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Read this: Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle on their move to Twitch

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Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle on their mo…

The radiated a program with broadcast bionics discover the world leading brands at bionic radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up this week on the radio Today programme a month or so on from Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle leaving talk radio next week.

They start a new version the late night alternative on Twitch what is it? Why do they leave talk radio and what does Ian think of the state of the UK radio industry is coming up later on This podcast Andy David Lloyd radio moments got memories of live a 35 years ago on Radio 1 is the 30th birthday of the magic Brand on UK radio and it's 8 years this week since Chris Moyles announced his departure from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show you can hear that announcement coming up in radio moments later.

Yeah, I can enjoy listening to Ian and Kathy a little while Roy and has some nice controversial things to say about radio Ashwood get to hear what he says because he's blocked me on Twitter I was he so I'm looking forward to him.

I think you're blocked as well.

So I'm looking for the interview so I can see what he's up to these days block if you want a bit pointless anyway because most people about 26 accounts.

So they can look at your stuff if they want to do I guess what I was with you then.

How are you? How's your last couple of weeks because it was round table weekly.

It wasn't that you been keeping busy as always news going on always busy.

There's always radiotoday stuff.

There's always one and two other projects in the pipeline and there's always family life to get on with this is the youngest one's back at nursery second half of my life back.

So that's good news and also today like most of the nation and butter face covering first time.

No, I'm one of these is not a big fat big fun to exist but I've never worn one and I'm only going to wear when I have two big move the big move.

I mean you you're already wearing one you saw you earlier with one that should have been wearing around about when I go to it going to the shops and things like that.

So yeah, I'm fully supportive of the idea of not spread my germs and her beaver been saying for a long time.

You should take it up or something so you know progress absolutely fully supportive of the idea and know exactly why but anyway we'll move move on so many people angry on Twitter about people's opinions about my funky mask with my with my retro radios on as well.

Haven't seen any radio.

Branded masks by know some of the promotional companies are selling that you can get your own logo printed on masks so maybe one of the big brands might do that email who do some of our promotional printing like every week.

They send an email to get deleted but one arrived yesterday with with logos on the phone.

Why have I seen any radio stations? Do you love heart on your mouth or something like that? Yeah, maybe let's see see whether that happens or not.

I'm not sure the brand Association is quite there really is it but your car stickers and and little bugs and things I get those but maybe a lockdown mask I don't know if you give them away.

It's free advertising specialist.

Everybody's wearing yeah.

Are you going to walk around with you know Absolute Radio 80s on your on your mouth so on your face.

That's one.

That's what things have a T-shirt

Yeah, yeah, true true there was somebody the competition was got a radio station logo tattooed on them.

I think they so strange things happened so going on at the moment Greatest Hits radio scanner phasing in moves on a PACE lots of stations this week started taking Goodyear and Andy crane and Rossi Rick Houghton and Alex Lester so on the former wireless stations and cellar door stations that going to turn into Greatest Hits radio in a couple of months time all they got left is a local Breakfast Show and I'll people been decrying that moment.

I mean it sounds sounds good as a as a radio station does one thing they do they got a terrible idea that they execute really badly.

Idea what I'm going to say no, I don't know what don't you like right come on get off your chest.

I'm sorry if they're listening, but it's that bit at the beginning of the link.

That's pre-recorded remember presenter comes in live off the back of it that just doesn't need some people.

I mean my coolant does it quite well, but almost everybody else they record that three months ago was the voice of it? It's the breeze and then they going to come out and it just sounds terrible they can get rid of that and I think that was my top tip of the week rather be a lot of split linx2record.

If they had to do every single split them separately I guess but I am I haven't heard that much of it a couple of Andy cranes links on Monday lol I know is a listen to the radio Stoke I thought his split links with the split station the ones I had sounded fine.

So I'm not complaining about that just for the record.

I found this listing.

Had a couple of days in there.

