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Media Masters - Ross King…

Media Masters with Paul Blanchard

welcome to media Masters series of one-to-one interviews with people at the top of the media game in Hollywood California and John by Ross King entertainment journalist and presenter born in the UK for many years in radio television and acting winning to Sony Awards before leaving Los Angeles in 2018 is time is an entertainment and Kieran la is one for MS Michael Ward back in the UK what is best known for his red carpet interviews with the biggest names in Hollywood as entertainment correspondent for ITV Good Morning Britain and Lorraine in 2018 he received an MBE for services to me.

I wanted to you talking about their that's at the top of his game.

Are you sure start at the bottom and kiss that was the best advice to start at the bottom and it must be amazing.

You ever going to pop to the back so you just have to use even though it really like I said lie to the queue when you go back to Britain do you do re anglicize your language? Are they still saline rather Q naturally just changed and I don't change that many women obviously gas station and in Britain petrol station, but if I got a friend to you who over from Britain I will call you go left at the petrol station and if I'm in Britain I will say trousers in hot pants so anyway and sounds like.

His pants, so yeah, I don't know I don't think I've got my accent Housing Jesus a really funny thing that I had friends for my friend when I was at ktla with the big stations that you know what there for about 6 years and this friend one time it dinner said you know it's really great the races are accent is changed as we couldn't understand a word he said and I said well.

I'd like to say that I've always prided myself on the intelligible have been since I was 1415 and my whole thing has been hopefully I'm obviously have a Scottish accent, but it's not too strong and I've always been understood the matter where I've gone and it was really funny that we find the type of me on my first broadcast on ktla which sounded exactly the same as me that so he shut up but occasionally and I do say occasion.

Glass of water and because again as you you were talking about the painting a room is quite.

I think that's great dignified and also I like the Americans garage as we go garage.

She's quite suddenly makes it quite the garage and go to the garage when I go back there to visit friends and family that has somehow become more Yorkshire and it's she says it's an affectation, but it's not just maybe when in Yorkshire you do with the auction yeah, and I think I will sue you here because they go back to the Glasgow definitely I think I will speak quicker.

I don't go particularly stronger but a little bit and I think if you heard me to speak to my sister my dear my family and Scott

It does get a little bit babe.

You go back to your mum Stewart as we she's got the manchurian food incredibly well respected and recognised in both countries and that's for example in marblehead, Massachusetts and broadcast on the BBC 5 live back to Britain in America and I didn't realise you such a big deal, but that's very kind.

I mean I think I was lucky to get there for about 6 years then you got some recognition, but then you know it's been quite a few years since that so so not particularly.

I don't think so weird that I never ever if I go back to Britain and if somebody knows who I am it doesn't surprise me and if somebody has no idea.

I have it doesn't surprise me.

Stop can't be like that sort of flying under the radar little bit so it's no it's never been a thing I mean I never got into the business for recognition and I got into the business because I love what you love about it everything absolutely loves every single bit of a tale of The Madness of the silliness.

I love this stupidness and I Love the fun of it and that's the thing in everyday.

I have a laugh every single day of my life and even when you know it's been so sad times.

I lost my mum and dad not at the same time but you know even then you are myself and my sister.

We have some kind of a laugh about things and that's the story with my Mum and Dad where that was the way that I was brought up in the in Glasgow with you know that old thing enjoy every day as if it were your last because one day you will be right.

I know I don't I don't like the alternative.

I've always been very much for the glass is half full I smile a lot.

I'm happy I walk into shops.

Because again I don't I can't forgive the alternative and I'm really lucky.

I think I really like you especially if I'm going back to the UK I'm doing some whatever that I am but what I am when I'm on TV that's me, there's not it's not you know and I know quite a few that when you meet them or stage you want them to be that same person and another not so I'm really lucky like that.

I've had a couple of quite upbeat Radio podcast finished the podcast recording vessel polite and respectful, but they're nowhere near the same many years has started this that came true comedians that there is a strange thing that so many of them are quite manic depressive.

Strange it's just it's strange to us not strange to them but strange that they are so completely different and sometimes.

It's hard, but I completely understand your people up to someone and want them to be that person and if they're not not understanding I do understand it, but I also don't understand it because I'm just me if that makes it normal that we can do a chronological run through the courier but let's let's start halfway along it is right that we moved to LA and you clearly keep successive it have been really lucky lucky me by my whole career but there's a little bit of I think I think Gary Player the golfer was the first person to ever use expression the more I practice the luckier I get that's such a great truism.

I came here and been really honest.

I have been lucky.

I've been gone back into the freezer and do some some musicals.

I done the Rocky Horror Show

Frankenfurter The Rocky Horror Show the musical is Sadler's Wells and one night.

I was backstage at Sadler's Wells I remember if I look up with the studio.

Yeah, I remember looking up and just but that was like it was like I put my foot on the on the pedal and there was nothing there.

