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Read this: Radio's response to Coronavirus and Sean Dunderdale

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Radio's response to Coronavirus and Sean…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, we're still here.

Hope you're doing all right this week on the radio Today programme OSO much tougher going to talk to Siobhan Kelly from ready.

I said to find out what help they been in government for during these difficult times.

What about if you just left the station to be there for 28 years to start a new job presenting a breakfast show only for coronavirus to the other side of the show just how to get on one side was Sean dunderdale is the new Man in the morning at BBC Radio Lincolnshire and is on the podcast to tell us and how's hospital radio been affected by the Healthcare worker currently living in Liam heffernan from the hospital Broadcasting Association will be on to give an update so I'm sure there are some really exciting things in this week's David Lloyd radio moments.

I've been so busy.

The chance to listen myself yet, but we will listen together in a little while and find out what delights from the archival waiters music was composed by his bark is radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin how's your working from home going right? You look fed up with that and you can't even see me I can see you another week and I'm not seen you it's so delightful.

I'm getting into a little bit of a routine now, but it's not a routine.

I want to be in if you know what I mean.

It's for the when was it when I got fired from smooth about 67 years ago.

I've been working from home everyday in my own house on my own computer house silence and stuff, but last few weeks.

I've just been a nightmare the wife's been working from home the kids an hour.

I'm getting Zero work done and I shouldn't be complaining about it because I'm healthy and I'm fine and you know I wake up everyday alive instead of dead, so we've got to be careful with what about you because you've been been heavily on the tweets recently if that's safe.

That's the way of putting his Happy Birthday heavy on the tweets.


Yeah a little bit.

I had a bit of a heavy weekend will be honest.

I've had better weekend you like Boris on stay indoors.

Don't go out.

What don't you get I've been busy doing all sorts of things for those that know that I freelance at five live have not had any work there for the lot.

I don't even know how long has big.

Is it about a week and a half now since it's all kicked off, but yeah, I thought you that last week.

I think it was only last week, but it seems like longer.

It's this week in the world.

But yeah, so my freezer be put on hold their obviously using staff their sharing Radio 2 summaries most of the day so they're not making their own 5 live bullet into my works on and staff are being freed up to work on programs.

So yeah, so I not been going to Salford to do any work in a freelance capacity of just been doing things at home most of it.

Can a volunteering stuff I'm involved with all sorts of things.

I'm involved in an emergency planning group in the town where I live.

I'm a school governor and all sorts of things.

I've got the kids at home that we've managed to get a podcast out this week.

You have been very busy today.

I'm very appreciative of everybody have spoke to that your introduction.

There was like he's never going to finish this is coming up on this show which means we shouldn't be rambling really trying to talk for too long, but yeah, it's it's been a tough week for a lot of people.

I know there's a lot of freelancers in particular.

He was struggling.

Work is just disappeared creative Industries federation doing a big push with the government to get some help for freelancers.

Obviously going over now and saucer measures for businesses and employees people.

It's the freelancers of which there are quite a lot in our industry that having a bit of time at the moment.

So look out for news on that soon by the time you hear this hopefully the government of an ounce of help for freelancers, but who knows audio UK have said they're gonna push 4 commissioning editors to keep using Indies at this time and all that kind of stuff so we're thinking of you where where similar situations are so you know a steady job in radio is few and far between these days at the best of times.

So things will get better.

We hope yeah exactly there's hundreds of people in position in radio and even not in radio freelancers around the country and around the world.

I'm self-employed as well.

So you know exactly what's happening.

Thank you.

They might be alright for a few weeks.

Keep things.

Confusions of beans in it's not it's not a good time.

Let's just you know there's an old country song called if you're going through hell keep going up the other side eventually will try and get the podcast out for you every week as well.

Cos I know the lot of people that time of the hands that might want to listen to us rambling nonsense really never met anybody yet, and we must really say as well all the people who are working either still in radio stations and buildings or home or wherever they are you hiding under duvet recording their show and there is so much great radio on and you said this last week.

You know when when things are shit radios great.

I'm paraphrasing the great glad you came out with but there is so much powerful audio that I'm hearing and seeing on social media that people are there in the world and seven working on the air and behind the scenes.

Down the country making all that happen quite a few shoutouts as well for the people behind the glass Steve Wright do they shout out for the studio managers and I heard someone 5 Live name checking producers and the the technical staff will get the programs on the and that's really good to hear and reminding our listings of that yeah, and I really want to do some kind of Article that the put all that together but you know kids at home all the time.

