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Mike Carr - Crowd Network…

The radiator day programme was broadcast bionics hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up on the radio Today programme this week will hear from Mike car at formerly of five live BBC Sport he's put together a team and got some funding run a new podcast network with some quite big ambitions find out more about the crowd network later in the show at the end.

David Lloyd here with radio moments including this week birthdays and kiss some big announcements preparing for war time on the radio and how radio covered the death of Diana Princess of Wales including thoughts from Radio 1 smart Goodyear original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa Martin is back with us.

How do how are you? I'm alright yes, nice bank holiday.

And it's lovely and sunny in Yorkshire and thanks for the nice comments about Trevor and his passing at his departure from the radio Today programme from last week's episode.

I know maybe evil return we have an official complaint actually did you see this on Twitter official complaint? I think it was tongue-in-cheek V Anthony Davis on Twitter off of the radio said I'm very sad today some wish to make an official complaint exclamation mark was always prepped knowledgeable and had great pasty to listen will especially miss his interview such a bro.

That's Anthony the former BBC and veteran LBC Late Show hosts.

Oh sees his profile.

Sorry Anthony I didn't realise he had a fan club.

That's what you saying Trevor was always thoroughly well prepared and did great interviews well-known taken Stewart is also very well prepared and good at this.

Stop and we have exciting news to bring you very soon songs of worked it out.

We have somebody else join us on this very podcast to do a monthly feature how to replace the round table at a more about that as soon as I can sort sort it out myself.

That's literally breaking because I don't think about that yet.

So thanks boss.

That's good for you to the podcast tell me what you know you want your contract says you must have at least one week off so we get to something else and I found just the person is very good at what she does so I should reveal all very soon about that right.

I suppose we shouldn't crack on with some chat about stuff has been happening this week and it's it's all about ghr.

Greatest Hits radio it was coming now.

It's come.

How was it for you?

Disgusting when the posh party should say arrived.

Sorry, I really do you know what you know it's it's difficult difficult because he went alright.

I think I was expecting bells and whistles and a dog so I just got the dog in the background, but it was alright.

It was alright.

I mean obviously with these things when you're putting together 368 radio stations for the first time together, then there's gonna be some teething problems underwear but yeah it happened and it can only get better dream On sang and goodbye all of last week pretty much and then every day over the weekend and yeah, so the results of those you and it was a mixture of people crying people quite kind of emotional interior about it and some people you just say

You needed to say in a quick 10-second doughnut and getting on with it.

There isn't very emotional bits and I hope the end of radio.

I was a bit disappointing after 40 years ago.

What would it be in its 40th birthday on the died and it was just I mean no disrespect to Hattie Hattie do the split link basically if she was on the network at the time and it was quite a long link as a nice link the beautiful link, but it was just a link you know you the phone that would be something extra, but that's just the Way It Is these days I guess and magic is back in the North in in Hull or somewhere where no idea can I just say this is our second take in the first date that we just deleted we got it all wrong because it's ok.

I have no idea what's going on? Well.

I think I know I think I understand what's going on holiday little bit so magic is back on 1161 in Hull but it's the magic 105.4 from London with the

The guy Boyzone it's not the oldest magic that used to be on this is getting confusing but in whole they've got Viking which is Hits radio network Greatest Hits radio, but that's not owned by bow.

That's owned by nation and so it's drivetime program.

Isn't the Yorkshire regional drivetime program? It's the special one that's on the Old kcfm frequency the nation of producing is all of that they can be very confusing in whole if you got another greatest hits has got different programs and things so let's just get rid of Greatest Hits Radio on medium wave and they put magic on instead opened in Leeds based on a saurus when I was wrong and got slated for Sunday so spicy.

Thank you for that, but we've corrected in in the end and said it was it was just hold that has ran magic from London on how to get even more confusing when you're into my like Lancashire where you also have Greatest Hits radio coming to Lancashire on FM but it's already on a.m.

And has been for a while.

And don't even get me started about the south coast between Bournemouth and Southampton waste got such a mix of radio stations.

What was the question from greatest? What did you haven't I haven't had one link on Tuesday morning and he was talking about the kids go back to school and I was thinking well the kids around here.

Don't go on next week.

So there's national programming delivered locally for you.

Yes, I mean everybody was saying back to school day back to work then that will know it's not been working non-stop.

