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ARIAS 2020…

Hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson it's a podcast packed with radio people this week as we take you to the London Palladium for the audio and radio industry Awards 2020.

We've got arya's red carpet chat with the likes of Scott Mills Jeremy Vine and Matthew Wright and the late here are the winners of 20 of the knights gold Awards including Ellis and John mistajam Emma Barnett Iain Lee and station of the Year Radio 2 L greengrass Lewis Karlie kloss to the station presenter Sara Cox and Ryland and if you're still here at the end of all that of course they'll be sunny in a moment.

We are at the areas and we found Julia hartley-brewer.


I think since last time I spoke to you think so probably come down a bit we've got a bit less brexit come down a bit for all going to die for us.

I mean.

And how do you envisage things changing when you get another speech radio station in your building BBC arrivals at Leeds UK going to go from strength to strength.

We are loving it tonight for best speech breakfast show some tough competition are we all know it's going to go to BBC local radio BBC Sheffield who are brilliant and hilarious using the same category.

I've got my money's on him.

Not to remind you to tell you categorically right now as I said to my husband.

I'll be heading home for an early night to have the Breakfast Show tomorrow after I don't win an award tonight.

Have a good night presenting the best imaging Awards tonight.

I played my

Play my fair share of them over the years and who are you rooting for tonight daddy and Rosie here for the full stop and Rosie who sings together roasted life Viking in Hall milo was Movie 2 breakfast.

It was a bit when I went together.

They wouldn't best breakfast last year this year the best local show I think the Phenomenal show it is they just natural and normal I think you look at the pulse rate as well.

It's through the roof even you know back in the day when I was the highest ever been to these radio deals for years and years now, but it's a bit busy at the Palladium you know what to have it back in London and being part of the areas bordering a trustee of the Radio Academy as well here at the Palladium

The stage so we're actually walking on the great man so it'd be nice to see you to see you nice.

I can't be more of the moon about this.

I'm so excited.

I want to be nominated for this is like 13 years old when we went to the days.

I went to the other nations party.

We were hosting it.

That's great.

That's amazing.

I didn't get nominated to be here and it's people like me and Zoe Ball and take Bury from your building up against you so yeah, I didn't chances that we're in the car on the way over and have you written a speech if I'm not I'm going to get to Greg James Dave Berry I don't know I'm alright not a chance.

I've got I've got to win, but it's so excited to be here and if we do if we doing it's amazing but just to be here just to be against to be poor again something like that for me is like lifetime achievement mate and how's the job going.

Are you enjoying it? Love it?

Getting to the show protective hard work really really hard work.

I feel bad for my girlfriend.

He just go there just put up with me everything a morning at 4:30 when I'm like.

Oh my god.

No surely know I only just went to bed so that's difficult but I said I wanted this since I was 13 years old so to be here to do a breakfast show do the kids Breakfast Show is unbelief is the best and it's great to see somebody's going to go on stage because I know you're presenting award, so whether you win or not and you got a hoodie in a suit on and I'm absolutely I said no.

I think I look cool and now I really regret it because I'm sweating I'm quite a sweaty guy is it is so like to be like look at that so bloody nightmare.

I'm sweating profusely but stage I saw Greg at the Brit Awards we had a drunken.

Oh my god.

It's going to be an amazing day.

So it should be a lot of fun and from Italy to

Christmas not found so far describe your outfit.

You're wearing poor well.

You know me.

I just kind of like to look the rock and roll part and yeah, I don't wear suits normally but I saw this before Christmas when is out shopping with my wife and she was like dragging me around all the stores in there the shopping centre in Manchester and I saw this and thought that is so had to have it and how's the breakfast going cos you've been on Planet Rock breakfast for a good number of years now.

Yeah, it's now my nice.


It's going really well.

That's good.

Yeah, the red Planet Rock in general is probably I think got the biggest audience who had in a long long time 1.2 million and being here tonight and being nominated for station of the year on the Run I mean that's an achievement in itself.

You know it's like when you look at the competition and you'll get the size of the teams in the BBC stations our entire team is probably the size of one of the BBC Breakfast

Go with it.

Thank you.

Hope you and everything else.

I'm Frank Skinner is in the nominate.

I think I'm wishing Frank Skinner category as well as Emma Barnett I think it's the only female representation something of note.

It's a busy time in the news UK building as well.

You got another radio station launched a revolving door is going on cos you are leaving and you're staying here.

I was told my contract was going to be renewed and then two days later.

I'm nominated for best which broadcaster ratings are up if you can put if you find any of the boss is here.

I would love to hear from you think you're saying as well if you win tonight, I have no idea.

I phoned Nigel Williams from a birthday celebrating station.

I know I know 30 years today.

It's lovely to be saying I'm 30 enjoying that and they put this big party on at the Palladium just for you guys and it seems to tell you earlier today at the Studios because we're in the same building as many of the other Bauer brands, so kissing magic absolute champagne round to the mall today and I tell you it was mate.

