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Read this: Will Amazon deliver a revolution in sports media?

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Will Amazon deliver a revolution in spor…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 the London Suburb of Crystal Palace was once home to John Logie Bairds revolutionary TV studios last night and at the moment in broadcasting history was made their Crystal Palace vs.

Bournemouth at Selhurst Park to sort my first match days 1995.

Where's the first Premier League game to be not televised on a traditional TV channel it was broadcast or rather streamed on Amazon Prime so what is going on? Is it a one-off marketing stunt by Amazon to attract Christmas shoppers to its prime service or something much bigger up to answer this question time others I've got a very eminent panel Jake Humphrey BT Sport presenter.

Jake will talk in a bit about your production can be good afternoon when it comes to your on-screen duties, I read that your initial career inspiration.

Yeah, that's right.

Yeah, what was it about disease presentation that really could do with a boy one of the things.

I love about my job right is it is visceral 99% of what we doing? Are you can't plan so it's not like a show you go and you got the autocue your cough and scriptwriters.

You are reacting to what happens and I think the people that stand out for being good.

I'm really really good and bad days was able to stand out shows his brilliant and I'm sort of if I can be a good I'll be very happy the Pigeon speed at the media as well true that 16 you got fired from McDonald's for not having any communication skills that is correct yep, that was it was a baby that particular day.

You got your phone was cooking chips for 8 hours straight most days, so I wasn't I said to the guy who I meant to be communicating with what is going on here, but my dad no don't listen to this little village in Norfolk wrote a letter of complaint to them.

Get me to be fine not my confidence a bit but what do Stoke Holy Cross Upper Stoke Holy Cross very good having with us and very good.

Have you this is the offside rule and tell me about your podcast was the inspiration for it.

It was a moment of sexism on Sky Sports actually the Richard Keys and Andy Grey incident where they had a go at me and said that she didn't have the offside rule and so we used to be called the offside rule we get it in brackets, and it just came from needing have a voice is heard it came from being sick of sitting in front of autokeys and reading off what other people thought the news was and also wanting to have an opinion back in those days Mrs 2012.

There was a real lack of women having opinions about football and about sport and so we just thought we'd have a chat and fill that gap in the next 26 minutes looking forward to.

Consumer lead at the consultancy ampere analysis which basically means companies pay huge amounts of money for her advice.

Just let me know you're talking to this.

What did you make them since debut last night as a football streaming.

I haven't watched a lot of money because it's all behind TV so it was really nice to have something that was quite accessible.

I thought was pretty slick it went really well.

It's great to see Gabby Logan presenting as well.

I love her a lot.

So you won't be really enjoyed it look like that started broadcasting in for you.

Do that at tiktok is an app that we're going to be talking a lot more on the media show in 2020 is Chinese owned of course.

It's the fastest growing social media app now has about half a billion users by the way is tiktok tiktok makes money is from technical virtual gifting, but it is sometimes controversial revenue stream, and yes say it and out some new rules around it it all comes after a B&B in.

My very distinguished colleague Joe tidy he's the BBC's megabrain and cybersecurity Report he's here now Joanne the election stuff later on.

Thank you for your time today.

Let's start with the basics virtual gift.

What is it? It's wear if you're a fan of a certain creator of TiK ToK aurora YouTuber or twitch streamer.

You can give them a little bit of money sometimes it spent some time as pounds in the case of TiK ToK the most you can gift someone £49 worth and you buy the currency through the app so through the Play Store or the iOS app store and then you exchange that for certain gifts on tiktok for example the biggest gift you can give someone is called a queen and it's £49 and your family that lots of kids are sending this to tiktok stars that over the course of a few months.

I was watching live streams take place and what we would see is that there were two craters on there who are being really friendly and charming whenever they got a gift.

They said thank you and then occasionally they would say don't have anymore, but there were more even more people who was saying please.

Give me more gifts and in some cases, they were exchanging.

Phone numbers or their private Instagram account, so they can message people and the user's they are very young and I saw a 2 of two examples where a text to TiK ToK who were very popular millions of followers they persuaded someone who I believe is about 13-14 in both cases to give over £150 in a case in space without a couple of minutes in exchange for effectively attention.