I was just glad I don't know what it was when you and you didn't really tell whether my friend that's the sound of a slightly to the side that was good.

I don't want some men having blood coming out to be added and I did this huge sigh and then but I don't know what it is and I went home and then I realised that I was a bit burnt through any abuse of anything but just the fact that I don't work since I was 15 professionally and that was it and I thought I need a change and that's

Recognise myself.

I need to do something else but incredible strength of character to recognise that and then then do it Madness I think it is so then I thought I come too early alone in a bit like yourself.

I'd loved it and had fun when I was here.

I had an opportunity to come here back in about 93/94 had a couple of offers, but I was had a TV show in Britain called pebble Mill which was a great the BBC so you know I was loving it and I thought I can't give that up to come to America in have no idea what I'm going to do that and I thought I'm going to come out to LA I'll come out for 23 - 8 months.

I think mall and it does suck you in and either and I've seen it was so many people get it really quickly or you don't and I completely understand both ways both.

What is a thinking you just think either? I love this place.

I'm going to make the most of it or you go it's not for me and I've seen people come out here for 2-3 weeks and actually funny enough.

I give Elia chance.

I was 3 weeks and is we all know here it can be 3 weeks before you get a meeting you can ask to meet with someone and you know then they say yeah, how about you know the neck? Can you go I'm thinking maybe this week to get that and get the place and it's full or I always see this.

It's full of Scilly overachievers and so when I go here.

I think they went you think you're an overachiever.

You may state is a slight the most obvious most unique place in the world every month.

I come here for over 67 days across two visits I got quite a few points here and I just absolutely love it, but they want a New York I love that and I think I just I just maybe I'll just be constantly peripatetic homeless.

I think you're really lucky.

I think that's

The great thing if you recognise the spring and all the great values of other places and you're lucky enough to be able to travel to the more because they all have great things on from Glasgow Glasgow to London I lived in for Longsight Manchester I live in New York I lived in through for about a year as well, so all these places all over something and I think it's a bit like the world itself and I will and whatever you believe in god or whatever god or whatever it does not give with both hands.

That's the symbol thing and once you get that life's pretty straight forward.

I think you know we're gonna give you the fame fortune.

I have to take a bit of your privacy or privacy.

There's no given with both hands and if you look at anyone in this world and people that you aspire to be your people you look up to or just people that are you seeing the TV or movies? No one has all sometimes it looks like they have.

Anyone that has all and some of the people that I know that are the richest people that I know as the most unhappy so I think that's the way to to to live by but also in terms of where you want to live there anything earlier office so much, but obviously doesn't offer absolutely everything that time and I think you again if you live by that it's perfect and trying to explain that to people something special to younger people and I do a lot of talks universities Call of Duty something and that's one of the big things that I always say I say what's for you won't go by you just use that as your by would I say be tenacious because I think in this town is specially tenacity is such a big thing shy Bairns get nowt my nanny and it's going without it's a little bit like this week.

We will get the oil and sometimes.

I will say is certain things.

Don't want to be squeaky will have never wanted to be the squeaky wheel and squeak a little bit if you know I'm not getting you know what I think is right, but I never want to be the squeaky wheel but again it's it's a true some squeaky wheel does get the oil I think that's the thing it's all about the balance.

That's what I've always believed that life your career.

It's all about balance.

No one ever gets it right.

It's not like riding a bike and go so I'm off now.

Look at this you can take your hands off the handlebars and go yes, I'm absolutely perfect balance and is always in a year always not quite getting it right sometimes.

You've gone way sometimes.

You gone the other the idea is when you gone you know that down to the left you want to pull it back up to the right a little bit so I think it's really simple straightforward but so much of this.

I got my mum and my dad and again.

I'm so unbelievably lucky to have had the

But I had the games that I had the love I had so you know know that not everyone gets that has had that has had that opportunity so that's definitely me you know the person.

I am and sitting in a Mum and Dad you know the and dad was my hero and a Gentleman area di mum was wonderful they were both very in their own different ways and I learn so much from and lucky clearly given.

You like a real grounding which does that help you with that the background you having to succeed in A Town Like This that is a bit la la land definitely I always think of mum and always quote to Great times in in my career one was when I was a kid and local radio and it was not long after Live Aid then we had sported.

I don't remember we supported the big big big and I was.

DJ the time at radio Clyde in Glasgow so end in Scotland and big big station and you became a huge fish in a little pond that it was wonderful and I had a great time but this is the funny part of me like that.

I said to two bodyguards had to mind and I can see your brother with you.

That's great fun and I was hosting this event is 10000 people in this exhibition and Conference Centre and I'm thinking wow.

You know looking out of 10000 people and injuring and all the rest and introducing all these big packs of its sportier than all the rest of it and I thought Mum and Dad I knew that they were going to be there.

I thought they must be quite proud of me today and then amazing and this is so true.

I just about to introduce another big star and I look down I could see my mum and dad near the front and so anyway did the introductions got off in Campbell who was one.