I haven't had any other currencies doing it now must say maybe it's just a couple but if I mean it's not a long-term thing because they quite rightly rebranding it also didn't have this problem, but there will still be a few stations with the with different names, so if they could work out a different format and then that would be fantastic.

Thanks very much for the groups and UKIP and links are there not taking these new network and a half way house shows yet, but they have made some changes to the playlist all the current music has gone station positioning has changed the same play the greatest hits and put on some of the features about the top 10 at 10, but no major presenter changes on hearing at one of the groups the presenters have been told they're staying right up to the August as well, so we'll see how that one pans out and next week pulse 1 and signal one will follow as they take that hits radio programmes.

Change the name the same as pulse one singer one Abbeydale moved to just being local breakfast from Monday next week or the rest the output will be from the Hits Radio Network Centre at Castle Quay so what about fire radio in Bournemouth is that going to be breakfast only from next week? I don't even know the plans for that.

It wasn't on the list was so as far as I'm aware fire isn't changing as yet.

I'm guessing it's playlist might be realigning with hits radio brand it hasn't already but you live there.

Have you been listening listening to the Breeze South which is becoming hits so one breeze is going all the greatest hits on the other in the in South in Portsmouth and Southampton Winchester is becoming a Hits radio.

So they've got very bizarre playlist at the moment.

So it's all over the place at the wrong time.

Listen to buy so I might do that and then I'll be able to answer my own question a Greatest Hits radio is coming to the south coast as well, but that's going to be on what is currently Sam FM which was originally original yeah, is that there is a 106 licence is it for the Solent originally original it was and that it was coast and then it was Jack and now it's Sam and it's going to be Greatest Hits not I think I'm following you make it compete against way which is going to be a hybrid of hits and Greatest Hits right ok, so on the south coast will have hits greatest hits and wave is that it was another ok and talking of which Sam FM is obviously nation owned they're going to put greatest hits on under with power and that's now allowed to change your format because I've just said yes, that's right format change for self Sam FM south Coast they basically just tweeted so they don't have to play.

Open tracks and classic rock paving the way for it to become Greatest Hits radio of course.

I'm over on the format change news what's going on in Guernsey and Jersey so couple of very pop stations there an afterlife said they can share everything if they want yes, all this was a format request put in by the station back at the beginning of lockdown and all it does really is give them the ok to do what every other radio station in the UK can do and that is to co-locate if you want to and share all the programs if they want to and now we've been in touch with them as we used to do when this kind of thing but I said no plans to change anything and I for one believe them.

I'm in the sharing and afternoon or something at the moment.

Just temporarily which may or may not become a sparrow stations located on their own Islands that's going to stay the same.

They just wanted to have that in the formats.

Just in case and all seems above.

Nothing to see here move along at this is Ireland FM and channel 103 by the way if you hadn't kind of get sorted it out there some other exciting news this week.

Is this name from John Lewis and digital radio UK promoting all the big choice of stations that there are on digital radio.

I watch the video it's very nice and shiny.

Yeah, it's good to promote digital radio in such a large retailer as John Lewis and it's all driven by digital radio UK of course at behind this so good on them and maybe a few more stores will will follow suit BBC global power and wireless stations mangoes are all coming together whether they've actually work together presenters are all included in the promotional video from across the different stations in France and the British podcast Awards took place on Saturday night big winners.

Podcast of the Year brown girls do it too the list of Choice Award winner shagged married annoyed with Chris and Rosie Ramsey I can buy a full list of all the winners at radio Chris Moyles I'm on the way they cut to like a camera outside the winners house.

They were knocking on the door to give the winner right there award and right well.

I'm out for dinner.

So we've clearly not one but I was texting Pippa realised that have you been asked for your address new have you know they wanted all the nominees on camera as far as I'm aware, so I'm thinking about going to be on for the nominees so the number that is ok.

But we clearly have a Monday we were never in the Running what's the point of fun Kids radio.

