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Read this: Health Info Radio and remote broadcasting

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Health Info Radio and remote broadcastin…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make Stuart Clarkson it's a packed podcast this week will hear from Duncan Barkes about health information radio new DAB service has gone live this week's report the facts found coronavirus broadcaster start working from home can the internet hope and what should you be doing to equip yourself or you're on their teams for a long period of remote working and made all the the warm familiarity of nostalgia.

Will have more radio moments from David Lloyd's glorious archive but after a 2 weeks away from your ears radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin is back.

Hello Roy hi, Stu not really been anywhere but yeah, I appreciate the appreciate the sentiment.

What has happened in the last 2-weeks.

I've been self isolating for years now and this working from home ever since we got fired what's going on in the world has gone crazy, so we're here to bring a bit of normality although we can't promise to avoid talking about the c word because as we are doing now when I remotely connected to each other and we're doing our show from home as seems to be the new trend across the radio industry like I say it's been 4 years since I've been avoiding being in the same room as you breathe in the same are at least I know it's just crazy and by the time you hear this particular podcast.

I'm sure some radio control of liquid gone into lockdown or I'll just close the doors and said right.

We're going automated.

We can remote control everything can remote voice strike.

We don't need to be in the building until this all blow.

It's just an unprecedented situation, isn't it? I don't know I don't know how it's going to go on a long time to start a place to cover that talk about that really but in terms of emergency planning and contingency.

I think this is The Long Haul isn't it and then we seen loads of pictures of Representatives ready this week doing their shows from home.

It's quite cheeky too kind of see what might have got with the god of the weather straight to the computer.

What they used to connect an aerial ASDA can you imagine if in a couple weeks time at all.

This is set up while working from home getting everything sorted and then procedure comes along or something like that and it's really throws everything out the window.

It's just we need to plan for the unexpected.

Tell me when things go really bad.

We need to be really good.

Yeah, I think he's being brilliant had some really good radio.

I've been listening to fit over the last few days my radio.

I'm pretty much all day long as I'm sure most people listening and have the radio on a lot as well and done radio is very powerful as a lot of people said at Times Like These and it's fantastic job, so we must not lose sight of that we must also think about our people that the staff we've got at their welfare the freelancers the people on contract.

It's certainly not there's a lot of people running radio stations and running the organisation at the moment to be thinking about let alone what comes out of the speakers.

We've got to reply and as if the current radio industry wasn't enough.

There's a new radio setup literally within about 48 hours to broadcast all of the health information in one place.

It's called health information radio don't know if you've heard about this study.

May have guessed later on in the podcast on this one.

I have yeah.

We're going to be hearing from one of the voices on here on on health information radios that involved in helping it run.

So we'll find out a bit more about that.

We also have some helping tips and advice for you on.

Using the technology to get around some of the problems of remote broadcasting will hear from clean feed and ipdtl later on the podcast lots of radio have there been any changes because of what's going on there been a few here and there obviously at five live sports programming is no longer required because there's no sports so Steven Steven Adams on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday Colin Murray was doing a phone in and had experts on and and things like that, so that's been very good at I think there are more changes coming the BBC this Tuesday night at the BBC's put out some information about things is going to do differently around TV radio and online output some of the radio changes that we dropping on the world service and some Radio 4 programmes and podcast and things that they're not going to do that going to pause them and divert the staff elsewhere obviously the working on.

Staffing levels and a big change for the BBC as well.

It's radio news bulletins are going to get simulcast across radio to Radio 3 Radio 4 and 5 Live and 6 will seize the same scripts and they can redeploy those people are making those bulletins on to other bits of radio output.

So I think we didn't win start noticing some big changes are having sound the BBC using it's resources in more of a pulled away and I'm sure commercial radios going to be doing the same as well or is this just during the crisis or is this the new way of doing it or will they want it all down but they can do this to save money and maybe we'll just continue doing it from the BBC for a lot of cuts that they've got coming up anyway, and there will be some changes to some of the news out as a result of those cuts so some of these new ways of working that they're going to be trying preps at short notice without a lot of planning might provide a blueprint for how they go forward when this final.

I'm sure you know in terms of what global and our doing these provisions.

I've already got a lot of loving going on.

I don't know any of the details about what they going to be doing but that there's a lot of resource sharing that can go on a lot of remote working of yeah.

It's crazy time and of course in the industry and lots of changes because all the events that were planned for the next few months have been postponed or cancelled just this week BBC music and audio Awards have been postponed.

