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Media Masters - Trevor Beattie…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

welcome to the game Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the video game advertising Legend Trevor Beattie is responsible for creating some of the most talked-about campaigns of all time it could be the hello boys can bend wonderbra and FCUK French Connection is also a movie producer including back to winning sci-fi movie movies starring Sam Rockwell and feature on subjects.

Such as a dancer rudolf Nureyev in 2011 did Jack and and beauty Foundation which supports victims of social injustice by providing grants under the things of Dignity and sanctuary and that you're a bit of a legend in the advertising industry has seen the adverts in the programs and used to sing jingle cells kind of obsessed with with adverts looking looking back.

I realise I wasn't time but looking back I was and then.

Sing jingle as much as we sing pop songs never of course no such a job that took a long time for that.

I'm upset with news presentation is the music countdown for BBC News Channel be quiet for the news and it was talking to my brother about it recently and it's never been more relevant and making a racket chicken stuff around the living room and dad would always say Be quiet in the news and and that's what I do now open for the news, so he would love today.

He would love them if you still with us.

Love the news my favourite phrase about the current news is that we receiving the news via firehose in the face?

I'm getting it is extraordinary won't stop going in there is no longer time to be outraged or to analyse outrage 4th.

Yeah, I think I've seen tension.

I think that if you do that if your if your on the deliveries end of the photos you can put as much outrageous stuff in there if you want because you know it to stick anymore well.

That's Trump's genius if you could call them and obviously I'm very strong critic of the guy, but you know things that would have finished off any other president don't even last a full moon cycle continue Ryan explain the pattern of US Presidential career that we thought that this is the one to stop thinking this will do for him now, but certainly remember during the campaign during the election campaign had several moments were thought well as toast now.

That's it is not governed by the pussy.

That of the steam train crashing off the bridge little American clip and we will collect it is done the trains at the buses John Oliver has it as a main thing that he does every so often become the weeks as we got it right.

I love John Legend you done the politician from Baldock adverts 2-hours.

I was with a family of eight kids.

Oh and happy adieu adieu mean to younger brother's really the rest of you got married.

I love that you sing at vs to draw.

I think I used to call them the cartoons really the cartoons and so but neither was also blur between the programs on the advert.

Entertainment really and I think that probably shaped my advertising felt a bit branded entertainment which I said that when I was 4 lateral funny in advertising.

I don't know about it today, but in the world of advertising and rapidly found out that everyone else who worked in the business.

How did the business which was just extraordinary or maybe hated too strong a word, but they were a little bit ashamed of working advertising because when I arrived in London I was.

Long get from Birmingham new nothing and and everyone was posh.

Everyone was middle-class everyone and they had a kind of shame about having to work advertising animal boarding the time and putting up with it.

I loved it and relished it everyday of those tremendous fun and never felt ashamed to work in a way that was really apparent to me that that's how people felt and then there's a big influx of working class kids came in through the thickness be coming in and now it's gone full circle because now it was possible because because if you're a kid from Leeds or Birmingham you can't afford to come to London and sleep on Floors and hopefully get it is a nail maintenance a genuinely think it would be morally wrong to have this is either we get a lot of people starting with chips for a family.

Absolutely beautiful and so now you have internships auctioned by posh people that posh events so that kids can noticeably posh advertising is bad land is noticeably again a flashback to when I first arrived.

It's kind of cool full circle and council house can bias be posh about that.

You are probably the biggest name in advertising in this country, Shirley

Results but that seems to be really modest to learn from you stuff to contemplate your own position in the universe Stourport what was the first London advertising I didn't because of a guy called John Lowe who was my lecturer at Wolverhampton Polytechnic hello John and I did graphic design and in return.

I realise everyone was actually better at drawing than me, but I was a bit better at writing them so I was writing adverts and doing some dodgy layers, so he said that the such a job called copywriting in advertising never heard of it and you put me up for this scholarship placement scholarship agency us when you're ready.

camera price of Bloody Mary lived in a bucket thing where you locate for the Holborn so so yeah, so I got this job and sneered upon by the people in the agency was this all singing all dancing agency called ABM and bizarre things Gump released government Toblerone and this is the age of the trainer that stop encouraging Peter Marsh god bless him incredible character used to rehearse a pitch presentations and used to wear white gloves handling the boards fascinating character anyway the first camp and it was for Weetabix

Projecting into a different place really because it was we won the accountant is right.

I'm originally online for that was a box full of little bastards and they said that you can't do that couldn't understand they wouldn't let me do that animated digital sluggish biscuits and no one at Weetabix and I'm still bloody awful day exactly you know it's just starts.

She don't want to end up and kids didn't want to eat because you don't have any sugar in either sort of know if they want me over the last 10 years ago cereals are terrible thing in the world.