The kids are still offering other week, so I just hate it when when that happens, but you know that's every other presenter in the world as well and is recorded a split link for every new radio station and his voice over a bed for like the top of the arrow that the bottom of the are but it's done it in a voice-over start.

This is your new station.

The Salisbury and any films on talk normally in Lincoln that sort of thing grates on me a little bit Simon if you are listening, could you redo them, please? Just for me and anybody else who does pre-recorded links as a voice-over.

I know it's hard.

I haven't heard there's not as we had this discussion on here before I have not really noticed I was but it does kind of your generally speaking now not timer any individuals at all, but there are some people when you voice tracker or pre-recorded things they sound pre-recorded rather than sending live where some people are really good at doing pre-recorded sounds live and it's getting that is quite a skill isn't it to to get into that I sound live mentality even though you're actually not it is a part of the trick voice tracker show everyday night.

I hope I'm getting better every day, but part of the trick if you can is two voice can have in real time so you done at the same time as the show if you can't do that, then.

Imagine it dark outside is it probably going to be raining or what's on the TV at the time try and get your mindset into that particular time of day or or whatever it is hard.

It is and it's it's the future because most radio stations are going to be voice right on the go forward at the just to say about social media as well for Greatest Hits I've been keeping an eye on on some of them all the names and the changed all the profile pictures and banners and attracted a lot of comments from listeners going right.

That's it.

I'm on following.

I don't like this rubbish anymore.

It's you know this is happened so many times before with capital and things people don't like change, but you have these stations will get listeners.

You know it's going to be different to what went before that somebody's going to listen.

It's just killing me different listeners and the the figure that will set in 5-minutes time is the network figure it won't matter if this you're 10000 people less listening in Dorchester because that doesn't really matter.

It's sad and there's going to be out.

Flurry of new stations trying to fill that gap in the market, but you know you can see where flowers going with this.

It's all about the national number of the National figure in the end of Chris the national sales losing a few local listings along the way the local one's on Facebook it doesn't matter how much do they talk about the other big story the week which is small scale DAB Vuitton about it on This podcast for about 5 hours now finally come this week as announced.

It has opened the application process for 25 small-scale Multiplex areas.

They are Alnwick and Morpeth Basingstoke Bradford dairy, Cambridge Cardiff Clevedon Avonmouth and filter and Dudley and Stourbridge East Bristol Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow Inverclyde Isles of Scilly Kingsland Leeds Newcastle and Gateshead North Burlingham Norwich Salisbury Sheffield and Rotherham South Birmingham Teignmouth and South Shields Welsh valleys and Winchester

Spread around the country no not salt in yet now.

We don't get here yet.

So lots of groups put together applications for these.

I think there's like 12 weeks ago till end of November something to to apply for them, but I think that's a lot of demand for this.

You know it's like a whole new Market Place opening up for local radio.

There's going to be such a different kind of radios in the going forward so many smaller stations with big ambitions.

Of course.

I like your own your own serves three small towns in in Yorkshire and you're probably want it.

You're a man getting his to end up on turn on DAB so this small-scale Multiplex is going to be full of small locally run stations but with loads of local content in theory and yeah, we're getting feedback for our station, which I was on the podcast a few weeks ago talking to venting about and yeah, I'll listen reaction is good they live in our mixer music The Living the the local stuff that were talking about it you.

It's it's about sounding and being more local I think you know the way Media is changed people want hyperlocal stuff.

They want things about their town.

They're not bothered about your the town.

That's play Miles Away countywide stuff regional stuff people want either decent national things or something really super local to them and that's what we're trying to achieve and it's going alright so far.

I agree.

I don't types of Radio in the future that the national ones in the very local ones now these multiplexers.

They have to carry now last time.

I looked it was three community Radio station to tell me earlier.

This is changed.

Yeah, so now we've seen the full detail this is what I come with previously said that your reserved space would have to be maintained for cdsp licence holders, which could be thinking radio station or it could be a new community Radio station getting a digital-only community licence and so they said every motorbikes at least three will have to be reserved and that was part of a consultation that they

List a little while ago anyway, but now he's seen the detail from Ofcom this week with the formal opening of the licence application process of actually details for every one of those 25 hours.

I've just mentioned how much space needs to be reserved for CDS pizza community licence holders are in some areas.

It is 3 in some it's as many as seven seven other actually seven community stations in some places or are they anticipating there's going to be loads more on these places.