The time said you can't go down when I said not got my mum and dad and he said was all these crash barriers.

You won't get that closed so I just need to get down a bit and I got down to probably about 50 feet from and I saw them and I was giving them both the big thumbs up at my mum's with me and she went speak slower and then might my other one which again you should not only the way you should get your grounded but also her chemo too and I was going to be on Celebrity Hollywood squares, but the show celebrity squares American standard urinal tea, but it's Ideal Standard

She started crying because she was watching Coronation Street and she said Mum I'm going to be on Celebrity squares is unbelievable said I hope you in the car did Mum not contestant.

I'm going to be one of the celebrity so that the humour is well, but I think all those things but there was always that you know in the nice way though.

It was like a little clip round the role that sort of stuff.

It was there was never any chance of ever getting above your station in Glasgow especially you know come from in a West of Scotland you know it's always like you get you get put down there.

You're quite a lot and it's always funny because it's what I love about Scotland is older Josh positions.

You know you eat in a we were in the European murder capital but also voted the world's friendliest City

Stab you but then directed to the hospital in Glasgow that you will you know it.

I can't his favour is a Scottish expression which I knew his father is like unused add that stuff and that always keeps you completely round when people are watching you from the UK they see you like out her reporting.

They will think it's like Walter glitzy Premiere Cinemas in Sunday because I'm in the other thing is very interesting about you you got incredible achievement in journalism that you doing on your also got all your career so many other things as well in the entertainment space acting presenting and how do you have time for it? All? I don't like that is actually the answer.

I really don't and a typical that you can be absolutely anything so there is no typical day and in terms of the TV five nights a week.

It's stunning with the Sunday because obviously.

In the UK so you can be on any Night Live from 6 in the morning in the UK till about 9:30 p.m.

Here you're p.m.

10 p.m.

To 12 your breakfast television starts at 22, but then of course that doesn't necessarily mean something you might have to be in the studio by 9, but then if it's in a some of the terrible I mean that I am the way the courier.

It's funny moves along that obviously you do all the entertainment stuff but also sadly you have to cover in the shootings and the terrorist attacks, so that's all part of my my job is well and then you may get the call that something happened like El Paso Texas that horrendous shooting incident you know you just don't I get to the airport it could be no I mean even if we're chatting.

You know the phone.

Could you advise and this is happening get to the airport getting a car drive whatever so you really are on call 24.

I have to work everything else Ryan that I don't mean this question the shallow, but which aspect of journalism do enjoy the most obviously don't enjoy that there's been a shooting, but is it an end to report on something that so hard hitting and being at the centre of it.

All or is do you like the balance between light and shade I do like the balance and I feel very fortunate to be able to do that and I think how lucky I was to go into hospital really when I was a kid at 15 going to local radio when I was 15 16 and 2 works in The Newsroom is there such that journalistic background as well as served me so well, and I think again that I'm probably one of it's like one of the last breed of people that that were brought up doing everything and it's not to see how clever.

I am it's just to say that I was brought up that way which was you were a kid that you did something.

You would put on a stage you could say my mum and dad were both very musical.

You know so you can send you that then you actually were a writer before you knew you were writing because even when you're a kid doing pantomime right stuff out when I was doing the radio when you write some sketches and you never really thought I'm actually writing you just think I've just come up with this idea and that's the joke and all the rest of it and so all those things are going to radio 10 to TV when I was 17 18 as well to get to do older and I know it's funny.

I remember having a meeting with one of the bosses stations back in Britain and he was saying don't have many people that can you know one minute we're reporting on a horrendous incident and then the next minute be on stage singing with Donny Osmond in Las Vegas so with that weird things that people are not brought up that way now and everything is very much.

You're watching your relaxes that great American expression and people are very niche so I think I probably will be.

The last of those people that came through the talk to do everything wanted to do everything when I was a kid and local radio.

I remember a General pharmacy that was interesting and I remember one of the DJs that guy called Jack McLaughlin and the offered me the art program and a 1718 cool.

You know xx DJ you know I don't want to do the ice and he said do it because again you will become a broadcaster exactly as the name suggests so I was like ok for that and that was it was great advice and continue that my whole life so someone says you know you something else that I never ever thought I get a chance to to write a couple of books which I did with the lovely lady Sherry low been writing and then you know I've done TV scripts.

I've done some some movie script, so it's it's wonderful.

Never lose sight of the fact that again you hear me use the word lucky a lot because I really truly believe it but to get an opportunity to do what I've done and I don't even think that exist or indeed that will exist in the future that people were allowed to do all the many and varied things that someone else might be pigeonholed as an entertainment journalist and like most people.

I want to be when you can now you currently from Lorraine and GMB and you know all of the Hollywood stuff that you do you get starstruck now you see it as a business to avoid becoming cynical now.

I don't think I would ever be so I think I'm realistic and I will call it on TV as I see it if I think it is being really you know you're not being cynical which has been real.

I am still absolutely in love with the business.

