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The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace.

Hello, my name is Stuart Clarkson this is the weekly podcast from Radio can we have this time? We're going to say farewell to a regular voice hear the radio Today programme is Trevor Dan balz out more on that a little bit later and of course we've got some more bullied archive audio from David Lloyd in radio moments at the end of the podcast podcast was composed by Anna caso today's founder and editor Roy Martin is here.


Hi Stu how are you? I'm alright Greatest Hits radio is coming just days away Roy with straight in that's enough of the niceties were already talked about Greatest Hits radio.

It's a big story the week.

It is and I thought it was Monday but it's not it's Tuesday isn't it supposed.

The first acceptable think everything the last chosen all the local stations that have got them is Sunday afternoon, so Monday produce.

Just going to be nonstop music in The Vicar talking about coming soon Dawn French you that you played me a clip this week of dawn getting a mentioned in your conversations.

Yeah, so he doesn't know the Greatest Hits radio station voice is Dawn French and she's been doing that for a year or so nice and relaunched as Greatest Hits radio and crosses all these coming soon trailers that all the local radio stations are playing out like every 5-minutes some of them say the radio station is getting an upgrade which is upset of you presented herein are not good, but yes because Dawn French is essentially The Voice that's on all the stations most at the moment somebody on Yorkshire Coast Radio introduced her as the vicar and it is for this special program this month on that story on our website in the showbiz section the vicars back the good times sound like to you.

Brilliant, I love that very funny well done and Greatest Hits radio the timer recording don't know who's on the lineup necessarily.

They haven't actually said less than a week to go we don't know who's on the regional Drive shows and there is a rumour that breakfast is going to change we don't we don't have any concrete.

Hopefully by the time you listen to this all the details will be on our website because as soon as it yes radio to get all of that and it's a busy time for power their integrate all these new radio stations and launching a new I was a new programs as well and two new radio stations at the same time this week.

Yeah, so the at least one of these has been announced for awhile Hits radio pride at which is launching for 6-months if I remember correctly is starting this weekend and also a bit out of Blue Bauer launches magic 100% Christmas

August 25th of August no, no, I saw your response to this and you're not a big I like Christmas I love Christmas and I love Christmas songs in December I think of Christmas radio on 24-hours a day 7-days a week 365 days a year because if you want to just unit in here with these that come every Christmas I mean it's been heart Christmas and magic Christmas and the Santa radio in North Pole 100 all sorts of other ones as well.

I think the good thing about having Christmas only stations means that we don't have to play as much Christmas on the normal station, so that it's a good thing to have 100% Christmas can I just say that the name why is 100% and then why not just calling my Christmas like I used to be called I don't know how do you have the answer? I don't know no is another word for everything just no no no no no

What else is happening this week? Well some more Barry news relating these obviously that's into management changes and People moving to new roles you can read the details of those up radio that was posted in the last week or so and Mungo's changes group PD at wireless at Terry Underhill is staying with our but he's going back on it is getting headphones back out your future.

That's probably got the phone call is it in Wales and it is in Wales he's Terry is going back to South Wales because 20-years ago it was Terry Underhill who launched Real Radio Wales and breakfast as it's Tom Jones wasn't the first race at Terry was on breakfast now.

History is repeating 20 years later.

Terry Underhill without Lizzie this time is a regional Breakfast Show in South Wales who knew that would happen Greatest Hits radio South Wales which is what Swansea Sound is.

Naming 2 Breakfast Show presenters, just not at the moment so Terry covering for the launch and for the next few months perhaps indeed time will tell how long in that position for and we had details this week of an event a radio event which is taking place is online radio festival what comeback radio festival happening later this year.

I think over the course of a few days in a virtual event supported by in quality and they are recruiting for for production team and things for that at the moment to look at the details on the radio today website and some sad news this week.

We learnt of the death of the two figures from the radio industry first at Doreen Davis who was head of music and had a daytime programs at the A14 quite period of time in the 70s and 80s Doreen was in her 90s and well-regarded by lots of the old docks from Radio 1 days in the

Era at

So sadly missed answer some good tributes online and also Richard cartridge stalwart of the BBC in the south at Radio Solent who only did his last programme I think and he said sadly passed away as well this week.

Yeah, I remember making trails for it.

Just a couple of years ago and I did some cover work in the station imaging department and BBC Radio Solent sad news at here in the south for another radio legend that sadly departed is and a great name for radio presenter.

