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Chris Stark…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionic created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio Harlow and Stuart Clarkson we've got a great interview for you this week with Chris Stark from Radio 1 5 Live and that Peter Crouch podcast that will find out how is getting on broadcasting from home and hear some stories about how he got his foot in the door at Radio One and it David Lloyd's radio moments later Chris Evans debuts on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show Jamie fixed and arrives at heart breakfast memories of w i n s in the Sand can you imagine a day when there was no news to broadcast on the radio music was composed by the radiator is Roy Martin still in lockdown.

How's your week been right move on and say it's all going fine.

We're all good.

Yeah, like this weekend surely.

I've been helping out with the in quality web streams.

They've been doing a virtual nav show because it was in the TV show in Vegas this week.

That's a lot of the Showcase in the products online instead of helping out with the ipdtl and simple audio stuff and I built myself a sip codec from a Raspberry Pi computer which I'm impressed me even myself because I didn't I didn't ask you so much.

I didn't actually TuneIn so I was going to ask you how that went did you actually build the whole thing from scratch that you said you were going to do boarding in Miami right now.

What about the bike? But no I buy and yeah got all the bits in the box has started at the beginning of the show I live and had it all built and ready to connect by the end of the hour and it's nice.

It's got a little touch screen and it's got USB slots and an ethernet port microphone headphones into it and tap on the screen.

Screen and get connected in this quarter and you can buy them ready-made as well in fact Chris Stark is on a podcast later on.

I hope to get one of those and is what he's been using the last 304 weeks to broadcast live on Radio 1 and 5 live in all over the place.

Just using his Raspberry Pi touch computer fantastic actually work at project kids being back at home school and all the rest of it, but there are life goes on so yeah.

There's a bit of the reasons why the story of the last well over the last year really has been the big CMA stuff at Bauer and obviously we took two weeks ago about that old now been approved and given the go ahead and finally borrow them.

It's on it in the last week and they can start doing what they want with their new train set.

What what are they going to do that is the 64 million-dollar question is that which which radio stations are going to change names which can emerge which in a move or any going to move mix or merge? You know they could just bought the stations to carry on running them as the most of them are actually making money.

So yeah.

It's only a small handful of people know the answer to that question and all we can do is wait it yeah as the situation at the moment with incomes being down means that they now do some temporary stuff if they want to do some programs sharing in that kind of thing now that they're allowed to sew it perhaps my easy things for the little bit in the in the next couple of months before they make a long-term plan never know I just leave it as it is for now be interesting to see what happens and they're talking about some chart hits radio 2 Greg Burns has moved from Breakfast to afternoon to do 1 till 4.

Hits radio leaving fleur and James on breakfast with no Greg and it sounds like this is because power seems to be suggesting audiences at breakfast number down because people are not going to work as much so listen morning is shifting to a bit later in the day people listening right through the day.

So they decide to upgrade on in the afternoon.

Ok that makes a whole lot of sense to me.

I don't know about you, but that seems to be there excuse and they're going with it.

So let's go with that let's move on so I request for more support from the government.

This is radiocentre.

You might seem a lot of national newspapers this week in that pretty much all the national newspapers had this big wrap-around advert from the government telling people to stay at home and stay safe and put out some public safety messages a radiator when hang on a minute can't we have a bit of that, please and the government is advertising on the radio obviously but I think radiocentre thinks he could do more to support commercial radio without adverts and also.

Help on other costs that have got the moment for the newspaper industry of saying go out and buy a paper to read the front page which stays at the stayed home makes perfect sense or read the newspaper online the newspaper industry stop printing paper and all that and polite and everybody have the right money on the printing ink machinery.

Just go online to say all doing a bit to support the newspaper industry because it's struggling with advertising revenue Service spending all this money advertising and he went ok do that for us to please but surely.

This is the moment that finally goes well as online.

Maybe they know that the Times newspaper will no longer exist and that's why they're running a radio version of it instead at some point in the not too distant future and the other thing that radiocentre government for is some help with fixed costs over the next year or so transmission and licence fees and that kind of stuff and I know Kelvin Mackenzie has been quite vocal again about transmission providers and their costs can read his views on the radio today or website the Radio Academy of put out their details of their new emergency fund for people working in radio and freelancers hits by a lack of work at the moment because of the coronavirus crisis they put together some money from the Radio Academy but level and fund and audio UK the BBC audible and real-world up to £1,000 of help you can get all the details about that radio sounds like a good idea.

Is missed out on a bit of freelance work or something like that since the whole thing began and they genuinely are struggling so fill out the form and see what happens there all people like you and me so I know today if you can if you got a genuine case then the some money there for you.

