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DAB in Ireland…

the radiated a program with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up later on the radio Today programme really fascinating discussion about digital radio in Ireland as the state broadcaster there RTE and as it could close all its DAB stations and shut down the Multiplex it runs from Kevin Brannigan from Radio Nova in Dublin and also the Irish broadcaster, Dusty Rhodes who's run some DAB Multiplex over the last few years some interesting stuff covered and it's definitely worth staying with us to listen to also on this edition David Lloyd with more radio moments including this week the time that John Humphrys be rounded up with the resignation of a director general with a lively edition of Radio 4 any questions remembered and ministry of the radio news bulletin and also 20 years on from the launch of

And the digital one Multiplex and I can see this week in the same place where very close and personal space going on yeah good to see you.

I'm wearing Leicester Square London Leicester Square surrounded by broadcasting studio dozens and dozens radio Studios and West outside the Christmas markets around outside all by one memorial service today.

I really beautiful service from Phil Riley and Simon Cowell and John Simons Carolyn McCall from DMG and Scott and Kerry John's children as well as a really lovely service it was today.

It was beautiful.

It was everything it should have been and more it was obviously very similar to the servicing Carlisle which was back in June and for those that couldn't make it up to Cumbria they got to say goodbye today and

Fantastic so many people here.

I didn't look behind me about halfway down, but I think it was full of people standing at the back.

It was fantastic and I don't think anybody else would have to bring the heads of industry together in a way that John has today.

I mean all the ceo's of radio and television Media past and present everyone that used to run radio stations in the 1890s and even now with their and I think that kind of gathering not even the Radio Academy or Radiohead or anybody tried to do these kind of events would be able to achieve the kind of John has done one final thing he's brought us all together and let's let's hope we can go forward United has John would have wanted absolutely to London this week Awards as well, how is in London

Talent in the wash so much talent on the night I wasn't a judge anything with all the judges.

I spoke to said that in everything they were listening to was good and the industry is safe hands, so well done to all the student winners.

Let's see that look forward to hearing most of the student radio winners of the radio cos radio one is putting a load of winners on the air over the new year, so they didn't do that back in my day, but the radio back in my day, but that's not the point so well done to everybody there and maybe you can come come with me next year too and I did go to probably like 7 years ago actually since I went but it was always good night was always quite quickly, but also quite humble covered that night everybody has their own event covers are on about now on Twitter and everything else so there's less need for us to do it because everybody doing their own but I think we should do that next year we should go out.

Get involved as a promise so I was at home, but I've been listen to the radio quietly obviously all the election coverage on speech radio fans of listen to LBC on 5 Live this weekend Scott Mills and Chris Stark start on 5 live on Saturday morning.

That was a great start really enjoyed some of the stuff.

They did some quite geeky things with Colin Murray and Papas obviously used to work with Scott on on radio one as well.

So long that didn't hear it last week.

I listen to the podcast.

I thought it was very good and he's got doing Radio 1 during the week is doing 5 live on a Saturday and Radio 2 on a Sunday now.

That's career diversity for you going on this week.

I believe into a live radio show ideas the Mylo and Rosie show this is obviously Trevor was on last week so Paul Swan Inn Bradford Breakfast Show to a stage in the theatre listings now.

They might be able to come and watch and it was fantastic.

Really good but only their consent do some different things some special things and the kind of experience in the theatre as well even had live voice.

Doing some of the videos and do the brakes as well.

I'd love to have been there, but I wasn't invited with that kind of thing for like when Chris Moyles finish his radio 103 much the same thing and you think it's only national big names that can do that, but no Danny and Rosie of proving that anybody can do it and do it really well and those two fantastic.

What they doing and obviously the next national presenters.

I'm sure they're going to go places pretty soon, but it's good that you know if you do a local radio show and you can't do that.

Just try to do it and we said it before if you want to invite us to your things that you doing that they like to watch at the event and the Magic event later this month and there's obviously a lot of radio things going on.

Is Ava Max on the Robbie Williams DAB aspects of some fairly major cuts RTE I know you further report on the radio today i.e.

