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Read this: 22/11/2019 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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22/11/2019 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello this is supposed to be the social media election does this mean that broadcast interviews and are becoming irrelevant the ideas that live broadcasting doesn't matter anymore is for the birds that was the understandable voice of today presenter Nick Robinson and in this week's feedback.

I'll be talking to him about the art and the ordeal of interviewing during an election campaign he has already come in for criticism publicly hanging them out to dry doesn't benefit the interviewer will the listener the interview.

We may think they have pulled the wool.

They haven't and will also be talking to Nick Robinson about his plans for hosting the BBC's leadership and party debate.

I think the one thing that we will put a focus on it to try and make it more of what it says on the tin more of a debate and

Listening to Radio 4 last week we persuaded to students to give it a try and move out of their comfort zones into unexplored territory their back again this generation in recent memory this week.

I'll try and find out if they enjoyed an edition of the p.m.

Programme is just a general news channel for me but without the pictures not exactly a ringing endorsement but should Radio 4 be chasing younger listeners via BBC sounds some of you have doubts the Hub to cater to all tastes surely is a mistake.

You can't appeal the such a wide range of Ages and tastes at the same time in the end it pleases no one.

We begin once again with the general election or third in almost 5 years and arguably the most important one for generation doll to in covering is what we want from a political entity to go in hard and conduction inquisition how to stand back and let the audience make a bit own mind last week today is Nick Robinson interview the senior conservative cabinet minister.

Michael Gove it was certainly not a laid-back interview and it elicited a considerable response from our listeners here's a selection of your views and a clip from the programme reopened.

They said I like the backstop is in viable.

You won't get that changed.

He said he die in a ditch.

He didn't leave he didn't die in a ditch.

He didn't do or die so I think I'm going to trade people that made fools of themselves by saying things they do not do it then I think we might start with the Prime Minister

I I think that you can interrupt if you wish and you have but one of the reasons that London can I say please? Thank you interview on the Today programme for holding the interview and ask questions before working at its best today.

I think please carry on making interview answer the question Jill Thomas I learnt nothing from that interview it would have been so much more interesting to someone talking to this go in a manner which to him out in a manner designed to do nothing but finding fault.

What was the point of that apart from being very rude and absurdly interrupting the politicians position we know if they are lying or being secured to said no answers.

We don't need the incessant intervention of the interviewer.

I like to think I am a reasonable.

Person I can spot someone swerving the answer me now is the today presenter and former BBC political editor Nick Robinson thank you very much for joining.

We got a big bag of reaction to that interview.

Do you think it was one of your best bet it was a frustrating interview and I knew that it was likely to be Michael Gove I've known many many years has a technique which is to talk and keep talking and to ignore questions.

He doesn't want to answer he can be one of the most interesting of the cleverest one of the most engaging interviewees, but he can also be quite a frustrating one and I think he chosen to be frustrating today and I'm not sure I found the technique to avoid that well Julian Thomas your absurdly interrupting trying to find him at fault Robin drawing him out.

Are you suggesting? It would have been impossible driving out because you went into the Studio with a set of as we might slogans that she was going to repeat.

The question, I'm not merely suggesting Rotherham stating as fact that is what Michael Gove intended to do he was effectively reading the Script Of The Day from Conservatives use repeating the lines to take know what I was trying to do is to push him off that to challenge those lines to take it was very clear in my mind in advance that I would make sure that he had a long first answer at which was not interrupted at all.

I haven't measured it, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't quite significantly over a minute long.

Would she was able to set out his stool and I also decided that I would cross-examine him on that proposition.

I will try and change the subject but it was clear to me that when it came to the issue of brexit that day there was a critical question was no deal still on the table wood in other words there be a possibility of Britain in inverted commas crashing out if Boris Johnson's reelected prime minister and can't get a trade deal but

Next year, what was clear to me is that Michael Gove was desperate to avoid engaging with that question at all gather to is doing well.

Of course is one of the same as you did or the other is to take the approach that we know if they're lying or being securities in their answers.

I can spot someone swerving the answer you know the words you don't have to chase them too much because the spot what's going on Babe may well be able to spot that and she said she's reasonably intelligent and we like to think the most of our listings are reasonably intelligent but I think it is the job of interviewers to try to highlight choices and to highlight when they're not being ignored aged let's be clear Michael Gove knew that he admitted that No Deal was still on the table that would alienating upset remain Tories people like David people like Philip Hammond people like Amber Rudd voters that he still wants to get even though they are outside.