This is 10 in the morning and they are all mad for it, but there might be some more champagne there tomorrow if you like.

It's a good thing about working in a building that has lots of radios big day actually say up at 3:45 and it so alcohol at 10 and here.

We are at the Palladium so it's a big day and you on tomorrow morning as well have to be there for our business breakfast which starts at 6.

I'll be in the building at 5:30.

How's life changed since moving Building and having your own anything different.

Seriously believed in the brand.

They realise that our audience doesn't listen to any other commercial radio so you buy that you're buying a whole new audience is so that's great.

They have they can see that if in 30 years if it's survive 30 years then there's something about so yeah, they're over this year.

I have big plans for you know shows is it going to be a drama going on so we got some big backing so we're enjoying it.

Have a good night tonight.

Thank you very much.

I think your present the first award of the night tonight.

I believe so no pressure to be good.

I've actually hosted this once before and it is is terrifying because it's a room of your peers that it's a room of people that you worked with before or you might work with again.

So yeah, it's pressure but luckily I'm only doing one of our tonight and your friend Chris is nominated for sports Peter Crouch

I really really hope you're well.

Just let you know because they deserve it.

They work so hard on that so and yeah a lot goes into it and I think you can sell that and the success of it has been to win that and you kind of sports.

I don't know cos I thought you said about football on a Saturday morning.

I mean vaguely.

I do a Sportster yes the brief was entertaining but I think we like we really finding your feet on that show you know I love it, but when it first happened.

I was like how am I going to feel 2-hours and no music was really like scary to me.


I've relaxed into it a little bit more now.

It's taking time but I really enjoyed that that side of it because it's a talk radio or speech is something I thought I would never do that before you've done the same to Nicky Campbell who's gone from Radio 1 2 5 Live Simon Mayo do you consider yourself a broadcaster rather than a DJ yes? I do.

Love Is Here and presenting tonight, they were giving out is in John Myers and I like the radio was and I feel like I can feel it in the room.

He would have been here tonight.

He was a giant of radio and you know I mean that in every sense a most beautiful man a friend of the industry a great entrepreneur presenter.

He has had a nice thing was he would call me all the time and talk about the shower.

Just done or you know say hello Sarah Cox doing now, so he do he was so involved and I miss him so much and Radio 2 nominated for the air tonight.

It's been a tricky year for Radio 2 so to get another nation is a good thing so yeah, I think if we just keep say at the Crease and keep getting it'll it'll come back in our Direction I mean basically.

I'm amazed at the hell stable ready-to-use audience has been ever so such a period of change in the last decade so yeah, it's not.

A difficult year but I just feel the vibe on the the energy and the station now is the best it's ever been since I arrived.

It's great.

It feels great.

So I'm loving every single day and all journalists to work on the radio down about at the moment is x radio she's coming soon.

You're the kind of calibre of person.

Have you had a big money offer the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content to buy onyx studio transforms everything about radio accept the way you make it is one of the early winners of the night.

It's miles from BBC Scotland best news coverage and a real piece of journalism.

You got somebody put in prison from your work.

Rollercoaster that story you know when you first put something out.

You don't know people going to get behind that and as soon as the police get involved you feel like right well what I did was was right and there's a reason why would you know and it's just a pair of trainers and because this guy was putting content on YouTube for a couple of years you did a story about it and then the police involved exactly.

Yeah, you know from 2016.

He was doing out so it was to see that from just a short video in the beginning that we can grow into something is a bit bigger for news and then yes, you know he got his comeuppance after all he did and how does it feel to pick up this award is unreal like to be honest I was on Oxford Street and a bootcamp when I was walking on the seduction game with another pickup artists who have to pretend to be applicable to be here getting an award for that journalism.

Just feels amazing so I'm delighted congratulations.

Thank you.

So the winners of best factual series was ladder to Nowhere which made by whistledown David

Liza is your story, how is it to win an award for telling your story Absolutely Fabulous and I hope that it encourages others to also shared the same and the bottle of shame you know they carry is quite extraordinary, was it kind of heartbreaking to tell some parts of it.

It was a relief that I had opportunity and I knew I was doing all the way through to share a story that I felt very few could relate to from across boundaries that I'd encountered in my own life journey and the absolute agony of crossing those boundaries that I generally don't think many people could further and it's not to suggest that we're so far removed from reality from the working class or underclass as you might put it but even equipped with a good sound education you against incredible hurt.

Is there a window chaos from Manchester in the 90s to the stage at the Palladium it's really challenging for me to think if I was working that again what I would say it's a privilege for me to accept this award with this amazing team on behalf of the people who have had the courage and the trust to come out once again and be authentically represented frankly about their own lives and their passing their experience with gang violence and various other social difficulties that those people were very very brave and very upfront and without them there wouldn't know series with really and how do you come across stories like this is a production company making programs and telling people stories.

Find them, you'll meet someone on the dark nights in a bar.