Just to be clear.

It's not me and you say yes, I'm actually there are other people three other people and they said it might be that you need to buy some equipment or software or something to enable you to do some freelance work from home and so that's the kind of thing you could put your application say I need X £100 to help me pay for this all over so that's a really good idea and talking of cash at the moment government money from the audio content fund their announcing project cars every week at the moment and the first programmes for heart from.

Money I've been announced yet.

This is version of hearts of global haven't applied for this.

It looks like it's community or a production company on behalf of community.

Can you get this money? It's just going to broadcast on on the heart licences in Yorkshire North Wales and Hertfordshire as well.

They're basically short audio blogs from key workers that are local to those areas so that sounds like a good sport stars and what they do during the isolation sporting memories on Talksport which will work with a charity tacking dementia and depression and loneliness that using can of reminiscences about sport and I think there's a radio drama called connections looking isolation in relation to disabilities going out on community radio stations produced by disabled writers and performers and

For carers at some short form interviews going out on 38 community radio stations and 4 commercial radio stations as well.

That's going to be on Dales radio where I do a show put together by John dash and belief as well good stuff fabulous, and I'm sure there's still opportunity if you're approaching company or you're a radio producer freelance and maybe and you want to work with the production company to put together an idea of some programming to do during the coronavirus crisis as a pot of money.

They're just search for the audio content fund online and you'll find out more details.

It's free money people fill your boots and from free money to free radio to see what we did.

They are not actual free radio Birmingham but the concept of free radio some tributes this week to Ronan O'Reilly the founder of Radio Caroline is died at the age of 79 vascular dementia a few years ago and we've got.

What to thank you for having me right yeah pretty much Independent Radio before he started Radio Caroline in 1964 with his band of merry Men it was very much do BBC Four the prayer 20 odd years so yeah, thank you to to run Fallout Radio Caroline and everything that came after it in the UK things a little bit different today if it wasn't for him.

I'm guessing maybe somebody else would have done the same thing invented Independent Radio in the UK but he was in that did it in 1964 and my uncle my uncle who was a bit of a geek when I was growing up.

I always have the hi-fi speakers and all the rest of it and he introduced me to tell me all about running or Riley and yes, I've always looked out for him.

Would have been great to have interviewed him for Radio today since we've been operating of last 15 years or so, but we never got the chance which is.

I'm sure you would have been there a wonderful person speak to but I believe somebody else has yeah the great Johnnie Walker is obviously a massive part of Radio Caroline history as well again.

I spoke to Ronan and that we thought we play a little clip here on the podcast it was Easter Saturday midday and quite A Funny Thing Happened on that day.

We we have taken a restaurant in Fleet Street

for the Press launch, and of course we got all the person there what we didn't know is that this restaurant or have been quite adventurous with this heating cylinder head cover the entire restaurant in copper the walls the ceiling he had copper behind the decorations to heat the restaurant obviously an American belts est that was like some military purpose for the Pentagon get a signal from anywhere that is on Wii switch this on around midday, and of course in silence Nothing came through and we just put on my god something's gone wrong.

Maybe the ultimate Admiral t-shirt has bumped into some other little ship.

There are all kinds of dreadful thoughts paranoia spread quickly, and I honestly don't know what made me do it but I lifted designers and I walked out of the restaurant little distance out into the street followed by all these Media folk hit the street blasted in came the sort of test signal which Ray Charles that's the Fabulous Ronan O'Reilly founder of Radio Caroline is sadly died this week aged 79 block people been highlighting that actually if it wasn't for the Radio Caroline did commercial radio handle a lot of what the BBC does now could have looked quite different in the UK because after the pirate radio stations in the late 60s Radio 1 on the BBC start doing pop music and all that kind of stuff as well, so real trailblazer in the 1960s that was surprised.

How young he was so in 1964 when he launched Radio Caroline

24 24-year old kind of inventing a whole new type of Regular essentially now in creating this whole new landscape for the world essentially actually yes, I could probably not as much but it was a revolution pack then there.

I'm sure anybody went out of the ship and tune into your holiday music on 199 would have thoroughly enjoyed it a lot of people reminiscing about it on the on the social media talking ready at 1 and the next generation of Talent in his early thirties about Chris Stark has been a big rising start at Radio One over the last few years and I'm delighted so we going on This podcast next he's coming up here on the radio Today programme and I will speak to you next week loving the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting.

Learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content to the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it this is the radio Today programme presenters working from home at the moment.

Not many though have I seen broadcasting from my front room at 11 in the morning with a should I say a glass of Lager on the mantelpiece.