I guess they must be expecting some more people start community stations because you know if you look at them Cambridge you know it's a fairly small Geographic area that just kind of circles the city centre and gets out as far as Histon and if you know Cambridge but you know this couple of community stations in Cambridge does a student station as a community radio stations as well in the city itself, but 6 spaces for

Services have to be reserved out of the what 20 spaces that they might be on that Multiplex it does seem a little bit excessive and it means you know that those services might not be then full because the Multiplex owner has to reserve some just in case a community licence holder comes along and want some space.

So they have to keep those 6 bases free the can't sell them and then take them off somebody comes along with the community licences.

I'm not there but I'm not the expert but I understand that to be the case you know seven as well is in Bradford and Leeds and I think Glasgow as well.

So you know that stuff potentially a third of the Multiplex space has to be saved for the community station to the cost of nation when some of these nations have said they'll give free space to community broadcasters so the extension giving away a third of the Multiplex and is that Multiplex then going to be viable financially are they still going to do that are they literally going?

At least 7 places to community Radio station, I guess we'll get them on the podcast and asked at some point I saw so that the Scilly Islands Scilly Isles of motorbikes coming up how many community radio stations do you think they will be for the 2153 people who live on the Scilly Isles thanks wrong with well.

There's only a couple of radio stations cover that at the moment anyways and the radio silly and probably BBC Cornwall but 3 coming to radio stations have to be reserved on that Multiplex well.

That's just silly.

Yeah, so and then each one of them have their own specified number you say of how many have to be reserved I suppose it's a case of fillyaboots if you want to come in.

TV licence now and potentially free carriage on a nation Multiplex now the time to fully boots yeah, but then you know the flip side is that is because you know on these new places you can easily get a commercial radio licence to go Mum just as easily as you can get a community licence to go on digital only on the small scale DAB then you know the choices there and if you want to play Attic commercial might be the way to go.

Where is obviously your cdsp licence you are restricted to being a not-for-profit organization, but then if you had a commercial licence you have to pay for your carriage.

So if I got a committee and licence for jinglemad radio and stuck it on a dab in Winchester if nation for example one that licence Multiplex I don't even have the station for an erect in the area.

Please is that going to happen? Yeah, but maybe but so good luck with the PRS

For all those tingles that's all.

I'm saying I told agreed it's all written agreement with open bye-bye some of the things in that Ofcom document this week, but obviously you know it busy time now for anybody's applying for those multiplexes or stations that want to go on them in this first phase next year is going to be the second phase which is the North West of England and North East Wales and lots more Multiplex is Sir will come up in that area which I think will be early in 2021 exciting going to take forever is a 5-6 years for all the areas to be done and then they'll probably do more I guess so and as well as all the Greatest Hits Radio presenters leaving this week.

There's been a few of the people who left as well Roger Phillips long serving presenter of BBC Radio Merseyside his last show on there.

There's also dick stone who's been at Radio Trent as was Rama furman Trent FM

Give a smooth more recently at global he's left the company after 33/2 years in Nottingham and the other thing as well to say is that there's new director-general at the BBC this week Tony Hall did his last day in Cardiff and Tim Davie is taking over as BBC director-general and he spent his first day in Glasgow the Nation's I think later this week.

We're going to hear from Tim Davie with his his plans his mission statement for what he's going to do with the BBC so he's done a big announcement.

I think that later this week so watch out for that.

It's good to have a guy we know in charge of the the BBC not we know personally but the guy who knows radio quite well and he's he's up for for lots of radio stuff looking forward to that good luck to Tim apexchart back on Radio 2 at Sunday afternoons at 4 perhaps.

I don't know what right we're going to chat about podcasts here.

Cast in a few minutes so sick around with this for that and so you had a bit of exciting news about a new host Chinese on the radio Today programme next week's podcast we have a friend on what another one.

Yeah, we have written a book about their life in radio and audio and they are going to be with us on the podcast next week and it will hopefully be out so make sure you join us for that next time can I just say before we go and I know we've been talking a lot longer than we actually plant in December for this particular Freddie Mercury would have his birthday on Saturday when there is that you've done that before.

There will be 40 years Young on Saturday so I expect lots of birthday tweets and Facebook messages and had lots of reviews held at Stewart on Saturday for turning 40 now normally in our small group of friends.

We got absolutely mad on every birthday especially big ones like 40 but this year with coronavirus with Dunstall so what does no power of video anything like you got then? There's no power of stew nothing like that.

