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Read this: #134 - The JC in Liquidation; Listening Habits in Lockdown; Edinburgh TV Festival goes online

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#134 - The JC in Liquidation; Listening …

Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm already on today's show the rise of pandemic podcasting what we lose if we lose the JC and why the Telegraph is taking China's money anymore + the Edinburgh TV festival goes digital and the audio industry offers funding for freelancers hit by the Outbreak and in the media quiz we went through the weird in the Disney Plus back catalogue, so when we generate some weird feedback 14 hours and or lose a guest Midway through the show the good news is I've insisted.

We had three guess this time.

Just in case anyone doesn't make you brown and what a selection we have for your audio pleasure stop radio and podcast Chris it could be Reserva writer and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer is here.

Hello, Miranda

Tell us a bit about some of your favourite pandemic podcast later, but before all that just generally you know you listen to a lot of life radio out as well.

Obviously, how do you think the industry's leading up to the challenge when it comes to the BBC Radio there's been a bit of streamlining of shows so a lot of people are starting little bit later Lauren Turner starting later on 6 Music and going on for longer and so what you get with that is a kind of familiarity which I think people really want in times of crisis team in you kind of want your radios Little Friend entering along in the background and when it comes to other you know more news broadcasters LBC LBC discovers consistently.

So, I think it's because it's quite interesting to an audio critic meaning that in the terms of Culture call Joe comes quite low normally you know films at the top and then probably followed by TV and music and audio Radio podcast just above dance.

I will say and suddenly like you know there's loads of creative audio out there.

That's been absolutely made for everybody to listen to I'm being made contemporaneously so it's new and you know because they're not for me anymore.

You make me feel sorry for the ballet critic should have one on next episode of talking of LBC we have a living breathing radio practitioner from the return of LBC hosts, Iain Dale to the show Halloween hello YOLO hi one of the first national radio personalities to self isolate before before it was friend.

A month now from your bedroom in Norfolk I believe what have you learnt? I'm actually I can't OK I live in Tunbridge Wells during the week and then I do have a house in I am not doing a Robert jenrick and going to my second home at all because I just think I got a broadcast set up here.

It's work, so I just parked I don't want to risk it, but also there is something about people going to second homes and it's not very popular with the locals because I think you're bringing disease with with you and all of that so yeah.

I think it was on the 17th of March because I'm the type 2 diabetic so in theory more risk than other people and I was going to start at the end of that week and then I think LBC decided to use me as a bit of a from tomorrow Tuesday and miraculously it works brilliantly and the line hasn't dropped out once I do tell people where I am.

I'm not trying to.

Time in the studio, but I don't think if most people didn't know they would realise I wasn't in the studio.

Just give us a little bit of technical decree.

How are you managing to keep that connection? So what are you using? What did you learn to use what I do.

Have a bit of a dodgy broadband connection here so I was a bit worried.

So I did try and get a nice DN installed but everybody then said.

Oh, that's so 99 and I think I actually stopping Ice-T and seen that didn't work because their engineers were told they couldn't actually come in so I didn't get that as a backup in the end.

I've got my laptop.

Can I use ipdtl which links into Leicester Square I've got a media port box which I think it's the other end of the house is about 30 m of wire which we have to put something like a gaffer tape all through the house and that apparently equalises the broadband signal so if there is a Dropout

Notice it for quite some time and it's a prolonged one but so far we haven't had any problems so that goes into my laptop so the Producers can put stuff on a document to tell me what's coming up next I got a GPS 24-hour clock which my partner kindly got from mother know somewhere in summer in Tunbridge Wells I've got a picture of my mum to give me inspiration right in front of me.

I've got a second laptop which has got phone box so I can see all of a call as I was actually really important because there's been a couple of nights when I couldn't use that for reasons.

I won't bother with it was logged into the wrong stew the Producers have to put the calls on the Google Documents 1-0 from Walthamstow to whoever but you don't know what the call volume is us to know how much you need to earn to get more colours to come in on this subject you basically don't really need to turn a tool for the first few minutes.

You've got people coming in and I've got an audio Technica microphone.

Which everyone else is cooking everyone wants to know what microphone I've got so I think Amazon is sold out of those now.

You haven't got shares in a company right.

This is what I know that ok right.

Thank you for that finally let's welcome back Edelman senior analyst and has to be primarily 2020 podcast Karen Robinson hi Karen hi, how is working we changed since lockdown and stuff I guess whether the podcasting distinctly because it was the day after my birthday, so I got some cake and then have not seen anyone anyone since so I've just been living on Microsoft teams which have to say my house my husband's also a Microsoft teams for his work and it's actually the other night when we watching telly together because an advert for most teams came on if you wanted to see if they are making any.

