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Read this: RadioToday Roundtable May 2020

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RadioToday Roundtable May 2020…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio.

Thank you for joining us for the May Round Table as second monthly celebration of lockdown listening in West Cambridgeshire that see who else has turned around and virtual table courtesy of ipdtl and zoom hi Sarah it's Matt Deegan I'm in Earlsfield I'm the fish manager at fun kids and the creative director at boulder Media Simon cross down here in Southeast London from shooting shark Productions maker of various podcasts and radio programs and I'm currently in South Norfolk I am a radio production and technology can and also one of the organizers are radio tech con let's just start by finding out how it's affecting everybody as an individual and start with you Simon because you're busy.

Is Sports sports broadcasting sports production there is no sport what the hell are you doing with yourself somewhat of a boom time in audio think I'll company makes probably about 5050 years video to audio content that's pretty much now 100% audio content the video part of supporters.

There's nothing to see out here, but there's still plenty of hours or sports content to be filled and we don't do too much live sport within to do the day programmes and talk about sports not have they still hungry out there that sort of fans are isolated in some ways more of a reason to do things we were a bit nervous about bringing back.

What were the football phone-in 606 on 5 live because there was no games to talk about it.

Seen in the time to say we should sack our manager.

Who was the potato subjects.

Music cover didn't seem relevant but we brought it back for a one-off and the phone line for jam people just want to talk football.

They can't do that at the game.

They can't do that at the pub, but they can't even do that sometimes in there within their own family and their work mate.

So there seems to be a reason to bring it back down too much of ourselves, and it was like a public service, but there was certainly a lot of people that were just really happy to be able to talk football for a couple of hours and how was it working in your world in tech.

I'm used to working from home working from so for me a lot of my life hasn't changed that much apart from normally be away two or three days a week and traveling all over the country.

You're over Europe sometimes all over the world so obviously that stopped I have got a phenomenal amount of you know the admin jobs that you're like yeah.

Yeah, I definitely get around the nose and now it's damn.

I've got to get around them, so some work has dropped off at the face-to-face training that kind of thing.

Happening are the bid to keep me taking over and the other thing is happening is that with my radio tech con on we had a good chat to everyone in the industry and they were very keen to make sure that the event happened which is brilliant is definitely happening on the 30th of November but of course what's really happening is the team and I am trying to plan effectively two versions of the event in parallel, because we cannot say at the moment where they were going to be in our usual weather is going to be a super duper virtual conference or what the social distancing was going to be so that's kind of interesting at the moment.

Just trying to work out the logistics of something that you don't know what that actually be matter.

I guess you're going through something similar with the podcast awards and also with radiodays Europe that you're involved in.

It's kind of difficult to know exactly when we're going to come out of all this and whether you are events for the British podcast Awards we've got our nominations on May 18th, which will be as streamed event so just putting the finishing touches on at the moment for.

Ceremony wiersum and we have two versions of the ceremony.

We have a virtual version and an in-person version I think we'll get a bit of a steer the Morris on Sunday I'm in my assumption is any announcements will say pubs are shut until September or something like that would make it difficult to do any in person event so I think until that point roll with the punches and just come up with something.

That's what we want to do with Awards is to celebrate the sector and find opportunities to talk about the sex and it's a bit harder but we can still do the manage that covid-19 to a chat about podcasting before we do live radio BBC Miranda size piece in the Observer saying that the way already that kind of said this stuff so popular now that it must have picked and wasn't sure that will that made any sense?

Follow podcast probably more than anyone that are there too many now.

I think what it was saying was it's the end of that kind of first phase of podcasting where individuals are more likely to happen here too.

It was pretty democratic and anybody can do it.

You know the big boys have rolled in and whilst you know kitchen show can still be successful.

What's your marketing? And how do you reach an audience? Can you tell them that you exist is much more difficult to stumble across India podcast than it used to be and that's what it's saying.

It's professionalization of the wrong word because that she's not a professional indeed show your large media companies are in this space spending significant amounts of money in £100000 on shows which just means it's a different kind of a medium than what we know listeners like quality and they like something that talks to them individually about their interests and their tastes and I think there are more people out there doing.

I think that the bit is we getting to a point where a more mainstream audiences listening to shows and they have different desires.

