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Read this: World locks down, media steps up

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World locks down, media steps up…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 as the world around the media is Stepping Up demand for news and entertainment has never been greater but making it has never been harder today.

We're looking at the ingenuity that that's keeping the shows on the road and some parts of the media.

It's now a fight for survival as ever our guests joined today by various bits of technology that are relying on the Goodwill of the internet so I apologise now if we have some unexpected moments of Silence hopefully not at Paul McNamee is the editor of The Big Issue pulled the unique thing about the big issue is of course how it's distributed by your network of vendors and we'll come on to all those issues in a bit confusing editor producer magazine.

What's it like being a relative from home?

Well, turn it on producing any kind of may be especially magazine.

Is it say normally it's quite tactile tactile mean by that is Dominic around touching people in the office.

You just like to be in an environment where creativity happens when ideas happen when you can quickly change things and then and and look at what you want to put on the page and now it's quite the opposite.

Everyone is in their own little cave.

We try as best we can to keep communication lines open just slows everything down is about the energy The Newsroom isn't it being that you can't replicate that any of these apps that people using you can't and what I what I find is that I have two things to come rather than instantly shouting and looking for things immediately that's not particularly healthy for anybody so everyone is having to adapt it's not straightforward.

The carnival to that shout out to people producing the biggest you need different circumstances shortly could have you with us.

She's no friend of the show and is UK Tech editor for Business Insider Shona welcome as ever people that report on technology like you and me I meant to be brilliant at remote working and always gives those and wise but be honest how tech-savvy are you really yeah, it turns out.

I know nothing about speeding up your internet or you know the fact that you really need to be not hunched over your laptop.

That's really bad back.

So I'm not sure I'm setting a great example readers or listeners myself.

What's the story? Are you working at the moment? Cos it's technology being used at the moment right into different categories does the economic impact is empty now affecting all businesses including companies startups and bastards facts about one Strand of our own as consumers increasing consumption of a new set of technology so it's

Many different strands that were covering and some of positive and summer obviously negatives as people to stay locked inside for longer longer periods of time with a scary Brown is the chair of the football writers Association that's obviously a hugely difficult time for sports writers at the moment especially freelancers with all live sport cancelled and carry all a senior correspondent for be in sports which is the media company that owns the rights to broadcast all the big sporting events Premier League cetera too much of the Middle East and North Africa how are you feeling your schedule in live-action? Well, we have been lucky to have a big archive football from the world cups to the Euros to the Premier League Serie A La Liga so we have been bolstering our best highlights for actually the innovation of next year.

We are going to be next week, but I'll be in control of our schedules boating on which night on which match and what they want to see that.

Daily votes on our big weekend mate, but also our night-time matches to put on news in control of the matches and the classics that they wants to know there is some football still taking place and Luke Lambourne is media manager for Leyton Orient Football Club Club that are supported for a couple of miserable years.

I live locally look what's going on in my life was going to Leyton Orient are the two were connected you had a big game this week with lokomotiv Moscow in town and didn't go to plan the 428 different clubs from around the world getting involved in and hopefully giving her supporters something to get involved with you're going to tell us a bit more about your ultimate team that we did there and where it is.

The Void left on TV schedules for it.

I think we all of a sudden has gaps in in the market for 4 people to broadcast things that people are looking for different things to do.

I think this time around.

I think it's pretty just unfold a bit too quickly for it to work my broadcasting sense, but yeah, there's plenty of interesting who YouTube Channel 4 who's been in touch with lots of Sky YouTuber also interested.

We are broadcasting games LIVE through twitch.

So it's more of a kind of ad hoc can of club based on a set up and professionalism of it, but people can watch and can get involved and yeah, she's not unfortunately they make it to the TV is this time around.

Windows deals when you have been approached from BT YouTube another's what's going to determine who you end up doing a deal with this time around it is a bit a bit different in terms of our products is at the heart of what we doing is a kind of fundraising element looking to raise money for the football clubs in the EFL going to struggle with no matchday income as well as a further 25% health and the world Health Organisation so so it was a commercial things time yeah, but that was at the heart of it.

I guess sometimes we appreciate it have been a bit of a different way ok with that in a little while.

Thank you now.

I make the best of the situation is alright for some parts than for others it is not possible to keep calm and carry on at John McVeigh is the chief executive of packed if you will know packed is the trade body for the UK's independent TV and film producers.