Call product announcements.

I think it's fair to say we're over invested in that platform.

Have you been using the dynamic background? So it looks like you're on a desert island ticket in the background, but it's quite like seeing at my house.

So they've been looking out to see the different settings.

I try and put a different share each time to give them little pigs have my home environment you know in the podcast.

I've got used to sit alone in dark rooms talking to myself.

So it's kind of fine.

Love you your media consumption habits have changed myself seeking out stuff, but frankly as a little bit less hectic obviously without the commute.

I'm not doing all the podcast listening that I was doing before I don't think it's really interesting podcasts.

I still listen to you now is I've taken out the like NHS

The 5K running podcast so you know that's the only time I have to myself to listen to anything because I'm surrounded by family all the time and I've also got a long Netflix really engaging and challenging and thoughtful content that I have no interest in watching right now because I just wanna see rom coms ok, let's start by talking about the latest print journalism casualties last time we will inventing the last of the Racing Post and city, am hopefully temporary in both cases at this time.

It is the world's oldest Jewish newspaper the JC Ian fighting to stay and yes, it's very sad that this is particularly after The Troubles that they've had over the last few years and you just wondered that they announce this is it last week and I just wondered if they can really recover from this that is a very small circulation newspaper in many ways people think that there are millions of Jewish

Absolutely notice 270000 and I think they have needed and newspapers like the Jewish Chronicle jewishnews more than possibly other people over the last few years because they have felt so underrated we had the rise of anti-semitism.

It's like it's almost like a community newspaper.

Isn't it? So I hope some how someone can come in and rescue them because I do think it's actually the Jeremy Corbyn stuff is really interesting example Miranda because it shows what happens if you lose a community newspaper story like that was been doggedly pursued by Steven is konikoni.

Do you think if I sound like that didn't exist it would end up with very different election result.

I mean it takes you an interested party like that to keep pursuing the story very much so and I mean it's interesting that apps.

There's a Jewish Chronicle news and mail merge because the castle Foundation is making a bed so perhaps of the one needs.

But yeah, I mean you know there was some pretty horrible tweets when the when the Jewish Chronicle seem to be shutting from certain people and I do think that you know generally you know we are a pretty tolerant country, but everybody has a certain kind of identity that fall into and I do personally think those identities need to be catered for in a certain way and especially the Jewish community of obviously been through terrible times at that we all know about you need a kind of where your interests and your concerns can be discussed amongst yourselves and newspapers are what's happening with enhanced voluntary liquidation.

They've announced an intended major they've announced that Richard Ferrer who is the editor of the Jewish News would become the editor of a merge title rather than season.

But I haven't actually for instance announced.

They'd like to keep the brand of the Jewish Chronicle alive which is a surprise to me because if you like that's the broadsheet and the Jewish news is the freesheet tabloid you think JC would be the name you keep a reservation it does seem to me that merging the two publications may not be the worst idea in the world not least because they can perhaps even better serve the needs of the community by have any kind of the combined resources of the two papers rather than being in competition with each other but it's an interesting time for publication including publications as well as well as media that serve niche Communities I think there's a lot of opportunity for sort of multimedia content it's directed at a particular community.

But you know subscription models probably prices have to go up you need to think about you know using podcasts on other platforms to try and kind of make your Media entity more robust.

I think it's challenging across the board, but I think it's they do real journalism and I really hope they find a way through.

Do you think you sent their conversations going on among some of those stuff that they may not be returning I am freelance although I have a contract with the Observer I mean it seems to me that the this kind of pandemic.

Everybody is set inside that this will obviously undoubtedly affect magazines and newspapers print form is going to be a really difficult time and I expect to see quite a lot of print form of journalism.

Just drop it.

Just fade away and

No, that is for me.

I mean obviously very upsetting but it has kind of been happening for a very very long time and I think that if you can be nimble around things like podcasts and online then I think that yes you can survive but I think that print honestly is really really going to have it tough over the next like if we could we stay locked down sometime in the summer.

I really think that something's titles are going to find it really difficult because we don't actually have a subscription model like they have in America in the UK a lot of the time things are just at the supermarket and partly because a lot of the advertising publications.

Obviously you know I have enough time as well.

There aren't open at the moment with that in mind Ian I'm fascinated by the telegraphs to drop their Chinese funded content from the printer Digital Editions because presumably that was very lucrative.

It's been running like a decade or something and it is sort of state propaganda, but it's become something that people I used to.

Why do you think they dumped it or have they done to it or have they been dumped? It's not absolutely clear for and Jim Waterson wrote this story in the Guardian it's not clear whether it was their decision.

I hope it was the Telegraph decision.