I apologise about that but you know we'll make it a good one next year for you next about how often be losing my hair and things like that happy happy you going to be are you still in lockdown? There? Are you ok now that we're moving moving out of our local lockdown actually this week.

Just in time for my birthday fantastic alright.


Have a good one because I won't see you through the week.

Thank you Mr Roy the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS for next unlock the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it a program and this we were talking about a brand new podcast company there are many podcast companies around but this one has a game.

It says it's going to be Europe's largest on-demand network or it hopes to please let's talk to the CEO it might Cajon mic.

Not too bad.

We'll talk about this new company in a second first people might know you from your time at five live awards.

Editor of five live sport you left there earlier this year after a couple of decades at the BBC to set up this new project that we're going to talk about tell us about leaving the BBC decision first of all after quite a long time.

How is that it wasn't an easy one because I mean I love my job.

I love the people I work with and the content of creating it was a decision.

I've been there you know if you say 18 years.

I just got a new challenge really no other reason than that wasn't happy at all.

We've been working in your nose part of that is with five live sport the last 3-years launch BBC sounds and everything I've been working very closely with other people in developing new podcast ideas and successful ones like Peter Crouch and football daily.

It really got back creative juices flowing again.

It's an expanding area of audio and you know I wanted to see what the business side of the podcasting is she was like as well so I did.

Looking at that particular America UK markets quite small at the moment, but it's clearly growing and so I thought there's an opportunity with some great content makers and obviously with report across to really make a difference in this market, but also I wasn't going to leave the BBC in a job that I really enjoy to just become a sort of production company making podcast for the people.

I wanted to build a really robust business and scan it quite quickly, so that's kind of the area of work that business side of things which is obviously I'm not quite as experiences making content so it's called crowd network this new company and you've got some seed funding to get going as well.

Yes, yes well a company called enigma Holdings have invested half a billion pounds into the company which give us a real good star from the business side of things it's

To recruit some producers and you know building the sort of business in terms of the structure in terms of finance and legal staff and marketing and all those things if I was to create a business before we launched are we launching now.

So you know it's a lot as to plan to scale quickly as well and they've offered a lot of business advice because they were close to the Startup so that's been great and also working closely with a couple of months of firms and marketing agencies who have also invested and a law firm JMW who working not legal stuff, so we've got an incredible support network around the Manchester business community which has been vital because you know myself until we back ourselves to make great content but we don't like ourselves to look at a profit and loss spreadsheet, or you know a legal document together.

Talon and other companies and stuff so it's been there.

I feel like I've been on a Sunday masses of business course over the last few months which has been great and fascinating and interesting a mind-blowing but it's really exciting and that's what I always said I said we need to have a proper robust business and not just just try and take a flyer and the fact you've got people who mastered such sums of money suggest that there are confident and they believe in you.

Why do you think Daddy is that your track records between you I think I was certainly part of it because they know they said they testing people so myself Steve Jones and Tom fordyce.

We have a great track record in audio and most recently in podcasting.

So that was certainly part of it also the business proposition that we put together as well and you know this was quite compelling to a point where we had more than more than one investor interested.

We had about three or 4 and

House of the pandemic days investors they see the growth of the podcast market they see the likes of you know Spotify apple Sony all getting involved heavily they realise that the currency is great content they know that we can make great content so yeah, they were investing in the people but they're also investing in the industry which is growing and you know so that was why they got involved and that was why other people were also interested as well, so let's talk about the content tell us about the kind of things that you gonna be making I think the first one is coming out this month is featuring John Bishop it's gonna be about big names and big topics.

I guess people you know Celebrity come in and talk about some words that mean something to them three is called Three Little Words they talk about the words that means something to them tell stories of the back so even episodes.

Holland and a few others it's really exciting.

It's John Bishop and his and his fantasy pictures are very good actor and director and writer what star is in.

What's most exciting as we don't want to sort of make one particular genre of podcast so we're going to be launching 7 across September October so we want a week from the first week of September all the way through to the end of October and they are a real varied mix which will find out about as the as the month as a weeks ago.

You know that clearly with our sporting background as there's a couple of one's related to that side of things with personalities based there, but we also making a couple of non-fiction narrative titles that Tom fordyce is writing some of those and they are absolutely fantastic and compelling and I think they do really well we've also

Linked up with an American film director to make a true crime documentary which were making as we speak now which I think will make a big big impact in a podcasting fascinating story.