He's been doing this week E5 live show from the lounge making twice as many episodes as usual of the award-winning that Peter Crouch podcast that is Chris thank you so much for having me on yes, I'm in the living room currently at the moment.

It's it's a strange existence and it really hit home last week.

We were covering James and doing their Radio 1 Breakfast Show which for me and for most radio nerds is the most iconic radio show in the world and I just had a very surreal moment last week.

I'm in the corner of my living room because it's the closest I can get to the router and I can look out the window here and see all the other houses on it on my road, and you know people last moment where I had this realisation that the Radio 1 breakfast.

I was effectively coming from from my little living room and yeah, it's kind of special but equally has taken place of hobbling together to get to the stage where it could be a good quality enough.

I should say thank you so much for being the person that when I sent out the s.o.s.

Came back and basically sorted me all the equipment that was needed to talk about the tech and what using and what uses for different things in the moment, but I suppose on that point about doing the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from home.

Have you gone to the boss? Have you got to Allard you know six months ago and said I know a covering on breakfast to get to do it from home.

It would a flat know but things like this have made it happen that next time you ask when we're back in normal times.

Maybe I don't think they'll ever use it you know the odd time that say we've missed the taxi or maybe had a bit of a night out the night before and we're cutting it a little bit fine.

I don't know the excuse that we were just planning on working from home anyway, but now it's brilliant.

Isn't it for me? It's been worth the Investment regardless because it's been fun apart from anything else, but also equipment to a certain extent pays for itself because it's great been set up at home like this like any and a nerd will tell you it's an amazing feeling to have all this equipment and been to do the job.

I love from from from my home.

Don't get me wrong.

I miss mbhi miss Radio 1 Studios I miss all the guys that work there and seeing them daily, but we've adapted and I think I think we're making it work and it does take a lot of changes that actually even in the kind of the way you talk the way you present you have to be mindful and Aled actually did call.

To remind me that one point and he's bang-on in that you have to remember when you broadcasting from home as well that you're very comfortable and the way you project your voice probably be different but but also the things that you talked about and the manner in which he took it will be slightly different so what you can end up having the situation where for those people listen to the radio show can sound a bit like for example Scott Mills been in amazing quality and then me just kind of almost like Gogglebox you know any kind of reacting to stuff that he saying and it's sounding a bit of a different balance to what would normally hear you mindful of all of that and I've got to say though, it's been extraordinary.

How there's no delay.

How we can still make the show that we we normally do and it's you know what I don't get almost the biggest compliment to the set-up that we've got here.

Is that I don't really get any messages about it.

No one seems to notice.

We've got the Best of Both Worlds here.

We can reflect our audience and I can be from home like much more audiences and prospecting everything that's going on around but in the quality that people would expect from A station Radio 1 and how are you finding it as a co-presenter in terms of not being having not that that I contact you actually on a video call at the same time as your audio connections.

He can see each other so it depends on the job so with Radio 1 me and Scott have been obviously working together for years and so you're right.

There was a lot of them kind of Visual Cues that we have between us and and maybe we just take for granted how we work but we do have something very special me and Scott and we don't need to come right out every link and we sort of know what you're going to do in those links.

So yeah, it is a bit more of a challenge when I can't see in the same way so into the second week of Us covering the Breakfast Show we decided to try and ring up you know where that we could.

However the problem with that is that you're still ever so slightly and delay in a different way to the audio, but it was a good way of having a talk back.

So you know when the songs and we could talk about links and we can talk about how we were going to take on certain bits.

So yeah, we've given it a go to be honest with you.

I found that the radio has taken a bit of adapting to get into but I feel like we've got them anyway, so yeah, it would be great to be in a studio been able to kind of look at each other and do sort of Miss those desperate times where I'm sure.

You don't mind me saying this for example the next song isn't loading in or there's some sort of issue some tissue that Scott is desperately trying to sort out and he just gives me the gesture to kind of chat shit chat anything you can you know because I just need you to keep talking so I can have the time to figure out this search the small sort of tech problem and he's very best of that so.

I do kind of miss that but I do think we working at well when I would hope that anyone that enjoys our radio show is still enjoying the quality that we can provide in these times and then again that Peter Crouch podcast that you mentioned earlier.

We record nose twice a week and that's taken at a hell of a lot of adjusting because we're normally sat around in a pub together and that does rely a lot more visually.

I so we make that work by actually doing three things I'm recording it locally we're recording it through something comes Ancaster which is new to me and were monitoring via FaceTime so it is one hell of a setup and the running joke is that my Wi-Fi isn't good enough to manage it.

I think it's a myth personally, but yeah, it's all just adapting and that's what everyone was saying radio right now and in every industry actually is that they've just a huge amount of adapting and just hoping that the people enjoy it.