They never taken this in the first place in my view.

OK they made clear that it was where all the material came from but he did leave a bit of a nasty taste in the mouth weird about it.

Is that the the kind of you know people's daily online combination of factors and it does seem to me that you know they got rid of that Association after a BuzzFeed article.

I mean it came out on April 1st pointing out that the telegraph have been taking the money £750000 supposedly and wondered why that was and then after that on the on April 3rd of

Daily online site was removed and the Seventh-day remove China daily feature as well.

So it does seem to me that they were kind of felt like alright this isn't quite the moment to be so heavily associate.

What was the century Chinese propaganda should also point out quite a lot so I think it was a lot of the beginning of 3 million pounds from a country the temptation is that it will affect your editorial content while there's plenty of evidence that it didn't exist in various newspapers.

It is you have to look at it from the other prospective right.

Why are China doing this? What are they hoping to get out of it and why the selection of the Telegraph and the Wall Street Journal it's pretty clear that what they're trying.

Who is influenced the sort of financial world the sort of more elite circles within Western companies countries presumably to benefit their trade policy now perhaps right now try this is not the top of the agenda and 4 perhaps mutual reasons it might not be the right time for either China or Western publications to be seen as in sync with each other.

I think it's very strange thing that happened in the first place to be honest, but I do hope Telegraph finds some play some replacement for that £750,000 because I need to come up with it somewhere potential replacement in might be to go to Rishi Sunak like everyone else is at the moment you think the UK government should be following Australian over there and I was like an offering tax breaks and extra funding for certain commercial broadcasters for instance the plug gap well.

I think everybody is going down to the Chancellor in the radio industry.

Next time as well economics and politics are going to change completely after this no one knows how but we will not be returning to life and I think it's like me we are going to have to get used to big state interventions and I mean I don't believe in a bit I can see in these circumstances.

There is no alternative for someone said and probably for the rest of my adult life.

I don't expect to see us go back to what we all thought of as a normal economic situation for twenty or thirty years and that is quite a thought so every single sector of the economy.

Will have to come to terms with out there going to be an enormous amount of income opportunities that will be people who step into the breach that they may start from a very small base that we huge opportunities for people to start up new businesses to plug.

A perfectly good companies have gone down the pan because of coronavirus and Miranda there's an emergency fund for people in audio whose incomes been hit by kovic 19 if you have you seen it's just radio emergency fund me throw up to £1,000 which obviously is not nothing across three months of employment is it quite like the idea that it's just a little podcast just to get some equipment that they can you know broadcast from home audio budgets are small you know unless you are kind of celebrity presenter and most people most probably make podcast do not make millions most calories and I think it's fair enough.

I mean it's like any freelance industry if you get it if you know if your work stops you need something and I think it's I think it's

Wrist and kind thing to do really it's the right thing to do it as a podcast as an independent podcast to like me you look at this anything.

This is funded by the Radio Academy the contributions from the BBC and audible is kind of top slicing licence fee for independent broadcasted through Factor or is it so I take a different ways of thinking about the role of the public funding in the media environment in every aspect of my life and I look too I like to America during the Great Depression and I think the work during the new deal a lot of programs that we right now.

I think would be kind of wasteful or not necessary or programs photography people going around the country and turn it to have a lot of value.

We have you know somebody is works became kind of great works of American origin history and Culture so I think you absolutely should see this as an opportunity.

Thinking about an opportunity to fun great creative work.

We can also think about where the gaps are.

What is the thing that's not going to otherwise be failed and I think very is and I think there is a real gap in coverage of local news regional and local public political stories people like the Telegraph will always find a home there community is our Society is in part of this world that are not getting represented in the media and I think it'd be really interesting to spend the time even just seems like covering your local council not really happening in the news media these days podcasting.

I think it's absolutely brilliant, but I think I'm a little bit bigger podcast that are seeing all that kind of success right now.

I don't see a lot of snow forecast have a really interesting and important voice to text to say so, I'd love to see some fault but behind what are the gaps in our immediate environment and how could we use this opportunity to create space for some of those?

Quite like a slice of that details on how to apply to the funds are going to be available from Monday April 20th on the Radio Academy website and social media for NOW TV Sky cinema pass you can start streaming the best movies around from brand new Blockbusters like rocket man and the Lion King 2 all time favorites including the collection whatever you feel like watching we've got you covered all with no contract to start your 7-day free trial today search NOW TV new customers only auto renew cancel cancel anytime terms apply very pleased to be supporting the 80s Rhymes because it's an important message follow that government advice and stay inside as much as you can please stay safe during this weird and confusing and upset.

What time and where you're staying at home? Why not listen to even more podcast? I would love to recommend to you drunk women solving crime is like a party in your house going to enjoy it and please do stay safe.