Our sister site in Ireland but 60 million years of cuts that go make 200 staff redundant over the next year as well.

This is big news for you.

It is the headline that I picked out of course.

Are you doing? Thank you for that that is that they closing all the DAB radio stations and their effects and as well here on this one podcast life on wheels and Kev you know people saying that DAB is now has died in Ireland because of this move but I say it was never born.


There's been quite a few trials and the trials of not lead to anything so far RTE do the only national of the same national decent three cities Multiplex in Ireland

So if you buy a DAB radio in Ireland not really much going on unless you live near the border and then you've got you know doesn't have radio stations coming out of the Belfast so I think someone needs to make a decision about DAB in Ireland but I've not had 4/4 lots of lots of things going on as well.

We have the news at Nick Conrad from BBC radio Norfolk leaving his breakfast show then being announced as a can in the election in a constituency is a conservative candidate and then over Twitter backlash about something happened 4 years ago he stepped down.

We've also got Simon Jupp who's worked on radio around Devon and parts of the south coast.

He's not stand as a candidate and all exciting I'm a Celebrity we've had the odd radio person in before but I think they're for radio people this year in celebrity.

We've got capitals Roman Kemp we've got Smooth glowing bid on this as you can imagine Adele Roberts from the Radio 1 and Ian Wright is in there as well as well from the A55 live etc, so yeah.

So we can talk about in future podcast and write about it on the radio station.

So good luck to the radio people in the jungle.

What is the radio consultant Paul Chandler and Paul you got a mention on the switch over last week I picked up from Chris Stevens at Deva where about this election guide you during and since all we found here.

We thought we might as well ask you so election coming up if you're a small station if your community station some really important to know the rules have started already and they go on until Thursday December 12th which is polling day at 22.

It's all about three things.

It's all about and it's all about balance and it's all about impartiality in the sense that Ofcom and the law take a very serious view of anyone who Prejudice is the result of the election and political parties monitoring station to make sure you are fair balance the idea is to achieve balance over of all the party's over the whole.

The whole campaign so balance of coverage, there's no requirement to give equal time to all parties.

Not every party has the feature and every item but overall it has to be balanced and impartial across the campaign in other words that word impartial means you've got to be seen not to be supporting any one side and all the major parties going to be treated as fair as possible.

I suppose there's a danger that community radio stations go all this looks complicated will probably best avoiding it but actually the point of computer engineers that you should be getting involved in some of these things and doing it properly absolutely issues.

I should cover discussions.

There are all sorts of Rules that apply to those things you can find them in this guide on the diva website and it is really worth doing I think the worst thing of all is when people say a special community Radio station.

I don't want to because it sounds too complicated.


I think I have a look at our guide and they can get all of the do's and don'ts.

You evolve with another new radio station of course you are on fixed radio which was a Canon new thing for any of this sounds interesting podcast Radio what is it has been announced this week and we're launching it in 2-3 weeks time and it's going to be on DAB Plus in London and I really think the mix between podcasts and broadcast radio is really exciting.

I think it's the perfect place to be able to find podcast the sample them and to find out if you want to download the rest of the episodes from a series and I'm really gutted by the discovery element in terms of listeners and in terms of the kind of service we can be to podcast as we can be there Showcase and a shop window is not the first but I think it's the first one.

That's got a dab licence in the in the capital of England if you do a podcast then get in touch with him because I'm sure it was a form on the web.

If you do a podcast get in touch and you can get that election guide from hochanda antyweb on the diva web website right was nice to see you right and I will see you.

I'll see you again soon as we're going to Hits Radio Manchester this weekend for the for the event so see you there.

Thank you.

Bye bye now.

Can we go back inside freezing the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every colour and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it now.

We talk quite often hear on the radio Today programme about DAB in the UK but this week.

We're going to focus on what's going on in Ireland because of the big news from RTE it's announced as part of major close all its national DAB stations and maybe the Multiplex it operates as well be lots of trials of DAB by commercial radio in Ireland even some commercial radio groups are not big Waters of it though.

