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Media Masters - Daniel Roth…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

welcome to media Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the movie game in New York and John by Dan Roth editor-in-chief of LinkedIn described by Business Insider is the most for business journalist on the internet is the first person to hold the post the last eight years he is like they drive to becoming a publishing platform for senior level influences including Barack Obama and Richard Branson previously a writer at Forbes he likes of the short-lived business magazine content portfolio in 2007 before moving to wide is a senior writer than later.

Spent 8 years at fortune.

Where was their digital managing editor and oversaw their technology coverage editor-in-chief of LinkedIn that is that the best title there is I think so, it's a great one.

So you know this is a I joined in about 8 years ago and there was no editorial team.

There is no editorial titles.

So when I came in this.

Just shows you the William how much were making this up as you go they said my

What time do you want to be worth thinking copy editor? Is it something very different in the media world one of my go with I think exactly about it when we started and then retirement promoted and had to come up with my next title for the Promotion so and the editor-in-chief of Lincoln what's the next title when you come out.

It was a mistake.

I should have should have planned have no doubt it involves a huge responsibility insight analysis and what have you been what you do Christian mission is to connect the Professionals they can work and successful and would you like another Rider Waite the role of the editorial team is the gay professionals the news and views they need to talk about the things that matter and so we are focused on high quality professional news and opinion pieces and ideas about how to manage your career and what friends are going on what kind of topics you have to pay attention.

And I'm getting that right news and ideas to the right professionals Around the World in many different languages and we don't do it with the purpose.

Just of reading the news and just so people can see we want them to contribute back.

We want people to take the ideas that are that have been trapped in their heads in cubicles around the world and get them to write and share what you've learnt what they're saying and Winton so the Editors are we talk about the approach.

We call the 3 Series like all the three t's and C's are you can either create content or cultivate voices and every day that means these are all the teams comprised entirely of business journalists who come from places like the washing and Figaro when the echoes and papers in Germany whose names I would love that right now.

And in Singapore around the world China Japan and they are great for creating we were born to create we can write and share what I finally have done that entire professional lives when they come they went in the change comes from thinking not just about what you're going to create but how you use your time wisely, so it might be writing it might be sharing it might be creating videos but it could also be trading incredible conversations going on LinkedIn already and you see some topic does blowing up somewhere to pull it together in a family dinner and then you show that back out or you could we have insane amounts of data about where the professional world is going to Reading that data into guests like top companies that tells you the company's where professional work today top startups top voices who's doing incredibly well on LinkedIn to start conversations with that then the lassie is called today and cold today.

Is reaching out to people either one-on-one and asking them to contribute or could be reaching out to people and mass so as an example that when Thomas Cook shut and stranded so many people we started reaching out to Thomas Cook employees because we can do that and we didn't say why did you come and share how this is having an impact on you tell us about what you doing? What you doing for your colleagues Were Trouble you're in how and when we reach out to people who are in the travel industry saying come on LinkedIn and share your thoughts about what time is could have done Rider could have done differently your navigating to escape and our goal is to get again.

You want to get people talking you want to get people sharing so we'll go into this but you in my mind her career has been spent writing stories and picking up the phone and call me people and asking them to tell me their stories and spending an hour on the phone with me and he was like one quarter.

You know one paragraph now.

We do is reach out.

Tens of thousands of people time and get them to share their stories on LinkedIn in their own voice talk to you later on network at their own peers and then we can take the best video editors come and take the best of those and trading back in the packages for other people that you want to get people the information.

They need a high-quality information.

They need about where the world's going and get them back in one of the things that I find most valuable about LinkedIn is the newsfeed where I can see that what my connections are liking and commenting on because usually because they're here is like I am it's usually something of interest of innocence harnessed a team of curators on my behalf where the even just am liking something your algorithm will pick that up and everything that's my attention is often of Interest the incredible.

We have a team of some of the smartest people I've ever met creating these algorithms the none of this would work if people is a membership join.

Didn't do it with a purpose in mind.

