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Graham Torrington…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionic created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson thanks for your lovely comments about last week's podcast this time right Martin is back.

David Lloyd is back with more fantastic radio moments at the end of the podcast this week in audio history and our special guests this week.

He's just announced.

He's retiring from Radio after 37 years will talk too late night Legend Graham turn on the podcast.

He's back from his little holiday.

It's ready today's found another two robot and you how are you? I'm alright.

I've been quite busy the last few weeks as people might have heard if they had last week's podcast but you've been road trip abroad and yeah, I did yeah.

I was taking a couple weeks off just because it was.

And then we got a last-minute invite to to spend a week in Italy of all places, so we literally got in the car and drove and chill for a week and it was great.

We haven't done this forever.

I know it just seems like a long time at this little road trip presume.

There was a bit of radio listening flicking around the dial while you're on the on the road through Europe well.

That's the interesting.

I was going to mention this in my rambling the radio this week.

There was zero radio.

There's literally nothing.

I had no inclination to switch around the dial and I could pick up a solo does a road signs to listen to you.

No foreign radio stations for travellers analyse this side of the road, but there's nothing there it was all just to playlist called playlist 10 on the road.

It was pretty much silent because it was easier and apple music and things like that, but you know it was just I don't know whether I'm losing my geekness or not.

He could be that or it could be there every single radio station in the world is online now.

So you could listen to it and home if you wanted to so going to a new place isn't really is exciting anymore to listen to the local I don't know it could be anything but I'm glad to be back home and listening to the Rain outside right now because it's wet.

You've entered apple music.

What is going on Apple then so it apple radio hits on apple radio country or where they calling themselves like they still and our strategy plan Hits radio and one already won.

So you've got a mixture of radio named the official names apple music one apple music hits and apple music country, so yeah, what will come next move with the launcher jazz station, maybe the launch in a classical music station, but they got three fully presented fully hosted radio stations now and they've rebranded beats one as apple music One

Not to be confused with music One in Ireland and one music which is also in Ireland sell those guys are getting a bit of a rough time at the moment, but yeah, it's a new strategy.

It's been 5-years.

I think since beats 1 launched and have yet to read James cridland comments on it cos it's always been a bit critical and cynical of apple radio station, so I'd love to see what the plans and I was listening this morning.

Just one podcast to the radio stations listening to hits and the guy on there was saying it's a whole new generation.

It's a whole new start for apple music and it's going to be something big its algorithm free and all that so he was bigging up radio so looks like apple is investing in radio once again, but had this radio station for 5-years now beats when I listen probably the first week.

It was on and herbs and low on it, but I haven't put it on ever since.

I don't know how I don't know many people who talk about listening to beats one really there must be people.

Play my huge audience by Donna anybody that's even heard of it.

Let alone listens to it.

So maybe now that it's branded is Apple people will have the least heard of it and maybe give it a try maybe that was the problem yeah, maybe their lunch apple Greatest Hits soon as well playing all the old old is so Greatest Hits plans are continuing it's only a couple of weeks away now before lots of radio stations around the UK are going to Greatest Hits radio Simon Mayo has been signed by Greatest Hits obviously you've just suffer Barrett scholar, but a lot of the rumours were Simon May and might get the weekday breakfast and stop doing scholar but he's just going to do Sunday afternoons.

So far is great on breakfast, but everybody thinks that Simon Mayo would be the big name to attract.

Maybe his Weekend album show is your step one because our don't like to do things in one go do they they they take baby steps so maybe they're building up to.

Play A1 breakfast going to do it.

They need to do it from launch.

I would have thought rather than you know established the Breakfast Show presenter and then change to Simon Mayo so who knows they no no no idea some of the stations.

I'm hearing things have changed as well Brandon's being taken down in station building, so they take away the mic cubes and the stickers off the window the end is nigh for a lot of these brands names and the the Greatest Hits radio imaging on a is certainly taking over on some of the stations.

I've heard this sad and a lot of people losing their jobs this feels different to win global did it global did exactly the same thing they sold their buildings they rebrand thing but it just seemed different some Madonna I don't know if you get that feeling as well.

Yeah a little bit but they different companies and get different strategies and different approaches to doing stuff.

