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The radiated a program with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up on this week's podcast from Radio today Andy Carter formerly of tracks alpharail radio smooth gmg tells about Life in Westminster as he takes on a new parliamentary roll linking him with the radio industry again and David Lloyd's radio moments Radio 1 waves goodbye to Sarah Cox and Simon Mayo this week in history brmb arrives in Berlin and the Big Ben bongs I heard on the air for the first time first radio today's founder and editor Martin is with me morning good afternoon or good night.

Whenever you're listening.

How are you? I'm good.

Thank you and last night Tuesday night.

We were at the BRITs that assuming everybody is listening on a Wednesday you know it is a is a podcast.

Will never catch on a good they were great.

Thank you to our lovely hosts at Bauer giving out the freebies so much.

It was nice.

Did you enjoy I did you lots of eclectic music styles of Billie eilish was very very good day as well as performance went down very well as the name that's googleable.

I'm never repeat what he said good night and of course for the oldies listening Rod Stewart finished as off yeah, it was everything from capital Xtra to smooth and other power station to think about a magic a magic as well.

Did you do anything to celebrate world radio day which has happened since we last spoke well, you know me.

I'm not normally Wanted on these can a bandwagon in the Shared photos and post audio so I didn't fair enough.

I did I did love it.

It's very good.

That's the last year.

I went already late as well and had 10 minutes talking about radio and it's enduring power over the last 200 years which was good fun.

I put that on my SoundCloud which on my social media if I heard that as well radio talking about radio it almost implemented and it did his arm must listen radio clip of the week and Incredibly powerful opening link from Laura Whitmore on her 5 live show on Sunday morning following the death of her.

Good friend Caroline Flack and I would recommend listening to the whole 5-minutes if you haven't heard it.

It's on the 5 Live social media, but he's just Caroline loves loves that all she wanted.

What if you love Island is important to her because the show is about finding love friendship having a laugh the problem was in the show to show to work on his loving and caring and safe and protected the problem is it outside world is not anyone ever compared one woman against another on Twitter not someone because of their appearance inviting someone else's privacy unnecessary comments on online form.

You need to look at themselves to the press the newspapers who create who demonize a tear down success Warriors took this tragedy in themselves and twisted twisted what the truth is.

You don't have to tear down someone to feel good about yourself so two listeners behind only you are responsible for how you treat others what you put in the world.

I've had messages.

I've been harassed.

Just doing my job and this is where the problem is and I want to use my platform this platform to call people out because it's gone too far your words affect the paparazzi and tabloids looking for a cheap self to trolls hiding behind a keyboard enough incredibly powerful.

I really don't know how she did Caroline a friend to many people in the radio industry and have a couple of short spells at heart and a magic as well, so I thought of anybody who knew Carolina work with her some stories this week, but departure from Radio 2 Lewis Connie's leaving leaving Roy it was never with me.

I will put that rumour to bed.

Yes, he's off.

Why he's going no, it's not been announced yet, but I think there was a hint that it's another job in entertainment somewhere so not x radio everybody else seems to be going then.

I don't think so no but quite a long time Radio 2.

Obviously been there the head of Radio 2 at Ben Cooper the head of Radio 1 obviously left as well fairly recently so lots of changes and BBC Radio so will he be replaced Star Wars the new structure just to accommodate for his lost, do we think I would guess the public to replace it cos he looks after a lot of other things but I don't know anybody else is doing like commissioning and that kind of so that there is a role to be done there, but I guess we'll wait and see it's big job for somebody already obviously running over a large part of Radio 2 daytime output as well a huge job and be interesting to know it's not going until the summer so whoever wants the job you got a few months to prepare for it somebody who's gonna be quicker than the summer is John Pienaar he said announced this week that is joining x radio.

It's going to do.

Time show and the BBC say that he's gone he's left already he did his last show on Sunday on 5 Live at the obviously was the deputy political editor as well, so another job to fill their service is News UK launching a brand new 24-hour talk radio station because that works so well doesn't the 24-hour speech commercial radio station? We've had loads of the window for a started number one word and stations like that and talk radio.

