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The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Quentin our guest hosting the radio today podcast this week Ryan David both on holiday, but as you'll find out at the moment.

I'll guess this week is a very familiar voice This podcast I can't really interview himself.

We're talking about hyperlocal radio this week and how to use the text that's now become mainstream.

Thanks the lockdown and how to help you start your own radio station is the man who needs No Introduction really because he's the normal has to rain today Stuart Clarkson hi Stuart thank you for having me on your show me turning the tables this week because congratulations are in order.

You've launched your own radio station rumbles.

Well done, thank you.


This is all been a bit of a world when actually it's an idea.

We've had for a little while myself and a former colleague of mine from from a small like radio station that used to work on 20-years ago in our little corner and we've been talking about it on and off for a year or two working towards small scale DAB coming to this area and we thought you know with all the changes going on at the minute now is the time to crack on and do it and with all the time we had a lot to sort out everything in the background.

So this is a radio station rumbles radio that covers Wharfedale and Airedale Valleys anybody familiar with that part of Yorkshire Ilkley Skipton and Keighley yeah, and it's it's always been a bit of a weird radio market so I started out doing my first ever radio I have to hospital radio Airedale Hospital here.

Just up the road from where I am now.

I got onto the local commercial radio stations should only just started a few months before I I went there which was Yorkshire Dales radio and this was a weird licence from the radiotherapy cause they'd applied for a Skipton FM licensing.

Apply for that.

I think people already went through it and all sorts of people this is kind of 95/96 and they suddenly bolted on the Yorkshire Dales which was this massive 2000 square mile patch that really have a connection with a lot of Skipton in the Southern part of the Dales and so it never really worked financially is the radio station didn't Yorkshire Dales radio then became fresh am after that and eventually got sold stray FM UK D&G now part of that it it was a weird patch because you strides and different Counties we got North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Yorkshire Dales also cover the tiny bit of Lancashire and so you know in terms of the authorities that you talking to for your news and content.

It's it's really busy week.

I've been bored country and we fit between Radio Leeds already Lancashire that the BBC provide and ready of York it doesn't really cover Skipton even those kittens in North Yorkshire so it's a kind of nomansland, and it's you know it's been a weird radio market and we should say that the reason I'm interviewing you today is because I come from.

So it's it's somewhere that home to me when I was growing up and I know that area and I also know that it's very difficult to cover technically because you've got these deep valleys and when I was building radio stations national radio stations trying to get signal up Wharfedale was really difficult so I can see that when you start planting transmitters around for Yorkshire Dales radio and stray in Harrogate you actually cover fairly small areas yeah, and then certainly at fresh and strain out in the you need relays, so there is a there's a kind of main FM transmitter for this half of strays like over the Western side, but they also that have a fill-in relay in Skipton and another one in Ilkley on one in Pateley Bridge when we were on medium wave in the Yorkshire Dales days again.

You know we had a medium wave transmitter and turn them another one in another one in Settle or somewhere.

So yeah, you needed lots of them and it was all done on the cheek back then as well.

So I think I seem to remember one of our I think was the all clear.

Actually from from Preston Yorkshire Dales radio that was fed on her you know an old Windows 98 PC or something and there was such a delay on it in that you know if you could driving along here link an ad break and then click onto the relay and here the whole thing again because it's about a minute and delayed so yeah, it's been a struggle as you say technically covering this area in the past and you know we hope small scale DAB is gonna sort that out and give us 1 multiplexer the polygons that have been drawn up.

There's one that covers essentially everywhere from Otley all the way up to settle and across to Gisburn in Barnoldswick in the edge of Lancashire and Canning Town to Haworth and Bingley and place as well to put onto the Bradford Multiplex so it is going to be a decent sized polygon to cover this area, so well, let's get up and running with her and online station only for now so that we've got a ready-made product to put on to dab when that time comes steak a bit of territory out already.

Yeah and obviously the time.

At the moment the reason we chose address crack on with it is another few weeks and stray FM cannot be called stray FM me anymore.

