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Read this: #130 - Ofcom’s Online Oversight; BBC’s Future Fight; Hollywood Stars Make A Beeline For Berkshire

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#130 - Ofcom’s Online Oversight; BBC…

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man on today's show the government's latest Salvo against the BBC ofcom's new powers over online harms and Caroline Flack the nature of online discourse into sharp relief plus the million-pound movie studio coming to Reading and future of multilingual podcasts and how many Julian's does it take to run a Newsroom it's all the come in today's Media podcast hello Siri hello fresh from signing up with Sony Music indeed explain how that came about.

How did it we got into a conversation about podcasting and I think for those following the same they know that Sony Music have already done a number of deals in the in the space in a couple in the States and one here with my friend of the show when a Richardson exactly is now.

Sony stable podcast business is well.

We are we approach them, but actually not not with this sort of the approaching for a difference of a discussion and it ended in this place and after many months of talking with ended up with a really you know a really fantastic partnership that we're really excited about and I mean I've just come back from the States from meeting lots of the key people there and and what Sony are doing is very very impressive and also we will come back from Edelman senior analyst and primary 2020 podcast Karen Robinson hello Karen understand about the race for the white house at the moment that perhaps we don't think things are in a chaotic state as much as it seems very up in the area this moment.

This is kind of weather is supposed to be in a weird way.

The moment in the primary where everybody finally get serious and start attacking each other and really digs in so it's going to be another couple months before we actually started to do the thing we're all here to do which is all that fire in Donald Trump's Direction the same as I did last time round when it came down to trump and Clinton which was basically just kind of feeling seriously is this the best ok, but literally I'm the richest country is this the best you've got to go again soundtrack that's kinda.

How I feel looking at the moment.


I can't agree with that.

I don't have genuinely genuinely inquest of a Kennedy I think it's probably not giving anything away to say I'm not team Bloomberg that would be great to work on a campaign that had Bloomberg style budget.

I mean every Media activity they want to do you want to do some they're doing meme buying they're doing.

Game video advertising they're doing all the TV by you want a Super Bowl ad like what a wonderful playground to just be like you have an unlimited part of money play around with it see what happens.

That's fine.

I was just in the States and in 24-hours of being in LA and probably tell you on my hotel TV five times for five minutes at a time.

I saw his advert literally in every I've never seen anything like it.

That's what it feels like a feeling now.

Doesn't it? Because the whole point with hold of modern-day advertising is that they wouldn't be talking Steve who's of foreigners visiting and doesn't have a vote Democrat candidate to be targeting women people of color.

That's who they need everything.

I mean is the first time we actually got a look at him as a Kennedy right the first time we actually saw Mike Bloomberg as a politician.

What he would look like if you were on the presidential nominee for the presidential candidate.

Did not live up to the efforts of his Media buying team but if Bloomberg does end up being president you have a media magnate as president of the US and former journalist being Prime Minister of the UK well.

I suppose it's symptomatic of where we are in the information agent and also obviously for America it's all about have you got deep pockets and I mean I mean that's that's the one thing I suppose got going from against Trump is he going to take on trump you got to have some really deep pocket cos he's got some big big back as he has said that he will spend his money in the matter.

How many years so I'm I'm hoping we we dispatch him from the field quite quickly and start spending that money on any one of her other but better ok on with the agenda at hand But Not really moving on from politics because we're going to start with the latest UK government threat to the BBC and the appointment of yet another culture secretary.

This is art.

In 10-years Oliver dowden, Steve tell us first about the rumours that the Sunday Times are reporting on last week regarding the BBC will I think what you're referring to is the story that said I mean obviously there's the story around the BBC going to subscription model but I think it was really about scrapping in effect all of the radio stations apart from Radio 3 and 4 and I don't know whether it's other services in terms of social TV but I mean just how farcical because you know code for Radio 3 and 4 is is radio stations MPs like and the distance around all of this is the so-called people's government willing to scrap the station to actually reach far more people than the Radio 3 I mean Radio 4.

I think it may be a difficult when you look at the head of Radio 3 and you say you would keep that but you would do something like six music which is actually so vital to the British music industry and and and and the service that does to our economy in terms of use.

You know Major export.