Just this week has been fined £75,000 for something up and tell us about this.

Yeah, so this is what I think there was three separate incidents and three separate complaints want to do with the skripals case in Salisbury and then to relating to anti-semitism in labour party.

So George Galloway made his comments on there like nearly 2 years ago now Ofcom investigating they upheld the complaints last year and now they've decided what to do about it.

Radeon fine of £75,000 which is obviously goes into government coffers and I think they're pretty much said in their ruling that talk radio wasn't making a lot of its revenues weather.

Hi love.

It's cash is coming internally within News UK rather than from external advertising sources, so it thought £75,000 was a fair price for it to pay toll radio pays for that or whether Rupert gets out of his back pocket.

I don't know so they would have been fine more had the radio station actually been making money at this is what it said enough come back and it said the licensee stated that took has a very limited income relying largely on internal sponsorship revenue with limited external revenues that means the breakfast show which is obviously sponsored by The Times is just an internal thing and it's not really a property although.

I'm sure money will be moving bank accounts so it seems like the perfect time to launch a new 24-hour speech station.

What do you think?

Yeah, I think it's going to be tough and he's going interested.

Obviously they are trying to take audience away from the BBC they've made out quite clear that it's going after Radio 4 audience and hiring like John Cena shows they're going for big names from the BBC at think a lot of the BBC names have been mentioned that the other tried to hire and the big question is will the audience follows presenters you got the market it properly you got to give people a reason to listen the thing as we've seen with wireless with Chris Evans on breakfast is there in the business, but that was Chris Evans in massive name over many many years on music Radio breakfast show jumping has been doing a bit of radio does a weekly Show on five live it does very silly bit of TV and radio and online stuff for the BBC as a political journalist.

He's a he's a big name is a big name is a radio presenter will find out the answer to in about 2 years time.

I guess and it is interesting because

It's great that so many of the companies are throwing money at digital radio making people physically go out and buy a DAB radio specifically and this is what if we did this 20-years ago, then things would be a lot different now.

So I'm very sceptical.

I'm not sure it was pulling up the numbers they want but I don't think they bothered because it is coming out of a marketing budget and there's not many adverts on it, so I don't think they're doing this to make money which is convenient because they probably won't but to expand the Times Brandon just give them a share of the radio pie.

So good luck to them.

They're going to need it.

I think ok couple of things to mention this week is all kind of job changes in job changes this week Sarah and Chris Buckler both go back to Ireland to do the Radio Ulster Breakfast Show from April Sarah's been at five live last five years previously at Radio Foyle and Radio Ulster a return as well for Chris Buckler correspondent.

For his work on television and radio at the BBC the last of the years has been in Washington and he's also heading back to Belfast to work with Sarah on that you showed me to New Late Show coming for five live obviously just change their overnight show as well.

They're going to change overnight show when the rod sharp leaves and Dawn goes on so you'll be jumping out even as well.

Lot of cheering at 5 to see who they bringing obviously the target is younger audiences many parts the BBC at the moment.

So I think there's hires such as that Late Show and the political show might be critical and talking to Five Live and some changes of Radio London which we haven't mentioned on the website as yet, and they're going to be taking 5 live for the first time overnight and the Late Show presenter is leaving as has left so we'll get on the website as soon as we can to confirm all the details but you lots of changes going on yeah.

That's Jim Davis so obviously there's some work on magic as well as doing the overnight show.

On Radio London so he's he's giving up his slot and will be taken by Dutton presenter from Five Live and Duncan Barkes is the guy in the late show also tweeted that he is departing and ministerial changes.

I know you'll love these you live reporting on a Minister's you don't know who does what the problem is the change every five minutes and once I get something into my head.

