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Read this: Jazz FM's 30th birthday

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Jazz FM's 30th birthday…

Ok, we're recording.

How can I just get your name and position for the type my name is currently standing next to Nick Pitts is going to be on to tell us about plans for the stations 30th birthday next week and have a look back at its history and a David Lloyd's radio moments frequency changes for cattle and commercial radio arrives in Inverness a long career on the BBC comes to a close for Brian Matthew and Memories as well of BBC local radio arriving in Humberside radio music for This podcast was composed Anna caso today's founder and editor Roy Martin is here with me.

Hi Roy how are you? Hi, Stu I'm good.

How are you?

Must be at least 3 or 4 days yes, and I'm seeing you next week as well and I get the Horrors I'm seeing you more than my family at the moment nothing wrong with that so quite a few stories around this week actually not a lot to talk about but some quite chunky stories first off some changes already at Capital Breakfast which only went national last year cost Vick hope has left the show and she's gone already they announced on Monday morning and she's already left which suggests she's going somewhere else does it it? I don't know if you're going to the official comment said she's off to do more TV work.

I think I read that right and that which makes sense because she doesn't even work already, then we heard some rumours.

Not that we do rumours on This podcast had a rumour that she may be going to one of the radio station which is quite big and service.

The UK do you have any idea which one that might be stupid? I don't know what the one is that you're talking about CBBC we will see what happens with us talking about completely different radio station Radio 1 ran a another stunt this week's Greg James was kidnapped by turns out Alan Carr and Mollie King after the and kept in a very expensive hotel room at the top of the Shard for a couple of nights.

Sorry if some isn't it this was great headline that the BBC has spent £10,000 on a room to do a stunt licence fee payers money, but it was a good stunt.

I didn't listen to Logic say that about some not listen to the radio.

Did you hear the Mechanics little bit was very similar to the previous ones he was he was locked in a room had to work out the code of thing to get out and unlock the padlock.

I think somebody pointed out that the

Padlocked on the inside but there was only him apparently in the room.

So how did they had locker room from the inside but you know it's the Magic radio.

Is it and the way it interacted with the Brim with the red scarf and all that malarkey what a good idea.

That is if you can try and take over a TV show this and not even on the BBC and get people talking about it and having too much stuffing look out for clues from a big event like that genius and I'm looking forward to the next one ready and of course just not turning up the morning after the Brits ever really thought Radio 1 Breakfast Show on at the BRITs he's got drunk he's not turned up, but it was all part of a plan, but that was the that was the beginning of it.

Obviously we knew something was going on especially as they have to cover planned and all I deserve a good stunt.

Nice stunt cunning stunt and another week another radio station absolute 20s.

I love the Roaring Twenties don't you at no no 2020s it's playing the best music from the last 2 months a genius idea who ever thought of launching this decades radio station at the beginning of the decade instead of the end of the decade deserves a pay rise.

I think nobody else is doing it absolutely about creating and whether it will actually play Guardians from the existing absolute tens and main absolute station or whether it will take some audience from rival brands, which I presume is the idea for the costing probably one producer and a few checks to PRS so it's a customer match a PC in Iraq somewhere.

He had one of those.

As it grows in popularity and gets a few more songs on its playlist.

I'm sure you're going to DAB and just a couple of things to talk about this week as well and we mentioned previously XS Manchester global Surrey communicor want to change XS Manchester to capital Xtra and take a feed from London and just do a regional show Ofcom said that's a very big change.

Let's see what people think and most people it seems think they don't want it to happen, so 51 people objected to this which of course means only thing that is going to get approved.

How much expect to see that in the next few weeks.

I'm sure absolutely crazy that the consultation just what's the point these objections are mostly just personal opinion so I come don't really care about personal opinion.

They got their checklist follow and lagers at least one of the criteria of the checklist is it?

Send the probably going to go ahead and do it and has asked for a broadening listener choice in Manchester it does still broadband listener choice because there's no other station like capital Xtra going to happen.

