feel the right you get a lot more if your brakes carries on all on top of each other each of those reasons why you should do everything that's wrong with this from there a woman brexit that they hate me and it's hilarious, but the video it's really but then also when I was calling out that should have done 4051 years old.

My office they say we're going to reach out to this person said one of the Four Tops but when I was being very critical and I think rightly so of Jeremy Corbyn on anti-semitism start getting the video back to the company so upset both the corbynistas.

Andy the remain crowd who is really that they corbynistas as well, so I'll get you hate now, but I just don't get to report death threats and things like that which is a lot of people.

I'm not asking for any don't want to I think the words are pretty robust then people are little bit more cheerful so for instance if I do get to take that count down because I'm not having someone called with the c word.

I think that's if your friend of mine you can do it don't like that either neither with a capital c Norris but also my phone.

Retreat it you just read it with you know when he seems nice or something like well you so you like but the wife and his mom's basement works really well, and I don't know mate he doth protest too much but the funny thing is some of the stuff.

That's really I'm quite fascinated by because you're a complete stranger.

You don't know me at all.

You might not even like you might not like what you think is a persona.

I hate to tell you it's the real me but the I didn't you would send this by I mean the word vile people gender using real life.

It's a Twitter work and they said if I love you, so hope it would take me down.

I'm sitting in my I got my beautiful with my gorgeous fantastic husband and my gorgeous fantastic daughter with my amazing brilliant job.

I'm sitting there and great friends and family.

I'm having the time of my life.

You mean I'd rather you didn't send that have used to me and I'd rather you didn't feel that way about me but in terms of that affecting my day.

I mean why would that affect my day what how fragile must existence be with someone I knew you said that I would be devastating but some random.

No more thing is bedsit telling me that he thinks I'm awful.

You don't know me.

I can't care what you think it's weird cause I stood for Parliament in 2005 in a leafy oratory and I'm not some thousands of dollars and 99.9% and it strikes me that has Twitter made people read out at with a be polite and respectful in real life, but they become a sudden or is it always like that and they can be horrible I mean to me because I think that yeah when you've got some you got that screen between you and sometimes.

What did the people think your vile horrible but we always throws them and then I didn't sorry I cannot forget you a real person.

Sorry about that and it's quite interesting how much people gosh and when also if I do it and then my followers will give them a bit of you.

Get out of bed to take it and then it'll be quite quite shocked by it and and and and then complaints this is the other side of what you do.

Do do you go up to people in pubs and just call them you know to see were we were done and then expect not to get punched because I know what planet has been living in but that's a partner as he will they just be normal people don't realise that this was in their head.

They're shouting at the TV screen and you're not thinking yeah, but I don't think there are people who was go about their day.

You just really nice people you just really normal nice people who hold doors open for people carrier.

And then suddenly getting chased me to say that mama's make them and I've never been rude to anyone.

I'm Curtis you can see we never see that when you know sometimes requires.

You know that where the people work for me, but not me I hate that I hate that as well.

I'm going to play the not knowing the person that I did work with someone who is he's got a reputation publicly have been such a nice guy one thing I find most frustrating is knowing how that person treats people who considers to be junior.

I'm not averse to a bit of shouting shouting people mess up and I haven't really messed up for no good reason.

I just because they're not paying attention.

I'm a stickler for dinner.

Get it right first time do it right and also I'm an ex waitress, so I've

Sympathy for bar staff wages is collected a lot of it over the years, but it also means I don't put up with bad service.

I'll be very specific about my needs and desires and what is worthy of a TiVo box not but people who took down to the secretary what I've done every one of those for the job people think that somehow the people who was talking to people who below them.

I find that concept quite strange and funny thing.

Is it from the left or on the left and the right many years ago in Cork Ireland today 20-years I did and the nastiness that I can't stand really the fact that you know I genuinely think that Corbyn is an anti-semite but worse than that.

I think he thinks he isn't and therefore if you attack him your job now prove that you're part of the Conspiracy against the I mean that is arrogance as well as racism it's like that.

This dividing our politics is no longer look this is where I want to get the country in the people and I'll pop it says whatever to this is the end game that I want the Endpoint and this is the route that I think it would be the best route of travel so whether that's having the best Healthcare service in the world or trade deals in the world whatever it is used to be a debate that was about you.