I think the early adopters maybe early on and you still haven't had that many breakout mass-market hits but I think there's more of that happening now and we're going in that direction weather Tallinn or format all the kinds of producers who are making things and that's going to change you know what people listen to listening to more podcasts than you used to live radio is the other way round I can read satistics that I know I'm unusual in my listening in that I do listen to more podcasts and live radio that party happened when I started travelling so much internationally is interesting you say it's the end of the Beginning because it feels like that happened a while ago because I think my point for that is when you no longer have to explain what a podcast was all the time and we hate to mention cereal but I think that was.

The point where you stopped having to say you're podcasting know it's sort of like a downloadable version of radio, but it's not like the smallest data is 10 million people listen to podcasts which of these still quite small 56 million people in the country 10 million is an amazing number and its uses more people than listen to Heart for example, but as a snapshot so it's not like it's a small number of listen to podcast but I think we're at the point now where that's going to continue to grow and probably at a faster rate and it will mainstream faster.

I think now there's enough audience that people can invest time and money into making Big Show's designed to be successful and make cash still providing a question of how do I get that? Where do I get that I have a podcast that's what people used to go iTunes is still where the majority of the people in my podcast get it.

What size obviously creeping up very very very slowly and a dozen other ones and then is BBC sounds and where does that come into this and then quite often people will just sort of social media link and click it and listen to it that way and they're not even sure where they're hearing it from they would say I'm hearing it on my phone.

I think there's still a bit of ignorance out there about how you actually access podcast Matt do you think that all this home Working you no speaking from under a duvet in your bedroom and all the rest of it is going to change the way we do broadcasting I think so.

I think you could do all these things and I'm surprised about that that we didn't have to do these things.

I think we had an impression of what a Skype was like.

I know it's a bit rubbish.

Isn't it? Let's not bother with it.

Where is actually now you force to come back to you.


This is very good.

I can tweak it to make it even better for our children's radio station fun Kids all the presenters are at home and then remote voice.

And it's fine and there are some presenters who we probably drag into the studio that we don't need to and they live far away and it's not really fair on them.

Will they be coming back into the studio when we maybe not I don't know whether discussion with them.

I think on radio playout there's an interesting bit about where your play on the she needs to come from so the fun Kids it comes out of our studios in Holborn but fun Kids junior comes from the RCS cloud and actually if you're doing it again you put everything in the Cloud to start with so I think it is accelerating decisions as you realise actually the detectors caught up with our imaginations.

What is the point now? I've tried doing all these programs at distance.

What is the point of being everybody into a studio and you do a lot of conversation programs panel shows do you think you'll do fewer of them with everybody together in the same room?

Audio threshold lower throughout the whole party acceptance continues after the lockout I suppose audio purple with tearing their hair out.

What's going on with some of the air quality in the way of doing things but at the same time maybe we are now starting to get used to visually that sort of zoom conference.

Look at even mainstream television have been adopting and certainly in audio terms.

I think there's going to be a lot of people who threw the period of themselves good microphones sort themselves out a little bit technology very simple downloads and I think that will change things.

I think I'll be far more acceptance of do I really have to come in for that and it's obviously much better money for everybody because they got a couple of hours of travel time so I think it's economical drive as well as an engineer and do you think that people have been a bit too finicky?

What we used to call quality sounding I've got to do this in quality people would say is that going away now.

Let's get rid of radio stations and debates along the lines of are.

We technically and personally ready for the idea that we don't need a radio station anymore for live broadcast is still do need at the moment with limited by the fact you need a hub where your lines are coming to going out.

I think it's interesting with always had broadcasters have been at home.

It's Not Unusual there are plenty of presenters who have got the right setups and have been presenting at home for years, but you also have to put casters and things like my by journalists and we've got the staff who are paying attention to technology and have acquired the skills to do mobile journalism smartphone hack the kit together to make things sound really good in confined spaces and then we got people who haven't bothered to get those skills and I'm sure that many of us have spent a lot of time helping friends out and Part of Me

Bad Ferryside is kind of like why am I sweating so long helping you up for free when I actually acquired the skills over the years and you haven't bothered so hopefully it will be another point where radio people need to realise I have to understand the technology if they want to make your programs and I think so long as it sounds good, then it can and should come from anywhere.

You've always got to think about your backup options if your mainly doing voice radio station then you've already got a backup option anyway, so I don't really think there's been such a thing against broadcasting from home and remotely especially radio because we sitting outside broadcast anyway for getting good guests because people are made at home at the moment, but I'm quite like something to do with making a podcast series for MTV at the moment called nappy days.