I still can't believe I'm driving on a one-to-one of the film.

Wetherby fox a Warner Brothers or any place.

I just love that thing good up to the gate and if I'm leaving you lucky that you have is this idea.

I drive on rather than you have to park and walk to the gate through all that stuff you actually drive on the law and I drive along and I look at all the places and think oh my goodness me that was filmed there or that was shot there or recognised things.

I'm lucky where I live right up in Hollywood I see the Hollywood sign everyday for my windows and I do smile I genuinely smile everyday looking about I'm thinking how the heck did this bad boy from Glasgow end up here but I never I don't know I just haven't I think I have a natural Enthusiasm for life and an actual Enthusiasm for you know what I do and again.

I just look everything now.

We're still here still doing it still getting away with it and that's it again.

It's simple might again going back to when I was a kid and the business I got great advice from

People in Britain like Bob Monkhouse you know it's it with me Des O'Connor and legends.

You know Paul Daniels Paul Daniels was the one who said to me and I was like what you said it simple stupid think it through and that's again.

All these little bits of advice that I've always taken and run with them.

So you know you know I I think these people which you enjoy the most is it a bit that you need all of it like for example.

You're on here if you'd like the thrill of being on her but then if you didn't write for a couple of weeks you get an itch that you have to write or you would like two weeks and I need to get back on the telly.

How did Jeremy Vine a couple of years ago and he said that a lot of presenters that have what he calls the show-off Jean that they want the attention and there's no shame in that are often when people get into broadcast Media that quickly decide whether there are side or not.

They want that I've never.

That side of it, it's been a by-product, but it is I love performing you don't have done quite a lot of plays and musicals, but it all comes back.

It's like last week.

We were meant.

Oh and I got to perform on stage with Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison but obviously not them but the holograms which feels like you've been on stayed the same ol' boy with Holly and to play Pretty Woman with Roy Orbison is just eaten a ridiculous, but then again I think I think she will be singing with Donny Osmond you know you know going back to the UK of Performing you dancing with Donald O'Connor singing with The Nolans and all the all the weird and wonderful things that I've had to do but again.

I've always realised the grass always seems greener on the other side only realise that it's not then just enjoy what you do and again and I think anyone has ever been in there.

I Want To Be the musical will know this feeling you go and see the show and then you identify the role.

That is the one that you think you could do then when the music starts you start with in my key then you start watching you think how can I do that little bit of movement you could probably get we all meet up and analyse all and then you think I'd love to do that in the main what happens if often times.

It's basically my you go and see something you like Jersey Boys you think I'd like to do that and then you'll see your role.

Not the Frankie Valli roll, and I would you know tell me to be said that would be great and then you realise that you're too old to play that's the other sad thing is like when you realise you too old to play Danny in Grease and they're do I need to play teenage.

It's a bit but you catch I was quite old.

A week later you still thinking about going to do that then you realise in the week so for example like you know the past couple of weeks have been in Quebec interviewing Celine Dion then you can you sing on stage with Buddy Holly in that space of time.

We've done it shows and every morning.

They've got gun whenever you in the PC waking up in the morning and the first thing you think you check your voice.

Yeah, it's there and so you think much is it's wonderful to do they are going through that and then you say what I've done.

It has been just brilliant.

So you realise it some point I like to think and hope that I will go back into some more Theatre again, but I'll enjoy that every time and I I will those times when I wasn't doing this now.

I wasn't having to check my voice every day, so it's it's the balance and just realised what it's all about.

I really don't think life is that.

Bit complicated by people will come round and offer you like a cube recording contract and you might need two like poles other aspects of the career of presenter Big Show here, because you know you've got fingers in many pies and one of them isn't a huge opportunity to you or would you then say actually I quite like the fact that I'm doing well in all of these various tracks even though slightly slightly then again if it happens it happens.

I don't everything I'm in the way that I look at a lot of things no gravy if someone who come to me as that 14 15-year old kid at school.

He was going to be a footballer soccer player failed football if someone came to me and said you know all these years later.

This is where you'll be this is what you doing.

Will that make you happy I got it would make me happy so that's why I look.

All those things I think it's a bit of its gravy in vets and I think I'm so ridiculously lucky to have got the point in my career where I can have a conversation with you and say yeah, it's it's a matter in the summertime rain tomorrow in you know thanks for playing a game over your matches.

You would hate it.

I are you know I would hate it and you really but you have to turn in a what what what a good endings as we as it is a yorkshireman with a indeed when the wrong reference example about you this morning when I was a kid.

I was going to go to Partick Thistle which is my local team in Scotland we have one Glasgow you got the big teams you got rangers-celtic and then you've got Partick Thistle in the middle or to give him the full title Partick Thistle mail.

And I was going to go and pay for them and I went as a kid and have some trials.