That will be talked to the show as we have many times about this being a golden age of television.

It's John's members who are behind many of those big budget box sets that we've all been done good afternoon Ted sarandos, Netflix had on the show before earlier this week that production on every single Netflix show anywhere in the world has come to a halt.

Is it fair to say that sadly the industry are basically completely ground and is completely stopped chat so we can live chat shows with their people anymore.

We can disabled people to make things and we can go out and film things even in the teeth of one of the world's worst.

Yes, we're in the deep freeze production is effectively stopped everywhere.

I'm so sorry to hear it.

TV producers that camera Crews and out of working as a huge ecosystem of engineers ox people all the rest of the industry supports of industries has been a huge growth is outstripped national economies in most countries around the world.

Is it the corner me and we rely on tens of thousands of self-employed freelancers motor which now you are working in a cost of calling on the government to do something to help all those very highly skilled craft technical and creative people to make sure that when we do get to some other end of this that we can still call on their skills and wants to make the great shows the great entertainment and the great experiences that we will take it for granted for a for a long time to what you did you say when hopefully is after this pandemic.

When you try to rebuild a bounce-back the creative Industries going to be Central to that, what is your argument the government about the need to help the creative Industries and what you need from government.

What have you asked for it has been listening and I have to have to actually say we've been listening and moving fast in a number of schemes to help employers retain staff are currently considering a scheme or intervention self-employed freelance people but the other thing which will be important is most companies can get through bad times.

It's when the market comes back and people are saying I'd like a really great new idea.

I'd like you to better than you scrapped or new format idea and people don't have much money because they burn through at keeping alive, then.

They will we will hit the bus when it comes to research and development and I'm talking to government and BBC and Channel 4 about what can be done to help companies across the UK be in a position.

Come up with great new ideas.

Cos the world will have changed what people thought we might want to watch next year.

We'll have changed to said it's hurting her that on them some companies will be bringing Harry Brown chair the football writers Association members must be in a similar situation to Chancery sadly we really have the full impact of that in fact the football writers Association is very much and Association not a union but at least an email support from members that really concerned that unusual measure and then we were met very quickly by friends and colleagues in the industry and we actually have formed an unprecedented freelance collective with the association of rugby writers Association of cricket right of the lawn tennis writers the British Athletics writers collective of Media in sport sports media LGBT +

Football journalists Association because we have been faced with a day lose, I'm writing this is the creative industry, but just as you have the top class singers in the industry that the millions and you have a Gary Lineker's of our world is a member of the vfw as I know you won't mind me using him as an example of an illustrious and very successful presenters and freelancers in this industry.

You do then have really are getting back not only that but people that have been coming back into the industry now facing lesson using all their savings Twitter naked ever have and also remember it's been in touch with us recently played up £12,000 and accommodation for the year.

They were back now and can't support their children to give us a lot of people look at football.

They see these enormous salaries that players get they think of the product as it comes across on TV is slow.

Polish course some people might overlook actually at the creative level of bringing this to the public.

It's often football right as well as you say no pay freelancers.

Let me just ask you about well-informed room is that when the Premier League start it maybe play with matches behind closed doors.

What have you heard about those rumours and I confident that at least some of your members could get access to government of asking for support and support with a five-point plan.

They have actually I have to thank the Chancellor of the Exchequer make making an address and many of the point Bar primary was this base salary.

That was still haven't heard from Desperate we have had the insurance welcome the prime minister.

It will be in the coming days the scrutiny of that might come come when the House of Commons is closed the reason I'm saying in relation to what you saying about the industry being open industry getting underway behind closed doors.

I need salary benefits that are hopefully and potentially met by the government we really need to be met until they stadia of fully open because I think it will be behind closed doors when we start back is there a risk that the TV industry or the UK team into that if other countries come out of lockdown before the UK some Productions think of those big budget dramas, and it will move overseas to the film in can resume as quickly as possible that isn't that we may lose are one of our premier positions in the Global markets, but when you do look at places like South Korea which is a big producer of children's animation and of course the UK used to be one of the world's leading providers of that and we will lose some of those market opportunities and that's why.

Although it's hard to know when that we do start to plan for a recovery and getting getting production back underway and employing all our skillful and I'm getting up back to the global is very good.

Thanks for you and your members joining the chief executive of packs of them.