Yeah, so we made the most little dogs and and and it just really works.

I would like to do box for little bastard and so and then tried full of natural badness would let me do that and then we ended up with a few know what's good for you.

Only just worked so that was fun and it's not the first time you realise that genuine innovation.

It is a risks being.

I thought that's a really good idea and frankly that does not have the appetite for either they want to play safe too much and you end up doing something that's been sitting because they don't have the bottle.

Thank you.

It's kind of the story of a career in advertising creatively.

You're you're spending half your life creating something in half your life convincing someone else that creation is worthwhile, and will be a success to their business.

That's what I learnt from advertising do that the diplomacy of it really.

What are the trick is to give away ideas Headland probably does it too much but don't be precious about ideas and if you can convince a client that they had the idea you're off to the races and there's a lot of so-called crash people wouldn't do that because it's my idea and I will dilute with my idea as if you just have an idea and

I would always refer to an idea is yours when I'm talking to the plants.

Hope so but with your idea.

What we do you know because there is not part of understanding indoor scene in Carrie so if you had that kind of collective ownership of an idea goes.

It's more chance of it flying instead of this conference the cliche of the conflict of I'm the lofty creative.

I've had this idea and you will buy it and if you don't buy buy it is an interesting places off if you don't buy it and you're more Google get you nowhere really the word invest now so the more articles you forget about it the better soon.

Legendary hello boys FCUK or when I'm in the shower when I'm when I haven't got my daughter with me.

I've learnt to blackmail myself to have ideas are the lot of different ways if you don't do this, you're released the photos for the media doorbell.

I use to write column a little column for the Guardian I was so terrified of having to write it knowing that people like Julie burchill be on the next page you so such a terrifying Concepts that are used to check myself into a an expensive hotel and pay pay it and it would be I will get paid the same amount so I get paid by the Guardian I would use that money to buy a room at the hotel to write the column.

Nothing else side lock myself in this room in the hotel and write the police and an important piece of work to do don't confront it run away from it and make the thing come to you.

So what c54 mountain the garden and I'm saying to myself.

No not going to write that thing.

Sorry got more important things so I'm going to go and do this you'll find your brain the idea will say no.

No you must come and write this in and I'm saying I don't think so I can't do it.

I'm not going to do that.

I'm going to do this instead and your brain it might case will say honestly mate if you come indoors, you can have this idea and I said no I'm not no I'm going now.

Please come in because you got this to do and it will fire an idea into Brandon you have come running indoors and write it down vs.

Sitting in front of a sheet of paper and demanding that your brain corrects an idea.

Reverse psychology demand that your brain has no idea you have an idea but if you tell your brain that you're not going to have not even do something else your brain got this is a metal but you're blaming you if you come indoors.

We can have decided.

I'll come to a deal with you will have this idea.

How do you do with 18? No, I mean you don't you don't don't do that with the team.

How do you like a brainstorming session is at the compilation of the football and you know I don't I don't believe in that is not talking stick.

I don't believe in the stick.

You can stick the talking in pairs.

So you can have it when you would traditionally work in pairs.

Whether they called art director and copyrights or designer and typography doesn't really matter but if you work as a pair.

That's the team work for me where I can fly but I believe that an idea when created by two people is an accident.

So when are you build build my business partner work till 4 years and so we will have a misunderstanding and idea is always I believe that misunderstanding so we silence for a few hours again doing it wrong because you just looking at a blank sheet of paper and I would say is giraffe isn't it? It's giraffe and build take what you mean Africa you're right.

I think it is an African thing and I said no I meant long it needs to be long and he said yes, but if we go to Africa and make it long and your son you've got this is our third thing that's born of a misunderstanding and I think when two people express their ideas to each other a third thing the misunderstanding of one another thinking.

The idea I think that's how it works as opposed to one person I have an idea and I'm going to impose my dear.

I knew it's like a game of tennis where I have another.

What do you mean this? I don't know that I'm taking that have this back with this idea, but what you don't have to do to protect it because then once you've got it people would try and explain to you what your idea is to give an idea so good it would someone it's going to fit in wouldn't need to be Justified or explained kiss ya a fully formed ideal BAC UK so I don't want to look at that was rude, but it's also the truth because it's French Connection United Kingdom so in advertising it.

It can't be for anything else and that's the key to an idea.

If someone says to you.

Have you seen that right hand with the with the baby panda in and you say yeah, what what's it for and they say I don't.

Set baby pandas amazing, but I've always judged by the notion that you can talk about it about my work without mentioning the brand names and it isn't a success and and vice versa so you can only be confirmed by saying yes, UK because it has an honesty to its French Connection I can do can't be for anything else and the battles that we got into over.