I suggest a lot of the responses I saw from the people are not happy about it at least that's basically saying you're telling us that radio x is a suitable alternative to play our kind of guitar music that we like but we think that's a pile of crap.

So we don't listen to that produced rock radio is it was it's a million miles away from Radio x I don't know how they can compare I mean more with Planet Rock or something like that, but obviously they were comparing FM stations in Manchester so yeah, it's sad the adult rock station from Manchester will go but it is exciting that Manchester will get capital Xtra it's just obviously different listeners.

I guess we're still waiting for Ofcom to finally say yes, we're going to approve this though.

They haven't done that.

Yeah, they haven't got the time this gets listen to maybe they will put I think it's I put money on it if I was a betting man.

I put money on it and see what you put money on Amazon shares Awards season are the sports journalism awards took place this week at various wins for 55 and talkSPORT mainly in the broadcast Category B young audio award nominations.

That's what was the Young Arias the full list of nominations are out now at radio the events are happening 27th of March at the BBC Radio Theatre the Irn Awards of the day before that on the 26th at Sky HQ in West London office at the end of March it's radiodays Europe Lisbon still chance to get a ticket for that and lots of great speakers and workshops are things going on in Lisbon over a few days at the end of March beginning of April and next week.


Arias the Radio Awards we haven't had a Radio Awards for about 150 months or something now.

Oh, yeah that was what happened so looking forward to that there's also the global Awards taking place the day the arrears so towards in 2 days about the Awards really isn't it? I know you love Awards I hate awards for a free glass of Diet Coke sorry.

We will be there.

I will have to be hearing from some winners on the podcast in a couple of weeks time as well.

Thank you.

Very nice catch up again.

I'll see you next week.

See you next Tuesday Wednesday the radio Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and Dad

The next unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it is still to come here or the radio Today programme going to try and beat him in his own game this week though, so let's go back to March 1990 102 pt2 Jazz FM radio station with Chris Phillips and Jay's Nelson play me some bad tunes began broadcasting earlier this month explained why he thought was a good time to start something new as happened in this town because you have turned to Jazz we have briscoes.

We have young DJs like Gilles Peterson who have created and maybe he did it.

I don't know but he certainly reflects an enormous interest.

Among young people so we're going to have to cover the age groups of maybe 17 to about 77 from country blues Ride Across and avant-garde jazz course had a few iterations the name of survived in one shape or form for the last 30 years and the man in charge of programs for the last 7 is content director Nick Pitts welcome to say hello, how are you? I'm alright so it's lovely hearing that it's a lovely hearing.

It's lovely Jess it isn't that clip a little bit later as well and he sounds so young as well, but I think you've been there what 12 years now.

So nearly nearly half the the life of the station.

You stay there is a producer.

Can I started just before it's relaunched as a digital station in October 2008 and I've been here ever since very loyal enjoying it thoroughly and very lucky to be leaving it turns 30 next Wednesday the 4th of March and I mention the calaveras iterations.

Obviously it was the London FM licence originally and I think it took a long time to get it on the air from it.

Can a planning before that but that got turned into smooth after I think about 15 years, but it carried on at your gym.

She kept it as an online station and there's a digital stay as you say and then I think it went back to London only and then it went national again.

What what's the kind of thing about Joseph and that makes it keeps surviving because of the fact that it understands that it is a I don't use the word specialist station, but it is especially station and it understands.

That's what it is, and it doesn't try to be anything other than that when it's tried to.

That's when it coming to problems but I believe that we are very very loyal audience and that really hurt as well.

I mean if you mention we launched in 2008 the regional and national then we went back to London only and online and then went back national audience barely moved so with very loyal orders because what we found it if you play jazz your Joseph you don't you're not Jazz FM it's confusing and that's when you have problems with your audience and and and revenues yeah, and you've still got just under 600000 list on the weekly rate as well as a clip from 99.

They were talking about getting younger listeners, because young trendy people in London with listening to Jazz I guess those people when they're 5060.

