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Ricki Lee…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace, so I'm Stuart Clarkson get a slightly American feel to this week's podcast chat with me and dry in a minute and later more excellent radio with David Lloyd including memories of radio northsea, international fifty years ago this week.

I look back at the history of test transmissions another station comes on her this week in history.

We got that big move Virgin from the BBC for Chris Evans this time last year the arrival of Radio Forth in Edinburgh radio today's founder and editor robot.

We're in the flash.

We're together were alive.

Where are we can use in a pub where?

Suffolk or Norfolk one of those somewhere on the Suffolk Norfolk border Alan Partridge country from from and also owner radio station upstate New York what you doing in Suffolk and Norfolk border have no idea the first time this is very true.

I think I'm Your Number One listener.

I have you podcast must be a subscriber great fun at this point we have a room full of radio people as well.

So give it a couple of videos been recording right now, so will move on and try and ignore those yeah, so the last week about BBC local radio imaging and am switch off and we go am transmitter switch off sounds this week as well talkSPORT they give the guy from Ofcom to turn off 7 of them only two people respond.

Consultation against Inverness Cornwall Aberdeen Londonderry Devon Plymouth organic switch off am switched off northsound 2 a.m.

And absolute turn off some am 12 transmitters a couple of years ago and am in America is it still a big thing at Ricky's obviously with as you just bought another am transmitter station correct yes, well.

I am is still quite a big thing in rural areas in in the US but I am is going through a bit of a change in America over the past 5 years or so, there's been an initiative by the FCC which are the equivalent of Ofcom in the USA to revitalize am now.

There's a little bit crazy but their decision to revitalize am was to give the am stations and FM signal so yeah that kind of that kind of made sense to the radio.

We have just bought is wavyy in Albany New York which is the capital of New York state and that comes with an unbuilt FM frequency that we're going to build and turn on so primarily the FM signal with the interest however the FCC of also just announced rulemaking will potentially kicking later this year to allow what is known as HD radio on am so there is a radio station in Washington DC that's been doing a trial on this wwft basically is you turn your dial to the Frequency it's silent which is slightly awkward because scanning through the am dial won't pick up the station.

So you have to directly to the frequency and then after a few seconds it Buffs and HD radio comes in so you can get enough data there to do RDS and clever stuff.

That the sound quality obviously is is immensely better than am almost sounds like a AAC + DAB station here in the UK cool.

That's all really interesting.

Did you notice all through that he doesn't sound like it from South Yorkshire anymore my next time we're going to be any more American every time we see you 5 years.


It's crazy.

How time has got me a radio station in America what the hell is going on there.

You do not have enough time to actually from back in the UK when I was when I was here.

I always envisioned of my career in radio.

Would take me to ownership.

That was always my goal from.

2007/2008 and missed opportunities I always kinda had this desire and need to complete that so when I was over in the States I launched classic hits radio in the UK on the Mini marks in Norwich which that is now on the Bristol box mini Box in Bristol by cellar door and it still didn't feel real.

Cos I can I couldn't listen to it.

So so I looked at in America and at the time.

It was completely illegal for anyone was foreign to own any more than 40% of a radio station and then actually in a client about Richard Burns and his wife Sharon they petitioned the FCC for foreign ownership and won 100% of the business business.

Retiring and didn't want to sell half of the business so I looked at it and thought you know what I'm going to I'm going to give this a go at you know I've got nothing to lose so my wife and I applied with a radio station that wants to buy it was a very wealthy process and costly process to to do it there is a team at the FCC called team Telecom which sounds wonderful but actually consists of homeland security and the FBI or the CIA the Department of Defense and they thoroughly have perform background checks on my wife and I to make sure that we are not a threat to the United States and I guess that we aren't we got approved.

We bought we bought the radio station and now that we've been approved as long as our structure doesn't change you know I can personally as an individual owner.

The sentence, oh my my wife and as long as that stays the same then we're allowed to buy any other radio station on media outlet because of the approval so it was quite exciting to do it and it's been quite rewarding it's it's it's nice to be back in a radio station after being theoretically software sales guy and what is a kind of small station in a rural area broadcast Studios are and it is it's a very small town.

So it's something the size of you know Mansfield is where I'm originally from so it's a little bit smaller than the Mansfield it's very close to a major city, so is it is a little bit but we're doing proper local radio doing stuff and and it's going really really well and yeah, it's fun and as you are an Englishman in New York

And there's been a lot of talk of American cutbacks in last 7 days or so tell us what you know about that wow.


I have done some shopping.

I'm and employment laws are a lot more brutal I guess in in America and they are here and guess overnight fired over 1000 people and rural areas and it very much reminds me of what global and our another look like salad orange Focus their efforts to myself.

Why do they have 100 c-hr surely original musics change depending on where you are in in the States but that seems like a waste of resources.

Why haven't they got a regional traffic centre with someone?