So yeah, we will we will watch what happens.

And as you say it's probably going to evolve over the next couple of years.

Isn't it? Greatest Hits radio while we've been off as well some fairly big schedule changes announced for Radio 1 which means Greg James is going to be on till 10:30 everyday and I'm guessing this is partly because listening have it to a changed a lot because of the way that the world changed this year of people and not listening is early in the morning as they did and more can a daytime listening going on so having Greg being on 7 till 10:30 seems like that audience for his breakfast show if you've still got that Breakfast Show might actually get bigger.

Yeah, and I love Radio 1 at the moment.

They're doing so much good stuff, and this is what it seems that whatever they do the industry follows and maybe other radio stations Amazon 7 till 10:30 genius move I would have gone to 11 person it is interesting and they're moving with the times and reacting to what's happening so it's all.

Stuffing yeah, love to see how it pans out and Scott Mills get a shorter show is anything we doing 1 till 3:30 and everything and it's the end of Scott Mills and then it was announced.

He's going to cover for Steve Wright off to next week's everything is Scott Mills going to be leaving going to be going somewhere else it starts the rumours doesn't it has been Chris Evans join Radio 2 for a drive you knew that he was a replacement so covering Steve Wright in the afternoon is clearly.

It's got to be having it's got to be Scott Mills in the afternoon.

I really ought to before too long and another interesting that relates to Scott Mills are Radio 2 Laura button who was Laura Sayers I think once you when she was on the Scott Mills show with Laura's diary.

She was on his production team she's been working at communicor and about and she's now just been appointed as Radio 2 new head of commissioning so you never know might get both Scott and Laura back together Radio 2 this was Laura has In one.

Yes, and yeah Laura story with the experts at least a readout on the show, but she's a top executive now doing great things in Commercial ready the last 4 years and at great job for her at Radio 2 on the Radio 1 changes as well.

I think this was something we expected really because of the sudden departure from Capital when she left but Vic hope finally announced Radio 1.


Good move everybody's moving and changing and it's got talent can be acquired and there's actual demand for a good talent on radio stations.

It's great when they all swap and change good time and it's very sad news about a producer at capitol.

Exec producer.

Joe Lyons who worked on the breakfast show their sadly died go to back the breakfast team understandably shaken by that news at took some time off at as a result and lots of tributes to Joe from across the industry and some more sad news this week with the news that.

Whale as got cancer again he battled it successfully a good number of years ago now cause his wife that had cancer and sadly died a few years ago and James up on talk radio and talking about his is health.

So look that up online if you don't seem it was very bravely talking about it and talking about how he thought when you got the diagnosis answer what you now think so what you going to do and try and fight it so it really nice uplifting bit of radio from from James and how is going to fight against this cancer very sad news and was sending him all our best to answer the Arias I'm moving back to me so the so he's always used to be what middle of May and then we've had this word for years.

We had didn't have a ceremony and then we had them in the autumn for a couple of years.

We had them in March this year they moving back to my again and let's hope that this is where they will stay cos it was always going to London in the middle of May and sunshine and I'm going to another.

Ceremonies so let's hope we can make some new routes back in there may position of course they move because they didn't want to be too close to the festival and then there's the the commercial Radio 3 much the same time so now there is no commercial Radio Awards and this is pretty much the only generic radio industry Awards at they can pick and choose so you're amazing good time to write but I think that's almost a quick Graham Torrington to me up is worth a listen enjoy chatting to him.

Enjoy your week Ryan I suppose we'll talk again in a week's time.

It's going to be weird talking to you every week after 7.


Let's get back in the saddle and enjoy the New Normal the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about

Accept the way you make it this is the radio Today programme and a big announcement this week concerning a name if you were the last five decades you will no doubt recognise.

It's Graham Torrington and I'm pleased to say is on the podcast with her this week.

Hi Graham was it really 537 years I think it's the is the official total but spread over five decades every single second of the way Media is not only this country, but all over the world.

It's amazing to think that I've done a Daily Show 5 days a week for 37 years and it's quite achievement in my phone is not seen the news the news is that Graham is retiring at the moment and the last 8 years of saving doing the late show from BBC WM and you shared across a few BBC local radio stations tell us.

I've decided to retire ok.