What's your best idea nationalising public services work for do you think that private eyes and you think high tax payer taxe deliver the most in the best outcome for the most people these loads of Baits were genuinely on that stuff away that I've had a long journey politically and I'm not quite sure where I am.

I giving different different different MP was a different for each different party was a candidate in my tea, I can see myself.

Many different ways but now the debate is it's a good person a bad person so if you're brexit or bad people who is stupid people who raises two is enough though because I didn't know they were all of that nonsense and the people who are the weather good people they want the Look with just trying to have a second referendum to save you from yourselves.

You said he will lose out but also the Conservatives that I did all the bad people or laborer good people I got friends in both parties.

I got MPs and because answer and I've got friends actually that's simply not the case there are people in their bad people and very rarely can be sorted out a few weeks ago that the other Ring Ring of the other people.

Answer the public we have with brexit and and that is it cuts across party politics anywhere the Old certainties of if you were a lady you certainly something to be honest is a brexiteer pretending to be a remainder theorem.

This is this is the most fascinating thing about politics as I don't trust Boris Boris but I don't think Forest leaves in brexit any more than the other person most of us know that I don't want anyone she had it coming 2:00.

Ok? He needs business and yeah, I know that the Jeremy Corbyn genuine to brexit if you take to Sabotage the remain Campaign baby the weird so I think generally it be the worst ever happened to this country where he became prime minister.

Not because his labour voted against the government tonight.

I'm I think Jeremy Corbyn is genuinely a prospect as is Jane McDonald

And it's because both of them seem fascinated with political violence like in Wetherby Northern Ireland or South America they seem to support people who would pick up a gun British Forces after can't forget that he didn't he didn't like it.

I was at the Reef laying ceremony, but you wasn't there a smart blog but I didn't inhale yeah.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.


I find it very depressing interviewing times in green rooms in got on very well with him with them after her breakfast breakfast off to the Andrew Marr Show the things that we get on very well.

I'm little bit dull but he was just as obvious funny backbench loony left and I'll get you can't get Ken Livingstone get better on because

Is a possible contender to be the next prime minister? I find us a building but my main issue is the end of the day if the British people in their infinite Wisdom voted to elect Jeremy Corbyn I would be on the streets marching for the right for him to take over as prime minister, because I believe in democracy and the British people want that is what should happen.

I would sit about this idea of a second referendum is you're pretending the first one that boat can just be cast aside and you should never do that, but I generally think he would be terrified.

I live in North London I got lots of Jewish and the fact that I've got your friends.

You are looking into emigrating somebody who could be Prime Minister in this country breaks my heart absolutely breaks my heart and when people always being the Tory Party the same basically.

I'm sorry.

It's just not the same thing every part of life unfortunately.

The idea that what's happening the Labour Party antisemitism and Jewish MP Luciana Berger who was the now now with the idea that she needed police security find the coordinates of the Labour Party Conference brexit come from the letter was she needs a security detail I find it genuinely terrifying that we are in that world and I don't know where that came from and I know that the 2014 Scottish independence referendum shop to lot of people people demonstrated against Nick Robinson literally hundreds of people she is somebody who genuinely I don't think there is any other ever on.

I think she's very very professional and I generally don't see what people are not because I think your signal on my side if I had to.

Guess she's from a certain political class and works the BBC I've put good money then she voted remain I mean and actually I think it's I think it's I think she's genuinely completely neutral on it and I mean really am really so difficult circumstances had a few weeks ago and you know one of the things one that started This podcast is Jeremy so you know neutral and impartial that I've always wanted to know what is really wasn't that bad guy and then I tried to him and he wouldn't say anything one thing you did say is he said why didn't my only one bad guy? It'll be good and bad on both sides, but you are right about this device mean.

Where is it going to go because it doesn't seem to me that it's going to be be able to be healed healed if we do have a second referendum.

Hung Parliament after General Election all we have a brexit doesn't happen at all or indeed if we have a coffee cup and I genuinely think that these things would promote more division along those lines and I'm not I'm not saying Boris Johnson majority Tory Party government and delivery of a brexit deal or no deal would would bring the country together, but I think that you could at least go well.

Let's we can try and move on from that when I wonder if anyone except that the results of any votes and the idea that anything that happens that you don't like this comes up with the whole no question that people stop Boycott the BBC campaign because I'm on BBC and and you just say this is this is a whole new phenomenon and a terrifying because it implies that you shouldn't have to put up with anything that you're not happy with this is the snowflake generation, but I think a lot of it does come from this whole idea.