I think the big difference is that when you come doing then you're doing it for professional purposes soap or sharing content that has to do with their jobs or their careers or big trends that are going on do not posting pictures of the kids and their patients and big social issues that they want to tackle the other places for that they complement in the talk about the kind of things that we talked about in the office so it starts with what people sharing on here is good to start and then the algorithms kick in and then there are the Editors so that we work out early.

We work very closely with the algorithms the various human and machine approach to try to get again this quality professional news and views in front of the right people.

So what is your job involved then other than managing the team that do this you? How do you go about doing it? My job is when you get to a certain level.

Meeting so that is Premier League at this point but my job is to set the tone and make sure that we are covering the right can't and so we have a team are broken and the various teams with a team that just covers daily news everyday.

What's in the news? What have we seen the training and return was turning off point in who we gonna reach out today? What are we going to write identifying the stories that because I never see on my newsfeed that LinkedIn is posted something happening.

I'm going to get out.

You know what you doing that you can see if you go to if you go if you want the search bar.

You will see a list of top news and those Iraqi reading Museum has decided exactly morning agenda-setting newsletter is published now in nine languages in 56 countries which is about 100 million people.

By far the world's largest business publication of this point that written by the team based off of what they are seeing on and off point in terms of the conversations that you was a professional and we just take a step back and talk about this what you should know about that is a very different approach for a social media company and it's because of this professional with a professional lens around everything we do there is a belief.

There is a belief when the word my hiring which was that if you are if you're trying to connect opportunity to try to get ahead you have to know about things are going on outside of your network and outside of your company if you are a designer in your freelance designer you want to get into some company if someone to bring up something going on in the news.

You're expected to know about it and or maybe.

See something that makes you think how long to reach out to this person is different industry that could really use my skills and something to sell myself and my tell them why they should hire me.

That's unique to being a professional how to calculate thinking about who you want to reach out to what you want to do.

What will get your head? What will get you connected and someone that comes from knowing about it comes from staying informed and knowing metallic strands keyboard that you should know that in order to keep moving forward and there's a real world editorial place at helping pop the filter bubbles that social media is so good about forming in a weird very good at saying only are these people only care about these hashtags only show me the stuff editorial about how to be popular filter bubbles.

How we show people stuff going on outside of this perfect world and introduce them to new ideas that might help them explain the ways so that is bringing the Serendipity in your world and it keeps LinkedIn a meaningful purpose other than being made.

Connection of connections in a sentence ultimately and you shouldn't have to apologise for this operation, but it is about the stickiness of LinkedIn isn't it? I've got to go back and me just reviewing the my connections a static list.

This is of no use to anyone really there's got to be something for us to to do something with that and that's the bit.

I think it was incredibly well-written has another big difference in company vs.

Social media companies is that advertising is just one part of our business, so you talk about the stickiness.

Yes, we want people to come back to me to remove them.

We really want you like a utility that this helps them do their jobs were running businesses are get that next job better because of what they have found what they shared must have seen and when they come within they might update the profile because if they want to stay current and when you update your profile and when you share ideas.

It helps recruiters and hiring.

Understand how you thinking where you're coming from and talk to a guy recently who was in the sportswear industry and the job you just started writing articles about the backstory of the of the footwear industry and tired from doing that.

It's beyond the cmo of sportswear sportswear company and he said I'm telling the story because he had a great time but he said writing is the new resin me and him this idea if your recruiter if you're hiring and trying to find a perfect person seeing how someone thinks is often.

We more important than just seeing where they've been and also think the strength of a business network is incredibly important decision only thinking of hiring.

It's not just about the resume the Education I do this myself and I'm hiring I'll go to their LinkedIn profile and see what the quality of their connections.

Yeah, I think we're having to be increasingly higher in people who bring their own.

Head of skills and people with them you want to know they are there connected with the right people that they are doing the work.

There is required to stay current and to make sure the interacting with other people because there's no no businesses in Ireland anymore even if you're running a small business in a small town you were still competing with Amazon and if you're in the business you were competing with in digital age were competing with everyone all the time so you want to bring people in you have an understanding that they have to stay connected have to stay on top of the game so it's a long way of saying it seemed to help people stay on top of these topics and friends if they can get them sharing we can help them feel like they're staying in form.