There was supposed to take place on Tuesday night at the upcoming.

Irn Awards the young audio awards and rewards and Conference radiodays Europe at the student conference and not showing Vegas the audio train events which was event will take place in April at the podcast Awards the radio festival none of these are happening in the next couple months, so hopefully the majority of them will be rescheduled but look for when because this.

Be here for another 12 months.

It's hard to know when they're going to take place regularly This podcast will know I got a passport specially and I was going to leave the country for the first time about 15-years to go to Portugal you are not destined to leave the country at all, but maybe we can sort the flights out for somewhere else and just have a weekend away, so I can we can leave the country at the moment.

I'll leave the country so maybe the Arias were the last Kind of major radio event that it will be yeah.

I think yeah.

We look forward to the next of which may be months or if not years away a couple of other things away from karate virus that wanted to just touch on this week as we not been on really me and you for a couple of weeks and that have been quite a few things that happened we were hoping this week to get from voucher on the podcast to talk about the competition and markets authority decision which has only happened in the last week and you believed it sunny in the last week now.

Obviously events have overtaken us.

Power can get anybody to talk on the podcast this week is clearly they got other things going on at the need to prioritise, but I thought we should just mention it really so the CMA of said yes, you can have all these radio stations from these groups that you bought all they got to do is guarantee the terms of the FRS stations for the next 10 years so it seems like a decent deal for power and after waiting so long.

They can finally sort everything out the world.

Just turns upside down.

So they probably have to put all the plans on hold for now.

I'm sure so we shall wait a little bit longer and and see exactly what what they've got up their sleeves for this.

We don't know at the moment when the holder separate period will end and not sure it has officially but presumably when it does Bower can you start sharing some resources around the virus stuff, so it actually will will help them a little bit in terms of some of the smaller stations that are part of a group.

I haven't been part of a group of during hold separate it would be small steps.

I'm sure and good luck to everybody.

Bower as they go through the change as we call it at some very sad news this week as well last Thursday we heard about the sudden death of Pete Mitchell well known for his pioneering shows on Piccadilly and key 103 in the 90s champion in the Manchester music scene and Jeffrey Jeff Lloyd on Virgin on evening show the Breakfast Show diffuser Radio 6 music and then return to Golden Square more, recently had been making music documentaries for Virgin Radio and play you a bit of this.

I spoke to Pete Mitchell for radiator day back in 2011 this was before we even had a podcast but I'd recorded the interview because I was going to write it up at to be included on on the website and then the radio he was just about to launch.

Absolute Radio is the following week and he was going back to absolute after 6 years away.

I was not hanging around with roundabout.

I have make-up from my Virgin days over the weekend, but she's gone by so it wasn't working somewhere strange because I knew people than you know I'm sort of like them a lot.

So it's kind of her.

I got a warm feeling in my stomach was nice to walk back in there and two it's quite exciting launching a service at the station that seems to be going to go on and have some success with what it's doing.

You know it is breaking the mould as a station remember.

It's not your typical commercial radio station the fact that the decade they should do a lot of work on the internet and with you know social media and their kind of Stranded between clan and commercial radio and you know the work of the BBC and I think you have tried middle ground absolute weather want to make documentaries want to make me to special someone to you know safeguard radio and it's not just you box songs just been turned out.

Put something give it some contacts studio paint some radio pictures with it also an excited that you know the stuff that I may can do is it going to be on not only just got all of the 70s and 80s and 90s and everything I just did the last REM interview for the last week which went out last night on the main station, so I'm excited that I can you know I've got a creative outlet and being reunited with Jeff as well for the launch on air does that kind of Absolute Radio then I think I've got the date is next Tuesday 22nd.

I'll be on going on Monday to come on but won't show on a Sunday on that she'll be on his favourite people records throughout the week and we'll get some of the people that got quotes from all sorts of people will always remain friends.

I like them all and I like to think I may have played a part in that somewhere along the line in your mouth and give him a chance to me since you left Virgin the variety of different things including overnight stuff on on on Radio 2 that must have hurt XFM breakfast and things like that very well done.

I covered for Ken Bruce you know I covered for Dermot O'Leary you know I did Janice Long show breakfast on the hall and I went out there and works not by design by accident more than anything.

I found myself working and getting off a lot of work and the BBC I always wanted to make documentaries then probably have lost so many amazing.

I must be between 20 and 32-bit broadcast.