Everything is everything in China than it is over here.

How did not respond to your story there is interesting because tiktok is obviously from China is a Chinese company bytedance on it and china in Neath is very much more gifting is a much more accepted form of currency and much more accepted form of social media in the Western world.

That's Leicester case you sit on Twitch a lot.

You had a gaming platforms which certainly on tiktok tiktok moving so fast and it's now got such a big audience in the UK it's going all the time is the first real case you haven't seen this type of gifting process B&B question.

Tiktok effectively, they told me back in I think it was delivered to the investigation.

They said we weren't aware this was happening and we can look into it and they told me then off the record that then they were going to make some changes as a result and now we found out yesterday.

They making those changes and within the next three weeks globally tiktok will no longer allow under 18s to buy or receive gifts station platforms racing also questions that responsibility regulations.

We hear a lot about you know I've not conversations about the way from the studio.

It was a story this week about it take the meeting to suppressing videos produced by users as having a disability as an extraordinary case of any sort of Blunt all they saw a problem the problem was that people with disabilities were posting videos and then getting trolled and on the platform by people who were being nasty horrible things about the way they look the way they act so tiktok decided to make another isn't and make human decisions by the team at tip top.

A person who for example looked like they had its ability or accident at that point for disability.

They would suppress the video so they made it so that those videos only received over 10000 views and effectively suppressed and not allowed to go viral and would tiktok almost all the views on tiktok come from the algorithm that says hey we should we think you'll like these types of videos.

Why don't you watch this video so when you're on that for you.

They got it for you section your videos don't really get seen so far lot of creators who have disabilities and a lot of people have disabilities who just like to share videos.

It was a real blow and it's been widely Condemned of course.

I should imagine by disability charities as a video of a moderate about the uyghurs.

Yes this was an interesting one 17-year old for Rosie as posted on her tiktok account she started the video doing and was it look like a makeup videos she was curling eyelashes and explaining how to do that side of makeup application and then she suddenly put that down and said I'm going to talk to you about the the oppression of the uyghur Muslim population in.

And she said now that she did not deliberately to get past the moderators on tiktok, but after they after video is picked up and went viral Elsewhere and was shown across the media light dance the company that started to act and it took her down there suspended our account and they said it was because of something else and then he said it wasn't because of something else it was because that and it was a really I think it's fair to say it wasn't very very well.

I can put their hands up and they said that they didn't act appropriately in that case but it kind of points to this situation where you've got a big Chinese social media network that is trying to become bigger is trying to become more accepted in the Western world particularly yet.

It's still have to conform to certain ideology so for example.

Don't upset the Chinese government and we going to get more and more these sorts of issues come up the app gross plenty more on the story energy from you in 2020.

Thank you so much for your time so appreciate it is totally BBC cyber security reporter whose investigation that those massive changes.

Is the latest football debut as a channel of football channel in the UK last night here's the first ever Amazon Prime goal from Amazon delivered peach that sounds the same as any other Premier League match and perhaps is the point so what to make of a shopping giant retail giant moving in on live sports broadcasting is it a one-off or the future? What did you make it too much last night? Had a do you think it looked and sounded much the same as you get on and any other rival channel is BT Sports Sky Sports or anywhere else.

I think it was a better experience on your mobile.

I watched most of last night on my phone and I really like the fact that I could see lineups and stats and if you went onto stats you had a breakdown of of gold videos you have little facts so

I'm a real sucker for kind of finding out detail and I love analysis around getting said that was a really good support for me and resource availability of course to turn off the commentary as well, which is a bit different so you don't have to the commentary you can hear the live sound from the stadium.

So do you think that the Amazon to put the emphasis on innovation that all we are trying to look reassuringly similar, can I look reassuring you actually just automatically trustee providers of from BT Sport Sky Sports whoever it might be I think that they were probably trying to look just the same as everyone else with the bit of an edge with with you know perhaps better advances in mobile technology in were going to be watching stuff on my mobile is more than ever kids are going to be watching things on tablets and mobiles more than a normal TV that's already happening.

So it was a wise move from them.