You agree to linkedin's business because the utility of Winter tyre, but it's not a question of how we have we got you to stay here all day and you're coming away refreshingly times a day.

That's not what the business is about the business is about making you feel like this is something.

You get a cup of coffee and you feel like you have to check in with them because that is how you're going to be successful today.

We used to be two types of LinkedIn users back in the day.

Where does the word connect with anyone and those discerning and to be honest I started as the former are used to connect with a very very sitting down because reduce my connections from sort of 3507 years ago to like 400 as I have a small meaningful list of January if I don't like it when someone says you know I have 3000 connections or whatever but I think there's also different type of LinkedIn person.

How does a ring gauges on the platform does the arm something I have some colleagues that are connected to but I wouldn't know because I've never heard from them and have lots of people doing very very interesting things.

I mean clearly ones going to reap some reward and the other one isn't about six or seven years ago.

We started something called the influencer program where he brought on top people in the professional world and mention some of these in your intro.

Riding original continent was the first pushing the original content when we did that we also introduce the follow button to Linton because 4 people like Richard Branson Mary Barra the CEO of GM these people they are here to talk about what they're about the meetings are going to about how they run their career the mistakes.

They made on the way, but they are really sharing out vs.

Connecting so we started this phone, but we now have to everyone if you want and then you can say these are my connections is the people I've met in real life that are the way we can encourage people to do that you can do what you want, but I think you have a better if you're connecting with people you know people you wanna know Mr way.

I can think about the people you expect to be able to meet in the real world news features get diluted with a lot of people's update.

I'm going to do it and also the algorithm.

I prioritise my photocopying repairman who are connected to One LinkedIn over the sea of a potential client who was up there.

I did need to say yeah.

I mean that the algorithm.

Is it should be ratho restaurant the time the algorithms are really much more geared towards showing conversations so if a conversation if you if you repair man says hey someone coming home great repairs that kind of content is going to travel a very short distance vs.

If you're around someone who's headlining says I think it's crazy that your Thomas Cook this happened to use my take on it an opinion piece like that around professional news generator conversation is what's going to spread and so you and increasingly.

That's what the algorithms are looking forward to talking to people so even if over the years you built the network in your connections and ever do I cannot really sure remember why I connect with this person and that's my network is someone you work with years ago.

Conversations that are appealing to you you're going to be seen with an accident I picked up a couple of years ago from a friend and he said rather than constantly review new Connections pick one letter a day to start with alphabet so I did today so anyone with the surname beginning with D I want my connections listen.

You are there disconnect from them if there is not meaningful relationship with my partner you reconnect with them.

You go on their profile Hayley fancy a coffee just an interesting way to make sure that you have a smaller number of AP connected with a more meaningful relationship.

I've never heard that does junior.

I will constantly see if someone shares something like this might be just fragnance not for me.

You know I can't stop following this person.

I just thought I unfollow a lot of people all the time so that my feed which is the way I start my day by checking multiple times throughout the day is exactly the kind of conversation about been discovered that I can keep up with what's going on.

What's the next challenge then with the platform what type of

I think that our Focus right now is very much and making sure we're spending international globally in ways that are meaningful to our members so we just wants the daily rundown in the Netherlands we are about to launch in the UAE we have just launched recently in Singapore and Malaysia and English and we're just kind of working our waste around the world making sure that we're bringing people in each country the kind of content that is really using views that relevant to them the next step is to start diving deeper and more segments that are really important.

So we have the metal covers health care in the US to get some money.

We have a small business Saturday with a bunch of these letters were really focused on your editors.

They are focused on these areas near do the 3 C's create your own cultivate for that particular.

Lucius push more in those those specifics because while getting this general business news is really important and helpful as I said you want to pop in filter bubbles.