You know there's lot of people who went fresh became part of stress and a wee.

No you just covering nesburn Ripon now and you're not as interested in in Skipton the nucleus you used to be because you part of a bigger station and clear your audience is further East but that's good be the more of the case when Greatest Hits radio the long does B1 regional programme covering holiday, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire on those frequencies here bit of local content squirted into the into the player systems and things but you know for a proper local radio station Australia has been for this area for the last 8 years or so, you know there's a big gap there and we thought we got the expertise to fill it.

So so you've launched it to feel like happened to return to local rage and as you described as a hyper-local radio the population Zante normis Hill please what 15000 skiptons about the same get sincere crap.

Slightly bigger more like 20000 with some of villages as well.

That's a little bit bigger, but obviously you know you getting into the the Urban conservation then all the way down to to Bradford but yet as you say they're not big places.

I think the polygon for the small scale DAB is a couple of 100000 which sounds like quite a lot about it is as a kite spread out Communities and this is the problem that Yorkshire Dales have because it got this Dales bit bolted onto it which you know as more than it was people in parts of the dale, so it tended to then focus on the editorially on the areas where the population were and then the people in Holes and the middle of the Dales went well.

I've got no connection with with Skipton or Keighley the dab will come and you'll be in hopefully in the first or second wave of applications depending how of common decide to roll it out.

Yeah, I think it might be the third because the first Bradford and litre in the swans.

They're being announced in just a few weeks.

I think for the application process the second one looks like it's all North West and Manchester and various other bits of the northwestern in so it looks like it could be with three which I don't know it.

September when that get advertised so realistically might be 18 months before we can even get on on DAB so it's gonna be a long haul getting people to put your hands on an online platform recalling the digital station to listeners rather than online obviously from industry point of view we essentially are and online station, but we using the word digital just because of the of the interesting digital radio Ford and the guys at digital radio UK have been helpful to me when I've been in touch with them as well and that you were running some of their digital radio UK marketing adverts on our that help explain two people how you can get line station in your car and that kind of thing because a lot of lessons around here.

It is quite new but adding on the DAB point as well actually hear where we are wearing a bit of a gas again.

You know like to talk about somebody FM coverage for station the past if you drive through the area where we are the places where you can just get BBC national multiplexers and that you know that's back to the point you made about maths and coverage but in Skipton town centre.

BBC national you can't get D1 nevermind STL or any local services in Keighley you can get a Bradford Multiplex and you can get D1 as well in Ilkley again another black hole in the town you can get BBC national stuff and nothing else bit of Leeds Multiplex on on the opposite side of Oakley but you know people is not used to having a big choice of DAB station, so I think four areas like ours when small-scale comes along.

It's not a case of in Manchester where you had a small-scale Multiplex and you go from 80 to 100 stations where we going from having 10 to having 20 or 25 so bring a big choice for for rural areas like ours and I would like to see off personally advertise small scale Motor Factors in places like ours first rather than the bigger areas in the white gaps as they call the interesting thing about those ssdab small scale DAB is whether any of them will carry any of the National services in those gaps where the one.

SDL and answer that matter the BBC still haven't got coverage and I wonder what the relationship between the national broadcasters will be if if a local ssdab said we like the carrier yeah and put this point to to stray FM whenever it was last year, was it 80 months ago? I put an expression of interest in for this area for a small scale DAB Multiplex on on my applique my expression of interest included a variety station suit said that you have to go on one of them was stray because they are on digital radio in North Yorkshire or on the Multiplex which covers North Yorkshire and goes right up to Scarborough but it actually doesn't come past about Menwith Hill from Harrogate so you can't get that in Skipton sustrai.

I've got an FM licence that covers Skipton Ilkley but they're not digitally here.

So there's a separate argument about whether they should be allowed to auto renew that FM licence which I think that process is going on right now because they're up for renewal.

Obviously there on DAB in there.