But you can shut down voices you don't want to hear and that you can just just inside the block function on Twitter because I just don't wanna see them to hear from you know I don't like people who are abusing me.

I'd rather than block here with me because he doesn't want them to give them the satisfaction knowing that they put on a rope by Julia hartley-brewer sometimes.

I think I don't know how it's going to be healed other than people accepting the outcome of votes as I say, I wouldn't not accept the outcome of a general election didn't go my way my way plenty of them.

Have on my way idea that you don't accept the outcome a democratic votes and that you say they fix all that I find that I find that really troubling because I don't want to live in.

Can I live in Urdu when's Turkey I think that's a really really dangerous and I think a lot of the people who are trying to undermine democratic votes right now and I'm surprised that all parties are doing really like lots of good friend, but I'm genuinely troubled by the idea that you can sit normally don't like it.

So it is going to pretend it never happened.

If you've suggested that 10 years ago love laugh in your face ID with a credible political party suggesting that can be taken seriously and before as a viable party at and and respectable that would have been really weird idea 10 years ago.

I mean no parliament can change their mind political parties can agree with you.

I support the fact that the majority of people that voted voted to leave so I think we should say what you can see if there's a campaign to start to go back in after we've left.

That's the one we've been used we have a second referendum.

It's got.

1/2 years for years whatever it is considerably more time and therefore we people do the electrics fault the people who are trying to stop it and make it last longer and longer and longer venues excuses.

It's lasted longer as reason to have another but we have another referendum, No Deal that isn't on the Ballot paper the fact that remains of a second referendum leave with a deal leave without a deal.

I'm very happy with that remains Arsenal leave or remain asked and answered moving dog I'm not fearful that the league would lose that unless they fix skirting ideas 6017 year olds shouldn't their children and you shouldn't have voted in Scottish referendum.

My 12-year old is more informed and the most 16/17 25-year old but she shouldn't have it either.

She's a child you national supposed to be absurd.

It's a national referendum election.

They shouldn't be allowed to do I should I be?

Ridiculous so it's a fix the road or if they have remained on the Ballot paper and remain one I wouldn't accept the Aquabats why should I let's go for best of 3 I think a lot of what you say.

I think job is entitled to say as a political party standing at the general election their policy can be for remain and if they got a majority at you know and I think that would be the only amazing statement what happened there of course I mean and I understand from the political Dynamics why she would do that and I don't blame me for it.

She's saying she's got a mandate for it, but she doesn't accept the mandate of the Conservative Party which they did have a Monday with for for delivering brexit because 80% of MPs in the last general election voted voted in on a policy of delivering brexit referendum policy the Labour Party manifesto was angry with you.

I think it's an obscure technical but I think I should have the right to change his mind.

No interesting.

I know we have a representative democracy not of a delicate style system, but the point was that the MPs accepted they represent the public on this few point there was an election that was held in 2015 and this was one of the policy meant to get the and and then and then that was promised an MP's voted to have the referendum and yes, it is it wasn't regarded as being illegal reference.

There was no legal requirement.

No one of us.

No one mentioned that before not as though everyone said they would they would stand by the result that's what the Ballot papers said it said the government will carry out implement the belief that was sent to my taxpayers money in an effort to implement referendum.

We had known he actually said the government will implement your decision.

MPs going against what we couldn't decide but we have an election were elected on a mandate to give you that referendum you had the wrong answer so we're just going to change.

I don't give a flying MP think about anything on this issue.

You gave us the choice.

We are Sundance you ask us a question we answered it.

Do what you were told to do Parliament doesn't seem to be able to deal with it.

Just let us know it does seem to be able to do with it because they think that we got it wrong and if you are elected member of Parliament in democracy, and the public got it wrong.

You have no bloody business being in Peak when I suffer with myself.

I was the Labour candidate was a strong Tory seat and the Lib Dems got hammered in that particular in my constituency candidates stood up and he's quite friendly and personable and he's opened up and he said while the electric has spoken the bastards.

Is never never occurred to me at any point before the referendum in 2016 that result would not be implemented and will not be respected.


Didn't it? Didn't like you said is the Today programme argument where politicians come on and they sort of smeared out by John Humphrys and how does he think it could be easy just you just spoken to sleep, but you never you never knew his debut as I don't want to do it and getting it was when your interview.

Love you and into your support as they would say well.