It is also there is also inside going on in your particular industry of your career that you can't have to know that as well that are really important for you, but it might not be important for someone who's not in your industry, so one example is we are having editor who just covers the movie called the professional or the front line workers and focused on restaurant workers and Foodservice and retail workers totally different kind of news and views that we talk to you and listen to from them versus what we are hearing from and talking doctors about soyoustart segments and going deeper understanding that make sure we have the right content makes them feel like they're getting head and their profession on LinkedIn through the counter to see LinkedIn has become huge, but it seems to avoid the

Dog Facebook and Twitter is that because the uses you as you mentioned earlier a professional community that have the Frankie more respect for another has to do with that you have when you are in you write in Charlotte in you're doing it from your professional identity your boss sees.

Would you write and share your employees see what you write and share future employers and recruiters were going to go after you are seeing what you are saying.

I think that understanding that there is a that their repercussions.

Did you have skin in the game around what you're saying is what is kept out a wad of The controversies Incredible incredible smart decisions by the senior leadership that LinkedIn that I think I understood where the world was going that help the light to one of the biggest one is that we don't accept it and that was a good decision and it just is it from it was a decision that.

Revenue that we could have gotten but the thinking was that that's not what people here.

They're not hear from politics to discuss these professional topics the more we can do to set the guardrail say what is expected of you want in the more appreciative members are in the more careful.

They are with what they saying.

What they talk about to your frequently see someone will share and share a post and you start seeing a little bit about some kind of a topic and you wouldn't discuss typical in the office you start seeing in the common people say, why are you sure? This isn't going to put this is the so-called barbers hairdressers from listen to the never asked about religion and politics in someone's hair is the barber shop.

Please don't like that and that's really gratifying in a big smile at least you know it's like we can we can choose will be an editorial.

We have the daily meetings to cover what we're going to cover for.

For starters for trending stories, we know, where are you now with everything might be between your listeners that those girls have different in every country and when I first started expanding globally I didn't fully appreciate the nearest a much more focused and principles rather than explicit rules about what we cover and so when friends the other than friends push back on our discussion of politics and she said actually is what we discovered around the workplace when we go to lunch everyday people talk about politics like arguing about this is a workplace discussion so in France politics is one of the most popular language in France and he creates incredible conversations and so you've got to be I had a loosen up what I thought was important people and friends will love this one of the most active countries.

It's a problem at Facebook had for example when they they look at it from a kind of tech bro Silicon Valley perspective when they banned pictures of women breastfeed because that's that's not something that should be banned from their cultural lens.

They thought people would want to see that because they didn't take into account that other people do differently there is a great book that recommend my old team called the culture map talks about how you manage people globally insead professor and think about your own cultural biases and how these cultural nuances Play across.

It's all about how you manage people globally but it also helps you understand.

Help me at least understand where what I thought was a universal universal truth that we were not universe universal ways of managing people that are definitely not universally recommended when you when you realise that you have blind spots and you can't know what they are and I won't be blind spot stills.

Unknown Unknown which you can I don't know what the capital of Colombia is back and I could go to the editor in business journalism be recognised that there is some argument that they might be the case.

I think therefore I am very appreciative of the Business Insider for giving me that they have to work that headlines and I really benefited and that you've made that description to a badge which are very proudly wearing today tattoo V it is a I think it is a reflection of the power and focus of LinkedIn war that has anything to do with me.

We have my entire career has been spent in business relies on this is a dream job for me because all I ever want to do with High School of Business journalism and get to a place.

You can help program the wrong way, but you can help steer conversations 290 professionals around the world is incredibly we talk about with the team of artists is this idea that the wait in line with great power comes great responsibility.

We have to think really carefully about how what we are writing about what we are sending notifications that how we are working with publishers and understand that there is a user a member of 141 industry or one point in their professional career might see the news on LinkedIn differently to someone in a different point and so we try to be as transparent as possible all the others are really require to the above lines and everything will be right.

There is easy ways to get hold of us and then we have the full mast head under the LinkedIn editors page and I want to make sure that we are.

As possible about what we're doing why were doing and how to get hold of us.

There's some issue, but requires a lot of humility to do something like this for so many people when you're running in India if you want to be super careful.

I mean you reference it was business inside of it said that you're the most powerful editing business to listen to them.