It's a kind of feels like it's a full circle coming back to 1 Golden Square just feels like it's the right time for me really good and I'm not.

Indicator when you're starting out at Piccadilly was it to get to radio Radio 2 in those days, I was that something that I don't think many of us had a career plan whatever will be will be and it's a very difficult industry to do anyway, but I need some of my favourite times were my formative years at Piccadilly Piccadilly a long time.

I was 12 years ago long time and then I went to the radio for maybe 89 years ago.

Maybe seven or eight years have been loyal to the companies in the shortest period of time and spent and spent a year.

I didn't really enjoy and you know that clears.

I probably making my doctor my music specials at still going out on the BBC and and I think you know it.

Looking back at taken all that I think it you know there's never been a planet usually fall into things you know you bump into people people to do things and at least something out before covering Steve Wright in the afternoon to cry about it.

It's not really but you know he was enjoyable, but it was a I've got there when it was going through this really weird no transitional period the BBC don't need to tell you of all people what has been going on there with a compliant you know the cutbacks 20% off here and redundancies although it was really interesting 4 minutes and other people suck my friends.

It was a difficult time people working at the beeb the minute.

It's very difficult for up against it with her and I've got a lot of admiration for the BBC you know as well as an organization, but I think it's it's going to change Trevor isn't the hole.

She probably really busy over the last 4 years even though listeners and audiences haven't noticed it is not made in a couple of days.

So it's quite different from being publicly on every morning at breakfast or whatever but still a regular presenters.

You know I can be months on end of my little studio here you know I'm just coming out blinking in the light in an hour's radio.

That's taking the month to do think about it worth doing it.

I don't know you have to do something we have to do something that makes it sound like we're actually thoughtful about Radio 1 on the BBC show me know we have to try and make an effort that we can produce high quality high-end quality music special documentaries than Absolute Radio think it is that I really do hate Mitchell talking to us 9 years ago blimey.

That's a good reflections on his career up to that point our thoughts are with Pete's family and friends and colleagues that you work with a cross-industry and and it's hit.

Is it gonna be hard as well, so thinking of you this week mate? We also lost Roy Hudd another legend of radio big big name on the Radio 2 comedy Radio 4 the news headlines on Berry things over many years so a couple of tragic losses in amongst everything that has been going on this week couple of stories that have just got missed a little of everything has been going on at Chris country.

Got sold right.

He was texting me from his Bentley the other day actually he said it's it's not going to change his life at all and I'll still be running the radio station, but he is installing at 10 Extra plasmas in his penthouse apartment overlooking Media City UK so yeah, well done Chris nation of course that are found the station in its later years, so it'd be interesting to see if it takes a different Direction or just continues to serve the country music.

Community has it always has done.

Yeah, if you insult to realise you have an app and a very kind of big on the at the country music fan seen as you say Chris is going to carry on running it on behalf and smooth extra and heart extra disappeared from the one I've been replaced by smooth and heart.

What's that about? So it's never really clear why smooth extra and heart extra existed apartment 2 provides of Nationwide coverage for the brand was probably some political reasons because of the the brands owned by community course it would have been fair to put up a global competitor against the local brands which were owned by a community that makes sense so awful those problems have been ironed out now and we can leave got smooth and heart the main stations at national still leave some confusion in the marketplace and this happened back in 10 years ago and I was there.

The smooth when national the local programs still exist just a click away on the on the distal radio dial so some people listening in the northwest for example.

They automatically on Smooth UK and they'll be thinking will words with Darren got a breakfast.

It's Jenny on now and they might not know just to leave that down a little bit to get smooth north west for the local stuff, so hopefully it won't affect them too much they still get the listeners if they can educate local listeners that deserves these two versions of the station and then that will be even better, but yeah, I'm sure there's a plan will be one thing eventually want it so right well.

We've got lots coming up so station to the podcast coming up in a minute.

We hear from Duncan Barkes from health information radio.

We've got the guys from clean feed and dtl Mark and Kevin who gonna tell us about how their products can help you in this time of crisis and hopefully royal and see you for a very long time as we continue to self.

I've got a little just in case you wanted to do a corona virus updating this is from TM Studios this is New York and is free of charge of you on here.

We go I am not sure that's quite striking the right home.

I don't I don't know what you think of that Corona single for a disease update or alright get on with the show let's do it the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it.

This is the radio Today programme next up.

How radio has reacted to the Corona virus pandemic.

