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Read this: RadioToday Roundtable December 2019

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RadioToday Roundtable December 2019…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio playback at the elegant facilities of guilt-free studios in London's Soho it's time for the December roundtable, and let's see who is grounded.

I am Steve Ackerman the managing director of something else by radio consultant and Anna Media law expert.

I'm involved into stations fix radio for builders and tradespeople and a new podcast Radio and you are a luminary as a radio lumen and ability of a freelancer in host of the podcast freelance pod it's very good to have you all here and I'd like if I could just start with the audio production Awards which Steve

At so as I have a very positive vibe in the room.

It's a really positive evening there was a great spread winners in terms of faces different genders different types of programme makers, so that felt really good.

I think I think that's a really had a positive vibe in the room and I was interested to know that supposed to last year this year.

It's me that the vast majority of nominees were actually part of independent production companies or broadcasters as opposed to I think some of the previous years when they are quite a lot of freelancers and that mean maybe that had an impact on the on the sort of vibe in the room for you today, but they might work for the BBC tomorrow and they might work for lissenhall 7digital Thursday it's a very flexible labour market now it is a very flexible labour market and I think particularly podcasting is obviously exacerbated that because clearly it's very democratic and has the ability for anybody to reproduce something.

Passionate enough about it and so I think maybe what we've seen.

Previously is are some of those freelancers her out that sort of more democratic and as opposed to many people have got a bit of experience and do tend to work for a number of different forms of work completely valid, but I suppose the most exciting thing about it was just that this is a fantastic time for audio and it's great to see a really really thriving independent industry creating radio and podcast in all different forms.

So last year.

There was a bit of pushback from some people who said well.

It was a bit pale male and stale and speaking somebody represents all three of those I can say that this year was quite a bit different.

I think that is part of what gave you that energy is there in the room all the emails after the event last year, but they were emails suggest things that may be more diversity in the winners and then in one year there is such a lot of change which is really interesting that could happen so quickly and it goes.

Do that if you start talking about these issues think about who they promote in terms of you should be going up for awards and it gives people the courage as well and I think you're maybe put myself.

I think if you can't see someone like yourself out there that maybe you think it's not for me as this could change things baby in 1-year.

That is absolutely fine.

That's a great point about you know the point you just companies decided no actually we absolutely as a response to last year Isle policy that she was a 50:50 policy, so we said we will make sure that all the entries we put in our 50 50 ml female representation and that did that we did go to some of our patients who have put themselves forward and say that we really want to you and I'm sure other people did exactly the same.

I know there was also been moved on the judges on their to find more diverse and clearly that then he also has an indication on what sort of things as they deemed as award-winning audio, UK and full disclosure on its board, but we did try this year by using.

Who's the consultant in that area as she was on the podcast award to try and say if we broaden the range of Judges we might then broaden the range of winners and I think it did happen if you mention to someone baby.

You should apply that can change everything.

I think a lot of people especially freelancers.

You don't always get what feedback you make my own is a small steak that's that's what channel is take it back in a bit better as it has someone say.

Oh you're really good we really enjoyed that.

Can you enter that would be really meaningful to make sure you lots of different people come on let's get from entering.

Do you think the Arias is going to be the same well? I'll be an interesting challenge for the Radio Academy I mean as you probably know they were planning to pretty much the same time as the APS and they did right leave my view decided.

They had to postpone it.

So that means I haven't been Radio Academy Awards and 29.

Next year it's going to be in March and it's going to be at the Palladium David to me that feels a bit heritage.


Maybe maybe just in terms of its name, but I think the fact that they're holding in a large prestigious venues can be filled in that should lead itself to obviously.

Hope you will exciting night I suppose what's interesting for them as well.

Is is there any possibility they get 50% of commercial radio to join in so will will global enter this year.

I mean we're not hearing that they were and you're shaking your heads Paul Weller concert me in one of the categories on judging no global entry some would say that's a pity and that the I would definitely should step up and take part in if you were one of those people who used to go to the Sony awards and sat down stairs in the ground house and thought I don't really want to be part of this because it's all a bit establishment and you know how many.

What is he would not think that about this industry if you gone to the Apa should have thought wow.

