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BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 yet again appear to be surprised by the result of a general election in 2010 a coalition in 2015 most myself very much included failed to see the coming Tory 2017 most Mr Corbin search and this time round many they were predicting a slim Tory majority even a hung Parliament completely lost touch with most voters think and what influence did the movie actually have on voting behaviour to answer these questions we going to go around the country today.

I've got to stop doing this in Darlington and Glasgow waiting on the line and in the studio and one of the Nation's favourite Genesis good afternoon to the presenter of ITV Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan and after the exit poll you tweeted and retweeted.

Has lost yet another election.

Why has been completely factual now you can go back and all the votes that you talked about every single time Twitter convinced himself that it was turned out to be completely wrong you see the same thing in America with Donald Trump Twitter never saw trump coming it was just correlating Hillary Clinton and then got this terrible shock to wake up to trump and so doesn't surprise me that time again a very liberal orientated Media in America and in this country and have to say at the BBC and I don't love the BBC on the liberals work as we know it could have been running around like a conservative so and they're on twitter all day in their little Echo Chambers and it I think it seeps into the day believe that the election is going a certain way and my advice to all jealous is probably pretty rich coming from me but get off Twitter a bit and go into the Heartlands

And the north of England and places you would normally gravitate to and get into the real world because you live in West London 30 times a day but I would argue that on for example on brexit and trump.

I've been very down the middle to everybody hates me you know I'm not in either of the tribes.

I'm a critical friend of trump.

It wouldn't vote for him and criticizes and praise him and on brexit.

I voted remain but I support democracy above my own voted leave in the referendum.

So I'm in the middle, but that means everybody has a problem with you busy now living a tribal world driven by social media interrogates very shortly and also might have 7 million followers on Twitter will need 7 million but is not responsible for the most viewed video on social media during the election that honour goes to Oli dugmore.

Who's head of news and politics that Joe and is he a good 40 million a video about the health services it.

Yes, it was and I'd also just to clarify that it wasn't just me behind that video we have an incredibly hard-working team at who you know contributor.

That yeah well, it's just it's my money from a hotspot Media lecturer clip with one of your most popular from 2019.

This is still may featuring Snoop Dogg play UK top 30 funny very funny but for many other uses that possibly the only bit of little content to share with their friends that very well.

Yeah, I mean that's the most shared video on YouTube in the UK in 2019.

So yeah, it's shared a lot however.

Are you know not all this country has a long history of satire that goes back to the 18th century.

I think people certainly.

A lot more personally when there's a literal number at the bottom that shows you how many times someone seen it but no I think Saturday is incredibly important to British politics and you know what that might bring someone to channels.

They can also come and see interviews with James cleverly.

Jeremy Corbyn Emily Thornberry we have plenty of auditorium for them as well indeed.

No, I said we can try and work out.

What if it's immediate actually has in this country hours of discussion about the media failures since the election, but I wouldn't inject some cold hard facts on the line is Dominic ring who is professor of physical education at Loughborough University don't good afternoon.

When your team is the election scientifically monitoring what newspapers are writing about what TV News programmes are broadcast in you've got original research for us labour politicians say the media is biased against them to report.

What can you tell us.

Yeah well compared with 2017.

There was a Dublin in a bag of coverage of labour on the part of the National daily paid for newspapers which we analysed all 10.

During this campaign was a really markedly noticeable doubling down on Jeremy Corbyn and his policies and his party in this campaign compared to 2017 even though it was pretty negative.

So this was a really discernible during this particular campaign that the biggest profit by find the medium was in fact that you call electoral process another word for reporting an opinion polls internal divisions within the parties and not the manifesto.

Is that a new phenomenon? No, it's not and it was similar in 2017 and actually read the previous elections been doing this since 1992.

We found that there's even more processing earlier campaigns.

What was significant at the beginning this company will really spiked that electoral process covered with things like David and Frank field and all these are the people who was kinda leaving their respective parties Watson of course these Road big stories at that time when I discovered spiked and also it was all this speculation about the brexit party breaking through potentially breaking through and whether and where they would stay.

Attracted a lot of attention at the beginning before the agenda settle down and we started looking at substantive policy issues.

It is basically stuff that the media cares about rather than normal vs.

Go back since 1792 and when he was not yet born and their peers with how is the way the media reports generation change then well.

I mean certainly obviously the explosion your social media has changed quite significantly that's the most obvious thing.

It's coming politics and actually care about what I mean in terms of the policy agenda for Change and selection there was more policy coverage than saying in 2010 when somebody elections before which was very process dominated, so that was that sitting in Subway is a reflection of that.