We had Henry blodgett sitting in that chair McMurray be there journal have had Lionel barber the editor-in-chief of the Financial Times should there be frightened of you that you know that should they fear that LinkedIn is is taking eyeballs away from that.

You're going to use them as a platform and actually still a lunch.

I think then we are all in competition with each other and with everything out there.

That is on her phone.

It is not this is not an issue.

This is an issue of the funny video that you seem and tick tock the last night or watch.

Instead of reading at Ayr to connect to me and I really want to go instead of what succession so the battle for eyeballs is incredibly intense that way I think that is it is a lot of people's attention all the time is LinkedIn a director in Direct competition with with this establishes.

I would argue very strong and we're not our goal is to get people to the right destination to get the right news and views that they need and what we do is focused on steering those working with journalists making sure they're building audiences and reaching the right people make sure they get the headlines refiner Communities that they can they need to find out meeting a publisher partnership programme where we are working with multiple dozens of news around the world where every day the Editors the internet is working with visitors at the time that the places and we say what's trending on your site years was trending on LinkedIn do you want to come and share something that you have on this?

CNBC for instance will have a piece up about something going on with interest rates or with the jobless numbers.

Are we going to have a story around the numbers Manchester casino Sharpies nanodrive huge amount of traffic back to see and see your bits inside to the New York Times so Rising Tide lifts all boats people get the right audience to them then that's great for them.

They should be monetizing but our goal is to get you the right audience not just a big audience and frequently also down with publishers and at the very beginning with I don't come from massive numbers of this is not what if you want to work, Wellington you should be thinking about how do you get exactly to write readers fewer but better qualities and the cmo journal looking for simos Alexander come and cut through to the cmo turn off you are running a B2B publication.

We can help you get the right people in their particular industry reading your

Publication we talked about this earlier our goal is not to keep people on LinkedIn all day with the wheel measure anything like how long people are at 12 time 12 time exactly we are here people come back to mine then frequently that if you're not doing your job in terms of stereotypes in terms of typical LinkedIn users how many taxis are there? I think about it much more around where you are in your career journey, so there are some Winton users who are very new to working.

They need certain kind of information.

That's different than if you are 20 years in or if you are retired you thinking about what your second act is there are people who are managing large Enterprises and they need very different kinds of news and views then if you are running a 10-person 3-person shop.

I think about much less in terms of how deeply involved you Arlington then where you are in your professional life how you are what you doing? What kind of business you run in what kind of the business you're in because from from where I said the authority said we have to just think about getting you the right headlines your opinion or even better getting you talking about those so we Gotta Find the Right to make you feel like if I come and share this information or share these ideas are sure why I think something went wrong or whatever how I messed up my own career my own company that it's worth it for your time is high enough that surely that I'm waiting it is worth it you think about it, but she mentioned Elliott LinkedIn 2 million posts a day and how do you how does your team ensure that people like me see that content is that purely algorithmic or is there some kind of editorial involving that you mentioned earlier about working hand-in-hand with the algorithmic team with a day seeing how do you actually do that as a great question this is a and it's been one of the most fascinating part of this.

Is working closely with the relevant engineering morning? How that works out about working with engineers and how to find the common language are they like the precogs in Minority Report they're doing that pool and it's just like a brain with wires coming out connected LinkedIn people they are so we will have a conversation that we have around what constitutes quality and when I first got the LinkedIn someone asked me then I will give me your number and I come from a purely traditional journalism this deceptively simple question quite profound and was around what counts as quality is a very difficult decision.

What is what we have done over time is used editorial signals instead of trying to do.

Walt Disney early years is that we started using editorial signals to help train models so is an example if the relevant engineering want to say how do I know who is high quality relevant engineer learning they will go and figure out.

What's in your feet governed by that did not have any role in a very small with a very small mobility this to do to recommend cat and sometimes but it's but 99% of 0.5% of what you're saying is coming from the algorithms and this is true of any company is that the relevant engineers and the and the feed product managers have the wrong metrics that are trying to get their own.

They want to keep the system in a certain way and so how what does what does?