I prefer to stick with good old FM now.

I don't know that much about the Irish radio industry oven to say it's quite different to the UK but I'm pleased to say this week on the podcast we've got some.

Experts on Irish radio can hopefully help us out and tell us what's going on to Kevin Brannigan is with his who's the CEO at radio Nova in Dublin hello Kevin Stewart and Dusty Rhodes there's a name you might remember from Atlanta B-52 if you're a fan of that in the 90s also the MD of DB digital broadcasting which has won some trial DAB multiplexes in Dublin and Cork I just see how you doing.

I'm good you put sat nav on pirate radio as well.

Perhaps talk about that in a little while enter pirate DAB that we've got but I wondered that's one of the first movie kevin if you can tell us so people listen in the UK don't know much about and it's quite different to the UK market.

Is that you got RTE you got communicor and wireless, I think about five stations each but the total market of commercial radio is what 30 stations in Ireland v stations across their national regional and commercial and then of course there's a to the trance of Communications as well, maybe about I think about 30 and 14.

I mean it's obviously much more country than the UK

Just up to 4 million people so and I guess the process of consolidation is on the way here, but it's obviously there was a lot more consolidation in the UK that scanner starting to happen meaning of can you mentioned your photo you communicate with wireless yourselves in by broadcasting and radio Kerry have about three to four stations as well and then there's another maybe 15 to 20 down the line stations as well, so it's very healthy market at your station over.

It's a rock station, but you're quite limited in the broadcast area that you've got a licence for Dublin City County Antrim is about that includes Four Counties around Dublin Wicklow and Dublin South where is the rate of the demonstrations will be Dublin city and County only ok and so the news from RTE about that first Kevin is this bad for the radio sector as a whole that they're gonna shut the stations.

I think what they announced is bad news for the industry as a whole because it's a sign that things are going as well commercially as

People from the outside Looking In My think I think you have the runners use on their identified that they have to consolidate and some areas, but I guess as an industry.

We don't like hearing bad news.

We don't like people talking about bad news the industry.

It's very hard to know what goes on inside of you to be honest with you.

I've always wondered how the fund the DAB stations I have in the only answer has to be that of taxpayers' money and I'll come out and said this many many times before 2fm.

Has been receiving 5 million a year from taxpayers money through this kind of a silent background transfer funds within RTE and I think they decided to cut back.

It's not necessarily a sign that things are bad in the industry.

I think it's more sound that makes a change the side in their own internal structures, although.

I don't believe it looks good for the industry for a shocking announcement some things about expected coming out in the news in the media and it is difficult for us to know and I don't know whether you guys know this.

How many people actually listen to DAB radio because they are figures.

Public don't appear to split it between digital and FM like our radar figures do in the UK well.

We don't really have any DAB stations on with the exception of 40 and a couple of trial to show dusty.

We'll talk about I don't think it's a case that it doesn't say that I said that there isn't anything to split out to and that's the reality behind that but I guess some people are listening to the radio 102 FM on DAB and listen to on FM so there must be a gauge of that somewhere but I will look at the real terms of you know what shaft and said about the channel or that it doesn't measure people listening on radio apps and people listening on the internet, but in reality it does because people are asked what radio stations are listened to it.

So and they came back and say it's over a 1 of For Today FM Twitter so regardless whether it's on FM and online, it's all measured and all goes into your listen yesterday figure, so I think the majority was the commercial sector wouldn't really get too worked up about whether it breaks down.

How that isn't.

Information but I don't think it's a fundamental failure of the downloaded it doesn't necessarily go into great detail about whether it's an offer on a website or dab on FM radio.

I guess we know that though because if if they have some internal research showed 80% of people living on the DAB probably won't be turning off so I'm guessing it's quite a small amount as a percentage and I think I supposed to know if somebody's able to get ready ready 1 on FM and they can get on and then there's a Long Way is there any real incentive for them to tune into DAB and the probably isn't and I think probably the one case you can talk about the dirty gold for it seems to have been developing a small airship which is interesting and I think the pirate DAB is interesting that's on now and I think just done with DAB of the last couple years interesting as well, but I would bring it back to how wealthy were funding that and people will talk today about it.