Harrogate section of the FM licence to that's a whole different story but you know I fill in for them by going on a small scale Multiplex in this part of their patch as it becomes Greatest Hits radio in option for power and hopefully in a barrel would put some money into a small scale looks bye-bye in space on it in an area like this so as We Know It's Complicated and I can see the small scale DAB being an interesting time turn on some interesting ideas coming out of that but let's go back to rumbles radio your own radio stations are after all this time Stuart you actually got your own station it launched on Monday and I'm going to say it sounds very good.

Thank you.

We've tried hard.

I'm in all the people involved are people who've got a radio background.

You know and Anna working professionally in radio still at other places and we load of Goodwill and not just from our presenters, but also some of the suppliers and you know the radio companies that obviously I've got great connections with relationships with through earlier today anyway, so many people have helped us.

And getting all this up and running so quickly I say my business partner Nick bab was on radio Aire in the 90s.

He's been on stray FM it still doesn't we can show on straight at the moment.

It turns into greatest hits on magic.

I think and magic 828 the original magic yeah, and he was programmed controller at at fresh in Skipton up until it's saying he was the last voice on it actually before ukrd took it over in in 2012 so next got back of experience alive events DJ runs a very very successful and Facebook page and website to chat with about 30000 followers on Facebook so leveraging our already popular appeal in Ilkley on social media to boost our initial audience so yeah as a between us.

We got bags and bags of radio experience and we brought in people to be on there with us who have been in this area.

I actually had I've had a couple of people contact me from all over different parts of the country never heard the station.

Is showing that I've said well you can I send a demo I'll be brutally honest with you.

I don't waste your time telling me a demo because we only want people who've been on there in this patch or who lived in this patch or grew up because we want to be the people who are talking about things that they know about I don't want to have to say to a presenter somewhere the country of this is how you pronounce this place name or not these other name some places to get all restaurants all of our presenters.

We got on there.

No and love this area and that I think he's the most important thing about a proper local radio station.

That's that's the essence of knowing your audience audience and that you got people like Alex can who started if I think if I remember rightly as naughty boy Whitminster that's right.

Yeah, the TV here bringing the biscuits Alex tray for a no-good 10-years on mid mornings.

We've also got Nicky's on Nicola Skipton glad I remember coming him coming in as a checkup at at Yorkshire Dales radio in the late 90s he was.

School and got proper job working in the printing industry actually and then said you're always fancied a bit radio came in as a check-up ended up doing the breakfast show on on fresh for a good few years as well at the time it one Yorkshire station of the year in the Academy Awards so get he's really well known in Skipton as Alex is in this area for for Skipton and Ilkley at myself and knicker both been on the air here and Lisa Hilton is doing our evening as well, so she always she was at Minster again.

She's doesn't Rose on stray she was at the polls for 10-years 5 years on breakfast ideas on mid mornings.

So they can of Keighley connection about patch.

She was on the news on Radio Yorkshire as well be regional station and she's just brilliant.

She's losing with Enthusiasm is Elisa she's got your tons and tons of events use Azam for local radio and she sounds brilliant evening Saturday as well.

Call Jeremy gartland.

You again.

I've known for 20 years and more so Jeremy was on on fresh again for like 12 years did pretty much every show on the schedule is now running at

Station in Redcar in the Northeast zetland FM which again is a really good sound community station, so he's doing we can share for us and he's really excited to be back on there and make connections again with people that you knew from his time at all local people and even your station voice is a local voice over some of The Usual Suspects make it sound quite fresh, so and we wanted to feel voices are main station voice stumbled across Katie round who's married to John rant is a really well-known voice-over that you might know a case is great and Katie does loads of big-name ads and commercial retail commercial and Skoda and things like that and then we stumbled across an article in the local paper that during the lockdown.

They were recording the the kind of talking newspaper in Ilkley because all the volunteers couldn't get into the community centre where they normally record it and so then enlisted a couple of local Ilkley volunteers who were professional voice-over then we went.

They live in Hilton Olympia 17 years so we got in touch with Katie and she has a great deal on all the launch imaging because she said you know I'm local and one support this so yeah, it's great having a local connection even for the for the invoice so what's it for the radio station? What's the audience target? Who who you aiming for as you're listening.

