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Read this: Absolute 80s turns 10

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Absolute 80s turns 10…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform into a technology and workplace hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up later on the radio Today programme here from Absolute Radio presenters Sarah champion and Leona Graham as well as their boss Paul Lester as Absolute 80s prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday more memories coming up in debit Lloyds radio moments at the end of the podcast as well as we remember the arrival of XFM South Wales and Radio Scotland from the BBC and there's also the departure of a radio Legend this week in history as well music for this first radio today's founder and managing editor and I know that's what it says hello Stuart deputy.

Got all that with the new branding actually yeah, it's just one thing at a time.

I mean in the ideal world.

You do all this for your branding stuff sorted and then you launch, but I just launched the logon at all.

I need to do some pull-up banners need to sort the branching out in the office need to sort out the business cards in to do this need to do that.

So it's working progress and the new hoodies are arriving today which is great news, so I'll be getting my coffee as well.

I'd like a mic muff can have as many Mike much as you like he's listening any discounts well.

It was nice to see you again for the time in 3-weeks this weekend.

We went to London to the London Palladium less to see magic of Christmas and Absolute Radio Live which was a comedy night was a really good day.

I had a fantastic time to spare you being there never laughed so much because I don't go too many comedy shows but Frank Skinner hosting a night of comedians just

I think so well, it was so funny.

It was so that I could go on about it, but if you want that you won't understand it's 30 years really done my face by the end of it stop laughing.

It's very funny if you lots of jokes about the radio station as well Absolute Radio which was nice thing if you finally got old enough to be able to get something like that.

I think so yeah and Frank Skinner what was enjoying the audience interaction as well and saying how when you're on the radio.

You don't necessarily see the faces of people see whether their life and I think he had a radio is like having sex from behind you can't see their face and you don't know what the reaction is and then he said sorry my FaceTime his wife during sex from behind and see the reaction produced in the afternoon.

What's a Christmas music in and out your favourite simply Red with their and Robbie Williams and many more love and not everybody who's worked in all these formatting and how to play simply Red twice a show is not really big fat accidentally read these days, but yeah, they are perfect Radio 4 around but that was really really good events in the guise of power for having us and you can hear from at some Absolute Radio presenters later in This podcast as we said and also the program director content director at fall semester as well.

We have a little chat with them between the events some of the big news going on this week then right and if you're a fan like me of rhythmic based Music lead services aimed at 15 to 29 year olds and you live in the county of South West Midlands area you're in luck because capital is coming to touch rugby and Banbury Sound and it's happening next week.

It's going to touch rugby.

Yeah, so we knew about this week and a guest and with everything that was in the public domain.

It was hard for Global to the night.

So they just didn't bother but today they found in announced publicly that the brand has been to replace all the equipment which they doing a lot of recently of course with with the stations in Lancashire and taking over other brand buying other brands and yeah, it's quicker than we thought I thought they were going to wait until January but it's happening like now by the time you listen to this might have already happened Monday morning 6 the last local shows while they're still be a local Drive show when they're across all of these 6 patients but the last kind of magic shows as touch and Banbury Sound and rugby FM will be Friday tea time for a drive time yeah, and then capital is coming over the weekend about the BBC

Going to launch some new radio stations.

We don't know whether that just be online only on BBC sounds are there be DAB stations BBC haven't really commented on this officially but we get ready one dance says this story in the Times also Radio 2 80 s and V live news which Android been campaigning for a while I have yeah.

I think the music extensions.

Just Pointless this concentrate on doing what they do best not providing stuff that the commercial radio stations don't but I think if they went down the avenue providing a station for news and a station for support rather than one station in both, then.

I think that would be a good thing.

I think that's where the weather should concentrate on on expansion, but it was very speculative piece in a newspaper and we don't use the speculation but on this particular occasion.

I think they're onto something the BBC hasn't denied it and having speaking to a couple of people.

I think there will be something at announced about this in the coming weeks so

Watch this space for let us keep our fingers crossed for 5-years and 5 Sport drop the life don't need it.

So like these days, but these these music services there.