That's obviously this is how I feel but I give them there so we put out there often that little bit when your class you at the 2 minutes that will be out of a 12 or 13 minute interview sometimes longer.

It's terrible about hitting the clock and the news update.

The conversation I speak to you like Dominic grieve and and many other leading renowned and your donors and other people with the absolutely get to have them, but I'm I'm having a conversation and debate with is open and honest and always in my studio have to guess every morning and he's really occasion.

If someone has dropped last minute.

We can't get mix.

We've got a remainer Leaver and we have to leave in the studio the commentators at the think tanks or or pressure and we get there but the views over we've had dinner and leave it on the first response.

I give will be to Romania to always make sure that people hearing different arguments that they know my audiences intelligence or did they can cope with hearing views that on their own for what they want to honestly represent.

At the same time, but it'll be someone from a very remain perspective that they don't even here because the Producers remain in the presenters were asking questions of a remainer and then another remain and I don't think they they are aware that their perspective is totally screwed where I am.

When is the election period or another referendum period I am asking from Miley perspective you enjoy broadcast and print it and sometimes.

I really miss writing.

I had a year between working LBC and talk radio starting when I was just writing and doing a bit of broadcasting but not my own show and I loved it and I would hate it when I get home writing.

I thought it might be quite lonely existence.

It was really enjoyable and right what you wanted to go to the thought process Centre

Is it safe to do for posterity? I'm really enjoyed that right now.

I'd love to be writing what I have to constantly turning down commissions just because people were proper job three and a half hour radius who takes it out of you two minute news breaks that is recorded by it's very full on the people in the Studio with the time.

I got people talking in my ear.

We doing sometimes 6 topics in in an hour, but there's a lot to take it as a lot of prep involved in being able to return for a conversation about Scottish referendum to to what's going on two major court case to to what's going on in the sport and you just you just racing through these topics and it's just a lot to take in research.

Why all day for 40.

That's a killer.

It's absolutely I've done every kind of job standing on the feet that 440.

Just takes it out of you by the end of the week and you must have to be well briefed and across everything you not like the prime minister in the sense because you never know what's gonna break that day and then you can have guests on and you'll have to ask them inside for questions on Question Time you've no idea what we all have a good guess.

I nearly nearly always one.

I haven't I haven't thought of a restful unbelievable stressful time and it was like a total nightmare couldn't even functions of human being to have got done.

It is really really exhausted.

I can't do it if it's quite up and stay overnight at the first first flight back and then get on to do a job and I'm tired but I'm there but now I have to be not be in in London to do my shower in the morning.

So that there's a limit for once I can do just within a certain distance the idea that you are going to have a nap and beyond.

Yeah, I can't read and that's involved things like that.

I just sit at home and I'm sitting on the computer and can you do you need to have an opinion that you can backup exactly and I'll give you the people about and get your prepping that maybe four questions that you got a prep top 16 topics to watch me sometimes it unless there's an interesting panel.

I won't watch it now because I'm physically exhausted.

Just watching that it's not catch up.

I never watch it unless I'm on it but I tell you my trip now.

They're genuinely and it's a an awful lot of makeup because buyer you recording 8:30 p.m.

To 9:30 p.m.

To add life, but just in case you know someone runs in an inning causes trouble they don't do it live but also just the time.

To get home safely at that time but my trigger now.

He's I take a hot water bottle with me a kitchen light and then I got my dress on I've got an hour and then there's always a school absolutely freezing and I've been up since 4:31.

I'm absolutely exhausted, and I once I get cold.

I've got tables on a terrible southern softie is an older than husband said I can't get enough to take him to have a bit up from the kettle and I just hit there on the settee with a hot water bottle on my lap, but just hope the camera can't see it people might think they know your politics, but you're actually a staunch Republican Army but I don't think anyone should the job and I don't think Prince Charles will get anywhere near as God and why why should I think it's genuinely perplexing? This is the 21st century people get to the Royal Family

Great job to all these years after all these years and she's done a good job in in so far as she does stay out and she stays out of the Fray and you're absolutely amazing Charles doing that know if she stood for election she's winner hands-down good for her.

I think you'll be appalling but I think they will makedamnsure there be a week of your morning and make sure that all the everything is just cleared up to keeping that continuity and we are but we could we would be with you have to vote in first.

I would sooner have I genuinely would sooner have it picked by random.

Let's have a lottery and we'll pick someone to be head of state for 10-years genetic Lottery now.

