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Read this: Times Radio and Tony Blackburn

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Times Radio and Tony Blackburn…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform into a technology and workplace coming up on this week's podcast from Radio today.

We're going to find out about x radio the new station from wireless and News UK which will later this year the launch director stick cable and wireless speed controller Liam Fisher be on within a while to tell us all about it.

We got a special guest coming up with me and Roy very soon Andy radio moments Happy Birthday Desert Island Discs there's a look back at some radio stunts and remembering Sir Terry Wogan who died this week 4 years ago, but first radiotoday founder and editor my boss apparently going to be in Dale Martin is here to look through the big stories of the week.

It's a great to be here in your company, but I don't know if you can tell her I've got a bit of man flu this week, so I was almost going to call in sick.

Let you do it yourself will forget with voice delicious down here that my program director always used to tell me how are you feeling never mention it because the listeners don't care nursing College Happy Birthday this week 2 Tony Blackburn 77 today Wednesday as we record this we had hoped to get another podcast this week.

Maybe to talk about his new podcast You Know Podcast of be when even Tony Blackburn's got one, but 77 is that age 77 wabc very well from his older?

Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs called pop detective the first episode came out this week and I've had a little listen and it's quite good.

Give it a go but yes, I Tony Blackburn Ventures into the world of podcast about 70 hour all the speculation on This podcast as well x radio is happening and the big surprise.

It's not replacing talk radio that stay as well.

Yes, this is quite a big commitment and it's Friday it's not it's not wireless doing this.

It's wireless with the Times and Sunday Times it's not just a radio group doing the radio station is nested very much and newspapers doing a radio station and as we going to hear on This podcast and later if I'm correct most what's the live radio as well yeah? Yeah, I was thinking the times.

I've got a lot of podcast it just announced another big high-profile on this week.

We were thinking they're just going to put a podcast on this radio station.

And Liam tell me later on they are hoping to have 20 hours live when the when the station starts later this year, that's very excited.

It's a different demo to continue has been a continuing with the showbiz pap and this is going to be offered for the be more up-market listening to say speaking of which has gone from talk radio sweet replaced by Dan Wootton from the sun and the sun on Sunday at as you down Market tabloid stuff in the nicest possible way, that's what's happening.

I'm sure it's a lovely bloke right.

Let's talk about something else moving swiftly so we hear more about x radio later on This podcast at let's talk about our for a minute.

Cos there's a few things and as we launched This podcast today at some news from Scotland they going to introduce a more networking so drive time is going to be networked.

NC joint from capital is going to be on Clyde 1 as it was announced, please also be on forth one northsound 1 today and West FM as well, so basically Barra Scotland doing what happened in the last couple of years and networking all programs outside of breakfast stations as you mentioned there, so yeah, it's the way it's going this is another announcement from back twice in in two and two big announcements in one week with the closure of St Paul's Square in Preston so it looks like a really ramping things up this year and with the sea due in next couple of months this could be here interesting Times of the CMA stuff you mentioned we had some documents this week about that.

We learnt a few things mainly that Bauer has some proposals for first radio sales clients and the deal that they can offer them and that some of those clients are most the matter that responded to the same as I've actually said yeah.

To be represented by boa national sales a few particular happy and have some interesting responses from some other media owners including global who pretty much the same thing and we did learn from the documents that power is prepared to sell signal 107 and rather sell it on its own as it was the Wolf back in the day, but it will with the other three licences that make up the station also with the documents.

Did you see this credible Media which owns the Revolution in Oldham and a newspaper and all them spoke to Bower about buying signal on about buying some other random radio station as well not that other radio stations for sale.

Yeah, they said in their document.

They would be interested in signal 107, but they also mentioned wire and Tower and said that I was happy to sell those all wireless stations.

We might have those as well which would fit quite nicely with the rabbit.

Hole in the same approved area so they could literally.

Bangor one station from Oldham across, Warrington Wigan and Bolton so yeah whether they would do that and not exactly so I was a bit of a strange thing to put some insight into what's been going on with all these discussions.

I'm sure there's many more other with never know about and you mentioned at st.

Paul's Square for the for the anorak style that means rock FM Preston tell us what's happening there last year and I probably won't have predictions as well that are getting rid of the big building in the centre of Preston big church at The Rockin church, as it was affectionately known by which launched red Rose radio in 1982 and has been home to Almost 40 years of broadcasting.

How many used to house two full-time radio stations?

47 a massive Newsroom a big admin and sales management operation basically, how radio stations run in the 80s and 90s and these days, it's simply a few staff.

I'm guessing and a couple of Breakfast Show presenters.