We're also creates me daily former as well.

Which will be launched towards the end of October so just come up with ideas and then sort of test the special ability of these projects where the we can actually pull them off and then we just sort of commission them and create from that's the beauty of what we doing because we are very much ideas people and you know me back.

I sell to make great content but we don't want to just do a very now Focus I think everybody expected as to make a load of Sport Podcast which makes sense I guess but we wanted to go down a different journey was still on export podcast but we want to make you know it's visiting January going to be launching A History podcast on politics podcast.

Another entertainment Strand so we're spreading the the ideas around with the Sport Podcast at the BBC that have been massively successful and your top of the charts all the time of the last 4 years things like Savage and Flintoff and the ping pong guy that Peter Crouch podcast they've obviously got the BBC's marketing there on sounds people will find them.

They can market them on their own radio station has done with those in particular.

So how do you compete with those when you haven't got a platform like sounds to get them out there.

I mean it's absolutely fine point.

We do have quite a detailed marketing strategy and place clearly you know we can't buy a a slide at the end of March the day which will always be useful, but there is a plan in place for that and also the YouTube creating a podcast network you know launching with seven titles means you can cross promote heavily between your titles that something very important for us.

We will be in.

Looking across social media you know having someone like John Bishop is really helpful with his 2 million Twitter followers.

You know so we have plans in place for that.

It's an absolutely farpoint.

What size you have the BBC does promoters podcast very very happy little she's great and but the ones in a successful for the ones that are really good so kind of doesn't really matter how much you put behind if it's not very good you know BBC sounds is is Susie successful and I hope the BBC as they I think of planning will open BBC sounds up to non-broadcast in the short-term.

I think that's really important.

They do that as a public service broadcaster, and I think there are plans in place between 6 to that over the next 12-months and obviously with the but with your background and stay Tommy you mentioned in Louise's your talent director is also come from the BBC is your idea solely focused on making podcast for your own network industry and buy a cos.

I think you're going to do or is it about also being an Indian

Making programs for the BBC and commercial sector and things business model is based purely around making content the crowd networkhomes.

I think that you know trace a long-term robust business.

You know we want to create high-volume high-quality evergreen content of Leone and that can be continuously monetized by sponsorship, but potentially ancillary revenue streams in the future such as live shows you know potential TV formats books etc.

There are a lot of production companies out there making great content for the BBC and I didn't want to do that ticking weeding want to do that.

We wanted to have control of our content.

We didn't necessarily want to make it and then just hand it over to somebody else and we think that is a better this model for us as we plan to scale and obviously you've been based at media city is a great boost for Manchester having this new company as so you've got a lot on investment you're aiming to be.

I think you've got it Europe's largest on-demand network is your is your I'm so to have that in Manchester as well presuming you're taking on producers and people to make somebody's content absolute in Manchester is really important to us.

I mean I'm from Manchester but Steve Tom and Louise are but Tom and Steve they moved up with the BBC in 2011 cancelled in Manchester special place is a real created bars around Manchester obviously the BBC and media city is in 25th with great support from the local business can see and you know there's some great local universities here such a very ambitious city that we wanted to be based in Manchester and that's really important to us and also think it's a good news story because when when I moved outside weekday moved up in 2011.

Director in the North so you know us moving from the BBC obviously it was for a few weeks.

Maybe I don't know but it's you know it.

It's part of the BBC's remix to start independent sector and I think Windows doing this and hopefully being successful.

That's a good news story for the area and for the BBC as well and it's people listen to this you've got ideas for podcast.

Would you want to work with people who original content ideas and help them make the podcast absolutely yeah? I'm always open to ideas.

I mean I'll be a way of getting in touch via our website but always interested in working with new people and chairs and new format something that that's that's the key I mean I think the market is getting it saturates.

It's not big enough you have but you know there's so many different interview style podcast out.

I think that you know their success to be having creating new formats building new personalities and that sort of things are absolutely interested in talking to anyone and if the business model works.

Will be absolutely attention, then we talked about the successful podcast it's not just the BBC but you know from other podcast makers as well the ones that do well in the charts tend to be the ones who have a big involved whether it's David Tennant or Peter Crouch or whoever.

There's a danger isn't that we go towards that celebrity driven podcast of just to get the listens all the time when actually you can make some great original did not have a celebrity featured as part of it.