What David Bowie stand as an independent votes, did he needed them from the sort of people sympathetic with them on the other hand if he did the opposite the danger was that he would alienate brexit party voters and Nigel Farage at the very time that always Returns its supporters and persuade them to stand down so I was saying people entitled to an answer about what the future might look like he was very consciously ignoring the question and talking about something different.

Do you know you had enough time? I mean this again comes back for a lot of time where they say look it Today programme often tries to pack so much in that you put presenters in a ridiculous position of having to press press press because there's so little time.

Do you think you had too little time for that interview little time, but what you got to do is cut your cloth and there may be occasions on which are trying to cram too many different subjects in many of our interviews face the same.

Call fundamental tension do you interrupt too much in a way that is disruptive for the Leicester and frustrating and irritating or do you on the other hand allows the state things without being challenge and tested and the truth is different parts of the audience think different things at different times and you know what rather like football.

It is quite rare that you claim that the referee is biased in favour of your team.

So what happens to people who are angry interruptions quite often always Roger sometimes.

It's just a total thing and they want you to be courteous of the quite often.

I mean why are you interested in these men are broadly agree with I'm quite often the people who write in and say why don't you challenge them or really mean? Why don't you chose because I don't agree with and shut up and I do agree with talk and that is the tightrope.

We have to walk to get it entirely right.

Don't get it cos it's a human activity, but you think you got a bit ratty.

I mean there are warranty.

Who made which sometimes slightly surprising nice try and Mr Gove don't put words in my mouth excetera excetera and referring to the prime ministers of state was that you getting just a bit too ratty the property was a little bit frustrated.

I mean.

I think there's an important and interesting series of questions.

Go beyond get brexit done which for a conservative ask the question.

What do the next 6-months look like if there's a new majority conservative? I think that legitimate questions.

They're proper questions and I'm driven Roger by sense that when I've reviewed coverage of previous elections which I've done because I've been in correspondence or political I sometimes feel we have noticed the thing that really needed to be asked to tell us about the future back in the 2015 election when I was political editor there all sorts of things that were being a

Which frankly looking bad don't matter very much and it had no Middlefield as you know I came back to do an interview with the Prime Minister David Cameron and determined that the only question would focus on with him was his promise of an EU referendum and I always been 5 times if he didn't get a renegotiation you wanted with the EU and if you lost the referendum, what was plan what you did get quite ready, but I would argue that that ratty exchange stands the test of time because there was no Plan B there was no Plan B it was the right question to ask the questions of the day around the slogans of the day around the controversies of the day actually now look ephemeral.

Do that your job is getting more difficult because some of the politicians are prepared to lie more openly.

Do you think it is the case that is happening? I think the reason it's getting harder is because

Reviews now exist beyond the moment on social media and to offer I think political advisors are saying to politicians.

It doesn't matter at all.

What they ask you get this clip out doing a punch away and we'll put it out on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram no pressure from you.

It doesn't say I want the clip.

I think that a person as it happens.

I don't know there is a lot of pressure on the Today programme to do that but I think the politicians sometimes feel that there's a kind of exchange with an interviewer who wants a viral clip to show how clever and tough and mate.

They were no you just going to take it on trusted.

I had that not in my mind at all.

It might go but there is a problem with both sides on thinking about an interesting exchange that exists over a 10 or 12 minutes live on Radio 4, but I think.

How to look at 40 seconds my thanks to today presenter Nick Robinson and we'll be hearing from Nicola little later on on how he hopes to handle the BBC's big to election debates, please let us know your thoughts on that interview and anything else to do with BBC Radio you can even praise it if you like here's how to get in touch you can send an email to feedback at or write a letter the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 03345 44 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website now.

It's about time to hear from some.

Younger listeners each week we've been asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zone's and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week for the time.

We have to politics students from Bournemouth University Simon Khan and Aaron Goldsmith before we contacted them neither had listened to any Radio 4 at all and where does she get her news and current affairs information from I normally get my news from my Twitter feed on the trending page on my BBC News app and on TV programmes at Sky News Al Jazeera RTE you love them.

I don't know why not just a bit of a way to be honest.

I do think that by accessing the internet.

You're a head of BBC news on BBC television news.

I wouldn't say that that that say it does give me an advantage in some stories when we asked you to listen to.