We are really defined an age.

I know that goes against everything that the sea is in the radio programme is Australia but you know we just said we want local people we want people who live in love dispatch the same as we do.

It was part of our community like we are so how to make a music a fairly broad appeal so we're playing currants and we're playing quite a lot of 20 tens and 2000 as well as obviously plenty of 80s and 90s.

It sounds bad gold stuff.

You know you got one.

Maybe two some hours gold tracks for a set of the 70s and 60s stuff on the Old the Sound 80s stuff and you know that's partly because if people want the oldest of Greatest Hits radio is going to be here on FM

And that's going to do a fantastic job at playing those same 300 gold songs so you know why do we need to play ask you about your playlist because is it driven by autotracker selector or something else, please search using music one which is a product that easily interfaces without player which is play at 1, so you can buy it through player one bit sky in America called Steve selling out of my head that he's been really helpful as well.

So it says got a lot of American style features in the way that you schedule music and we've had two can I get a head around that so he's enough traffic adverts as well and it's yeah.

It is doing a good job for us with we've had to learn that literally on-the-fly but we've got a categories all set up and it seems to be picking a good mix.

We got we think we know what we're doing the rules and then we've been testing over the last two or three months.

I think we're there with the music now and we really pleased without sound we have so many positive comments from from listeners as well that they really like the music mix and I think that's just about having a brew.

You don't like this song to be another one in 3 minutes and you might like that one exactly.

It's not wrong for long and to me it sounds a bit like Radio 2 should sound if you know what I mean.

The playlist that people radio to walk to have actually you've got cos I was living with Fleetwood Mac Roxy toto Style Council Harry Styles Kylie Stevie Winwood 80s your shower in particular this morning, so I guess is probably yours on a music but also lots of the modern ones Jason Derulo and all that sort of stuff yeah, and I say it's just about mixing them.

We've both Nick and I've got a little bit of programming music broadcast as they were both love being on the air, but there's so many new things by running a station just the two of us had to learn about music scheduling and traffic advert for as well as going out and selling ads and creative briefs Anderlecht kind of stuff, but yeah, you know we programmed it as we think we would like a radio station to hear whether that's the right way of doing it and the way that.

Programs, do it I don't know but yeah, we haven't got an image category and gold category and we put things generally by decade so we got an 80s and 90s and noughties attends category and we've done that actually another we can separate them a bit more in our clocks rather than it.

Just being an image cattery that's got all the stuff and newer stuff.

Cos you could end up with a 20-minute period that sounds very new aura 20-minutes actually sounds quite old so we've tried to do it on on decades more than any other way.

I've got some songs that you know that late nineties that we put into the noughties category and early 1980s he said it on sound rather than Charles shuffle.

My bit yes those decades never break exactly on the 0 there's always a bit of overlap and any free choice for the presenters, or is it all driven from her schedule everything scheduled, but we've said to our present as you're happy you move stuff around in the log were happy for you to drop stuff that you don't particularly like and you want to put something else in this place because these are all representing the people who have got tons of experience on the air on decent sounding like.

They know as well as myself and Nick what sounds good so we want I just let them get on with making their show that they're recording for a sound brilliant and if that means swapping out of song either because of the length of it fit with the rest of their and they need to type it out properly or they just think you have I can't really sell that song I don't like it.

I don't want to play that one then they can swap it out for something else.

So yeah, we put a lot trusting in our broadcast Sevilla lot of people listening to this now going that's my radio should be another 12 people getting no no, no you shouldn't have any choice given the liner card and I know but then again you know I play out with such that you can swim in the library that I want a dragon.

They can just right click on it shows them at a quick glance the audio history of the artist that track so they can open it up and sit or actually that tracks coming up in 2-hours all that artist is about to play next hour in Chelsea show.

I'm not that one and I'll find something else, so hopefully you know we're not going to get clashes and songs coming round to often because their self selecting because you know what the technology but using helps them to five.

Song at the isn't going to get played the next hour do things I noticed about the station in the first couple of days of listening.