Thanks for listening.

Enjoy your podcasts podcast Ian Miranda and Karen are still with me and let's move on to that old devil fake news now because merging with the torrent of covid-19 news is a steady stream and not just on social media, but Ian can a creeping into the broadcast media as well.

I'm not pointing the finger at you here.

I'm just going to you because you working environment is nearly half of an exposed to false claims about coronavirus.

I can't imagine most people watching David Icke on London live, but that is an example web culture news influencing the way that broadcast.

Covering news quite a long time as well.

I believe that will be severe ramifications for them from Ofcom internet on this wonderful Ofcom is therefore I guess what you're referring to is Eamonn Holmes's comments on 5G which he then apologized for all sorts of things That Go Round and when you go to Radio phone-in, Show and you have caused get to hear from people who who are interested in some of these random theories I do an hour with each week.

I don't understand what everybody else understands about coronavirus.

Can you catch it is this Acura is that can this help me recover from it? Where have you seen all of these things and it was mostly it is on the internet or through phone.

Facebook I think it probably the way these things spread most often and what can you do about it while regulators can do something about it which is why I hope often do comedowns what's on London live on the internet.

It is up to the lights on Facebook to try and please sing supposed to say but we all know how difficult that can be difficult in that format.

Isn't it? Because you know I have posted radio phone-in PC as well and I've been to some of the same presentations you have about how the audience respond to listen as above all you know that if you hear the voice of someone with a person and you trust them almost more than the presenter certainly more than advert.

I mean in the example you just have you got an expert next to you.

You can say well actually, this is how it is.

But there comes a point where you must have to tell the listeners who are calling you to go and get the information from the NHS or the government like stop listening to each other so much is interesting to share stories, but it can't be the truth.

Feeling the responsibility of what they say on out far more than they normally do I'm aware that one word out of place one word that might be seen as a groom with any kind of conspiracy theory could set a hare running with which would be absolutely disastrous.

It is in essence a Public Service Broadcasting what do I know where in the commercial sector and people think of Public Service Broadcasting only as you see but it absolutely is not my produces the whole of the staff LBC I really think see the responsibility in in scenarios like this because they know that we we are a trusted source of news and comment and we really have to live up to that and I mean as part of the example that I mean in radiator, but maybe on the anybody LBC we have an entire complement of staff because they know that what we're doing is absolutely vital inaccuracy is absolutely key.

What did you make Miranda of Eamonn Holmes going rogue on this morning? Just two people miss the story what he said was in response to their consumer editor Alice Beer saying that the rumours linking 5G to the virus word nonsense and stupid he interrupted and said I would just say that the mainstream media are following the state narrative and if you got an enquiry mind you should be prepared to accept that their proven false before you say it's also mean.

I don't know it's the same narrative.

I mean I think a couple of things about that you have to remember that a man is Northern Irish and I live with another northern Irishman and I think that if you have time in Northern Ireland and the state narrative was quite difficult to deal with so I think that that is something that's run through Eamon whether he you know that is part of his ID

I mean obviously he should have said it's a complete load of nonsense the 5th kind of conspiracy theory around coronavirus quite interesting is the idea that he doesn't think of himself as main stream media because he thinks of himself as a kind of I don't know it's rebel within the mainstream media has completely mainstream.

He works and you know for a very respected did Barry watched programme and I think that what he wants to do, which I really understand is representing inverted colour is a little man against state forces and that's just trying to do but the problem is he chose the wrong subject I mean it's patently rubbish what he was trying to promote was just absolutely nonsense but I understand almost why he would do it because of his background I do understand that but obviously it is just nonsense as a presenter on programs like his or mine.

Interview a conservative politician for example, I'm going to say some very young Conservatives things that doesn't mean to say that I necessarily believe them, but I think I'm fulfilling my role as a presenter an interview.

He could have argued that he was doing that to an extent.

I don't really think it washes, but it's unbelievable the number of times where you get accused of believing when you actually just play Devil's Advocate a different opinion the problem is when you do it with something like that isn't it in that way for instance the Today programme on BBC used to getting hot water because it used to put up people who really didn't believe in climate change against the scientist who had although the facts at their fingertips.

It's just that isn't if you if you're presented with something that is complete nonsense to spell Eamonn Holmes's image isn't one of just cuddly daytime nessuno.

He did anchor sunrise was going to use for over a decade.

He is also the face of the news to people I think that's where the confusion there you know he's not just saying always I think I've read online who knows his modelling the water as a respected news journalist call only because he presents opinions sometimes and LBC we're encouraged to be opinionated, but I know like on coronavirus.