Could you got a bit more support later before that come back to Paul McNamee who is the editor of the biggest you pull at the the word crisis is being used a lot at the moment the whole distribution model of your magazine was Andy depended on Monday night when the prime minister announced the lockdown.

You must feel like a crisis for distributors in editorial propositions that yours how are you responding? We sense that was last week, so we started to new provisions and last Friday we made the decision not to sell the magazine tube benders and not have vendors on the streets from that point on which was.

For 29 years the magazine is when it should weather was initially start monthly them fortnite play My Weekly so that in and of itself was a total change how the biggest you operate and as you can imagine there's an awful.

Lot of people some fifteen hundred and awake who rely on the biggest you for the Ring come on without that.

They are in there real trouble and also the biggest you tell we as a commercial organisation need to be able to carry on another to help help them very quickly and change the entire business model of the operation rather than a magazine that was Alton Street we moved to a subscription model and you don't understand if you give you a call.


I mean that does not define The Big Issue in many ways along with the concept of understanding for the first time ever done a deal with the retailer is that right that's something.

We're working on we're going to make some announcements on that next week at the moment the media show radio 4, we will come on who's the retailer very kind of Come Dancing above to help us, but we are the focus at the minute until that happens and he knows exactly how that will happen has to be subscriptions.

I'm only have to have this magazine produced and then delivered to people through the doors weather is a paper edition or digital can get details from hiding and we could play this game.

How do you how do you notice for have you noticed a drop in sales in the last few weeks is people stayed away from town centres before you took the vendors back in last week that was.

But the week before that it was our it was our biggest deals week since Christmas really there is a couple of reasons for that one.

It was particularly strong or special with the better and that cut through to a different audience but also I think these kind of times a times of crisis British people are very kind and very open suspect they want to do with the could while they could on the street for particular vendors there for sales for particular vendors and in general went up because a lot of people talk about my vendor you know you're self-employed Paul

Play by the much more day yesterday support in in whatever way, they need it likely.

I'll give you an example recently and we've been trying to encourage contactless payment and what that meant wasn't just giving them.

There's a card reading machine at a much much lower than normal value of what it meant was we'll bring the banking system and encouraging them to be part of society so that they can because so much points on having a bank account and so much was important that they can get paid that way.

We are bringing them in so they were not locked out anymore that things could only get perhaps digitally your help and get that so it is important that we are not just people who go out to sell a product.

They are in every essence there what we're here for they rely on us, but we also rely on them so the incredible.

Complex and supportive relationship and then they become a big part of British Media culture.

Yes, put thank you very much indeed for your time appreciate it when you got so much more difficult time Paul McNamee was the editor of The Big Issue now.

I suppose there is some people say the positive situation.

If you'll allow me to call him now because if you're at home looking to entertain yourself by the big living room well.

You're spoilt for Choice at the moment.

This is a week that Disney plus launch in the UK though even thought it would crash the internet has also been a sudden huge growth in the interest in esports sky showed it over the weekend.

This is the Bahrain virtual Grand Prix

Who's going to get the best way to see the moon in the Mercedes straight into the wall just like the real thing doesn't it now to my untrained eye it looks much the same too big no sponsors common is behind the wheels mate.

Of course not in real life actual F1 drivers celebrities and professional esports drivers if you look at an online bookmakers this afternoon.

You're fine.

There's loads of sports events that you can bet on so is this the moment that esport go mainstream.

Just heard the football writers Association what do you reckon you can never be taken seriously as seriously as real sport.

Grown up with a hand it in the sophisticated gaming that we have now and it's all just about bringing in the wider audience and it's not even want you tomorrow.

Bye to the minute.

They shut down the stadium used for back in Lambourn let me go to Business Insider talk a lot on this show and Jerry in the media about the fact that gaming is a huge underdeveloped or is choosing the Jewish people don't necessarily sufficient attention to the demand for exports.

It was out there long before this and it wasn't it? Is this at the moment that cause a huge growth in exports of audiences because the audience that watches.

You know other people playing games and Victoria moments on Twitch and not necessarily going to be the same people who have a Sky Sports subscription and watching more conventional live sport so it's about.

Making those two audiences crossover and understand each other as well as I think that's going to be difficult thing going forward ok Luke Lambourne from Leyton Orient media manager there tell us about telling him what ultimate team is when you come up with the idea that you might have seen a few of the council pay me to connect 4 and it wasn't something that we had been involved with but we could have had a chat and say that we cannot wait and see but before actually want to get involved Man United fans are desperate for something so there's a Desire for the content and to reach out to each other OK well.