There was some serious discussion about health policy about taxation about defence and security and

About brexit final and which is would you say what kind of moving towards a more presidential type of media coverage with those folks are the two main parties in the two main leaders? Yeah, it was definitely that looks like 2017 and very distinct and different to 2015 and 2010 when you remember that the Liberal Democrats the SNP respectively got quite a lot of attention in this election it was dominated by the two major parties.

It was dominated by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn to really quite significant extent including including your lines are so is it actually possible to quantify what happened online.

We didn't look at the online to the paid for Daly's Monday to Friday and also the major national news bulletins other colleagues elsewhere looking at social media, but we just looked at the traditional Legacy medium Focus dynamic content alright.

Thank you very much for your time service repairs and Ollie in the studio and I don't report finds that he says press hostility to labour in 2019 with more than double the levels identified in 2017 as a big Championship two years.

At about the same measure he says negative coverage of the Conservatives half, only did Joe take a positive elected position on any of the candidates so we represent our audience which is young people in the UK are the shows that those people generally speaking are labour supporters in specifically endorse the Labour Party but you know where progressive media company.

You know we taking it will take a stand on things.

We think everything's alright.

There are things that are wrong.

How do you say is charged most of me to spend time to process but things have those that should care about the media stats that kind of thing that you know we went to the little box pop that I'm around the Andrew Neil issue is Boris Johnson going to face an interview from when we went to Gravesend ask people if they knew Andrew Neil was half of them.

So you know I think there is a real disconnect between what people think in London is important story and what those in the country over to labour the question I have for you when you anything some is do pigs actually influence on people.

You have much of an impact anymore.

I mean they were dramatically Pretoria in the 2017 election but it was Theresa May's hapless campaigning that was the problem and so she blew a massive in the polls and very nearly lost the election know how did that happen if most of the media was so supportive because she wasn't very good Boris Johnson very cleverly kept things extremely simple taking the trump template of just mantra that people could remember in his case.

It was not making Britain great again.

It was get brexit done and I think a lot of people with the light Boris Johnson all the Conservatives went to their ballot box in the back of their minds was this sentence get brexit done.

You should go back to the 2016 American election.

Can we remember what Hillary Clinton's did for no give me remember what Trump's did for.

Yes, so we'll be here.

You couldn't remember what labour's position was on brexit.

It was so confused even labour politicians.

Didn't know what their position has the importance of a single repeatable mantra grown because of

Social media social media can amplify into the stratosphere to the extent were literally all people here.

They're not watching conventional television not reading conventional print newspapers if they just hearing the YouTube the internet Twitter Facebook all they were hearing was Boris Johnson get brexit done and the Labour Party weird skewed brexit policy that I can get their heads around I just on newspapers and come back later the social media.

Do you think it's over newspaper to influence readers and tell them how to think it was Mackenzie front agent 92 or similar to as it were mirror them if you read the mirror or the Guardian or the Observer you would have a left-wing slant to the coverage.

No question most of the journalist would be and a pump a left-wing agenda.

If you work at the go back to the referendum on Sunday and the Daily Mail when different ways on that and get the mail was deemed to be the devil.

The press over brexit in fact the manor Sunday was a remain supporting newspaper under Geordie Greig is now the Daily Mail so I don't really buy into the power of print newspapers in the way that used to be I don't think they were buying them because they contracted in size and terms of circulation so dramatically when I was at the mirror and left in 2004 we sold 1/2 million carpets and outdated voucher half a minute or something whatever it is very very low in comparison to the power of the press is definitely dramatically reduced the power of social media has dramatically increased the Times and Sunday Times are so many different directions on a break.

Let me just get another perspective and she's had a Chapman is the editor of the Northern Echo based in Darlington and on the line and Alison rowat, who's the senior personal data held in Glasgow's also on the no good afternoon to you both.

Hello Hannah Curtis home start with you be honest if you did you foresee a big Tory majority coming no not as not as big as it was I think we.

Quietly predicting a narrow conservative majority given what happens with the Tory Party locally here with the council elections so quietly probably not actually happened because Alison is that there is a diamond what happened.

That's really so cold in London Media portrayed by Dominic Cummings mother's as hopelessly out of touch, but it's something we don't live in London also didn't see this coming so do you think the London Media is a bit of a voodoo doll going to do in Scotland that was nothing new under the Tories would struggle for talking themselves up to much for the

We will also rely on tour in London bubble and social media and what was coming out of that and that was giving a baby a picture and I mean what do you make the same discussion with social media actually influences things are in your readers at the Herald on Sunday held most influenced by the autonomous people they've got their own views.

Do you think they'd be spread by newspapers by broadcasters by tweets from Piers Morgan know I think social media just try the story that covered you know if I newspaper online rather than going to end of policy analysis that sort of thing I think readers are very disturbing and what do you want to read a model with what are interested in or not? That's what did you guys sound awesome particular candidate?

