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Greatest Hits Radio PD Andy Ashton…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello Anne Stuart Clarkson coming up on this week's podcast I will hear from the program director at Greatest Hits radio Andy Ashton about his new big-name presenter signings this week and about how the first year of the station has gone and David Lloyd's radio moments 25 years on from the launch of the original talk radio six years since LBC when national plus some treats in the form of very old audio from to empty in Essex out of the closure of pirate station Radio City in the late 60s Martin is here nice to see you again lovely to see you you looking good.

Have you done something different with your hair this week and it's actually it's get it's almost a centimetre long now.

Colour hair that one hey some breaking news as we record.

There's a new chief executive for Ofcom to replace Sharon white, it's another former civil servant Melanie Dawes Melanie does not Marjorie will take over from Sharon white who left a few months ago, but I think I'm done and she started straight away, so it's all change and it's even more changed because of Commerce said they gonna have any as well by the end of the year were obviously getting a new BBC director-general the adverts gone out for that last week and maybe a new culture secretary too soon as well to replace Nicky Morgan so big changes in regulation of radio are on the way that does remind me I do need any new cheque as this one is just not very comfy and nice.

The podcast this week, but maybe next week time is just alluded as this week, but yeah Ali Carter who is now an MP used to be the group MD at gmg radio no MP for Warrington this week as the chair of the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on commercial radio which is basically group of MPs and peers put together reports and recommendations and it's been on behalf of commercial radio at to the government as well, so and will hopefully better tell us all about his new role when we getting on at some point in the next couple of weeks fantastic and congratulations Andy want to think about all the regulatory changes in radio over the last couple of years really and it's all going to finally come to a head possibly next month.

We're still waiting for a final decision from the CMA competition markets authority about Bowers purchases, but we learnt this week that then I'm not going to have to sell Wolverhampton what keeps changing the minds on this.

How to sell loads of stations by saying loads quite a few and now they don't have to sell any and I'm pretty sure that the first radio sales issue, will sort itself out Edinburgh be happy and then the big question on everybody's lips is 1 what's going to happen with my job and to what's going to happen to the radio station at work out so delicate times and hopefully the next few months will give us give us an everybody some answers about those yeah, so the same I have now gone alright.


You don't need to sell Wolverhampton you don't need to sell any of that about can't keep everything that they so it would seem so this FRS if she was still there, but now it looks like the same as agreed with some of the people responded to the consultation and said actually first radio sales wasn't just gonna disappear and not exist in a few years time.

It is therefore the long run there for bowel needs to offer these small radio stations the same deal that they would get better and they need to offer that.

Forever and indefinite deal rather just a time-limited kind of 5-year offer so if Barrow April agree to that which they represent these stations are will and then go ahead of time the last two years.

It makes you wonder if bowel when they went on a spending spree if they have just kept the station.

They sold to nation like salmon, breeze on the south coast kcfm if they have kept those maybe they would have been ok as well possibly to keep 11:00 be going to hear from somebody from a very soon not about this but about Greatest Hits radio which caused some of these new acquisitions might be absorbed into the Greatest Hits radio network at Andy Ashton the group.

It's going to be on to tell us about some changes and new presenters that they've got joining at the station Paul Gambaccini Janice Long still live in Boogie patch afternoon extra shows that Alex

Overnight as well, so I'm going to be a little while fantastic, so I started his overnight show this week been seen some of the reaction on Twitter what do they think it's not good.

Is it because if you can put Alex his last show on Radio 2 to his first show on greatest hits a little bit different types of did you hear any of it? I have heard anything I did see a tweet or two saying you just play music and non-stop trackback the first half of the show is kind of music marathon.

Where is just kind of playing five and roll will ever have to calculate a couple of hours is a bit more chat.

So he's obviously this because the days of staying up all night broadcasting on the radio are getting behind us probably stations in the country that do but what I change.

It would be if he did if he was alive all night.

Wouldn't that be great.

Love you good thing really bad.

I can't afford to pay the few more pennies and can't stay up all night.

But I think they said he's recording stuff on the day is that right is recording stuff for the daily and I think looking at this tweet is asking for a reaction comments the night before so maybe babies getting your family like for two records as life and putting some mentioned and from reactions at the moment, but should get in touch and ask him Alex have you listening come on you doing it from the Ashes about some changes in the first year of the Greatest Hits brand another while on This podcast and something else which we reported on Radio today in the last week or so is it in lyrics for the BBC going to voice their own travel bulletins rather than having an inner explored cast of doing it again this doesn't look good in terms of jobs in Richie still going to do all the data supply.