We're just going to parenting podcast guests and we've sent some mics and some headsets and some of those things around to them to get them better quality believe in them recording it through zoom awesome.

And holding up a phone to their mouth and just hitting voice record on there.

It's really good is really good and actually I think sometimes we produce things in way.

They've always been produced.

You must come to a building into a studio and it must be like this.

That's what proper is where is actually that adds a lot of that exam was saying that has a lot of barriers to making something went to the last year to Do it TV series and big-name American sports star wanted $10,000 for an interview so we got one of these cheaper teammates however last couple of weeks ago.

I was pretty happy to do a free interview on Skype because he was just bored and haven't been out for a while and yes sure whatever you want and likewise a big Premier League football team which I won't mention team in Manchester doesn't they're red with very very willing to give us some of the first team players to be interviewed where you can spend a whole season try to get 5-minutes without him.

Sydney were able to talk to them their star players and which is great and this is not being critical of them.

They haven't got anything to do so it's really good that we are able to access guests and the amount of time as well.

We can talk to somebody out for an hour where we might have been tired after three or 4 minutes before it's the radio today round table for May 2020 and will have a small your message and be right back with you today programme studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transfer everything about radio except the way you make it so is Simon cross when I say here I've caught.

They're at let's talk about the big radio news of the last few weeks which is the announcement of the schedule for x radio you wrote if I made a bit flattering very succinct and well-argued piece which people can read so you don't need to tell us what you said in your blog, but I can summarise and I think as if they think competing with the radio for they've got another thing Comin the time got in touch until all yeah, you're right.

We're not we're not about talking Radio 4 about doing her own thing and I really hope that's true the ratings of the danger that they are the things which distract you and people not making the radio station here in that business.

I'm gonna look to compare it to things and it's a shame because it's going to be difficult to establish that opera.

Make it successful in traditional term that's going to be hard and it's nothing to do with the quality of the product that they make or what they doing.

That's just the nature of the world today years ago you turn on the radio station local press turned up some balloons that was it 20% reach no trouble doesn't quite well that anymore and I think that's the Challenge for them.

I think it's too great if they truly focused on driving subscription revenue for the Times which you don't see many subscribers for it to have to pay back and to be a good thing then that's totally the the right thing to do whether they keep that Focus though that's going to be the big challenge apart from the lack of advertising.

What will be different do you think between x radio and LBC and time radio and talk radio huntswood be less phone in lesson use wheel and more broader topics more thoughts on things and hopefully.

Making quality built programming in the podcast so it's really good.

I hope some of that but I think the issue with the Talent and they all the talented solid people but there aren't any stars so that's not going to get in the way of producing great shows and great content it is a bit of a thing that encompasses you from capturing press coverage and that's another problem mate.

Can use papers and magazines probably aren't going to write about x radio other than musical products and the radio is not going to talk about them too and even tell you a little bit snooty so the top things have got to overcome while staying focused on doing a good job.

There are tons of people the radio sides counted the press cider talented guy.

There's something to stop the making great content but getting up to cut through going to be soft and are you looking forward to it? There was the kind of Channel 4?

Thing on the horizon and in those days if you worked in speech radio you either work for the BBC or you work for an indie that may programs for the BBC and there was no market for your skills actually and now we got pop sing and we've got things like X radio coming along so there's potential for people who can actually make great speech content to have a bit more of a career and maybe get a bit more money for they do you know I think of course you can take the BBC that would be obvious but why would you want to set up a speech radio station which is an expensive thing that is not a talk radio station like talk radio.

Is it? They are trying to do proper programmes presenters in content and hopefully building some of the stuff that they got from the podcast I tell you who I haven't seen on the line up yet that I'd really like to see my fantasy schedule for x radio would include catamaran doing at the weekend breakfast or 995 on a Saturday would feel like a really good slot and maybe have something that you can we version really easily into a podcast and also kind of interested that they got this split for breakfast they doing.

Play to Thursday and then Friday to Sunday thing which is supposed to supposed to have no contract and the availability of their stores and then Tim Lavelle and charge is a good move.

He's got a really solid background was around editor for quite a long time and then Blue Peter and then 5 live so that's a good mood for him as well, and it was announced this week that my car is leaving 5 Live do you pin to join x radio well Mike is cut from the world of Sport not many people I don't have got no inside info on this but I did not many people get the immediate effect treatment from the delay, but that he has gone.