This is really you know this is cutting Edge creative artistic environment very vibe and I think in a way maybe that doesn't calculate the difference between the sort of podcasting and and a new form of audio.

That's emerging and maybe more established commercial to take MOT but more studies radio programme making that's taking place you Know Podcast in Absolutely does allowing a wider array of Voices and that was absolutely reflecting on the 9th big singers dominating everybody's Minds of course and even if it's only trying to find a way to escape from it is the general election and I make no apologies for talking about it.

So you do is basically an expert on how we should cover politics and particularly at election times well as part of the General Election this.

Diva weather myself produced a downloadable thing from the website and very good it is a guide for just how radio stations should report things that are going on with some of that is kind of pretty dull but it's got to be done.

It's got to be done properly.

It's all about balance and fairness and impartiality you listen to the radio station is BBC and commercial.

What are you feeling this year in terms of how radio journalism is before I think the big difference.

I've just been reading John Humphrys book which came out a few weeks ago this actually so many politicians have been very well Media trained and that of course leads to a frustration from journalists and presenters because all the time and you see this everyday and don't hear it everyday politicians of voice.

Can I have a song that have so many techniques have been talked to them to avoid answering a specific question and that leads to frustration and presenters Germans and I would suggest listeners.

You might be one of the people who does some of this Media training but I'm not I would never close to do that as you don't do that.

I've never done me some sort of experience with your question with a particular party represented him.

You know but they're going to get brexit done.

Just as two years ago.

They said strong and stable they've been given these words to say on probably on the WhatsApp group.

Also if you get Media training.

It's probably from the people who have been made redundant from heart radio station or news for newspapers or where it is a couple of years ago.

That's all so bad that sort of evidence.

Get made redundant become a freelancer start training people so internal people going to change the game and start questioning politicians a different way start thinking about the politicians entire personal brand is online stop fighting other ways to get the maybe something less confrontational draw something better out.

What is the long form interview away you do find out more rather than the short form going to have to her you we running out of time interview which we all hear a lot of never seems to get a famous example of this is a Nick Robinson interview on Radio 4 usually it doesn't tell you a great deal by Nick Robinson interview on his own podcast thinking often reveals all sorts of stuff about the People's talking to you again.

That's that goes to the heart of one of the classes of podcasting.

Offensive obviously you're not limited by time.

You can be a frequent you want I mean from enough.

I think one of the hallmarks of this election is the you can in a different way you see number of podcasts that I can't do the same thing that they can take their time to explore an issue.

So people like the ft in the Guardian they releasing Weekly or maybe two or 3 times a week podcast where they can examine an issue in quite deep and also step back from it's a look at it 2 or 3 days later rather than that sort of new site will also give you a completely different feel and of course it's worth remembering that podcast governed by any kind of rule set up in order to ensure balance of fairness and impartiality so they can actually be quite opinionated and that's one of the great things about podcast you can almost say what you like as long as it was when I was going to ask you about this if the prime minister for the sake of example goes on your radio show and says our Queen

Beach was not passed when it was that is, why is it legitimate for us as journalist presenters to say hang on the lie of course well, because we don't I think one of the reasons is that in the heat of the moment a journalist or a presenter isn't necessarily able to sort of access.

What's been said by politician in the past.

It's usually things like I know the Today Show on Radio 4 has a fat checker.

They do to be with him at 8:50 every day and it's at that point that you can extract what is and what isn't a lie or a truth but I wonder if it's because we have been brought up to the civil discourse needs to be polite so we don't say actually matey.

That's a complete fit we say yes, but on the other hand.

We can pull back and it's all done with the greatest possible respect and all those kind of person tell her to John Humphrys hotel that to make Robinson and I think they probably disagree already know who does the extremely forensic interviews with politicians where he does try and catch out lies and untruths and things that aren't quite right.

It's not necessarily available to everyone at that moment when the interview is taking place.

It's only after about that a fact check can be run.

What do you think of the way that these issues which are obviously quite complicated are covered in the sky News for commercial radio will the kind of tiny bean and a half 2-minute bulletins of the useful way of of trying to encapsulate those big stories for people.