She don't even if they can do the show from Manchester that's not a big issue these days and the sales staff will get a nice little office somewhere so it's the end of an era in Preston it was amazing reading the responses on on Twitter on social media.

It's like people have lost a loved one for that building.

It's just amazing quite rightly so many fond memories and I've showed a memory of on the radio this morning about about being a snotty 12-year old has started 41 year old going into the station and asking for car stickers and hoping to see the presenters and I will do that you win rock FM was my local station so sad time.

Things do change and good friend says change is inevitable apart from vending machines radiotoday this week by the time you hear this it might have been announced already some and he's coming from the BBC on Wednesday from BBC news in particular about cost savings have been much talked about some of the papers over the last few days as well.

We heard about something happening with TV with Victoria Derbyshire TV show we're going to hear about some more cuts across BBC News affecting 5 Live radio 4 and smoother news programs across the BBC as well.

So keep an eye out for that and at some change happening in Australia used in this right last night as we record this from The OC Christian O'Connell his show is getting network is just been on in Melbourne but it's going to be on in Sydney and Perth and Brisbane and Adelaide as well.

How to watch with time shifting and everything but yeah yeah good work I'll see well done onwards and upwards, then obviously taking him in Australia absolutely some sad news this week with the death of Nicholas pass.

What age 96 an absolute legend and in fact radiotoday spoke to him and called him a legend when he picked up the gold at the Sony's back in 2012 This is Our Man Simon Conway now LBC who spoke to Nicholas Parsons and indeed calling you live long enough people started that I have been consistently working you keep using your brain.

You keep losing your memory and you can survive longer.

But this is something incredibly special and you will have to find a mantelpiece for years ago.

Thank you very much great Nicholas Parsons talking to Radio today 8 years ago when he picked up his at lifetime achievement award at the so.

Died this week aged 96 other stories on Radio today the doctor UK this week that you will find about the British podcast Awards that back for 2020 moving to the Roundhouse in Camden in May and also radio One's big weekend is going to Dundee this year that's happening in may as well as all having a fancy a trip to Scotland to technically now that is networking it's drivetime show and I'm going to have one local program.

I thought Radio one's going to go into town will clean up here.

That's the reason I chose Dundee exactly what happened to do in the 80s new stations will always she needs to go and do big roadshows and going to town for the weekend things that other stuff coming coming up we got the Arias on the same thing it properly now on the 4th of March at the London Palladium and also the radio.

Festival cost more names being announced all the time for that is happening at the end of March in Lisbon if you're not getting tickets get those sorted and we will see you there in Lisburn yeah, just let me just let me see if you said Tony wasn't available in you yeah, can you get in the said that I was managing.

It was his manager.

Can you get him for us?

Hello, hi Tony Stewart boyfriend Radio today happy birthday today, so I think he's got a single to play for you as well.

So Tony tell us about this new podcast.

We thought if you if Tony Blackburn has got a podcast it means podcast have made it at last tell us why you decide to do a podcast Radio 2 and we just got on like a house on fire it.

It's a very strange thing that you know Ricky and I from two different for the size of the business opposing away, but we just hit it off and we just managed to sit down and talk absolute nonsense together and we just just giving well somebody came up with.

He was doing detectors.

We solve ah solve mysteries together and it just seemed to work and we've done about I think 7RE drop them now and they're gone into the iTunes charts.

So they should be doing very well.

We want to do some more together as well.

If I mean if they do well will do some more I don't we just get it off.

You know it's such a nice guy and we just love doing them and I've listened to the first woman came out this week and it's fascinating that kind of chat is not good to hear you talking about usually this kind of stuff and we have a bit of fun and we particularly have the guests on the show it come from America I don't know what it is about the Americans I think they're nuts.

The amazing thing is that you found time to do this because you still doing what 5 or 6 shows a week and you're on the phone in the sounds of the 60s tour which is an eight-piece band and a couple of singers and I come out and talk about the 60s and we were meant to finish that we talk on here now.

We do one or two a week and then going to the north of England this year, it was meant to finish for Christmas but loads of people come out and see it with filling with so little green who's the musical? Do you want to continue doing it absolutely and having great fun with it and after the after we done.

It's a 3-hour show after is everybody and we have selfies done things like that is a long time but I just enjoy what I'm doing.

You know a lot of people say where I get the energy from I don't know really I don't sleep.

Thank God I'm so bad at exit 5 shows a week.

I think you do is it 3 for the BBC and BBC Radio Berkshire monarch radio London and I do want it came with him in Kent so close and the podcast Wii Fit in nicely and Ricky's on tour he's too busy and so we just had a little bit of time before Christmas when it was too to do these and we get we start we started doing that we found that doing one was the best thing because we sit down and just chatting away for about a couple of hours and then we could to give them a roundabout.