Sorry I mean it seems to me that lovely store is a photo and we kindly go through this every you know five ten years or so with the BBC and really I do wonder if we're in the same place as ever which is you know the rearguard action starting to have them and see if you store is coming out in Defence of the BBC which clearly needs needs to happen and therefore have been fine.

I suppose let's put it like like like that, but I'm not sure I really how much credibility there.

Is it an idea that you you were scrapped all the stations radio to your replies popular station.

Are you really going to risk to the public when they understand that has been turned off or are you really going to say there's not a public service justification for BBC local radio or for a lot of the BBC News website and it doesn't make any sense but the depressing thing Karen is that it is it would be one thing if you know every 30 years this discussion was having fair enough.

It is a taxation that pays for it, but it's every time is the Tory majority that was boring about it.

I think I think I mean.

The notion of taking any beaches the BBC is it horrific on a number of levels but one of the ways in which it again and then you notorious should care about is as an ocean of national pride.

I think I don't necessarily fully appreciate how admire the BBC is internationally and they certainly have a public service remain in this country that is that is given BBC World Service is obviously a fantastic.

I don't think it's just that I think the people around the world look to the domestic consumption of BBC products here in the UK and they are envious admiring and respectful more so it for other institutions like the NHS so I think it's outside in that regard.

I also think that the the red herring of talking about how they should move to subscription.

What is just exactly going the wrong way round because there is so much excellent subscription-based television and broadcasting right now fantastic stuff.

I'm in group work two people have Netflix Sky

That is not a model that is needed that's not a market failure.

They need that needs populated the BBC is filling on market failure and in doing so it's raising all the other broadcasters out.

There's a quality TV news in in Britain in general across the commercial stations.

Not just the BBC is much much higher than in other Western democracies even you know with whatever problems the BBC might have is primarily because the BBC has said it's tender that everybody else is trying to get to so I would hope that the impact of this would be a arising kind of campaign of 4 people genuinely actually trying to value the BBC so maybe it will have an adorable groundswell of popular Enthusiasm that people will actually understand because I think that's going to happen.

I think there will be a huge backlash Effect who is really interesting that you think about that from the point of view of what the conservative voter might think because that does seem to be the piece of the puzzle that may be missing from the strategy.

Boris Johnson and his mates don't particularly like the bloated nature of the BBC as it is now but I mean for example to take what you do Steve I mean.

I know you've got more in podcasting these days the BBC are your biggest radio client right so you're an independent radio production company and lots of things if they go you lose business.

That's not a conservative policy should be supporting.

I mean that's definitely true.

I'm not sure if necessary the public's role to ensure that I've got a business as much as I love having the BBC's and made you think about that.

I do think that applies is when you look at the fantastically a strong role that the British TV industry plays within the global marketplace and that was very much fuel obviously 20-years ago by the BBC and to a certain degree channel for you.

No problem.

I was used to support the development of The Independent production sector and where we are now in the audio space is exactly that's a moment.

We're obviously got rising global podcast industry.

The US but with the UK really vibrant place and the BBC is a public service broadcaster and the role that they're trying to develop BBC sounds and the funding they doing for podcast as it has actually a phenomenal powerful role, it can play in helping to develop a global commercial vibrant crowd British industry that compare roll around around the world so great British exports to the same way TV is played so so I do think the BBC from a commercial perspective of the business has a clear role there.

I think it's really valid to question everything to the BBC does it you know in a world going forward does it need to do everything it does now and it is obviously valid to question how it might be fun to have a debate around.

That's that's ok as well, but Claire subscription model in my mind a non-starter because you know wants to meet people that you haven't got to be seeing I think I think it's well beta but you know it seems to me.

What happens is the government starts with most aggressive position and then obviously it's like a scene isn't it? And that's what happened with the story ended up taking on paying for the over 75s be disastrous for them.

So we could end up in quite a worry in play 100% I mean there's no doubt that I can put away with reason why I think the BBC is potentially more vulnerable this time than other times.

It's because if you look at the wider political context here.

It isn't just the Tories having a bath of the public sector broadcasting in a lot of the left also has a lot of issues with the BBC and they're also quite happy to have a bath at the BBC and so I think the feeling that the government might have is that maybe there's an opportunity here in this environment that they can squeeze the BBC through the centre and they won't be defended at staunchly as they as they might have been in a pass because maybe both sides are seeing the BBC as being as

I suspect that probably won't be the case, but it is true the politically the BBC has become much more of a hot button issue on both sides of the of the extreme to the political debate whether political or ability is coming in for them and do you have anything to say about all of the album as a new coach factory Oliver who seems fine nothing basically about anything dcms in his I wasn't able to learn anything about him.