I think it is it's difficult I've always said that then I will say this if I do any training that it's far.

How to write a tight 2-minute bulletin than it is to write a son of a 5 10-minute to package to explain something and so trying to encapsulate what's been said the new story that goes on those bulletins is a difficult task but I think it's it's obviously a necessary one but there you don't have the space and two going to the rights and wrongs.

It's simply reporting process and you mentioned the rules that Govern reporting in media and broadcast Media which don't apply in podcasting or in the press.

It would be helpful Steve if we had a few more kind of Sean hannity you know we had a bit more opinion on the radio in question, isn't it? I mean we certainly obviously have that within the podcast maybe one can argue.

We do we are trying to get there on the radio.

Obviously with people like Nigel Farage James O'Brien the other way Ferrari you know definitely pushing it in the UK

Something actually the BBC has sort of kind of been caught out on a bit.

I mean you know when you look at what LBC has done.

It's actually really impressive impressive at the same time.

I do feel a little bit uncomfy when you hear some shows that are based on the radio doing what social media does which is the echo chamber of just a particular worldview being repeated we could get warheads with radio presenters on LBC James O'Brien vs.

Eddie may I don't know it.

Just having James O'Brien vs.

Nigel Farage I would pay good money to see that.

Thank you very much for that.

This is the December edition of the rain today roundtable will pause for a commercial.

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word caller and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it sound like a chakrabarti is here.

So Steve Ackerman and so is Paul Chandler and let's discuss now podcast Radio because we've discussed radio and podcasting wonder if I'll ever be a radio station that plays podcast the concept so let's say that personal explain podcast Radio Hour will be launching in January on DAB Plus in London little play podcast 24-hours a day from the listeners point of view.

It's all about discuss.

Sampling podcast from a podcast this point of view it's all at a shop window and it's an opportunity to Showcase what people do I think radio is a great way to talk about how to publicise podcast we're going to have a POD jock.

July got it sound of no you don't I know you wouldn't it's a cross between a DJ and a continuity announcer the link for podcast do reviews go to interviews with creators and I'll do chats and things like that.

Ok, so the thing we know about podcasting is that it's near the thing we know about broadcasting isn't so do I want an aggregator of podcast from all over the place or are you going to say actually this is for under 25s or over 45 women or have a particular audience in mind know I think we're going to be an aggregator.

I think that there are 800000 Live podcasts out there people are.

Desperate to find a trusted voice that they can go to for recommendations and you know I think from my conversations with podcast as I don't know about the two difficult to get Discovery from people if you don't get a write-up by Miranda Sawyer or in the Sunday Times or what have you in varied for people to get what to listen to so our venture is simply an opportunity to tackle that problem I could do you want to be on it? Yeah? Yeah, will she get paid no, I've already had this conversation right so you're an entrepreneur.

Thank you Trevor what are they doing this?

He said no I said what have you got to have it polite and understanding in terms of the probability that is still an issue for podcasting radio station it definitely feels slightly and intuitive in the in the sense of obviously the point of podcasting It's On Demand and so do I think lots of love turn on hoping to sort of find a podcast? I'm just not quite sure because I just not sure that is the pattern of behaviour of podcast listening and even though discoverability is still poor compared to On Demand TV United to Netflix and Amazon Prime it is still better than if you try and find a radio show this of Interest you might even trying to find something on BBC sounds of event broadcasting BBC Radio Ulster possible to find a good way to discover something.

Where is in I can go to hell on Spotify look up a genre.

I like and I can find top-performing forecast in that's wrong.

I'm going to give them a listen.

Challenge to make it an engaging entertaining listen which is why we created the positive never and actually better with repetition.

Sorry about that, but the PJ that come together and be together with a common theme that a big Challenge for us and we don't underestimate that I take what Steve says I understand what he says but he didn't answer my question that we're not aiming specific demographic.

It's like BBC One or like Radio 4 or lighter.

It's a station which will provide a whole variety of different listen.

I don't go to consultant would tell me that I would work if you for example.

I was using example of the Sunday Times you have a home section a travel section a business section and

Blah blah blah, so they will be the schedule will be built around themes, and we'll put different podcast true Crime one as well.