You do keep some of your opinions to yourself because you use of going into slightly BBC knows when you do breaking news when there's a terror incident you are just enroll in use mode you don't give opinion at all.

I think that's probably why he felt out here.

He thought well.

This is a program where I can offer an opinion and and it's well and do is YouTube they have been busy deleting 5G conspiracy theories but they are they will it make any difference terminating channels for the propagating this stuff.

If you want to get closer to good and already YouTube has made a big impact on other properties of conspiracy theories like Alex Jones for example and his InfoWars he used to like very effective demonetized for himself by doing some pretty hideous conspiracy Mandarin and inciting really violent in horrific actions against people have been victims by being shut down by the platforms.

He's basically demonetized in and others of his ilk.

I found it much harder to make a living and also have been able to reach so low I agree in YouTube and other platforms.

Have a real challenge in arriving at perfection.

It is absolutely you coming to bother going to do everything that they can to stop the people with a big audience from spreading an audience to sync people further and further.

So you know if you start watching one kind of mildly critical video on one mildly sceptical video you will then be fed another one another and another and even trying to solve that problem but fundamentally that's just how the internet works so taking the people who have the biggest audiences and the highest platform can be minded nonsense off of the platform is a really good starting and actually does make a big difference to the business logic of you click on the story and they can still Direct you to an advert to something they want to sell you or you engaged with the bullshit story and say it's bullshit and as a result in the sense.

We validate the concept of existing at all.

So that's politically useful sometimes.

I don't understand the fake WhatsApp news.

What actually is the point for the person who generates a fake news story saying my arm works for the MOD and she's just come out of a meeting where they said the army is about to put Chester into lockdown.

I mean what's the advantage for that.

I think about pension let's move our attention to podcast now partly because it is a genuinely fascinating area but also because I'm a broadcaster and you're all either podcasts or podcast excessive, so we'll have to talk about ourselves, let's go Miranda let's start with the new Corona podcasts that you've been listening to interviewing for the Observer how do you think the mediums responded to the pandemic mean all of them to me that they have been a couple of coronavirus podcast without by ITV and Sky and honestly the sound is absolutely terrible.

I mean it's quite basic.

No pop shield like almost unlistenable so I did think that was quite interesting given that leads to very big multimedia companies.

You don't actually know how to make audio, but there you go, I think generally.

Pretty good, I have to say this to that.

I like in particular one is called the coronavirus diaries and that's kind of made by BBC 5 live on all they've done which is a very interesting and revealing thing to do if they're just found different people who are working on the Frontline of of looking after and dealing with the coronavirus, so they've got an ICU doctor someone who works in a care home now.

I've got a few people like that and I just asked them to occasionally make a recording into the phone and then send it to them and then they make a program after that so it's been going for 2-3 weeks.

I think now and it's really good.

It's really revealing it's not too.

It's not it's not well.

It is a little bit scary, but it's just I would really recommend that and actually I would recommend the LBC daily update with Nick Ferrari actually it is called them coronavirus, UK and the reason why I think that's good is there.

Play sea of very good at maintaining their relationships with politicians.

I mean maybe it's particularly because we have a Tory government at the moment and most definitely not all the shows on LBC or perhaps slightly more right leaning but the relationships and James O'Brien and and Eddie but there has been an interesting relationship between obesity and and politicians in terms of deceiving shows you know Boris used to have a particular moment.

Then hold them to account and that's what's done.

Really well on the coronavirus UK podcast I would also so I would recommend that there's loads so I have to say this coronavirus global up.

There's another one call coronavirus podcast which is a kind of brexitcast kind of thing this absolutely loads the good one called coronavirus the latest them in the American ones anything left to say Miranda I mean you know often podcast I've been left out brexit.

Cos you just mentioned it.

You know I saw the role there that was really clever journalists at the BBC you are completely you know up to bed next in brexit and not finding enough space on the news to actually say everything they know that isn't the case with the story like anything that you could possibly say about is being said in the 4 hours on Good Morning Britain isn't it always watch the telly and they want they want to access it in there is also I think you're sly just like you're missing the point of those kind of podcast.

The coronavirus podcast works is because it's the same crew did brexitcast so you are actually tuning in to see how your mates the crew.

Are you know and finding out a finding finding having to report on the parcel the time is a kind of familiarity and coziness around that you're part of that even if they were just talking about.

I don't know it's all about the Brits you probably listen if you like them enough, so I just think also people who think they want loads and loads and loads of information and then they panic and I never want to hear about this ever again, but you there is a point where you want loads and loads and loads of information and that's where these works.