I think it is the best way to go but did you guys for CVs everywhere because the election that ok and did at your end of the LEGO which if I'm not mistaken to the paper of the greater Harold Evans has been talking about the decline of papers and newspapers is much more accentuated in local titles of course.

What can the Northern Echo the other titles can't I mean he's got a patch but the national Media can't in an election that they were just had the local content and that's what you know.

We've always done it and you know I always will in terms of the real heart.

Bishop Auckland when was one of the seats that went from their labour to the Conservatives are real very strong candidate there any other issue that the hospital has been closed for new clothes and told you about you know whether that can be reopened and whatnot and he was saying what about the 80s so we can cut through that and then we can provide people with information information about what the situation is I think that's not all of the National policy on education and health and the people interested in that you know really poorly local content and Alison thank you both very very much indeed.

Let's come back to social Media pay as if I want to get into a locked amazing falling out of touch with all the photos you sent you.

Reported deleted Twitter and never looked at it again, how politics can be different I think the trouble is that we saw US election the real problem for the journalist BBC Joe I didn't think most of the BBC coverage was a problem at all and I thought the outrage against it was ridiculously overblown.

However, it is a problem when they're on twitter all day long and reporting in time without having 100-percent doubleback check double sourced there information BBC correspondent O2 only put on Twitter stuff that has gone through the normal BBC and time and again not just BBC ITV channel is Channel 4 I saw so many high-profile journalist making fundamental factual errors that would just proven within literally minutes and some the incident at the hospital where all the top correspondence to be country reported that they had been a punch thrown and then we saw the video within 20 minutes half an hour.

There was no punch that kind of thing is very.

They've got to treat Twitter as a publishing platform with the same expectation of accuracy and fact-checking that they would treat their own music.

I think that's part of the problem with the lobby centred approach to covering politics that we're saying now.

You know Tory spin as brief out, but it's always been punched by labour after basically parroted by the lobby without a critical.

I been cast over it.

That's wrong with same time and time again oftentimes little correspondence asking questions of people to make themselves look intelligent to other political Correspondents actually unpacking issues trying to understand the character of politician that they're interviewing actually disappears earlier.

He said that digital allows people to have these mantras.

Get brexit done or make America great actually, I think on digital you got far more space.

You're not you're not to time you're not limited to your broadcast regime in actual fact on YouTube you can run as long as you like if you get if you get the access to someone if they were prepared to spend an hour.

Like for example I do with James cleverly dreams election campaign we take the dogs for a walk sit down the pub.

I think you can find something far deeper than if you have 5-minutes with someone which itself which appears does you know attacks people trip them up, but you can get something totally different podcast are the new phenomena and young people particular listen to Sunday podcast for Natty these guys were the biggest podcast in the world for 3 hours and people will listen to it.

So I think you're right about that, but I do think at the same time Twitter just explodes and selections and so on and a mantra can go a long way, just gets repeated repeated repeated the lobby, but you don't have a look and let you know you're more information on policies and well.

Would you say that to avoid?

Said he simply had a pre reg interview with another journalist in the day to you during the campaign that future elections your style of journalism will be boys boycotted by the social media success and voters learnt nothing from it.

Isn't a clear example is good for social media but bad for democracy deliberately hidden away from any problem.

I just conversation with Andrew Neil we had dinner together and we'll talk about that we both had promises were made by Boris Johnson interview and was he took his personal journalist badges of honour they're not come and sit with us actually we also agreed that if we were in his position at that stage of the election.

We do bonus out to why take the risk you didn't need to you can get your medium and your message anyway you like.

Zeus out of wrist me either so we're laughing about it and saying it makes us look good.

We don't get it actually the problem for journalists is that people like Boris Johnson Donald Trump basically choose wherever they wanted to go and the internet will fuel that platform to the same level we would have been a big BBC said that do you think engineer over the Mark when you do that monologue at that length of a completely Justified time? I had absolutely no problem with it and I think Anthony will actually is it seems to you know he's the one of the allegations about the BBC is not a woolly liberal like many of your colleagues that so that was respect for myself and is not that that he relentlessly remorselessly in part.

It is everybody at the same way.

He was I think let down by Boris Johnson is he going to do the others leave you you let yourself down.

Confrontational style ultimately lost it was ineffective you got that you can get on the record actually I'd say we had more fun with us, but not into had fun, but you had fun it might make a good TV but was a good journey questions that I see no problem with being very thoughtful remember the most hostile interviews we did where people came on at high positions on the and with lying through their back teeth one example being what the Tories did online with that video of the Keir starmer interview on Good Morning Britain where they twisted the ending today and then James cleverly is the party chat then comes on and pretend that they didn't do that now.