They do for a lot of BBC commercial community radio stations.

So they still the BBC's only supplier of travel news information that does not going to broadcast it which again you know I started out at when I was at.

I done a bit of radio and I did AA Roadwatch for a few years and it was great way to not only get on the are doing regular stuff, but also make lots of contacts at different radio stations because you have a little chat off the air online at before you are doing bulletin need that you can make friends at different stations, so that role of a broadcaster working in a Travel Centre doing lots of different stations to lose that is so much.

Speak to you losing for the been there still a number of commercial stations that take voice reports and a lot of those he just drop to play our systems and things.

I think they'd rather than the model from around the world is to supply data in it.

I don't think they do it anywhere else for radio stations could be inherited the voice bulletins when they bought traffic link which was like what 10 years ago now and that was metro Networks which are used to do voice buttons back in the late night as well so maybe lyrics

Maybe they initiated and said no just doing data from home because it's obviously a lot cheaper to write something once and send it to 100 people than it is to have 50 people voicing travel bulletins interesting time.

I always wanted to do travel news on the radio and I never did it but I know what you're like me.

You've got this obsession with roads and Junctions and roads and radio.

I thought my perfect job is doing and I went for an interview actually he the metro metro the time how many years ago in Manchester and I got the job they said they persuaded me not to take it because it is like a split shift is early morning and had to go home for a few hours and then I was doing production work during the day and then have to go back at night.

It was the other side of Manchester it's probably not going to work out.


I think was the hours that made it the reason I didn't do it.

Love to do it maybe in the future to do a Saturday morning shift like 5 till 1 or 5 till 2 or something when I was at University of Leeds so it's AA Roadwatch in Leeds and one of my favourite memory is probably that is the Chris Moyles Saturday Show on Radio 1 in the office that covers in will be popping into the studio to do some buttons do if you check also we have Radio 1 on in the office listen to Miles 90032 listen to radio how annoying is this?

Status freepost Ford credit conditions apply remember your house is at risk if you set fire to it was just a short selection of some of the terms and conditions broadcast on the adverts on there on LBC Quentin Howard posters recording 11 and 1/2 minutes with a vast if you can send it to listen through which was 24 hours worth of T's and C's 12 minutes essentially of the day just broadcasting terms and conditions, what could they do with their time instead?

Trusting one another long time have Mia radiocentre have been lobbying for this with the commercial radio groups to say we need all these really long complicated T's and C's on the TV hour in the newspapers that text at the bottom of screen on the paper and the answer is no we don't so hopefully going forward we can literally have conditions apply see website for details or you need yeah.

Well done to Siobhan that one through good time.

Let's have a quick chat about Rachel I thought I'd quite interesting if we get lost in this cycle of radio every two months and we get the time dilation and yeah, it's the Wednesday night.

We dread thank you.

It's going to be a long night analysing all this and write it up for Radio today, but I thought that she some interesting stories came out not least in the code for 19 headlines first three.

For a load of New Digital stations from global and they've got like 2 million altogether the biggest with 627000 people and two-and-a-half hours as well hot dance 318 may be wanting more for that, but it is a specialist even more special than a decade of course and height 77 is not necessarily a heart decade so to get 250000 is fantastic that I'm sure that will only grow.

Have you gone to smooth countries with chill and Xtra Reloaded all doing really well, you said I was like 2 million extra listeners and and and and capital brands overall capital went down overall heart was fairly constant, but that was 70s 90s.

Adding to The Reach because there is a pie what best part of all over a million extra reach really for those three hearts stations, but overall the brand stayed about the same so I think you look at some of the local petrol stations that can a drop-in a little bit whether that's the effect of network breakfast or something else were not quite sure you'll be back up again and then they're all keeping roughly right and then when are the new stations bedding.

I'm sure it will be a worthwhile investment having all the extra stations stations is very well live Radio 4 LBC talk radio and their breakfast shows a kind of benefiting from the election affect in the run-up to Christmas obviously for the for next year.

We'll probably drop as a result because they probably won't be in there.

You'll never know they might be an election or reference so probably won't be so it's a bit of a kind of lip for those stations.

8 in a quarter for high-performance, I think the interesting story as well on the digital stuff we talked about all the global spin-off somebody most of those are on D1 and then you've got Scarlet Witch D2 on STL your country hits from Barry as well.