I actually also think that people.

More forgiving I just think it reflects the Times how a lot of people are broadcasting at the moment and that's important because ultimately the most important thing that we doing this present is reflecting our audience you couldn't tell that stuff it loses some of the room noise and the same with the podcast you know you wouldn't know that you're all in your own homes and it sounds like she's allowed in a posh living room in his house.

They never been in twice.

Just to do with podcast.

I think it's great we actually recorded one last night and that will come out tomorrow, so we do need twice a week and I feel like we finally here.

I'll ring them with that.

We've kind of got over Wi-Fi issues and the main thing monitoring because I believe you can get the quality in terms of record him and the monitoring in these situations where you've got you know.

Sometimes produced on the line may be someone that's making social content.

I find that the monitoring it when we started trying to figure all this out with a huge issue, because it was always lagging but I find out a project that involved in at the moment.

We we kind of got to grips with that.

I feel very very lucky that I've got this set up because I really notice the difference and I have a lot of people struggling with with tech issues around broadcasting at the moment and I do think there's any present would say they just want the best quality that you can get from the situation.

I can't believe we're close to that at the moment and in terms of the actual kit that you've got then.

I know you got a rodecaster and then you got one of these USB sip boxes to connect you in quality as well, so a lot of people using the broadcaster.

I know this because I noticed the price and kind of went up quite quickly and to go into the whole coronavirus thing however there are amazing bit of kit.

So when I was first trying to figure out what I needed to do our first thoughts.

Is actually 5 lives suggestion or producer at five live cos we do a Saturday morning show which again is recorded differently actually we kind of Records audio our end of things and then it stopped with a producer and it's kind of wonderful edited.

I think the show that goes out on Saturday you really wouldn't know that we weren't in.


I love I love that Saturday morning showing how it's sounding, but yeah the original it was perhaps.

We just record his home and then basically just match up the audio and edit it.

I feel that the road cast there has been a step up from that and on a personal level.

I would love to play around with it and being able to you know record the other thing at home and even put coolant into it if you want, so we've got a situation with five live where I've got a road castor oil producers.

Got a road KA7 Scott Scott broadcaster, so we've all got the same but the producer is I think loving his name is Emily and I don't know if you know him, but he's absolutely love and being able to put coolant through that bit of kit and it's working really well we.

A number of guests on the Saturday Show the last Saturday show that we did had about four or five different guests I know if they're coming through an amazing quality + crawlers.

+ you know everything that we normally do and that's some really happy with that.

I feel the road Castor kind of hold its own.

It's dead easy to use for me recording a podcast and then transfer it to the computer to then send it off is as simple as me so for anything recorded locally the road cast has been an amazing investment the absolute winner for me is the despatch box so I've had to learn a lot about this because the second I saw the kind of the coronavirus pandemic situation developing I realised that there was going to come a time where we weren't all into mph and it was becoming apparent.

You know slowly bit by bit the BBC was adapting and also on a personal level there's a couple of reasons why I'm really started to.

Comfortable about going into London just because you know I live with someone that is technically and one of one of the groups that would be really badly affected by coronavirus potentially so I was really get a setup at home that I could try and maybe take to the it sounds good.

You know and then I've got a really really really supportive however.

I just wanted to get as much advice as possible and I did and I spoke to yourself actually and I learnt a lot about the dispatch box and I've never understood when we going to obies earth.

We get put through to radio on it's never been really my area of expertise feel like I've learnt a lot on the box is great because I took it to the guys at Radio One and they kind of configured it so that I can literally touch with button connector Salford or connect to mph brilliant quality is one of the best things.

I've seen in ages.

Is that on the desk on Scott's and it's got it's got my name.

The fader which I'm absolutely loving you know my favour here as well.

Yeah, it's just it's just the best so yeah, it's been such an easy solution to get the quality of the microphone and everything I've invested are the broadcaster the mixer which does a great job it hasn't let the facts and things like that, but seems to seems to process the my brilliant and then sit box which I just absolutely love and I love this feeling that I'll be able to use this whenever so it's connecting to the BBC and quality studio.

It's just for me.

You know I have an interest to a certain extent in all the technology around what we doing however.

I haven't got an expertise and I've got to say this box has been actually game changer so thank you so much when I put the call out saying look I've got this rodecaster.

What do I need to do when I did some research? I found your name and I found the big man's name as well.

And and he was so good to give me a call later that day that you got me in touch and just explain how it can work.

How easily it can work and yeah, it was a bit of an investment but not very much and I'm totally worth it.

I do think this kit given the quality of it.