Programme on Radio 4 broadcast on Friday the 8th of November and it's usual time of 5 not presented this time by Evan Davis usually does sober by Johnny diamond describe the program content words about what you thought about it overall.

I think it was just a general news bulletin the main headlines stories and it was going in-depth about the floods that have been taking place in North part of England is just a general news channel for me but without the pictures of Dreams do is make sure it deals with the news of the day but also provides a lot more information about it telligent analysis and so on do you think it did that was very in-depth hear you enjoyed that I kind of lost interest throughout most of it and they do want to offend indeed what you've done safely and asked you to listen all the way through as enjoyed it, but I would say that it was more descriptive and analytical for me personally but I mean.

Interesting topics and I'm in the specific ways that I enjoyed about the SNP and surprisingly about frozen, what about the president Olivia that was quite surprised me listing that they've been dealing with the floods in some detail and suddenly we were dealing with the new Disney Frozen film something very interested in the social politics ovary getting to listen to do Anna and Elsa the princesses of this wonderful film differ from female Disney characters of old agency to start with and also of the film revolves around the relationship with each.

Other is a coming-of-age film in many ways and it's about them coming to terms with their own power if you know by the sword that just BBC desperately trying to get her a younger audience and doing Disney did you think I did it well? I think I did because they had the different perspectives and feminism and what it means to be.

Disney princesses in today's society that it was actually quite interesting for me personally I listen to so I listen to a lot of people talking about different ideas and ideologies in Scotland DAB nothing nicer if the present or the different gas Hood just giving an alternative play Devil's pit people more than the support of the very safe interview.

So what did you like about the item? I think all of the sudden there was talking about the floods and it was frozen as it got my attention again honestly and it needs to do that.

Do you think it is to have a variety of subject matter is here, but your attention was getting by the cartoon.

Well the reason to think that perhaps an older audience would just be baffled by it and older audience so that she really enjoy it will be very lucky.

But I think that really depends when you're talking about something like frozen what you actually talk about the way it will sort of talked about wasn't just about the film was about why does say something that would be interested in a really important point that they showing as a happy animated movie it showed the contentious issues and points out her across and how female empowerment was explored in the choice of subject matter and perhaps the style of presentation if they want to appeal to People Like You Simon I think they should draw upon more issues that younger people facing today's the mental health tuition fees for university students as quite a big top out you could I think people want to hear about budgeting for university that can help them.

I think sometimes when you're trying to appeal to younger audiences.

I feel like sometimes people try to hard that it comes across a bit cheaper version that idea that being young and being more attractive podcast social media.

It doesn't mean that were ignoring anything that we don't want to hear about important issues that happened in history yourself to deal with people don't appreciate how seriously interest in current affairs.

I think you have it.

What scene is the snowflake generation which I mean with something as you can probably understands them for me personally.

I somewhat agree with certain however that doesn't represent the wider people within a generation and a lot of people are interested.

So sorry if I called you a snowflake.

Would you be really irritated? I would be because I have been called a snowflake before because I don't think being I don't understand why you would be called a snowflake if I'm really passionate about a certain topic.

I don't understand why people have to take anything satiric.

Directions to take the mick out of me more than ever.

I think people should be very passionate about the views and what they believe in.

I just don't understand this whole snowflake generation.

Thanks generation young generation in recent memory but I do think it comes to BBC Radio 4.

They saw playing to an audience and not the moment your audiences and ordered our generation could try to expand her but I think if it's working for you at the moment keep at it well.

It's working at the moment, but the future that every worries about that.

So you are the future.

Let me ask you this question which is will you recommend the p.m.

Programme to your fellow students and say hey there really missing out if they don't listen to it a siren probably not because most of my fellow and very politically active and they have their own source of information that I wouldn't necessarily on to them, but I would recommend it if they needed any more additional information.

Aaron I said to me this two types of people those please.

Can you not speaking engagement comes to my friends so put engaged I'd say probably not same reason as you because their own information and resources and to be honest.

I don't think I do it the number is engaged don't particularly think it really be interested in this and sound.

Thank you very much.

Thank thank you very much.

My last week's discussion with Simon and Aaron caused quite a stir this section in particular.

I didn't actually know any of these existed if you're asking why do people listen to Radio 4 that that's why I always have my phone in my hand.

I always listening to a podcast or music as I haven't said that it's not advertised anymore, so I wouldn't necessarily think of it if you've got it, just to give advice on how to attract younger to listen to BBC Radio 4 start the corporations podcasts in the right place Robert Campbell in Edinburgh your item on young people listening to Radio 4 last week.