So what do we think of this as an idea that we're hearing which is the BBC is thinking about applying for permission to launch brand extensions in an absolute radio style, so you might get radio one hit for you might get Radio 2 80 s or something should I be allowed to do that? I don't think the BBC should be in a position where they duplicating successful commercial radio Services I'm sure the big radio groups wireless power and global have something to say about that and I'm sure radiocentre wood as well and you know why the BBC when they got their worried about over 70 licence fees in the money that they considering launching these type of brand extension stations is your company and probably be making some of these services May

You know if I step back from that I mean actually the BBC's got a long history of doing is having anyway you think back to the 90s and you think to radio launched and Sunday lunch 5 live on sunrise radio Asian Network I mean you know the BBC has a long history radio have not actually being great innovators.

I just think the difference that happened on the Landscape now.

Is that you got some very big powerful commercial companies which you didn't have back then and I think they are you know global and Barrel these are impressive businesses and they're not going to stand for anything on something.

They see something is going to threaten them on innovators that the commercial radio side have to come in phases.

Cos I can see the money coming in or going out if they're not elevated.

It's probably because they don't think that figures in money for years.

I had to give evidence Commons committee and I got a very nasty response to my evidence from a senior member of the BBC he took me to Task that the commercial.

People that always innovating and I use as an example the reading out of the football results for the BBC would never do this before the wall but Radio Luxembourg and the Normandy you found out who won the games and more to the point you draw them so you can you pause coupon, so that's why for many years the BBC's and also reading out horse racing results which you always thing for The Corporation to do but no they've always been influenced by that of course being despite radio so it does feel a bit like some tanks on put some of ours or theirs.

I think I'd like to see the BBC trying something you in that is a public service broadcaster is really in the children's area you know that that has been the one and you know I'm sure Matt Deegan and fold them for that, but when you think about public service that is.

Surely there should be something created by the BBC and possibly for old people I speak as one as increasingly is records to my children and thinking where you know where I'm going to call me the elderly but you know what I mean as part of the same graphic with my proudly held senior citizens railcard, which are used for the first time the other day.

Yes, I totally agree with you.

No more for the children and more for the crumbly evergreens a long will find out what are distinguished guests have been listening to the radio today round table in a minute first a script read from our friends at clean.

I said a great thing to try out over the festive period if perhaps your present and needs to be in a different place to usual to present their Show live or maybe you've got some last-minute Christmas obies on the horizon.

And you haven't yet sorted out the technicals cleanfeed has been designed for people who work in radio and podcast as well and it's really simple to connect live decent quality audio.

Just using your browser to do that OB or an interview for your show or may be co-hosting from somewhere different to normal cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started will just take you 30 seconds to sign up and within minutes.

You'll be doing a live interview or recording find out more about it clean feed dotnet chakrabarti and your body for the day.

We're doing the December round table for Radio today and we'll find out what everybody is be listening to two choices.

Let's not with your first joined by transport for all its he's just left fresh air Productions

And the production company of the year 1 gold last week.

She did have to be lifted onto stage because there wasn't a ramp at the BFI and the theme of This podcast I think it's become quite well known and going to be seeneys from talking about on Twitter how buses will just go past her after she's been holding down a job as a career and it did make me think how do you do that use a wheelchair in London how do you order a crib? She thought as she is hosting it.

She speaks another person who uses a wheelchair and take them on a journey across London with all the associated problems that they face things to think about and go for a swift half pint.

Have you really deserve and the first person she speaks to come out and it's Mick silver is a journalist broadcaster in the 60s motorbike the 80s and it's when you get the really deep important stories.

He talks about having very low in his life his spine shattered at one point and that's why.

Using wheelchair and he never thought you get married and have a family who have a life really and you just don't hear the stories many own place.

I'm Katie planet and this is how we got here the new podcast from leading disability rights charity transport for all I'll be chatting to a disabled person on public transport on route day going to stay with me stories from the life what they've learnt the activism and I learn how things have changed for disabled people in the UK and just how far they have gone to request assistance and I overheard one member self-catering Suites and you have no guarantee that any point you won't actually get someone banned on your lap people tend because of my age to want to protect me more once they get to know me then.

