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Read this: Community radio in a crisis

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Community radio in a crisis…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at radio hello again coming up on this week's podcast from Radio today.

Will take you to opposite ends of the country to find out about community radio in a crisis in both senses of the phrase from Zeppelin FM in the northeast of England and Nathan spackman from broradio in South Wales will be on to tell us how they're getting on broadcasting a breakfast shows from home and what help is needed to ensure the sectors and David Lloyd's radio moments later, Irn apologises for an overt alarm fail their birthdays for Johnnie Walker and Radio Caroline and commercial radio arrives in Manchester original music for This podcast was composed by Anna caso first.

Let's chat to radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin and lots of stories on the radio today website this week right some of them.

To do with coronavirus exciting I don't believe you.

I don't believe you.

I thought a couple of weeks ago here.

We go and national emergency might be time to have a couple of weeks off, but we've been busier than ever.

I'm looking after children babysitting full-time so very very busy at the moment, but yes still business as usual on the radio today website.

We've even had a phishing attack attack on the website.

Just to keep us going missing attack a million hits at once he was just at home looking for Radio news possibly in the best interest of our community helpline.

I think lots of areas have got these so people ringing in then be connected via a virtual call centre or around my town to volunteers who can help them get through.

More medicine and whatever they need so I've been busy with that on the sidelines volunteer work and I've had a couple of pages on BBC local radio as well.

Did you tune in and listen to me? I'd like to say yes you like to have not even listen to last week's podcast yet.

That's how crazy is being hour podcast you mean you listened to this race.

I fast forward this bit and then get to the good stuff alright.

Ok, so I definitely hurt already Leeds talking about my helpline in my town and also on with Simon Clark on BBC local radio station.

What was I doing on that? I was talking about 3 DAB radios for the over 70s and it was alright.

It was alright as good as a popping up on a couple place it all from home of course and used two different technologies to do that so I dialled into brexit Radio Leeds from ipdtl for first one and then I used to call me from.

Used before to get onto radio Solent so you're trying to over technology.

Sorry to get one thing I mentioned in the radio today which is out now is the fact that the technology so easy to come across but if you're not a giver not a nerd like Stuart it might be hard to come across.

So if you want to drop me an email.

I've put the email addresses in the newsletters.

Thank you.

Just get in touch and we'll see if we can help you out of you to offer my services like that we charging for this.

No, it's all in the Spirit of helping each other and it's because I've seen quite a few pictures photos videos on the socials have people in radio buildings, but all they doing is pumping out the hit the plane 10 in a row and they sat there pressing that it and he can do it from home if you need any help.

Dropping out we tried something new out this week as well on Sunday night.

We had this idea for a radiotoday virtual social night which we started off small.

We might grow that we might carry on doing it now in there and one point it was alright wasn't it was funny.

He was funny.

I'm not sure of the longevity is one of those spur of the moment thing is that it's a regular feature, but we'll see how it goes maybe maybe again next week if anybody else comes along it was nice to connect some of our friends that are not friends with each other in can you do online network and it was only like 9 hours in there.

I thought I lost you get some more people in there a post to public link on Twitter I'll be let some random strangers in and we kinda stumbled across an idea for a new kind of program format play John is I've got my finger on the button.

Where are you? I'm currently in New York

Ok, what you do John computer programmer? Ok? Just haven't found by clicking on soon.

Happy on what specifically about what we doing.

I'm not I just really just want to hear it button gone because he said some quite naughty.

I'm just had basically Darren late night phone in the way that some people shout and swear words over the internet as everybody's got a podcast and lots of people in launching new podcast well, they stuck in the

I've been listening to this week's first episode just out of three radio people that you may well know or know of Stephanie Hirst Debbie Mac and Scott Hughes I've got a new podcast called well.

This is weird Friday the 1st and already and it's good.

It's very nice.

I had a prediction and this is just me and I will probably be wrong because I usually am that the podcast audience will go down because is it true that most podcast to listen to on a committee so on the Tube on the trains on the bus in the car and if we don't have the commute people actually being bothered will soon find out I guess the numbers will there will reveal themselves.

I've probably listen to little bit less to podcast actually since I've been at home because you are quite often just put my airpods in and listen round the house if I'm doing there some jobs in the kitchen or whatever but I'm doing that could have to get my ear out for the kids fighting and causing trouble and stuff, so yeah, probably not listened have been off school as much exactly.