Have a cartridge in their Wi-Fi things on cards.

So I think is Twitter name art box or something like that, but yeah much missed.

I'm sure they both will be Doreen and Richard you can read about them at radio right.

That's it for us right.

I'll talk to very soon.

I'll talk to you in 30 seconds the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to

From every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the Way You Make It places the radio Today programme.

I'm still here Roy still here lol I'm still here.

We have some some sad news to bring you.

Yeah, he is on the radio programme is the voice that you will be familiar with it's Trevor damn hello Trevor well.

Hello and indeed goodbye, what's so you've been hosting where you posted the radio Today programme with the main host of it from 2013 when this radio station launched in its current form and up until a couple of years ago.

You were doing it every week.

You've been monthly roundtable host and now you're leaving is well.

Don't you think that I gave someone else HF so yeah, so we were expecting you to be back on on the podcast next week to another round table, but we're not going to doing that.

You've had a bit of a summer break as well and

What that's it and I don't want this to be around and I was going to just drift away quite you very kindly invited me on it's nothing more than I think I've got a bit stale.

I found myself doing the Round Table asking the same question every month and increasingly struggling to get people on it and to be different and you know to get diverse panels it just got so I looked at it.

You know like you doing August you you look forward to September as the start of the new term and you get your new pencil case and all that stuff and I looked at the diary and I thought not all it's the Round Table but do I have to do is someone else exactly the same as they are?

There's a great deal of relief around radio land on show obviously I will miss it when the Time comes to do one and I'm not doing it.

I'll think they should have kept going but the time to go is when you think you should go not when someone else tells you that your time is up, so that's it from me for now.

You're the only person in the radio industry doesn't have their own podcast does everybody else has word well.

That's a good thing.

Isn't it? Kitchen podcast one of the things that's been interesting to me in the last few years is I don't think I listen to as much radio as I used to I grew up to pirate radio in the 60s and I've always listened to a lot of speech radio even when I was a teenager and so I was obsessed and very much plugged into the radio business.

My life and now I find that I don't listen to his match radio cos I'm more interested in podcasts and audio streams of Music and audiobooks and they all kinds of other things going on and what's the what's going on in the radio industry is getting a bit repetitive.

It's all consolidation and cuts in commercial radio and it's just cuts at the BBC and I think we are living in a creative and Golden Age in audio production, but it's not have to match on the radio is it's happening in the podcast world and so I'm falling out of love with the median come back on the podcast again sometime went out with course.

I mean obviously it makes me feel feel free now to opine.

People to come on you can hardly say you are talking a load of old bollocks be very happy if you ever have me and just a word radio and cos we're always you know talking about diversity these days.

I do think one of the issues of it's something that I talk to friends of mine or my age about is actually no radio made for me anymore.

All radio is obsessed with younger audiences and rightly so and I don't blame her for that one bit but it does mean.

I don't think anybody so what could we do that would be really interesting to middle-class blokes in their 60s and I'm finding radio a little bit less interesting than I used to and that's why I've gone to find what I want another kind of audio Media a sad and your own health.

Obviously you're a bit of scare last year, but you doing alright.

I'm fine, thank you.

Yeah, the only little bit of news in my own world.

You know I'm still doing a bit of radio.

You know the David Walliams couple weeks ago after a few is it doing teaching at various universities like Salford in Nottingham Trent I've actually gone back to school enrolled to do a postgraduate course in political philosophy, so I should be reading hobs and marks and Grampian all that kind of stuff and looking forward to all that very much.

See you still busy in radio and to throw a question that you asked if you don't listen to radio.

There's no radio for you.

What have you been listening to what's your what's the podcast for a 60-year Old Trafford 16060 and the rest?

I like anything radiolab do so I enjoyed the series called the other lattice very much and Dolly Parton's America was with terrific.

I always listen to handbrake on Arsenal podcast from the athletic.

Isle of fortunately with Fi and Jane anything that the New Statesman does a lot of BBC's on this absolutely not and me but then there are little nuggets that I really adore.

What's the one called your dead to me.

You're dead to me fantastic and so there are there are things that that I'm enjoying are you know as I say there is some truly brilliant people out there making audio know my favourite bit always of the Round Table was asking people what they've been listening to and I've learnt so much from other people's choices and you know they sent me off on the tour.