Do they will like the best overall podcast no, no one's fun kids who started off the British podcast Awards one of the founders was Matt d.

Save it for the podcast.

I don't want too bad.


I'm doing me Dominic Byrne award next year 3 and what do we get to make it look fair Santa daily didn't get anything.

Which is weird because it's my by the Bible who run the Awards are so dumb give themselves if I did an awards ceremony and I got nominated in every time you know the man talk sense most of the time and this is something we said to each other on either Saturday or Sunday morning, but that's a bit if you've not already done a pre-recorded with them then what's the point in sat there all night wondering whether you're going to get a knock at the door in broad daylight those recorded a week ago.

Did you know that you're not one-word actually live? I didn't know that I can work out.

I didn't I didn't get chance to watch it on Saturday that's in a couple of clips.

I didn't know whether they actually did turn up light up people's houses or whether that was all or staged at the whole the whole thing was a pre-recorded voice tract.

3-months to do it and during that time did the recording of the of the winners, they went round all the houses so yeah bit of an odd thing to do.

They won't get away with it next year because they're not going to win.

Hopefully we can have an actual event next year.

I know you're a massive fan of other awards ceremony as well.

So yeah there we go I hate towards let's move on to something else.

We've got a new book from David Hamilton it's called commercial radio days.

Does a rollercoaster ride through 30 years of takeovers mergers and closures.

That's quite an interesting tale and Iain Dale has new book coming out as well.

It's called why can't we all just get along shout less listen more is kind of part Memoir part.

Look at the state of public discourse In The World Today and looks quite good at preview.

Copy as she wandered through my letterbox this week, so I'll try and read that and report back.

It's out to buy from the sea.

Sticking like the graphic design on the front cover is very good.

Look it up and some movies with told you a month or so ago about Michael Carr live in five live he's now being replaced as editor of 5 books by Louise Sutton she was previously at 5 and after work for Indeed then came back to the BBC she's been running Football Focus on BBC One on 1st September she's back at 5 Live overseeing Sports out across the stations radio and podcasts move news that have actually since we last on has been quite a bit so we'll see if we can mention them all that Samantha Morris she's been named new head of station at six music moves up from the network editor role at the station.

She was previously an executive producer for Radio 2 and before that she worked across various programs already won including and just the one extra head of station still to be a pointed out of the been doing them all of last few weeks Sunday and so former Chris Moyles show team.

Ben Cooper was the controller and then Aled Haydn Jones is now essentially the header station at Radio 1 and now Sami worked on the Chris Moyles show his head of Radio 6 Music of the stuff to say bye when a Griffiths names new editor of the Today programme Radio 4 vs.

Saracens who's a winner currently in charge of p.m.

And b.

H on Radio 4 and Ian Collins has left BBC Radio Kent this was a few weeks ago.

He's been doing Breakfast Show there for 600 years and 20 months and not longer than 20 months and has also been doing talk radio afternoons recently Matthew Wright you may remember stage left and stage left a few months ago, and he has been doing that gig ever since and he listens to Enterprise own jingles and everything so it sounds like he's there to stay.

Scott Robinson has been hired by Radio Essex I don't think that's the Scott Robinson who was in Neighbours as it's a different Scott Robinson it so it's the guy who was in the band Five of course if you know you're late 90s early noughties music you will have known Scott Robinson was in 5 anyway, he's not joining Chris Brooks on drivetime on Radio Essex which is owned by event and yeah there we are interested in a few people asking us the BBC local radio stations what I'm doing double headed anymore now.

This is not BBC Radio 6 Radio Essex West BBC Essex in Essex isn't it and Radio Essex is done on BBC station BBC style name in Wales is a few miles, but that's an interesting question.

Yeah, absolutely obviously radio Tees

Originally radio Tees FM send your answers on a postcard if you can think of another area where the Metro station actually sounds like it should be a baby station with the show me and Catherine the way you gonna really enjoy them.