I think the point about familiarity is really important and that's why the the coronavirus one of the brexit cast on probably work, so I have to say personally I would never want to listen to a podcast cos I think I get enough content out from elsewhere each day, but the podcast I do with Jackie Smith for the many which is inhabited be dominated by coronavirus.

What we have found in terms of feedback from the listeners, is that a lot of them because it's not just Serious analysis I mean we have a laugh as an increasing amount of smart on it.

I'm sure you've seen a lot of listeners are saying oh my god.

You are keeping is going thank god.

You're doing to a week.

We love all the human the fact that you're not being sick all the time and people want something.

I think just a little bit different from from trusted voices that they listen to but they want to know that will all go to Hell in a handcart and carry on looking at the statistics as to whether or not that decision to multiply the amount of coronavirus podcast that there are exponentially as source of research in Fallout 5 Comedy podcast now mention coronavirus.

I'll people well.

I mean this is basically no numbers have gone down, but it's a bit more confused than that the major the biggest podcast.

Themes of maintain their relationship can be growing them and they're monetizing really well this sort of flowering of hundreds of thousands of other podcast around the world numbers.

They have gone because people lives are changed and I think it's completely understandable.

There's a situational change people have lost their commute to some extent you just wear a lot of us were conservative podcasts and home a lot more people don't have a lot of privacy or alone time to do that or you know they've got work from home or they just consuming the other content will be different as we go longer into this cycle.

I feel like people as we were saying before there's a really craving that people have for asean was saying positivity kind of humour up the good news stories and I think we saw.

Go onto a period of very intense news consumption and there's a lot of data that says news consumption went very very high the first couple of weeks.

I've locked down and people just the Gathering all they can be gone down a little bit more recently and I think people have started to devolve looking for other forms of entertainment more light-hearted content other types of things to adapt to the new way of having so I didn't podcast so definitely not not going to disappear entirely, but I think that the context of how people consume podcast at least for the foreseeable future is going to change in ways that will affect the content and will affect will continue to affect which ones out with podcasts do well.

I would have an impact on satistics in this way because it's not just that you're not doing the commute speak of my own experience.

I tend to listen to podcasts on earphones.

That's why they feel very intimate and

I'm at home.

I don't really want to walk around my headphones on I can put stuff out the kitchen radio by TuneIn play radio station I can ask my smart speaker to play a song or play radio station usually balls up and ask for a podcast there are fewer opportunities for a generally is a kind of broadcasting out you can have it on in the background and professionally I kind of presumed to be a one-on-one Parker she got your earphones on it and that's what really is often quite quite often the problem with older listeners as all the lessons do not want to put headphones on there not interested You Know Podcast light say no such thing as a fish which you would imagine will be massive hits a month so kind of an older generation because it does not know there is always has kind of hampered because it depends how you used to listen on laptops and then eventually apple podcasting buttons onto.

Play phone so people accepted that way and I think that there is a difference between podcast and what you listen to listen to with headphones on as you mentioned and Outwood broadcasting which means everybody in the family can hear it's like putting the radio on in the car and the that means that perhaps certain other podcast maybe you know if you're really interest in history and you listen to a history book that might not be something that you want everybody in the family here.

So you put something a little bit more jelly on in the in the kitchen whatever I do think the people consuming it differently because it tended to be the root or at the gym.

It wasn't for me because I know the communal use the gym people that's how they that's how they access podcast that's how they used it, but I would you know let's find out the podcast has always been hampered by how you access.

It always always always that is completely got right then pop casting.

Always going to have that is always going to have that problem really you know there is in a box in the corner.

It doesn't quite work.

You've got an Android phone.

It's difficult because I think it's quite typical there which is that I used to consume podcast as you say Miranda Clayton isolation it was kind of person or thing was my way of getting stuff.

I was really interested in my kid podcasts.

You know so just to shut up one that I've been stuck at home which is a podcast from fun Kids radio station.

Just doing kind of you can do when you're so good, so we got more stuff like that so that I can consume with her that we can both enjoy and I think a lot of people there in that situation of sort of what had been a very personal private space podcasting is now more of a family activities.

I think that's a really interesting phenomenon to look at this kind of movement from being in your hair to being close to.

As a family unit 2 funny story on that I have had to think all should I moderate my language on my podcast funny and I listen to me and Jackie Smith swearing this is quite they find it quite enjoy your language because I had your podcast playing on my speakers at Centre Parcs the other day and you swore and others whose children had heard that word so be careful.

I'll tell you about my mother told me with great pride that she discovered that she can make Alexa play my podcast and I suddenly had this vision of my mother and her partner in their house in Florida play my podcast on the word that I speak I think what would mum's think of This podcast advertising revenue that continues to grow or at least in the US it does I mean most the data is ever on this stuff comes to America

Reason that might be the case is because advertisers have relatively few other places.