Two trips of my own so that that that actually is probably the thing I miss most so if you keep the format going please don't drop that.

This is how we going to replace you, but I'm obviously we meant she been doing this podcast since 2013 before that people might remember you from the the radio talk which was a similar kind of that wasn't it absolutely radio talk when I was running the Radio Academy we used to do in my office on the first floor in Market Place in London the way we did it then was we had for Flash Mike's which we use to set going round the table and because one of them would always run out of power because you couldn't put them in the battery driven.

You know people were very kind.

They would come along and they would sit and chat and I was thinking about Radio 2 when you mentioned it when we were just warming up and thinking one of the big differences.

From then to now simply that you could you could go to map as it was and and a gwr as it wasn't you know there's so many companies you could go to who wanted to be on it and nowadays.

You know global obviously will have nothing to do with us about a very good, but that's kind of nearly it wireless have been very good as well and you know the BBC's even more you know difficult to engage with without going through the awful kind of you know press office filter and I think people were a lot more open within the radio sector you know if you go back to the radio festivals in those days was much more of a sense of let's have a chat and a debate and let's agree to differ and all that kind of thing I think now there's much more of a sense of wither storm.

From the same hymn sheet and muscle be advertising what's great about radio and audio not debating the issues that really matter I think we've got a bit blander and you know a bit less interesting for that has a sector and I think that's an interesting insight into the production of This podcast as well and I struggle to yes sometimes.

It is a lot of the time on your personal connections that we've got to get people to come on rather than she say going through the corporate bodies to to get them people are very defensive.

I think now there's a real sense to me of people not wanting to come on to be honest, but basically shoot the partyline glorious exceptions to this I have to say there are we will come on an absolutely tell you what the thing but they are fewer and further between than we like and I do wish as an industry.

We were a bit strong.

We doing this interview at the time of the Edinburgh TV festival to courses happening online and television as always been bolder than we having radio.

I think part of that is because a lot of people even you know director-general level have worked and commercial radio and television then they go back to the BBC then they go back to Commercial and so on the swap around people are less tribal I think in television and there's more of a sense of let's explore This World that We Share rather than let's make a point about how with what's better than your lot and I wish we could be a bit more mature about the way that we debated issues that really affect all of us whatever side of the commercial / public service divide.

We might think we're on the big companies and people willing to speak to her as it goes to show particular global how how.

Call Matty radio programs, but controlling of staff because they probably on a regular basis.

They say to stop don't talk to the media and everybody has to go through which is fair enough.

That's their policy, but it does make it harder to to get the presenters in the producers and the engineers and the journalist to to speak on a podcast because they're just not allowed to well.

I'm sure that is true and I can see exactly where it comes from in my timers a senior manager at the BBC I went through the early days of that that whole thing of is it alright if I do an interview with the Guardian well, only if one of those comes to sit with you and it's very debilitating and it actually treating you in a very childish manner, because what I think we're we good at as an industry.

Is being quite robust in argument and when we're on are we seem to freeze and see it on my god? I can't say that because bombshell and won't like it or you know what if what if actually he is that might be sacked or what what if diesel listening.

You know that that's light-sensitive.

I'm not going to say what I think.

I'm going to say what the company wants me to say if you do that, then you turn into you know Chris Grayling or Gavin Williamson we've had that with press office's wanting to listen to the interviews.

I'm doing for volcanic as they're being done with the presenter and isdn liner APR person on the phone listening in and then at the end so that we update it's always the same response was fantastic really looking forward to that.

It was like well.

I had one a few years ago.

I too was in Salford and I interviewed Richard maddock at five live and he had his press person with him and at.

They said so you know Gary or whatever he was called Gary what was that ok? And he said yeah, that's absolutely fine and I left it in because these things that I don't know there's a little bit of transparency about that, but you know when give me another example this one I first started at national radio 1979 nobody listens to any programs.

I made it all gave me any guidelines for any budget or anything they said you're the producer of this show a hamster be going out to how many millions of people it was on the BBC and you get on with it and because we've we've given you the job and we trusted you to do it and I do feel that radio programming Now is much more constrained and it was in those days.

That's not to say that no pretty should have creative ideas.

Cos they do and it's not say that no presenters are creative and

Engaging because of course they are there's lots of very very talented people in the industry, but there is more of a straitjacket.