I actually have less time that I normally don't have anybody without kids or who lives on their own and as it's got a spare hour or 3 and wants to do and a round up of how radio stations are awesome during this time then feel free to get in touch.

It's right up my tuner radio we will give you a byline.

We could hear more from Siobhan in a moment.

Yeah, I know off cover leaving as well.

Ofcom and our relaxing their approach to regulation I suppose they can really not too good day.

It's good that they are and yeah.

It's I'm hoping the stations does it? Oh well we'll just stick nonstop music out for 3-months then because that's not what it so bad.

It's in case you forget to Lagos in case you you put news bites on my lights not just a ticket to shut up shop, but I guess if you have to do that, but I'm quite often so if you have to shut up shopping you can't keep to your Commitments with a reason then you may as well.

Give you licence back of the paraphrasing again, but I think that's that's pretty much what they saying so we've still got to do our best if we run a community Radio station or local radio station if you can't then ask for help.

There's plenty of people especially now with time on their hands who would love to help another staying service this was helping for radio.

Put out overnight or I think we mention this last week and this things you can do if you struggle if you're pretty much running a station on your own with a bunch of volunteers that disappeared because obviously dentist reach out on Twitter and the American saying hopefully somebody will help you come here but again you have the program that you have to share with a neighbouring station or something in your County on a community Radio station as a one-off here and there they're not going to not going to put you up on it.

I don't think so that there is flexibility in the system that sure programs and things like that.

I'm so commercial any will be doing a bit more of that as well BBC local radio could well utilise that as well because they've now this week said across all stations.

They Gonna Run for our block the program in 6 till 10:10 till 2 to 6 till 10 excetra, so I guess that paves the way for them to be able to share programs regional if they need to do.

Yeah, and some might say that was always going to be the plan.

Don't think it's going to be that drastic but there is a lot of uniform in going to be happening at local BBC stations and maybe this is just one way of doing it.

It's bizarre really how over the up until this point the technology has been getting better and better and growing even smarter and it's now that were we can actually use this technology and it's it's easy to do and then in a few months time when we don't need to use this technology will I think I think a lot of things will change because of this especially technology and radio network in the people you're doing their radio shows from home.

You don't need to spend all that money on transport and go to radio station buildings any more people will work from home.

I think I'm permanently after this Sunday it's quite exciting to see how about holding a change anything.


We've BBC local radio as well.

This is a bit of your audience target.

If somebody might have finally Twitter actually there's an older audience out.

There is not really getting their information online and from Facebook and then they need at times of crisis a radio station in the area BBC local radio shows that gap so there's been a lot of all the calls on eir and a lot of services for older people have some BBC local radio stations that I've been listening to as well.

So finally they might have found their niche.

I think it's the new format of single presenters and just really interacting with the listeners lots of listeners on her lots of stories.

I think can I say this without upsetting a lot of friends and go for a BBC local radio is really good at the moment and it helps the crisis.

That's that's bring anybody together and doing that sort of thing but if they can hang onto that Adam and do it on a day-to-day basis when the world isn't going to sit then you know he might have found a winning Formula and the colours on the is a call with Pat sissons this week on BBC

Prepare yourselves, why are you so worried about this virus? I can't believe it because if I get it.

I'll pass it on to other people because I don't care.

I hope we don't because regardless of that if you're going to get it.

You'll get it and we had the most weekend weather for ages people getting out where were you at the weekend on a Saturday and I went to Stokes Bay and had a walk along the front and back on the beach for a while.

So beautiful unfortunately my husband.

Can't come with me because he's recovering from a stroke yesterday.

We went to the cemetery in Fair Oak Eastleigh to put stairs on, please.

Called in to see a friend of mine is your friend responsible.

I've got you are causing panic.

I'm not causing panic advice that you are floating go down the hope that you are wrong.

I'm very nice always nice to talk to you.

If you went all those places in the shop.

Where people are not staying apart and then I went to see your 78 year old friend who are irresponsible.

What are you worried about? It might not your 78 year old friend might not know if we get it.

We don't care we had our lives so stop it you know you're happy to Die For A Day at the Beach by Chris but I can't deal with any more of that well handled Capital on for another 10 minutes.

So lots of other things going on we need to get on with the show really but lots of stations do anything with this big massive claws on Thursday night this week details on Radio today that clearly care about them out with Oscar story about a bowel launching a new cash4kids appeal which is going to help people who need to pay for basic essentials including food in and heating and things like that.

I was the civil case You'll Never Walk Alone on radio stations across Europe on Friday morning last week and some people absolutely lost their shit about radio stations playing the Liverpool anthem.