That's quite easy to just stick a playlist on BBC sounds cos I've only got playlist doing specialist music and you know individual types of themed playlists so to have a Radio 1 themes, dance playlist 80s playlist what clover landauer do with their mood playlist anywhere on their apps think they are the commercial radio sectors got it covered.

We don't need Radio 2 80.

S just crack on with the with the main station is what I say, but we could have had Radio 1 stations DAB arrived.

Can a 15 years ago? I don't know you heard.

This is the former radio one control Andy Parfitt who was on David Lloyd conversations podcast in the summer.

And he is talking about the Genesis of 1Xtra all those years ago and how things could have been given the this new world of the internet and platform broadcast and I thought why don't you have because I've seen and TV colour burst into mtv2 and TV where I was the right strategic Instinct or not probably not but I thought well we could do three or 14 super specialist turn off the Radio 1 rock music super specialist dancehall, when we get splinter and offer some things much more because that was the way the audience so I kind of think I made that propose.

I can't remember that proposal B45 Radio 1 and there was one of them that finally got through all the study of the strategic public service.

Navigate to the station of the I don't want it was part of something a lot more ambitious, so we could have had 1A 1B 1c 1D 1E ring 181 extra exactly extension all those years ago Radio 1 meanwhile, had its Teen Awards at the weekend that was on Sunday night now the last few years that they have been going to get about 10 years now the Teen Awards and the last few years that Wembley Arena big live show thousands of people that are broadcast live on Radio 1 and on the red button as well scale-down.

It seems this year.

It was a television centre smaller audience in a TV studio and they didn't broadcast it live I think it is going to be on the radio and on BBC2 this coming weekend but sign of the Times may be at Radio One there.

Scaling down of their operations at the BBC Radio Christmas press launch and christmas, party this week.

I do like a Christmas party after the events at the Palladium and then a full day of texts haven't got myself over to the century Club in London and little party for people who write about radio.

It was good got this guy came up to me and said what's your name? I'm James is that what you do and you know what he said.

I know where this is the director of BBC Radio and music so that was good and had a quick chat with with one or two other stars and celebs.

Who are the BBC Radio well at which was great and do some entertainment as well as Trevor Nelson was there there's also a BBC introducing artist called Maisie Peters have you heard of Maisie Peters

She was very good.

She sang a few songs and Christmas number as well, so I'm going to look out for her because she was really good inside with launch of the BBC radio programme schedule as well, which there is something for everyone to take when you were there earlier in the day.

I know you love a bit of tech.

Have you been to take away something is part of the radio festival just because it was with an inconvenient have not been in the last couple of years because it got a soggy.

I'm a gig.

I don't mind saying so but some of the stuff that goes on that it's turning the PPM up to seven.

Which was one of the jokes of the day but obviously I think it was David Bowie Fame for his written a blog about the entire day, so I don't have to and you can read about it.

Just search on the tree lights Twitter and see what happens through the nose really good.

It was really good.

It wasn't that geeky your there's lots of stuff.

I understand it at the end as usual and add comment if you are interested in radio engineering and technical stuff, then you should get a ticket from next year which hopefully it will continue a couple of presenter announcements this week.

There's a new Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Solent just announced in your neck of the woods.

Yeah down the road from me.

We've got the guys who were on mid mornings are moving to breakfast so that is Alun and Lou are Julian Clegg is doing his last program has been there for 76 years on the Breakfast Show so good luck to Julian in your retirement.

Ross is coming back he he was on heart breakfast in the northwest part of JK and Joel back in the day.

He's been on looking at his garden for the last few months, but he's back on the radio in January FM is going to rock FM in The Rockin church at to do breakfast from Preston for the good people of Lancashire and also the northwest Scott used form of Radio City drivetime has got a new BIC from Twitter on Virgin Radio anthems.

What's it going to be doing on Virgin Radio anthems stew is going to do to 6 weekdays and Saturday morning as well for a quote and a comment about that and hopefully we'll go story online to see some people see things on Twitter and then the other one thing or has it not on Radio today already, but what we do.

We seen on Twitter we contact the people involved for a comment and then we get the story are we find a picture and it takes like 3 weeks.

What happened so we we are on the case we are just ignoring it, then we do stuff like that in the background all the time don't need takes forever sometimes, but we'll get that we will and we like a good radio fail as well and you might have heard this has been doing the rounds this week, but not necessarily a fail.