They've buttonhole you in the corner.

They tell you that they're what age they are need.

I don't believe you.

They say if they got at university and suddenly becomes like you're not old enough to have a daughter at university.

So yes, I was I was pregnant at 13 and that was when that was when we can be dropped and the more she talked the more we expanded that conversation and the story that she had and the jaw drop further and further and further that moment you know you have an extraordinary story that you have can we have to sell it from TalkSport just picked up the first big gold award of the night for 20 years of broadcasting particular celebrating the diversity on Talksport in the last year that must be really closing fully surprise we came with no expectation around dissipation ahead of the evening but it's it's

What my very proud of we've done a lot of work this year with regards to reflecting a list of the ship and modernizing the sound of the station and adding extra tallaght to the station at it was talking about that earlier in the year when we when we did our interview, but this is a fantastic recognition of what we've achieved and a very proud and celebrating the diversity of different sports that get on there.

He says it's not just about football at Talksport with the proper the perception of the years ago was that it is definitely I mean this year.

We did the women's world cup and it was a real kind of big start for us in terms of changing perception was around talkSPORT on.

I'm just I'm really proud of all the producers and other presenters that have their saying and impacts and what the program is around the around the radio station.

I'm just was not whatsoever ridiculous.

Learn about the commercial sector already knows about it is talkSPORT on the welcomes been sensational in terms of the effort that the production team and management of talkSPORT put into me in developing.

I couldn't have asked for more in that regard and station is a whole you have listen to talkSPORT before I came to the station to hear it now and the Difference and see that it's taking steps forward it to me knowing that I'm going to be there for a long time.

Hopefully fingers crossed as long as they're lonely as this is a factory mode.

It was really tricky because the room so excited tonight having a great time and miss you so for me a really important program about a guy who died in freezing conditions really busy street in Birmingham should not happen if we wanted to tell you a story and you know it has this ability to tell so if people trust us with them, but you know it's hard to tell her that celebrating tonight.

So it's a difficult one but we

Tell the story well Keynes family trusted us with his memories and hopefully you know if we did that Justice at home.

Where is the rest of me you were talking about his death and him dying on the streets you wanted to do a different Direction tell his life story exactly I think so often we walked past people on the streets of also.

We want to do something about it and then we don't you know and so we're all saying in our attractive girl, but actually who was this guy was just another statistic, but it wasn't a sister who was moaning his life back on track really powerful is sister and some of the street friends that kept recordings with voices in radio.

That's just really useful so we brought him back to life in a way for the program that say congratulations to the winners of the best fictional story telling is Forest 404.

I got Becky and James here, and this is a bit of a strange it wasn't it was not just a series of 9 podcast but the company in podcast to go with them.

Tell us about it.

I kind of referred to it as my three headed Beast

Like 9 episode of Thriller but it's one came with an accompanying soundscape so in total that's for your fear mathematicians and what you want when you want fiction or or talk of a soundscape taking his into the future to see what the forest can be like in you know a few centuries time from my perspective in terms of their affection of it.

It was looking at what climate change may not look like and to 300 years and projecting that and looking at the migration that might happen amongst the human population and the species Extinction that may or may not happen amongst the other populations that and it was a scary thing to research for sale really important and yeah and weight.

Connect that feeling with the people who don't necessarily always engage with it right now as well, because it's done this like bananas for a lot and I actually found this one and it wasn't really important and Becky's work so hard on this like I was like a dog with our god gave you worked on this and I know Tim work so hard and just like I'm so pleased that his one because it's not an is it a brilliant piece of drama, but it's an important piece of drama and it was a way of telling a story that was so important without without it being kind of dull or catastrophic that would grip and audience bring them into a really important issue and by helping and millions of millions of people visit the story and you hope without saying I'm going to have pampas grass now.

It's like the little people look at the trees.

I wish you just like to look at the

The trees and think about the different and if you listen to us before you can't not do that and that's Testament to the quality of the work.

Have a great night to Absolute Radio 4 coverage of mental health awareness week poster Vespa is a content director irregular on the radio station and thank you and thank you to Radio today.

Yeah, I mean it's lovely it's a team Awards they sent I thought they were following.

They really weren't following on the stage, but yeah, I know it's lovely and I think it's really important that we have these conversations on the radio we were up against some incredible nominees.

I was happy.

I just be happy to come and watch marisha Wallace sing.

I'm not going to lie.

I was just happy to come for that, but no it's wonderful and it's a testament to the team and it's a testament to what radio can do in terms of these conversations and power and absolute this year.

I've done a lot last year should they done a lot of mental health? It wasn't just mental health awareness week now absolutely end suicide and depression is the biggest killer of men on.

In the UK right now and that is the Absolute Radio audience and it's really important because it's a difficult to reach group difficult to make them have the conversations so actually by asking our presenters to do that then actually they were they were doing it themselves and actually having those conversations empowered the listeners to do the same.

Thank you darling.