This is when people who are still wanted to bypass.

Anyone genetic line and somehow they are going to be the pictures.

I think I find worry is the idea that the Queen and I think this is somehow coronation ceremony that god it's about the same as the Pope decided if you've been chosen somehow by God as opposed to being from the winning family in the in the last war I think it's weird that grown-up people can think that this is a good idea and the message it sends out about that one family uniquely can bring the car and we'll see what the younger royals with Harry and Meghan and all that yes, they brought.

It's not just a purely white family anymore.

That's probably a good bit of diversity.

You know it's such as relevant to whoever your grandson falls in love with but I think I just think I did that you can never be head of state in this country because you're born into the wrong family you have.

It's just so wrong.

It's absolutely just in a terrible state democratic at the moment, but I think the idea that you can you grab in a shack and the United States I think I've been up quite something I mean you covered the Labour government for years as this Sunday Express did you find the lobby system a bit of an old boys club, he was in my day.

This is the third ever female political editor who was a woman.

There was a few that would be many years before hand to must be called yeah.

It was it was very few women did have a woman on their lobby team won and we got one don't need anymore.

It was very much that it was a good camera.

Haven't grown up in news newspapers.

I'm really quite like that blue key atmosphere.

I'm not prefer that to say you know working at women's magazine.

Talk about fruit salad all day.

I'm a little bit of banter and taking the mick in and some swear words, but that's more of that's what I like to do swear words come from the owner came from me to be honest.

I put on the terrible potty mouth and I'm not on there was Richard Desmond like to work for me.

I secretly have a personal email and he's always very polite and have you got my email address got punched in a glass of 150k pay off for being punched dream about being a woman and at least cost of a million for a punch that would be brilliant.

That's why I take a punch records of a minute.

I had I had my issues working there.

I didn't I thought you didn't agree with everything was being done and did my best on the Sunday Express to maintain some sanity on that paper such as

He didn't want to work in newspapers.

He was a man who wanted to make money which is different from The Wanted probably United or something but you must be newspapers.

Don't know dua for leaving do after leaving which was pretty difficult to cope with but I mean I was pissed.

I was watching right that was never that was never something that came up so it does what I what I thought was a story and what you know that they can make a joke about where they put on the front page or not, but no one ever told me what to write so I was perfectly happy in in that respect.

It was quite a nice lifestyle Sunday I'll be until I had a daughter and then not so good when you actually spend a week with you as a family unit but no I know you have any problems that and I think he's what does men think he is a little bit of a reputation for being a bit of a bully but I find people like that tend to respect people who who don't care about them and you stand up.

Amazon wants about the canteen but my favourite ever exchange with him was when he died.

I've been on a health kick off their many years of having an expense account lunch and I've lost a couple of stone and he walked buying on a Saturday night.

He would walk through with his entire Entourage in a non-smoking building with his cigar of course and he walks through without top 10 people and I say hartley-brewer you're looking good.

What have you been up to and I thought I've been I've been at the gym.

I've been on a health kick you working out so yeah, I'm working out my right arm and show him the lean muscle of my right now and I think I was being touchable, but the system by dismissing the resignation of Michael

Ridiculous, but I didn't I said this was right in the middle of the home me to compare is that men were being lumped in with Harvey Weinstein really nasty predatory behaviour going on the casting couch in Bollywood and comparing that in some way with a politician little bit drunk Uno pattern money and sweet but repeatedly under the table at a party conference perfect.

I told him not to do it so for those who managed to not know this it was talking to you and I was he would have been a backbench MP the weather in Pisa the other at the table at Bournemouth and he kept squeezing my knee and the table and I kept moving his name and I said I know Michael get your hand off money and then I put my hand over his hands removed it and held it great if you touch my knee again.

I'm going to have to punch you in the face.

Do you understand and it's all said with a smile but very firmly and he calls removed his hand that this is the thing that makes me a victim or in some way that undermines every you know my entire identity and the most women and undermined Mendes is Reading so much into it that I found really soon as he didn't resign because of my knee and it was only the other allocations made by other women and extraordinary was the angry at me for not because I didn't say I needed therapy for year since a bloke touched my knee.

I told him I punched in the face if you did it again end of story move on and I said this is someone who you for years we spoke up for other women in the office and

I like the banter.

I like I like that and go close to the knuckle stuff in the office.

I think it's done whenever I seen a male colleague do that with a female colleague.