It was reaffirmed that you got played on there, but it seems to be recorded on purpose.

This is Nova in Adelaide in Australia where they broadcasting adverts that have gone on the air condition only make it worse.

I don't know why and how that happened really presenter to voice as a joke thinking they'd see it and have a laugh about it and

Maybe just read it late at night to read it hanging out then put it on the radio or he just doesn't like kids because he called them.

You know there's a BBC television reported on it.

They didn't seem that bothered that they use the c word but still my brother but they use the c word to describe children.

Yeah, I said the offence to when they want something to be about the use of the word.

It's about the context and they use the word they just repeated the word on the TV that was it doesn't matter on TV but it's the radio work in America in Australia don't they gonna use that word like randomly is it not swear word in Australia shows that otherwise it's been a fuss about it.

I don't know there's more swearing on what we consider swearing on Australian radio.

And there is in the UK so we got lots of events coming up we're going to a ward season again early next year they nominations going to be out on the 15th of January for the serious and the event itself.

Just announced his going to take place on the 4th of March at the London Palladium we've been there sweet 3rd of December that's Tuesday and the ceremony itself is going to be on 26th of March it's the audio production Awards this week in London Thursday night this week as we record on Wednesday so it's happening tomorrow night and I'm covered radiotoday if it's Friday and have a look from all the coverage last night at radiotoday radiodays Europe is a great event lot speakers be nice including James Purnell boyfriend.

He's given me their names will be happening at the end of March in Lisbon which is hopefully going to

Nice and warm and sunny and will be my kind of first foreign holiday in about 12 years, so I'm looking forward to that unbelievable you got your passport.

Haven't got one of us so ticket for that radio today's one of the media partners for radiodays Europe having in Lisbon in March 2020 will see you there and we'll talk to you next time my indeed look at this stage because the interview this about job is very good.

I don't say this a lot but you're obviously you're very good at what you do which is why you do it and I don't the individual that is and I was I was there when I was talking to the upcoming guests and it's fantastic and you so thank you stew great interview everyone.

I'm sure you will agree once the third it so it keeps coming up after looking forward to my Christmas bonus on the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching.

Listening to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to an ex and lock and understand your content to buy onyx studio transforms everything about radio except the way it is the radio Today programme whereby the Christmas tree at the London Palladium and repulsive content director Absolute Radio and a couple of his talented present is there a champion and talk about Absolute Radio 10 was just went on her last week.

It was announced it appeared within hours actually wait until the decade was over before we launch the radio station and to be honest with you.

What's the point in announcing something that people can't hear and losing the momentum so we go to 8 and it was ready to go live the test transmissions we started everything was ready to go see how we went live at 10 and just decided I think it was Thursday we decide we going to announce and go live all on the same day.

And actually it was really nice to Dave at the end of his show go right.

It's on go listen and the thing is a bit different about tens vs.

Some of your other absolute decade stations as you are playing more poppy things and play Drake the rapper that equivalent from the 80s.

You wouldn't play what's great about tenses the poppies is the same as the Spice tracks we play on any of our other station, but I think what we want tends to be is a gateway into the Absolute Radio brand owners family, where do you live in Absolute Radio Times because the kids really love it because it's enough for them, but actually does enough kind of the Rock and indie the absolutes used to to playing so very much all of these patients should be a gateway to what absolute is the only you managed to fit in three different brands in one day weekdays, because you're on the main absolute station as well as 80s at lunchtime and then classic rock in the evening so do you change?

Acting how you are as a presenter with a fringe on Amazon music feel like when I'm on that station I fit into that brand, so I must subconsciously adapt slightly play classic rock hits the evening.

I'm playing slightly deeper playlist classic rock.

I will talk more deeply about the music.

Where is was an absolute 80s in the afternoon.

It's a much lighter.

So it's a bit more upbeat and it's perhaps referring to the music in a different way Sarah big fan of the 80s.

I know you're very excited about the 10th birthday celebrations.

What are you doing for the 10th birthday? We've got a lots of surprises in the 100 greatest songs of the 80s which is genuinely really interesting because I think for certain certain songs that you guys obviously that's number one for the 70s 80s because you're covering quite a broad range of music.