Such a shame.

What he golden not important to examine closing down but I would always bring that back to work.


I think we need to know who is paying for it in the first place.

I suspect it was me and dusty and all of the other taxpayers and I wasn't given the choice whether I want to find a naughty girls Jason any more than I was given the choice.

I want to phone to a fan, but I don't have any problem with my licence you going to Public Service Broadcasting with you.

I want to go to Italy I don't know about your trials that you've been doing you've had a couple of days are there in different areas.

I think and lots of commercial radio stations coming on but then it is when the licence expires a little background on the trials.

We were always very interested in DAB going back to the Department of communication Styles back in 2007 to 2006 when RTE were involved with DAB as we have the I think the problem for DAB in Ireland is a lot of people were interested in it and then in 2008 because the entire world.

Barbie recession and the commercial sector withdrew from DAB at that point and have not ring gauge with it since and to answer your question about DAB in Ireland and Kevin has been very kind, but there is it the reality is there is no DAB in Ireland for DAB in Ireland the only radio stations are on where the couple of channels that RTE started and they caught up in that they have this whole plan developed in 2008.

They were going to roll out her a national Multiplex they had six brand new digital radio stations the whole thing then the reception came along RT have their own problems commercial radio have their own problems and then it just kind of sat there and has done nothing since an RTE have not been marketing is also promoting it DAB is only been available in three cities in Ireland exist essentially in this country, so what we did with our company DB digital broadcasting was we ran some trials in 2011 to 2012.

There are where we just played with it because we knew there was no market nobody was listening.

We just wanted to really turn the power up turn the power down to single networks play around with a slideshow DLS how many stations current Premier Inn how many stations not what's the highest bitrate that you can run one day we ran one of the stations at 56 k and receive it on any radio because he is really good someone who is all this kind of stuff, but it was very much a trial.

That's what we were doing.

There was not really much engagement with the radio the time because they had their own commercial problems and the last thing I want to do is play around the toys with people like me but I find now despite with what has happened with RTE is that there are more positive vibe in Ireland in general is a more positive vibe in the industry and I get the feeling now that there are a number of commercial broadcasters.

More of the business of they have and who wants to expand and who want to reach out and do bigger and better things arty is a separate part of the market because like the BBC in the UK it's almost like a set of broadcasting industry itself and they have all of their own problems and the way I would see it with DAB for RTE two things is that it is really just a victim of parties other problems as RTE such a small small small part our DAB is such a Small Part of what RTE do that? It's just kind of been logged in with everything because it sounds good.

I'm also going to turn off the DAB radio station, but I think we have 6 or maybe 9 months before the stations actually go off and there's an awful.

Lot that can happen.

It'll 69 months and in the UK we now.

Have you 30 or bigger market by country, but we got 30 or 40 national radio stations on DAB now and I think initially there was a worm.

The baby jukebox services just computers in a cupboard running a radio station.

I think that was one of your worries about expansion of DAB in Ireland as well Kevin what we've seen now in the UK set up with wireless and group that they are investing in content and we got digital-only stations that are paying big money to Chris Evans so whether the down the line, but do you think you might ever get to that point in in Ireland I think that's interesting and I think it's also interesting is that the advertising spend in the UK is increasing if you look at each of the of the reports that come out for the last 45 years so it seems to be a great level of excitement and innovation in UK radio and I would have to concede that I think some part of that is the fact that there are so many channels on DAB and I think that you can see you know there was a brand new national Castle station that was launched by the global scala radio.

All of those new announcements and fresh ideas and things that can be decided around the problem table that can end up on a dab channels in a few weeks as opposed to things haven't got you a long drawn-out regulatory process that happens when is interesting however I would hasten to add the UK's of a different country.

That's only 60 million people there is only 4 million people here and I do think it's quite different and what I would bring it back to myself is that one of the reasons why the UK brought out in the first place but was because of shortage suspect there are also other issues to deal with and I don't think we have the same issue here.