We got a brand new radio station that just long days ago all happened quite quickly, it's called health info radio on various DAB platforms will speak to one of people behind it in a moment first his little listen to how it sounds this information radio on DAB digital radio across parts of the UK and online at health info no longer be supported by the emergency services further measures may be employed in the future and impose More Social distancing.

They could be introduced with limited notice in a few days time those above the age of 70 and all those with pre-existing health conditions are likely to be asked to self isolate for 12 weeks if you can obtain extra medications from your pharmacy to cover any period of isolation you might need to.

If you have a relative in a high-risk group, Duncan Barkes is here at one of the team from health info radio welcome to podcast ok.

Thanks for coming on hello, where did this idea come about? It's obviously a quick turnaround.

Do you know what happened? Really quickly Stewart happened over the weekend and there are various people who are involved in the small scale DAB in various parts of the UK will know each other all we know each other through each other that makes sense and all of a sudden what happened is the WhatsApp kind of things into life and there are various messages mostly initiated by Simon involved in the south coast of England in terms of running a couple of small scale DAB services in Brighton and he's on in Portsmouth I think as well.

Need to look I got this idea and then it comes snowboard snowboard a little because there's a guy called ashelford has been leading the way with small-scale diving Portsmouth with a trial there an Association of Angel Radio there's a guy up in the Birmingham in Brum Calder Dr Dean Cavanagh

And as myself and I thought well you there's something in this and Simon Simon's initial message was not one of you something I wanna use the small scale DAB platforms to set up a service not-for-profit.

So it's not commercially driven.

It is a really to try and provide information at a time and people One information perhaps without the opinion and the clutter and the noise that exist elsewhere you know so just walk around the virus is what is about what people need to be on just updating people and really in the space of a 48 hours.

We managed to pull something together and the health information radio born and dab in a few areas now looking to get on in more as well.

I guess I mean essentially were using the small scale DAB trials so if anyone to listen to This podcast to make fancy meeting as a bit of space because everyone is involved and I'll go through the list shortly have done it in in really in kind.

I mean there's no there's no money changing hands here so currently where we're on area.

Short of Woking Brighton and Hove that gets into East Worthing as well on the south coast Birmingham Cambridge Glasgow at Portsmouth and Norwich about to get on DAB in London inside the next couple of days.

I'm looking to spread the word really yeah, and it's been quite quick turnaround as you say it's up the Ofcom were quite helpful in getting you at dsbs licence in as you know I know very little about the text about two weeks to sort out connection and recording so Simon Hardwick and Ash Alfred a very bad guys with Dean Cavanagh as well.

You managed to get it up and running pretty quickly and it's good actually it shows that if there's good intense and well-meaning you can make stuff like this happen.

So what's what's on at you just kind of information without comment and it's been updated and quite often as well.

It's been updated on an hour.

If necessary base is certainly a daily basis Dr Dean Cavanagh star signs.

Set a radio man as well, so anything that broadcast goes through his filter and also some clinicians that he works with so that's that side of it the scripts get produced the going central place where we have a number of people who are involved currently who record the information and the scripts I'm one of them Simon does it as well.

There's a lady called Karen are the people coming to the fore really position as a result of technology and home studios where we can update stuff as and when it's announced by the government and a bit of help from some of the companies involved in radio Aire of the new website playoutone helping as well, Norfolk switch Radio BFBS radio you mentioned there and player one.

I think there's a 80s rhythm SR as well.

So you know if you are coming together for the greater good which I think it is challenge.

Time is a healthy thing and so if you want to put it onto the Multiplex they can get any website get in touch with the afternoon.

I'm going to look at the website.

It's health info and get in touch things are the contact section someone will get in contact you know you want to help in any way that is the way to do it.

I really ultimately the aim at the moment is to get on his many DAB Platt possible.

This is not commercial.

This is not for profit.

It is really there to provide a service that gives people the information.

They need without the clutter without the opinion without the noise and without Piers Morgan appearing and I suppose helpful for older people in particular.

Perhaps don't have access to the internet and they just want the fast.

Do you know this is really interesting you mention that because I don't understand because we're pretty online.

They shouldn't these days he's going to have a look at this website and join Facebook find out where your community support groups are which of course makes sense.

You know it's a really healthy.

Off social media be pointed out a lot of people who tend to be exclusively we have silver surface of course but many people over the age of 17 interested in the internet are not online so there is a gap in terms of getting the information out there and using different platforms to do that people are not online and they're not connected to the web so having a radio channel.