Which is on a can of selection of multiplexers both of those been going since March so can a three quarters in and compare them with the order you know they're there about the same as what heart 70s has got in 3-months difference between D1 and D2 but there are a large part of the the mainland which doesn't get it so yeah.

I'm sure it is down to platform more than the programming because they're all good lessons magic down a little bit kiss on its downward trend that got save the total brand reach by history which is obviously still having a bit of a flyer and dimension for Virgin Radio up another 8% quarter on quarter with anthems and children in an hour or 1.76 million and

Has the most listened to breakfast show on digital radio across commercial radio and the BBC the biggest digital only breakfast at 1.2 million list as a week, but it's Chris Evans that's what you were based on our previous comments Virgin surely should be looking at going onto the one maybe get a few more listeners.

I yeah, but I think wireless is a shareholder in St Helens it so probably gonna get when you get a better deal on I don't know whether they do or not but at some point in the next few months as well a lot of rumours about the work going on behind the scenes to poach people from the BBC so watch this space lot of producers and technical people at present it could be heading for x radio there obviously looking to make a bit of a splash with that so it follows that one.

Have you got a lunch date for that? No, not yet?

Will keep an eye out for that because if you didn't hear it, but it's go Stig Abell Eileen Fisher from a wireless room talking about times ready as I'm really interested listen to go back and for that one of the things to talk about this week and tell me what's going on in Oxford they have this Ofcom consultation and I'll cover said yes, you can change it.

So it should have been a youth station is going to be all the station yet as we've talked about before and written about all the websites many times.

There's more money in Aldi's more than Youngers if that's even a word so Jack to which the head ceased with the youth station for Oxford on the face of it especially swapping places with Jack 3 subject through the easy listening station for the over 50s think that's going on 107.9 FM in Oxford and jak2 is going on DAB so if you think of all the legal documents the documents reveal then it's a format change your name.

In reality, it's literally just swapping a couple of pubs around at the brand new sparkly headquarters in Oxford so good luck with the move.

I don't think we've got a date for that either should be sometime soon that lot of a personal moves that we reported on over the last couple of weeks as well Sam Jackson has now left global he was running a smooth and classic FM is there going to be the executive vice president at global classics and Jazz universal Sean dunderdale has NFC leaving Lincs FM he's been the director of broadcasting for the group was going to go because at the breakfast show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire from 9th of March good gig for him, Duncan Leven is leaving radios ready and Clyde the end of this week twenty-six years has been their content control for Greatest Hits radio in Scotland recently.

There's some changes at 5 Live can't bear it's going to move from weekend overnight to weekday overnights, when Rhod sharp leaves at the start of April and Louise Cooper and Nicky Clarke you are kind of the markets analysts can of Coke

Wake up to money.

They give me leaving at the end of this month as part of the cost savings that the BBC has announced a few weeks ago at wake up to money will extend by 15 minutes from April to start at 5 when morning reports finishes, how long will be here now be like 20-minutes to get on with all the winners from the lads that squeeze this in that was in Sheffield yesterday that for Radio Manchester for goals including station the Year Three Counties Radio did quite well as well more Awards coming soon.

It's less than a month to go now until will be at the Palladium for the areas of learning how to say posh Elizabeth will be there.

I will be recording her special roundtable edition of the radio Today programme that will be hosting live on stage at the radio days Europe festivals.

What's that mean? What does that mean? I don't know what that mean? It's the Back to the Future theme tune which means I'm going to see you next week it must be at least we're going to the theatre going to bed of Culture cos I know how you love a good musical hate musicals, but I'm going back to the Future opening night in Manchester next week excellent.

I will see you there and what might see you before that I am I seeing you twice in one week in London next week as well to be recorded in person next week.

I think I should do it together next week.


Hopefully next week as well.

We got booked in a trip to see very controversial figure Kelvin Mackenzie you might see his blog Radio today this week.

So very strong opinions.

Hopefully going to go and see him at love sports bar in London next week, and I will be on This podcast so look out for that.

Broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix unlock understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it the week is Greatest Hits radio with a load of new presenters joining at the weekend schedule you find out more about them from Greatest Hits radio hello Andy Stewart thanks for inviting me on tonight here to talk about Greatest Hits radio a very exciting some big names coming to the weekend from this weekend.

Tell if you've got them when they're going to be on the unprecedented.