It was interesting enough to remember back in through the backdoor there.

Isn't it has been very clear so I suppose that plays out because he's my local MP and I'm aware of what he campaigns on locally and answer me and he is very still expect for a MP in Hertsmere very strongly on preserving the greenbelt and one of the big decisions.

It seems to me.

He's going to be part of both sides of his brief soon.

Is this huge studio that comcast want to.

Locally you know yeah get their jobs, but they're going to be building that on a field.

You know it is currently filled with glorious views and Direction but it is going to want to see the film industry celebrity interesting want to watch the BBC chairman should be chosen by the public agency staff rather than by the government is that of Interest Rebecca long-bailey is running late and she wants to say a thing so I guess that's the thing.

I'm not sure how well Thought through that position is but I think is worth saying that thinking about governance for the BBC is is well worth doing and I think you know there are certainly changes that could be made of the top.

I don't think that the notion that we can do you pull it up size that.

Having it become father for the leftist candidate in a leadership leadership contest work out.

I think let's wait til the leadership contest is over and then have some thoughts about what would be sensible.

I think that's ridiculous idea.

I mean I really do you know this is an older.

I don't understand because he's got any tens of thousands of people have proper serious organisation the idea that the public would vote for someone to to leave it or even you know you're a democratic vote internally this is this is this is not the way serious organisations are run.

You need people with proper leadership capabilities and it seems to me with long-bailey.

You know you know as per the approach of spirit as many policies as quickly as she can to try an appeal to many people in this is another one of the problem here is some of it and a bit ambiguous about some of it and the issue with.

Politicians is that they're trying to change an institution which isn't transient it's been part of the British fabric for nearly 100 years now.

That's where the tension feels odd isn't it come by my culture section come in and try and take everything up and actually business networks from the mentally broken.

I think at some point you know but the institutions push back and I think of a case of the BBC they have phenomenal capabilities to remind the nation.

How good they are themselves and they obviously advocate themself or themselves as any other organisation word, but I think there are the voices of the BBC my find ways of being heard ok on the dark side of the internet now or at least the dark side of the bit that isn't the dark Web as the government announces plans to appoint Ofcom as the regulator for online harms.

Online harms in this context and social media and driving each other into suicide yes and terrorism abuse illegal content as well which is illegal illegal the bad things that happened on the internet right.

What do you make of this idea that this could be your country me and made from artificial because they interact with each other too closely to be separated so I think from that point of view.

It's it's silly to try and keep them separate when clearly they interact with each other and Caroline Flack story for example although a lot of horrible things happened on social media.

It was the mainstream Media that was mostly driving the things that lead to the situation.

We were so I don't necessarily fundamentally object to the idea that I've gone might have a role in social media, but the announcement that I saw did not give me any illumination into.

They would approach that I mean this is one of the hardest problems to solve Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube The platforms themselves have been really struggling and really failing.

I'm trying hard enough, but when they tried they found it very difficult to get a grip on this problem themselves.

I'm not sure that the regulator who has less control will be able to be effect such a fast-moving markets and Ofcom when they regulate it tends to come after the fact.

It takes a long time does investigations will be a fine and it'll be fine and three years later and yes, it turns out that YouTube video was abusive k10000 moved on to 6 other things so I don't think it's a solution to the problem.

I think it's necessarily horrible on its face, but it's not a fix a broken.

I think I'm writing so that the government announced this and then literally a couple of days later Road back from it and so I will actually when I just because the

Media platforms pushed back they need it then said ok well.

We're just going we haven't quite come to conclusion yet, so there was a big announcement and then and then they go back to pay for isn't it set off timer going to be the regulator as we know really I mean I think what's definitely true is the clearly our laws of failed to keep up with with the way I'm media has evolved and and and to be fed to the internet giants and enter the social media platforms.

They keep saying listen.

We're open to you know to some sort of regulation.

Is you know you will have a discussion about how open a really after that but the point is that at the moment it does seem when a slightly bizarre Place when you think about eyes and ears depending where you consume that depends obviously on how that regulator that you know shortly.