How do I explain to my child really amused me because unless your child knows the word fuck then your child does not know the word if UK and I didn't teach your child the word fuck the kids at school.

Did you did so if if a child asks you what that word means the chair.

Knows the misspelling of the word fuck and I just want to have his bad tummy grow up stop being so sensitive, but it has a truth to it and how do you explain the word suk2 your child? It's simple you say it's an abbreviation acronym of United Kingdom you can say that because it's the truth or you could say to your child.

It's a misspelling of the word fuck which is a really rude word in you must never use what's wrong with that but obviously even though it is true.

There's a mischief in doing it because that's what you want to write word missed you fit a great time and think of a career on the word mischief.

We have I love I love the word missed you.

I plugged it exactly what it is and when I work with Stephen marks French Connection we used to talk customer which was Sam it's something John McEnroe used to say before you know it would say.

The board hit the line and he will be in and out in or out and he will always share chalk dust cause he sort us to us and we would always say that it's only when an idea hits the line and dust that you've got a right idea because it's within the boundaries, but it creates chalkdust and I always like my work.

Just is just so there's no boundaries, then you can't do that.

If you say well, it's completely OK to use the word fucking advertising then.

I don't want that because then I can't be missed us you've had the rules in the regulations to bulk against to cause trouble with to cause the that's the short line the rules and regulations the as I understand as people were the chair and I did as much as I could disrupt and not upset them wind them up some fun conversations with the only example early early Doors 1000 years ago.

Used to work on them 7-Eleven stores when they tried to open in Britain one of the Script the 7-Eleven open 24-hours and so I wrote this radio script which said the voice of God and the voice of God Was ruminating On having created the universe and the solar system and everything within it does one can't understand if they're open 24-hours.

Why they still called 7/11 genius and not 24.

It's a lovely scripture for the Carphone Warehouse at the voice of God reference and they said to me you can record The Script providing you and I kept the letter from them eat something like that provide.

Do not make it clear that this is the voice of God and obviously it's written down on the voice of God we don't read out in the voice of God so I said it's perfectly fine.

I had a word with her this morning and she said it's fine and then let me do it and because it's like that thinking of you right.

It's good to someone saying we see a man walking across the road his worrying about his mortgage to go.

How do you know his mortgage the difference between the words on a page on what you actually film so someone speaking in the god? It's only in your mind that it's the voice of God and I was with this UK we had an average sized wash your mind out because it's only says fuck in your mind, but that's interesting is the stage 3 stage one is the creative process tends to is.

How do you get the client know yet? Have you ever had a really good idea that you know be successful and then the client has basically.

Upload Marks and he was he was driving along Embankment one night and he saw a projection that we'd done of paper herzigova.

Wonderbra hello boys it was after it was a bit of the next campaign it was later on in the Campus after her voice is next to the library.

What was the next campaign was the Queen and Battersea projecting it from one side of the river to the other cos the council wooden trellis project on Battersea side to be project Westminster side because we could get council permission to projects and just got a more powerful projector.

Yeah, because we get Westminster Council permission to do it yet.

Photons from another Council Borough area this and he contacted me and he said I want you to do for French Connection what you are doing and that was an interesting question because I didn't really know what he meant by that because it can mean a lot of things you know do you want notoriety? Do you want Fame do you want to spend? Do you want awareness answers so I met him.

He said I want to be the most talked-about fashion retailer on the High Street as fantastic Brief and the most of the bridge in the world that leads to another and then as a result of FCUK a lot of going to us celebrate with deceptively simple because it was just one line, but actually as you said there's there's tons of word that can follow from that.

You have make us the most talked-about brand.

Because he's not only got the creative process, but you've also you know.

How do you build a business doing this happen? If you could administrators that was before being that was to build up to a day so I didn't have the concern of that at the time.

I let the grown-ups get on with it when I left to put up with it was walking off cliff and I think the lucky thing about hepatitis professionals.

You just need to people and everything else comes if you got great people you're not building a factory.

You know you the advancement of technology you can do it with three people in a room and 1/2 laptops.

You really can do it cos I can't hear that much that you but the controversy that FCUK generated is very thing that engenders the attention and brings it to prominences.

I mean in terms of their return on investment for every pound they given you it must have been incredible return because bank for that book must have been amazing.

Share price went to 12 quid at one point and it was something like 50p when we started so that literally him on Embankment their driving past that will send it to because that was the best decision you ever took his entire how you would you do you do an excuse to be strange friends and have a chat with people when your disagreement internally with people at work.

Will you have someone saying go what you must remember to send your choice because I care about you so much posher than that was remember Trevor is the client at the end of the day pays your wages and I would say that he took the client does not pay my wages.