I thought to look at the labour market and pay lots of attention to it and tonight.

They got six matches on the go very different Technical Centre

This is this is just saying if you want go Centres in innovation in the UK for American ideas that right.

Yes, oh because Amazon's going to be across every single Live gaming that is how they are different that is going to be falling on and then something like that over the Christmas period as well, but that is their names so your school centre.

I suppose or match centre is going to be a cross everything because you're going to need to be because your notes of simulcasting so many different games at the same time with the same kick off saw with overlapping kick-off.

You going to need something to stay in control of it and as I understand it.

There'll be a this school centre on every single match day keeping across things let me know I said technical thing this is give much thought to what is actually involved in producing the internet technology is to Live Internet events tonight is going to be enormous in UK

Not be done before I tested the waters with their ATP tennis and you know they had a few issues last year with that lot of the streams went down etc.

So they can be used as a bit of testing point tonight it went a lot better but tonight they have never experienced anything like it because a lot of these big streaming giants they obviously have capabilities and strong technologies technological capabilities, but TV show you're never going to have millions of concurrent users users at the same time the way Amazon might have protected itself is because they have got a spread of games and you got two quite big games tonight.

You got the Merseyside derby, and you got Man United v.

Spurs so actually was spreading them out across a few games as opposed to you say sky would have expected 2 million for the Merseyside derby.

BT would have got over 1 million so you're not necessarily going to have volume, so that actually might help them out quite a lot as a punters of you and what have you made of performance so far.

They did a good job and I can't have to say that because I was just produced by the company that produced.

Technical partner, but they did a good job that they've got these for a couple of days and I got Boxing Day so it would be the worst thing in the world to come and try and revolutionize the way that we watch covered in this country when I get a couple of sort of hits a season 7 years ago.

We were doing exercise presentation every game people saying I walk down the street that you haven't got a studio.

I don't like that and now and I like it when you're down pitch Side because people don't like interchange.

They will be slowly fed up over time but the reality is you even on bring up on BT Sport and when I finally like 3040 times 50% of you as a watching on the app now.

They're on the go with a non-linear traditional way, so things are going to change and it's about making sure you're at the forefront of the change.

I think that's just something that didn't work quite so well, was that we were?

All the lights we were going goes on Amazon after we were getting alerts on our phone.

So that's something that they have people particularly tonight when there's six games going on you know you basically need to spend time with what's what's been posted to you from other apps and motivation in December I think it was a smaller Premier League package.

It was where they could get their toes in and test this out there also being able.

They are able to offer an audience at the Premier League can't capture so from our research.

We know that there's 46% of everybody likes to watch the Premier League don't have Sky or BT of everybody who ask Amazon Prime customers over a third of them.

Don't have BT or Sky either so Amazon's able to open entirely different audience and it's like what he was saying you know people watching in different ways now, so a lot of sports who don't relate to younger audiences as well.

This is getting it's an avenue for the premiere.

Build up those younger fans as well.

How does Amazon make money over there at the moment a lot of their stuff is going to come through the advertising slots which they selling at two or three times the price of what Sky and BT are selling and be able to people to sell their products on Amazon because what they are.

Offering is the ability to get data on how many people have seen your ad on Amazon and then have clicked through to buy so lot of them will come through the shopping Avenue and getting data off people as well.

So I got a new prime.

You know that is December people using prime to get Christmas presents can get a free trial 39 million for that package.

So yeah, it is relatively a lot smaller than what BT and sky home line.

Ok, listen to a podcast.

Is it a little bit weird at some point with Sky BT Sport Is Gonna Come and business description for tea, then going to have a shower out another another subscription and that's the downside and it depends how much of a steak Amazon have for me the Sky Sports format feels pretty tired and it's been going for a long time and they've been working hard to try and catch up.

I guess where technology is gone to the market as well.

You know for me as a woman.

I have to say I have an Amazon Prime subscription loads of my mates.

Have it as well.

It's the efficient way to shop if you've got kids and it's a costume party and you haven't got the Superman outfit.

What do you jump onto Amazon Prime New Order it quickly so I think Amazon do you have access to a different audience and certainly for me? I'm on the go loads and I would definitely watch it as I did today via my mobile.