I think and people are more find to this is the message this is what we do.

This is the target audience this is you know that we must niche market and niche podcast and I think that's a shame.

I think you and I'd like to feel that produces and presenters were a bit more trusted perhaps as they were when I started I just heard on the radio Today programme started at first episode you had Bob shennan.

Who was the controller Radio 2 at the time whatever happened to him a downhill all the way have you got any highlights of the people use on the radio Today programme? I think probably the most listened to episode that you did was the one with Paul Gambaccini way around his house.

I was going to say that one actually that's the one I remember most I mean it.

How to do a bad interview with Paul because he such good talker, but he was particularly candid in that interview and I was very proud of it at the time and I did actually listen back to part of it.

Not long ago 3 years ago and I thought actually this stands the test of time it was he was exactly not what we've been talking about he was completely open and transparent and very candid and told me what he thought in a very honest way and I love that you know there is loads of other stuff in the archive that people might want to go through listen to that.

You know pretty good, but no that is one that stands out mistake actually is interviewed IRA Glass not when he was in London but when he was doing one of those radiodays Europe and that's a good little interview as well.

Cos I think he

He was shocked to the anybody from England ever heard of him.

He was he was to it.

I liked him hugely 736 previous if you took over about a year and half ago to do that leaves.

What about 600 episodes with Trevor at the home, so I'll try to look back at can I just say going back to what you were saying about letting produces get on with the show that we had a conversation a few months ago.

Whereby you may have said that I don't provide enough feedback for yourself and assume that I didn't like you ever listen to it and I tried to explain properly the time but because of who you are a legend in the industry.

I just let you get on with it.

No, but I was honoured for you to be working for Kyrenia today and doing stuff so I can adjust it's very kind of you to say that and now he said that will you stay and come next week? It's time to go to hand over to you on this week as well sad news about Lori Davis passing away which is where the daytime programs were and all the slightly hippo weekend John pili kind of programmes are on the third floor and I joined and I was a third guy and then for some reason they asked me to take over a daytime show which was the Dave Lee Travis show and I'll tell you a little anecdote.

True about Doreen on the first afternoon, because it was the afternoon show that Dave was on she came barging into my office in said Trevor what on earth is this noise and it's it's a new single.

It's dry.

It's by the drummer in Genesis that she said it's absolutely exasperated Trevor we don't play Progressive Music in daytime.


This was in the Air Tonight which did go on to be something of a hit and it's she was utterly charming about it was some weeks later when it got to number one.

She kept me flowers to say thank you.

I thought you know that's that's a very Doreen kind of thing and the others have you got time for another one.

She was a lady of a certain kind of years.

Let's put it that way and the work on the 4th of eggs and house that would two toilets there's one at the far end, which was the ladies and one at the entrance end which the gents and the gents was obviously nearer to the management suite so when the girls and they were all girls you make the coffee for the men.

What's what times they were they would pop into the men's loo to fill the kettle and this be found on and it was Doreen decided that this wasn't to carry on and that the the women with the girls if she was calling would not.

How to go into the gents they would have to walk the whole length of the corridor with their kettle and so obviously they complained so Doreen took some time to think about going to react to this eventually it was handed down from Doreen that it would be ok for Beverley who was Derek general secretary Beverley could go in the Jensen because she was married but none of the others would be allowed in there and that's that's another story.

I just thought I just thought of another one and another one.

Do you remember the time when there was there was a producer call Paul Williams who used to play the piano on the Simon Bates show I can't remember quiet what the feature was a bow, but it was called willy on the plunker.

William the plunker and somebody round and said I think it's absolutely disgusting the language that you're using in front of children on Radio 1 William the Conqueror I've never heard so she wrote back and said I'm sorry but I've never considered this however the feature is coming to an end and you'll be delighted to know Paul is leaving the program and his replacement will be Martin Cox god rest her soul.

She was a very good woman.

I spoke to her not long ago actually when I doing a program about something or other on I want that actually was about the early days of Rage 2 and I asked her to come on and talk about it, but she was very chastened by what has happened over the whole Jimmy Savile affair because she's been quite close with him.

But she was she was always very honest and fair and genuine and she was a good boss.

No, that's that's the best thing you can say about or a lovely woman has been lost its from from Bury to the people from Tony Blackburn and Mike Reid and Johnny beerling a lot of people work with over the years as well.

I can see some of those online.