Get over yourselves.

You want me to come.

Just a strange choice of song because you have to walk alone right now at least 2 metres apart from each other.

That's why they saying you'll never walk alone especially with the rules now.

You can't go out unless it's for bread or exercise, then you know you pretty much have to walk alone, but you get the idea so any stations wanting Corona virus needs to broadcast can get it from news hub.

Just emailed team at Radio news is a 10-minute Roundup available from 19 that is free to broadcast on your radio station and plenty of stuff from health information radio at radio content dot so basically you can download the latest wav file of the latest public service announcement information about the crisis it might be me reading now or it might be you right because we're volunteering and helping out with that as well.

Yeah always happy to help and can I just say that radio news hub service not because I'm involved with.

Another project but the radio news have 10-minute round of the comes out around 7 every night.

It's really good and if you don't go heavy on the updates during the day just a couple of times in the evening maybe later.

Maybe at 10 or something like that and it's just basically sums up the last 24-hours because as you say everything is changing so quickly to have that appointment every night to listen to radio for 10 minutes is fantastic and it's slipping on News radio, UK as well.

Just so you know it's on every night from 8 or so away from Corona virus.

What hang on.

There's other news you managed to get some other news on the website this week.


Done you and your excellent team Scott Hughes returning to Radio City in Liverpool is going to breakfast with Leanne Campbell instead of Dave Kelly who I think it's moving to the Cayman Islands of the report that beautiful Cayman Islands yesterday.

Mark Wright is taking over the evening show and hearts this is because Sian Welby has gone to Capital to do breakfast with Roman and sunny j2fit.

Hope left a few weeks ago and BBC sounds is now on your telly box will never catch on radio on the TV idea, so they put BBC Sounds app onto connected TVs so there's a lot going on in the entertainment space on your television or device at the moment to keep you entertained over see lots of things happening on you and lots of audio things in get by the telly and exciting things Disney plus and all sorts of stuff films are on day of release that they would have been out in the cinema.

You can get my new telly now amazing right stay well Mr Roy look after yourself.

Look after your family and as one of the catchphrase is goes stay at home protect the NHS save lives just sack Pat

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word tweet and SMS to and mix unlock and understand your content studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it this is the radio Today programme and the weather's now.

We've got Siobhan Kenny his chief executive of radiocentre.

Hi Siobhan hope you're well.

Yes, so there isn't one to get you and obviously representing some of the commercial radio all the commercial radio stations around the UK pretty much does some help now from Ofcom that something is working with dementia.

Try and make happened over the last few days, so what you been doing behind the scenes very busy obviously on conference calls not face to face but there's two things that we.

Stressed the government is the importance of this sector 25 million listeners 9 out of 10 people in the UK listening and the importance of accurate high quality news and information now is definitely what people need so I think there's that side of it which and of course because of the commercial sector is funded by advertising and our biggest advertising sectors are among the hardest hit so don't have to spell it out the entertainment Leisure Travel so that's a very worrying picture especially for smaller businesses which you know where as you know so hence we went to government and we went off cars for sale at what are the things that you know you can do to support this vital Public Service during this time and the government will stay with introduced.

You know various various government schemes with the Chancellor did the job retention scheme the business interruption loan scheme that all of those are great but as

No, you know they won't pay out probably until the end of April and you know in some cases that would just be too late so important part of our local democracy to have a local radio landscape.

What can government do Ofcom do alleviate certainly in the short-term the problems that some of these businesses face so we really pleased to see that off Connor and and you will see last Friday they announced the suspension of some of their regulations around programming and production for 3-months now to be honest.

That's pretty much.

What was happening anyway, because with people self isolating journalist.

He was becoming pretty impossible to fulfill some of those regulations anyway.

We really pleased that they have we are now talking to government about you know the other big fixed costs that are members face particularly smaller ones and that of course is transmission and all of the many things.

Text to run to run a radio station that I'm glad I have found that the government have been incredibly responsive to our conversations and that is cheered us up and I think they're acting quickly which you know if someone has worked in government before I know that sometimes speed is not of the Essence that has really have to decide so pleased to give credit where it's due both to the steam to John whittingdale, when his team and to Kevin bakhurst and the Chamber of Commerce be really great I mean in practical terms the Ofcom relaxation of regulation does that mean stations can do absolute what they want you can every local radio station on the one group just put out LBC for example or about Station Network a national across all of the local ones or will they still be expect try to do what they can well.

I should imagine.

They will always want to do local content as we always said you know especially at times like this people are very very interested in what's going on locally so I think yourself.