I don't think that's a clear winner and I think.

Between us what our favourite songs are it's quite telling because we've all pics very different songs of the 80s of a real house Ian decade for music and I think more than any other station that I've ever been on the 80s has real feel good factor people associated with good time there, so she ate it with you know all the glory days of youth where you have the real responsibility for all of the joys music more than any other thing can take you back to a specific point in your life.

I think and recently had Martin Kemp and shirlie.

Kemp in talking about how they together and how they used to have to send postcard to each others houses because it was pretty smart phones and pagers even you know there's something so lovely it's the second station.

I listen to at home next to Absolute Radio good mood booster.

I need a lift.

I go to the 80s everyday twice on Sundays

You can say that cos you're on classic rock you're not on 70s 80s and the only thing coming up next year.

It's going to be 20 years since she started at 1 Golden Square as well as it you making me go red.


Yeah definitely yeah, and I suppose I wasn't gonna tell anyone because I'm sorry I think it says something for your career because in radio you a long time ago people stayed at the same station long time and we had breakfast for 30 years at heritage commercial local radio stations that doesn't happen.

He says people move about their get fired.

You've not been fired.

So that says a lot about you as a presenter and I feel like the station really fits with what I do as a presenter in I'm just happy to be there and that's it really had Sarah must mention the border terrier.

Radio club because I've got a border terrier and Kate Lawler has one I'm going to need to see photos on your phone now Virgin radio's.

It was 14 years ago and I'll boss at the time and I'm never going to be late because there is only one Leona think it's really important that you bring your own sense of self come on now, but yeah, she is amazing and I think you know she's just universally acknowledged as the queen of rock there's so much.

From as well, so congratulations on your 20th anniversary.

Thank you as well as some of things that we've already talked about for the 10th birthday you giving away £80,000 latest vs.

90s night and you got some guy called Paul Gambaccini on your station.

Yeah, we wanted to make this a real big celebration.

Obviously almost one year after we celebrated absolute radio's 10th birthday.

What can we do? That? Is that is different this time so yeah, we're going to give away our biggest amount of money that we've ever given away which is exciting which will happen on The Breakfast Show bush and Richie are going to do a club night with 80s vs.

90s to decide the greatest decade and yeah, Paul Gambaccini is coming to join us for a week to host a series of special programs and and I'm really excited about this because Paul's been one of my broadcast heroes and the whole series came about because the absolute anyone can picture documentary series and then we make these programs and Nick pitch this idea of 80s tribes.

You know the kind of subculture.

Define the decade and we worked through this is great.

Yes, let's make it work through it and we worked out and had a meeting at what the present and needed to embody and what values we need is somebody who is authentic and a great voice and somebody who is there and I think we had this meeting on a Monday after I'd listen to Paul on Radio 2 on a Saturday and it was as simple as dropping him a couple of emails.

We had the station he came in on Friday recorded the programs.

I've heard a bit of them.

They sound as un imaginable Gambaccini programs sound and so yeah really excited that some people who will listen to absolute who maybe haven't heard the station before and understand that this is a really quality authentic product that really cares about radio and cares about program making presume.

You've got all the stations of your own that your program this week you listen to 100% magic Christmas yeah, cos we know you love Christmas I have been listening to this morning as well Sarah was on and I was really hoping that.

In the car driving to London Sarah it's fine, you need to check out the competition is going to believe that it's really good.

It's another example of our trying to do something different and trying to be bold and launch new products and I'm being that digital radio kind of Arena and space and you know the success of Magic chilled and mellow magic eye know that Tony and Sheena and everyone what kind of plotting this one and again it was it was gonna put on the radio on Thursday sounds great already and I know they've got really big plans for it.

So yes, we listen to absolute terms, but with a bit of space listen to musicals, Congratulations again, Leona and apologies for Embarrassing here today programme David Lloyd is here with more radio moments if you have got a special Christmas so be coming up there and you're still trying to work out the tentacles of how you gonna make it happen, then this might be of use to.

You should try something called cleanfeed.

It's great for obese is great for doing interviews with guests may be co-hosting a show from somewhere different to normal or recording a podcast with a load of gas in different places has been designed for radio people in for podcast as it's really simple to use and connect in live quality audio.