I'm gone very quickly, but there's no indication yet where the Times radio will go into the world of sport and why should they even their home and they do have talkSPORT and talkSPORT 2 and 5 liver doing what they're doing that was probably not really much room in that market place for live sport.

X radio it's interesting to see that the line at the scala radio launch today with lots of familiar faces and even people who are sort of going to be doing shows but weren't really part of their playtime lineup x radio female presenters which is great.

They haven't allowed to start a new they haven't got an inherited the problems that other radio stations have had of mistakes being made decades ago with all-male lineups that they've had to slowly try to bring in more women's but time does the radio seem to have started afresh in the good fear of very very good representation for that.

I was a bit disappointed that Chris Mason didn't eventually transition over 2 x radio cos I believe that they were advanced cushions and I think he would have been rather good on that line up, but he would be but he is also very good where he is now right as I think they probably the BBC need to recognise that give him something more of his.

Vehicle parked up to do a quick hit on my program.

I was producing and the presenter of thing I do we need to talk to this this guy's goodreid because he likes of the airwaves as soon as he comes on yeah, also I saw on Facebook who's saying he's saying he has joined x radio to be the sort of VP of mornings and breakfast and that would be a great thing let's find out what a panelist have been listening to after we've heard I think from Stuart Clarkson thank you Trevor yes in these lockdown days are living in you might still be looking for a solution to get yourself on the air from home or to connect with guests for your radio show your podcast cleanfeed is one such solution is worth a try there is a completely free version to get you started within minutes and it's really good quality.

Just using a browser no software to download or anything like that you send a link.

Mother and clicks on it and they connect with you in decent quality is really simple to use as I said and you find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet.

That's cleanfeed get back to you.

It's time to find out what everybody is been listening to either live or online.

Let's start with and what's your first choice my first choice.

Hopefully something that lots of people been listening to the coronavirus.

Newscast formerly brexit cars formerly election cars formerly used cars.

They've ruled that former into being a coronavirus update at times, but still does have the features of having a team who are at the centre of a story who are reacting to each other and also it means that you can someone outsourcing you can listen to that and have an update once a day without having to feel you've got to follow the story every second of every moment but then that I've selected was from a few weeks ago.

I had an amazing interview with someone who was a palliative care doctor and she was talking about what happens when you die on a ventilator as we become progressively less well with something attacks on lungs like this.

What happens if the oxygen levels in Dublin will drop and it gets progressively more and more difficult to stay awake, so while people are awake.

They'll be feeling breathless.

We are using quite strong drugs to manage their practices and take that sense of being hungry for air away from them has the oxygen levels drop then become just naturally more and more sleepy and a Relapse into a state of unconsciousness, so these people who we love.

I'm not going to be awake and gasping for breath to their last breath.

They are going to be gradually more sleeping.

They are going to lapse into unconsciousness if they're on a ventilator already.

They would have been made unconscious by drugs in order to tolerate being on the bench.

So we shouldn't have a picture of these people who we love.

I'll wait till the last breath, but terrified panting worrying about his wondering about it.

They will buy their last breath and aware of their surroundings unaware of who is a random at all and actually at that point the experience.

That's really awful those of us who love them and I separated from them waiting for the news from the BBC what is this virus? How does it spread? How do we protect ourselves and our loved ones for coronavirus positive loved ones before their time relax?

But I think in this moment good old-fashioned Solid music radio does exactly what it's supposed to do which is raised the mood and it's very easy if you're on TweetDeck or dare.

You got the news on in the mornings to be sort of Corona overload but being on well.

That's good James in the morning on Radio 1 or will Manning on capital and just up your mood makes you feel good.

Just hearing pop records is absolutely fine.

I think at the moment two things that we've also been listening to our evenings have changed a little better.

See you at home or the magic chilled smooth chill and Jazz FM making regular Appearances to that part of the day too.

So I think just you know if you're having trouble out there the information overload just work on some music radio given that we do all have a few opportunities to listen to music radio that perhaps we haven't had for a little while give us One Show

I think we would be particularly delighted by regularcapital listener.

I think listening to will Manning who does mid-morning is something good to Cheam to you know it's tight bright pop video, but there's good personality and those links and he's grateful that I was having the best time reading this morning.

What is the best dreams come true? Thank you.