Commercials and everything but also downsides a lot of local content and I think in the UK where people have to go through London see processes and that's just not happened and these guys have literally walked into work on a Monday morning and had to leave and that's it and it really tough because now they have to find alternative Employment and although there are plenty of employment opportunities in America it's not the same as just upping sticks from chef and moving to reading for a gig you know this is someone that could be moving from Nebraska to Florida and when you got family and mortgages and and kids in school.

That's that's got to be tougher a bit of a backlash here to local programs being replaced with network in the states that bothered whether the program they listen to comes from their state or whether it's a bit strange in the morning because it's great.

I think they do but the majority because it's been done for so long like Network radio has been a thing since the 70s in America so they used to having someone doing the overnight shift that's from from a Westwood one network or or something like that and so I think I think the syndication part of it as been around long enough of people not to care however.

There has been a very similar situations in the UK where morning shows and breakfast shows and afternoon have been on the air for 20 + years and then all of a sudden that changes obviously too as well who was expecting so back here some changes going on at local radio jingles last week.

They've appeared on your station this week why on BBC Radio 2?

Play radio station has been hanging around there for a while and this morning and he's moving there to do not drive.


He's going to meet mornings answer me breakfast show this week as well and top that off they've got a bunch of new jingles as well.

So they think they're II I've not had any others lunch the package or anything really well, so left a couple of weeks ago and solvent and they've gone for the song jingle option good news everybody so have a listen to those if I could we got a clip.

Let's play One blue add breakfast good morning.

First already sounding a little bit different a great show lined up for you this morning BBC sounds at 8, I'm Suzanne Bamborough 37 to follow Cwrt WR4 Coventry and Warwickshire radio returning in the spring look forward to that so the director-general going is an ass is going to leave in the summer.

That is lol Tony Hall been at BBC what has directed.

For the last 7 years I was there for me your best part of 30 years and before he went off her to the opera house and came back but contenders for the next director general and the people there already in senior roles Tim Davie BBC worldwide was the acting DG just before Lord Hall does Bob Shannon has James Purnell the radio division problem if you put on some external ones as well.

There's a lot of commercial radio people than doing nothing these day.

So you never know it could be something from outside but usually with the way the BBC works.

It's going to be somebody from originally who do you thinks going to get the job? I haven't replied so I'm going to be then we've had this week as well as it used to be back in London Greg James has been announced as the host of tickets on sale this week at all the nomination.

Radio waited it so it's not all BBC heavy in every category, so you've got has 50% roughly BBC unless it's a curse of the Year award and it's the BBC's not seen for that one, but yeah 50% BBC 50% commercial which doesn't really make much sense if you're the fourth best commercial radio entry flat category because you don't get to be part of the six.

You got to give way to the best the three best BBC instead is that right the way the working at the methodology.

Yeah, I guess if you if you got 20 fantastic BBC documentaries and three commercial ones in in the put themselves forward then the commercial once again to get shortlisted above some BBC one of them should be better from a judge in perspective on top of it, so I will talk to you to feel about the judging process probably.

Do you get near the areas or after the event itself fantastic DAB in Cars go to figure this week 2.38 million vehicles sold 95% of new cars last year sold in the UK standard 64% of commercial vehicles now 10 years ago.

Just 4% of cars have DAB in them so we've come a long way and at 10 years and I think credit due to a Ford and the team at the jewellery UK have been and no pushing up with the car industry to make that happen.

It's almost like they said to themselves 10 years ago and do something about this guys.

They have and we both got DAB in our cars now and it's transformed the way I listen to radio x UK on the same to dab in the car.

It's all streaming streaming radio station, but I listen to on stream because it's more reliable than DAB but they got said it if you listen to 5 live on a stream, you will be 2 minutes behind with the breaking news.

Cars in the States Ricky I know you've just bought a classic Land Rover which hasn't got DAB FM medium wave and long way because it's one of those really really old but this is hilarious actually because it came from the UK I can't listen to any am station and it because all the channels are wrong between the UK and the US so I can listen to Like half of an AM station HD radio is a satellite radio and some of them have found interesting due to my travels and seeing my clients is that there are certain manufacturers are backing away from the fitting HD radio as standard we have found slightly bizarre.

But I think that is due to licensing costs more than anything you still have to pay a licence to have HD radio you still have to pay subscription for HD radio if you're on FM broadcasting the want to be part of it and most cars have connectivity you know we're all chasing a spot on the dashboard now.

You know and likewise I put my phone in and listen fire apps and stuff when I'm in the States and just connect to the car.

It's just so much easier these days, isn't it? It is we've had a couple of presenter is the things and just in this week Dave Kelly is going to be leaving Radio City after a good few years is good with Cayman Islands of all places.

It is beautiful and Leanne his co-host is staying on for over 2 years so that can put that rumour to bed that the network.

2 years of course Joel Ross has just started in Preston in rock FM breakfast and also elsewhere in the world.

We've got a new heart breakfast presenter breakfast in Dubai ok, Lorna Bancroft heart breakfast in Dubai so good luck to her fantastic photography by Darren from klfm.