But it's at least you know and knowing that people can do what's practicable with the workforce and with the lockdown so that we currently have in place.

So I think you'll be able to post to be honest.

Yeah, obviously this funding from over the last year or so for public service information and broadcasting on commercial radio through the audio content fund so it's good to see that.

There's some extra money coming out that fun perhaps to help with coronavirus stuff.

It's really important point actually because the money is that came from in the first place was the 60 million pounds that was Top slice from the BBC licence fee couple of years ago a 57 million of that went to children's content children's TV content and 3 million went to the audio content fund that was the result of discussions with hands with governments because I can go quite a long way in terms of radio content as we know I wonder if there's way to extend that as we know the television production is particularly hard hit during this time that were in there.

So perhaps we can develop more creative ways to start used to that funds and more of it for exactly the kind of things you describe so I think we all have to be kind of creative and think of different Solutions because they're in such an unusual time and have you had member stations of groups coming to you saying they're already having advertisers pull their campaign losing money because of that definitely.

I think I almost started from day one and you can understand.

Why can't you know from the minute.

We have McDonald's as one of the biggest advertisers on radio saying that they closing the restaurant.

It doesn't really make much sense for them to be advertising but we've had now lots of clearance difference in size during the lot of scripts things like super markets advertising when they will be open to key workers when they'll be open for older people and pharmacies and things like that so I can see that some of the money's might move across.

Enough to compensate the the smaller members talked about really with radio and this is just the companionship that it provides me with an hourly so many people working from home and indeed all of us can find to our homes that you know radio listening itself is incredibly strong even have seen these figures from global LBC digital about 40% So it's definitely a time when people are tuning into to radio and I think yeah that should help us in the long run definitely and obviously you about Radio 2 agencies and advertising clients and that kind of thing so when we get out of the end of this whenever that maybe we're going to be the position where we need the incoming radio rather than other areas because everybody's going to be looking to reduce their overall marketing spend indeed, but I mean we have been here before but nothing that device scale as we are now, but we

Already prepared materials that gone out now to are advertising agencies and it's called the rescue Remedy and of course.

It's available on the website but tell me about why it's important to maintain spends.

You know I think you I think you mentioned a lot of companies quite rightly will say where can I save money and marketing is often the budget that goes first but all the studies show you that during previous recessions and all the rest of the people who kept up some minimum.

Spend at least find it much easier to come out the other side, so we're just reminding people of making the case for continuing investment looking at the media mix you know how you how you spend your money across different media and that I think applies just as much the government is anything else.

Can I see now that the government Communications strategy is a PS3 will you have a press conference every night at 5 and we do a lot of stuff on social media.

I mean that might be fine for.

To watch press conferences by the prime minister religiously but many people don't really many people don't so you need to keep repeating that message everywhere so that we across television radio and outdoor you need to have a multimedia mix.

So those are the kind of messages that we were talking to advertising agencies and advertisers about because we will come the other side of fingers crossed that we've we've seen some calibration already on a global and Barbara both joined up with this capric areas that happening later this week in the lot of the radio stations joining into that the organisation that pulls everything together.

You know we've seen with some industry-wide stuff going on in the last few years that global and Bowden always want to collaborate.

It always want to talk to each other and share ideas, but this is the time when collaboration in our factories really important, isn't it?

We will have to look at Willerby something interesting a different comes out of the other side of this crisis and yeah, let's hope it's the last thing I want to check on.

This is what you want you next to your lobbying government continues.

I guess he's still in touch with them on a regular basis of those other areas of fixed costs that we were talking earlier.

You will be kind of transmission car still be you know anything else that that that radio stations absolutely have to pay that make it rather difficult for them to maintain themselves in the current climate and one apparently radio sales are really On The Rise so here from the retail sector so there you go by now to avoid disappointment before Amazon run out and how are you finding it with your team? You know you know a lot of people in radio.

Obviously I'm working remotely as a leader of an organisation.

King for you being at home and your TV is getting in touch with each other whereby working really well, you can get up to 20 people on your screen, so it will let you know looks a bit like a load of mugshots, but it really does work because you can see every wave and there's a great WhatsApp group.

They did jokes going on it and we've got a Hangout goes on at 10 every morning at 3 every afternoon tea or coffee if you just want to have a chat with your with your colleagues, so I think the social part of the working life is a thing that we've got to really try and recreate when we're all in this, so we're all in this weird because that's a bit but I certainly miss and I know there are lots of my team doing as well to go back to the office.

When all this is over.