I was going to sign it is a school boy and I always remember a dirty old who was the Lisbon Lions won the European Cup with the Glasgow Celtic back in 67 legendary player became a manager and I remember being ushered into his office by Jackie husband who assistants at the time and he said all this is one of the new boys and he looked at me and he said son you wear outdoor mirrors and football boots about to go and have a trial at Manchester City and I realised that I was going to be a very very average player and I'm not even going to say that I would definitely have people have been very nice and I was lucky again the word lucky.

What happened was that because I played to reasonable standard.

I've got invited to play in all these games with all these former.

But I played for Scotland against England at Wembley Stadium and scored amazing and I was the only non ex professional plane and you know I think of getting an opportunity to do that, but also realising I would never ever ever choose that ever if I played and it's funny as the years go by you not go back to Glasgow and then some you say you know you should have been and you could have been in you going not even my dad dear ol dad would see me play sometimes.

I've played a few times at Wembley and he would sometimes Go think maybe you should have stuck in at the football.

I said dad know I'm an actor.

I know how to look like a fruit.

That's the Difference and also I'm playing with people who internationals who's knocking the ball exactly in just the right pace.

Just in front of me to run on to him think so ridiculous that lucky used to play lot 5 a side back in York

Decide that you call it soccer here when you used to you.

No answer right at the back and look like I know what I'm doing but lots of great the Robbie Williams had a great football pitch at one of his old one of his own life and you used to go up the own play in a couple of times a week BAFTA la we started the team which is really because it all came out of the fact that we would have peace play cricket and cricket wicketkeeper 67 hours and it didn't seem to encourage like a team ever.

I don't know why because even we play and then a couple weeks later.

I bump in.

We played in there is no camera battery price for some reason footballs really got that and so myself and dear friend of mine Julie installing a great actor and we said start some football and I'm just going to the local park and put no jackets don't like this kids.

That's what we did and then the green thing was that we did that few times then the skills for some people didn't for others they will put a BAFTA la team together which we did we got stripped so we started playing but the great thing about football days, but if you got a dinner party, this is one thing I don't like about you go to dinner party.

You ok and then someone and hi this is Ross in black and then suddenly bigger through your resume and also sometimes if you knew how you doing you just want to go great.

Thanks people doing well and we'll go straight into I'm doing this but I don't need to know everything and your network as well.

Yeah, you just very much here on who you know exactly.

It was just a guess and this was my favourite one was so I was playing super and this is my centre-half and the go, this is this is paigion ago.

Hi Paige great great great and then at halftime and Martin p2pguru song right anyway.

Yeah, I said we built this city anyway.

How did you know when I said the DJ and back in the day you use to fill in the PSP the performance is running out and I wrote turn on the lights.

I knew it wasn't like usual centre-half Martin page.

You know phenomenal songwriter and he'd been at Southampton and so we had a lot of things to talk about you know how we we both not quite made the grade as a footballer.

That's what I love about football hear that you have no idea you know the guy from you know alright and you know some Americans would know who is Rob in the like to appetite for destruction by Guns n' roses and I'm sorry behind me and he said yeah.

I'm just looking on the bass player from Guns n' Roses is that place with these things happening.

I was 41 and a guy the side of me and my friend was in the right hand side.

There was a guitar and I picked up and I'm useless cannot done three chords wonder useless and not even playing the three quarter.

And the guide to my letter that was younger he met and I have a guitar I'm in a bando play was ok any plane was worse than me so I said I can have a guitar back.

It's a tour and my friend.

Can you play something you sure you want to play? I said play one of the songs he wrote for Elvis and the whole bunch song and everything was he started playing it and you go to the man in the yellow and he said he needs to be the Elvis singing in the ghetto and he said I was the night the Elvis recorded that I can believe that when I see you in the ghetto.

Nobody Lives In the Ghetto goes into gear but you said that wasn't it everytime I hear it the way you like an event jump to an interview in Dolly Parton and a friend of mine said I would you say to dolly, please tell me she's amazing and Dolly Parton is one of these people she is exactly as you wanted to be.

You can see anything better overall genuinely probably one of my most favourite people in the world have always a daughter absolutely loves her and I said you're not a friend wondered if you want to write.

I don't really write with anyone else.

I should do I know Mike Davies I said I told her and she said oh my goodness me to say I will call you in the ghetto, but I sang in the pool because that's how Elvis saying it say how the heck do the DAB boy from Glasgow getting a story about Elvis Dolly Parton and Mike Davis and it's just that wonderful thing in La but you sometimes find yourself in a moment.

It's Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood plus.

I would want some Consulting producer credit for that.

It doesn't concentrate goes in the garage.

Thank you.


Ross starstruck.

I do have moments.

I have anything on my good as me.

I'm here a bit like with Dolly Parton and I'm in the middle of this story.

I have funny moments when there's people that you've had a and still have a crush and weekend Sarah Rafferty who's Donna in suits and if you've never seen such you won't have an idea if you watch Suits you will know who Donna is and she's the most lovely she's a ravishing is a good way to this ravishing beautiful redhead no hear just the redhead beautiful river here married with two lovely daughters and she's just lovely and it's funny to see Donna is like your ideal woman and Sarah is the exact same.