Is you got a lot of ads so you've done some salad and somewhere on your blurb.

You say is not a community Radio station.

Yeah, so yeah.

We've got a great community Radio station here.

That's award-winning is called drystone radio is based in a little village called Carling at which is it southcraven was originally kind of village station.

Its turn is transmitted recently to cover Skipton as well and editorially it's covering a similar patch to us, but it does completely different things to us people in for half hour discussions it plays local bands.

It gets you know people who got not very much radio experience to have a go at been on there and getting some some air Miles under their belt thing and I had that Yorkshire Dales radio in the hospital radio station before it where I can make all my steaks and sound absolutely dreadful.

I've got the tape somewhere and I wouldn't ever collect them on This podcast.

We need those things in in local areas for people to get interested in radio and passionate about that Community Radio hospital radios great for that, but as a result of that you've got a section that doesn't necessarily same as it's been programmed well and it's music sounds alright.

It's imaging sounds great and the presenters sound local and they know the patch but they perhaps don't sound like a commercial radio station.

That's what Community Radio is a well-run.

It needs to be properly resourced, but have those training opportunities and yeah, we've got a great community Radio station here that's doing that and it's doing it absolutely fine for what it needs to do, but we saw a gap with with straw preparing to put a slick professional sounding commercial radio station on so we've been quite keen on our website to say what commercial we're not community.

We are doing our community features you might.

I'm so we got in a people recording stuff for his on their smartphones or something and bar app that we've got the local hospital without a local animal charity that we've got a email local sports club already have recorded things for us.

Fundraising all their community group so we're quite keen that every hour that we some community promotion but that is a feature.

That's also got a sponsor on it from a local business who wants to help support those community groups and things wanted to sponsor that feature so yeah as you say we've got quite a few advertisers on our thinking maybe seven or eight from day one which was so thrilled with yeah, we've been out to quite a lot of businesses.

You got a nice looking mediapack.

We got some fantastic lunch deals and so many local businesses said do you know what you look professional we know you because we've read about you and know who you are and we think we spend some money with you without even hearing your radio station, so we were so pleased to get them on here.

It was a lot of it was a mad rush last week and it can be done simply complicated rate cards presumably you just say that the deal is that value for money for you and then yes or no? Yeah, we got a bronze silver gold airtime package and we got a series of sponsorship.

So doing a lunch deal with a book by the at the end of August will do my dog off so.

You buy a 3-month campaign will double it to 6-months in return for them giving us the money upfront and this was a little idea.

We came up with that rather than paying first month upfront and then we go to invoice you he creates an invoice and the month and then invite another month when was going to be busy and also looking at his are accounting software, but it's these businesses are happy to spend a bit of money pay up front they get a double oven and pain and we got some money in the bank that we can have spending marketing.

So we're going to do some leaflets saying that kind of thing to spread the word and son Facebook marketing so that we can actually build the audience straight away and put some money into it rather spinning only doing that was initially advertises money doing that you're grateful for those businesses who put their trust in and hopefully they've been rewarded already as say you know it's a good numbers on on day one.

Hopefully some people hearing those adverts and contacting those local businesses that your your distribution is purely online and a lot of people who launch online radio stations put a jukebox on and that's it and they competing with.

EuroMillion other radio stations you're focusing it entirely on the local area and linking with websites Facebook so you're integrating all those digital bits together to build out audience so presumably the radio becomes just a part of all these other platforms for local information and entertainment.

Yeah, we're going to do that because I'm in Streatham to that very well with their Facebook and then use content of stuff on the website the community Radio station has missing a trick got no news at all about the local area on its website so you mix background as I say more recently been running and Ilkley community website and Facebook popular.

I've got one that smaller one that only launched earlier this year for my little town which is Silsden which is right in the middle of the of the patch and I can sort them today.

We all know where I got the branding and the idea from for that, but you obviously been working with riot Radio today for long enough imagen 14 years now, so we've been doing news content online and I know how to work in terms of website so we were quite keen that we were putting con.