I will talk to you next week.

Cheers, and hope he is listening to this find it in his heart to unblock us on Twitter I don't care.

I'm happy to stay blocked the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of the annexe studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to an ex and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transfer everything about radio except the way you make it makes all the radio Today programme following their departure from talk radio last month after 4 years.

Katherine Boyle have announced their joining twitch to do a new nightly show it starts next week and they're both winners on the podcast hello.

This is the twitch of this new show in a minute, but look at the pass out of the way first.

I think the last time I spoke to you both was in a tiny sweaty room at the Palladium after you just picked up your area for best radio moments and I think you told me on this very podcast he genuinely didn't know what was happening with your contract well now.

We know they're not giving you just after we'd won an award and just before we could find out coats Zara bags or anybody that we do we went back out into the Palladium everyone has gone and we got locked it came out and the chairs up off for being in the building still we genuinely get out of that we didn't know what was happening.

When was that was the end of March and then jump forward a couple of

And you know I get a phone call on a Monday thanks very much.

Don't come back in kind of the industry.

You know that's how radio works we were we all know that you're very rarely really disappointed me is I was told I think on a Monday or Tuesday Tuesday we done and will not ring you in your contract and we're not going to let you go back on here and that really hurt given the opportunity to phone up one of my bosses and plead or or you know try and persuade him to let me go back on and do a goodbye show if after 4 years you know of what we have made.

They don't trust me to go on then.

I'm I'm not going to phone up and beg to do my last it was it was heartbreaking actually it was it was it was heartbreaking.

I was I was really disappointed turns out Awards meme awards and listeners mean nothing.

Yeah, and Catherine you obviously as much a part of the show as Ian was even though his name was over the door if you like and you know him not having his contract renewed means the same for you.

I guess but you didn't want to I didn't but finances were difficult for me and so I was caught between feeling like I should go and wondering what the hell was going to do during a pandemic to keep money coming in thankfully.

I was given some time to think stuff over talk radio good that way then you have I think it was a big shock and they knew that we were not be built and it wasn't just a matter of ok next presenter for me.

So they gave me some time to think it over and thankfully during that time the twitch Steele came through and I had options I've said I'd go back and and give things ago, so I did one last show because I said I wouldn't and I didn't feel like I'm giving them enough notice or someone else out.

They wanted you back in the production.

Well if I was with you now, it would be difficult for the person taking over our fan base is very loyal I was worried that if I were to speak on there it would detract from what he was trying to do.

It wasn't there for him.

So I kind of said to him.

I know they don't want me on there is much.

I don't think I should be on there at all at least in the first instance so I wasn't going to speak really for the first.

It was suggested to me that whatever situation.

We were going to be working in wouldn't be forever anyway.

It was just too no too because of the weird time to know whether you know that the after eating times, but I was kind of glad that the resignation letter.

I put in my draughts in the hope that something else came along was able to be sent after that first show that when I went back because it's

Radio I do like what they are asking for me was pretty much what I done when I was 25 and I'm a bit older than that now and a couple of years longer than some of those original clothes on the talk Radio lineup.

What was it that second contract for you? Was it the jungle 2 Jungle definitely the jungle the contract negotiation negotiation what happened in the jungle and you know I said I'd gone in there for three reasons and one of them was to say in front of 15 million people and doing a radio show because you know the station when doing any advertising so it was without a doubt the jungle got me another 2 years talk radio for the rest of the station then ended up quite different to you and your show what you're doing because they weren't people like John Holmes and yeah.

I feel like that.

What is everyone got either booted off of shifted around and that was when we've been given the original four-and-a-half years ago.

Just a half years ago.

We were told it.

I didn't want to new station.

It wasn't going to be LBC like it was they want a personality that the way they sold it to me was they wanted George Galloway hosting show talking about Big Brother and reality TV that was that was what they wanted and we kind of fitted into that the two-year mark it changed it changed by their very nature of the Breakfast Show being taken over by Julia you know who is and that's a bad thing.