Interviewing her it's one of my caravan goes all you got a little bit little bit sweaty and and that is true and it's funny when you from your interviewing someone like that.

I like Halle Berry Julia Roberts and Julia is really challenging.

I love interview Julia Roberts because she really challenges in A&E if you said I am trying to think of the last time when I was speaking to you.

I am I was saying that in this movie that were talking about the time and she was she didn't look like the Julia between knowing and adore but she actually said Troy actress, so she looked at me know.

There was like no make-up.

There was a bit daily the horse up and I said to her you're must be great when you doing a movie like this, but you know we get to see very much you're acting chops in the fact that you see in the new makeup and other sexual she's not my friend, but she's not my friend but she said.

You didn't say that did George Clooney about it because I said you are a great example George Clooney you know massive movie start we semen things new goal because he looks like George ex like George Clooney and being George movie star other movies put on way you know he's got a beard that's all it is.

I said that's it and you know exactly what I mean.


You my friend I get so I love the fact that she she just doesn't take things and she doesn't suffer fools gladly and I love that.

It's hard work.

Isn't it? I want to see 12 Angry Men a couple of years ago and Jeff Barr he was playing the guy breaks down at the racist thing and I'll never forget the end of it and then obviously the curtains closed and the text me out and I noticed that when he came out all the actors.

He was still crying.

You're still tears coming from the obviously.

I've gone to a place to get upset and that strictly.

Had a job it is to create that emotion make it real because it was real and for some people we have to go to very dark places and other people can switch on and switch off and I think before acting is it there's no real right or wrong with that you know some people are very method some people are not and again.

Just depends on who you are and what you would take knickers, but it is freezing sometimes when I try came here in 2018 class with three years and studied and some of the people that work with word just you know I was completely in all of them techniques and what it took them to get there any other people who could just cry you know there's something we can just try like that.

I mean I can cry like that.

So I'll have to think about my mum and dad and I've gone and even if I talk about them.

I get really emotional sorry.

It's interesting what you do.

Just the little techniques with science memory you know if you touch a glass and you.

That reminds you of something.

It's great to switch it off you think about your daddy get upset and you've drawn from that well of the memories that then you must be taken off disability then come the old and I think the only show that I ever did where I got a little bit lost on the character.

What is The Rocky Horror Show because playing that is such a bizarre character, but he's such a sexual being and it was weird that I did get him to Leybourne that he would come and see me after the show just been looking at Halo my whole thing on stage with this you know ridiculous over-the-top character, but who had this incredible heart and so many layers to but it was the funniest thing that I didn't quite sure that are for a little bit but I think people you know maybe they played.

Zuko in Grease and everyone screaming for them and you want to go swimming for Danny exactly what you came to LA so another question.

I had is a lot of to do this where they will you know they want to pursue a career in acting and producing a singing and Away tables and wait to be discovered Hollywood guy called Ken hurts, and he was actually quite an interesting podcast cos he's talking about you you see at Beyonce you see her all these big names and you don't realise that there's another 50 people are just as bad but their face didn't quite you know the line between 30 years of waiting tables or winning uve got is actually quite thin again with what I do this one job and I've got it other people can do it.

Yeah absolutely and again it is it's just that fine line you happen to be the person at that.

You have to be the right look for it the right person.

It's so and when you realise that I think that's when you should embrace it and realise how lucky that you are because I can hear it is a legendary lawyer, but there's a lot of noise and if you're a liar you think when you join a law firm because there's lots of love is where I am if you want to say I'm going to be the lead in that movie with his one and only so if you get it now, but there's so many other people that could get it.

You've got to realise how lucky you are but not that you'll never be complacent, but there must be an incumbents the advantage that you know the audience of Lorraine and Good Morning Britain won you on the red carpet.

They want they want to meet they want to be but I think there's also that familiarity my mum likes the fact that you're incredibly impressed that she wants.

Actually would be ridiculous to drop you and get someone else to save money and Piers Morgan Hollywood celebrity walks past you tried to do it again.

You can people do all the things I can do you would probably argue well.

No just because they have booked the breadth of experience but you can still easily be replaced and I'm always very aware of that so I will never ever ever be complacent in any way shape before because easy is to be changed and it's lovely thank you to your mum as well through through seen those nice things but you do realise in life that that it changes what is interesting going to have a conversation other day and again when you get to the point you know you get a little bit older the interesting thing was someone said to me but because like with millennials on a Tuesday expression but you know it's you.

People not watching of age TV in the watching YouTube putting things up no different ways, so the interesting thing is that the TV audience which is so much older do want to see people that they relate to or maybe people be great with an I was lucky that I did you know kids TV when I was very young kids TV in Scotland and kids TV in the UK so there are certain people that you know if I go to van, so I'm on a gig somewhere you know I grew up watching you on the 15th from Manchester M11 pebble Mill in the delivery now.