How to add Sean dunderdale now I must tell you that we'd arranged a few weeks ago to get shot on the fellowship by the way, so we've been talking to anyone because I think it's a big move for you to go from commercial radio to the BBC and now everything else has kicked off.

So you wanna talk a bit of a bit about everything really but I think that start with what we were planning to talk about 28 years at Lincs FM and you've now gone to the other side of the fence and you presenting BBC local radio breakfast show how the heck did that happen.


I mean they asked me as simple as that and you know I've done a lot of time at Lincs FM as you say it's 28 years various positions news reading and head of programme director of programming for for over 10-years and they came knocking instead.

Look you know how would you like to present the breakfast show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire it was a dream come true to be able to host the Breakfast Show of my own on the BBC local radio station.

It was BBC Radio Humberside that inspired me and maybe fall in love with radii grew up listening to the radio Humberside and Charlie Partridge who's the boss.

You're ready Lincolnshire now that was the breakfast presenter the time and I've never really thought about working in radio and I was at an event as one of those summer events and there was an outside broadcast on and I was 13 and was just watching Eric Smith of course has just come off for breakfast on the station is now to Stoke I think you're wrong Shropshire that begin with Eric Schmidt was the presenter on the stage at the time on Radio Humberside and I was watching him at this outside broadcast and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said do you fancy taking liquids on the radio and stage I did hopeless at the quiz but got a buzz out of radio and thought you know I quite like that.

I might fancy doing that and I always wondered what happened if they tap the personal shoulder next to me instead of me whether I be doing.

The time I wanted to be a bus driver so maybe I'll just be driving buses.

I don't know I don't know yeah a bit of a no-brainer decision and obviously with everything has been going on in commercial radio on the consolidation.

I guess there was probably a bit of uncertainty go forward with the takeover and mergers in the various things happening it kind of spots conversations.

I mean to be honest the conversation.

I I sent an email to Charlie here and Maggie courtesy at BBC Radio Lincolnshire outlining and saying look if things are changing here's my current team and out of my current team.

I think this person would do a fantastic job centre this person would make a great producer this person will be a great journalist and was kind of recommending the rest of the team and I put a line at the bottom that just say by the way if you need a freelance newsreader or maybe someone to host the programme when Alan stennett your farming presenters away for the week.

You know where I am getting in touch and so they took me out for a coffee and said well actually thanks for the advice on the other team and they have taken at.

All of my recommendations on but how do you fancy maybe you don't having a bit of a gun on radio Lincolnshire and you know discussion started and then the Breakfast Show became available and here.

I am so it was it was more you know the the merger that was taking place Park the conversation which led to it, but to be honest I mean it's a dream gig and I did say to that time this 5 years ago.

I would have Snapchat and off because it's why we get into radio to be on the radio.

You know much have enjoyed my time links a famine seeing the team that turn the radio station be the successor has been the chance to then get my foot underneath the desk here and to you.

No have this microphone for originally three-and-a-half hours a day now 4 hours is just a dream really is I mean I didn't expect it to be quite as hectic as it's been but it's it is a dream.


I guess all the ideas you had in your head for that whatever it was while you're waiting to.

Can you show all those ideas of just kind of disappeared now that little bit yes a little bit I'm in 3 weeks ago the regular disgusting and is this what nationality is Piers Morgan was talking about it on about the future of Jolly Fisherman the mascot in Skegness and the suit was dirty whether anybody should be wearing it and that it was it was the main talking point 3-weeks now because wearing that mascot is probably makes you the safest person to walk the streets of Skegness but it's just how things have changed in the last 3 weeks and it has the audience react to you can be on radio Lincolnshire from the team here but also from the list is almost from the moment the announcement actually happened.

You know it is a very big big loving family at Lincs FM as well and

Is a tear taken myself from that family, but I'm I've been adopted by the new line.

Oh really I know they taken under the wing and they've made me feel really really welcome both both the team in the building the listeners outside as well.

She's really yeah, it's been really great to hear and there's probably know the in Lincolnshire more than you over the last 30 years in understands that power of have a strong local radio station at times of crisis like wearing now because you know foot and mouth and everything else that you dealt with in that kind of rural community where you are and being kind of BBC Lincolnshire and Lincs FM there's not a lot else covering the county.

So you know it in terms of what that tells you about the importance of local radio at times like this that yeah, I mean Lincolnshire has been blessed had two very strong local radio stations along that continue.

I hope that that does continue regardless of whatever changes may come with Lincs FM

A pair of Engagement with the Communities you know we've been waiting snow is Lincolnshire to hold his fair to say we don't have many major routes.