You've got two contributors in your contacts book the got the same name it was going to happen eventually at Radio 4 p.m.

Programme this week accident.

Wrong guy to talk about their subject but also joining us from the US Robert Shapiro in American lawyer who in 1995 was a member of the team of attorneys that successfully defended OJ Simpson in what must be the most high-profile television televised court case in Legal history Shapiro an adviser to democratic presidents not the lawyer you got the wrong, but I can tell you now and we've got that number.

We've got that but I'm surprised that we didn't pick it up in the pre conversation.

Yes, it's easily done.

Thank you.

Thank you and thank you Ricky thank you.

Thank you and happy about this because I know you listen everywhere.

Where are you right now? Ricky are we talking about flying places the upcoming events we can do we go to Portugal fantastic? Is that the radio days Europe end of March in Lisbon will see you at the end of March before that of course.

They are we going to get the Palladium at the beginning of March 4th of March we will hopefully be there talking to some of the stuff.

I should have done.

There's no future history Today programme with broadcast bionics created.

Studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word caller sweet and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content to buy onyx Studio 2 everything about radio except the way you make it 50 years this week since the first signs of what was to become the most dramatic of the offshore pirate stations.

It like a sail to the English translations from rni Radio northsea international on the first of those broadcast this week in 1970 the station of course was famously to be violently attacked twice and its output jammed by the governments of two countries, but the station very popular at the time in the UK which was desperate for back-to-back music vary from Station to Station some like Classic FM's were very understated classic FM initial network.

I'll be 11 transmitters provides the most of the country and broadcast in stereo on frequencies between 100 and 102 MHz on the VHF FM waveband for that so wonderful bird song.

Quentin Howard garden the commercial radio tests through the 70s and 80s were on the half of the regulator officially until the programme contract over moonstrike transmission from the Independent broadcasting authority from transmitters at trial and colleague would wear broadcasting on three or 1 m medium wave that's 998 kilohertz 96.2 VHF the VHF transmissions are in stereo radio Trent start broadcasting to the Nottingham area on Liverpool to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic some tests of course enjoy because they will excuse the back-to-back music.

New transmitters for regular broadcast to begin soon if you can hear us give us a call on 029 8666 0072 the time in the early days of capital radio and 73 saying can't you go back to test transmissions, they were a lot better some tests dramatic.

Let's enjoy this one from the BBC this week in 992 in Slough Windsor and Maidenhead and 104.1 FM in Bracknell Wokingham Newbury and your town or village in West Berkshire this is a test transmission for BBC Radio Berkshire the new BBC local news and information service for the county of Berkshire is tests that station came on here this week 28 years ago.

Thank you radio service for the whole of the County good morning and welcome.

I'm how are you today?

At the time is 6:30.

It's 14 years since Christine McConnell age his first show at the original Virgin Radio it was in the rebel that moves across from XFM 12 years later as a grown up and a father into Auschwitz survivors long in the murky world of commercial Radio breakfast show this is incredible and I've been really lucky.

I was to leave because this is amazing.

There's nothing they have an amazing opportunity this coming to my life for the last couple of months and I know it.

Would it be like to because I feel like we were a bit sad too soon.

Got over it Christian O'Connell opening his heart prepared for leaving absolute this week in 2018 for Success overseas across on the new Virgin a fresh Breakfast Show this week last year.

Call isn't anything there's room for everyone helps helps to the business helps with the quality of the business, so it actually text message last night.

It was very very sweet of you always.

Have you always sevens beginning on the second version this week in 2019 45 years ago this month commercial radio arrived in Edinburgh a dream is about to come to bring you the top of the super stereo News traffic weather community information food prices and our house today.

That's where the action is every morning.

Music is specially selected by you for you like this one for my very own in Scotland pilots on this week this original brand name to this day so with juice in Liverpool beginning capital four years ago last official Navy like on Radio 2 44 years ago.

I make poached JK and Joel from key 16 years ago programmes on Radio Luxembourg 208 with Geoffrey Everton Pete Murray 69 years ago when the boys and girls in Birmingham

Another couple of hours we have unfortunately got left to play a record this week.

It's John legend's new one hand the first trials of DAB using the Eureka system from Crystal Palace 30 years ago this week's radio moments.

Thank you very much.

David thanks to our guest ricki-lee who was on with Roy and me earlier on the podcast air from at saragosa's star radio at all.

That's left for me to do is to remind you about clean for you.

I know you're wondering where it was a surprise you with a script read in a different place, but thank you for saying to the end.

If you've not tried out clean feed yet.

Please give it a go this week.

It's great for doing her baby's grave doing interviews on your radio show or your podcast it's been designed for radio people and for podcast.

It's really simple to use and connect in live quality audio.

Just using your browser can even record what you doing and who you.

Within the browser as well.

It won't cost you anything to get started to take 30 seconds to sign up and you've been your first live interview or recording within minutes to find out more about it clean feed dotnet clean feed gonna call you back next week with something else about the radio industry.

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