They've gone on a journey with me.

That's nice, but it's interesting someone said to me but because of that audience.

There's a possibility that it will continue and continue because people want to see familiar faces people that hopefully they can trust I'd like to think that when it comes to the hole.

I will be honest.

I won't give them in the curtain bike just a little bit and just explain to people you know this is what what it's all about you know but in a huge you watching this but to to see listers makes an a Lister and all the little things that you can peel the curtains back into say and also the reason that they're doing this is that's a little bit because of this movie coming up and this is what they doing, so I don't completely back because you don't want to ruin everything for people at home, but equally it's quite nice to know ya real reason is so I might just my experience Her Majesty the Queen isn't normally in the Habit of routinely dishing out and 12000 miles away so normal it's servants in the lollipop ladies and and and all the successful people in the UK it must have been quite a lot to be British but be so far away yet.

Still be recognised for your contribution with emotional WhatsApp to get them being incredibly.

Broke down on broke down and also that's because of mum and dad because I really am I was looking to get it for broadcasting for the arts for charity, but I really accepted it for Mum and Dad because you know they deserve that the amount of work that they didn't work that they got involved in but also you didn't accept it down the line and a split screen.

So you know I was there with the green stamps.

You don't know whether to say handle the side of a mum and dad and also when I got a little bit older.

I remember seeing to my dad and see the other the birthday Honours list of the New Year's honours List you would look down at night.

So so bad.

You know you should get something mum and

Said that would ever lie people that has don't get these things and I was like ok, so when it happened and dad have passed by but it was just had a little work out with pops.

You know you and Mum you know this is for you really and so that day when I went to to meet the Queen and we did at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh which the Queen's official residences official Castle there and it was official Palace there, it was just that amazing moment and my sister was there a nephew and my my brother likes to share with the family there in Scotland was really special and they want to see what she says, what did she say then she said to wait till you come along way and thank you.

Today or immaterial she was laughing and she said you know you travel back and forth a lot and I said I do but obviously I gave you today.

You know especially for you are the Queen and another day for you, but for me you know this is you know that one of the biggest so my life and then the interesting thing is they always say when she when you get the gone you've already got a little clip here, but she just slipped on so there's no then she might not then he raises her hand and shake your hand.

That's over that sit in a people forget.

It's quite funny BC she will gently push you back, but I've got the minute.

I saw a hand coming up.

I'm going to say what I want to say.

And so in such as the handwriting mum, can I just say one thing I want to thank you to you for being the most incredible monarch.

You know you all I've known and you have been unbelievable and I just want to say thank you for myself and my family and as I said it the weirdest thing was that my family was so close that he could hear was very quiet because here and we've got this wonderful photograph of the queen smiling as you don't see her smile too often.

She gets that lovely picture.

I've got that on the wall of the of the queen smiling smiling at me, but it's not what I said.

I'm a raving but my argument is unfortunately of the mind by the Fat of the Queen does a good job.

I mean I don't want to inherit the job head of state but we are lucky to have the Queen that.

Except that even as a Republican she does an amazing job the Queen is just been phenomenal.

I think all that she's gone through all that she's dealt with and you know when she became queen at such a young age before she probably really was completely prepared for it.

Was it was a shock it was a surprise and then she had to deal with it and she has done all these years and that's what she's done and I get I think exactly with you a royalist so you're not I think the admiration for the Queen and I think also the love for the Queen is amazing in Britain and I think because of a generator for the Americas and the longest serving monarch ever.

I think I should ever in the world, but I think ever so appreciate all that she's done and to do while still alive is it is a big bang.

This is a media podcast and because you're such an interesting go away if you're interested, can I see a couple of torque and Industry

Hollywood changed over the last two decades you've been hearing that you have got the rise of Netflix but also like the me too movement.

You must have credible changes are huge social media.

I think it's one of the biggest ones and also knowing that people now going for in addition for a movie will be asked the question.

You know I'm such a big.

I know some pretty big names who don't buy into it.

I'll be the first if I could not tweet.

I would love it too many tweets make a twatt as obviously because of my job and also it's nice interacting with people I like that side of it.

That's been an absolutely huge change and a huge game changer as well and also again when you looking at.

View things on now that's such a difference for the Gary Barlow one of my best friends from the band Take That and Lulu talking about music.

No, then he said I don't really know what number is what does number one look like know that you download streaming.

You know when you know someone like that has been in the business his whole life and had the huge success you understand.

How hard it is to understand and use certain aspects of the of the media lot of changes like that.

Obviously some changes.

You know me to Old changes for the better all the things that again your eyes to see the people the cast is is alive not well.

It's it's alive and it has been still still it still alive not as much I think I think we are the great thing is that description the me too movement has made inroads and that but you know they still there's underbelly in in Hollywood that is still not nice and people don't get to see.