Really does sort of pay dividends, what was since we got you are really passed the park because I know that's what you doing trying to get this to your podcast the places series 4 has just started.

It's been a bit of a world win this this Crouch podcast it really took off very quickly, didn't it? What 80 months ago.

It was amazing experience.

It is amazing experience.

It is something that I got approached about doing and I was really keen because I was a big fan of crouching.

I have my ideas about a kind of what I would want to do with the podcast and I spoke to the editor that kind of approach me you was talking about you.

No fear the people being involved in that kind of thing and really what I picked was to a certain extent a lot of what I loved about a podcast called you me and The Big C

Which was this feeling of community feeling that you're part of something and that's what I really liked about podcast at that time.

I was a Sports podcast in the main require stuffy.

They could be quite snooty I felt like if you didn't know loads about the sport.

It was kind of an appealing to listen to them crap.

She's such an amazing character and he's an entertaining character as well as a brilliant sportsman at the time.

He was still playing football.

I know I've got a season ticket at Burnley me and my son.

How well we sold 5 touches his ball in the in the Premier League last year you can get low game time but the podcast is just been something that surprised us all.

I've got a lot of respect for how the BBC kind of left us to it because the podcast itself in a traditional is quite on BBC and we just enjoy having a few drinks.

We chat football.

We have a really good community of people that listen and we feed off those.

And then we have these kind of wonderful moments like crouchfest and you know the samrat parts so that we didn't samrat curry house then and then more recently part was going to be a big reveal it became a sort of mystery who is parched and very hard thing to explain if you've never listen to the podcast before but basically there was a footballer son and he was sort of nameless, but he would tell the stories about him and we finally revealed part, but because coronavirus and sort of Taken hold.

We had to do the review on a very different way and it was actually our first go at 4 according to an isolation took forever however.

It was really good episode and people's response to it was brilliant, but yeah, what we normally do we get to the end of the series and will leave it a few months and then kind of regroup go again and just going to give everything and it just feels that at the moment.

I see a lot of people put that going well.

Just because people want a sense of normality.

Isn't it? That's not even the main reason why I was kind of up for 3.

Podcast for me it just feels like we can and therefore we should and rather than wait a few months.

You know why not just bring it forward and if it makes one person smile if it helps break up the journey one person that's going working on the Frontline in whatever they're doing any kind of key worker then.

It's totally worth it.

So we will not bothering so much about the length of the podcast.

Obviously we care about the quality of it, but we just wanted to be there is kind of 33 mate.

So I think a lot of the messages I get so many messages from people wear the podcast seems to be a bit of light relief and weirdly you know you'll get very powerful message that I never take it for granted.

I feel so lucky to be a person that people feel that they can't do that and I just want to kind of talk about how they feel and that's very very special and I noticed it a lot with this podcast and noticed a lot with our on Radio 1.

But we could keep doing the Radio 1 show so just felt right we bought the podcast and I spoke to the boys and they all agreed and it's nice being able to bring this series out a bit early.

I just hope people and that's the main reason it says just just for people to enjoy without to kiss I see I really like it.

I go to the football with my son, but I'm not a massive football obsessive and there's just been some great laugh out loud moments of people who can assess at home looking for me to listen catch up on some of the old stuff cos the bits with prior to going through his phone and ringing people open.

It's just really really good spinning amazing journey to see over the last since we started I've had some of the funniest moments you know us 3 in a pub.

Just chatting nonsense.

It's such a release release for the one that listens to it and if you haven't heard it over when even if you think he is a complete arsehole you know just just like give it a lesson see what you

And if you want to be part of that community where you know would love to have you there in it's mad like someone told me the other day.

We've we've gone through something.

I think it was 25 million downloads or streams or whatever it is that measurement is I just had 25 million blew my mind because there's nothing clever about it is quite basic.

Just three guys in a pub.

We chat about a lot of things for some reason that's kind of what people like about it and and and what I like about it and actually just stuck to our guns with it and I am pleased to be involved.

So yeah you Alison to listen you fancy giving it a listen.

Please do be great and podcast the week in the radio Times this week, so congratulations on that I think there's been some stuff on there that you wouldn't normally here on sports radio programmes from the interviews with referees and I had Andre marriner on my Sweden Mike Dean and just press my team lorries.

Yeah, it's it's different and it is different in a good way.

This series I think I plan is to you know to treat this time as it is very different wood treated differently and we're going to get we've never had gas on the podcast so we're going to get a lot more guests on for this.

I know a lot of doing this kind of thing but I just think it's a good excuse to bring you know footballers people that we chat about bring a few people that enjoy the podcast maybe but bring them into the world.

You know there's a lot of podcasts out there which at the moment because there's only so much you can do for homework right.