What matters.

Is is the Endpoint which is the eyes and the years rather than how it's reaching you saying this week.

Regulate me European entities but in some ways to what I was saying before that's a little bit of an easy out for him.

Isn't it? Because they can't regulate him in a way that would genuinely can stay in his business because he can innovate faster than they can regulate and having regulations in place will allow them to put to them and say what we are complying with all these regulations what you need to do if you need to change the culture you need to change the the people who work in these organizations their understanding about their mission is you need to understand you need to change our culture Society this is a conversation that's going to take a lot a lot more engagement from a lot more people and right now because everybody's trying to offload it to someone else and you mentioned Caroline Flack a moment ago.

What do you think the reaction to hair dye will mean for the media? I mean because it's Karen said there's two branches to it and where there's people saying this is about bullying on social media and other people saying no this is about tabloid intrusion, is it both?

Do you think one it was the other well? I think it is both but again.

We talk about regulation.

I think my one of my reactions to this story was when you look at them terrible conclusion it came to this really goes back to lots of issues that were explored around Levinson and when and when the whole hacking crisis an investigation to the press came and obviously how they thought from being from having an independent regulator and what kind of in the same place with the tabloids and people like the Daily Mail as we were 10 years ago.

When all this will all this stuff exploded accept it is much more profound consequences because when you lay on top of the impact of social media feeding off the news stories from the newspapers it can have the sort of impact that it cannot be put to good use do you think Karen I don't want to reduce Caroline Flack just as the poster child for change, but I suppose in a sense.

You know you had many dalits and years ago and having Caroline Flack

An example that everyone can relate to somebody does kickstart the Debate again around hacked off and what happened after Leveson then press regulation in a way that it needed someone to do some colleagues earlier if you like in Every Generation we change the young woman to death right.

This is not new and whether it's social media or whether it's the tablets.

I mean I was talking thinking about you know was it 2011 when we all watched Amy Winehouse die and you can see that that was where it was going and the media was right there every step of the way and I don't want to get into a Princess Diana thing, but there's a whole Princess Diana every once in a while.

We found a young woman to her death as a culture and it doesn't feel like a healthy place for us to me and we often talk about this as if it's as if it's a celebrity thing as if it's your hand in the big change with social media is that most young people are now celebrities within their social circles and actually you're starting to see.

The same things that we've seen in the Caroline Flack incident happening at it as a society wives girl and young people are suffering higher rates of depression anxiety and there are some really very serious mental health crisis coming up for young people who are interacting with their world online in as if they were all mini celebrities with in there world and you know within their friends circles, etc.

I can hear you're seeing things like young people who are putting Instagram posts up.

They have multiple Instagram post Instagram account.

What are not their best content on their public ones that are like test as a train leaving now will young people who test there their photos in a culture of friendly before rolling it out the weather is if they have a media strategy like they're you know like they are a TV presenter.

That doesn't feel like a healthy way for Society up to operate and I'm not sure we can regulate out of a personal choice to isn't there.

But I'm just saying I'm busy.

I just came on social media this week.

Didn't she talks about that you can you don't have to be I mean I know people make it sound like you absolutely have to be accessible to your fans all the time is in the public eye you that may be true for celebrities.

I think for young people is very different then the father of teenage kids.

There was a huge social pressure and you know I'm pretty sure in 50 years time social media is going to be the sort of smoking a 50 years time.

I think that because obviously this generation of Kids on the first generation to come to come through this and we're gonna look back and say how the hell did we let our kids get into that positional or any of us, you know why you know how did we not understand? What was happening because look how our Society is change so quickly in the 10 or 15 years as all of this as you know somehow.

I think I think I think it's absolutely right.

There's a cultural recalibration that someone has to take that and maybe.

Small way part of the Caroline Flack incident is it just starts to get that dialogue going this whole be kind thing is maybe just just the start of that dialogue.

I'm at home.

Can you refer to is what's been on the sponsorship bumpers all this week on love Island's transmission instead of a just eat, but I don't have that done enough to try and detoxify this scenario.

Do you think that the application to the program moving forward I mean applications for the program.

I think the the program has problems that go well beyond this particular incident.

So this is not the first person from that show that his untimely end.