I think sort of you know big announcement lots of six months in the making and sort when you're in it and I'm putting it all together.

You kind of almost don't want to think about the the time we have to launch it and it will happen, but it's been a real delight.

Get the news out there yesterday Monday and yeah and thanks to yourself as well for supporting that message but yeah, we are delighted to announce that Paul Gambaccini is joining a Saturday afternoon bring it back America's Greatest Hits going to start at 5 p.m.

Every Saturday for 2-hours and yet.

Just absolute pleasure to be working with Paul and catching up with him over the last 6-months and planning that she needs to such a pro and it's great to have a sit down and talk to someone who's just got so much knowledge and History with the music and get that sense every time you talk to him of what the show is going to be in their passion and experience is going to bring and I just think it's going to be a standout moment in UK radio actually and joining us and we'll be before Paul so broadcasting from 1 p.m.

On a Saturday from our studios in Liverpool which is great because obviously that's where Janice comes from and so she'll be.

Casting from my home Village as we like to call Liverpool and pretty much I suppose playing the greatest hits but really playing songs that she discovered that we know greatest just that huge heritage that she has with quality music and that's what we're all about so would you like to welcome Janice and Tony dibbin joining us for breakfast which is going to be a great start to the weekend for us and we know a lot of people who love the Greatest Hits have a real love for Tony and where he's been before and it's just and we're getting a great way to him joining the network and we can have a bit more Pat Sharp on a Sunday morning as well as doing the Legendary top 10 at 10 on a Saturday morning.

So it's it's a really really big sort of upgrade to our weekend.

We've got some more news coming towards the weekend of lates across the weekend as well because we've got Andrew Griffith Joyner

Boogie Nights which is going to show 10 p.m.

On a Saturday and that sort of ads to some new programming with introduced over the last of three months and when we got there.

I'm doing a show called rhythm of the night on Friday night at 10 and also Arlene who is bookies co-presenter of course it for one who does Sunday night for us from 7 so we've already got somewhat of a new block of programming in the evening on the weekends, but obviously these other appointments some make it pretty much a whole new weekend alongside the developed over the last year that we've been here and people with sort of grown to know and love and I suppose obviously as well as that you're fantastic broadcast as they bring a name and some audience marketing spend having big names on the radio station like this as well.

Isn't it? Yeah absolutely I think that's true, but I think you know it's about the quality of those and Radio presenters and all.

At the core of what Greatest Hits radio is so obviously we're quite a contemporary take on the on the gold format you know it's it's a big update on That Greatest Hits radio on what will leave you know it's all about the energy and the pace and it has that element of nostalgia and we know from the research.

We've done right across the country that people are really reassured by having those places that they grew up with that were part of their formative years as a credibility to that, but these people are still at the very top of their game you know and it's just brilliant.

Yeah, but you provide a platform for those people to reach their natural audience you know and obviously Paul reaches a tremendous amount of people on a Saturday lunchtime on Radio 2, but it's great to be able to give you more airtime nationally you know to reach even more people because you know it's absolute legend and there's a reason for that.

You know this incredible at what he does and you know that.

And also their connection to the music because we are ultimately all about the Music piano and the good times and how music connects people to you that so it's Anna stalgia.

It's not something that makes you feel old you know it's celebratory and and we do that with real pace and passion and these guys just fit that brief perfectly and obviously we have to charge last week.

I think it looks quite good across the board quarter on quarter at for Greatest Hits I'm still a little way to go in terms of the change from when you rebranded lot of the the stations that didn't you spell greatest hits but the the movement seems up which must be pleased to it.

You know we started from scratch with brand new that was completely different to what was there before in name at least you know when so when your sort of giving up those those sort Halo brand names in in market.

Can be tough but I think you know to be 12 months down the line and up above you know in total where we were before.

I think is really good achievement and we want to see that and obviously we've got lots of plans around marketing and you know what we do now in terms of just generally improving the product, but yeah, I think I'm obviously still carrying it all the sort of am services that we rebranded and more tricky in terms of getting people to be aware of what happened and what's going on.

We can we can see sort of growth coming back much faster in the FM markets, where we where we've you know rebranded something that had such a massive heritage like Radio City 2 or even taking over the FM frequency in the West Midlands from Absolute Radio you know these A big well established things but because we've got that big FM footprint.

You know where able to sort of?

Perception quicker than possibly the am markets where that's a little bit more challenging and really what we finding.

I think is that people like the product and when they find it stick with it.