I still listening, but are you getting younger audiences as well in touch as soon as a as a music as an art form has never been stronger going through a bit of research into the moment.

Thanks to People Like Gregory Porter and Jamie Cullum bringing it to life as well and

Organisations around the UK like Nigeria in tomorrow's Warriors who are championing new Jazz artists coming through and they get daytime weekend overnight exposure on Jazz FM 24cm Awards 7 years ago now to celebrate that new Jazz that's coming through its phenomenal stuff the artists that are performing today are more inventive and creative than ever before and I'm pleased that we can support them like country music we've got three or four country stations now on on your traditional radio weather on analogue or digital jazz.

There was a time when Jazz FM I think was all mine only a digital-only and the jazz came up as a competitor from Jake Epstein people might remember that but we haven't really had a rival is that because you're doing it, so well, or is there not a market for more gas stations? What one would hope that the answer is doing so well and actually if you think about it.

You know we became.

Media 18 months ago and our as We Know launch stations and brands themselves, so the fact that they acquire Jazz FM to me is the rather than trying it themselves.

There is a bunch of people who do it doing it brilliantly and and therefore there's no need to to create another and our job is to just try and get as many people as possible with this amazing content.

There was a time when there was the jazz there and that was in that kind of handover period of gcap and then of global and that point Jazz FM was an online Brand and I think it was on a dab somewhere up north in Scotland it wasn't a massive listening opportunity at that moment in time.

So the jazz was created when the one that was sort of coming to the fore and I think a lot of people from Jazz FM presenters wife went to the jobs and then came back as well, then they said that those kind of heritage as broadcasters.

A lot of which have been on Jazz FM since day one is still around Chris Phillips head and make you were both presenters on the jazz, but they're both still Jazz FM today doing great programs as nelson Waylon the station and then you know that the people who started the year or so later Sarah Ward David Freeman Mark Walker all still with the station today still broadcasting on a weekly or monthly basis.

You meant by 18 months ago now other than moving buildings has much changed having a new owner different owner is more opportunity for us commercially is very helpful to be part of a large family but from a creative point of view we been incredibly lucky and not one point has anyone suggest anything other than just do what you so the team of the same we're doing what we were doing in our Margaret Street days.

There has been very very little change and any of that changes come direct from us as a team.

It's been.

Really really good situation to be part of good to hear so you got the big birthday coming up next week and you're doing some of Celebrations right through the year as well.

I knew all sorts of things going on so decided that we would celebrate this time of year because they're on those many nationally known brands out there at the get to this age.

So what we've been doing is we doing in the two-way approach every Saturday evening we stripped out an hour for the entire of the year for 52 weeks and we create a unique contents or serious to go in that slot over the years so far we raided the archive for some interviews with with some of our superstars of jazz that people like you massive playlist Van Morrison in there.

We also had those three original presenters I mentioned on Chris and Jazz and Jazz FM just talking about the first day on earth and play music from their first shows and just giving you some anecdotes that was right at the start of the year and throughout the year as we go.

We've got some audio content fund programming coming all we've got we've got a job drama, so we got a five-part series will working with sparklabs on to create these stories around three characters free very well-known superstars of jazz.

We've got a 10-part series later on in the year with made in Manchester the definitive guide to jazz in Britain + with create content.

We've got a classic album playback in front of live audiences with experts listen back to albums talking about the pieces of music we got Marcus Brigstocke returning to do a series called The Jazz family tree so we really really going for it because we believe that the really important thing at the centre of Jazz FM and it's really important not to take your mind off of it because this is what we're about.

It's about the musicians that made us famous so all of those programs are going to be based around that thing.

It's all about the song it's all about the music.

It's all about the musicians and artists and then on the day itself.

Special schedule for the day which starts we we lost at 6, would you like to hear how we launched to 6? Have you got the launch audio? I have the for lunch today.

I'm going to give you that now, but I'm going to give you some you're going to love FM why I thought you'd appreciate that so we'll do it at the moment at 6.