What is no secret that apart from Radio the second.

Love of my life is Barcelona I already have a second home there which unfortunately I have and the plan for a while now, but eventually that's where I want to be but with the way of the world this year.

It's given us all time to think about our lives and when all this rubbish is over the ball seem to be going through the moment is where we want to be and what we want to do and there's been a number of things that have cropped up this year that Jaime sit back and think about where I want to be when the pandemic is over and the BBC have made a few announcements and get me time to sit back and think do I want to be part of it due on I want to be part of it and listen radio in general media and general has got to change.

For the future and the BBC's part of that and I'm fully aware that BBC local radio which is why part of the moment has to radically change to watch coming over the next not any of the next few months but the next few years as well and they made a few enhancements and I bet they're announcements that do I want to be part of it.

I did that after 37 years.

I want to go off and do what I want to do that.

We'll talk more about at some of the earlier days, but I think if you break your your career up into chunks.

You did can a 12-year be R&B and local radio in the midlands and 12 years with gwr network show and then the last chapter 12 years with BBC local radio.

So it is not that you know you're very is not the on anything.

You've been really busy like radio quite a little while and you've seen a lot of change is going on in that time.

I guess lots of changes and sometimes we like the changes sometimes.

You don't like the changes but listen.

I'm part of BBC local radio at the moment and really tough because we brought to say do have to make some decision and we just were the BBC and the part of it all you're not part of it and I have no extra grind at all with BBC I really don't and I I really know that they're losing audience.

They are losing audience drastic at the moment and they have to change they have to move on with it and I feel that I've given my all to what I will the BBC and it's time for change its time for a fresh ideas new things and that's not for me.

Obviously a lot of your career.

You've been on there late at night that time software you very personal with your audience in your people have chosen to listen to you.

Not just on in the background and you have that connection with them certainly the the kind of time that you spell gwr.

Map of show you did Darren and now the last eight years on late nights across the Midlands it's a special time of night so having somebody in your region or your local area can be quite important to be absolutely think there's any people have ever worked on late shows know exactly the power of that when I was a gwr it was the kind of morning crew error and most of the morning cruise on each of those individual radio stations and when I to meet up with particular morning cruise to me.

So why do people always phone us on the want to talk about Graham Torrington and I said well unless you're taking out radio you have no idea the power of late night radio and because of what we've been through with the coronavirus last few months.

That's really highlighted that for me again, because there's been a lot of nervous people have been going to bed at night worried totally worried about what's going to happen and you're there.

Very much alone and they need that reassuring voice late at night.

So if they go to bed feeling good about themselves and as the presenter of Elaine radio show the study showed that I do at least it's not it's not a shouting shouting late night show it's a warm Late Show and you're there as a friendly ear and somebody that when they go to sleep the days ended well.

I will have to say I don't think I've heard you on BBC local radio in the Midlands but I did used to listen to you quite a lot on the gwr late night.

Love shower.

I'm guessing what you doing now.

Isn't kind of quite a saucy and sex and relationships as it was back in the day every show has his here and I remember when I first started to put uwr which is literally started at gwr at the watershed in Bristol and shouldn't be on and it started very much as I love songs.

Dedication program and you know what things started to change we started to wrap things up a bit and we took calls it was the era in radio where you could be a little bit more saucy could get a bit more risky and that's what we did and late night.

Love just became a huge for number it really did and just have to tell you now Stewart there's not a day that goes by today and I haven't done that for 15 years, but it does not a day that goes by now.

There's somebody doesn't mention that radio show to me so that gives you an idea the power of radio that we were doing back then and I think when we were doing it, but I personally didn't think that it was as powerful as it was it's only since then that I've realised that and you could remember this is this is pre social media before any of that was going on at all.

One of the beauties of it was that we were across the country although he used to get slagged off big time from the industry that.

Networking network this is what's happening everywhere now in the big brands on commercial radio slated for it, but the one thing was that we could you like the country so if somebody left school in Wolverhampton and they went to university in Essex they left home and I was still on their local radio station and I used to be massive in universities all over the country and those people that we University are now parents and still listen to me and tell me about growing up with me being away you and now listening to me when they have their own children that's amazing.