Which is probably a good thing but yeah, the Deathly is there and what people can get away with in this town because you're famous rich and famous that will always happen to I don't know how that will ever completely change by game with all these things just got everything but if you're friends with Gary Barlow wedding.

I've been on the next able to him in various restaurants and whenever I have chatted to in very polite and we just become a giant asshole gets to you.

I can't do you stay grounded and be respectful and have an element of normal.

Yeah, I don't have anything like that level of pain treatment and whatever I think we people like Gary the inherently you know he's a nice bloke and dad sadly.

No longer with his mum Margaret it's just the loveliest of ladies and you know keeps a firm grip and things.

That's when you realise again.

It goes back towards families so important and to have someone beside you to occasionally say no and I think that's the weirdest thing in this business.

You know it to Polish people very rarely ever hear the word.


I'm going to get to certain level the word no is not there whether there a hotel in a restaurant.

Just a normal life being an idol from the Legendary comedian writer Monty Python ^ know.

It's such a big thing and it's so true if you can say no no stars very really hear that and that's what I was thinking is an interesting thing and then also my dad also the great thing which was me know when you going out with a girl you see how she treats the the waiter or waitress because that's what she's really like and I think that's another great judge another measurement of other little barometer of like what you do for the next 10-15.

I have no idea and I think that's the great thing and again one thing that I learnt when I went to the acting class was to present and III was I learnt it for going in for an addition, and it was to be present in the room and so when I was experimenting with I thought this is a great thing that you want to be present in the room because we've all done you in for an addition for something.

You can't go on like I was struggling to my lines and I can't remember it and he was there and who was the producer was the director who is when you present in the room meaning and I thought if I can apply that to my life without saying ok about it, but you look like when you're a kid and it will come up to Christmas well, you wished away everyday until it was Christmas you were thinking as only you know xx sleeps till Christmas

As opposed to thinking wow this 20 sleeps till Christmas but what a brilliant day today and then tomorrow there in 19 weeks, but you didn't you didn't think I want these 19 days to go quick and then I will arrive at Christmas Day is enjoying every day enjoying the build up to it.

So that's why I love people think I'm mad.

I'm enjoy getting the car going to the airport.

So I'm going to the airport.

I enjoy going through the airport.

I enjoy getting on the plane.

I enjoy sitting down and enjoy the travel a lot and I'm Different I love checking into a hotel.

I love that silliness of always saying you know hi Ross King presidential suite when he said you can have it, so I just obviously that you can't have it is the president is in the present.

I think that's the thing about being present and enjoyed every single minute of every moment of it.

Wishing things away and it was a brilliant thing that I learnt in class.

What's the best thing you've ever been involved in your crazy.

Look back now because you have been so many pies.

You know if you had if you were reflecting a dog.

That's the best thing I've ever done.

Oh, that's the most enjoyable thing.

I've been involved with it so I hate to say there's so many because it is a bit like picking you favourite whatever you know otherwise I think doing the Rocky Horror Show with that was one of the hardest things in my life that the singing involved you the fight to get a cold every single night in a nice way from the audience and you had to hit the hair colours that was probably the hardest thing from a theatre TV wise.

I love live TV I love the Oscars I love that red carpet when you have no idea who is coming and you got to react to that, so that's great.

What do you do after the red carpet? Is it like a room where you then? Just go watch on the TV because of the receipt for you in the Auditorium no no no no

With them for me the ending is always we occasionally pop into the Vanity Fair party.

Just have a little walk around and then we all go to either my house or hotel with someone and we have lobster pizza every year and I'm so lucky again that word to do all the things that I've done I never thought I would you know you will be on stage in Vegas I never thought I'd write a couple of best-selling novels.

I never thought that I would play football at Wembley I got so many years I never thought I'd be on ktla in America and the West End and even as I say it I can say that again but again above everything health is the big thing and to enjoy it and that's that's it is the band.

Types of balance and try and get it right you mention that help last question have you have drank the the la Hollywood Kool-Aid in terms of health because everyone here just looks ridiculously help.

Thank you.

You look so healthy Glasgow in the middle of winter and you just don't want to go out to the gym.

You don't want to go for a run.

You don't go and play football and then eating why do you think I just get a takeaway and get a nice curry and it's that come through right here.

It's sunny you want to wander around in your shorts and flip-flops if you want to go play football tennis or whatever you want to go and walks and hikes in and then also you want to eat just because it feels right so it's easier.

I always feel sorry again for a lot of people in in the UK at times and they think it's all very well actually it's just very well.

It encourages who is not hard to do it and I think anyone ever moved here will do the same thing you know it is lovely to still you know have a great career something but in the main you want it so it's lucky.

What do you miss most about not being in Scotland go back in back in Britain people the banter.

That's the one thing that I love it when I get back to the minute.

You walk off the plane or even if you walk on the plane to Glasgow someone will say something in a in a lovely way, you know that I have some kind of a pop at you, but you know not do that and I love that you know you go out with your mates and I love her and it's yours.

Love going home lost your total legend.

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