There's still an abundance of FM radio spectrum.

I think what is Marxism about the present market the day I have decided to maintain the status Quo they put a call for submissions out in 2017 and there are many many operators wanted to set up small scale radio stations.

People want to have access to the airwaves and the day I have clamp down and I think that is a shame.

I think that if there are people interested in running Tempo Radio station is running full-time radio stations on FM or DAB that should be encouraged and I think that are present environment doesn't allow that for regulatory point of view and that is why you see people having a party I see the FM band in Dublin is full of power stations and I think that we welcome I have to say it.

I think that as long as there is enthusiasm and as long as there are people who want to go on there.

What is the lifeblood of always comes a day when there is something different to experiment like dusty with the DAB if there isn't a guy looking to turn on a transmitter 4:30 on a sunny afternoon.

I think we're all finished.

I think we need to is a band for radio stations.

We need to have people who are allowed to do everything if a person wants to hear a bird tweeting at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.

Radio frequencies and DAB radio frequency so that people keep coming to radio for everything if we don't do that as an industry and as a collective of individuals interested in radio it just won't be as strong as well as well connected with people as a truly.

This is certainly the guys who ran the the are DAB trial in in in Cork recently about said there's a lot of support for his Enthusiasm the people want to innovate and bring you formats but actually it's regulation and holding everything back.

I can't speak for the regulators.

You would have to have them and I might go to second guess what it is that they want so I just know that's the message from their dad.

I think was the people find it difficult it was a long process for them to get a licence to be able to broadcast on that Multiplex so even though their licence the trial it was going to take months and months into that year to actually get a station on the air that is true it it's the to get a licence to broadcast on DAB in Ireland uni.

What's called a section 71 licence and it is nowhere near as owners as it is for applying for an FM licence the process generates test runs with quicker, but they do have their process of decision-making within the pie.

I like many organisations and there is a board meeting and it only happens once a month so you can I have to wait for whatever application it is you need to be slotted into one of those meetings and I would understand the frustration from a lot of people because we live in a connected world where we can do everything instantly online right now for example for no reason and general annual health check if I had a blood test taken yesterday this morning.

I get the results at email to me and I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon by video link so where you used to do you suddenly like you know you call like you know broadcasting authority and you need to fill in an application form with lots of details.

To process it and get back to you and there's going to be a meeting of the board and the door handle and support so I can kind of scene It can seem a little bit like that, but I think for anybody who is there a use these things and has a working within the industry for quite some time what kind of used to that pays you both said that the Pirates are a good thing obviously both side out on on pirate radio in Ireland which was a massive thing in the in the 80s.

Is there a danger with these pirate multiplexers that actually day ruin the prospect of DAB being a proper thing in Ireland in the future in that they play with different bit rates and it doesn't use the text facilities wrong and all that kind of thing does it does it not need regulation to make it future proof in Ireland and a lot of people take this whole thing with with RTE going with pulling DAB is a terrible thing but all people have talked about the last 48 hours is DAB and RT seems to be one.

Headline things that are too you're doing so it's fantastic to see digital radio back on there on the table for discussion again.

That's the same thing with the with the Pirates I mean we wouldn't have had a radio industry in Ireland if he run pirate radio stations, so it's nice to see them all of this activity and what is happening is going to lead it's just showing that you know kind of people are interested in digital radio.

They are interested in an expanded choice of listening.

There are broadcasters who are interested in running many new radio stations for the listeners.

I know Kevin has has done some fantastic things online with a radio communicore have lunch 10 online only radio station wireless are launching an online only radio stations UK radio player app in Ireland which Now features a number of stations are not available on FM people want to get out there and make more radio and deliver more targeted stations to the audience and dab is just part of that and Kevin you come out after the after you.

Actually, you want that space you want to take radio Nova national so whilst you perhaps don't want DAB massively expanding across the country you want to put your service on a presumably from a commercial point of view so that it's more people.

I mean like to check out of any business.