Let's just get some guests on but I do truly believe this podcast.

It's not something we would have normally found in any of the series and this is a special series so I'm kind of intrigued to see how it works when we got different people can come into our world we got Kasper Schmeichel coming on the next podcast wish we great because we haven't really had many other footballers coming on this podcasting really we've been asked by quite a few of them if they can do and I think now is a good time to do it so yeah Kasper Schmeichel

Should be interested.

I look forward to that went along with an agreed to speak to you, but honestly I've got no excuse.

I've got nowhere to be so anything you want to talk about we can do it now.

So good thing.

I wanted to really chat about you come across as such a enthusiast about radio and I know you had a long journey to get on the air as you did hospital radio new did student radio new helping radio stations and that big break you got at Radio One was partly you know Scott getting you in for a couple of days a week and then you just hanging around and it's that story I suppose that is a great inspiration to people want to listen to radio that you just hang around all day and help out with our jobs are ready at 1 and then suddenly you this massive name.

It's really nice of you to say that I am I thinking all of this.

I've I've said it's quite a lot like I never fell like I am Radio 1 presenter, because I've always held in such high esteem and a lot of people probably wouldn't even understand how much for a kind of radio nerd.

I've been growing up.

They were supposed to this but I feel I feel so so lucky to be on Radio 1 and I think I think most people that end up and do have a certain amount of luck, but yeah, I for me personally it started when I when I was about 12 years old.

I'm ever had this little electronics.

Set is called a 50 to 1 set 101 and you can basically make 100 things from this little bored.

You can get the wires.

It was sold in the shop called Tandy you're not old enough to remember Tandy 19012 talking about I must have been so young.

I must have been 7/8 years old something like that and and I'll get my mum into the room next door and I could make a little radio station that could be picked up the radio like metres away and that's the way it started and then hospital radio what I remember.

I took it so seriously I planned the shows I found the youngest person there and then it just felt.

Progression student radio does match work it's been so I could in fact the very first person to to get me work experience studio was was Pete and Geoff actually when they did the the Virgin breakfast own and of course you know Pete sadly passed away not that long ago.

So it's been amazing him and other attributes to him, but personally he was my my very first kind of days work experience at a radio station is sorted by guy called John conaty.

Who was good friends with is it Tony moorey auto Rory and he let me come in and I really enjoyed it.

I meant been so inspired.

They had a load of dogs outside they doing some sort of dog football card in Golden Square I just thought this is Mads like this was this was everything that I enjoy doing with student radio where there was an element of freedom and you can do what you want, but it was done two necks.

These guys were professional in the studio is amazing and everything was exciting and they were funny there was such a funny breakfast.

I loved it and yeah.

I love Radio 1.

I was the biggest Radio 1 so I always had in my head that I wanted to work for everyone but I just couldn't find a way and I did everything I used to answer the phones on the Sunday surgery.

I did everything I could to get any contract and get into the building and yeah, I got a really good break because I become friends with Scott and we've been DJing a couple of nights on the same night and sort of two friends in and he was so supportive of me.

You know he got me in touch with with people that were working at certain commercial stations and things like that however my demo was just garbage it was awful, but I don't really know what I was then and this is a funny thing back, then I tried to get into ready one by pretending to be a Radio 1 presenter and it didn't work.

And weirdly enough, I've done all right for myself by being Radio 1 the better kind of part of that time was when I just accepted who I was and decided you know what your Scott Mills you're not Chris Moyles you're not Fearne Cotton you're not you.

Just got to find your own Lane and represent it fully and I have so much love for how Radio 1 comes up with me because I've always had this feeling that at some point.

I'm just going to get rid of hard feelings, but I think everyone feels like that and I've changed a lot you know when I find out how I am now I've learnt a lot I've learnt from the very very best radio presenters in the world and that can't not have an effect and now I feel I'm in a real place right now where I kind of know what I represent.

I know my skill set I know I know what I'm good at I know what I enjoy and and that's really powerful for me personally as someone that's always felt like a bit of an Imposter at Radio 1.

But yes, you're right that the major bit of advice was soon as I could get in through the doors and as soon as I could get past Claire Marvin in in the old Yalding house reception.

I didn't want to leave so turn up.

I was only on two days a week and really defined links, but what I'll do is I'll be there all day and I've worked on the show and you know even if they have no work for me.

I'll try and get involved it anyway that I am I became useful and then my big break cave should say that that was on there.

I think that's how it work but in my personal kind of quest to be in on Radio 1 my big break came when someone from HR announced that they were having to change all the computers in in loading and because of this they had to kind of work out who was sitting at what desk now because I've been there everyday what they didn't realise is all that I was sat.