That's really easy to find on a DAB radio 12 found it you can save as a preset and then you got our continued loop of information as it's released from the government and it's not just about what viruses and how to stop spreading the virus that stuff on this Stuart about mental health issues, cos I think this is this is not just a physical or mental health.

If she knew it just imagine if you if you going to be stuck inside for 12 weeks pretty much you know you need you need to know what's going on.

So there's guidance on there about how to take care of your mental health as well from your point if you obviously as a broadcast.

At the moment, I know you do the Late Show on BBC Radio London currently, what's the kind of reaction you're getting from audiences about this and you know the last couple of weeks people were talking about getting away.

That was more opinionated though.

They were talking about and what's happening in other parts of Uruguay's more not been done in the United Kingdom and then there was a noticeable shift over the weekend and I do a late night Sunday through Thursday and I found I found a really interesting over the weekend.

You just picked up on her a change in terms of people's mindset and I went on there on Sunday night and said look pretty much anything else to do is part of the phone in in terms of talking about other issues were going to focus on Corona virus, and I just made a decision that it's about people having somewhere to come and had a feeling great services out there that give you the information 5 Live radio for you can get to LBC talk radio and hear the debate about Corona virus what we're doing on radio.

At the moment later tonight.

It's just giving people who I think you know our venerable are lonely later tonight after dark in a big city a place to come and talk and metaphorically just had a bit of hand which might sound crazy, but you know I recognise swear local radio really comes into its own and the last couple of nights.

We had people who have lost their jobs in the hospitality industry.

Come on the year and just say that I'm worried about paying the kitchen the rent and other people have come on till I'm in a similar position.

This is what I'm doing.

So he has shifted mass of the inside the last couple of days and I think late night radio which I've done for many many years is the perfect place to help people out give them a platform geared up with their health info radio and that we know we got your studio working now.

So if you need to get on here from home.

It's possible but I said to you and then exchange on Whatsapp I can do most things that I've got home studio that someone whine up for me a radio engineer, but you didn't tell me how to do it, I'm running offer.

Oldmixon is 20 years plus in the making which of the lovely better care, but God knows that works, so I don't know what you've done, but it is work, so I said kebabs talking about health info radio David Lloyd is still to come with radio moments and next were talking tech changing radio all over again at bionic radio lots of pictures this week of Radio presenters.

Do the shows from home long gone are the days of phoning inform you carphone know if you have my Creed in the 81 late for work so many ways these days to get on here in studio quality from your back bedroom or home office so your front room and we'll find out a couple of them on the podcast this week Mark Hills is with us from the telemark.

Hello how you doing is here from in quality to make ipdtl and sit down audio.

Hi Kevin hi Stuart and hi Mark it's great to be.

Both all remotely from my home office as well showing that it's possible as well isn't because I don't think any of the three of us had a real life of the products that you both make both can a similar thing some features the same some different essentially both clean feed and ipdtl when using an internet browser to get you a decent low-latency quality audio connection without that delay or the internet noise that you might get on something like Skype or FaceTime and the chat.

We wanted to have really is just about the options that have if they have presenters of people volunteers who can't get into radio station, so I guess you both quite busy at the moment Kevin you busy unbelievable ESO radio people always taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to us well and it's been absurd for the last well as soon as everything started going wrong in Italy to be honest.

It's been crazy ever since then.

Happened in Italy Oxley about a week before people started taking things seriously here and I feel like I haven't really slept since and there's a lot of traffic via your service as well.

Yeah, we're seeing a good set-up surgeon.

Have you sent and some interesting use cases coming up yet and it's all kicked in after last week really hasn't it? People will be taking this seriously, so who's using clean feeling what they're using it for a mixture.

I mean one of the things that we sort of wanted to achieve with clean.

Fever has to say now you can get clean audio for me to be interesting to do with that you haven't done before and so the recent situation has picked up more that so we got everything from radio stations that can't get into their buildings to yours doing shows from home to podcast is taking on making content in that form.

So it's a whole variety and a few and a few civil cases as well and I know Kevin obviously you got.

Broadcasters and broadcasting companies using your product and you got very small tins that you've been helping them with and sorting out solutions for individual identity president have access to this kind of stuff.

Yeah, I spent all day Saturday at touring Manchester delivering our brand new dispatch box which is a little bit of hardware to presenters who for whatever reason not want to run something in a web browser on their computer opening a good reason for that is if they already running their scripts and things on their laptop then the last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket, so it's quite handy to have something else to run your audio connectivity through and also as We Know without being too disparaging not all on-air Talent are the most technically astute.