You know so we can see where we're even when the markets were making very small so I reach games we really adding the hours.

You know so people who find it stick with it and I think the job for us now is to make people more aware of the of the radio station and where they can find it and I think once those people come in they'll stick with it.

You know and I think these appointments in a strategically I suppose Radio 2 is going younger and undoubtedly unashamedly 16 on Mum's and you know even the sort of BBC local services seem to be following suit and following a very similar strategy, so we think there's a huge opportunity for us there and if we can.

Older end of that BBC audience to to come across the sample if we think we've got a very good chance of them sticking with us couple of key questions for you because I know our audience will want to know some of the details but obviously you've got presented in lots of different places, so I think you got to studios in London that you use you got manchester-liverpool, Birmingham you can have a boogie coming from Scott how does that work logistically in terms of having people scattered all over the place not only for you as their boss can see them, but just in terms of it feeling like a wan network actually I suppose you look at it from the outside.

It does look so fairly Complex in reality.

It's just really part of working for a big well resource group.

You know we have the opportunity to BBC Studios it really is as easy as flicking a switch everything exists in every location for everybody so the real challenge actually is communication.

It's not a technical challenge at all.

We actually have 1 studio in London we don't use the Golden Square for some purpose actually sort of created from scratch a purpose built studio for greatest hits in in Camden and and that's working beautifully for us and obviously with the point of people like Paul what makes it.

It makes it really easy for him.

You know how to skip crosstown not least because he's on a live with us only a few hours after finishing on Radio 2 so yeah, so it's technically it's not really challenge at all the communication wise and for me personally being able to be with the people you know so I spend pretty much my life on the road traveling between sites said I can get in front of the guys and you know drive the ambition of what we're trying to do and keep them in touch with with everything that's going on you know I'm particularly when you've got a lot of messaging happening all at once like.

This week you know that can get pretty hectic but I have to say it's pretty exciting as well.

So don't feel too.

Sorry for me and you mentioned going to be live from Kempton on a Saturday Teatime when you program a station like Greatest Hits I suppose you've got the kind of balance between live and pre-recorded voice chat programs listeners want to interact with some of these big names that you but they might not always want to be online at the time that you want them on live so it's getting the balance right.

Is it yeah absolutely and sometimes you just have to work with the situation.

You know so our default position is we like everybody to be live all the time but that's that's not always possible.

You know so again technology wise we have the ability to create programs in advance.

You know these days.

You'd struggle sometimes to notice that they're not live programs, but it does affect that interaction you know and say that you can work around that and we do have some some.

Quite well developed ways of doing that but yeah ideally people alive but you know you just have to you just have to work with those individuals and sort of I guess I make your decision based on if we gonna do some pre-recorded program programming.

Is it still you know an advantage to the brand to do so you know so I mean in terms of Janice you know so that will be live but there will be undoubtedly x where she can't do that life and we need to pre-record just For Reasons that these guys are also working for other networks as well.

You know which is something.

We don't mind we actually is a benefit to what we're trying to do strategically but yeah, you just have to take each situation as it comes and make decisions based on that and you know sometimes.

It's going to be were sometimes it isn't but ideally you do as much live programming as you can and that certainly our Focus and ambition great reaction from the industry to Alex Lester been back on overnight as well.

I know he started already this week.

Yeah, I'm a little bit tired.

Xx I stayed up and listen to that last night for his first run.

Yeah, that's going to develop.

You know over time and you know it's just fantastic to see these easy listening to you know obviously we suspected that Alex will be a really popular choice to to bring to the network, and I think it's really important that we have that kind of progress over night.

I mean we can see from our digital listening in particular.

There's a lot of people enjoying the Greatest Hits through the night you know it's obviously the culture in this country people working overnight sickly in the sort of graphics that we're serving and I think you know I think this is a great a great thing for those audiences and those Communities and the reaction is sort of back that up, so yeah, we're delighted to have Alex on and he's going to let you know what he's like.

He's going to develop a whole new world of performance basically.

It's going to be going to be really good fun and I can't wait to see.

How that develops and I think yeah musically as well, I think it's going to be interesting.

I think we have the opportunity to push the boat out and and really come up with some nice surprises for people saying testing see how he grows that audience and turns them into a family which is undoubtedly what he'll do what we wish you lots of success with it will look out for more and soon and let's keep those in the upward Direction that's what it's all about isn't it? Pleased god yet, please God and thanks for having us on appreciated Stuart from Greatest Hits radio hear on the radio Today programme David Lloyd radio moments still to come first.