We don't have any big train lines Mark the east coast touches the edge through Grantham and then buy it but but actually you know when we have snow when we have flooding when we had foot-and-mouth the real community spirit comes together and actually the to radio station well managed to embrace that community spirit and the voice of the community you can see in the listening figures of both stations, how much needed the stations are even when there isn't a crisis on how people turns and even more so when we have situations like this today and right now.

It's obviously older older people who are more isolated from things that they haven't been able to do and obviously now coming forward not a lot of us.

Could do those things that we've been asking all the people to not do for the last week or so anyway, and that's where BBC local radio comes into its own.

It's like companionship.

You know it.

Is it is the fact that you know that they see as a friend we might.

Voice talking to them on some days particularly if they are in in isolation if they are effectively in their homes now for a number of weeks and it any days that companionship.

You know that I always said that links as well.

We will never played great sweeps of music that tobacco was took a little but often and be that companion between the songs and obviously here at BBC Radio Lincolnshire you know we are talking more at wear wigs in the the people that important people on everyday wear hearing from the director of public health in Lincolnshire answering listeners questions on Corona virus.

You know when I said in questions to people you know what why for example hasn't this special helpline been set-up yet the people want advice from I'll make a difference campaigns great initiative across all of BBC local radio where every half an hour sharing what's happening in the community and giving that vital information.

You know never has local radio be more crucial and just with your other hat on.

I know you organise the hospital.

Wolseley done that for last 12 years or so, obviously they're not going ahead as usual this year.

Yes the weekend was due to be in Bolton but sadly obviously stands to reason that it's not going ahead due to take place this coming weekend actually the awards ceremony itself were planning a virtual awards ceremony.

It won't be this weekend.

I will probably go towards the Easter weekend.

We're just going to put it together.

It will sort of an online video presentation and hoping that Alan dedicoat the voice of strictly the voice of the balls.

Who's the hba patron will voice that we might have won Celebrity videos popping up and wishing hospital broadcast as well as we make the announcement but we're just working on that at the moment safely at home where we can do it all at home.

We don't have to do it and they announce the winners cuz it's important hospital radio volunteer to recognise.

They're doing some great work at the moment.

They they obviously can't go on the wards Ward visiting in hospitals across the country for understandable reasons.

Most of them can't even go on the hospital grounds now, but they have sorted out a number of them the technology that means just like you know broadcasters in the BBC and commercial radio.

We've seen on Twitter that the endless photo of home Studios well, hospital radio volunteer doing the same and I managed to make sure I request a coming from the wards by the nursing staff directly to the presenters home, so that they can carry on with that crucial again companionship.

So it's about most hospital visitors are not allowed on the wards anymore.

So if your patient you're not getting visitors so again that that that one on one conversation with the hospital.

I think it's never been more needed.

Yeah absolutely thank you for that.

I know you need to get home now you just finished yet when you get out of the building so stay safe Sean and if there's any other business want to get involved into a message for the hospital broadcasting Awards will send them your way contact us.

Please do get me on Twitter yeah, definitely that would be great actually yes, thank you Sean dunderdale the new breakfast.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire talking to be here all the radio Today programme still to come David Lloyd radio moments and we're going to hear from someone from the hba in just a moment first, please X where you know you need to get on there to do it quickly and easily clean feed might be something that can help you you've had a story about on the podcast quite a lot and a lot more people have been trying it out.

If you're not giving it a go yet clean feeds completely free to use at there is a free version that is unlimited.

There is a pay for Virgin to get you some extra recording features and extra connection features.

It's really good quality and it's ideal for getting guests on to your pregnant to talk about coronavirus and other topics as well and looking out between remote locations if somebody back at base and somebody back home then that you can get them on in studio quality pretty much if you got decent mic plugged in Cleveleys Lancashire anything at to get started Thirty Seconds or so to sign up and you will be on live.

From home or from wherever you need to be fine.

Don't worry about it at cleanfeed dotnet and Mark from cleanfeed was on This podcast last week.

So if you missed it scroll back fine last week's episode and tuna to find out a bit more about stakeholder relationship executive at is also involved with the team at hospital radio Medway welcome to podcast Liam gets a little bit in our industry when we're talking about wider industry stuff, but right at the heart of a health crisis is going on at the moment presumably their stations that have been locked down.

We can't get into the studios and things like that.

I mean I guess there the whole industry has been affected right.

There's so many presenters are working from home and doing their shows from their their offices but hospital radio I get is particularly affected because by the fish.