I'm trying to choose my words wisely here and therefore having something that they can just plug in and really is as about as idiot proof as you can get.

Official for some of those people but of course if you're one of the people who have visited at the weekend.

I'm not talking about you.

Hopefully mark as we mentioned in our script on This podcast every week.

You got a free version So in terms of getting going with it.

If people have an emergency situation.

It's literally 30 seconds and you can get using it.


We've got the same idea as Kevin which is this to be accessible and we want people to actually dive in and use it without getting involved in the technicalities because I think you're your needs of the same whether you're a technical person or not.

You're probably right now in a hurry up and get something done and you want to get started.

So so I don't think it needs to be a thing about you're not technical therefore you need this box or whatever but what we just trying to do all of us make this process smooth and make sure that people can achieve what they want to do is actually make the content.

They don't really care about laptops and browsers and text up.

It's about people making either the same content or better content.

It's freedom to to work from the places.

We've been trying to encourage people to do that for several years now and pretty much every corner of the industry has waited until the crisis of happened to begin that crisis planning on using and sound in equal measures.

I think that's industry-specific though.

Is it like the number of companies right now lyrics boring remote working options many of them have got a fairly conventional case perhaps you know a little bit of VPN or a little bit of just people getting set up at home with web app some things the interest is in Industries like house where there's a certain technical equipment for certain jobs to be done and another other Industries pushing the envelope, so it's testing all companies across the board and I mean I've used both products and obviously the quality is great and it's far superior to things like Skype and FaceTime audio.

Is is there a can of easy explanation of why that is?

I would say that it's mostly down to the Opus codec and we can't say that we've done everything ourselves and both clean and detail and subtle audio at all these services use the code which is in my opinion the best audio codec and it depends what you're interested, but I am into audio codec some people MP3 kind of it is the best audio codec going right now for what it is that we want to achieve which is low delay high quality audio.

That's what we have embraced the manufacturers like Tom Rex tieline Lucy live and others have also embrace this codec.

It is that that is the one thing that separates it from things like Simon and Skype kind of threatened to use opus over the last few years, but it never quite achieved and have a bit of audio codec like heaven, but it also there's in a way.

Scooter who who your Tailoring a solution for any any attempt to make something that's just great at everything is is not going to succeed you've got Solutions like has Taylor to of the market and largely got these other Solutions tailored towards either talking to your colleagues or talking to Grandma those kind of things the range of equipment that those services have to deal with it is wide and the Range poor environments.

Where is this in general and assumption when your when you got a pro audio products like that you're getting set up with the least the semi decent microphone and these can so is the codec is that leads that too it's just this tailored package for what you need it for that was the thing I was going to say it's important what you put into it that the connection across between two places can be fantastic.

If you've got the microphone.

It's not as good as it could it's a really interesting topic is this I suspect Kevin maybe went to a similar process when in the early days of developing but we looked at this and say.

Compete in the conference in space with this that space is so well covered by lots of people all trying to have a piece of that pie is very competitive and biologics hampered by poor environments hampered Paul meeting rooms people wildlife, the mic don't even know the on the wrong like that kind of thing he'd do you know what happened in the last few years.

I've noticed just in the last few days when every radio presenter in the UK has got in touch and said can I do my show from home and my question my first question is do you have a decent USB my phone a few years ago.

The answer would have been know where is now with the advent of podcasting and now the presenters are starting to do a lot more non-linear broadcasting most resented now do seem to have been like that already at home ready to plug into their computer.

So I think in some ways the timing of this is terrible.

Obviously there's never really good timing for such a crisis but

Internet ready for it computers are ready for it and there's enough hardware around to actually make it work podcasting is interesting since made you know we say about the uptake of USB mics the reason products are on the market and able to be used by professional radio is is because of podcasting is made them economically viable.

We know people are going to spend £50 on a microphone or even 30 times in some cases on a semi decent microphone so I think the smarts broadcasting is looking a tiny little bit towards This software-based podcast has started by based.

Just implicitly because they just started with a PC so there's a certain smartest in broadcasting looking towards those Solutions in Once Upon a Time my sister Kevin and I might be the same we might have not having external audio interface and using a USB microphone button actually grey and they get you started and they really portable in there and the small so very little investment in that and then.