Where is I wouldn't necessarily watch Sky or BT by mobile Megazord Media cheeses that you've had in the show this year said things like.

Supermarket, but they got a very simple structure your own stuff and said it director consumer and it's been about UEFA offering a direct-to-consumer streaming service for the Champions League in some countries Media for you.

Put your commercial Helen if you are the Premier League UEFA why do with tech giants and TV shows one of the staff will send it down consumers take out the fridge and take out the middlemen for me so I can wear my commercial hat from my sort of football perspective we have to be really careful about is that we don't end up in the position where you're selling things directly to the consumer and a lot more people want to buy liverpool-manchester, United and Spurs subscriptions and want to buy Watford Norwich and Fulham subscriptions for example because then you will end up with a really uneven playing for the beauty of the Premier League at the moment.

Is that they taking the broadcasters and a distributed evenly among the 20 clubs is that is that is the magic of believing.

That is why it is as competitive and successful.

It is and you have to be super careful Premier League is great.

Biggest exports you just be careful messing around with it too much but at the same time things have to progress.

Just don't stack up they learn so much from the TV right that if they were to try and make that money back by going direct to consumer you can end up charging even if it's a £25 a month in the UK the amount of people that they would need to that would be about three quarters of people who are willing to pay for Premier League currently sky only convert about 50% of those and it's every single person in the UK who has access to a fixed line broadband internet connection and like the technology the technology side of it.

Just doesn't stack up to talk about this is from what time for TV is that we have it your fellow this for production companies film you were hugely successful TV presenter when you said that you didn't need another job so

I am by nature a bit of a risk taker and I always need challenges.

I get kind of bored quite easily.

I get frustrated quite easily and I set it up with a guy called Sunil Patel who was the producer on the BBC at the time of my wife at that time was production manager working on Strictly Come Dancing so I kind of suddenly very rare people you know you work with great created in this industry and an amazing organisers.

It's very rare that you're someone that can do both in sandal, absolutely was able to design a juices not leaving this shows that produces the most important about that absolutely so we were really frustrated with people were you around Formula 1 primarily sponsors coming to us with ideas and wanting us to put on the television.

They would create the content give it to us as I could you put this on the BBC and watch it and it would be bad at all covered in advert narrative on a sound does no good to listen to take a chance here.

Why don't you quit your job Harriet quick my wife quit her job and we set up in her back back office and in.

West London we set up whisper and we managed to get a contract from the Williams Formula 1 team was the first ever contact me and Sunday went in the met them and said that we will produce your coverage and we'll make it as good as the stuff BBC I will do it cheaper than you doing at the moment and that was our first ever winner we drove out past the lay-by outside Grover Williams are based and got out the car and I believe you and hugging in the hold on a minute if they come this doesn't this is not a good look for them to make their coverage and that was only 2011, so we're only going back a few years now before I find out how important was he in turn getting buy-in A41 themselves.

They actually sky Jake's got some credibility.

He was very important to us because we both had a busy background so we weren't particularly commercial and we really needed someone to come in at 5 as commercial contracts for us, but I would say more than that.

I would say Formula One actually is the reason for the success of whisper and that is because Formula One is constantly evolving constantly improve.

Standing still you're going backwards, they operate of marginal gains approach and not many people do that in television, so we brought that kind of Formula 1 Ethos and feeling to our company and we are constantly trying to do things that other people are not doing you know we now produce more highlights of sports covers on terrestrial television than any other independent production company in the country and I like to think right way so almost half of our staff a female.

We've got a really strong pain representation.

We've got 10% of our staff are disabled 10% of our staff are LGBT we represent people in the right way, so we're producing coverage for the Paralympics next year for Channel 4 Why would we try and do that without people working within our business and producing our coverage exactly you spoke about under represented as a woman.

I think you're disabled people underrepresented in broadcasting and so let's get them in and let's have them helping us to produce the coverage having a company now.

Just stuff.

We got three officers believed.

70 star we got 100 people working there any time and I read over the weekend you got Sony knocking on your door.