Let's try and take you on further and make it a bit more space in Connect 4 and bring her into the mixing and yeah it started with just 60140 and 4, but they take up too.

So so fast and so quick that went up cabinet 2:228, so what sort of response.

Started small in terms of EFL clubs, but then slowly we saw you know the Lights of the championship club Premier League and then as soon as he saw some of the Premier League clubs get involved in it expanded out the MLS DC United v.

Orlando Pirates and yeah, it was it was just crazy who was getting involved in and the kind of community feel we had at the heart of it because straight away.

We can you know see you often see clubs interacting in the way at the moment especially through this kind of year FIFA there's always give people your team's goals from your map to the other night.

What let you know that went on to lose 63 which themselves are unfamiliar from experience of the club you got automatic commentary there Luke but which actually sounds very realistic is that the player that was our goalkeeper Sam Sergeant yeah? He was playing on our behalf so we can start it open-ended and said the club.

So this is a way for you to get engaged with supporters all players say we went down the player route to Plumstead that some other clubs.

Got support is involved and then a few of us for the chance to win silverware so they drafted in there a sports players.

We're not everyone's taking well too but at the heart of it just it's just been a bit of fun and the tournament to kind of get everyone watching again.

So yeah real Rover 80 of people involved and basically what you're saying at the top of the show Luke would you say I know the first one you saying this this was done for more charitable purposes rather than commercial purposes, but if you were a betting man given interest that you've heard from somebody broadcasters.

Would you say that in the next couple of months, Birmingham

Circumstances what's going on in the economy? Would you expect to be turning a deal with the broadcaster soon? I don't worry about people that this is an opportunity for response because I think sports viewers in general once the football Seasons out cricket or tennis and there's always a cycle in terms of what they go onto watching and that's why I perhaps when the football season is out he supports doesn't necessarily pickup is it maybe shouldn't do because there's always something else for someone else's attention but at this stage a unique opportunity where there is nothing.

It's nothing is resume.

So if they can use this window and the broadcasters and I think Priestley as well the clubs and the personnel from clubs by Intuit for example first team players managers can do that and do it effectively then I really think it can cut through and the sports have got a real chance to support this market.

We don't go on platforms.

Can you just give us a sense of the scale because the

Live audiences that they have platforms like twitch and mixer at absolutely phenomenal on the streaming service that sound by Amazon it's a little bit like YouTube but focus on games has got something like 50 million 15 million active users every day.

That's what's a huge number of people just watching other people play games which is kind of amazing and then particular League esports leagues like overwatch on YouTube that's you know that channel dedicated to that particular first-person shooter game has half a million subscribers, which again is there is a huge audience for something that some other people might just miss the video game ok.

Give me a news program this week and Disney plus have launched in the UK have a bizarre time not desired timing unusual time to do it for seeing it.

How do you feel about that product? It's the biggest media event of the year many ways will be overtaken by a broader story.

Had the massive destruction destruction that's happening right now, but they go ahead and launched in some ways the timing is great.

You got a lot of parents stuck at home with kids who need to find ways of entertaining them the launch.

This is pretty reasonable is it in the ballpark of Netflix another online streaming services so and I think it's a clever Move by Disney so it certainly think I'll be a lot of lockdown parents will be very grateful to you know be able to revisit some classics with my kids and it's a much more branded offer isn't than Netflix which is bigger volume play volume Netflix gives you a huge range Disney give you some familiar idea to write 4 million stories absolutely and it's about Disney drawing on its huge library of Media properties that franchisors.

You know The Simpsons from Fox and obviously you know the context more familiar with the cartoon animations, but also National Geographic it's about drawing from it's very large roster of content of bringing it all together on one platform and that's really it's been lying to you that it's Disney stuff that you're watching.

Disney 5th edition with a new CEO replacing bulb ago and they got massive challenges with all their cruises and theme parks of course it right that is it for today at my huge.

Thanks to all.

I guess who that often quite difficult circumstances Shona Ghosh Business Insider Luke Lambourne creative ultimate Corrin team Carrie brown chair the football writers Association John McVeigh chief executive pack and Paul McNamee editor of The Big Issue I'll see you next time from all of us in the media team.

I hope you and your family keep well.

Thank you.

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