Are in the hospital and that's a bit of a safe zone at the moment so the NHS actually recently issued guidance to anyone that volunteering in and around I didn't say don't come in but they were obviously very cautious with who they can have prompted to to come in and who they suggested say home.

You're like the whole of the UK now anyone that's not critical this all strongly advising people not turn up and obviously you know hospital radio volunteer as we do a really important service think anyone that there is involved has been involved with a hospital station knows that we can offer something that other local stations can't you know we really with their you know many times you know face to face with patient requests so we we really do something valuable, but we have to acknowledge the fact that the safety of the staff from the patients is absolutely number one priority so

Yeah, that means we have to scale back going on the wards in many cases we have to scale that live shows and a lot of stations have cancelled live shows for the foreseeable future.

It's really had an effect on what we can do and how we can do at the moment.

I'll come back to the kind of important service in a minute.

I'm in the last time.

I was in the hospital radio station.

I'm trying to remember when it was it was probably when I'm in hospital radio in about 1998 and we had a 78 player and record decks and things as well as tapes and card machine so I'm guessing you're a bit more high-tech than what I remember and in terms of remote broadcasting and access and playout systems and things that's all fairly straightforward for most of them broadcast online and we have capabilities to look up remotely you know that Medway we still you know it's not straightforward because it's not something we have to do day in and day out.

You know we can make it work in a lot of stations are kind of struggling through and are finding ways to to get live shows out there still so in terms of that service then obviously patients in hospital visiting being restricted and that kind of thing so more than ever they need something to you know be a friend in areas.

Which is essentially what hospital radio does yeah? I mean absolutely I think most people can imagine that hospital radio is just something you hear through the you know your bedside units and and yeah, I think that's one for another person.

There's a lot of stations out there like in Winchester and a radio Harrow and the hospital stations, but there was a community stations to you not asking Medway lot of looking at other options like low power FM and we broadcast online.

So this is not just about us broadcasting to the patients in the wards This Is Us

Connect people to their friends and family who might be in hospital and who they can't visit at the moment who comforted them and actually I would say if you do know someone that's in the hospital find out what your local hospital station is get in touch and try and get them a request or shout or or or something because we really can't connect you still in a way that no other station can and I know I am sitting in the Voluntary Sector has not been very good for a long time anyway, but this situation probably doesn't help that in terms of you know you're relying on volunteers.

You might get ill and The Resource is quite in the first place.

Yeah and fundraising in a day today to try and keep the lights on in a lot of cases and you know we have fundraisers plan that had to take a backseat you know they've been cancelled over the next couple of months.

So you know that that was supposed is there a lot of other problems for us as charities that I get on the other hands.

Can you give us an opportunity to also say from what's happening now that that we do need help we do need support and we are there providing a service.

I guess if anything.

It's gonna shine the light on hospital radio that wasn't and I mean your volunteers.

Obviously you know the they might be talking about patience there.

You know communicating with patients in many cases, you are not very well in hospital the kind of mental strain on the well-being in the health of volunteers in the first place.

You know it needs some help, but at times like this.

You know we all can any take a step back when we get home at the life.

We've been on there.

You've been talking about things that are difficult and having difficult conversations.

Yeah, obviously now most of us doing what we doing from home, so there's so little separation.

The rolling straight out of bed into the office and doing a government of no there's no separation now, but obviously not a lot of people who do have mental health issues and are struggling potentially find isolation even worse but there are still ways to reach out and you know whether you're listening.

Hey broadcast yourself or whatever I think you know you just got to stay connected with people.

I think when you look at what the industry is doing as a whole the response from from everyone has been incredible in terms of keeping things going and allowing the shows still happen.

Not just in hospital radio but across the industry for five or six months down the line and we're still trying to maintain the space.

That's been going on the last couple of weeks, but yeah, we'll see what happens.

Yeah, but I guess it's going to become the new norm for a while true true very true.

Thank you for coming to chat to you and it will do nothing about it.

So you've made us put it more important in the

Say programs agenda now, so we'll definitely took the house for rent in the future and community radio course as well.

Cheers, Strange Times is getting a few listens on BBC sounds and this week in 1988 it had a new presenter is a lawyer and politician his ship is great.

He was once said to be the cleverest boy if I go to eat and excellent Sue Lawley with her first Desert Island Discs this week 32 years ago.

She was the programs third presenter and 5 since 1940 to now.

This is interesting that been quite a few reports into the future of broadcasting over the years and this week in 1985 the committee was initiated it reported the following you describe as stage one for the next 10 years or so the public should they continue to pay a licence fee?