I pay the clients wages because if I'm doing is producing successful advertising marketing which helps them to open in those days was more shops to

Manufacture more stuff, then, I'm paying their wages on time enabling them if they're brandy successful back to that advertising disliking the client is paying ones wages, are I don't like that.

I think it's more mutual than that is what I have in my own businesses.

We were a lot of family offices and these rich people out of a successful than ever been challenging and often their Media person in house.

Can't really speak truth to power because their mortgage and even their wages depend on it was and the risk of conflict with planes.

Do you want to be honest with all of them which I consider to be the most difficult thing to do is one of them does fire me for being released at least I'm not going back to the bankruptcy call you you're so right when we set up being the change in a client attitude to to us was palpable because

Salaried people it was obviously so when I was presenting a campaign on behalf of a company which I set up with with the fellas, then you have succeed all we fail.

There's no ulterior motive.

Where is when I'm an employee of to be up your way and the client can say well.

You're just doing this to try and win Awards or whatever ulterior motive you might have when it's your own company.

I stand and filed by output with our airport does not improve your sales or or awareness or whatever the brief might be able to do that then we fail and clients really really understood that they really got it and those that I found so much warmer to to have thinking when they knew that you got it on the line company.

You know will that success is literally your success.

Yes exactly and it was a genuine more of a partnership in that respect.

I never believed.

I had ulterior motives.

You know I said I was always very proud to work and I'm proud to I'm a sales person.

I like to sell stuff and there's a kind of you don't get this in America but but in Britain do you have the same kind of shower attached to selling like it's a vulgar.

It's vulgar to sell things which is I've always found really peculiar peculiar, I'm a salesperson.

I will sell stuff to the best of my ability and you know the drug is a phrase which is what you can't just sell it like it's a tin of beans.

Well you can you can you know what you're just selling a politician like there a tin of beans.

Yes, and you can go out again and there's no harm in that there's no harm.

No shame in selling.

The 90s was booming in around the Groucho club and wildlife Styles

Santa jokes too much and I love too much so I'm still have too much.

I did have stopped off you like anything looking back on it things didn't appear that way.

What's the rear view mirror phrase at the time? We weren't going round saying hey this is called this is this is forever.

This is how it's really in the way that we will look back on these current days and say good heavens you live through the brexit thing The Thing did you yeah? I'm not a belief in the roast in roaster.

Do you spell roseytintedspectacles of it all would be banned today by the standards authority.

You know there's always new rules targeting.

You know the objectification of men and women sexism in campaigns and so god.

As a might have got in the way of this.

I think that that it would have burnt itself out really quickly in a big or small ball of flame.

That's what happened and Prague next week as well because with social media things get examined scrutinised destroyed exploded recreated rebuilt knocked down again and disappear in so I think that that would have happened to it.

I think the what took maybe 5 years of debate and arguments and articles in the Daily Mail with those campaigns would have happened much in a much more condensed way, so you would have got longevity of either of those campaigns, so would have been examined.

They would have been decimated defended then decimated again and it all happened really quickly in fascinating, but it would have been over much shorter period of time because of social media and because of

It still doesn't stop things being defended and examined but it happens at a rapid pace now the couple of doctoral thesis actually they said we could do about how the Daily Mail you know getting upset about certain things actually he is the opposite of what they want which is to give it a cool fact if the Daily Mail head and the reason why I bought relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood because the BBC and it must have a good day with funky Moped Jasper Carrott some reason John Moore in the Dailymotion full page saying it's going to leave the downfall of Western civilization and and we made it.

Just just checking did you know that's the trouble with bloody did so we made it into a T-shirt and we sold it to the printer dial page as a T-shirt for a chic and sold it for £25 department and it's not you.

Must be the best part of the job.

We just come up with a random, but I do like that and it works so I think that people will print there.

Are you said I can't do that does a similar thing isn't it? So Gone punched out do that nothing that store and I'm not sober you worked with Peter Mandelson and then you'll ever come back in the old days when we were actually winning elections and kynoch and Robertson still around her Deborah and Peter and we use the kind of gathering pubs with the French resistance or something and plot and scheme that one day once again.

There will be a Labour government to us.

You know and then and glorious years.

Smyth Campbell on this is done it.

We we we going to get in this and I genuinely thought because it's all gone.

It's all gone and they would Tony it happened to you now, and then I was just a bit too young.

I was inspired to begin leader and you know I'm so glad to this day.

I just said to me that he wasn't enough for me in the number 10 and I stood in what you said that before that was such as cabinet and should a toilet fitted she's had a toilet built in the corner of the cabinet office haven't had a week now.

It's just a moment and presented.