This is not suggesting that this actual incident was related to know know know this will you know shortly this means and for the shower? I mean I mean the immediate Dragonite and it will probably carry on and I can I can only assume just because that's how that's how the Money rolls, but

But you know it's a very popular so but I think what people are watching when they watch the show is the Fascination of toxic social interaction and that's exactly what we talking about here is that's what's happening on social media.

That's what happened on the shower that people watch people Behaving Badly to each other in quite a while before.

I'm so I'm not surprised that they generate ratings but I'm not a fan of the show me.

What do you think do you think I mean if you weren't exactly working on my eyelid? What could you do the Challenge For Love Island is it is basically? This is a cut down version of Big Brother with just two conversations around romance and love and who's with who and all that said.

I think it's just a sexy bit later on top with all the social media interaction.

Did you know lots of people who appear in Love Island already influences already have some sort of social media presence so that's really I think the Challenge for the producers of love Island that you know this was.

Years ago.

We just have the TV show the challenges we got this layer of social media conversation that takes place on top and clearly there is a duty duty of care to the people who appear and I mean ITV responsible broadcast.

I would not believe there are people ITV Love Island who don't take seriously the responsibilities that go towards the people who are now appearing on the show and obviously difficult lessons have been there, but I'm not necessarily anyone could have anticipated that in the same way as now unless we anticipate the terrible events around Caroline Flack will learning as we go along because we're in Uncharted territory.

We talked a lot about the viability of these shows is quite interesting if that duty of care.

That is supposed to extend to present as well because you might argue by it's nature someone who chooses that as a career is likely to be vulnerable worked with you have issues.

That's one of the reasons that makes a compelling broadcast is really mitigate against that.

Reassure everyone that you're fine, and I think again a single single program cancel what is fundamentally a deeper social problem with that we have as a society and I think but I think we have tendency to consume people as entertainment and forget the people are people and I think that's that's something that we just need to all of us record with a little better.

Ok, we'll be back with more media news in India there is one eye doctor of every 70000 people making it difficult to get access to eye care.

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Karen and Steve are still with me and let's talk about streaming now as BT have scrapped its traditional pay TV packages in favour of a more flexible subscription model Sophie this basically NOW TV isn't it really and I think it's I think it's the right move them in the way you look at human.

Got to be flexible use a Sky got NOW TV and that's proving increasingly popular.

I think so you want to watch football match you can subscribe for a month and take it off and get the movies instead and there's no contract now.

I mean that NOW TV you have the ability with football to subscribe for a day you can literally just choose that which I've done you know I want to watch the game.

I'll pay the weather is 1779.

I think there's something awful 99 and you know what's what's your day.

I think you know it's all about when you think all of our media consumption.

It's about putting the the list all the Vue in charge of what they consume the different serious I can work out Karen is that Sky TV have carried on carrying their traditional packages at the same time as offering out.

At a price which doesn't really compete with the main factor, so if you watch a lot of support for example it still worth getting a year-round package BT of death toll of Educational packages, and I just said if you got BT Broadband you use flexibility and advantage earlier about the BBC is like you have to think about what's the market niche right and I think that a lot of other subscriptions services.

Have you noticed? How many subscription each consumer is likely to have they're not going to take 10 different subscription if you've got the Disney Channel you got Netflix and Amazon Prime etc comes upon people have maxed out so I think it's very interesting to say actually wouldn't claim the niche of genuine the underground.

Just as much as you want for as long as you want it if you assume that others subscription models will be capturing the kind of constant constant.

Have you do the user's another piece of work over here the challenge? They have Italy bring people that can't they make sure that they're producing the kind of content that people actually will check.

What will happen if people surprised people login for one thing they happen to 1? How are they going to drive people back? Are they going to make it feel a little bit more which they don't necessarily need for this frequent.

So I think that's the marketing challenge, but I think I as a way of filling a need for creating a niche for themselves.

I think it's not about where they go and as you say putting the you can't control what people say they want people don't always know what they want but if you ask them most people would say that's what I want and with his ever-increasing demand for content comes ever-increasing demand for production facility.

Let's talk about the story of the Thames Valley Science Park I'm likely location for a massive new movie studio Karen reading is just that little bit far out of the Greater London area where traditionally people bill comes to these places and not exactly in London

Yeah, but reading his where Microsoft is based in Reading but there's a lot of visiting Tallinn tartu University there are tech firms that have a lot of tech alumni as living in the area, so I think it's a pretty it's a pretty sweet spot and obviously it's going to be to be outside there then it isn't it's pretty near Heathrow with your big American film production well base company that he building a huge studio in Reading if they get planning permission 3.6 billion pounds on film and TV production in the UK in the last year.