They can safely put their content you've seen a lot of a lot of advertisers have been very wary of against the news programs or even the newspapers.

I know that a lot of our clients that we work with a little man.

They have pulled back the media spend that they've made TV broadcast in other places because it just really inappropriate or awkward to put it position alongside some of this others the nice thing about this is you have a lot of control over where you are contents going to show it and so I think it might have become quite an appealing option to advertisers from that point of view and then as I said the really big podcast or in big and I'm reading a lot of a lot of listen so I think it's now easier for advertisers to navigate because they can start to see where are the kind of TV equivalent spaces are to go because advertisers.

Media buying agencies if I may speak of my own industry and agencies from my affiliation with media buying agencies things into things that have great big enormous audience kind of tiny things so now that there are kind of enough big Meadow podcast that they can show their money at I think that's also very appealing to advertisers and is not travel companies necessarily or beverage companies that you get on the telly who understandably would be thinking twice about pig spend now own experience.

I've got a new sponsor an answer me this which does online courses I can do from home when you sponsor on the modern man who sell microphones so that you can do remote recording these are relevant things to lockdown x the you know that you could get bitten by a product that was all about headphone the obvious to me that that's that's what you would be sponsored by I wonder a little bit about.

Listen to Mostly there subscribed you subscribe to the podcast that you might not be listened to them and I wonder sometimes about kind of drilling down into that the big podcast always going to be big and maybe when I'll try that out like you would try out you know the Netflix series but actually people subscribe to stuff and then they don't listen to podcast time.

I mean it's really hard to get a straight answer some of the platforms about part of what you're really listens are but I will say apples for example does a really nice job you can go into your podcast and you can really see where the drop-off which is really fascinating you can really see you know what is there something I said that but that also gives you just wearing my mum.

She's just like me and they are cheap to make a lot of the podcast we know now from America 99% invisible WTF shows.

Actually came out of the last fiscal crash because they don't like have high production values podcast on podcast 5 podcast in two of them.

I stopped doing doing this because it's actually quite difficult if you haven't got the broadcast equipment lighting and offer for My Book Club podcast for example.

They got to kill themselves up.

I mean that's never really going to work so I put that on pause until this all over and I think a lot of people have done even that even the ones that produced by big broadcast as a lot of them have been put a post.

I think his interview podcast incredibly successful.

I think that's been put on pause for a while as well.

I have a new way of networking for the Edinburgh TV festival Miranda they are predictably going digital this summer do you think of some streamed online digital version of that is worth doing really I mean is a networking all about being face-to-face having people that work in silos all coming together in one place any part of Edinburgh Festival apart from maybe the book festival it was a bit like Glastonbury with a roof it was just full of people who should know better absolutely trollied kind of making fools of themselves of course securing deals.

Haha I've been it does seem a bit pointless to me because it's really interesting to me.

This is a kind of general point but people have really been looking for in the festival experience in everything you know they want to be amongst amongst people when they go out you know I live in Brixton in South London and they're the kind of rest.

Has really really exploded but the kind of restaurants are the ones where you cure? You can't book you sit down.

You're practically sitting on a kind of hay bale with a with a can of metal the metal plate in front of you and it's kind of quite rough and ready and it's inverted commas and experience and I think that comes up to absolutely everything you're doing a TV festival whether you're doing a book festival people want experience being in the room with other people and having something happened that can't happen on the Internet can't just can't happen on the internet.

That is absolutely right.

It is the whole experience not replicated online TV Festival last year interviewing sort of famous people on stage and I was going to do it again this year and I'm gutted I won't be able to and the promoter said why don't we do it online so you can interview people online and replicate the experience.

I said absolutely not you just can't do that the whole point of doing.

Intimate atmosphere you got a live audience.

You haven't got a load of cameras actually bands TV cameras from from it last year and you cannot replicate that remotely I don't think if you were advising a client Karen about whether or not they should participate in a session at the Edinburgh TV Festival this year, what would you say we know that that was going to go and have a controller sessions you can go ahead if one of your clothes and panelist to do this, but there's not going to be live audience and it's gonna be on YouTube forever.

You know would you like a prat a real problem for us because a lot of the work that we do and I'm in Isabella face-to-face contact is about trying to build relationships with the with an audience that we care about the environment.

We have given a lot of thought to how you can have important conversations in groups of people so for example.

We often do a lot of things like workshops you no more.

Open collaborative sessions were working with stakeholders or people that are important to us in some way similar to how the TV festival works and we have been trying to reinvent the way this is because people stuck in a video chat for 5 hours to replace it with a conference or workshop, so you've got 10 minutes at the Beginning where you can be in as a group and then you give you a little tasks to do and maybe they come back and then you have a follow-up conversation or someone to present bag into you have shorter and longer get possibly over a longer time.