Yeah, I suppose that was probably the year as well where the networking was a bit sly in that you were pretending to be on a local radio station to be on Essex FM and gwr and heroin and all the rest of them rather than being honest about it being a network like the sure that you do now.

I guess listen.

We never said we never said that we would.

We were not there.

I never said I'm sat in Essex I've started Bristol I say Wolverhampton we never said that I never had to say if the buttons used to do it.

I never did any that's all it was pretty that obviously you've been you done some Late Night stuff before you went to do your hour, but it also done breakfast and a times and stuff at the R&B radio Sandwell hospital radio.

That's where I Began and I think very quickly I realise that that really that's the thing I wanted to do I got a job to my very first job.

He was caught in the traffic department but Mike Owen was the programme Patrol in those days and he knew I really wanted to be on here and of course he said get upstairs in studio when Christmas comes along the stars.

I want to be off so I work many Christmas and New Year's Eve when all the big stars wanted to be off to that's what I cut my mighty thorion radio.

And then suddenly that there's a gap that comes along and you're on there and I did most shows their one great thing for me was being on the traffic like on the breakfast show that was amazing amazing time in my life and not only just be flying across my own city the city of Birmingham and reporting from the traffic aeroplane been on there with Les Ross and I did most of the shows there, but it was a show that used to be horrendous name of the radio show called romantica age to be on I'm here to this program and the girl is due before and then I was Charlie meal and she's to do all this soppy poetry.

I thought this poetry stuff so we started to get a little bit raunchy and that's really wear my late night radio began and because of that, when she WR will look into do it Late Show seaboard again it called.

You're the man that he wants on Ellen Show and so began late night love I'm guessing there lots of stories from things that happened both on the air and off the air with colours and people ringing in for that absolutely I talk about the universities and there was always this big game where the university students would be you know sat in the all-around having a drink and wind-up Graham and see if we can get swear words on air which just find it was all part of it as well.

It was so fun, but also we were talking about stuff.

They were involved in and it's amazing that although late night.

Love was very much seen as a female target audience so many young lads who were discovering things we say about they're not they're sexuality but also things to do with sex and relationships in life would quietly send me messages and asked me about all sorts of things so.

All sorts of social media, so it was it was right at that time and of course now 13 if you were doing that same show now there be so much more safeguarding stuff that how much more about you know having professional help there an agony answer, but I guess a lot of the time.

It was just you or maybe even you and a producer producer phone and we've got a caller from Swindon who wants to talk about herpes.

That's what we did and you said that became an expert play isolee, became of expecting lots of things to do with sexual relationships believe you me the big things from me that stick in my mind from ok.

There was the Leyton of days with the distortionist the big moments in life that come along every now and then but you never quite prepared for until they happen.

I'm talking about things like 911 774 death.

These are big moments and because you are a listeners friend that tune into you and they expect you to be knowledgeable about it and also be open to them calling in and sharing the her the grief the the trauma of these big events if you've got advice for people coming into Radio now.

Obviously the world is the radio is different is there a place for People Like You on the air who can do that kind of compassionate radio and that late night discussion on the flyer lot of it scripting is that is that format still something that might be around in the future.

Do you think I think so? I think when global took over gcap and dino the heart network was rolled out.

They made it very definite.

This was a music and entertainment channel although they've actually start.

Back in a bit of a loving relationship show so you know everything has its day and everything might come back as well.

So yes, I'd like to think so for me and medium especially nice radio is that closeness it is the end of the day and I think it shows like mine aren't around that's gonna be a shame about the reaction to to this news this week.

So obviously you noticed it Tuesday quite a lot people get in touch with you have to say once again when you're in the middle of something like at the Houston that late night.

Love was you don't quite realise what people think of you and the reaction you're going to get from people when I decided what was going to do with the BBC and it was announced and yeah, it was like one.

I'm going to be off but some really really lovely things have come through.

Phone is not stop for 2-days believe you me really hasn't and it's quite humbling to to hear some of the things that people say that the one thing that's more than anything is the people who are now in radio and I don't come over big head about this because that's not one thing in Talbot that said to me that used to listen to on the radio and I've been an inspiration to get them into radio and I think that's lovely because that's how I started I started listening to you know Luxembourg the great 208 and listening to you know the great Bob Stewart people like that.