I really is a massive industry and and you again with this country having confidence in terms of the BBC I don't think this country quite.

Standing within the creative Industries within the world you know when you think about our TV production sector my music sector are audiosex our filmmakers in a we are a fantastic creative country with amazing amazing Talent and that's why that's why the film industry the Hollywood film industry wants to make stuffing and he is cheaper as well that helps but there are fantastic practitioner.

That's basically the point that's really it isn't it? They want to be close to the M25 because that's where all the best all the boring stuff as well the gaffers R&B groups and whatever whatever prop makers and all those things you understand when you see their names and ladies genuine the caravan ok, let's look at Radio now news UK's talk radio tried and failed this week to avoid a £75,000 fine for breaching impartiality rules.

Well, George Galloway apparently failed to create balance when he was talking about the story of the Russian poisonings in Salisbury but the most delightful with the argument the broadcaster made was that they shouldn't be fine because no one really listens to the show anyway.

It's very unpopular.

We only have a few thousand listeners, and it would harm us finance for you to impose this fine to which the regulators response was your own Sky News Corbyn not too worried about you.

It's really interesting to see what kind of works because the final 75000 so 20000 for each objectionable Galloway think it might have been if I've got a ruling on a fine for talk radio talkSPORT for example.

I think they said something like we've only got about 5 to 7000.

A bit surprised that but ultimately they entitled to Mount some sort of Defence but it feels like one of those scenarios where the law is also the graphics straws to the how can we try and work out of this included in work.

It was beautiful though.

How I completely understand their marketing message because the message has been read the fastest growing station.

This is where the conversation is moving to and then in the course.

They had to go nobody listens to us really not very important.

Don't worry and that tension is important in light of the launch of x radio of course also been put forward by News UK Steve and they seem to have budget there to hire it like John Cena coming out from the BBC in some of the stories that I've read you know today today presenters or other source in different names of also been approached.

I mean it's a really it's a really interesting move because I mean clearly Radio 4 is the Crown jewel for BBC output and frankly why shouldn't a commercial broadcaster think.

And also move into that territory News UK have deep pockets.

It's it's been made very clear how important they see audio within their ongoing strategy.

I know that you know my name is Rebecca Brooks taking personal charge of of the audio strategy and the push into radio and podcasting so this seems visit.

This is understandable and and nine times of speech radio and tell podcasting happened.

We only really had Radio 5 radio 4 on LBC and Anthony is Michael PC will not really the sort of player.

They are now and what we've learnt podcasting is there are a multitude of different ways of attacking speech audio and what you would help with x radio is that they will find their own voice in a way to do intelligent speech but invoice that isn't Radio 4 Radio 5 but it's something that is very much and use UK tone and that's fine.

I mean it's good to have a market.

Are you surprised that John Cena was gettable a little bit only because he's such a legacy at the BBC

Yeah, so so I think it was it is a Legacy of how a really strong Media brand in any Enterprise in theory at least they can get hearing from credible people when they move into different Media outlet, so x radio might be a new phone but of course the times as a brand is you know hundreds of years old and well-respected and it's filled internally but he's leaving and he's on his last legs over goodbye.

Not that interested anymore farewell.

He is coordinating and get to present front row on a regular basis.

I have to say I saw that story and I don't quite understand that because certainly if you know certainly you know I don't understand.

Someone who is your competitor? Yeah? I I can't as someone who wants commercial business.

I can't comprehend that mentality of those are and I mean I know the controller 5 Live separately controlling ready for that one consistent message on this well like I mean I mean each of the networks run independently that's and that's a good thing but I suppose the bottom line is I'm not quite sure why you're while giving prominence to someone who's setting up around you and trying to steal your audience and you think I'm seems like the trip from Virgin I guess jumping as well as pick a name is Chris Evans obviously hasn't got his massive show but he's a big name it seems like they're going to agents produces Talent we have lots of money and we're coming after you.

I think they are trying to reach you know they're not trying to eat because I'm sorry that sounded very influential and affluent times Reading audience.