You know that's not necessarily a bad thing but there is a certain home that I think that show conveys, what is the complete antithesis of what Catherine I was doing and and over those last two years moved away from being that chatty friendly coming you know sit with us to being let's let's leave your radio station.

Is the show hippie at the station and honestly don't know why they got rid of us though because we didn't we had 3 million shows at the podcast and that's the problem.

I cannot understand why they let's go it feels it's unfathomable to me.

I think the politics thing is a beginning and end of it to be honest about the personality of the Host or host rewards and some of the other helpful things that you've done for your lessons over the of the period.

City for the first couple of months of lockdown when everyone was terrified you know it was terrified and we did a show when we didn't really talk about covered unless someone phoned up to share their story about you know Danny Baker tweet about during World War II radio there was it was all about the war that was when they needed entertainment bloody good laugh, and that's what we were trying to do and the news that you are leaving quite a big reaction Jeremy Vine amongst others in radio tweeting about you, but then you know I expected you might get some office to go somewhere else.

Why do you think that hasn't happened in terms of a radio station offer everyone else because people see me as a troublemaker and a Maverick and I'm not mean Catherine together.

I've never had an Ofcom upheld against us because we know the rules we play by the

We just make it sound like we're outside the rules we will get Ofcom complaints all the time.

I mean never had one upheld because we know what we do him.

You know where the safe is pair of and I didn't expect to get any offers I had 2 and 5 and 6 also have to him.

That's what I expected and that's what it's not very often but the reception we get home from the North what characters from the areas for this thing is you know it is a bit like what we do and it's almost you know thank god someone is doing something different but at the same time.

Yeah, but not last station suppose.

It's whether they are both of you.

Obviously worked in my credit card for a bit longer.

I think BBC local radio at lots of changes and changes in people losing jobs there so that there isn't that space and BBC local radio for people like you to do shows like you do any more radio.

I've still got quite a lot of friends that still work there and it's it's been trimmed down almost to the point where you kind of wonder whether there's any further Factor trim off it will go I suspect any names but I know we both know so many people in local BBC local radio very good, but have just been there for a very very long time and their safety and there's an entitlement to those kind of jobs.

Play radio is a gift and it is a privilege and there are some people focus on local radio.

There are some people that rubbish.

I think as rude is that because I'm not in the radio industry anymore, but they just seen the radio figures for some of these people and it's almost what the problem is they don't see them when I move to Three Counties from absolute to see the Rangers and the set of ranges because the bosses didn't know they didn't want to share me if you want to see it, so I can see it if we close to doing anything but no you don't want to see it's not important for you to see and I really have to get a break down.

There was always happens.

Can I try something different as it may?

Different at all we make sure that we had something United Plough through that kind of drop-in in a tent people to keep listening and it worked so well.

It's obviously when you're online you get that instantly know how many people watching or listening to you so twitch tell us what it is.

Anybody doesn't know it's gone out of gaming is that right Jeremy Vine I don't really know but good luck someone from twitch saw that checked me out so that I've been streaming a little bit last 18 months but not seriously and phoned up and said would you like to bring your shower over simply hate me for saying this? It's a really handy short hand twitches.

Interactive version of YouTube basically and it is predominantly been going for years and people make some people small other people can make millions of dollars on their way off that but we can drink and it has been used traditionally to people to stream video games but if you did a little bit deeper and scratch a little bit beneath the surface you will find pork play music you will find people watching old boyfriend.

He is old VHS tapes off from eBay and what is the live on stream and get some really decent audience.

It's it's great for doing live stuff which you did not so grateful, but what is even more attractive as you can monetize it really easily even if you're quite small you can still make a few quid off it because people can unsubscribe to you all they can throw your bits which is kind of like checking if you was in the the hats, but yeah, there is that

View real-time the numbers of the people that are listening to you and when you see those numbers drop as they do you can't help but think oh my god, how can I get 150 people? What can we say to get them? Oh my god, it's even more this is all the way up at the same time.