Let's just take them to help me out with a solution that may be just what you've been looking forward to help with an OB or getting a new podcast idea up and running cleanfit as radio and podcasts in mind.

I will let you connect in decent quality.

Just using a browser on a computer at either end.

No fancy hardware required really simple to use and you can do the recording of your podcast guest.

Within the browser give it a go and see what the course is like for yourself.

There is a completely free version or you can upgrade to a paid version for some extra features financial at cleanfeed met with all this palaver about new talk stations, let's remember it's now a quarter of a century since this national launch on an a.m.

Frequency for BBC London Calling this is London Calling attention, please Stand By Your Name port announcement for all listeners to regrettably and as a result of Robert Hastie legislation the British Broadcasting Corporation is to be used by new commercial radio company.

talk radio, UK

Starting from Tuesday the 14th of February talk radio UK commences in service of Frank and explicit entertainment and other unpleasantness well.

I've got no common to make all these years birthday praise highly because of his broadcasting ability because of his knowledge his soul music and he was a man of Praise radio station and one of the infamous early names on talk radio UK which launched this week in 1995.

Just three national commercial radio stations to go on here.

That's all we had back then that licence is now talkSPORT LBC is now also fully national for a day with regional DAB multiplexes and that change happen this week 6 years ago BBC digital channel to the National digital platform Britain's conversation.

This is LBC 6 years of LBC UK in now has a record 5% reach Valentine's Day there's been a popular day for station launches station you've been waiting for playing.

From the last 6 decades and today across the Great East Midlands this is Sandra 106.6 FM good morning welcome to BBC Hereford and Worcester a brand new radio station from the heart of the counter.

This is BBC Radio Brighton Pier Brighton 886 BBC Hereford and Worcester in 89 and Saga East Midlands launching in 2003, but that Valentine's Day friend goes back a long way 98 years ago to Mt launch that day in Essex it was the first British radio station to make red entertainment broadcasts came from an old army Hut next to the Marconi lab at Writtle near Chelmsford

Voice Tara of the rather mischievous Peter eckersley, who was funny some Radio 4 comedy right now.

He went on to become the Year the BBC's first chief engineer, but he fell out with John Reese as many people did happy 9th Birthday to UK entity.

Radio as we approach all those landmark 100 year anniversary giving a talk on the the story of radio in Hampstead at Burgh House on the 4th of March and is a link to get your ticket be lovely to see you there at my website at radio has there been a few Generations younger? He might be on the station and a radio station that fresh young and truly innovative daytime the hottest tunes on the street evenings and weekends a musical journey from raptor house reggaeton hardcore Henry VII one of the two stations make them to licence the kiss brand much.

Love to it became the huge Galaxy that is now part of capital in the 1960s pirate stations.

See on ships on the thoughts left behind from wartime those of the spidery things sticking out the sea were those thoughts within the territorial waters and thus within the law or were.

They just outside this week in 1967 Offshore Radio City closed when the government concluded that the shivering Sands forts were in British waters.

It always happens to me that we have been found to be illegal this is ridiculous because as we all know the stations in Europe which are the same footing and basically illegal including Vatican radio and whole bit you know but to get to the point.

Have to go off The Air Tonight the last time at midnight because this is the way the court decision in Southend and therefore Radio City is kaput no more Anita what can we say without getting into a mess of sentiment and sort of very false of pirate Radio City and thank you.

Goodnight and Goodbye by the way, is it launched on am only so with Simon Mayo and answering his Radio 1 Breakfast successor 20-years ago FM Radio 1 Stones saying a signal farewell 3 years ago from the bath and have my heart.

Enjoyed every second of six years ago and then you'll be working in the morning to open up the network for the 7 news, which you would be reading ourselves on FM in Cambridge and Newmarket launching 31 years ago and program director Keith Pringle with andi, Mack and dancing their departure from Chris radio to start the Christmas pact ride the tiger 20-years ago which may be was Spotify alas too far ahead of its time those are this week's radio moments.

Thank you David and Sarah Martin and I guess this week and the Ashton from Greatest Hits radio next time on the radio Today programme will be in London and hopefully all being well speaking to Kelvin Mackenzie key off talkSPORT Fame and the original wireless group now running love sport radio and he's got some funny outspoken views on the future of the industry and in particular national commercial.

I have to say on the radio Today programme X-Type

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