I think my life has been a succession of those I'm going to pick a radio show radio today podcast picking a radio show but this is Jack in Oxford and a very local station very creative they won lots of awards in the past and their breakfast show is called the morning glory with the Trevor and Rich they were approached by days in Jurys Inn I've got the branding wrong.

Obviously work then obviously work Jurys Inn to do a promotion and they turn the morning glory into the snoring 12-hour live broadcast overnight from 21 to 9 a.m.

They were in their pyjamas in the hotel reception in a bed DJ Zinc

Is the what they were talking about the second mention of PJ wonderful it was interactive I get some x-rated stuff after midnight.

I did some really funny things and I like to come to me the winners here everyone in for the Promotion the radio station because they are you from it and Alyssa's because it was really interactive and really local I thought it was excellent.

What's the weirdest thing you've you stayed up all night long for definitely definitely parties party all the time not too far away for me and West London enrichment and when we're still 17 18.

We stayed up all night long and kitchen parks in parks and playground equipment the witches hat very famous in playgrounds.

Every Friday night for about 6-months that is never come out your mouth, so what's the weirdest thing you said up for a meal for two with wine and Marcos here here for a long time.

Yes going to need some Tucker yeah.

I put myself into a restaurant.

I've literally my reservations in like 5-minutes already had my first day is one of the things that I think you are able to do in the podcast space really worries if you take the time to explore an issue in depth and is a new podcast out which I've heard the first episode of that was really fascinating.

It's Ronan farrow.

Who is one of the journalist who broke the Harvey Weinstein story and he was writing for the New Yorker and the podcast is called to catch and kill the same as book he's got out but the

He's taken on it is it does tread the boards on the story of the Weinstein case but it's really as angle is to look at the networks that protects men like Weinstein so the first episode about the Mossad operatives who were still at the behest of Harvey Weinstein it's a great listen.

I'm looking forward to in the rest of the series will happen next felt like I was in a John le Carre novel or something we agreed to meet at a restaurant in Manhattan but when I got there this person didn't show instead my phone rang the car already said accident again.

It was with what sounded like it might be a Russian accent.

He told me what I was wearing and said he needed to make sure that we weren't being followed he instructed me to leave the restaurant walk against traffic for several blocks and then sit down in the back of a different restaurant that was when I first met you go or ostrovsky a private investigator.

Me watching me for weeks this guy.

I don't think I was going to be forward but I thought you might be too just in case we had to take some steps to avoid being seen together that sounded far and it's interesting isn't it that that kind of journalism where you the journalist are part of the story was something we were all told not to do in broadcasting.

You know that was one of the rules such as you are not the story you to you withdraw from that and you just say what the facts are and your next choice is going to be the Dimbleby son King which is made my Steve company is another example and perhaps even more remarkable because this is the great BBC voice David Dimbleby suddenly being liberated one field and that BBC constraint and what a voice as well yesterday produced or is a six part of produced by Joe Sykes of something else beautiful.

I'm not just saying that can be sitting next to me that he had nothing to do with just the right amount of Music News beautifully David Dimbleby does a fantastic job I must admit and I'll let you into a little secret hear that David Dimbleby is my sometime see partner on the 907 am from Polegate Sussex up to London Victoria and we exchanged pleasantries and he's a very low tech guy he uses an old Nokia phone.

He uses a spiral bound notebook eReader books and newspapers so pleased to hear he's doing a podcast but it is really superb and it's about when he took over the hill.

It's about the Wapping dispute and for anyone in the media and I started in newspapers and and I still have that romance of newspapers in my head from the late 70s where you heard the the press is.

The building iPhone it fascinating take to get into the mind of Rupert Murdoch who is now in our industry is the ultimate owner of wireless group the UK and is now in the radio industry is a famous Hollywood from the 1920s and 1930s and like all the multiples of that you build a modern mansion on top of a Hill at Benedict Canyon way above the flat Plains of Los Angeles Valley in naturally be inevitably that's the house that Rupert Murdoch but when he replanted himself in the United States in the late 1980s had a meeting with Rupert Murdoch Australian Media Mogul Who at the time was trying to establish a new television network in the US we had a lovely dinner probably probably read me.