I thought I want to do that.

They can to get into radio and if I'm passing that on today now to others I just think I'm passing on the back on and how lovely is there absolutely well.

We wish you all the best in your retirement and hopefully it's not that will hear of you and you might come back to do biteradio at some point from Spain maybe listen.

Never say never that's all I'm going to say but that's not the planet don't pick to somebody think you know I'm gonna pop up.

Everywhere but listen if you're a program director at the moment and you're looking for a particular later presenter.

Get to chat see Graham thank you for talking to Elliott today has Graham Torrington talking to Radio today and just before David Lloyd's radio moments a reminder to try out cleanfeed lots of people been trying out over the summer holidays for their OBS or hosting a show from home Greenford is designed for radio people and four podcast as we can get a guest on to your podcast in great quality.

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30 years ago this week when it gave up.

It's am close to David Allen and if you're wondering where your regular program of early morning music has got too well.

We're on FM on Lee from now on because of August 25th medium wave frequency will be broadcasting a new sport and education channel radio 5, so if you want to join me and all the other radio 2 listeners tune across now 2fm, where you find us 8891 don't worry if you're set says VHF or even you on the way fan switch because they all mean the same thing if you don't have to have FM or VHF on your set on the Friday does mean you will need a new radio, please onto expensive starting at around £10 but before you buy one do make sure you listen to it in the shop our telephone helpline is open from 8 this morning with the cost of a local call.

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03130 past radio for particular types of fungus cold packs in your malvisi Aaron it affect hollyhock very nice Radio 2

B&O very warm Radio 2 on am at least this week in 1990.

I calculate it left am after 35 years of FM leaves FM after 35 years of DAB that's in 10-years time today left 1Xtra Breakfast Show a couple of weeks ago.

I'm going to try and going to try alright.

Thank you man celebrates.

It's 18th anniversary this week and it wasn't on DAB January on online proposition, but then we stop that in February and was asked to write a case for a full radio station, so I could get from February till about September 2001 the government department for media says yes to a digital black music station.

It was a relief.

There's also bit which says they could say no being the BBC you sometimes do things that people to do that to make point then they say no but I think we don't have a strong case.

I think we prove that we were going to do something completely different 11 else.

How long to drive from The Talented Casey kicking off the station in a 5-star gloves.

1Xtra coming at you this week in 2002 for the first time is 1 anniversary we have to mention every year this week in 1967 the optional pirates close down under the new law apart from the one that have been the first which carried on in rebellious and now illegal spirit and the radio station for people be listening in tonight.

I'll be down and Johnnie Walker will be returning the not too distant future returning to England and trying to save you any troubles which let you know exactly what will be on and what time we will arrive and what airport we should I arrive at?

We might see they're in the future taxi beautiful 60 million vol contingency legally with Johnny Walker have the new offshore pirate law this week 53 years ago in 1977 if you were on there this week here's the announcement you would have made.

Radio Luxembourg will live on.

And I am Tony Prince and I have an immense feeling of lost tonight.

Telephone is ringing and not going to put it on the air at the moment as I have to get over these deep feelings of lost that I'm feeling tonight.

This is a historic moment in music Elvis Presley died in Memphis Tennessee today at the age of 42.

We have very little information for the Daily Mirror will keep us informed as we get on with the Elvis music we're playing for you tonight.

I'll be opening up the telephone line later on for anyone who wants to express their feelings of Elvis's death.

What can I say there isn't really a lot to say we will continue playing the commercials and Luxembourg because we are a commercial radio station.

Under will be here forever but Elvis after 42 years dedication to music.

He's gone finished on Radio Luxembourg this week 47 years ago so with Simon Bates quitting classic FM for smooth 10 years ago David Lloyd the death of deep voice over bill Mitchell 23 years ago key screws winning the National commercial FM licence 19 years ago can find the cash for the licence was seized by classic the death of Alan Dell II ever child presenter of 64 years ago by the men of Caroline returning 37 years ago good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Radio Caroline 319 963 kilohertz.

Song for the next couple of musical journey through the decade lose this week's.

Thank you David and Martin and my main guests this week, Graham Torrington call radio industry stuff.

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