Of William Hague with Margaret Thatcher's hair and then for the election with a few different lines and one must be afraid be very afraid we should a parody of the movie poster and others obviously 2001 and were up for re-election.

Yes, I remember that well.

I remember that image.

It was iconic and that bored and there's me behind me there was no one and in front of me that was Tony and Alistair and pizza and a bunch of other people all behind Tony and looking at my fingers crossed.

It's really funny soon.

We hadn't photograph that seem they're all staring behind turn it and I'm showing in this Mum saying to me that this is going to be and with the Roman empire and it was literally down and I said this is going to be the most iconic image of the of the General Election and he saw smile that Mary went quiet then.

He said that mean you're going to get to know each other very

Behind a silent tear I mean now of course you wouldn't choose that because that would probably get here collected given the current climate in politics almost nothing that I did in politics would work now well.

That's a fascinating come up with the idea then so were you in the plant in the Iranians when he thought I'll stick patches hair on legs head.

I mean who did you actually piece of work because he was such as child.

You know he wrote that himself because there was that infamous speech of him age 53 at the Tory conference making a speech at a funny blog voice even though I'm only 3 and that was behind in blood in the background.

So that's what we'll do kill workers.

I will prevent wage Rises to the next 37 years and so he was kind of Thatchers child and honesty about it and said this approach has been used this get that you know you hear it but then it was that all it was it was a visual interpretation of ok.

I'll get that it made no sense but those people don't like Tony of which obviously I'm not one, but there are many years that the new levels more marketing and advertising genius over substance in a cost.

You were architecture that sofa Innocence is all your fault from that one of you.

Do you accept that or do you know I don't accept that because because the national minimum wage was not a marketing ploy neither was improved.

Patient education education no no absolutely wasn't that there was so telegenic every speech was Word Perfect and there seems to be a backlash against that now that you know we've elected politicians like Donald Trump and Boris that whether it's real or otherwise.

I don't know I don't know I don't think that you can draw that line, but I don't think you go from Clinton and Blair Witch allergenic Lee correct person and you continue the line and you got a pair of Herbert's and that's saying it politely you know there is no straight line from Blair and Clinton in terms of bloody performance integrity and now's and these folks who have no connection did there is no line.

So you can I draw I think the lines bro.

Does it worry things line starts again? There's a line between trump and Farage and Johnson yes, but that line doesn't go back to where I don't see.

What does it worry you that you know Trump is supported by 40% of American people you know that there are women that watch the Grand by the pussy segment voted for Corbyn you I can't stand has admittedly your inventors to hundreds of thousands of admirers and supported in the Labour Party at poles modern humanities my question.

Yes, I totally despair for Humanity one thing that struck me in recent times this word fan and I really don't like it.

I don't believe that politicians should have fans.

It's too serious a job to have fun, worksheet.

And that's at the heart and Johnson was campaigning for the leadership grown adult journalists and Telemedia interviewed people and address them as a Boris fan to first is the Christian name and fan and object to both the same the top people would say so I hear you're a bit of a trump fan.

You know I've got a problem with that.

I don't I think that's the heart of the politicians who have fan bases and I think Daddy is dangerous.

I'm not a fan of Tony I'm not a fan of Boris Johnson my fan of anybody but I'm not a fan of a politician.

I think that's a ludicrous.

Tile don't like I mean.

I'm a raving secularist and militant atheist and evangelical Fundamentalist atheist in fact that well enough for me.

It was very big on fed school.

So even though the future.

It might seem as a prime minister and thought it was perfectly respectable to also challenge some of these policies like you say it's not just because I've my room and most of the right on everything into some kind of cold.

Yes, the other problem is the lack of leads to the lack of compromise willing to compromise in that as a card-carrying member of the Labour Party there's a hell of a lot of stuff that throughout the decade I have disagreed with labour upon.

Would you go with it? But that's at odds with the why do people eat their lives now because they say well.

I would I can select so my programming is what I select.

Hard centres in my sweets, I want that selection from that program and that I can only watch that film and my consumption for medium was only this and I can hand select the package is called caffeine consumption in the industry that you speaking to me and I want no one else's use just mine and so I want a party of one so my political party must adhere to every single one of my flight leaves nuances all that and get my voice as bullocks and what people like you say self censor mean I 20 years ago when I was on the Guardian website the introduced the ability to take certain subjects hours off.

I don't like sports considered to be a waste of time so I kept the minus sign on there.

There's no one ever on my gallery page for 20-years Take That take that Facebook feed the people having a trump Hillary Clinton election when you've basically got a Democrat news feed and a trump news free when people are only been fed the things that we took their well-being because it's been driven.

Give me an example of collectors of memorabilia of popular culture memorabilia at the same time.