Murdoch turns to read instead of you ever been to London I said yes, I did the London and you said will in your country.

You don't have lots of different content for lots of audiences.

You just have this one vanilla middle-of-the-road try to please everyone form of medium and that's the same as ABC CBS and NBC they all just imitators of each other I said OK I'll get the difference.

He said well.

I'm going to take the British news stand model one newspaper for every niche audience and I'm going to have that become the way the media industry in the United States is organised and so I'm going to have a fourth broadcast network and it wouldn't distinctly have its own unique and so the Fox Network was born came of age and 22 years later that network.

Elected president on the BBC Radio 4 Extra podcast Radio Hour with Amanda I was on the last episode was just went out last Friday and the theme was Live podcast shows a radio service dedicated to podcast I've just been talking about that with only this is this is a show is station you think it works quite long eclipse aren't they are quite long as it's an hour-long show me think sometimes what we said before about podcasting is a storytelling medium and sometimes you need quite a long clip to get a real sense of so I'm going to be spending time in if I listen to the podcast.

I think it's important to the podcast with the audio with a good sense of that storytelling personally got there so I picked about this idea about my face because I've been doing quite a few she's been doing some good luck gets wet.

Going next really interesting about the relationship between the podcast host and the listener.

So this is about doing what for instance joining fee of them with fortunately we go out and do it yeah, and it's interesting.

I write my own shows to take your show which is just order and think what the audience has just come to listen to us.

They paid the money then left the house this evening so what's visual and interactive? What can I give them back from the podcast Radio Hour hello and welcome to podcast Radio Hour with me and delivering today.

We're going to be taking a look at podcast live shows loads of them are popping up at events and festivals around the country now where you can see your favourite podcast is doing their thing in the flesh will be asking some of those podcast how they adapt their show into a live environment to choose Ben Partridge from the beef and dairy network podcast as not really a podcast at all if they show version.

ISO Triumph against the podcast ready and we'll be speaking to the promoter Ollie catapult from wave festivals about what event organizers are looking for and what is audiences really get us branches of Life comedy industry with people taking a chance on things and presenting it well in a city that is surrounded by life culture it gives a good opportunity to try for the first time that Steve so my final choice is the official podcast for the Crown which I have to declare we make the reason I wanted to speak about this because I think really indicative of a companion podcast that we've seen in 2019.

So what we saw in 2018 was lots of podcasts about TV shows and an old TV shows but it seems to be from fans who were speaking about the shows and you see now the TV producers latching onto this and realising they are sitting on additional content and obviously something has marketing value.

Chernobyl did it brilliantly earlier in the year HBO made by pineapple Street Brooklyn

The Cranleigh takeaway similar approaches we are speaking with the actors and actresses, but really the focal point of the podcast are the programme makers and the writer Peter Morgan and if you are fond of the program, it's really deep dive into it in a really significant way, it's clip from the Crown from actor Jason Watkins who plays Prime Minister Harold Wilson bond with the Queen as well as his embarrassment over the economic downturn during his time in office as a rather brilliant economist it hurt him but he was unable to prop up the pound and so it was a crisis of economics and a personal crisis and senior and me personally we also hear from me Salzburg who speak in detail about the economic situation in the UK in 1967 as well as the evolving powers of the Crown she could free opera singers.

She could be in the army, but she can't because the minute she does that it's not a democracy as it's coming up to Christmas I'm going to give myself a little present and I'm going to pick something up my favourite podcast of this year might possibly be entered by the Sun came, but probably not is Dolly Parton's America I don't know whether this is shadow album Ground series about well.

It's loosely about Dolly Parton it's really about Dad's about his family.

Isn't it? And it's just beautifully put together work as you would expect from somebody from his radio and background check this feeling like I had been here before.

It was something like deja-vu but not quite.

Any more like a rhyme with one memory rhymes with another.

When a British Summer came and got me was like what the hell man.

Let's go crazy.