That's when we get hostile, and I think your listeners and viewers would expect us to get hostile.

I question the effectiveness of a TV into like that.

I don't question that it's good viewing I enjoy watching Piers trip up ex-minister of the day and making them look silly, but the question I have to ask.

The problem with a discourse at the moment that the lot of people complain about the lack of civility, how is basically dehumanized our politicians I wonder how much that can be actually said the fact that a lot of the only ever see politicians wearing a suit on the TV being made to look silly and I think something that we can do to remedy that which I think digital is grateful is exploring you know deep Wells of people's personalities there and the Philosopher's just this week as you've treated the Barack Obama is a virtue signalling doormat referred to a couple of Labour activist is common to have regular spat with all sorts people online.

Are you in danger of damaged in a very public domain that you your journeys went to improve recall that robust terminology and completely accurate when the old women are basically better than men is being a virtual cycling doormat and the other two were being comic Lanzarote the campaign and by the way the real problem there.

Is there Comic-Con behaviour driving the labour narrative?

Leicester become an electrical to the problems not me, I am reflecting I think accurately what the root problem.

You are talking about his style of jazz that it's right what you were talking about Confrontation TV and choose which make that we don't always enlighten our culture isn't a problem on the pursuit of morality itself.

What goes viral is The Sensational tell you you're the master of the emotional when the truth is often one of those things but it has the virtue of being true totally disagree.

I mean the club.

We just talking about the beginning of the show the most views clip of the election more views than the rest of topic and I'd ask you to point to any of the figures that we discussed in that that were inaccurate and it was conspiratorial the little lies fake news around the world and go via at 6 times the rate the truth and the truth will often boring and it will be much more interesting if the moon were made of cheese and yeah, we've had about a lie going around.

For the trousers on in the morning and that's true, but you don't have to do that if you want your stuff to travel on the internet is also true that good good content good journalism travel defend for a moment conversational German you have Matt Hancock call Nicky Morgan as it was he came on Good Morning Britain and they're trying to tell you that we're going to be 50000 more nurses and then we discovered 19005 currently in the NHS so it's taken what repeat again and again and again the top of the journalist is not to sit there calmly saying what is that right? You know the trouble just getting their faces and this is a downright misleading and I make no apology for being forceful with politicians, but I would say this people like Nicola Sturgeon Nigel Farage John Ashworth on the website.

They come on good morning.

We have very robust conversations and they always come back because they say that they get a reaction from their constituents.

You say really like your Good Morning Britain like you standing up to them.

Who likes calm Serenity in the world of an origin there are others use the inside of a little bit on the outside but have inside access to where I prefer German should be outside but also with access to see the person is banned from Devil so the government sources quoted as saying the focus is on delivering for the people not champagne with Billy that's a bit rich.

I literally giving her and told that Mr Johnson at briefly attended Rupert Murdoch's Christmas party in London on Monday night with you there.

I was and I saw him the stairwell just below me and I shot nice to see you out of the fridge prime minister and Morgan Good Morning Britain

No, I said you are going to come.

I'm going to come on but he's been saying this for 6-months.

What do you say to people who say that by going so sore to pass your compromise? Why is a party does is hard to hold the power if you know his conversations with Hancock with Sajid Javid with James cleverly with Michael go whatever and they all know that good Morning Britain are going to get beaten up just the same as I normally do alright just talking to you do without to be to do a good Morning Britain Love Stories can you tell us where did you enter negotiations with an offer for the Red Lion massively high demand of America

Because in case you haven't noticed it Christmas Day but we do have a Christmas present for you.

If you would be so kind as to subscribe to the media Show podcast either on BBC sounds or another podcast provider at reflector 2019 with one appears as best friends at not is a favour my chat with private eye editor Ian Hislop Boris became prime minister, which many people equate with an event is unlikely landing on the moon so we did it as the moon landing at souvenir issue one small step for man and a giant leap in the dark for mankind that chat with Ian Hislop will be available next week the whole thing just search for the media show on BBC sounds or other podcast services hit subscribe and almost like magic it will appear in your list.

Thanks to my guest today for now.

Thanks for listening Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020 and beyond.

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Thursday, 19 December 2019
Michael Martin

3:20 PM

Am I stupid or just wrong to assume that technology has existed for some time to turn speech pretty accurately into writing, esp if it's being fed into a microphone to be broadcast on the radio? If so, why are these BBC transcripts so hopelessly jumbled?

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Michael Martin's 41 posts GB flag
Friday, 20 December 2019

10:26 AM

Michael Martin:

The software for doing that transcription is still very poor at working out what is actually being said and often incorrectly translates into some occasionally amusing incorrect wording. Regional accents are a particular problem as are mumbling (all too prevalent these days|) and failing to speak clearly.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag

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