I don't know someone the reason about two-and-a-half 3 down from their plus the phone call so we do as well.

So it's more fun to do but we know the one of the time because we found that we were getting muddled up.

The mystery solving so if you can if you can imagine we didn't halfway through one and we didn't know which one we were solving.

Yeah, well, thanks.

I'll let you get back to your birthday celebrations.

Thank you very much for the BBC and we're trying to turn it into a national holiday next year perhaps rather than August bank holiday or something and I think that's what the public wants to play Tony how are you doing magic radio?

thank you for coming on telly and good luck with your podcast and fabulous Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to an ex and understand your content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it today programme Daily News UK of confirm plans for x radio it is going to be a new additional DAB station launching later this year and I'm delighted to say on the podcast we got Stig Abell is the launch director for x radio William Fisher the national speed controller for wireless hello guys hello hello so

What's the main thing about x radio in public around for a while but the ideas to create a stand-alone national radio station the embodies the qualities of the times that exists to show off some of the Valley of the times that stands alone apart from that so it's going to have a toner is identifiably related to the time but it's going to exist as a stand-alone national broadcast station that we hope people will turn to intelligent conversation is useful.

I'm taking my idea of usefulness when you're dealing with the issues of the day with everything is going on in the full breadth of what we mean by current affairs.

I want to get you into the station get consistent tone throughout the day and then they stop and listen for a bit get stuff.

That's useful to them information opinions that the challenged them, but don't shout at the minute we can.

Opportunity to go a bit against the discourse of the day I think and do something that's of thoughtful and intelligent and like I said useful is kind of a keyword that keeps returning to me and one of the things that surprised what people in the industry was they were thinking from the rumours this was going to replace talk radio so tell us from her can a wireless strategy point of you how this will fit alongside talk to talk is going to stay yeah talk radio will can you and I think that's a testament to wear to radio found itself.

It's been is benefited as others have from the sort of national discourse over the past kind of 12 months before that as well and the radio station is consistently been breaking records in terms of Reach and hours and the forecast would be that hopefully next week that will that will continue as well so from a place of having to make that decision and sort of what the future is to talk radio in the end.

It was very easy one because it's doing fantastically well and

That is recognising is that there is a there is a space since we moved into the building to the visualise radio far more than we are able to do previously and with curry streaming shows for Julia and for microwave lemon and other programmes in and seeing massive success of those already without really publicising and really kind of getting behind it and therefore machine that we can we do to promote that so I think actually it's fine.

It's been an easy decision in the end, and then it Frost the challenge is just make sure that there is an a clear differential between what radio is doing what radio is doing and we believe that actually they can they conserve you know two different audiences to speech radio audience stick have found the planet.

Are you? Do you know it is going to be live programs.

You can have kind of recorded segments.

I think some of the papers have been kind of calling it arrival for radio for an obviously false output is is pre-recorded programs made by independent production companies are made in-house.

Oh, is it?

Modern or is it more like the talk radio model going to do here as we going to do a live radio station which has presenter lead big blocks but we need to do is to build into that repeatable features and formats.

So it has some of the targeted programme feel that you get elsewhere, but it's also within the context of the presenter LED arrangement so that seems to talk 1:45 5th of exercises we can make use of some of the Times Talent some of the X range the Times and Sunday times together.

Have a great global footprint their correspondence from all over the world by the possibility of having formats within 3 hour program that a certain time of the day you going to get half an hour that you'll come to expect and that can be repeatable it can be also then.

What time is into the podcast world in itself and have another audience there? So it's a little live radio station one of the things with a keen to be is agile.

So if the news is changing if stuff is happening.

We want to be able to respond appropriately but we also want to allow people to follow their nose a bit.

I mean a lot of radio is very very rigorously programmed because they've got points.

They can't avoid hitting when you got lots of pre-recorded programming.

You can't go over by a minute because it screws up the whole schedule we don't want that to happen having whatever joys of x radio at its best will be people pursuing their interests and hopefully the listeners interested in novel novel directions based on on curiosity.

So it will be live it will have a certain informality about it.

I think one of the great developments in audio the last five years from podcasts is the rise of informality and has a great scruffy individual myself.

I prize informality almost above everything else and I did clever informality is a lovely time to strikes.

Yourself too seriously when you need to talk about serious stuff people will stop and listen and I know that's really critical with what we need to do with x radio and obviously the Times newspaper and the Sunday supplements that it has a producing a lot of content so you'll be relying on some of those themes and some of their specialist that you've got within the times.