Metatarsal will then determine the experience for the end user and for us that I can't speak very focused on making sure the people saying great high quality conversations now.

That's where the protein can play a very big role when you have editors glad you said you know all your life reading and talking and we believe that we have things to share with hearing and then we can talk to the right people and you're just a person in the party whose outcome or just like a sponge for information and signals and what we see is interesting and these are as a good conversation and which is more stuff in it be of a system for donnellys top news trending news items we have around all those of Signals development engineers can use to help them define what's high quality and help who we take his influences.

How we take certain people for showing up and he's in our top news.

Always have 357 great voices were weighing in on that news item and also this person is like I have information about that what counts as quality is a weird one signal of maybe they can use butter an important signal so the system write me rewards engagement that give us get in the more you take part in Giving In to LinkedIn the more likely that you are to get your content promoted notice and someone in your career or whether you are someone who extrovert and use the sharing of someone who is an introvert and doesn't like doing it.

It is important.

I think in our daily needs to be able to have codeine parts and be able to write pick up of your pick up your phone just a quick video but to be able to explain how you think is essential that if you want to get ahead the matter what you want to do knowing how to communicate.

Millennials gen Z this comes naturally them.

I think it is when you get into gen x baby boomers restarting over and presentation about being open and sharing but you had it take to get rewards extroverts are all of our platforms these days if you don't say anything then people don't know you are friends.

I mean you mention about Thomas Cook about how using several editors at people without your consent is not just algorithmically generated remember seeing that you were getting fintech experts to discuss brexit recently.

How do you go about doing that then do editors reach out to certain individuals, can you write something for me on Thomas Cook all brexit absolutely that is we spend all day doing is reaching out to people and asking them and we can do either in a targeted, but Whitewebbs way of doing it will be just say it's fine.

Everyone who was in the fintech industry.

Who is based in London who is Sharon the last?

Movie captain send an email account from another hey, my name is Andrew Stephen elder London this is a shoot weather fintech stick around in London on can you write and share your opinion about 5 maybe 5 ideas for a conversation starters for you.

Just wanted to generate a lot of great conversations.

I think we'll do is reach out to him and instead of them if you were here right now.

You will get attention and this is a topic that we can see the trending on LinkedIn coming now and share share your thoughts recently Steve schwarzman, the CEO BlackRock came and talked about his taken we work and we were pouring at IPO financing has to say that did incredible capacitor that picked up by the news so we encourage people just come in and talk to you there their networks going to give you another example of the power.

That kind of way me and also how these change in how I mean you ask a question to reach out to people yes, we reach out but more and more everyone from senior executives to people realise that they need to have to be connected to a domain for them to be heard so is an example is the CEO of Siemens this is about a year ago now and the most of the Desert number Saudi Arabia was hosting a conference and was right after he was murdered and all these executives are pulling out of the sea you put out instead of doing a quietly or putting out a press release and an article saying here is why I'm pouring out of this conference.

Why would you get serious why he was how I decided that it was the right thing to do and it was a really raw very open and honest article explained that he says there's like a wind.

I don't know whether this was the bravest decision, but it was the right decision at the time and the hero CEO offer that kind of authenticity and to open themselves up to say I don't know how old is really love you and you can see in the comments all of the Siemens employees you thanking him or pushing back and that's the kind of furnace you expect to hear from the executive and you expect they will listen and talk to you when you push back on him, so we had as we will often reach out to the people but we're not doing when we first started on this in 2012 with original counting it was in my charger.

So we'll see is wood oven hide behind press x and press officer keepers and you never connect with everyone.

It's so interesting about LinkedIn you can literally go straight to the person I work in thought leadership, and I think that one of the things that was interesting about LinkedIn and other social media platforms book particularly, LinkedIn is SEO

Leaders can segment audiences be finally in the always example they see of Thomas Cook 20-years ago would have been able to write something for the staff newsletter something for the customer newsletter something for the shareholders something for the regulator and the message and so on for each audience now if you're on LinkedIn and everyone's reading that you're your own competition your own staff you know the regulators the media everyone you've just got to be totally authentic to my message for certain segment of the audience one of the things we give people is Netflix on everything that you write ensure the tell you who is Reading and looking at your picture pieces.