All of to suggest that podcast I down with the figures for Spotify the in the states of down about 8% or something aren't they and people been put the radio on for companionship that you don't get with the playlist so really good figures for online streaming a thing on 10:15 20% in some cases the radio station here in the UK are seeing traffic increased by so that's all it's encouraging for radio and the future of radio and may even be attracting new people to radio so you know a couple of quarters Time Once radio get out and about giving up Diaries again or 16th century way of doing it without physically seeing people as we are experiencing in many other Industries that maybe you know this time next year we getting up and up and up.

Even more people seem to radio station is making a big difference in their areas and they're putting those listeners in as well and that's right across commercial BBC community student hospital radio stations that has lots of stuff on our story this week on Radio today.

Flavour of what is going on the new Facebook group been launched as well with lots of people all around the world sharing ideas from radio stations doing coronavirus related to look that up.

If you haven't seen it and the story from the community Media Association this week as well.

They're asking for some kind of urgent help the community radio stations live advertisers pulling out community get some of the funding by running a cafe or a training at programmer.

Obviously had to stop all that so at their money is drying up as well and so we'll have more on this with our guest ledger in the podcast Nathan and Juliet talking about community radio, but it's it feels like you know community stations are not really getting any help much and obviously the commercial stations on the groups of advertising contracts who are taking government money to promote public health messages and the commuter stations are doing this for free and you're putting out the public information, but not getting paid for it which is an interesting angle.

Play the funding round for Community Radio hasn't been updated for a dog's age and that really needs to be looked at a specially as you say right now where they need this money or they will close it as that there's going to be a few clothes.

I'm sure there's going to be closures in pound sales in evening the commercial radio sector I assume from what I've been hearing of the next Commons is not a good time.

So we're doing the best contour Heather yet.

The money is not coming in so let's keep our fingers crossed help comes in some shape or form.

Yeah, and it's National BBC level some changes going on because of the coronavirus stuff they've got some treats at six music and radio on the latest ones and I'm still in the last week or so, I cannot do it longer shows to reduce the number of shows they have in each day like this Kershaw and Amy lemay from 6 Music and they're not going to be on there.

We can shows I think there's on Twitter since suggesting that wasn't her decision to get to drop off either.

Radio one I've got Chris Stark and Scott Mills been on this week in Canada middle of the day was great to see Chris' start with a can of lager in his studio at home at 11:30 in the morning for midday to shouldn't happen at Freddy one for you though.

Isn't it and they doing this thing this week.

I'm BBC national radio as well as sing-along across 30126 1Xtra and the Asian Network that's happened on Thursday to talk about some stuff.

That's not to do with coronavirus.

Yeah, it's been very busy.

There's been radio stations changing hands has been Ofcom growing some balls for stew.

Yeah, kind of a shock really because of Commerce said no to something I wanted to do and they want to put a capital Xtra on FM in Manchester instead of XS Manchester but the format request change has been turned down now.

I know nobody saw this coming and I'm sure the guys at communicor.

Sorry see you.

And global didn't expect this it is very hand.

I mean they said they they were minded to give this the go ahead before I went to consultation just under 70 said no don't do this because we value our local rock radio station, so it's a bit bizarre.

It's also created on one side there saving a few hours of local content on XS Manchester whilst they obliterate you know full country of local radio stations just a few years ago, so it's a bit weird, but I see where they're coming from the change to the new service from capital Xtra would take away something from the city that the capital Xtra wouldn't give them so I didn't want a matter of time until you know they can just click anyway.

Lots of other kind of little licence things going on at the moment.

I'm in particular.

We had this week, Durham and Darlington

Fmo turn radio and alpha in Darlington about social part of Star Radio new card at one point they have had a few changes over the years to say the least they now part of sun FM in Ireland but my nation FM is heading south down to County Durham and let's hope they don't make the mistake.

I'm sure they won't of alienating people in Sunderland just as the other two areas and if they bought the very much bigger than what they have at the moment coverage.

Why so good luck to them and we'll see how that pans out and it might be a while before he's gone he's going on at the moment, but 6 extra community radio licence could be the last ones awarded for a while as well because of coming out and putting most things on on pause.

Did you say Cheshire FM coast and County radio in Scarborough at cross Counties Radio what is something to do with the big Trading Estate near Lutterworth I believe in.