We did a test last week.

Just to get my head around the technology because it's a little bit more involved and I've used on Friday show announcer Catherine was joining me and you know that test I was getting about 6 on Twitch which was very happy with the show on Friday we just got shy of 3000 viewers which is starting to get into Siri

We are we are we are people from all over the world from Brazil Sao Paulo we spoke to you before that you spoken to the lovely colour from Washington state who wants to talk about her experiences and native what Native American mind you could she was there first and find it really we often spoke to me after a good talk radio show and even say to me if people knew we were here the painting that looks like the colour paint palette the different colours.

We would get a different shades and tones that we could use to make a really great show it feels like someone's open the window and let people know that were there and really excite what's going to bring I guess the thing with traditional broadcast radio that people might stumble across and they all this is interesting I listen to it harder for them to do that on a platform I twitch so the marketing will be key.

Concern is that I do miss those people at that would be looking through old talk radio and they hear our Show and they will expect it was phone up expecting to put forward slightly silly argue take them apart because we did that as we found out on Fridays there is a different audience out there that is kind of flicking switch to talk radio for letting me work there and play There for You the last the last 8 months actually were really an enjoyable we got suspended for the something and it became quite apparent that there are some people there who didn't like that for years.

They said they paid my mortgage and you know if we it was it was a joy it really was very grateful for that which has already in the fact that we talking to you.

Ready done more in the last week in terms of publicizing this show that the time on holiday with my kids and you might be able to hear some noise in the background.

That's my kids watching twitch in the next day.

Love it and now now.

I'm a professional strimmer, but it is going to stop talking.

Thank you very much.

There is an audience and also we won't just be on Twitch you see because we've got this agreement which that means that we will be able to put ISO onto YouTube After 48 hours and will also be able to podcast the best bit so there's all different ways you can pick us up and I hope you have the key thing in.

This is that it's a partnership between you two is Ian the presenter and Catherine the producer going in This Together

Because you know when I was working it was a presenter for a while.

I put my own chosen a different things I want to hear your gardening show you did it take to the gardening show me to hear that.

I've been hired as the Milton Keynes District reporter straight out journalism school and pretty much out of one of the place beforehand hereward FM greater Peter and it was a great was a great place to sort of learning new things you have to do everything you're a one-woman band of kind of maintained that since you know it's leaving there so I went to Three Counties and on Thursday after the program controller Mark Norman came up to me, so what you doing Sunday Sunday and it took over and despite the fact didn't have a garden and a really successful show because what we discovered was if you get the right gardeners on it's really not that much about God

Bit more about having a laugh and and they know got any questions will come but it was a good listen to people who were that interested in gardening as well.

So you know the show on paper that they want and be nice to have something over the top is something I kind of developed from from quite early on and then of course he comes along and we get to really play the late night alternative and let's have that type of she's very kind of them.

I don't know what it is.

It's not radio show it's not TV show we haven't quite found the language for it yet, and it's going to start off sounding like the radio show in the past four years in 6 months anyway, and it breaks my heart.

I think I genuinely think I've done my last Radio Show and I think I'm out of the industry and in three years I plan to be out of inverted commas show business on retraining and everything I think the British radio industry is in a really poor state is to White

Two male, it's too much relying on we're going to get something to get two people on to have a really obnoxious argument and then we're going to get take phone calls on it.

It's didn't support and creates fear too much.

I think some of the presenters have just to me there are a handful Jonathan Vernon Smith James O'Brien Darrell Morris there are a handful of presenters the weather hot kind of concert.

I've only just discovered and shame on me.

It's been around forever.

There are a handful of people again.

They're all they're all white men have lifted a hand people that have got heart and are not afraid to show a little bit of themselves to help the listener share their story and people remember that is about entertaining as well as all the other stuff.