That gives us something to talk about on the air and B to share on social media and increase our social media reach because it's all about content isn't it and the other thing is a lot presenters on voice record shows remotely so bye guys having tons of content on our website.

It makes it really easy so we made her kind of page for a voice trackers where they just log into that page and we've pulled stuff from website in the different elements onto one single page and said these things were pushing at the moment here some scripts his some local news stories that automatically get pulled into that page.

So when they voice tracking they open one page on their phone other on separate device to where the voice tracking they can scroll through and get content for their show that we've made for them brilliant the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics create the bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix unlock and understand your content the bionic Steve

Everything about radio accept the way you make it normally the host of this because he launched his own radio station and I'm interviewing him cos he can't interview himself.

Let's talk about the Tech for rumbles radio because you called in a few favours.

He got some friends in the industry of the all these years to out the playout system using is it's playoutone Phil and Chris a Dave a play at 1, I've I've known well for a good 4 years.

So that was my only choice really and their products and all the presenters can access that remotely via web browser now everybody else to this RTS were fantastic support of Radio today as well and the guys as well forecast.

Who do you know that there again another fantastic support to radio so I've got lots of friends a different outcome.

It's better when we play at 1.

It's going to be careful lots of any other one.

And all of them have now got fantastic products some of them and hands during lockdown to enable you via a web browser to get in and control you play out system and record stuff into it.

So yeah all of our holiday presenters from wherever we are in the patch or slightly outside the patch I can get on remotely and do that link straighten via browser, so no complicated stuff needed and is it hosted in the Cloud or are you running on a server somewhere? Yeah? It's which is very reliant on the cloud on the internet.

I know but we've done that initially to keep our Conor Costello so we didn't need some physical machines and Studios and server things like that.

So yeah will pay for it to be in the clouds and we can so easily access it remotely to you know to schedule a music and to all those kind of things and fiddle with the full playout system but actually at what we need to do.

We just do by the web browser for so many things you can do with a playoff system from the web browser and another guy that play that one as at the other companies are trying to put even more features into their webs versions so that.

You know you could run your entire radio station from the browser rather than needing any hardware so yeah very smart way of doing it having a cloud without any actual hardware.

I'm in some to risk with it as well, but working alright for so far been running for about 405 months now and processing is that built into playoutone or is that separate? What yes all the processing using stereo tool which I think about 40 quid for a licence you stick streaming software and so many settings you can play with ya again.

I was so pleased the Geek In me.

I don't often look at Digital Spy but it seems there's a thread on digital spy that was starting and in the first comment about half fantastical processing sound so I'll take that if the geeks on on digital spy like our processing.

That's a good result for me know.

It does sound loud.

I'll give you that that's actually we turn it down a little bit cos I know it does sound louder compared to all the stations of people getting on the smart speaker.

Just not the volume down, but will keep that nice process sound and you got now as well.

Who's done that for you?

Used again so many great company is doing apps and everything else just in terms of the speed at that.

We need to get it done everything we went with air and obviously Ricky has been on This podcast before and Gavin Jonathan other guys are I've known very well.

That's really and gather Richard yeah.

Yeah, they do apps for they sort of do template app for the station as well and the other groups like selling answer and Lincs FM group and some for Power which obviously some of those might be disappearing in the in the coming weeks as well, but yeah, I'd never use their system before and it's just brilliant.

I can do this I can do this you know most the websites.

I've used before I've been on WordPress so having all these features that are kind of designed and built for radio stations the rumbles radio website is as product as well.

It is but it's also customisable as the different things you can pick him and actually you get a really bad bones template and you build it how you want it to look.

In terms of the style and layout and everything you put on so it was still a lot of work.

Don't you believe me? It's not just outside they go to turned on their website.

I've spent a lot of time making that look how we want it to look and having my content and they're having the the content that pulls properly into the app that goes with it and again and you're not work to do on the app in the background as well and then the guys they are technically of help to submit that and get that into the app stores and that kind of thing but yeah another so many companies who doing this and the other others who do fantastic products as well A lot of it was just right.