I was driving up here except for my dad's for the village in an ounce of Lebanon Street almost exactly 20 years are there with my dad for a wedding when I was just getting in a recording sound recorder with me at all when in the day after the wedding my dad is giving us up the mountains to show us the village where he was born and raised a little village called the ladies wear literally half the village has her last name.

Tie up in the mountains actually the exact same elevation as the model is the air that has that exact same thing is to it and we Gotta see his house.

It looks like that when I saw her house.

I told him but later it would be instantly of your house is almost identical like Daddy tell me who you are just so I have your introduction father when your when you what you do.

Otherwise, I didn't expect you to put an interview with my dad episode about a visit to Dallas Tennessee mountain home Dolly Parton's America and that's just about it.

We will be back in January with another round.

So in meantime Happy Christmas but anybody got any other business for we go sleep not from apart from Happy Christmas Happy Christmas happy holidays to all listening happy holidays and tune into podcast Radio in the new year 80s music has been powerful weaponry for UK radio beyond its original life.

It's just a generation of a CV format is not a popular format in its own right.

It's 10 years this week since Absolute Radio close the extreme spin-off in London and launched Absolute 80s told me to the dogs.

Absolute 80s Absolute 80s radio has not ruled out launches digital stations 80s was originally online and it landed on div but then you may have heard that Absolute 80s is now not just available in London on DAB digital radio but also right across the entire United Kingdom you're probably going to need to retune your radio and his out at the moment.

You might have noticed that where I used to say 80s on your dial it now says Absolute 80s temp if that's what you see then.

It's time to retune and it's really easy of course every radio set is slightly different but in general.

Are you talking with the audience of these days of 1.8 million seems like folk founded.

It's always good to look back to the early signs of things that are now Commonplace

amazing audiences by making the most of your frequencies and differentiation listening to test transmissions for Britain's newest commercial radio station with people new programs and more music will start broadcasting on this frequency keep listening for the sound of the 90s and the 80s the only FM transmitters for Portsmouth Southampton operated by ocean sound and they had a decent overlapping coverage, so they split them leaving ocean and a new light FM on the one hand and creating a thrusting new FM on the other side of things to come and music to talking 24-hours a day every day on 103 FM

31 years ago and the power was famously to be early home for little Scott Mills power Galaxy down capital and Galaxy was very nearly the name given to the slickest of the offshore pirate stations in the 60s it became radio London and that's a shame began test translations this week in 1964 from a ship called the and the Galaxy weather London

Retentive early steps in advance of the launch property of your shell play Radio London this week 55 years ago and a station was to be the inspiration for radio one.

Can it really be 7 years since the prank call that almost ended all prank a call from Today FM in Sydney to the Duchess of Cambridge treated in hospital in London this condition that she has is often attached to women that having twins.

Maybe not one but two royal baby.

I would rather pump out like a couple of time makes it easier.

I think so special and a martial with beheaded phone number alright and we have been told that this phone number is the hospital they Kate Middleton

Trouble you don't want to meet up we can maybe get on the radio tonight.

I mean everybody would be well.

This is why I thought of a call which began has sequence of events which ended in tragedy this week in 2012 next week.

See you another General Election 1923 that we had the very first proper UK radio election coverage.

It was also the last time.

We had a December election before the current one at the time a Conservative Prime Minister want to strengthen his grip but liberals and labour produced a hung Parliament headquarters of the BBC they were irradiated to millions of listeners home and Abroad behind the scenes in the studio into the microphone at intervals to put the news on the app.

US election results adamant was doing nicely prominently in its program this isn't the cat's whisker and this and then without collecting to mind his hole in the road that ran from citizenship over circumstances that program continued until the morning we had further elections in 1924 and 1924 saw the first party political broadcast to the results were just between items in a music program that it wasn't until 1981 that we had a separate program.

Just for election coverage.

That was highlighted on the cover of the radio times, but they still played a bit of Abba when they weren't any results coming in.

Charge by Ben wasn't keen on politics.

He said it was the cringing pursuit of popularity and he also thought it a potentially dangerous subject for The Corporation to cover so with Gary Davies making his Radio 1 debut 37 years ago and famous for mini quotes earthquake heard on here in Anchorage on k fqd this week last year only weather will get information on this week's podcast.

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