I've never driven a car in my life and I never will and I saw an ad had a news feature of an upcoming auction where there was selling the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I thought what first thing that's going for him to find out so I invest I guess what it's going for a million pounds within a few days.

I'm then getting badgered by emails from vintage car companies is another video you might want to buy I don't want to buy vintage cars.

I don't buy any car.

It's not a car.

It's a piece of memorabilia, and that is a is an algorithm miss understand my interest and desire and also it means that scanning through the news I see things that I normally wouldn't be interested in but but now I am.

Because of that and serendipity and we will removing send it so is that combination of you've got S7 tips in your life back to having ideas? You got to have that once you've got a feeling yourself with with random stuff that you like and don't like it's very important to very important.

I consume the media that I don't like I'm a bit annoyed.

I can't watch Fox News anymore in Britain because it's important that I know what they're up to.

It's important that I know how Fox News are going to manage this tricky little issue of impeachment.

How far is going to take a stand on that and I stands with their boy being pissed.

I don't know that now.

I'm going to work next week.

I might get a glimpse of it, but I'm not allowed to see Fox News in Britain because they're very naughty boys.

So just get a BP employee listeners to do to do that, but I want to I want to be able to I'm an adult so I'm able to consume that stuff and

Poisoned by Fox News but be fascinated by their stands it's ok that they can make a 6 part TV series the loudest voice about fostering brilliant fast but I can't actually watch the real thing.

Why am I allowed to watch a movie about it, then? I find that obtuse.

You know I'm back to the everyone supporting the Strictly of their choosing of it.

Must take every single box on their agenda or they're not voting for them and then that way and then that way coalition and component life and that seems to be the position that were in now become very bland of late and can a risk-free with everyone copying John Lewis I did I did I have thought that for a few years now, but I think the add-on is finally leaving.

Adam's fall trends and I think that the John Lewis acoustic guitar reworking of an old Aerosmith classic over some passes through time only idea is the longest surviving trend in history of advertising.

It's been going on for 15 years now.

I think it's finally over it will not be missed John Lewis' profits and current 97% or something John Lewis like every store is struggling and Adam hasn't saved it.

So I don't that trend will continue much longer, so I'm happy to announce that that's me that I have to add land has moved on and that that notion has been later.

I think we London to launch B&B the concept of the traditional advertising agency was still there you did it differently but all of that.

Digital Revolution yeah, I think it's changed so much.

It's become so fragmented if there's any hard was going to do you know it's really navel gazing at the minute and it does need to kind of site.

We've done that now with gated enable with established.

What's there and now we're going to move on in this new way of describing a house a very very extraordinary physical positions going to find itself it, but it's gonna move on there and it's stalling a bit.

I think you would say darling.

It's doing too much talking and I love acting are you a thought leader in this space no no no don't want to be the people ask you to deliver keynote circumference of the Sun you when I was when I said.

Yes, I know I found out that kind of charge.

People 200-300 to go to this thing that I was talking at another talking out and we weren't getting paid and like that.

I don't think people should pay to him.

We talk and even had this one night.

They made students pay 10 quid or something and I just found it put it back it's too much theorizing going on and I'm not doing this talk to further your career and want to further my career.

I'm too busy at work to do further my career and Jerry frame these things if you do have conference until further your career.

How will it do that then? What's the difference in feature films that you know what you doing it because I hired a fellow called.

10 years ago let me years ago now.

I kind of known Duncan all my life all his life certainly but it was Zoe so I knew it was so Buttery and tomato Ms has Duncan was amazing and then to work with him.

He directed some commercials for me for the kind and others had to be done by and then going to set up being be with me and him were drinking in a nearby establishments a hostelry history and I said what you do with your life and don't be an admin never really had a job office job.

What you mean as I will go with him one of the great things of having your own company as you can hire.

Whoever you want to go and get drunk with someone in great place and then they say yes and you have any time kind of the best.

I've got it wrong.

But you can get it wrong by going to head hunters and examining people for months on end and everything because he 2000 idea today.

He didn't understand advertising he understood ideas.

He just kept having ideas and then and then one day he started writing and I said tomorrow.

We're gonna lose your toilet without being said no no, no you won't and cut a long story short the strip and Moon come along and he said we want to make this book.

We need help and I helped him and I hope to try and steering where it was going and an example of money and when no one has believed in him and I took the Script around two lots of my clients and no one would invest in it.

No one no one I showed that scripts to shame on you if you're listening now all you people I show.

Two didn't invest in a shame on you a dinner best to the people who did we made moon for a low budget and we went to the Baptist and he was nominated for two and Duncan won Best Director and it's that that that night people so nice and as such a lovely people.

I thought you were going to make movies I want to do this so I want to do this now.