It was to expand and I think one of the of the ways that the dfm licence scenario works that you're giving a franchise area and that's the front of Syria that you're supposed to fulfill and the mark of you of your ability to have achieved that during the course of your licence is how well you have a focus on your fantasies are quite different then that were asbestos music radio station as opposed to the full service radio stations like all of the other ones and our reason for existence is to provide a supplement to do the radio stations and we've made the case mirror times that the people of Cork and Galway and Limerick and forever I can be supported should.

Have access to a rock music radio station, so we've made that case on a number of different times and because of the present strategy.

They have is to maintain the state because I was concerned about 5 billion to state that has left us in the scenario where we are presently be able to expand her front of her.

Even though we would like to it looks like are only way of doing it in the short-term it today be the amount of this week said he don't want to broadcast on the frequencies if they don't want them will take simple as that thing to ask you as well.

Obviously, I think it's nearly directed coming in about in car audio so from next year all car manufacturers Crossley you have to put DAB into their cars.

So you can get out of the cars in Ireland with DAB probably drop them at the moment that can't pick anything up on at how does cannabis strategy of DAB in Ireland fit with what he wants to do.

It has been removed from DAB whereas?

I'm moving quite considerably now in the EU directive that you're talking about his mandates that it really must be available in cars, but the end of 2021 but it also recommends the DAB is available in all radio sold in the market.

It's up to each individual country to do that and many countries are doing that France are doing that Italy its requirement Germany putting through and it's something that the considering as well and Ireland so that DAB just becomes another frequency.

That's available like you know when I was growing up as a kid that was VHF on the radio, but nobody was on it and then something scary came along with them and it was a massive success has been built in the EU and right across Europe and with the four key country so France Italy Germany and the United Kingdom those four countries alone have over half the population of the entire European Union and those countries are pulling digital radio as a requirement into.

Cars and they are also most likely going to put it into all new radios that are sold broadcasters are getting out there.

They're making new services that coming up with new ideas for radio station which is creating new revenue streams for the new advertising platforms are able to extend their brand into new areas of the able to attract more diverse audiences.

This is what's happening right across Europe and it's just coming towards Ireland and I think it's a very interesting situation.

We see at the moment.

We're kind of its growing right across Europe with 300 million other people where is Ireland and turn it off ad to 31 ad and bring it back to you earlier.

She was so if there is a bee in Ireland what's going to be carry on that suggested.

There was in the UK the service is carried out our services have investment and presenters and it's got to be the way forward for Ireland and on the basis of the DAB experiment so far in Ireland when I understand it's in its infancy.

All the has been carried or services from outside the state services that are funded by the taxpayer such as RTE gold and I'm kind of struggling to see how radio station to be able to invest in extra services when we're all folks on the Run service at the moment.

So I think there are a number of questions if there is to be a full-time ta B&B AI strategy in the future who's gonna controllers.

I mean I as the operative radio station wouldn't be so enamored with the idea of all the motorbikes going to communicate for example so we become a client of our competitors, so that's the first question second of all how is it going to be a commitment given by the radio station to honour the controversy after channels that are on the Irish radio player for the most part of the jukeboxes and the third thing is what's the role of this going to be an and who is going to find the marketing of it and the poor thing.

Switch off, I would not be into that switch off The Logical conclusion of DAB proponents years in a what let's do the DAB thing and then the future a friend will switch off but not interested at all good.

I think I found it is a great medium.

We don't have the same challenges that you have in the UK I be competing against an FM switch-off.

I think some of the things that people say about the DAB is interesting in some cases, but people are happy with model is so if there is a dab who's going to control it.

What's the content going to be and can we have some sort of a debate that means that the radio stations on DAB are different than the ones on FM so it gives people a reason to tune to it and give some value to people as opposed to just people hugging expect back.

So I guess I've 45 things that will be things.

I think should be patient the funny thing is that with the RTE decision to say that they're closed anti-aging has given rise to all of these exact things that.

And has said and everything he says is absolutely correct and on top of that.