I think we just have to be more creative about different ways of trying to rip the cake the human experience is still people still need to interact with new people.

They need to make connections.

Are you to find people that have things in common with them for business?

That's what people do and I think we need to be a lot more imaginative about how to create those opportunities for a kind of creative collaboration and being together in a space where we can you have those surprising moments that you're talking about.

I think the real beauty as you absolutely say of a festival is the things you don't expect for people you run into the opportunities that we need to try and opportunities for interaction and surprise in this virtual life that we're going to them.

It's a challenge, but I think we need to we need to do more than just say let's check everything up on the video screen and broadcaster like me.

I mentioned just like you you know just like me brother.

You've got in your Twitter DM you know five or six is very important that you would say they let's go for a coffee nice to see you.

Let's see you again next time and it's all very informal.

It's not like you've got some killer great idea the next X Factor it's just that you know at some point.

You should go and have a coffee do the half an hour of nonsense chat and then just get them to remember your face you can't really do that, but you can't really say hey controller Radio 4.

Let's have a Facetime something to do with me.

No not something to do with liking somebody you know you even if nothing happens when you see the next time and eventually maybe 10 years down the line something might happen.

You don't know and I do think that the intimacy of normal human contact and that can be intimacy extended to a huge room where you know as being said you're interviewing somebody and you have a really great rapport with them and the audience really love it, but it's not recorded and it's not put on telly and it's not put on YouTube those experiences are incredibly vital for everybody and it's the fact that they've gone is really really difficult and can't be replicated in any other way.

I meant you know I'm not sure everybody gets what you get.

People coming up to you and saying or indeed a community of the end and you know journalism.

What's the best way to go about it and go out? Just go out if there's loads of three things you can go to you.

Don't need much money and you will meet people and eventually something will happen and those me she's not even as formal as networking you will because you're at home and stay online and that doesn't work you need to be out there and you need to be meeting people which is unfortunate given the circumstances at the moment doesn't really work in the format that were talking about the music can actually rise to the Occasion I've been really touched to see like things like on the choirs and bands performing at a distance but you know together.

Successful online concerts have actually been doing well really well.

I think it's touching on something some sense of community and togetherness that music has always played as it's role in society that it feels like it's important now apart from Cliff Richard we don't talk anymore with Gary Barlow who has had to complete coincidence.

I've just had an email pop-up from Mark Carney apologising that you can actually in Edinburgh just check your emails whilst recording Media podcast join you in Edinburgh enough time because maybe Brown dropped out last time before we had a chance and I can do a movie quiz with just one participant, but you're still on the line barely the theme this week is Disney plus as we?

Disney plus finally launched in the UK on the 24th of March among the Jewels in Disney's catalogue of over 800 titles there are also a few duds, although not the Star Wars 1978 holiday special as highlighted by the Guardians Graeme virtue.

I'm going to sketch the plot of 4 of the weirdest shows available to stream on Disney plus all you have to do is identify the title of the film or series in let's go, what's the title of the Cosmic series about superpowers royals who live on the moon at least someone got one point I was worried.

There is Marvel's inhumans from 2017 the Cosmic IMAX film was downsized to an 8 episode TV show but struggle to leave any cultural footprint according to virtue in the Guardian here is Disney plus title number to what's the title of the film which follows the friendship between a Bengal tiger being hunted for sport and a pop idol fleeing his touring.

I didn't know the price of this 10 Disney no one but I don't blame you for the rockstar produced for Disney's various TV Anthology strands, what is the name of the live action tale of a year in the life of a baby squirrel complete with fantasy dream sequence is it like it's a something of Perry is the story of peri Peri p e r r i from 1957 this feature-length follow-up to Bambi true Life fantasy assembled from documentary style footage of woodland creatures from working in a national park and finally got it at the moment, but let's let's see if I can come around.

Because we don't have opened it now.

I think that might be this one.

What is the title of the rom coms set in rural Ireland with Sean Connery in the mood and emotion leprechauns and the little people from 1929 realistic representations of Ireland not at all.

Is it today commiserations Miranda you can get a single point?

Karen Robinson and to Ian Dale direction to help us keep going all year round we have no government organisation ready two ways in which Cash head to the media podcast donate and choose a voluntary subscription that suits you and the producer Rebecca Drysdale Sherry the media podcast is a PPM production and until next time with a NOW TV Sky cinema pass you can start streaming at best movies around from brand new Blockbuster like rocket man and the Lion King 2 all time favorites including the Harry Potter collection whatever you feel like watching we've got you covered all with no contract.

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