I get to point you in the right direction exactly but this is not a substitution or product for the papers because our modelling and we want people to become warm to the concept of the Times and Sunday Times that we're not just going to put the Times and Sunday Times on radio not just the thing is whole bunch of stuff it immediately be read out effectively for the radio.

We don't believe that at all.

This is a national speech live radio station that takes advantage of the assets of the Times and Sunday Times stands alone.

It will feature people who have no connection to the Times and Sunday times at all.

I mean some gender scan can be broadcasted some Jonas want to be broadcast as for the same token this first.

What is a radio station in needs to have people that know the skill and can learn the skill and have the willingness to learn how to do radio not everybody is able to do that so that has to be what what is what we pride ourselves in the schedule this radio station from from doing talk radio that speech programs and not cheap compared to a lot of music programming so presume you going to do to make this work and give a real girl that is challenging to radio is challenging enough and this is probably more challenging given not least that it's going to be a break free as well, so we've got we've got more at more output to to to be able to offer a more output to be able to fill up with with quality program as well.

So it will be a challenge, but still quite rightly points out that we have we do have the resources we do have a team of very knowledgeable journalists and columnists to to draw on as well, and that's what we will be maximizing and I think the press release.

Profile presenters never see that's what's going to draw some audience in for you.

We've seen a lot of BBC People moving to commercial radio presume.

You can't name any names of this stage, but you're talking to people who are high-profile.

We are all I'm saying is there will be people presenting on the station that currently have no connection to this building at the moment and we want we want presenters who have a very clear tone of voice of the Virgin be starting from scratch.

We can say with clarity what we think this this the feel of the station should be consistency can be really important in the station, but we can set that out of then we can find voices and personalities and approaches that fit this tone of voice this with expert driven witty like I said slightly informal and we can go and find people who fit that and so the idea will be when you turn on at any time of the the day or night you get different voices and hopefully.

Morality a voices business of underlying connection that the links everything together and obviously hired timbervale from 5 Live is one small words for his work on the on the Emma Barnett show is a key hire for you guys going with him.

I think it's something that excites us all week and he's going to be a real good asset to us so we are conversations with him when we approached him very positive and I think when it comes along into the building used to be a real asset.

I think he's a good indicator of where the stations go and find people in the industry will be staying there is there room for another speech radio station.

We've got 5 Live radio 4 LBC talk.

There's a lot of competition already for the years of people who want speech radio there is but there's not as nearly as much speech radio stations out there is there is music radio stations you was seeing the way that's been that's been going in recent years has been more more popping.

Naturally, there is Mother's more room for more speech radio stations.

I think podcast have been hugely successful, but linear radio still very much has its place people want to be able to connect at certain points Be There lyrics sport be that news be that lifestyle be that I kind of huge event that's taking place and I believe that both times and talk radio along with the other radio stations have a place in actually offering listeners that opportunity to sample different radio stations as it as it should be and I think there's a market for more as well and I guess the the going to have as Virgin has done and it's certain it's first year or so is the thing to try and get lessons from the BBC which evidently this is what this is about you the golden age of Golden Age of radio.

I believe that and it's a great opportunity for the whole industry now this should create more jobs at Moore place for Talents both in production and on-air to go to and that should benefit.

Water ecosystem for people you know I really want to be opportunity for folks wherever they currently work to take to come here and do something brilliant because it's not often the chance you get in a floor for something and you can shape it and so I think this is this is a real positive industry move and it reflects this belief that radio is in very very good health at the minute and I think everyone we speak to in our building and elsewhere kind of testify to that well.

It's alright.

We look forward to hearing more about it over the coming weeks as well and presume.

It's going to launch before this date that we going to give anyone yet, but we're working very very quickly that's why it has the Haunted look that you can't see him soon enough soon enough.

Don't worry just go through the process to come from them over the next few months watch this space is still to come here.

Today programme this week David Lloyd radio moments at after a reminder about cleanfeed if you doing orbeez interviews co-hosting a show from somewhere different getting a guest on your podcast at cleanfeed has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it's a really simple way to connect live audio over the web in great quality and he can even record within the browser as well at a swap out Skype Facetime and try cleaning it won't cost you anything to get started.

It will just take 30 seconds to sign up and you doing the first live interview or recording within a few minutes find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet it said to be the longest running factual programme in the history of radio it began this week 78 years ago in this program a well-known person is asked the question if you would have a Castaway alone on a desert island, which eight gramophone records.

Would you choose to have with the feeling of course that?

gramophone and inexhaustible supply of knee

the programs introduced by Royal blood

How to do in Dublin is a large man with a flattering moustache that doesn't say real does it but it was Desert Island Discs devised by Roy himself idea he dreamt up in the night? There was a long serving producing an hour and a half we're going through the records with them if they didn't know which version of symphony they want it.