You know you can send Alan Shearer still play for Blackburn Rovers so I don't do change very well, so who's running the country now? It's a few tears down but Oliver dowden is the new culture secretary and he has replaced Baroness Morgan Nicky Morgan I don't know I do know you're sexy and under him as Ministry of Sound at dcms is John whittingdale, who was the shadow culture secretary for a long time it was the charity.

Call Jimmy transport select committee and then he was the Secretary of State under Theresa May and now he's kind of the deputy Secretary of State have you got that fantastic and our old mate Andy Carter is coming from the show the politics now.

Yes, he is the MP for Warrington South he's got a new role that we talked about last week on the podcast is the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on commercial radio we tracked him down summer in Parliament Valleys on Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content to buy onyx studio transforms everything about radio except so from Laser House to the house of commons next on the radio Today programme.

I guess this week are familiar name to many and commercial radio has been.

Journalist presenter of program director managing director across lots of stations in a group exec for gmg and now is the MP for Warrington South Sandy Carter welcome to the podcast Andy find phalluses where you are right now.

I'm in the House of Commons today and people tend to think of that being the palace of Westminster I'm not actually my office which is in a building called Norman Shaw north and that is what was new Scotland Yard so in a building once famed for holding some of the most notorious criminals in London now home to MPs at least about the better and it's been a bit of a world within these last couple of months for you.

Obviously being elected as an MP and going into the commons you obviously been campaigning for a few months in the run-up to the election as well, but what made you want to be an MP Radio 4 2013 in 2013 and went to run family business and

After the 2017 election where are my hands and when would you be in getting involved in politics? We really keen to have people that aren't lifelong politicians representing areas in the north of England at people that can bring different business and politics went on the journey of going to watch call the parliamentary assessment board and was thinking at that time that the election probably will be in 2022 or 23 in down the road thinking we would have left the European Union and Theresa May would be obviously things changed and we had an election in 2019 and in terms of people from the media going into parliament.

There's been a lot of people in the past like Anna soubry.

Bradshaw Roger Gale was overseeing pirate radio and even say you know Boris Johnson a journalist who has worked in the media and Ruth Davis and I think he was at gmg at a similar time to you the Romanian people going into Polish partly because I guess you could be very Media savvy these days you're right.

There are three people here from the south west of England so I think I've got a regular basis on radio.

X is it here as well.

I think having some Media experience but you know the job of an MP is representing interests of your constituents in the House of Commons in some respects.

You know you have been campaigning work and you are also really spend time scrutinising legislation and understanding the issues that matter to people are across the country a group of people that got some Media experience but I don't like the prerequisite and you're putting some of your radio.

To good use cos you just been appointed as the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on commercial radio tell us what that is friendly doesn't know when I was at gmg 10-15 years ago.

I remember to Westminster as part of the appg to meet with parliamentarians to make sure that the voice of the radio sector was heard by MPs and members of The House of sharing that as a parliamentarian, but I'm quite lucky positioning worked in the section.

I understand some of the issues that matter to commercial radio, so it is really about making sure are we shaping laws and future policy that we take a counter and Industry that really contribute significant amount to a local Communities and to the broadcasting in in parliamentary terms is important at the moment is a lot of baby stuff going on and commercial radios have some changes that we brought in by Ofcom doing things that dcms didn't have time to.

To legislate for so we could be heading down a road where there's more deregulation to come for commercial ready as well as all this stuff going on babe.

Do you think I think they're probably want to tell the thing to the priorities at the moment making sure that we get the national licence is renewed in a in a smooth way, so that we can move on to tattingstone issues around PSB 40 V but also for Radio as well.

There's a lot of discussion and debate about the future of the BBC and the licence fee and often that's just refer to in terms of TV the impacts on Radio as well.

So I think there's a lot of attention there but also off come now.

Have a duty to regulate parts of the internet as well.

So it's important that still plays the level of thinking in the government's mines and the contribution that has two Communities and their lives around the country and in your later days at gmg.

You are obviously running at a fairly large commercial radio.

But then got swallowed up when the consolidation was happening with see more of that even in the last 12-months in terms of where commercial radio is and where it's going.