With a piece of software that in a case like a free service like playing feed and your way, I want to things you could do in Cavan is with Sceptre audio your interfacing your products into things that radio stations already have tell us how that works.

Yes, I mentioned comrex access before which I think is suddenly in the UK at one of the most popular pieces of hardware before that was Glenn sound codecs that had that corner of the market for sdn.

So so if you got to come back and I was talking to a national station today.

He's got a lot of complex codex and they need their presenters to be able to a lot of the presenters to be able to connect an everyday.

Well, they never thought about this because they might have had two Comics remotes that they would share throughout the station at now every presenter needs to have kid at home and therefore a browser based solution is in the short-term at least is the only real answer so you can use the hour browser based Solutions

This existing hardware which means that in your studio facility, you don't have to have yet another screen which is running something web browser based so it gives flex didn't think I was going to say is that not just for our industry, but generally this crisis could change everything forever now that everybody is having to figure out how to work from home once they've done that and they've found it works and their employers find it works and we bring down carbon dioxide and the rest of it.

Why would you go back to the way that things were I agree with that let me in a year's time the world can be very different place for a number of reasons but one of those will be will be there people have explored work alternative ways of working in many cases, they may find it just simply doesn't work.

I think there's going to be a lot where we found it can work and it does work.

We talked about the conference in space.

I think you're going to accelerate a lot of development now in that space and it's going to be fascinating.

Absolutely, I think you know where there's probably a recession due isn't there and therefore companies going to have to start tightening their belts well, what a way to start tighten your belts by downsizing office facilities and your staff working from home and therefore not having the same open in terms of the packets that you're sending it using more data to get a better connection that is the internet of fall over when 40 million people working from home and suddenly the Today programme presenters can connect to London I think we're having the same experience with the mobile phone network today a little bit can't wait.

That's getting a bit flaky these times.

I put things under pressure that were not under pressure before and I live in a stone Cottage so welcome to my world, but I'll take your word on that but to answer the question as to whether the internet will be affected I suppose the question is will there be more internet use as a result of is because we were all still using the internet in our workplace.

Will it put more pressure on the home side of the of the network you know the BT home infrastructure as opposed to the BT Business infrastructure maybe but I think to be honest if you can handle teenagers playing fortnite and then it can handle what we're doing yet.

I think there's something people miss perhaps is that the internet is not I don't know the best way to describe this for the internet not so well connected sort of laterally across the network or the internet is the way again it chapter 2.

It's needs is content providers providing content for a group of consumers and sent me this peer-to-peer case that we have with with audio is goes differently across the network your you've got consumers producing a lot of data going to other consumers on the network that says audio these days is a sufficiently small amount of data compared to a lot of things that that it might be offset by that what's your favourite USB microphone to do it? I'm a big fan of my road.

Cusb which is served me well over the last few years I like that and I like the Samsung q2u, which is one of the cheapest stand thrown in blue Yeti we don't know anymore and it's falling out of favour any preferences Mark no, but my preference is someone did a brilliant talk at one of the weather like the big problem with consumer microphones is usually the picture has this very glorious picture of someone with the microphones of 6 feet away from them on the day and you know just casually using the microphone and this makes a decent if they just use properly.

You must talk into it like this when we were slightly used to being quite up close and personal with the microphone which is very different to something people are necessarily used to when they when they start out so right one.

Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to come on plug each.

Will find out about what you can help them with during this difficult time Mark so just go to clean feed dotnet we do a free service and you can pay for more features if you like, but fundamentally going to get your clean audio from one place to another so that you can get done what you need to get done Kevin if it's today.

We don't want any more customers if it's tomorrow will think about it and if it's the day after that you can email at support at audio.

It's pretty years this week since Chris evans' ginger Media including the original Virgin Radio to smg4 225 million the computers and pictures on the wall and things like that.

Why is the Coven to do the show and the boxes of new computers in the hallway and because I understand everything you need those that's not what you need to be thinking that you know just before you can do a show but I see you at the place carpeted.

The lifts to the slowest ever I never getting it otherwise, I'd never stop the shower, but I'm still here but the fifth floor which is sort of the 6th because you have a basement is free for hire for lease.

I might need a place to stay over what you can you use that baby Chris reminiscing with Christian O'Connell his relationship with version of course was to come to a sticky end the year after I bought it.

I can confirm on behalf of Virgin Radio Chris Evans is no longer present at the station.

He has been in breach of his contract and we were left with no option but to terminated The Rise and Fall of Evans have the original.