It's not just about Riley people look it's entertaining people.

It's not keeping comfort keepers companies that being the person.

I want to speak to when picking up the phone.

I think all the radio by numbers from the other side and then we'll let him go and you're going to college and you're going to learn to be a counsellor is alright at the end of this month.

I have a 4-day intensive course to get my level 2 certificate and then I'm off to bed at the end of the 4 days to go to start this September or 2-year diploma the plan don't hold me to this because if you do become millionaires around in my head at the moment is in 3 years to be out of this business.

Because you know I didn't go for 2 years saying how much I love radio and and I don't it's it's it's burnt my fingers too many times and I think it's dying on it's a real shame to hear you saying that I'm just on the technical side of which I know you're not very technical but obviously but obviously you know which doesn't have a building a studio that you're going to go into like a radio station.

You've been going into the last hour of many years, so you've been doing the shows from home to radio but anyway during lockdown.

This is all you take aways.

You just stream to their service.

Yeah, it's me and I'm not very good and that's brilliant because that's what people get disappointed if there is no te failure of this is what we came for Iain Lee swearing at a computer but I do think of one of the great things about lockdown was and it wasn't great things about it.

I think this could be the death of the the radio studio.

I've been doing voice overs for adverts at home.

We were doing the radio show it just shows that with you know with a decent microphone and a decent internet you can it doesn't sound any different from a half a million studio so I think hopefully the freedom to the industry using the equipment will be using the twitch right now you in the middle of nowhere the computer.

I'm on holiday Cabin in the Woods but obviously you're well and looking at your tests that you've been doing from last week the quality that is really good.

I was actually surprised.

How good quality 1080p at 60 frames a second thanks to my Panasonic

Gh5 Panasonic camera to try out this is this is the Joy we are the freedom is incredible giving us a few a list of a few things.

They don't really want us to be associated with you know.

It's really obvious stuff the freedom is incredible the fact that it is me and Katherine on equal billing is wonderful in 6-months time this show is going to be somewhere completely different for the two of us cannot even conceive at the moment as it evolved and as it grows so

Or we could just be on our backsides and look like idiots.

That's got to be worth watching as well as Monday to Friday from next Monday at Twitch.TV / if anybody wants to watch you just watch you don't have to pay so you know it's come along and join it will hopefully be a laugh good to chat to you.

Give up with it both.

Thank you very much and castor oil hair on the radio Today programme still to come and got David Lloyd radio moments that if maybe you are heading back into your studio and some people are not she might be still looking for a solution to sort out the testicles and get them connected into the station.

Cleanfeed is one such product that might be able to help you out had to clean feed at dunnet to find out more about it's great for obs.

Is a guest for your shower podcast or say doing some co-hosting at from a remote location has been designed for the people of the podcast as it's really simple to use and connect and the quality is pretty decent as well via your browser at there is a completely free version that you can use with no Limits won't cost you anything at all.

You can sign up for some extra features and pay them some money find out more about it at cleanfeed is often see their names at the start of bulletins these days, please remind Thomas what is started this week 80 years ago Frank Phillips on the BBC begin the first reader to identify himself the thinking was that in wartime this was 1940.

And I quote here must be able to recognise instantly the authentic voice of BBC broadcasting the election with only 13 results to come 12 of them universities.

Who was the first newsreader to user's name this week in 1940 and the reason you can't hear him doing it in that clip was because that was 1945 and the BBC actually after the war stopped saying who they were and they started again.

I think the early 60s is it really 35 years since this? It's time for Live Aid Royal Highness prince and princess of Wales what we were thinking there might be.

The biggest television programme ever and I've got no seconds to write something so my mind went back to the old days of two-way Family Favourites on the radio in the 1960s and used to start it's 12:00 in London 1 in Cologne Germany and at Home and Away it's time for two-way Family Favourites so this pad of paper and I wrote on it is 12 in London 7 am in Philadelphia and around the world.