Do you think x a good I'm probably going through the whole separate processes is not necessarily the most comfortable of processes to go through and for those people that are coming through the end of that positive because there's lots of good things to eat to look forward to I think what really matters at the moment.

Is that we have a strong sector and we can promote the radio sector 2 in the battle for some time and I think you know yes, I'm sure there will be more consolidation.

I'm sure it will be more changes, but it's about an evolving economy, and that is still really really important that we have a mixed economy, where some operators will choose to the National services and some more to local services and that.

Local input will be a differentiation operator that will allow them to make money in a different way to say as well, but obviously being an MP you want to get the stuff for the things that you're complaining on and stuff like that and in Warrington you kind of caught between ready Manchester Radio Merseyside in terms of BBC locals and your commercial radio station wire FM already comes from Wigan the rules now made it could actually just be a transmitter for a national brand with one show from somewhere in the northwest as that concern you as a local MP for that area that your area can have loses its voice in somewhere as a consumer as well that I want to hear what's going on in my local area.

I think you know when I talk to people that people tend to be really local issues in all politics is local I do think it's important that we got a space for local operators as well as national brands.

You were working in The Newsroom Trax FM what 20-years ago that you're interviewing MPs and interviews that you one day would be on the other end of that no really quickly and now when I get calls from from U2 to do interviews interviews in a really really challenging and then every now and again.

I get a text saying can you give me a little bit you know but I'm very happy to sort of you know to to to to do in local radio and play really important part of the obviously completely different workplace where you are now, but you miss can of the cut and thrust of the radio station every day because you did it for so long.

I loved working in radio the best thing about working people and I've sent you not coming into Westminster the hours and not dissimilar to their long hours.

You should start very early in the morning and finish.

Sometimes you doing the night shift and it's quite a nice camaraderie with your colleagues and all in it together and that some team spirit with one of things.

I would remember I know the times changing in any business that you working as well, so I'm sure the radio that I remember from you today, so really good people work in it very well.

We've been through a couple of the all-party parliamentary group meetings and things before myself Android looking forward to coming to the next one and seeing you there and meet up with lots of commercial radio friends as if you do that.

Yeah, I think the next event is in June summer event on the terrace at the house of commons and look forward to being former colleagues and and a new friend from the hearing Westminster to local radio stations around the UK to New teams around the UK and engage with your MP to find out a bit more about what.

Come and follow them for a couple of hours and you'll see that that's that's going on here and there are opportunities to really find out more about how democracy works at the shopping with the name p a and a good luck in your new life to be as Andy Carter MP on the radio Today programme still to come David Lloyd's radio moments.

Let's take a moment first there to help you out with a text might be just what you've been looking forward to help with that OB or getting a new podcast idea up and running cleanfeed has been designed for radio people and for podcasters and it lets you connect in decent quality.

Just using a browser on a computer ID Renault fancy hardware required for a really simple to use you can even do the recording of your podcast guessed right within the web browser give it a go and see what the course is like yourself completely free version to try I can upgrade to a paid version for extra features find out more about it at cleanfeed.

Sara Cox is now settling down on Radio 2 and it's 7 years now since she left the studio just around the corner for the lovely pictures on news, please.

Thanks very much on their website babe.

It's all going in the bug Sara Cox leaving Radio 1 7 years ago after nearly 15 years at the station now.

When the new leader of the opposition choose to make her debut broadcast in that role of his program.

I've got a reaction when you've been on from listeners.

I just wondered how far is Reading from angmering-on-sea says is there anyway that you can stop the Labour government from going through the referendum on the common market as you don't think that the general public know enough about this issue, but to be able to vote on it themselves and get angry now taking appointments as often being put to me people say a lot of Parliament to decide on these major things and we will not have enough information on which to decide but the Labour government is committed to this and there's no way of stopping unless some of their own people with vote against it on our to this week in 1975 who was seemingly against the referendum judging by that.