FM Chesterfield radio Scarborough and West Kent radio in Royal Tunbridge Wells TN2 for Scarborough then yeah, so two licences and I think radio Scarborough which was Terry Scott sadly passed away a couple years ago put an application and I think that was turned down from my memory in 2013 because the Yorkshire Coast Radio pretty much said if you don't you give me to radio station, are we won't survive and uk-id were not very happy about there being a community Radio station in Scarborough so Bowen our own Yorkshire Coast Radio seemingly objective to Ofcom a strong and the two rivals ok, and how are they different the two stations have no idea chance to look at the applications, but I'm presuming they are somewhere the different sections of the community.


I wouldn't have ordered two licences for the same time where there's already fairly small commercial station.

Name changes as well this week BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey are getting the word radio in their titles hurrah cheese ultimate jingles though.

Have you got the new real package this week so at Radio Sussex on radio sorry, it's coming as well to others radio Wiltshire did it a few weeks ago.

I miss that one so maybe I'll give that a mention on the website radio Tees and I do believe there's more as well.

Maybe radio WM radio Somerset also going back to using the radio name but will find out in the coming days and weeks of cross is Essex in Hereford and Worcester of failed as well as the weather Essex could could you have BBC Radio Essex when there's a commercial station called Radio Essex probably not and if you do it for radio Hereford and Worcester that's a lot of syllables to get in a small space isn't it is yeah change it talkSPORT Alan Brazil has been on breakfast.

2-years on Talksport he's just dropping out a couple of days a week.

I was going to Thursdays and Fridays Laura Woods taking over Monday to Wednesday as the main host and new job this week for Simon Monk who's left now.

He's now the deputy director of radio and live events at DFDS well done to you Simon and some sad news this week anyone has ever worked on there in North Yorkshire probably know a guy called Wilson he has sadly passed away quite suddenly in his sleep this week James as part of the launch team at stray FM in Harrogate just over 25 years ago.

He was part of the launch team at Yorkshire Dales when I first met him in 97 in Skipton and early stage at that station for about 15-years.

That was sold on to you cared.

He's been recently working on a community station called drystone radio so nice outpouring of love for James after the sad news of his sudden passing this week now.

We should have been in Portugal now.

Why we should have been doing?

Cast this week from radiodays Europe know tell me about it.

I just do with a few days off.

Don't know about you.

So that has now been rescheduled radiodays Europe is going to happen it on the 18th to the 15th of December it's only what 10 days or so Before Christmas which is probably quite tricky for something but still going to be in Lisbon and I think that started out in speakers already and they've already got a session announced what radio digi ever Corona virus, so that's going to be a problem.

We shall see you at Christmas in Lisbon and obviously most the radio events for the next answer so at least are off of the stoned dates for a few things so check those out on our events listings in the podcast Radio was I got a new date, but generally most other stuff just phoned for the time being alright still to come David Lloyd radio moments and next day.

We can look at community radio in a crisis and it's round table next week right, so I'll speak to you in a couple.

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every corner suite and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it this is the radio Today programme at last week looked at commercial radio BBC local radio hospital radio this week.

We have a bit of a focus on community radio and how it's getting on during the crisis at Nathan's Batman is with the operations director and breakfast co-host bro radio in Barry in South Wales hi Nathan hello Julie Donaldson at the award-winning breakfast presenter from zetland FM in Redcar in the north east of England hi Julie I so both of you broadcasting from home at the moment as well as get your experiences of that from first.

How find it should have been in the house all day.


I'll be honest with you.

I'm really quite enjoying it.

I'll work in.

Which is 5 hours from the toilet, so there's a big plus point having the toilet just right but in terms of doing the show technically and stuff you working it all out and it's happening as it should have got really clever people working behind the scenes.

I've got I've got one computer this streaming out to the Beacon I've got another computer that tower playout system got a third computer that I can check emails I can check social media.

I've got a little mix that everything's running in between it's and it's working really well, the only thing I'm not doing is the one thing I couldn't do any way which is the face to face interviews, but I'm still doing everything remotely so she is working quite well, and how you getting on with your technology from home yes quite weird, so a bit different.

There's two of us doing breakfast, so it's even more complicated getting two people from to dining room tables were using cleanfeed strain to our studio.