Don't think they'd vs.

Long and make them bits from all phones.

Are you gotta choose one when I can't use it so it's a very personal thing and we really gave the the music it wasn't until years later that the Bible and Shakespeare were provided whether they get one of them or not and they also you'll be going to be offered the choice of a luxury that wasn't in at the Beginning Happy Birthday Desert Island Discs standing is something which was part of radios promotional armory for decades leading bank.

War of the Worlds all too real dramatisation in 1938 the country for coming on the planet Mars unusual nature of this is current we have arranged an interview with a person views on this will take you to the New Jersey we return you until then for the music and since then we've had loads of radio stunts ksol.

Famously used station vehicles to block traffic on the San Francisco bridge during rush hour.

I'll stop presenter got a hair that was following reports that Bill Clinton have delayed take off from Air Force 1 well.

She had a haircut in the New York we had sex for Sam where listeners could win.

For documenting sex in public places and we've had what's a naked weddings.

We've had the lie detector but perhaps one of the most famous British radio stunts culminated 21 years ago on Birmingham's brmb a complete stranger on Monday you have got Monday free.

I'm just in case you were so until they get to the old fine with that so get married then they have the honeymoon of a lifetime you off to this resort to basically the Bahamas to Nassau super inclusive resort on the island.

Will you have Carla to be wedded wife and share your life with Gregory to be your wedded husband and share my life with the necessary you are now.

Married to each other husband and wife and Greg first congratulations, you are yes, thanks very much.

I mean come on is this some kind of big stamps on your behalf or can you just love the way he accuses her of being with two strangers and a wedding on brmb.

They didn't stay together, but the Bride of course famously did marry the programme presenter standing these days of course Much rarest only in the UK course these days and possibly your emotion and authenticity taking over what more can we say of Terry Wogan we lost him for years ago place in radio.

History is forever.

He was suffering from cancer.

The controller of radio 2 said Terry established himself as one of the greatest and most popular radio host this country has ever heard hello.

This is good with you today on Radio 2 Terry Wogan who passed away early this morning.

He was one of the foundations on which Radio 2 was filled and so much loved and I'd like to invite you to share your memories of Terry the next couple of hours as we play some of his favourite music today.

It is one of the two ways that only the sun is coming down from the Sky with big surprise from the pavement, but up there on the roof clad in in Gillingham Gardens and the prettiest of dresses some of our very senior executives on the BBC and of course infront of them held on tight ceremonial chair the DJ himself.

Good morning good morning.

Volume back on the chair again and now we're gonna hear a two-way chat exchange between Broadcasting House so BHS we call it and PC centre as you call it in the White City and answering chat all the way across London for more money for the licence fees at plea to all of the great year and this comes the first boys will hear will be there of the present incumbent DG some issues.

Just never changed the words pictures from Terry Wogan who died this week in 2016 FTP launched in 1994 in preparation for the new independent local radio for the Bristol area, which will be provided by FTP as the IBS contractor then over a year and other children radio group became the first ever Galaxy this week 29 years ago.

And went on to become a huge regional licence 16 to 8 and right by your side which will be broadcast to my Galaxy 101 from its launch on the 4th of September only broadcast on this frequency without payment fraud.

I recall revenues never flooded in the Galaxy even when we were allowed to take cash the Galaxy brand began this week 29 years ago it lasted 20 years on his now heard on BBC Radio Wales but this week 2 years ago.

She was not very happy for my family.

Thank you very much indeed all of the band who won other posts and would you like to come in for it? And I want to thank you because I've made some great friends.

with you always been fantastic and so many people all over the UK and all over the world who have been very kind to me and I really appreciate all your support and all of the emails I have thank you for sending her Radio 2 days with the launch BBC Radio Blackburn 49 years ago Tom Naseby for more than 23 years the BBC senior Lancer in Manchester the birth of Blackburn 77 years ago citytalk beginning 12 years ago Radio 2 going 24-hours have last 41 years ago and the network opened up again at 5, it's not you to close down again and 24-hour forecast in Leeds that radio news will for the

Be able to offer a full round-the-clock coverage of the BBC Trust asking the BBC itself to think again about his proposed local radio cuts this week 7 years ago.

I think cutting and pasting these articles very soon those are this week's radio moments David and Roy and guess this week Stig Abell and Liam Fisher from x radio and I'll surprise birthday boys.

Have you coming on the podcast next week? It's our February roundtable edition at Trevor down and guests will be here plenty to talk about so please do join the program broadcast bionics.

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