Doesn't mean we can't bring you some of the best bits that have happened over the last 11 years of the UK's biggest summer party Saturday

Is together you can listen to Capital you can watch on global player Sky 1 and on YouTube on Simon cross your first choice as actual consumption of programs and podcasts is decreasing not going anywhere so they're listening in the car there anything on the way to the studio into workers is just not there anymore.

I have chosen something which is sort of very much created of where we are right now.

I think this podcast one existed.

We not locked down and it may not go on much longer afterwards.

It is loosely about sports but like all good podcasts about sport it goes into other areas as well.

You'll know Trevor about the Tuesday club being back a year and a half after the last episode 8 back Alan Davies brilliant broadcaster.

You don't have to be an Arsenal fan, NOW That's my point you have to be an Arsenal fan to enjoy the Tuesday club podcast about Arsenal Football Club but you don't have to be Welsh to enjoy what?

Suggest now which is three Welshmen Elis James Guerrero and most importantly in my opinion this podcast Mike bubbins, who is fantastic.

He's a comic actor from Wales trade and somebody who gets kind of employees sometimes to come up with formats.

This is one of the traditional kind of autumn together podcast is Miranda Sawyer calls them and sometimes you do with two three good people having a chat amongst themselves and their mum's friend's the lovely combo of nostalgia gentle humour and copyright infringement.

They're YouTube clips and talk about them and then mostly about support and here.

They are talking about an England football match in 1953.

The best defender in the world that dragged back from couscous, push push cos he doesn't know what's going on and he's never seen football and then a deep lying centre-forward.

They don't know what to do because I thought well.

He's too depressed to man marking so if we go and follow him wear them out of position, but if we don't follow him.

He's got all this time.

Please and crucially he's fucking brilliant.

Just had no idea what to do and they would constantly be enjoying our position and it's hungry just murder them.

I mean in the English FA you seem that it was a bad day at the office and that it was some sort of the blade 32 V is an operation and they would like listen.

Yeah, we're originators of the game.

We invented football what they said was the they will I correct the homework play you again about in Budapest

So that's the socially distant sports bar back to you and for your second choice velosophy where he interviews and rusciano so will Anderson is an Australian comedian former radio person.

He has very long form interviews with people each week, and I don't listen to all of them because I don't want to spend an hour and a half to 2 hours with the people.

I don't know but every so often because he used to work in radio.

He will have a radio person.

He recently interviewed Christian O'Connell formerly of this parish, which is worth the listen as well, but has been a radio presenter in Australia I used to listen to her show was amazing very funny very feminine feisty really good listen.

She was rather put through the mill and by the way the industry works over there and she doesn't meet in the podcast at some of it was her fault so and in.

Conversation between the two of them around her career, what's happening in radio and Australia and also the importance of people who are creative and how important it is for us to charge for a work and the employment opportunities that then come out of that especially in this time at the moment with lots of comedians on able to talk shows and bringing the incoming employer or the people they normally employed but the clip hope it is where both of them are reminding each other that they should never ever set foot in radio ever again for me the other person who would be my 25th year in a row during the show at the festival is the Anchor of my it's what everything else revolves around.

It is so closely tied to my identity and what it is that I do that.

I knew that I had to do something so that I didn't get obsessed by those sort of thoughts and thinking about that.

I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage and what was I going to do? When should I shouldn't fucking stop doing right now?

Stephen you made well.

There's nothing like being completely unemployed with no income and still not wanting to go back to work to let you know that you've made the right money in Sydney and I don't even know if I'm going to pay my mortgage next month but I'm very candid stuff from Willow Tree thank you very much and shows that begin your second choice so I found in lockdown that I don't have a lot of time to myself.

I'm at home with my girlfriend and I'll be working in separate rooms time with each other using calls and not listening to a lot of fun kids bits and pieces and so I don't have a lot of time for podcast listening except when I walk to Sainsbury's for my weekly shop if they have never done before and then I get too cute.

And then I get to be in size with half an hour to do the big shop and that's why anytime to listen to something I cannot use to in the podcast then if I have to pick one podcast off my list.

That's the filling up time mission Andy again from Australia they were very successful Radio presenters the sort of Ant and Dec of Australia and how they do a very successful kind of number one Weekly podcast volume to 11 great radio with the podcast medium and so they have sort of running storylines recurring features lots of podcast.

Don't think so shame it's like loads and loads of listener involvement and getting them in and getting them involved with things and it just makes me laugh at that makes me smile for that Sainsbury's and the clip.