I want to be with his people and they believe in their projects and I understood why people cried award ceremonies because you put so much into making a film with someone to appreciate what you've done is genuinely moving and for the for the first time you know what films have been sent well.

We did moon and then I've started a film called attack in the devil with Jackie and Debbie Morris which is a documentary.

That's Lidl my scandal and Harry Evans story really hywel Evans who is Tony x how is a very good friend of mine Perry did the podcast Legend just the Harry Evans to fight that fight on behalf of blood moisturisers without the aid of the internet just the age of genius investigative journalism and tireless energy is taking you know so the films tribute to his work and Anna and it was an honour of the survivors are still around 55 years.

Are you know whether that was that was extraordinary and then Netflix that it is on Netflix please watch that film and then Jackie and David we got nothing you be interested in as well with thinking about doing the film about rudolf Nureyev and I just went so I'm going to put it in.

Let's do it and I'm really shocked that I even knew who of us and so we spent two-and-a-half years making a film with intensely proud that was honest and parallel in Paradise working on the kind of definitive feature documentary on the Spitfire where we spoke to the remaining Spitfire pilots including the amazing very Ellis who was 101 at a premier 1 years old and she flew 1000 pickup the planes at the factory for them to the Airfield during the war 1000 playing to do 6 extraordinary women built the plane extraordinary women through the plane extraordinary men forget about it.

It was an amazing story tribute to all those guys and and the plan itself to plane to plane with a soul.

You know after that.

I've done a wartime rump with Mr Eddie Izzard sees the screenplay, Eddie and

Don't you dare Tesco 11:54 old fashioned 1939 comedy really lovely what type of producer are you? How do you go about doing it however both creatively and to give notice on the Script are you there on set all of the above? I think that much more than say a vanity executive producer credit money yeah.

Yeah, yeah because of because of advertising because I think of the role that I play in the making of a movie.

I don't think exists in in movieland.

Which is the creative director.

I believe you know the heartbeat of an advertising agency and yet that role doesn't really exist in the making of a movie it lies between director and producer the creditors between those two so I'm concerned about 2 degree about the funding and I'll go out there and I'll be the performing monkey and I'll raise funds for a film but I'll also be cancer.

Also be concerned about the marketing free obviously so I can do the marketing your hands tied behind my back from a movie that but also because I have insights about the film from do know if I'm doing an ad campaign for a film then I've also made the product as well, so it's a fascinating position to be in that you're manufacturing the product and then you're making me add product manufactured so I can get us involved as I'm involved as I choose to be on on on each of the project and some of the moment just say well.

I'm going to go find the others am I say well.

I just do the Martin brothers of say I'm all over it and would normally happens all over it and next up we doing the life story of Sonny Liston the murder of Sonny Liston which we can shoot in Vegas next year.

It's going to be documented as a drama and then there's the biggest film ever and I can't tell me about you.

Have a promise.

I will come back.

I'll tell you when this might switched off.

Because it's the biggest thing ever been involved in and I promise I'll come back to you like me to talk to you about the film Google what is it going to be because it's going to be so big this film.

It's going to be a very well.

It's all consuming and it and it but it doesn't have the intensity that advertising has and advertising happens at walk faster speed and a movie happens at glacier and if you just take an ounce of the urgency that you having in advertising and injected into movieland.

You don't have to get things done now that you mention, what speed am I going to space? Is it not Richard Branson's first passenger? Yes, it is it that you feel you've already conquered planet, but the only thing I've ever wanted to do in my life and that's the truth the only thing I did because you're in space now, but I know what you mean you want to leave planet Earth

Yeah, ok, I want to leave Planet yeah.

I was there any economy class ticket that I can also join you in the six weeks, so I'm at work.

I don't want business seats at the back.


I'm going to New York next week Tuesday to be fitted for my space suit that I don't say that very often but you don't and the problem that I would have is occasion when I'm overworked are tired and I descended to come for eating is that I'll be with the territory 8 months of the only thing I wanted to do I've got this took that I've done when I first did this sort of students.

They didn't have the effect I wanted to have but it was called advertised as a vehicle which will fly me to space.

And in which I confess that really I don't give a toss about advertising.

I only did it to raise enough funds to get myself to space.

Have you seen the Bowie film An Affair to earth? And it is that story where this alien comes to earth and he has to get back so he invents all of these patents that he sells Four Pillars to raise funds to get the spaceships taking back in on a microscopic scale of that.

I only pretended a light advertising convince people that I like to advertise and give me lots of money and I could buy ticking go to my steps to plan and also good when I did that the students were just gutted I expected and they didn't listen to me if I tell them dead Center or the it didn't exist or in the reaction looking for they didn't like me and you shall I think you are a shower too but I like.