Speak to you soon John Scott tried this with the co-creators of this year's best pendant podcast podcast between London and New York and the sister of one of those passengers who doesn't believe the official line of what happened and goes on her own investigation to try and find out what happened and it's a very kind of topic.

You're a lot of TV shows have done this but not casting well.

It's inspired by the Malaysian airline flight that disappeared and four months in the news.

There was a kind of mystery surrounding it people got slightly obsessed with the story and mostly inspired by the relatives.

Became very distrustful of the official investigation and so it's essentially a story about the relatives and their refusal to let go of that.

Hope that their loved one might still be alive.

We have some great audience reaction as well as the industry reaction that you can get in the world.

Yeah, it was an independent podcast we had a fuse number of downloads.

It was released by prx radiotopia in the US it wouldn't have reached such a big audience without them, but the download figures that are in the millions is extraordinary, how well I did.

Thank you again some of my favourite podcasts like my dad wrote a porno.

We we didn't think we had a chance.

So you know it's a real endorsements of what we do, but they were in a podcast to register a thrill to invite to the party.

It's the award-winning Ellis and John 5 years ago you leave 6-months and then you get Radio Academy Awards how does that happen?

Is there global Boycott these Awards are we were previously eligible for them? Well? It's not there.

Is it because it's a real world question that is so nice to be with so many creative people who are doing such an incredible mix of things you know from the awards night.

You've got comedy.

You've got documentary.

You've got people telling stories and people making connections with their audience that I think is unique to radio and podcasts people who have a relationship with their listeners that unlike anything else.

That's why I'm a digital world people feel a special relationship with the things they listen to and I think it's whether the digital age in such an incredible Way whilst embracing new media and it's where I may feel most comfortable and I've been irregular since I was about 10.

Largest of the Radio Wales breakfast show on when I was on the school run in primary school and I work in the industry.

I love with my best friend and our peers seemingly like what we do.

So this is a very huge moment and enormous.


I'm very surprised.

I didn't expect to win genuine so yeah, this is very it's a wonderful moment and I think it's fair to say listen to your first few shows that 5 Live you were apprehensive because you won't have the music to play on in between the stuff that you doing and the reaction you got from the audience perhaps was a little bit disheartening, but you've overcome that and 6-months in the shower so fantastic.

It's just a new skill and when we first did radio in commercial radio that was a new skill when you have to talk for 25 minutes or half an hour or whatever you can't.

KISS radio which in way with with stand-up comedy with both stand-up comedians we used to being able to practice what we do before people hear it with radio you can't say your first ever broadcast is your first go in it but you know we found our feet and it took time and we won people over will be we didn't win over and that's fine because when radio changes it's much more dramatic to them than if TV changes so no one no one texted BBC Two going like of animals finished and I'm really angry about what you replaced it with because they understand that's nature tv.

Where is with radio.

It's a bit like.

Oh, you can't talk to your best friend anymore and there's a new best friend.

You've never met and without exception the naysayers and doubting Thomas

The great thing about radio will be the ones that when Ellis and I eventually leave for get sacked or whatever will be the ones going bring back Ellis and John because it just takes a while to get into their team understand it because I got all radio listeners.

I'm incredibly habitual with my listening habits, so when things change I don't like it and I understand that for the first year you are a brand new show and people have to get used to it.

I think the only people over.

I'm very proud of what we've achieved.

So I'm just delighted.

I'm very much but I'm I'm thrilled to somebody and finally as the move to 5 enable you to do more and you're doing that you've done another podcast.

How do you cope podcast which has been quite different from some of the things that you've done quite serious subject sometimes.

It's nice to be sort of part of a broader family.

It's nice to be able to.

Not only do stuff like how do you cope with be able to chat to Jimmy Anderson every so often I went to Lords and I got to meet Ellie oldroyd.

I got to meet you.

It's nice tenpin bowling on the radio while on a podcast they said it couldn't happen and I think it probably shouldn't ever again.

That's the sort of social upside of the massive cuts with taken in AD revenue, but you've got an award and that's what matters so well done guys so much is a kind of film is here from the prison radio Association best community programming another Radio Academy Award for prison radio we bought a load of people here.

We got 25 people we got nothing in the first one the first two but the important one for us was community programming for National prison radio and we want it.

Places to get up there and I think I said a few words and I said something on stage which nobody's ever said that also money before which was thank you to the Ministry of Justice because it wasn't for the civil servants the work and ministry Justice who believed in what we do that.

We wouldn't be where we are so incredible night.

I don't have an incredible bit of radio.

You know you know about the radio.

I don't know we're all here to celebrate the radio on the street, and what we do is a unique bit of a unicorn with the radio on the street that transforms people's lives are in prison and to be to be recognised that is incredible and it's on the table for me for my team for everybody who's left.

I'm going to take this audio and I'm going to broadcast on the radio this on National prison radio this is for you congratulations.