And a little bit of anywhere for the voice track stuff is a bit difficult first couple days to get used to little things like Echoes and things like that, but are we buying all those issues out it seems to be working just because you walk straight down the stairs straight into your radio studio.

Where is normally used to get a little bit earlier going into the going out money from the radio station anyway.

It's a little bit difference is taking a week to get used to be in terms of the audiences.

You still getting a lot of reaction.

I guess even more so at the moment.

I'm not I think it's growing a lot as well because what people are appreciating is that were going and in a world that's become really weird and nothing is normal.

I think here in a familiar voice at the same time every morning as you would normally get there actually enjoying that normality and unusually for me people actually calling me know which is nice and everything about both of the stations at Brown

I'm going a long time.

I mean bro 11 years this week and it's your birthday.

Isn't it Nathan and zetland similar kind of story you know you've been on there for 405 years now so real part of the community in places.

It's quite interesting community cos there is no one else really in this area radio wise or even newspaper wise is working in the air in a minute.

So it's kind of brought a little bit closer together with the eyebrows and Country little groups setting up on Facebook of people Helping the community where they are using us to get those messages out their local voluntary groups getting in touch on a daily basis.

Give us update so we can put them it's just really other way out of a studio environment and all of us a really disconnected at the minute because we're from homes.

It's kind of brought a little bit closer to the listeners and our community of the servants at the radio is essentially a hyperlocal media.

So you know love his Facebook groups that pop up for small areas and towns and things that's the radio version is community radio in a lot of cases so went.

What is hit you know you can be hyperlocal in what you do to me? Yeah absolutely you can I mean it's quite interesting for us because we have listeners across the country and across the world is nice, but I've used it.

Not just a tap into locally but actually found some of our listeners nationally or internationally rather and give us a flavour of potential.

What's to come because I think people have been a bit they're not taking it.


I haven't always taken the situation seriously so I kind of used as a bit of an education.

This is what could happen if we don't take it easy now, so that's been quite nice and the tone of what you do Julie changed in terms of being a bit more serious in a bit more silly.

Cos I know you are quite silly.

Adam wanting to keep things fairly light but with information so I'm talking about the serious stuff like the mental health issues that people have been holed up in the house, but I'm also putting the light in.

I've just introduced a new feature every morning not long after 8 called the Julie's physical jerks, and I'm trying to get people a bit more active as well.

So it's not just sitting and enjoying you can get up and then how you found in the audience is and in terms of what they want.

They want the information and the serious till 4 they want a bit of all sorts.

It's a bit of a mix of both.

I think speaking to some listeners.

They're getting the up-to-date information and the public health Wales and public Health England the government stuff to their phones as soon as it happens in the lighter side of things but we're still bringing local news and information and what's going on through our shows as well, but I think we try to discuss about someone not focusing too much on what?

Because that everywhere I like myself a lot of people struggling with trying to get away from that as well in terms of the business side of things you how bad is it community Media Association this week a lot of commuter stations might soon have to close their asking for various bits of help.

Do you think that help but they're asking for Nathan is going to be enough and how realistic is it that stations might actually shut next week, so I can see station shut in next week.

Just because at the end of month most of them was done before the shutdown kind of happened is the next week and the interesting thing for us.

We've already seen that kind of advertising play Lucky One and businesses.

We wanted to put a bit on hold and not pay you for a little while.

We're obviously we're looking at me asking is great and no they've done a lot of work and both and Danny and door Warehouse full of hard work into that but I think it's not asking for enough support now.

There's a lot of what can be delivered in the future now £10,000 station would be brilliant from the police.

Find Denise me more money investing that station have increased.

It's not going out but we can't leave that money this month in April now.

Not in August this year because by that point you connect the sensations particularly the smaller ones that don't have some Paige Stafford haulage completely volunteer LED Maestro see this through and how are you finding it in terms of getting the volunteers to still do stuff because obviously you know that not only the technology but actually you're not getting the Good Will of those people so we plan to get a quite quickly once there was talk about some sort of lockdown reaction that days before the lockdown happens.

Just because the building where in Asia is a website Herbert Moor Leisure facility than standard ones that homeless facilities and we kind of preempting from the day when a close at some point so we started think it was last and last week before and doing stuff from home.

Thanks for the plan together, but we realise quite quickly a lot of other guys aren't that technically.