It's good to catch up with you Trevor and invite me on whatever you like and as thanks to everybody who did listen and I'll still be listening myself and thanks for having me.

Thank you Trevor that was very nice.

Thank you.

I hope my story adequate black and white picture of you on the podcast cover and then obviously you've died or something just remembering Trevor Daniel alright.

Thanks a lot guys.

He's very much still alive reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

Thank you so much to Trevor and thank you to everybody who's taking part in around.

Over the years as well no plans at the moment for what we're going to do to replace the episodes that Trevor would have presented about watch this space literally just had a David Lloyd a reminder about cleanfeed.

It's a great way to get yourself on here from somewhere different to normal in great quality.

Just using your browser if you doing obese interviews with guests hosting from home from somewhere different to usual a clean feeders grateful.

That's been designed for real people and for podcast as it's really easy to use and as we say the quality is great and you can even record within the browser.

There is a completely free versions of cleanfeed won't get started get sign up today and You Begin your first live interview orbit for your show within minutes find out more about it at cleanfeed, Dunnett it's 30 years this week since the BBC launch the short-lived radio 5 you're looking for BBC Radio 5 on Monday the 27th of August nineteen.

The clock ticks towards the launch of Britain's first new national network in 23 years on 909 and 693 am t - 90 minutes and counting network in the first special holiday programme on Radio 5 for the next hour and a half at least with good music as we just said special guests include Paul Gazza Gascoigne you know of course is with us today quizzes with sounds like this.

It was a bonkers radio station created by people who I think had gone bonkers that time at the top of the biggest pig's ear of all radio stations and whoever had the idea that you could throw in children's series alongside Johnny Walker alongside the genius of Danny

Breakfast at the moment John Inverdale reflecting on Radio 5 which launched this week in 1990 broadcast only on old Radio 2 am frequencies it became BBC 5 live for years later 1979 and as your school summer holidays ended a wonderful has the BBC Chart presenters changed and you have intolerant.

I'm going back to the stable now be spending My Sundays with the horses Tony Blackburn on Britain's top 48 sending his first run as regular.

Top 40 which have been a top 20 this week in 1979 the first commercial regional station in the East Midlands started life as radio 1068 of radio 106 FM Tuesday 23rd of September 6 a.m.

Century 106 with the best listen to at the weekend this week 15 years ago it changed to Heart one afternoon.

I'm Matthew Smith and this is Hearts playing music from Backstreet Boys with I Want it That Way hurt or heart 106 the first service station to change to that and ironically it was also the first ever to shed the heart brand is now called Gem having said that's it's only worth 3 brand changes isn't it to the assembly consists of had more.

BBC local radio originally trial the concept on nine sites and one of those closed this week in 1970 to today is a sad day for BBC Radio Durham it's the last day of broadcasting if you're listening up in the Durham area, you're probably won't like the not on VHF listening to Radio Durham closing down today as you probably know only too well and shutting up shop for about a year before the new radio station radio BBC Radio Carlisle opened up, I suppose about a year's time when you're about to do your own thing happened over to Eric wise thanks very much Peter dulson, and indeed.

It is my privilege to be with you on this very last morning.

So what do I say, but good morning? This is BBC Radio Durham opening up for the very last time on 94.5 VHF and rediffusion weekend BBC Radio Durham this week in 1972.

This week's congratulations to Steve Wright he's 66.

Love the show Steve alright hello how you doing Christmas shopping you and me both hello.

I'm Radio 2 so nice to be back with you.

Starting on Radio 1 ending afternoons on Radio 1 and then his first show on Radio 2 how many things back to his career in the Sword of program has been doing which has been remarkably consistent this day every time you hear him.

Speak it sounds as if you saying it for the very first time and that is a gift so with regular stereo broadcast beginning this week 58 years ago will be back in a fortnight's time if you like some more information about these stereophonic experiments you can obtain a leaflet on the subject by sending a postcard, please to the engineering department the first jingles from jam aired on Radio One 44 years ago opening in Coventry 30 years ago became kicks, then touch now capital.

Turn 24 years ago played by Chris Gittens from the start of the series both character and actor dying in 1988.

Thank you.

David and to rea Martin and our main guests this week at Trevor Dan who won't be here next week with the Round Table instead.

I will be here with something topical about the radio in the street.

No doubt the radio Today programme broadcast.

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