Tell us about the foundation the Jack and the beauty Foundation is the most important thing.

I've ever done in my life and it's Foundation set up in honour and memory of my parents before I come to London I don't ever saw me make it in London he gave me my coach fare to come to London to my interview and we lost him a few months later before I'd actually got my job in London like a good dad.

Go to be so then I was on a mission because he bought that ticket that powered me through advertising so so that when I went there and when I was a stranger strange land when I was this week's among the posh in my ears because he was the Irish man who came to Birmingham and never went back really and I had in my soul.

When I thought my battles and try and do something he was there my mum did she making advertising we did fly my mum on Concorde to New York and stuff.

He lived like the Queen and that's great, but when you lose your mum earlier than your then you're an orphan, and he doesn't matter what age you are when you become when you when you very much for your kind of a woman it change and so I knew nothing about charities and foundations.

I didn't know the difference between a charity and a foundation and Alex told me the difference together we set up the foundation that a foundation is something which gives to charities and so we set it up in the philosophy of my parents and we help out people who need it in Birmingham and in London with the Normandy veterans return to normal.

Area probably the last time to show the 75th, but we've helped out an awful.

Lot of people what type of people and what type of help to get it was discovered a thing called a foodbank 67 years ago never do such a thing existed.

You know it is great that they do I never knew existed is credit in helping a peculiar thing is the best and the worst of society that's right and and so we helped out food bank.

Which is such a weird combination when you want to wipe out food banks and you help out.


We help me helps the RNLI something that my parents believed.

It strongly.

We helped out an outfit called airability who give people disabilities that the chance to.

So you can convert a Cessna which from foot pedal stabbing hand pedals so you can be you can fly solo in your wheelchair in a Cessna 5000 quid you can you convert that so we do and we have events to raise funds for various charitable causes and recently we set up as a subsidiary of the foundation.

I think of the Mum and Dad and the bank of mum and dad is simply the most important thing.

I've ever done in my life which is loans, but they are interest-free tax free charges free.

They are free loans helping out the most vulnerable helping out the most vulnerable people because they're the lawns is giving them big titties.

Not a handout absolute and when they are directed to get back you can recycle I'm only telling other people absolutely correct and the first five we go there have already been repaid.

I'm going to set it up so

2-years to buy back to pay them back straight away because as you accidentally explained I believe in the People's dignity and if someone needs money for a van because they're driving round and they're cutting old people's hair.

They need a van and then they need it now, then they can pay you back later a hand up not hand out correct and I say to them is the Thousand quid for your van, but the sooner you get me that thousand quid back the sooner that you personally Jane can give that thousand quid to the next person who is in your position.

Are you know how you feel now to see you get that back you not me will be hoping that person and that when he came back within 6-months and that's the first time.

I've been Returned really surprised we have fast people have come back if you trust people and you treat them with dignity they will repay.

If they choose to run off with the money and never give it you back I can still sleep nice, but they won't and they don't they will give the money back because they know how it feels and he also haven't got their situation.

It will then empower them to know that they can sleep in the day took that money and may help someone else with it and it moves on where you going to take it.

It's growing and I need to publicise it more.

I'm going to spend this winter shouting it from the hilltops because people kind of don't leave it weird run goes with legal size on it because the financial services people and if I speak out of line screw you I don't care people demanded that I take a cut demanded that you need it again.

So you can't use the word bank.

You can't call yourself a bank you can't do this.

You must take interest don't want interest.

You must take at least one it just take half percent.

I don't want any interest they didn't understand that the very notion is an auntie bank people use the phrase bank of mum and dad a lot it was on the news recent does some facetious reported that the bank of mum and dad is a 7 biggest bank in Britain the difference is the bank of mum and dad out there those kids don't pay their parents back as a different system.

It's called back and I'm glad because it's Jack in a dust bag.

So it's it's Jack and had never had any money in the life and now Jack enable have access to a fund through them I can allocate to people in it and that is it an organic system that will work you know when I was a kid we had the money I would get a provident cheque.

5 quid and pay back £5.20 or something from someone who will come dotted alright.

It was probably check if you got one of those paydayloansnow for 100 quid you potentially lose your house and that fucked up can't we can't live like this, but if you inject some kind of them humanity humanity and situation it kind of it.

Does a little bit down.

We'll we are already or outrage by the wonders of this world and have been shamed.

It's taking a long time but they have been shamed of our family and put out of business, but we still let it happen for a good 10 years if we can do a little bit to write the wrong good.

People want to do what I do.

Also good and more people want to put some money in the tin of bank of my dad feel free to do so because I'm putting loves it but people need more but I think we did the right thing ever thank you for doing the podcast and very very much appreciated cheers.

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