I didn't realise that that wasn't my desk.

So then it is amazing.

They wrote me in to the desk plan.

Yeah, just to confirm.

This is going to be your desk and it was kind of shows where everyone is going to be sitting at that point.

I had a desk in office.

I just brilliant so when in every day, so you when I'm working on the show as in I wasn't kind of doing stuff on their kind of right stuff and I'll try and come up with little prank ideas and Lou and a lot of it was rubbish.

It was a huge learning process and as I said like I really feel like I've learnt over a period of time with the best radio presenters in the world and it's lead to now and I just feel so lucky that I get to do the jobs that I do but equally I'm really proud of how well the shows are doing and how well do you know the Podcast Addict

So proud of what means got a doing at the moment because I look Around You Know Radio in general and radios had a lot of changes and I just feel I feel shows doing the right things and the present in the right people and and is something very very special on radio at the moment and it's just honestly is just an honour to be part of and to be involved in and to work on every day and possibly insane to look back at those hospital radio days and stream radio days and go got this literally was everything that you wanted and you doing it right now.

It's so great to hear the new generation of radio like you coming to her still such geeks the kids today.

I I still is revere the right words.

You know these brilliant BBC presenters so brilliantly spoken you know wordsmith.

I've never felt that I'm that kind of present.

I really look up to those people so much.

I don't feel it's the same game per say that I'm playing I don't feel I'm on their level however.

I do feel I represent something different and as I said right now.

It feels like the shows exactly the right show at exactly the right time and that's what people live in about it and do you know I do a day's I'm I'm never forget the day.

I went into a quarter pilot Radio 1.

I looked at the back and I remember seeing the Radio 1 Logo banner on the window at the back of the studio and I just I just got this is this is unbelievable you know this is this is mad and even then.

I never really expected it to get to to everything that happens now and I'm so proud that my love radio and I think radio so important in fat if there's one thing that this coronavirus is kind of showing up in the world broadcasting is how important radio is you know I see the messages I see.

The text that come into as I see the tweets, I see I see how people need radio at this time and I think if anyone's in in any doubt as to what people think of radio it doesn't take much searching through social media through any time of any day.

You look at the radio One feeds, you know you look at the messages that again sent into Radio 1 and it's incredible and I've never fell more important on Radio 1 and being part of a station.

That is as important as it is at the moment because you really see it.

You really see it and we were lucky to be doing a show such an important show you know the start of the day really you set the tone you have to try pick up the town of the nation is you know I'm one of the days.

It was the morning after Boris Johnson hospital in any other time absolutely monumental news that would be but a lot of people are losing their lives and a lot of people going into hospital and it just felt like more and more bad news they are.

And I've got so much respect for Greg and his team because they wake up in the morning and I have to save to set the tone for the day and we have the honour the privilege of doing that last couple of weeks and it's unbelievable you knows and you get it from the audience you just you see the messages that come then you get a feeling of what it is.

They want or that they need so you can acknowledge the seriousness of but then basically saying this is what we're here to do and I think if you agree this is this is what we are you know they do for the next couple of hours and it's amazing response.

I think what Radio 1 represents right now is a kind of is a product of the people.

It's the feelings of our our nation at the moment and I think really want to do a really good job of kind of getting the tone tone right.

It's crazy.

X is not feel is right.

Will let you get back to the drink this on your mantelpiece because I've always got one though.

I haven't had a chance to drink.

To be lovely, you know what to say about have a beer feel like I've done his talk with you then.

What's what's going on with you guys? Do you know we're just bloody work from home all the time here and I made this podcast at home every single week, so it doesn't really make much difference to me loving the fact that connects people at home rather than studio.

So it's yeah.

I've got to say I said at the Beginning thank you so much for everything you did too kind of get me set up here and yes been it's been an incredible time that I know will look back on it some point.

You know will be the funny time that we did on breakfast over my living room, but yeah, thanks so much for actually making it happened.

So you can hear a Scott and Chris are weekday afternoons already one Saturday mornings on 5 Live and twice a week as well, so where you working hard, even though you're not going anywhere yeah listen.

I feel very lucky to be able to work a lot of people can't at the moment you know definitely don't take it for granted so yeah.

Listening to listen YouTube as you probably not new to Scott is a legend and be great to hear from you.

Thanks Ash nice one mate.

Thank you.

I will love you another lovely guy David Lloyd on the way with some radio moments at first a word about cleanfeed if you are looking for a solution to get on out remotely and you're looking for a free solution then cleanfeed might be just what you're after is great for interview is an obese and also in times like this co-hosting your show or presenting your show from somewhere different to the studio clean food has been designed for radio people in the podcast as it's really simple to use connect live quality audio over the web and you can even record within the browser as well.