We all know in the industry the power of radio to change lives and transform lives both in terms of people getting involved in presenting and listeners and we seem to have those stories this week if the power of local radio, but this is.

Absolutely at the sharp end of changing Lives of what we do, so I'll presenters are people that live in prison inmates, but we people that live in prison are present as a people that live in prison are producers are people that live in prison work alongside professional producers Who every step side by side hand in hand.

They make programs together the quality is fantastic and it resonates with the audience congratulations really well.

Thank you very much and gold special award has been presented and this time to the birthday station Jazz FM 30 today is Jamie crick afternoon presenter is a big celebration going through we've had such a celebratory day because we have a cake for a start-up and also so many answers to have been part of the story of jazz event so some of the clips.

We've been running throughout the day if you like elephants.

Day one she was you know the 1st night concert that we did but also Johnny dankworth and Cleo Laine a Jacqui dankworth their daughter came into this afternoon and I really felt that today was about celebrating.

What jobs are there was done for UK music in in terms of how many enjoy the likes of Ashley Henry all the man who came in to see me today all of these young British artists and you didn't have chance of them.

They possibly wouldn't have been the hottest day on today because we've tried to make them so much part of what we do and it is such an iconic brand that it is survive for all this time in 30 years when you paying tribute to the people who have helped to build the recognition of jazz in in the country.

You need those people who really have gone out there and using Jazz FM and being part of it partnering if you like that we've managed to keep jazz and and soul and blues live in the UK and now you see we doing Love Supreme this year with you know 1002b will come along to that event we got president Awards now in the Rolling Stones it's a really interesting.

It's a shame because it's been part of the cultural makeup of the UK and embedded itself in who we are as a nation to those artist South London soul boy who used to listen to the pirate stations years ago.

Don't tell anyone I found myself.

You know here with all of my Heroes

In radio who like Peter young who said he left us recently but Jeff young and all those people who were involved in making sure this music is so special so tonight to win that award and to celebrate our 30th birthday is in really really special more Award winners.

Still to come here are the radio Today programme at the Arias 2020 got talkSPORT Jim White Talk is Iain Lee Sara Cox and Brian from Radio 2 and speech radio presenter of the Emma Barnett from Five Live all the way first a quick reminder about cleanfeed is great tech solutions to help you out with your outside broadcast or maybe a co-presenter for your show who can't get into the station or maybe a podcast that connects people from different places really simple to use you can even record guessed right within the web browser.

No fancy hardware required give cleanfeed ago today and see what the quality is like yourself is a completely free version or you can upgrade to the paid version 4, Extra

All the details at cleanfeed music was composed by MiKasa best classical life Radio 3 Jess Gillam at the youngest ever presenter of Radio 3 as well.

I think you are congratulations.

Thank you very much.

Thank you and you lots of awards and your time for your music your saxophonist text me before and you are absolutely fantastic, but you've made his transition to broadcasting.

It's been amazing and I definitely could have done it without Andy and Martin classical the whole team.

It's just been to communicate and that's what I'm trying to do with the music and broadcasting has just been another vehicle to be able to reach people and to do that so it's been amazing and you doing something as well.

I think yes, I just interview Gayle and also for Radio 4 but I mean this is where it started with the BBC young musician forecast with Radio 3 and this classical life so it's Saturday lunchtime.

Tell us about if people haven't heard it before.

What do you do on the program and each other than that we love and we talked about why it's important.

We love it a bit about the history, but it's generally those people conversing about music and it's everything from David Bowie to bark the Beethoven it's music is music.

So just driving the younger listeners an opposite younger presenters helps with that.

I know you were out of a superstar as a teenager 3 BBC young musician of the year how important is it that people your age are tuning in to stations like Radio 3 and inter classical music and Jazz and Arts aiming for younger audience definitely but also Universal Audio as it's for everyone and music is for everyone and that's the amazing thing about it.

I'm not too bad my kids play with the award.

It's yeah.

So this is a nice one because my kids play with the other one.

It's got a dent in it where this is just nice and fresh and great but you know this award isn't isn't just for me to call you next to me and it's because of her that I've been able to do what I've done over the last 3-years.

She's just literally the best producer.

I could ever wish for but you got you got a great Talent as well to work with honestly he's amazing and the stuff we done in the past couple years between great jam is greater pulling out things that I don't know what to do and pushing off to a new bounties and it's been so much fun and suggesting we do something and enjoying every single day.

Is it perfect 15 years this year? I think one extra September to

Turn 5 before that I was kind of trying to block my way through doing whatever it was possible working at a credit card company the boxing on the Teller acting on the TV is radio.

I used to have a shower pirate radio DJs Easter break the law but hey that's what I had to do my supplier.

I'm away on to student radio even though I've never been a student so yeah, just been able to kind of get the opportunity 15 years ago to to be able to join the one that's your family it completely changed my life and I don't see that happening for enough people like me that come from the backgrounds like me, so I'm really hoping that you know that I've been able to win two of these now proved that if you brought and where you can look for Talent I think that you're going to find some amazing winners back the winners of the X as well.