So you can see what company is people coming from see if they are if their regulators Reading or watching your videos you can see that your own employees are reading and watching what you're doing it becomes very very quickly that it is one message.

That is seen by everyone exactly exactly right.

You can't cycle anymore.

You can think that you can talk to one part of the world one way and another part of the world another way and if you can't say.

Then gotta be honest.

That's the only way to defend yourself.

You have to try to remember 100 messages you get I think why am I doing it for myself and you have to be open when you make mistakes.

I think that's a big part of this.

Just saying if you look it up from this week and if you're following was going on with rent the runway which is a subscription service dresses in April they would just takes a massive adjusts nephew that is caused them to get dresses and good weight to other subscribers when they had to stop taking any new subs.

That's not a great position, but the CEO was very very open and honest about these mistakes and saying we only reaching back out to people and they don't think you can do that.

You just can't hide it anymore the whole nature of eating a business change it just in the old days.

You just have to run the company was now you also have to be the Ambassador the chief spokesperson in the media themselves don't really want to hear from some spokesperson, and I also think.

Following you know cos and leaders on LinkedIn don't want to read something that's clearly been ghost written for them by some prestige.

It has to be the real then what's an all morning by the only program for anyone can write and we have a special program for people who are leading companies or movement great authors journalists academics.

I brought some cash by the way if you slip it in your back pocket then, please invite me.

I'm desperate to do that.

This is one of the things that we do with the influence of the work with influencers to help them understand.

What does that mean? It's like the blue tick on Twitter it just means you have someone people like so the line of work and when I was a traditional traditional media and I would add it.

They will come through is an example you would end up and he's kind of fights with senior leaders that are items that this is a very good at this.

This was clearly written by APR people by a committee and they will come and see you now the publisher Darlington anything doesn't do I make suggestions.

We never do anything and they put it up and then he immediately get the feedback and this comes in the form of qualitative and quantitative and you can see very quickly and your numbers.

Did you not getting views for this article that maybe it was written by camelia written by a priority because it's doing it doesn't contain any genuine spicy productive people are just they haven't we talk about a million things today every hour you are not going to clock out something that is born or insipid or feels like it was its protective afaik.

There is no need we all have referred busy.

What about the things we could be doing in the day and bring it back on them and Wendy senior leaders.

Get the feedback and they seem it's usually if you got the time your profession you are incredibly competitive and you now I'm looking at this number.

So why do this too bad we compared to my last why does Jupiter compared to someone I went to business school with and suddenly they then come to the team and say what can I do to be better at that point you can say like that be more than you'll actually see what you think you have to write or share this yourself.

This is one of the reasons were seeing videos to incredible and the video that does well tend to be this kind of hand-held video you were holding the phone falling out of the frame sometimes the sound quality is not great writing at that kind of stuff works really well right now.

What's the endgame for LinkedIn global domination?

To to make them more productive and successful that everyone that every professional in the world, so we're doing a lot more right now around reaching out to people who don't have no thinking about how does LinkedIn work really well, if you have a network you know how to connect to the right people if you were forming the small band, but what if you are the first person in your family will never what if you're in the US you know you have just immigrated here.

You are making your way and you come on the waiting ages.

No one for you to connect with how does LinkedIn work start your business.

How does LinkedIn work for you? We have to solve those problems if we were going to meet with our mission is and has been then it means working for every professional matches for certain professionals that is you challenge and that gives a lot of room to work with there are a lot of things that we can make with differently over time in my activity over time.

It's got to serve all these needs and

Athlete, what does needs are what's next for you then Nexus continuing to do with you? I mean every day.

We are reinventing thinking about it.

Just the right used for time.

I am still going to keep can you explain the different markets different countries different segments recently started hiring some really amazing writers and editors like just came from Forbes so thinking about how do we make sure that their voice is get out and we're just going to keep you.

Have a great day back.

I'm just going to keep being gone.

It's been a hugely interesting conversation a right angles podcast in association with big things Media

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