We've got the business breakfast which is on every day or half hour everything which will have Michael Wilson and The Veteran commentator David buik.

They will be reflecting on the changes and trends of three decades of business Economic and political news.

I don't know the political side.

Maybe not Diana Luke was our first presenter of Jazz FM she was the Breakfast Show host.

She's coming back for one day.

She's going to be co-hosting the breakfast show.

Williams for the day so that should be exciting throughout the day we've got some special guests joining a shabaka Hutchings tomorrow's Warriors Legends Gary Crosby and lions and Robinson will be returning to have a conversation with Jamie cricket his thoughts and love of Jazz FM which are still strongly there as well will also be playing dinner jazz and greatest as we go into our stranded programming in the evening.

We going to make sure that those reflected so Jennifer's greatest which is an hour of the great music of our other genre is going to be all music first day dinner jazz will go to Carnegie Hall in New York on the 4th of March 1990.

Where are founders John dankworth and Cleo Laine were performing and we have a recording from that performing as well then at 9 the big big program that we've gone for one hour is called our first day and this is amazing stuff.

We've been in conversation with the British Library who have content.

Play so we will be condensing the first day of audio Jazz FM into 1 hours.

So you will hear from Diana Luke George Reid interviewing Ella Fitzgerald you're here Chris Phillips who was there on the young RIPD young you'll hear Helen Mayhew you're here at Malcolm Laycock you're here Jez Nelson as well as old Commercials from the day interviews on the day as well.

Even some more lovely wonderful old jingles as well from the day and the music Will Be the Music will be played on the first day as well.

It's great you got so much archive on the fact of the session state and several times over the years as well.

We have quite a healthy archive and very early years here, but I was contacting the British Library so they have a project called save our sounds talking to a guy called Paul Wilson there and he sent me a lot of great amazing stuff that they have in the archive has been digitised.

It was left by a radio enthusiastic called philcox who passed in 92.

They got loads of recorded first 2 days and then and then after that any evening just Nelson presents poem called something else.

It's also the name of these incredibly successful company actually started it started off as a program that he and Chris Phillips created within the first 3 weeks of events, are they going to co-present that together a special live edition of that with Morgan and the two of them acting like a teenager again from 10 until midnight as a very full day of some amazing programming that hopefully you will will pay 30 years ago, but it will still absolutely celebrate jazz today now.

You've been busy.

Just a little and not only that but as we mentioned before you get rewards come up as well you started in 2013, but they're back for 2020 at the end of May end of May 27th of May Shoreditch town hall at night celebration of just some amazing new Jazz that's around the world.

I will be definitely capture a few Legends along the way as well.

You should be another another amazing evening if that's ok.

What's your hope for Jazz FM moving on after the thirtieth Year obviously growing audience listening hours.

I mean it's the end of the day.

We are a commercial operation and you know we've been very lucky that we been here for 30 years and I want that to continue for as long as possible and we need to go I think we're now absolutely in the right place to be able to do that fantastic.

Great to chat to you mate.

Thank you coming on appreciate it.

Thank you very much and happy birthday.

We're not to you obviously, but you know I will be on Thursday love that Nick fit the content director from Jazz FM and just had a David Lloyd radio moments a reminder to try out clean feed if you haven't yet, it's the solution you might be looking for to help with that OB or sorting out the connection for your podcast cleanfeed has been designed for radio people and for podcasters Alexa connect in decent quality just

A browser and a computer either and no fancy hardware required.

It's really simple to use you can even do all the recording a podcast guess right within the web browser give it a go for yourself and see what the quality is like.

There's a free version you can upgrade for some extra features find out more at cleanfeed launched in London they could use their proper am frequencies.

Thanks to a planning application the transmitter side, so they had temporary wavelength 405 3939 station.

What is simply super router they moved their famous 19426.

Available 194 - 1549 95.8, what is the engineering Information Service of The Independent broadcasting authority 45 years ago this week from their temporary the Lots Road power station in Chelsea weather used an aerial dangling from Chimneys it was at the same week in 1975 MPs voted at last to allow Commons proceedings on radio.