To be able to do things outside of studio and we've got the volunteers who in their 60s and 70s who aren't the best any minded and radius to you sometimes so plug-in mic at home and press the button for voice tracking wasn't really an option like 10 or 12 or late now doing news and programs were still on here from 7 in the morning till midnight the week and I think about 12 hours in the weekend, so we're still delivering a service.

It's just some slightly different voices voices of the evening shows us now doing daytime shows but everything she jumped on board of it really just getting stuck in that much.

They can just rearranging the back of it.

I guess and Julie are you going to do in the Sunday show from this week as sore as well and that we've got a lot of volunteers who were really keen to still be involved.

This is kind of a little escape in a weird sort of way so from a programming interview.

Got pretty much the whole day exactly is it used to be so you still got me in the morning you still got Jeremy you still got John all the specialist shows in the evening are exactly the same and we do in life predominantly live and some voice tracking so in many ways people don't really notice the Difference and what I would like to have as well.

It's what's been really nice to the community radio is that we've been working with other community radios in the Northeast and we have a daily coronavirus update is now running across the network in the North which is fabulous.

That's really good that you're kind of pooling resources and I get Ofcom and what it said about relaxation of some of the policing of stuff for allowing that to happen and so I guess I guess stations around about kind of work together a bit more where they perhaps wouldn't have been allowed to under the regulations previously talking quite a lot.

We've got little group setup.

Early stages which is a Welsh community radio network just to try and bring the 10 stations exist and are currently in Wales together.

I've had a few conversations a couple of stations gone to doing very little or no program.

Just updating local news because they can't get to their Studios others have done by different and just doing stuff from home, but will try saying such an offer each other support as much as possible and I think on the funding side there are stations.

Obviously that getting income from other places other than advertising so community cafes.

I've heard about our training facilities and all that kind of stuff and obviously they've had a shit all that answer their income is completely gone out the window.

There's lot of crowdfunder going on and stuff like that.

So there are other ways to get your listeners a supposed to support you financially at the moment stations do some crowdfunding campaign which seem to be doing quite well and important thing is to speak to you advertise and be a bit more open and honest with you and explain you know what would happen if they stopped supporting you and

Also support the important things through vs.

It might be open but we can still offer a way to support them get them through this keep their name and awareness app and the thing is when everything gets back to normal whatever normal life is going to be everybody's going to want to advertise to told me that they're open everything out there that will work with love advertisers now.

I would say probably 1995 percent of being affected by the shutdown because they're things like restaurants and cafes and bars and shops on the high street around class essential, so it's really important to us to make sure that they return afterwards because they've supported us for the 11 years.

I think they're fantastic job on your stations are older give me to radio stations for the keep things ticking along around the country so do keep it up and if there's anything as an industry, we can do to help the community radio sector just shout at you because he wants to help I think the thing is a conversation.

I've just had quite recently.

It's just too enfercise what we do and what an important resource we are because

If we go under when everything Returns we won't be here and I think only then will people realise just how good we've been that's why we're in letters to the point of saying we're here.

We want to return we got volunteers are currently sat at home doing very little because they rely on us and we want to make sure that after this we're back so was were used as much you can suppose as much as you can hopefully then we'll be here to continue doing that when things go back to whatever normal is a sentence Pac-Man from bro radio and Julia Donaldson from zetland FM and Nathan mentioned clean what better time to give it another big plug hear on the radio Today programme so if you've never tried it before it's great thing that you could be doing to get yourself on the air from home or connecting to your transmitter site directly or maybe hook up with some friends to make a podcast at clean feed Darknet is a great way to get quality connections.

Just using a browser using the

Doesn't cost you anything to get started it won't take you very long at all to get Side up and give it a go send somebody a link they can click on they can connect with you in studio quality provide a decent microphone at either end will be up and running within minutes getting on with your live show or recording for your show your podcast to find out more about it clean feed in the wake of clap for the NHS and that's all playing You'll Never Walk Alone a few days prior let's remember this week in 1985 play the song we Are the World penetrated all corners of the Globe radio station cakes kW was one of several stations in our community that are the 6 minute 22 seconds you and everyone we are the children of the world 6000 radio stations getting together in.

Countries to play the song that was fundraising for the African famine appeal President Reagan has one said he never heard the song before but it was moved as he listened to it.