It was the series I think that when it was over wards silver.

Broadcast I love to listen to shells on beach one because I have to say that because he's a friend Jim White from TalkSport you just won best commercial promotion less commercial more charity program in because this is what he did with the Samaritans the resident gentleman and that area at talkSPORT and Laurie pilates standing with the with me here tonight.

We thought long and hard about how they should be handled Leon McKenzie came in one day very openly and honestly about what has happened to him in the past and how he was helping other people today on on a very regular basis people who have got themselves into difficulty in the life people who had the hit desperation in some cases and we should calls that you was with me in studio and it was unbelievable because normally we talk about players.

We talk about the owners.

We talk about managers.

Romarinho etc etc that went out the window that day and we focused on people with problems in conjunction with the Samaritans and we went in another direction all together and as a result of the and Gary specialised work.

We produce something very special something were very very proud of yet, and these things that men generally don't want to talk about certainly not on the radio normally that's why it's so brilliant to have a slot on Talksport because the most risk of suicide at age 50 to 24 which is a huge part of the talkSPORT audience.

I'm so proud to be part of talk sports ongoing campaign to look after the mental health of men because we're not doing enough and remember as we have say at the end of every sporting couch addition.

There's no such thing as good health without good mental health patients on the ward guys really well.

Thank you touching the best sports show Awards is Stefan from BBC Radio Wales tonight.

Which is like the biggest podcast Greg dominated? I can't be nominated for like 15 years ago and then a couple of years ago and I made but don't win because you see every else's name.

Do you know that I like that? That's really good, but somebody else's listen to this is gone.

I like that that's going to win for your in Wales obviously I think the nicest sportsperson ever met a lot of people get affected by success has got two gold medals at the Olympics on the Tour de France and he lives that my house.

Just wondered if I could come over and talk to my kids.

I'm on the radio, but because I know and he's one of those likes you if you know him.

It's just a lovely lovely man, and I think the maybe I'm biased but maybe in we're going to bring that and people that's all locality I think you'll get it if you're from Yorkshire if you for another West Midlands Cornwall Scotland Northern Ireland you got that thing that maybe just makes it feel more important.

You see the crowds that they were out when go on the door like you had a homecoming and normally that for like a World Cup women football squad and England marathons marathons houses the people that people on the streets in Cardiff for a guy who's won a bike race at the end of the day.

That's not mass population sport but watching my kids watch him.

Just gonna made me thing there's something here.

There's something in this as a story beyond just you know Brad when it was amazing through me when it was amazing even our father British team was fantastic, but getting it for us was just something different and there's a brand new Awards covered to put this morning when you get back to Radio Wales soon cos I'm here for you this year.

You got a new building to move into as well actually.

It's a shiny beautiful new building outside the train station.

I'm waiting for a phone call to steal this off me.

I'm gonna try and keep it in my kitchen, but I don't know I think this is going to be somewhere somewhere front and centre.

That's not weird from TFM a special awards and recognition 40 years of TFL wow unbelievable special woman.

I think it's dry mouth so I said I was in rows and seat 99.

Anything tonight? I mean amazing for the station 40 years.

I've been there for most of my life and I work in life 22 years this year.

I think it's just about the people that are they are the lovely have the station the love they have for the area at Tayside and Fife is amazing Place Dundee at the minute is very popular.

It's become very cool.

I think the thing for us as we we like Dundee before it became very you know it's all about the team that about the spirit people have a love for the area.

They have a lot of the station and we've mentioned a few times in the past it Awards we have them awaiting bedroom and that's exactly what it is.

It's the best way to describe the team there so absolutely honoured for the 40 years and hopefully 40 more like and where they were going to go got a big Awards cover back.

We do so we're back at the areas in 2018.

We picked up the silver for the local show water wake up with Webster so take pride of place and then we picked up our Award last year as well for station.

So yeah, it's going to take pride of place in the glass cabinet AT&T Towers into territory as was mentioned going to Toby Foster is not here, but Kat Harbourne is from Radio Sheffield from the breakfast show, what did he tell you say about winning this again some big national presenters in his job because every single day.

We speak to people from South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire who are brilliant who were just living their lives as we or do we just go about their day-to-day life get up put the kettle on put the radio on and he gets up and he's just with everybody else so I know that he will be absolutely thrilled to win this but I know that he will also say just what I do and he's been on Radio Sheffield of long time now is Canada part of the furniture.

He replaced Tony capstick Abingdon me like 18 years ago.

He's almost like the new Tony capstick.

Furniture for a good reason he is hilarious.

He is compassionate.

He will pick people up against the wall if they need to and I am there for that because I think that's what we need.

We need somebody who lives in the area holding people who should be held to account from that local area and that's exactly what time it is.

Great to be like in gold and silver in this category as well shot in the arm.