Clearly won't cost you anything to get started.

There is a completely free version as well as a paid for prevention and I get sign up today and you could be doing your first live interview or recording or broadcasting from home within minutes find out more about it at cleanfeed dot net.

Is it really 25 years since Chris Evans got the gig he dreamed of time listening now don't want to hear support.

Then is that just get on with it with you.

Ok? I'm sorry I was told about this but I just thought for you in a moment myself and sort it out the radio on Chris Evans beginning as the 9th of April centre of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this week in 1995.

He took over after Steve Wright's brief stint Jamie Theakston is a quiet radio star still delivering big audiences on hard you took over the breakfast show.

Years ago this week of Loose Women the TV Show on Breakfast Show yesterday and I realised that it was Jamie Theakston who took over breakfast on heart 106.2 London this week in 2005 replacing Jono Coleman have you heard show there from 10 years ago the 1980s saw some commercial radio casualties and even with very little competition for radio revenues some didn't survive 35 years ago this week.

It was farewell to this one if you just turned into DAB radio you wondering what's going on here expecting to hear bleeding album.

I'm afraid slight change to our programming plans.

It's kind of the Peter the last time anyone will be sitting in for anyone on TV radio.

We're going on at 11 this morning central financial problems sadly of the Order of the day and unfortunately we can't carry on and smashing speaking to Dad was the chairman of the stairs and front door and he said that's it down a bit of a surprise to me as you might imagine about it, but because it was so important in different ways that last morning after 11 then.

It'll stop wagging the start it was a mum went through and history about it.

I didn't have between laughter and tears obviously the local TV stations along the film bits and pieces later on but the BBC in the move.

Reconstructed the shut down the radio station Peter who pushes the faders down for the last time, where is it was me that you did Colin Briggs with memories of GB radio broadcasting this week in 1985 after its closure the transmitters real a neighbouring red dragon from Cardiff to stations, then only merged its capital at the current situation news is crucial and a rolling news service of course was launched recently by LBC and his life is getting closer to a variant of it at least now.

I don't have small on it, but possibly the most influential rolling news service launched this week in 1965 in the United States

Good evening is 43 degrees at 5 on Thursday December 21st time stands the Burns and here's what's happening releases 5p facing tends to be up.

We are let's say we are recognised as being faster paced news diet than anywhere competitors would sugar bytes of those probably except for four major stories.

I suppose what is going on here in an hour will be a predominately current news and not as many features as we were here in on another although station.

You never know about those listeners.

There are people who listen to All news for hours at a time there were those of a lesson for maybe very short bites.

There's I suppose a division of a

Overall News radio on whether you should program for A1 listening or more frequent listening, I won't get it wns we go for the Frequency so we would look for a a faster turnover of nose and more of a sense of ADHD and updating story so that you might listen to us for a certain period of time 10 time wins which launched this week in 1965, but sometimes the last thing we want is more comfort ourselves with this tale from this week 90 years ago the story maybe apocryphal, but it's worth me telling a good Friday News Bulletin where the BBC announced there is no news tonight.

So here's some music and 10 minutes of piano playing followed at the moment.

This is absolutely fascinating because you have to remember that there was no news came about 4 years after the end of the general strike when Lord Reith went on there and at the end of the strike and handed over to the prime minister actions that might not be regarded as

Today it was an age of difference the government didn't tell BBC News what to broadcast but certainly there was an accepted mode about what the public should hear about and obviously on that day that accepted motion convention meant that there was nothing of significance that the public was meant to hear so with Lily making its debut on the BBC Home Service 78 years ago Chris Evans taking over Radio 2 drivetime from Johnnie Walker 14 years ago st.

George's Day launch for BBC Radio Shropshire 35 years ago now and is very special day.

It's time for the very first programme from Radio Shropshire and it's over to Diane Kemp with the breakfast show BBC radio personality of the year 44 years ago a very good afternoon to you and welcome to open the BBC charts 3 years ago.

Just before 5:45 this afternoon, but to begin at number 40.

This is Ed Sheeran with new man on the official charts on Radio 1 and my first programme on commercial radio 40 years and it was 2 years and years ago and a song called The Sun ain't gonna Shine Anymore this week's radio moments.

Thank you David happy 40th.

I was still a few months of being born then I think so so this week to rea Martin am I guess Chris Stark have you enjoyed listening to that as much as I did chatting to Chris next week another national radio presenter on the radio Today programme will talk to Leona Graham doing her absolute radio shows from home as she marks 20 years since her first time on Virgin Radio at 1 Golden Square for talk to you next week.

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