There's a more positive vibe of the country as I say there's more of an interest for broadcasters and actually doing something so I think was Kevin the saying is that these questions are starting to be asked and people actually start want to do something with DAB and we are getting to that chicken and egg scenario as I said before in the UK at the radio station to literally running under the stairs in Bristol that I know of and they were just jukebox because you have to start somewhere to chicken and egg and and what do you do when I think we're just kind of this RTE decision is going to create that chicken and egg that scenario in Ireland where it's going to get DAB onto the table.

I think people are going and I get Kevin to talk about FM switch off that seems to be a big thing in people's heads, but then the other side is that it's not an issue at the moment.

Decades away from turning off FM there's no reason to do it, but there is definitely I think a reason to start DAB as a complimentary service to the existing FM network and iPhone because I listen to now.

That's fantastic radio station.

I would love to see that be made available in Limerick or in Galway or in the Hills of Donegal whatever happens to be and that is the advantage of the idea.

I think the operators and multiple listens and I just finally that we've heard a lot in the UK over the last few months about that at non-existent border between the North and the South on the island of Ireland obviously it doesn't stop people Crossing stop radio signals going across it so I guess people living in the border area is benefited massively they've got a DAB radio because I think they get 60 of stations from Northern Ireland at the moment going to be same thing that people again when we get to talk about DAB in Ireland it will be a big issue, because you can't have a case where Northern Ireland is on digital and the Republic of Ireland is on FM

It has some consistency across across the board.

Yes, we do the DAB and I was up in and Belfast recently and I was very surprised by the number of DAB channels are flaked flaked flaked a little button on the steering wheel is the number of channels, but the one thing that I proceed about it was the majority of them were national radio channels coming to London I wonder just how irrelevant that is for Belfast of course.

It's nice to have the choice but if you've got to 60 channels on the road can make from London there was magic whatever smooth all different brands and it was nice to get it but if the future of DAB for people in Cork is going to be a holy channel sent out of Dublin they can't I think you've got it if you've got it a niche brand new content it works very well, if you are able to broadcast that needs content across a large area because it increases the

Odeon at which means you can generate more avertizare Revenue and that's how you make a profitable business, I think I think it's from the perspective of the person in Dublin who wants to come for the rest of the country as in me, but I also wonder it if they should be more done to encourage.

Lot of broadcasting and community broadcasters certain people in Cork and Limerick if there is to be a future with DAB I think there should be accessed discussions and you know it you know it didn't end up by the DAB that a person in Cork is Exeter City radio stations of which only 3 of them from Cork and the rest of them are all from Dublin broadcasting down to Cork on a deep interest in in Ireland radio stations in the regions.

I know this sounds radio station interest in Cork Thursday Irish country western music interest from a number of different areas and then as you say.

Broadcast in the UK is leaps ahead of us on this but the whole small scale DAB setup is perfect for more local and more community broadcasting.

I think it's fantastic opportunities all of these things I think they're on the table and in the future for Ireland but I think this is probably my favourite discussion in recent months that show Me This podcast because I've learnt lots of things covered lot of stuff that we don't want the same topics here in the UK the same stuff over and over again, so it's really good to get some fresh take something so thank you both coming out really appreciated that thanks good.

Thank you.

That's Kevin Brannigan and Dusty Rhodes talking to the radio Today programme still to come here.

We got excellent radio moments from David Lloyd first a quick reminder about cleanfeed.

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It's two months since John have said farewell to Radio 4 Today matters for tomorrow and if some data rather only way to end users on the program well, so be it and then just a couple of weeks ago.

He turned up briefly housework classic FM my name is John Humphrys presented a program like this on a station like this, but he'll always be remembered for his time on the Today programme not least when he interviewed his boss.

Newsnight incident that was this week 7 years ago.

I will I hope know exactly what happened and I know what further action to take including disciplinary action if that's appropriate disciplining other people but at no point will you say to yourself? I judge Entwistle should have been much more alert to the dangers in all this I should have been watching it like a hawk right the very beginning everything Newsnight did in this area.

I should be in on top of not editing the program down there on the stone as it were but I like director-general the editor should have been on top of everything that programme did I was remiss in that it's no good me blaming other people because I am the boss.