I think he knows a great get from that point of view it it really gives you the gravitas and I think you're absolutely right.

It sends a signal to others that this is a

This is a serious Enterprise you know but so far they will have to prove that the program ended up to the hype so that's the next challenge.

They have ok.

Let's go because Irish broadcaster has just launched the original podcast series in five languages.

Do we move we saw last year wonder who are the major US producers of of lots and lots of hits announced that they would turning with their hits into version and basically into other languages.

I certainly know the removes affair with another different companies particularly looking at the Spanish language is like the next great market place I can get one can see happening and obviously the other the other two marketplaces that are potentially pose particular challenges are in China because obviously of the other girl so ambitious and anything that has ambition in the podcast basis to be applauded because it's such a fast-moving space.

We haven't yet and we have had people approach us about Spanish language.

So you know we know we have had some some discussions there but I certainly think for ourselves and what we do is absolutely on the do.

I would I would imagine sometime in the next.

I don't put a timer on it, but you know yes, I mean it's definitely a conversation for difficult to do those on the BBC has recently Returned 29 which was about digging in the land of the Berlin Wall and it's a brilliant brilliant podcast for the way they did that was basically got an actor who read the transcripts translated from German into English and that's expensive I think you're getting too fixated on the logistics of it.

I think I think really the correlation is think about TV and movies well.

Obviously loads of shows are either redubbed or remade different market.

I think it's exactly the same mentality here good stories good stories and they and they will translate across different languages because people love grapes stories.

I should be talking about the nobody zone.

Direction between RTE documentary on one and Denmark sturdier production and it features the confession tapes of an Irish serial killer but in 5 languages English Danish Spanish German and I will say I think it is great to do forecast in multiple languages, and I think it's actually pretty efficient way of doing it because if you've got great content rather than creating five different podcast for different marketplaces reason.

Why not just read it.

I will say an agency land.

We often talk about trans creation rather than translation, but as you have to be a little bit careful, but if you just literally take contact credit for one market players and linguistically translated incorrectly to another marketplace you can miss the things that make it wasn't that make it right and make it culturally fit so for any other podcast considering.

I would think about not just a translation, but is there a cultural conversation that you need to make go there contacts to the language into the to the way the story unfolds that you need to think about for the audience that your reach.

So it isn't necessarily just as simple as a straightforward translation and in this case it may or may not be that but I think I would just be wary of going down the road of one-size-fits-all podcast creation think about who you're talking to be interesting thing as well.

I would love to find the Spanish me to be across all my shows there is just time is in our legendary Media quiz that you like in an interview with guardian Media editor in front of the show Jim Waterson this week head of the commons culture select Julian Knight MP said the BBC was losing the battle to stop decriminalization of the licence fee but it also let slip something fascinating about The Corporation which is how many Julian's in the BBC Newsround Knight himself a former BBC journalist said and I quote I've never met anyone else called Julian until I worked at the BBC and there were five others on my floor so.

Honour of all the BBC Julian's this week we're going to ask you to identify three Julian's who worked for the BBC in a game where calling which Julian is which doesn't with your name and how long does a renewal say and Steve you will say got it lets Julian is Julia number one which Julian presented on the world service for more than 25 years and was last Tuesday until his death last year which Julian am I now I don't know whose career kicking around the world Phillips down from the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show in December after more than 20-years clue he shares a name with a former deputy prime minister who now works for Facebook

Yes, Karen December and who is Julian number 3 which Julian has been passed to BBC Radio since 1985 Steve Julie America yes, I used to work with 25 years ago.

Ok, lovely man break.

So can you name some credits of Julian worricker to Edgware head Radio 5 BBC news been around here as well from people who do BBC training courses that he's the one to go to Limehouse to interview people will I mean all I can say is I was I was a baby when I was when I was working on Radio 5 drive.

Which was in a which he was presenting and he was in.

He was a really lovely man always have time for everybody in terms of trying to help them congratulations that is it for today.

My thanks to mine on Julian guest Robinson and Steve Ackerman podcast and want to help us keep doing it then do consider taking out a voluntary subscription head to the media / donate and choosing the cheapest going all year round you catch up with previous episodes and get new ones as soon as they're released by subscribing for free via our websites being Media podcast the media podcast is a PPM production until next time in India there is making it difficult to get to Ikea

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