Just using a browser and even record within it as well clean feed won't cost you anything to get completely free version will just take a few seconds to sign up and get going with the first live interview recording or that special OB from Santa's grotto find out more at cleanfeed and changes are nothing new even on BBC local radio listen to this from this week 38 years and now I'm very sorry to say that BBC Radio Birmingham is closing down.

Yes, we are closing down and closing down for good but tomorrow radio WM takes to the air.

Your favourite programs and presenters and of course it would be louder and better than ever that radio WM the sound of local radio for the 1980s in tune with the West Midlands for 6:30 tomorrow morning with Alan dedicoat bringing you all the news and of course lots of information as well.

It was one day.

We were radio Birmingham the next we were radio WM was brand new to this radio, nobody really understand whatever they said we are always adding the words West Midlands felt like we were pioneering the start of BBC WM this week in 1980.

Another station which was to change its name in due course with this one as a great man said this is my truth.

Tell me yours.

What's this music speed through the geography criss-cross the Range rabbits rivers and Wild winds of our tiny massive country? This is a liberation mission this music welcomes all skins all voices for languages for music Bridges all device is New Beginning so god show me magic thank the lord Welsh creation inspiration and new generation the local boys and girls of the future will make their own design for life do chicken at home launch actually, it's beautifully done launching in South Wales this week in 2007.

It's now nation Radio Wales to Scotland which at last but it's fully fledged national BBC station this week in 1978.

Turn on the night for radio broadcasting in Scotland start today with the birth of Scotland's first national radio station the new Radio Scotland on 370 and VHF tonight here in the arena of Glasgow kelvinhall.

We celebrate our opening night.

You could always get anything on the time because it was on you until we got things like Beat The band on the the four-piece band turn up and say I want to be the band can they play this give a title if the bank today and they play if I could play them play something that sounded like the title or makeup on and the punter had to sing the song and then they were tiny flies 112 running at all.

Go to the start of Radio Scotland we just been Radio 4 updates until this week 41 years ago Alan Freeman's voice was used most distinctive heard on the light programme Radio 1 and 2 capital and Virgin Allen died this week 13 years ago and I think Barclay James Harvest I'm extremely lucky.

I started in 1952 and has Mania I did hear there to get some experience but I came back to the mainland and join the station called 3kz broadcasting service what I work for years.

I was 1029 and I thought if I'm going to see the other side of the world are really better start thinking about seriously about doing it now.

I probably will settle into middle age and stay here and have a good outside of Melbourne so for the trip with no prospects whatsoever of course you really became famous about three or four famous David Jacobs and how many more years do you think you could go and look well? I'm a great believer in you retire with a screw that has been going 45 years Stephen yeah, and they haven't found that but there's only one fluff Freeman Alan Freeman who died this week in 2006 Radio 1 and Radio 2 used to

Programming Wednesday afternoon in the afternoon Wednesday afternoon and you listening to it was on Radio 1 and 2 and of course next week Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton will be going their separate ways Tony on Radio 1 and David Hamilton radio these last days of joint broadcasting just slip Sliding Away three more days to go today Thursday and Friday and it each for each other no shared afternoon programmes on Radio 1 and 2 after this week 42 years ago.

I went out today is Radio 1 listeners with director Steve Wright so with Ralph Bernard resigning from 12 years ago it became too difficult to carry on for me.

I wasn't enjoying it internally the whole time the death of the world of one's Nick Clarke

sometimes said to be further from the sea than any time in England the end of the voice of Peace 26 years ago from somewhere in the Mediterranean please love and music is your voice 24-hour time the fascinating report published this week 26 years ago by the Henley centre commissioned by radios regulator and it's trade body is argue that transferring ready to the commercial sector would have a negative impact on existing commercial stations particularly Virgin Atlantic it said private eye is ready at 1 would be immensely generating 53 million in revenue, but the total radio revenue cake will only Grow by 22 million all those thoughts everything comes full circle in the

This week's radio moments Android decibel, Sylvester Sarah champion and Leona Graham this week and to you for listening every single week as you do so next week.

I think it's round table week.

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