Do not see the people will say he's talking about other people he's not saying I was released John you're effectively asking me to become the editor of Newsnight I was I'm Not answers to you you there.

Play what do I know what level of attention to detail that text that is where that is where that level of scrutiny should take place and I am I answer to my boss's I answer to the trust the interview with George Entwistle on the Radio 4 Today programme this week in 2012 his tenure as the gnd just hours afterwards been in the post.

Just 54 days can a digital radio station really be 20 years old congratulations to Planet Rock at launch this week in £9.99 on the new national DAB Multiplex the UK national digital radio stations.

Hello planet rock Planet Rock carried on the new digital one DAB Multiplex which itself began transmitting this week in 1999 bringing the first commercial DAB services many of Cavan Garda shooting capital life and core and one word as well.

It was own back then by gwr NTL when Chris Mason took the helm of the Radio 4 any questions programme the other week well.

Hello he stood in the footsteps of Giants Giants like David Jacobs and his a memorable edition from David's time with Enoch Powell on the panel.

I remember listening to this at the time this week in 1976.

There is no need to chat.

Thank you very much.

Please try to enhance that would you wish to diminish by making a fool of yourself and ask another program is being in some sort of variety Hall gentleman are popping up from all sorts of parts of the hall and I suppose we will manage to carry on.

We will Bishop I'm sure that the bishop you have your dragons Bishop and for you.

Have a way of carving down people people are going to love one another physically as well as mentally and spiritually is faced in the service Bishop to do this.

Would you just say a couple of words please? And what it means? I I haven't sitting here on the stage of a church.

And when people throw stones through the stained glass windows of a church I feel sad any questions on Radio 4 this week 1976.

It's almost 100 years since the first ever News Bulletin 97 years this week to be precise that was hosted by Arthur Burrows who read them twice as quickly and once slowly so listeners.

Could take notes if they wanted to know when are some ideas smart speaker borders radio news bulletins has changed over the years the new LBC News station is sounding pretty slick a general election on 12th of December we are just an hour away from England's most important game in a generation.

semi-final but maybe nothing quite like in the States sounded back in 1962 wiil central news 52 persons in a single day of the year Paris indications are that the President Kennedy's request to boost the national debt ceiling to 300 billion dollar 1978 now and the start of Last of BBC Radio Wales

Amazon 340 metres on the medium wave is a brand new Radio Wales takes to the air every day from 6:30 to 9:30.

I'll be bringing you this programme am I realise that we had a responsibility because if we didn't do well.

We were the first people on the new station that they were listening to then.

We we didn't give a good impression for the people who switched on that thinking you're going to hear their favourite the listening to do the donkey's ears will be this the Crazy Gang really because you were doing almost anything of BBC Radio Wales this week 41 years ago and that same week that same year the top 20 show on Radio 1 through to a top 40.

2101 and also in the stereo VHF it's the full 20 between 6 and 7 Simon Bates on the charger on Radio 1 this week in 1978 as it went from a top 22 hour Top 40 it later became two-and-a-half hours and then 3 hours from now in 2019.

We have the official chart first lock so with the birth of BBC Radio Lincolnshire 39 years ago our transmissions begin this morning with an address by the bishop of Lincoln the right Reverend Simon Phipps for the classic Gold launching 31 years ago.

We think though if you're over 44 now is the station you've been waiting for John Myers beginning of you.

The local radio 8 years ago at the BBC itself as a company form this week in 1920 to those of this week's radio moments.

Thank you.

David Lloyd out with his bright blue shoes at the memorial service this week.

Thanks also to Rome Martin and Paul Chandler and to my main guests Kevin Brannigan and Dusty Rhodes have something we forgot to mention earlier Children in Need week.

Of course the BBC this week, so good luck and well done to everybody cross Network radio and local radio is getting involved with some of those really important fundraising initiative sitting in bath of beans or walking halfway across the singing karaoke non-stop whatever you're doing as well done to you and good luck with the continued fundraising this week.

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