She is not comfortable with it.

I've spoken to them and said maybe half a dozen occasions.

She doesn't like it.


Don't do it to her.

She doesn't know it's fun to laugh, but she's like that you can see it's because I have a number of female friends and relatives that would be paralyzed with fear in that situation.

That's not to demean you or so that when I was 16 years old and I and I would walk down the street and maybe scaffolders darling.

You know I would always stop and say you do that to me one more time.

I'm going to have you I did at 6.

I was like I'm the same person as I was I've never understood why women would react if I understand they do but that's also where women like me should step forward and

That's not accept 90% of men don't do this stuff most women if you actually the surveys and polls have shown most women are happier in their workplace the most men are this is not some people are not chasing them around like it's bloody Benny Hill on a daily basis is not the norm and women Pets4Homes because of the sexual abuse and harassment.

They're getting and then it's been predatory was the first chance if I could you insist on getting you know your sexual favours in return for a promotion.

This is just not the normal.

I think we shouldn't painted as that I think it looks a lot of women opposite going into politics is like what's next for you at some point.

Whenever I have to turn down work that I can't do because it conflicts with my my contractor at radiator just a few things you can't do with should be Direct competitors and I'll give you a call when I genuinely from a job and it was enough of a contract that I didn't think was right and left on possible nice terms that all go out and have a drink with my colleagues.

It will be soon when I see them, but it's just I think we need to be correct x and and such obsession with correct modes of speech that it's only a matter of time before I fall foul of the of the police and taking offence police despite the fact that this happens whether it's after coming out question time or or any other prominent show or just something.

Will be the people who take offence actually I mean everything I say and do and then they will be thousands of people who are actually she speaks for me.

I get inundated with other is on Twitter or LinkedIn or or with Facebook people get in touch with getting in touch to say you're speaking to me on a lot of these different issues with its diversity politics or session with the things that are all whether it's about brexit or anything else and the number of people come up to me in the street, and you know young old black white men women working class middle class whatever the number of people who come up on a daily basis that you Julia hartley-brewer.

I my instinct now because of step back and certified with my child the flicking of the child behind you just I don't know what's going to happen and yet.

There's not been one instance not one where someone has gone and love what you do.

Keep it up keep fighting the good fight you speaking for us and this happens, so often not to say that I'm doing I'm not doing the heavy lifting for things like brexit.

I'm just I'm just dropping hack who somehow somehow accidentally got into the public eye.

I'm I'm not doing anything special important saving lives not been myself up, but the fact that so many ordinary people just ordered his me would feel that they needed to have someone who spoke for them, but they have to be sprayed, when is when is when the cameraman to Cameron now it BBC I said to me after shows in everything I can't say it.

I thought that was the fact that people can't you just be open about their views because the wrong sort of you and that they killed someone who says do you know what I'll take all the rubbish, but I'm going to keep saying I'm going to sleep because I know but I believe is right and is true and that I know that I'm I'm also doing something that needs.

To speak up for millions of people who feel they haven't got voice.

I'm going to carry on doing it, but yeah probably get to say next what advice would you give to someone starting out and I know that reporters on newspapers now.

I've only the same as I was only 20 years ago and you are never going to get rich doing this job.

So I got some good but only just there are very few jobs at my level of income and most of the people you see you are not on camera in the wrong camera and on the radio are not earning good money and I will see if I got my period with work, so I couldn't go to bed early on paper.

I think it's really hard.

I think there's a lot of competition there with all the different websites.

Paying people absolutely nothing at all genuinely I would be horrified if my daughter went into journalism.

I I think it's a really difficult career to get into that said bloody love it.

I couldn't do anything as I thought I toyed with Politics of toys with it, but I couldn't tell party line and I love being at the centre of I love you go out for a drink.

I love that I met him and the ability to I can literally just look at the topic and that's interesting who's somebody knows a lot about that.

We can I get to talk to someone who knows maths it's it's so it's just so rewarding on a daily basis and so exciting I'm genuinely think I've got the best deal going in the entire world apart from the 4:40 Breakfast Show started at 10.

Am I be more than happy but I'm in terms of doing the job at I think I think it's a slug and I think it's I think it's easy to get.

Is there so many Media outlets now, but I think it's a hot dog that said if you're good and you work hard and care about news.

You will move up that ladder so quickly that they go for it, but but very well get yourself a rich husband or wife first.

That's my top too much more big things Media

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