This is BBC Radio 4 on the BBC political editor David Holmes for the historic first Live Transmission to the nation for the proceedings of Commons this is David Holmes in the chamber of the House of Commons waiting for an afternoon of what could be absorbing political interest waiting for them to begin Question Time with Mr Tony Bennett

Happened to Winchester team in just under 10 minutes from now then at 3:20 the attorney-general Mrs I'm sucking will be answering and then about 3:30 the prime minister will report on the referendum and it's consequences with the house questioning in fairly closely after that so it's a special day for us broadcasters in parliament and perhaps MPs feel that to the role of the media topic and eventually broadcast from the House of Commons approved by MPs this week 45 years ago 1980 to now and good news for Inverness morning in Monday to Friday for the Breakfast Show and there's really great to have you along on Moray Firth Radio 1 there a message to Barbara Dickson record really sums it all up for today and for the rest of your life and Moray Firth Radio take good care on paper.

It was disastrous and was not viable and I think the IBA knew that it was covering a massive area for a local radio station and then it would take you the medium wave.

At night-time reaching from Wyke in the far north which is effectively John o'Groats to Fraserburgh at the other end of the Moray Firth at least a 4-hour car journey and then was 5 hours because the bridge didn't exist that links under 200000 people I think in their patch and nobody believed really but this was viable time reflecting on the launch of mfr.

This week 38 years ago and it continues to this day and Stuart was the defining voice of the weekend junior choice programme on Radio 1 today's regular.

Spell this week in 1968 and Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen now.

We've got our anniversary to commemorate now, Mr and Mrs Jeffrey of willow Way Ferndown in Dorset that Nana and Grandad congratulations to you say ruby wedding anniversary today as well and to you with the time.

Is it Stuart who began his junior choice days this week 52 years ago that was the programme that had been their children's favourites in the library changes Radio 1 began Brian Matthew died in 2017 had this week 3 years ago.

That is last show was aired 1962 by Billy Fury brings me to the end of my riders presenter of sounds of the 60s and I must say I've enjoyed every minute of my 27 years in his chair and I'm seven to leave but I'll be back on Radio 2 in the near future with something new so keep your eyes open to further information and this is your own made by 90 saying that's your lot for this week.

See you again soon Brian Matthews last words on the BBC have been there since 1954 this week in 1971 Radio Humberside launched officially but

It was a little more complex than that because of the difficulty around about that time.

We were having roasted power cuts due to industrial action and problems the government were having and Sons over the power was going off to people's houses has been switched off for considerable periods of each day now.

We had not officially come on air I think the official launch February but all this was happening before well.

We can't sit by and let the people of Humberside sit in darkness when we could do something to help so I think we decided we will come on early which he did by several I think it's got a couple of months.

This is BBC Radio Humberside on rediffusion channel be with a bit of news and information service that our situation for the last 3 hours for hire near Radio Humberside has been in the emergency operations room of the Yorkshire Electricity Board Inn ferensway, Hull from the BBC reports now of Radio Humberside 49 years ago so with the end of the pirate Britain radio 53 years ago.

What is Sue MacGregor is last Radio 4 Today programme 80 years ago? It's good morning.

This is today with Brian redhead this week's moments and finally as we approach all those landmark.

100-year anniversary of radio it was this week a century ago that broadcasting tests began for the Marconi companies New Street factory in Chelmsford to daily experimental half hours of speech music and news and reflecting actually on the 100 years of radioactive event at Burgh House in Hampstead that's of March 4th.

See you there if you regularly information and tickets at radio there's a commercial plug.

Thanks, David and Roy am I getting bits from Jazz FM I hope you enjoyed that little experimental half hour ish of speech is what Marconi would have wanted next time is the radio today round table for March so be sure to join us as Trevor down is joined by some top to discuss the big talking points in our industry and share some of their favourite bits of audio as well as next time you're on the radio Today programme.

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