I think we can listen to is a recurring feature about power moves bragging is a white again.

That's why people do it sometime if you can catch the wind.

When they're on their way to the powerful position that I believe the martial arts.

What is that when we use that finds body weight if they come out you probably like you did too as well, but maybe we use the body white yeah.

Yeah, so you go with the momentum now.

Who is in regards to your phone.

I think this is this when somebody tells your facts about themselves and the like are used to really like origami of a keep getting something now.

I needed to know I always say thoughtfully always reliable Hamish and Andy imagine mat with his headphones on standing socially distant outside the Sainsbury's in South

London final choice from Simon cross, not The Untouchables that the rewatchables Podcast episode of ground because it's something which even though it has been going long before the lock down.

I think it's a podcast for the lockdown the rewatchables simply means and it's not an especially original idea of this the various degrees of success is re-watching old films what I like about this one is it's films that use seen it's not especially RT the latest episode on gladiator to The Notebook Basic Instinct Titanic Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a good episode, but it's features Phil Simmons on most of the episodes not all of them and he gathers people around and quite late with and a look with a lot of nuanced about popular films with lots of good trivia a few clips and I just found it very very listenable and Bill Simmons a bit like IRA Glass

Is imperfect etre soothing voice and I'm a big fan of his Jaime Lannister before he lost the same you into in terms of like the fighting prowess and the leadership was respected, but like a widely reviled maximus.

Just generates beloved back from everyone who is around him.

He just has that magnetism sorry that I would say the maximus like it is for surpasses dreaming of like the respect and that is Ghana's from is competing in the leadership that he exudes your point about give and give them can pull this off because Russell has a book to him like that and he's got he's got like a big back muscles when he just got a hold in a forward Gibson Gibson in Braveheart for example is too small.

Jessica that's like a soldier by you need a different body to be a gladiator you need you need strength is Bill Simmons and his chums talking about gladiator before I let you go.

I think we should just reflect for a minute or so on the issues that are facing people in our sector out-of-hours emergency funding they seem audio and radio murgency fun.

There's special money coming from the audio content fund.

What do we think of the way the sector as a whole is support the people who work in it.

Let me go to you first man to distribute for any reason is is difficult even if you wanna do it.

I want to find out a way to do it.

So I think what the Academy or the UK have managed to do with that funds great ACF audio content fund you know nearly 400.

Can I give out for coronavirus programming little comes from this period is not particularly background of Iris book about this period is there any viable me for fun Kids we've got a sports show which is new indie and making great material for us and on the other end of the spectrum.

We just had confirmation about a series.

We're going to be running.

That's made by a kind of community group in the southwest of children's online station and then making features A Little Help fund them there operation which they wouldn't be able to do because of the things have happened.

So it's a different way of getting cash to people so I think it's been pretty impressive.

I mean on the technology side people have really come together and radio tech con we've been able because obviously got any of the main groups involved we've been able to offer help to community and hospital radio and also get together a list of all the technology freelancers who are around.

Short stay here if you need an extra pair of hands and you want to hire in some help them with their it is really good that the audio support funds are there if I may be slightly controversial.

I mean it's ex-bbc folder Media well done Matt audible audio UK real world of all contributed.

Just have a little thing on that list about the major broadcasters.

You haven't yet taken part.

It's a shame.

I think I mean every business is able to do what they like obviously but I think really massive props to those organisations that have been able to find a little bit of cash because the grants that are going out to people up to £1,000 and I think most of around £500.

So it is small chunks of cash that every everything helps of course, but I don't imagine that the donations to meet your organization's necessarily have to be massive said I think he's put some money out of correction was not something that we've personally completed for but I think the industry as a whole has responded quite well.

It's going to be tricky as give me hard.

Could be hard for some people in this business and as many people out there were far less fortunate than ourselves and finding work is drying up but on the other hand it there are transferable skills even within the industry you mentioned at the start that will probably a sports indeed but in an emergency.

You know it's a question of getting things done whether it's as mentioned earlier.

Just making you get a technology going that allows people to broadcast from home somehow somewhere and somewhat decent quality or even just transferring your teams to keep them in work stuff time for a lot of people out there and the loss of even occasional food on ships is going to hit people hard, so we're even managed within the industry to transfer 606 phone in team have been also doing a coronavirus.