Nearly highlighted everything that's wrong with the BBC sounds concept a growing number of people myself included mostly listen to BBC radio programmes as podcasts along with podcast from numerous other sources and we like to listen to view our preferred player which is overcast in my case.

I imagine the majority of young people do the same Karen mentioned advertising by which human letting people know what's out there and where to find it not raising revenue in Brampton from Malton in Yorkshire how decent app to tell you what is currently on BBC Radio the numerous apps for TV the BBC website is usually unhelpful station separate BBC websites are also so desperate to push people to iPlayer on at the inferior Sounds app.

That is difficult to just browse for information.

Idea, which just might fan the flames under the licence fee for older people to buy roof in West London my question is why is the BBC licence fee to the 2.8 million students in higher education a discerning audience of the future if you have any more ideas, please do get in touch.

It was the first leadership debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn and a few weeks time Nick Robinson will be hosting be his turn to host the BBC's own debate as well as a 7-way party debate towards the end of November can we talk about that Nick Robinson to really look forward to this too late debate in the light of the first one.

Can you do it differently? Can you do it better would say there Roger and thought you letting a man ITV today and extraordinarily good job.

I think the one thing that we will put a focus on it to try and make it more of what it says on the tin more a debate less of a series of individual package sound Bites to see yourself as a referee than an interview if your host of the bait you're not an interview Can't Be This is about either the 2 or the 7 representatives on the wider debate that we doing and giving them a chance the job of the Host if you like.

It's a bit more than a referee but a bit.

I have to make sure people have their say I have to make sure they don't talk over each other but I also have a role of following up and making sure that the questions are asked are genuinely answered or at least the people noticed that they haven't been answered what it is my job to do is to say what that's all very interesting to call Mr Johnson but I'd rather ask you something different you going to be very scared of that question Julie Etchingham for sale with a scary experience of course.

It's too narrow a little bit if the election did look rather more tense affair presumably would get it more important that the little bit tense about it.

You said are you going to be absolutely terrified now responsibility to do that matter and are far from the only things that matter but the reason debates matter is the evidence shows that they drawing people who don't listen to the stuff that I normally do the inter.

TV election debates have been shown to attract a younger audience and to attract people who are less engaged day today with politics and for some but for some it's a kind of moment of decision for them that they look at either the two leaders are all seven parties lined up on the stage and they start to make assessments.

Do you know when people have made up their mind will a long time ago because some of the main issues in Bob notably brexit.

I've been discussed for so long.

You really stick that what you're going to chat could make a significant difference to the election result no, but I do think they'll be plenty of people who haven't yet made their minds up by 6 days out why Roger because there are people who want to stop brexit, but not sure that they won Jeremy Corbyn in number 10 there are also people who do want to get brexit done even though they might not be brexiteers themselves, but a pretty uncomfortable about.

Large conservative majority with Boris Johnson at the help so the ambiguities in people's position between the two parties let alone all the other parties that are running to have a slice in power in the UK and as well as in their own Nations means that it's much more fluid and unpredictable in the polls might suggest that may be presumptuous of me because I've never done anything like this in my career, but there is something out of love to do to people with an audience.

I know I think I could do it.

Not well, but I know how to do 7 parties representative.

I mean how would you go about that first or how we can look at them in the Studio with sightlines number the girls also do you have to give every one of them the same opportunity to discuss every issue to decide what the subject matter is and whether you give every single one of those 7 people and opportunities.

Speak it could have ended up with a very tedious program.

Should be in the meeting.

I'm about to go to each other off and there are 7 people and they're not even all competing against each other because of course English Welsh Scottish government and so on what we have to do is get to the essence of the choices facing the country so make sure that everybody has their first say but to try to get engagement and debate but my biggest job and hesitate to say this because of course you could have me back on a few weeks x 100w biggest asking you.

I've just got to avoid it being a sort of shouting match.

Yes, we want people to people engage each other to challenge each other but yes people want they want to be able to concentrate and not have a rubble and so part of my job.

Maybe to slip these glasses down the end of my nose pierced over them and say could you possibly just

Watching is at home and behave accordingly Robinson today presenter and election debate chair and that's all for this week.

I will try to avoid politics next week.

I said I can't guarantee it, but I can't promise that we will be talking to the producers of to Radio 4 series The Long View and only artists do tell me what you would like me to ask them and what you think of their programs until next week to buy.

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