Isn't it absolutely why wouldn't this is the thing there's no such thing as national radio is bigger than a radio because people who work in radio are passionate and people who work for radio.

Love who they work for and what they do and that's why they do what they do and I absolutely every single time my alarm goes off very early every morning.

It's because I love it.

It's because we are doing something important and it's something that we all believe we should be doing so I know that.

And I hope we will be thrilled that we've won this award Emma Barnett has just won best speech present and she looks very good.

He has that wonderful feeling is the best job and I'm really I just didn't think it would be mine tonight and very stiff competition all adds up against normal and they have really neat show so I'm just I'm thrilled an amazing year for news and for your show and that's why you one is clearly there was a lot of momentum, but also there were a lot of still a lot of stories that I think we get from our listeners that punctuate that as well which is really important and five really unique the BBC is a real presenters network you know it's huge team effort, but you also have a lot of autonomy and I think if you are allowed to be yourself.

That is a big part of being a speech presenter.

And obviously your editor has just left he starts his new job tomorrow.

He told me that he going to x radio that's another competitor for you and your show you're already up against James O'Brien Dad are you kind of worried about times at all not one that I'll be fine.

I think you want the newcomer award at the Arc Eva's when you were doing stuff on LBC about 8 years ago, but it's your first area.

I'm in love with that.

I'm just going to carry that around like a little beatbox on my phone is going to put it in the cabinet cabinet on top of the year.

Really does sound of ratify the changes we made last year the final better than it's just been such an exciting time and it's just I could Jonah and you had a lot of bad press you had a lot of things going on to win this award now the audience is picking up again because it's got to evolve and every time you've already such a personal thing people building any kind so personally it's so difficult to move in with you, but this makes it all worthwhile, and what's been the highlight of the last year.

Obviously does a big things you've done 500 words and Hyde Park and so many things and Jimmy's karaoke for Children in Need was a real highlight know when you're raised over 1000024 hours so many highlights.

It's just so constant because we're constantly doing you and hope that things that the audience one.

What are you going to miss day today most when you walk out of Wogan house?

Radio 2 station of the year has been the lot of change especially for you Sarah son, you show me Chinese tea for two shiny little cogs in a great big fantastic machine that we're so proud to be part of its just a wonderful station everybody loves music.

We love Alice manners.

I basically they provide all my material station the you get to actually play what you want to play and it's music really that people want to listen to so there's a few weirdos like me and Sarah out.

There that like the music we play and it is Echo tonight and the fact this was overcome by the public of things a lot more to us as well.

You going to be getting a new boss.

So you know now is your chance to would you like what's your dream boss? Who is at least she can I have Gyllenhaal it doesn't know much but I'd like to see the boss of Abby over their fun and are you going to get to touch this award that you want you get anywhere near already had a finger at the back wipes.

Corona central you know it was worth it jumped about a Bittern way to the bar.

Have a good night.

We're good.

Thanks guys voted for by an actual real people.

It's so it's incredible and we were up against tough competition brake radio moments.

Is it safe if it was accepting an award for considering the phone call was a man who was his lowest most painful, but I've got a head around it that the award is for the that we've created where people feel safe to pull up in that one on anyway celebrating.

You know what that man was going through.

It's the fact that we have made a radio show where people feel confident talking about that.

How do you say Catherine think it's really special the fact we're on at that time of night when worries can be compounded people can really need someone to talk to you and your friends on picking up.

It's a real honour the fact that weird store you know so that this has been recognised like you do on that night.

You don't know what that call was going to come on and say I just before Christmas 2018, what was your first reaction when you heard him talking about what I was talking about.

I thought he was drunk late night.

Show you get a lot of drunk people phoning up so I phone number correctly.

I've not listen back.

It's quite upsetting but remember correctly the first few minutes.

We gently mocking in a mean way, but it's got another drunk guy then when he says no actually I've taken an overdose Studio with meat gets up goes out and start dialling 999.

I'm thinking to keep him.

I'll take it.

I didn't want to take him off there.

I don't want to lose 20 seconds with him in case you put the phone down.

So yeah to 3 minutes into it once we realise it was real.

I don't even know how I was feeling left and got on the phone and was gently sort of coaxing you to ask certain things we tried to find out what he was wearing where he was here people that was a thing and it was fading in and out of consciousness that was the tricky part of the police came and took the phone and said we've got it now.

Thanks, and we just I just burst into tears because I've been where he was never took the overdose but I've been living flat and it looked at where I can hang a noose.

That's not being clippers.

I genuinely had checked out.

I mean I don't know what to say it was it was it was humbling that someone at their lowest Edward think to phone us and it's

40 years at talk radio tune in your building new radio stations launching every week, so I don't know no one knows what's going on and you know we've been very lucky that I've been there for you as long as I've had ever and we have been given so much freedom to play around a mess around and the whole is it just you know we do nonsense is mainly nonsense and we've had so much freedom.

I would like to carry on.