Is tea, it was said rather liked the farming outboard on Radio 4 and other early risers listen to Farming Today how does this Prime Minister national broadcaster prices for farmers was heard on the radio this week in 1925 lady on too much famous farming John Green join the BBC from the Ministry of Agriculture started.

It was called the Farmers only and when the wartime talk started.

I think farming today.

We were broadcasting technical talks how to grow potatoes how to Plough up rough grassland Mayo Simon Mayo said farewell to Radio 1 this week 19 years ago and ever since many people staring through the glass.

Fantastic and I'm supposed to say something extremely important element or a DLT style and absolutely no intention.

Have a lot of thought into my last one of the reason.

I'm not because I've got nothing to complain about it all and still going to be employed by the BBC anyway to be a bit of a stupid thing to the BBC I always thought as a kid that work it ready.

When was going to be the most fun and the best place for any presented to work and I still think that's true show on Radio 1 this week in 2001 as teenagers record players shook to the sounds of mud and The Wombles and Mac and Katie kissoon brmb in Birmingham became the first commercial station in England are present tests including music from 5 in the morning until midnight every day on BHF that can be heard in.

And most of brmb radio music programs will be in full stereo it's 6:00.

Good morning.

This is Brian Shepherd with brmb sound news the weather the morning will be dry sunny intervals are expected later winds will be light and mainly Easterly it's 6 degrees at Aston in Birmingham the time is now almost 5-minutes 6 brand Shepherd brmb.

Sound news good morning.

My name is Kevin Morrison I'm pleased to be one of the first to welcome you to the new independent radio station in Birmingham well.

I'm going to be here every morning from now on helping you to start your day the brmb way and I hope you're going to make it to have it because as I see more tell it's the sound way to spend your day people will tune to your radio station for a novelty value because it is new but if you don't deliver what they want.

That doesn't matter though, just cuddle the dial and they listen to something else and I think part of the reason for our success was that I employed people who either had a background in Birmingham or deeply committed to Birmingham but I'm very rapidly became part of them.

So they became associated with it.

You know you could get away perhaps making a mistake on the pronunciation of some place in Australia that if you make a mistake on pronunciation of Solihull any of these places around Birmingham then you know you have made a major mistake and they will not forgive you for it reflecting on the early days baby born this week in 74 around brexit whether or not Big Ben might bother striking to mark the moment.

Chimes started to be heard daily on the BBC this week in 1924 after a trial over New Year week Lambert with advanced instruments onto a house roof the road from the houses of parliament because we had information then to go inside a bright idea was to let the world hear Big Ben I'm microphone picked up a good deal of traffic noise, but it got the midnight time good and Hearty that's we started.

What has proved the most famous feature of the BBC programme BBC engineer AG Dryland we don't know all these names.

We never got to know them back then talking on the Big Ben which changed regularly on the BBC since 1924 apart from during the funerals of Churchill and Thatcher and when they're trying to send Big Ben itself down the charts is one of the greatest things a music joke ever do Mark Goodier tried it out for the first time this week 32 years ago.

Now you together in Radio 1 official UK chart fresh off the computer can the climbers the new entries and will Kylie Minogue are good at the top 40 on Radio 1 for the first time this week in 88 the weekend regular standing and then took over from Bruno in 1990 with kfm.

Launching in stock this week 30 years ago.


Thanks a lot.

Cos you're really back to Superbike radio beginning in Wales 97 years ago Cardiff station of the British Broadcasting Company giving a short stint on Radio 1 Breakfast 23 years ago.

The date of the highly influential presenter Jackson 42 years ago and I am genuinely leaving you but I'll come back final letter from America 16 years ago propped up there against my usual three pillows and the death of Steve Hewlett three blues on this week's really a moment.

Thank you David and Roy am I guess we can be Carter and not sure yet? What is on next week's radio Today programme but I'm sure it will be fascinated entertaining so if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to get the radio Today programme in your podcast app every single week and as they say on all good podcast don't forget to rate and review as well.

Thank you for listening the radio Today programme broadcast.

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