It's something relevant to 18 years ago the death of the Queen Mother but I are and Independent Radio news ended up writing to apologise to it's client commercial stations saying it wasn't their finest hour the note said when the audio bit alarm should have been fired 8 minutes before the 6 p.m.

Bulletin which would have made Irn one of the first broadcast has to break the news and incorrect button and it didn't happen, so they didn't hear the news until this this is Independent Radio news.

Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother has died and announcement was made by Buckingham Palace a short while ago Peter Russell reports on the life of Her Majesty the Queen Mother was born Victoria was on the phone and the prime minister of those caught clicks the Queen Mother's death on commercial radio this week in 2002 this week a 75th birthday for a broad public info for 4 weeks.

Play Johnny Walker and there was onboard Radio Caroline as it became illegal that station had launched three years before that recording this week in 1964 with the first record programme on Radio Caroline Happy Birthday to Radio Caroline the BBC has been wondering how and whether he should have a rolling news service at this week in 1993 the listeners.

We're getting a little exercise about his latest plans about 300 Radio 4 listeners have taken part in a march to protest against BBC plans to stop broadcasting the service on longer.

and replace it with a continuous News Network under the BBC's proposals Radio 4 would continue to be broadcast on FM with some listeners find difficult to receive status mods from Hyde Park to Broadcasting House where they handed in balloons carrying the message save Radio 4 longwave Media correspondent torin Douglas watch the protest around 300 supporters of the campaign to save Radio 4 on longwave, March to Broadcasting House many confessing they never been on a smart before a large contingent came from mainland Europe and Ireland Radio 4 is received only on longwave since is FM signals are restricted to the UK today Radio 4 on three other BBC networks began transmitting on the Astra Satellite for people with dishes or cable TV this week the BBC director-general John bird said the corporation wouldn't go forward with a

New service until it could insure a radio for reception maybe DAB may work who knows I'm not sure if it's apocryphal but they did say at that particular Protest the Radio 4 listeners were chanting.

What do we want Radio 4 longwave? What do we say, please in the nearest thing we got a new service eventually from the BBC launched in 1994 and it's 5:41 now with five live the brand new news and sport network from the BBC and the morning papers.

He was Andy Lewis on the reports on Europe this morning and pepper with words like ultimatum standby for the five live Breakfast Show with Peter Allen and it's coming up at 6 now.

It's time for Adrian Chiles wake up to money good morning important days for Westland helicopters will shareholders for the start of five live Zoe Ball is now in Swanston her Radio 2.

And it's 20 years this week's and she had her Radio 1 Breakfast Show home for a couple of weeks or months.

You've got to be done in Saxon and Norman shirts 1974 now and commercial radio code to Manchester radio will start at 5 in the mornings an hour later on Sundays and Run right through to 2 in the morning providing entertainment news and information for this news in the Greater Manchester area on VHF most of the music will be in stereo and especially after dark when is possible and to 61 medium wave radio dealers without going to explain what equipment do you need to listen in full stereo?

Great pleasure for the first time to say good Tuesday morning to you music for the northwest.

We are Piccadilly radio of course of course the first song on Piccadilly Good Vibrations thanks for the rock and turntable at wild in so it was rebroadcast all the stations there ever football amateur solo by the way Good Vibrations the Beach Boys on the the Mancunian adventure started like some great times.

I loved every minute of the style the needle time restrictions and we had to do a certain amount of speech.

I loved every minute.

It was we were the Rebels up there because we were we had no internet in those days the ivy in Wolverhampton

Radio in Manchester later key and now Hits radio with Richard Skinner leaving Radio 1 34 years ago.

It's Mark page on Saturday Live and remember.

We will meet elsewhere this is Richard Skinner appearance on Radio 2 two years ago and I'm very very grateful to everyone I've worked with Sarah Montague saying goodbye to Radio 4 Today programme two years ago Keating good morning 5 on Sunday afternoon Charlie Chester radio to Radio 2 no longer hands over the 2 hours from 5 to Radio 1.

Yes, we've all the way now Chris Tarrant breakfast show on capitals 16 years ago 5.5.38 FM

737 bus to go and Roses Guns and Roses this week's radio moments, thank you David and Roy and my the guests this week Julia Donaldson and Nathan spackman next week.

It's round table we could get here on the radio Today programme Travis guests will be remotely of course chat about the latest stuff going on in our industry.

+ I'll be sharing what they've been listening to the radio Today programme music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa

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