We need to get this on a quicker.

We haven't got 6 months to work on her and after the website and another guys.

Are you to help us with that and they've done a brilliant job in the support is fantastic as well news from Radio news hub on the our international news, but he's obviously because I mentioned in the Cloud getting Irn live bulletins is a bit trickier to do that the voice bulletins and again great service again.

I'm not favouring one of the other honestly there are loads of Fantastic providers against the fattest and I are in a brilliant at what they do but I think you're ready news have came along with the product are slightly different and it's about the Tech for us on the way that they do blue tits so we got a Dropbox sync from them and every time they put something you within a minute.

It's in our play out it replaces a cart, so we've got caught scheduled at certain parts in the log whether that's the news of the score of the showbiz whatever it is.

I'm not just pools in updates itself as a programmer.

I don't need to worry about that it just automatically appears and works as long as Dropbox is running and that probably comes with an ad on the end, so you don't have to what is it? Yeah? You do pay for it as well, but there are built into her to the bulletins that supply but yeah there is there is a chance it's very reason and jingles.

You've got a nice.

I don't already enough station sound who's done all imaging again so many great single companies and so many of them advertised with radio today and they all brilliant including Picasso and make stuff for this fantastic podcast and everybody else who promotes their singles on Radio today, so I'm

Sing one of the other but Chris Stevens I've known for donkey's years probably 20 years since I first met him alpha radio in Darlington money look like a spotty teenager even though it's about 21 and obviously known through the days at gmg when I worked there in the In The Newsroom real and smooth, so yeah Chris ignite jingles has done as far as we went budget to save some money on.

I just got one voice that's been layered up rather than being a three voice sing hopefully that you know doesn't detract from how great they are it says if anybody wants to do things to merge 104.9 package that we've had re song and it's a kind of an altered version of the merger package.

It's a slightly different logo.

I think it was done for a high Peak radio Ashbourne radio knows they have some recent stunning change the logo bit so it's that local that we use the whole station just sounds like it's been on here forever which is the best compliment I can give you for rumbles radio it just sounds really professional it.

Do you know what it makes me wanna move back to Ilkley well? I'm sure we could find a space for a chief engineer.

He's not got a lot of money, but especially but I know that you know all the local somewhere.

We might put a dab transmitter.

So you know that's important to us.

I sent you know where you can put your transmitter.

I think you need a gardening programme with Alan Titchmarsh yeah, what did you wear with a contact for Alan that would be good, but he doesn't match and you want presenters who live locally from Ilkley I think that counts we can you find the studio at global where I can record something for it.

If you listen Ashley come out.

We were blown away by lot of the comments.

We've had from people in the industry saying how great is sounds and that's what we wanted it is a station for a local listeners, but 4 people in the industry to say that they love how it sounds is.

Important to us it's been great talking to you on the radio today podcast on your own podcast and turning the tables on you, but it's a story worth talking about launching radio station these days and it's a great thing to do when you sell your house in this every week now on is that is that the deal I've got to go.

I've got something yesterday.

Well that was weird being interviewed on my own podcast.

Thank you Quentin and I'm almost of you won't believe me but honestly I wasn't planning on doing the podcast this week because I have been very busy making a radio station and Quentin sent me a message and he said he'd been listening any thought it deserved the chat on my own podcast about it and so he insisted that he hosted it and interviewed me.

So yes, I do anyway.

Cleanfeed is a great way to connect doing interviews or getting a guest on to your program my podcast from somewhere remote if you haven't tried cleanfeed yet now is the time to give it a go at it's been designed for people for podcast.

Using Kinect live audio over the web if you're on a budget, there is a completely free version great quality and have record within the browser and it will only take you 30 seconds or so to get signed up and doing your first with cleanfit find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet right well.

That's it for this kind of strange sounding podcast this week David as he mentioned about away on holiday this week, so normal features.

Just very happy normal to have with me next week things should be back a little bit more than normal.

Hopefully David will be here and will hopefully I guess who's more interesting the me so Jones for that this time on the radio today.

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