Call a doctor style program because you know we've got the infrastructure there to do phone-in show they don't have to be about Sport

Hopefully, the quick-thinking has helped some people keep their jobs and the audio funds have been fantastic and it's good to see so much money being bored in the sources, but there's not be something that they already got to struggle through this struggling already and let's hope they can come out the other side somehow.

I think that's a very good point on which to end it Simon cross.

Thank you so much for joining us Matt Deegan as well.

Thank you and Charles and thanks to have puppet master who is Stuart Clarkson I will have another round table at god willing in June until then as long as these days stay safe raise Your Glass so let's toast together 65 years of FM yes after experiments the UK FM transmitter switched on in Kent bringing the BBC light programme III program at the home service to London and much of Southeast England back, then we only

88 to 94.6 that little bit of the VHF band that is Radio 4 from the South and West and I have a cutting here for this weekend 1955 all about that.

He says the opening up a number of special broadcasts have been arranged and these include Mr business rates better Harold Harold Bishop the director of technical services.

He speaking in the programme called at home and Abroad all about VHF and you've got the chief engineer on the Intel tonight's programme and then the Jesus and Jacob is going to be speaking on the program.

So clearly they get very enthusiastic about the Southbank in 1955 was the first of ten pontop pike for the northeastern wenvoe for South Wales and the West of England followed a month later and it took another 3 years before they started to explore in stereo as you know stereophonic sound requires two channels to represent the two years.

For my right there.

I am going to use the sound from a television receiver, but you're very quickly well use any ordinary sound receiver tune to the third program.

I am going to use a sound receiver tuned to the home service and welcome to listen to VHF radio for the rest of the evening how to get a stereo on VHF beside it took about 30 years before FM really took over from a.m.

And by that stage in the 80s.

It seemed pretty silly to be simulcasting the same thing on both so this week in.

86 we had one of the first commercial radio UK trials splitting the am from the FM of capital 1-minute from now capital radio will split for the first time ever will be broadcast simultaneously a.m.

And FM frequencies if your radio is tuned to Capital on 15:48, am after the top news on Sunday if you're all radios can pick up Capital on both a.m.

And on FM for information on how to retune call 0131 008 8061 frequencies the trial in a MFM spitting at capital of course in due course that shows to split but not use that programming strategy 6.

The heart brand started to be carried at last of the stations which had been owned by gmg global put heart on the real radio regional stations.

I'll be here every weekday morning on heart your new radio station join me for 10 tomorrow music variety in your chance £100,000 money game Who's on Heart and the Radio 1 Breakfast Show gets its third ever presenter first was Tony Blackburn that was Noel Edmonds and this week 42 years ago now, then.

I don't want you to let this go any further but and most of last night considering my first words for this program, because I realised they had to be quite prolific so here goes what happened to the breakfast show.

Good morning, it seems strange because at 7:03 or thereabouts until now on the time that I started his stint on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this week in 19th Monty modlyn.

Died this week 26 years ago.

He was a journalist with the evening Standard at the Daily Mail also becoming a roving reporter for the BBC on the Today programme start the week and it was also with capital radio with links into their breakfast show it really is on day one of that radio station complete with drop out of people about 60 or 70 including lots of school children in London and they need a lot more wages.

How old are you darling? Just what do you think about the face in the desert the policeman alterna week station to you David I'll give you some.

In 1994 so with Roman Kemp beginning his capital London Breakfast Show three years ago with big hope this is absolutely flying by today Roger De making his radio debut on and he was swinging radio England 54 years ago by midday tomorrow.

Look for a high fever for 3 million pounds 24 years ago.

Good morning.

Thank you Mike Smith beginning Radio 1 Breakfast 34 years ago before 7:30 in which someone gets extremely violent.

About 7:25 this morning David Hamilton launching splash FM Worthing 17 years ago and listen to the music the first day of 107.7 splash FM and our very first virtual addressing the nation for VE Day 75 years ago yesterday morning at 2:41 a.m.

At general Headquarters and general JoJo the representative BBC programmes have been interrupted on the 7th of May 1945 to say that the day after would be VE Day and they would speak at 3, they had his speech on are preceded by a fanfare and then the BBC Weather into a sequence of celebratory programs Broadcasting House flood light for the first time since now.

37 and what's more the BBC's listening research department recorded the best ever program satisfaction figures those are this week's radio moments, what is the completion of our past and Abroad advance Britannia long live the cause of freedom God save the king radio Today programme broadcast?

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