It's time for Live Aid bloody bloody blah and I just gave it to Richard and just as he started to speak they switch the big pie on so when he got to roughly and around the world suddenly were shaking with the sound just the sound of the pie filling the stadium and he bashes on and we looked at one another and then we look downstairs and there was Tommy

Should you sing status Quo and we fell into each other's arms and cried it was really an extremely emotional moment Dad telling Skinner's first words as live.

I Began this week in 1985.

It's 30 years this week since commercial Radio double-din Leeds as radio became FM at the cross on am the new Magic 828 beginning with the voice of John Myers in 28 across, West Yorkshire and it's here the Old Time music station magic 828 Alex Hall

28-day don't welcome to a brand new radio station to years went badly from a financial perspective because we are obviously trying to launch magic against a very challenging backdrop the latter two years the revenue Road back in 92 93 94 and in the end.

I think at the point I left we were just about to run out of radiohead's first ever which was phenomenal considering the station launched in the early 80s Phil Riley reflecting on his days as an MD and leaves launching magic 828 which began this week in 1992 began larger in audience Aesthetics FM counterpart last year the new breakfast show on Hits radio, what are the buses did say that I said so.

Now obviously, so I'm really excited about the new the new breakfast on Hits radio this week in 2019 with fleur Greg and James no one forgets the day their station went on here and if you're holding metro this week in 1974 you remember this day like yesterday.

It is 6 a.m.

On Monday the 15th of July 1974.

This is Bruce Louis saying welcome to metropolitan.

We are now going on the air for the very first time bringing Independent Radio to you.

Who live in the Tyne and Wear areas at this moment.

You are a witness the birth of a new radio station.

on behalf of our chairman Sir John Hunter and all our team at Metro Radio I would like to say that we are going to make it our job to bring you the best possible radio fighting music entertainment news sport comedy and Drama

this above all will be your radio station and RM will always be to please you are listening to 16 hello to Metro this week 46 years ago, but the head of a goodbye this week 8 years ago as Chris Moyles made.

This I started this radio show in the morning back in January 2004 and it was my dream job.

It's the one had wanted some shelves a child the coveted Radio 1 Breakfast Show me some kids want to be a professional footballer a fireman, but not me I'm a geek.

I wanted to be on the radio and I wanted the biggest radio show that you can get and eventually I got it and for the last 5 years.

I've had the best time of my life and I've got to share it with a small group of friends and 8 million strangers every morning for three-and-a-half hours a day.

Started I wanted to do so for 10 years and everybody thought I was nuts and some mornings.

It did feel like we won't even make it till 10 that day, but we always did the word think about doing this job.

Is it almost since day one there's been speculation about how long it would last rumours at the boss is one of me out front page stories in the newspapers saying I'm going to be before the end of the year printed whispers of my successor and when they would take over all of that and throughout all of it the one thing that's remain constant was me and the team to work every day doing the show make an audience laugh on the buses at Radio One we're happy.

So I find myself all the time when I actually nobody is looking my way now gone quiet there aren't any rumours about me being fired.

It's like people got bored with making stuff up and distracted by the rain and the Olympic

So, I'm going to say not the papers or Twitter me.

We're going to leave the breakfast almost the Royal we then that Chris and as in his farewell this weekend.

Xx so with Mansfield 103 point to being jammed by Ivor biggen 3-years ago, please have radio for Land Rover you 17 years ago.

It's essential that the BBC recognises and I know it does the historic a treasure of Radio 4 in Smyths Lucan extending to Shropshire 33 years ago to the new independent local radio service for Shrewsbury and tell which will be provided by the I be a contractor become broadcasting Ltd Pembrokeshire 18 years ago.

Every day this week.

Thank you daddy Lloyd and to all of the regular contributor role Martin how to make it this week early and half boiled looks them with the new project on Twitch.TV will talk to you next week for more industry news.

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