I would like to carry on with Catherine I don't know if that's happening uncertain terms that were saying earlier on his contract at the end of the month after that.

He doesn't know I'm there till the end of June is very uncertain and it's down two numbers.

Are we getting the numbers we are getting the Awards but we don't know what's happening in the summer and I would really like to know congratulations on the order.

Thank you.

1960s seven heads were being able to call the BBC's realise radio networks radio Elizabeth have been touted as a possible name for the new pup service Radio 2 for 7 starting in September the BBC begins a new service for fans of popular music that will be light 1967 junior BBC staff I was suggesting with Ames Radio 1 and Radio 2 would lend more up-to-date appeal.

With the light programme becoming Radio 1 and the new pup service Radio 2 and as for the home service becoming Radio 4 many thought that name was the ultimate demotion for the Nation's flagship news service life could have been so very different at the numbers being and other way round 18 years ago this week at last another music station was added to that BBC network portfolio now.

There's a new kind of music station first BBC music station in 32 years this isn't just music this is 6 music from the BBC on the 11th of March 2002 and you are listening to 6 music from the BBC my name is Phil Jupitus for the next year how you doing? I'm having something of a vote on the internet.

The first record played on 6 Music and you're probably wondering who's won on the internet 6 Music beginning this week in 2002.

It was said on the huge BBC Archives of concerts and music interviews to explore music from the 70s to the 90s was nearly closed in 2010, but then reprieved quarter of a snail racing at least monthly to live radio via smartphone or tablet, but it was this week 15 years ago that it all really began in the UK the original kitchen radio became the first station to enable anyone anywhere to listen simply with the phone in their pocket James cridland remembers the Virgin Radio 3G tuna came away in a company from Singapore contacted me out of the blue and said hey we've got this technology and we think you might be interested in it and we launched this thing didn't really know what to call it.

Didn't know whether it should be called.

3 g or 3G tuna so we ended up with her through tuna he didn't actually just work with 3G at work on old fashioned GPRS phones as well the stream that it was connected to is 8k.

So you can imagine how great that must have sounded but it ran on a couple of Nokia phones and a couple of Sony Ericsson phones and I was a very complicated way that you had to download and install it but it ended up working at fairly.

Well one of the difficulties with it was that phone's didn't have Wi-Fi on them to you had to use your cellular data and mobile data at that point really expensive like really expensive James cridland and don't forget to sign up to James's excellent Daily Post news email right.

It's 1976.

We're just about to have a little sunshine summer and everyone is getting very excited in Reading hello and good morning Thames Valley this is Paul hollingdale saying welcome to Radio 2.

And on behalf of all of us here at our studios in Calcot Reading it's my pleasure to greet you on this our first day of transmission as local independent radio reaches everyone in the Reading and got to do is provide information education and entertainment to as many people as possible.

We want to appeal to most of the people most the time.

We're not a minority radio station defence headquarters for Berkshire presumably in the event of a nuclear war this old building on the edge of Reading would have been the nerve Centre built onto the house which would be can be at the headquarters were slightly ramshackle studio.

Suppose it felt a bit like going into a slightly rundown out of town hotel former MB Motor regulator Tony Stella on Radio 2 on launching in Reading this week in 76 patients with its am wavelength as it's to 102 10 name for 33 years ago when it was no longer on round the Horne was a famous BBC Radio comedy programme even vote of the BBC's third best radio show of any genre and the best new comedy series of all time in a radio Times poll which it was on Sunday afternoons.

It was a saucy blend of innuendo word play Barry Tucker Marty Feldman created it can at home supported by the likes of Kenneth Williams Began on the BBC light programme this week 55 years ago.

Size of the BBC heroes of the wardrobe and make-up department of the past are you on the Daleks from Doctor Who so I popped into a bookshop in the King's Road it was called burner box Julian and this is my friend sound for the time by some people but the DG stood by it the horn launched its original year run this week in 65 it was separate recordings of over 15 million one of the most influential programs in radio history so with the final dltc.

On classic Gold 18 years ago the place where we play you the songs that you can sing along to an indie do because you don't know this but we have feedback it's automatic and the studio leaving brmb breakfast to present over on am 31 years ago and I went to my current program control then this of Capitol Hill be seeing the BBC's Adrian love 21 years ago nightline.

We are going to open the lines cause talking to Tom about kids spin-off from Southern radio on am 29 years ago the BBC making the first broadcast from new broadcasting house 8 years ago the world services London base may be changing the BBC's commitment to serve our audiences around the world remains as strong as

Michael Parkinson hosting it's final Desert Island Discs 32 years ago when I first heard of the BBC's first chief engineer Peter eckersley, 57 years ago the first episode of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on radio for 42 years ago.

It has however very little to say about the abduction of people by reprogramming of teleportation coordinates to bring them to a cathedral of this week's for the moment.

Thank you David and all my guests at the Arias 2020 back next week and we'll be talking about other stuff.

That's been going on in the radio industry Chinese for that radio Today programme.

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