So looking to buy a steak is it will tell you about it.

Yeah, I can't really tell you very much I can tell you they do you know you are currently our Partners and they have been brilliant for us and 25% and that was a big thing for in terms of getting you off.

You know getting you have a running today at the Beginning so Channel 4 growth fund and if there's any people who are running anyone running small production companies in this country get approached by channel to get involved in the growth and I would absolutely say to do it at it completely revolutionizing transform their business today went out.

No no they don't have anyone out and we don't let anyone out but they've been a brilliant partner until now, but the whole point of the growth fund it's not investing in a business for ten or fifteen years.

You know it has it has.

Comes to her it comes to a natural end and we are living active conversations with various Chatsworth Estate you and keep you company.

That's why I can't be going and I would get into all sorts of trouble you know these things work been around the block and enough money and technology latest kids Jones duet with Peter is that increasingly be part of your cos that's the sports technology completely change a short space of time and I think that at the moment we spend a lot of money and using other company that produces pots covered entity to provide us or technical element and I think as a company we have to be really smart work out whether we should be doing that sort of stuff in house and only that sort of stuff rather than sending it out of house all the time and we are absolutely interested in growing the business.

I have really really good meeting with Adam Crozier exactly and before that the Royal Mail

Listen, this is this is a boom time for broadcasting enable now.

It's like a clothes shop so Netflix don't share with Amazon don't share with comcast don't share with Apple don't show anyone else so they would need more coverage than ever before and one binge watching stuff now, so we need an incredible amount of content so we are actively looking to bring various companies into waste into the whisper group to help us grow into other areas that is inspired by this is the offside rule cold so we set up a production company called off so Productions when we started the offside rule and we've also work with a few commercial partners, but I think for us as we were acquired by podcast company called muddy knees Media who runs totally football show with James Richardson and several others and they really helped us develop our game and they supported us because for a good few years was a complete passion.

We just did it because we wanted it.

We didn't do it to make money.

We did it because we wanted to have a voice and I think that's been the case for a lot of women in sport.

That's been the case for a lot of fun.

Sports and now is a good time.

You know women's football particularly has become huge 11.7 million people tuning in to the women's World Cup USA England game, but do you know what we were sponsored by Spotify to make a series of women's World Cup podcast and that was brilliant and we've launched to wsl edition which of the Women's League and we can't find a sponsor for it.

So we are currently supported by a company to make a once a week women's football podcast without any financial support and how many brands so that they wanted to get involved during the World Cup and here.

We are now posted World Cup and we're not seeing that properly reflected and it does seem there's so much demand support contact me if you go back to Euro 96 semi-final at the top.

There is probably what half an hour is that build-up nowadays is hours and hours and hours and it's got a few ideas.

If you lose in sport if you get to come through the studio is clever people you can spend out.

Low-cost that you can squeeze that it does feel at the demand for sports content is gone completely xiao is growing exponentially right is going people often say and when is this whole sports things going to burst but I don't believe it.

I think we are still pretty conservative with inherently programs to follow sport to like sports that tribalism I have no no future Media everybody is buying up content at the moment everybody wants the biggest catalogue.

They want the best documentaries.

They want just everything and anything they can get their hands on so actually it's the best thing to ever be able to do it.

Pet subject this show that she got to be with me to have connections and you didn't you suffer scholarship for Media students at the University of East Anglia what I owe you.

Got to be listened to it showing their destination by the way students immediately if you want to be on TV when I make a lot of money a production company OK how long have I got you got 34 seconds? I would say the number one thing is that when I started out you actually have to have a job to be a broadcast that right.

You don't need to do that anymore all you need to have a passion does not know it doesn't matter what your passion is for some reason.

I've got a hair band in my hand right if your passion is hair bands.

Set up the hairband channel talk about it.

Talk about it again be passionate find an audience people will come to you will be around you and you do that using social media is the best time ever to become a broadcast up if you have a passion then use that passion you send it out to broadcasters and a first so you end up with a job to start the passion and a lot of hard work that was 36.

Analysis sorry and Cape also Sports presenter and host of the offside rule podcast earlier her from jdbc.

Server security same time next week.

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