And pensioners on supplementary benefit should be exempt should be a £10 car radio licence BBC Radio 1 and 2 should be sold off recommendation, but split Independent Radio the whole committee agreed that its regulation should be greatly relaxed and maintaining a proper balancing quality and a joke, but should no longer the other trip but they were split on a recommendation that ITV and local radio franchises should be sold to the highest bidder here again the free marketeers one in stage 2 in the mid-90s the committee proposes a new method of finance for the BBC the viewer would pay for Pro X Direct subscription findings of the Peacock committee established this week 35 years ago.

We were still having the same debate this year until about a week ago.

Heart in Yorkshire now has over 400000 listeners the station launched originally as real radio this week 18 years ago the best variety of Music and talk this is 106 108 FM this is real radio.

I've been dying to say that for ages.

We're finally here hello good morning and welcome you to my co-host and just because I need somebody to help you do this to me this morning.

I will do all that in a while and I can go and have been so nervous in my entire career and having that I don't know what to do from here on it the rest of my career is on hold, so let's play some music.

I will tell exactly what we're about injustice.

Good morning welcome to Real Radio it's 7:55 on Monday on a real Radio Yorkshire launching this week in 2002.

It was the third real station now.

It's part of the heart brand that brand.

Hugely this week in 11 years ago imagine the complexity of converting 9 stations into one maybe you were involved, so it was goodbye to the 210 fox VW Gemini Latin names and this one I used to know how old somebody was by the chart Show presenter.

They related to best thombrowne anyone weather in Hyde from the number 120 from next Monday onwards.

We show that doesn't have a lovely Easter and don't forget the radio one is back tomorrow at 8 with and Junior choice.

Love these voice talk around his final charge on Radio 1 this week in 1978 that those were the station wasn't full-time it used to come together with radio.

In common with multimedia at the moment, I think we need a Smile from time to time that's not back to this week in 1949.

John snagge was commentating on the boat race.

What is boat was slow, so you couldn't quite see what he was supposed to be up and coming into real fighting finish that both groups had the most grueling race around the greatest races that have been in the lead.

I think I don't know I think it's almost neck and neck level.

I think I don't quite sure it must be able to go the best ever boat race commentary this week 71 years ago this week in 1974 radio One had a new presenter Paul Burnett and it wasn't long before he.

A daytime show Johnny Walker refused to play the Bay City Rollers Bay City Rollers with be done in a few months he can't you know but I knew what they were they were just got to be sorry Paul Burnett for tomorrow there somewhere when you don't do what they want.

They find somebody who will in 1994 the BBC gave up on BBC Radio 5 after just over 4 years is it all about sports kids educational programming BBC Radio broadcasting on 909 and 693 am the news with Nicky salmon, and they've made.

13 soldiers have been hurting and closing down for the night first one of them continued with a nightingale and at 1, it's Claire Sturgess on radio 2 now Steve Madden for 5 in the morning news network Radio 5 live with Jane Garvey will be followed at 6 by the breakfast programme presented by Peter Alan but for now goodnight 526 years ago it reopened 5 live as the BBC agonized about whether the news service was a good idea where to put it this week 20 years ago was the last proper Pick of the Pops with Alan Freeman load of course for his impeccable, but it didn't start out that way.

I won't forget you.

6 in 64 lady, he found his music but wasn't quite hitting those posts in due course.

He sounded like this number for wonderful fluffy.

When did his run on Pick of the Pops this week in 2000 it was on Radio 2 at that time has come to that of course on the program.

So with magic chilled lighting for years ago and I mentioned Sam Smith earlier, so I thought I'd say this one for you from his album in the Lonely hour 8 years ago his last Radio 1 show 9 years ago that starts to cry now.

I'm not crying children ending 56 years ago Radio Caroline testing testing 56 years ago.

We are on every day from 6 in the morning to the first letter from America 74 years ago the New York police department noted that not a single called Coming to any police station the final Harriet cast news building on radio for 7 years ago BBC News with cast and authority in the first national commercial DAB Multiplex 22 years ago digital radio brings with it new stations and more choice this week's very moment.

Thank you David and Soraya course.

And I guess the sweets Siobhan Kelly Sean dunderdale and Liam heffernan at a guess.

We'll have something similar next week.

We'll know they have still be talking about the c word but right now as it stands as I record time absolutely no idea who might be on to talk to us if you'll be you get in touch if you want to kill heart from home to Home Studio tune in next week to find out the radio Today programme broadcast bionics.

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