Salt and back there it's 1980 your broadcasting on Radio Caroline from the famous mi amigo ship.

It's stormy outside the ship breaks anchor and drifts into shallow water is leaking the crew of pumping out water as best I can and you were determined to stay on there as snooker Radio Caroline broadcasting on 3199 63kg that we're having quite a lot of water.

We're closing down and the crew are the stage leaving this ship.

Obviously we hope to be back with you as soon as possible, but we just wish you all a man that there's nothing to worry about it all quite safe.

Just would like to say goodbye in Thai

Landing light not leaving and disappearing from the Lifeboat hoping that the country can take it if they can we'll be back.

If not.

I'll be back at the moment.

Is that silence on the medium wave that really gets me the end of the famous near me go which had been one of Caroline's original hits from the 60s in their lies on the seabed 2018.

What's Sarah Cox up to on Red Nose Day When Doves Cry as we started to do sort of chicken impression my comfort break.

I have five minutes every hour to to change trainers.

Greg rugs my feet which really actually hurt put them in a bucket of water and eat some peanuts and I'll pop to the loo you are a setting an astonishing standard and lots of people are very impressed and then watching it online and I can see you moving and they're inspired to give more money and if so, we got a few surprises in the next couple of hours are ok with her epic 24-hour 80s dance challenge rising every million in the seventies commercial radio.

In England and it went to Scotland that is arrived in Wales but it wasn't until this month and 76 that it came to Northern Ireland and a few moments the Independent play radio programmes of Downtown Radio will be coming on the air the programs will begin with the news bulletin read by Michael Beattie at 6 the First News caster hadn't broadcast as a journalist before while they hadn't mostly been broadcasting before they had experience in local newspapers and were very mindful of all the subtleties and Adam fact the reality that their News Bulletin was going to be heard by people directly affected by the The Troubles that were going on and the News editor of the time always made the point that if there was criticism coming in from both sides of the political debate them probably the station was.

Reserve policeman shot in the neck during a terrorist ambition, County Fermanagh and then County Tyrone soldiers narrowly escaped injury when a landmine exploded during russborough like the program controller telling of test early times at the birth of Downtown Radio in Belfast this week 44 years ago hear more of that on his episode of the radio moments conversations podcast this week in 74 it was announced radio Hallam that won the Sheffield licence against one of the contender at the appointed.

It's first programme director Keith skues.

He was a former Radio One presenter.

Had a talking about music programming in 1988 in future.

I can foresee that radio stations will either be old is orientated all very singles orientated and that the audience of 5 plus a huge numbers will be left well and truly disenfranchised because he over 35 were brought up on pop music when the music scene broke in a big way.

They will not unnaturally accent builders a diet there listen to and enjoy old is but it may not be their first choice of music my thinking is that they would want to hear more album tracks and a format we would call adult oriented rock aor what are also include some of today's more melodic signs predictions 32 years ago from Keith skues, Radio 2 Breakfast Show host.

Zoe Ball is a little different from the person who took of that role 34 years ago this week and next week Street editor at everybody's talkin' that was Harry Nilsson and this is Derek Jamieson starting a new job today and a banker at broadcasting house, but it keeps me off the streets.

A bit nippy out there this morning the things could be worse company.

I mean you could be out in the Blazing sun playing cricket against the West Indies what about ODEON both of them more later will also be doing battle over a giant lobster and petrol prices meanwhile.

Why have you left the one you left for me music radio with Derek Jamieson DJ Radio 2 breakfast this week in 1986 took over from Ken Bruce so with XFM Manchester launched by Jacob 14 years ago 83 years ago BBC radio Guernsey opening broadcasting 1 hours a day 38 years ago looking forward to BBC Radio Guernsey at the match the life of the island.

The daily broadcasts of local news and information and Ireland 2000 events and of music like Saunders his first regular morning show on radio x 3 years ago on radio x in just a second some Red Hot Chili Peppers on the way as well to start your Monday of keys for dies from the luxyin Radio 2 9 years ago million-pound 42 years ago 4 years ago.

It has so much support for running out of radio to play at rugby Cricket horse racing boxing motor racing and golf radio station years ago.

Call Maggie's first broadcast for the BBC dance Orchestra from Studio 8AN to the next time this week's radio moments.

Thank you David Roy and my guest suite Duncan Barkes Mark Hill and Kevin Leach who knows what next week we'll bring in life in radio and on This podcast stay safe stay well and 2 m away from people if you can.

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