I find out a little bit frustrating to be honest that the UK market is very much setup for influenza type of which celebrities and that's kind of due to the commercial model because sponsors and advertisers want to be associated with celebrities and it doesn't matter how good the podcast is because you know if you got a famous person reading out your brand to an audience and it's quite a cheap way doing that then that's really effective and soda.

And that's what sponsors now betises one you can explain the market where the commercial sector have to make those types of content because that's what is the bills and it's only the BBC that can make amazing podcast light hurricane and the missing crypto Queen because the Independence can't do that haven't got the money to do that and the Returns on sponsorship and advertising and not big enough because sponsors and advertisers to put their money in with you know celebrity Talent and you might end up with split market and the BBC doesn't 47b podcast as well, so they should but I'd like the commercial independent sector to to be rewarded for making high-quality interesting content that's not celebrity based.

We've got two or three titles like that and we're going to have to see how they were commercially.

They don't and then I think you in a bit of a problem.

So you know it's up to you know we've been fantastic for so far and communicating with us at all time and I'm guarding is through the process of how our business model is going to work, but you know obviously the proof will be in the launch, and what what type of podcast I don't think I'll be a problem like John Bishop but it's the other title said I think they'll be test the commercial viability of the UK podcast market absolutely what's HSE time and we wish you lots of luck with your business.

Just look at this week, so Congratulations for getting this far and best wishes for the future.


I really appreciate your time.

That was my car from crowd network read more about that a radio I just had of David Lloyd a reminder about cleanfeed if you've not tried it yet and maybe this is the week to give it a go if you're doing obese interviews co-hosting a show from somewhere different to normal.

From home whatever you're up to clean feeds great has been designed for radio people of the podcast as it's really really easy to use and the quality is great and you can even record it all within the browser if you're making a podcast or something like that.

He won't cost anything to get started as a completely free version you can pay for some extra features on the pro version if you want to do that and you'll be getting on with your first recording or doing a live fit for the radio within a few minutes find cleanfeed NET radio Aire in Leeds closed.

Thank you so much for listening.

Thank you for radio over the years.

It's been a pleasure leave it to Leeds station launched this week 30 years ago.

MI6 on the breakfast show me to Steve Anderson from Sands Lane holme-on-spalding-moor, rest in peace radio Aire kiss this week reached its 30th birthday safely it had been a pirate he closed down to apply for the licence radio thought he don't go back on here.

Do not go back on it.

It's been so many great applications that we're going to talk to the powers that be and see if we can get some more licences preparation for the new independent local radio service to the area, which will be provided by KISS 100 FM as the IVA contractor 321.

It is Golden Mac there are no words to express the raffle at this moment of your permission.

I just like to get something out my assistant altogether but public opinion determination the authorities had to sit up and listen and take notice 100 FM back legally the original sound of London the first kiss this week 30 years ago celebrating its 50th anniversary this week.

It's good old BBC Radio Bristol something important is happening right now.

I'm sure that BBC local radio is here to stay that the patient will opportunities and then it will serve this community faithfully and well, so that on anniversaries many years hence people will listen with appreciation to recordings of this open.

And say was real interest well.

That's how it all began.


That's always have the spot but I wanted you seen it's cruising around Bristol you this morning and further information from the one of the biggest flat is in the country today the shows last day this morning the early moments of Radio Bristol this week in 1970 do the BBC radio Services come together? It's either for industrial action.

Are you listening for the BBC radios on network service designed to keep you up-to-date with news current affairs and entertainment normally heard on radios 1 2 3 and 4 and in.

It's time for lowering the news it's 2 hours of popular Classics chords for a major news story with the news that Diana Princess of Wales has been killed in a car crash in Paris her friend Dodi Al-Fayed and their driver also died in the accident late last night and crowds of mourners have been Gathering at Buckingham Palace the princesses London home, Kensington Palace there will be news updates throughout the day on Radio 1 and there is a continuous new service on Radio 5 live on 909 and 693 medium wave the charts on Sunday afternoon, and I said there's no way we can do a chart today, but absolutely crazy definitely really thought that there be a chance either.

We would do a child or Richard capsule and work at that point would do the chart and we decided and I feel Richard to have a conversation.

I think we asked Matthew we said.

The best of my recollection that they did have a conversation and they decided it would be nuts to do that and I think we got that one right.

There was a very very hard day to be on the air because you would do something you just expected Independent Radio news the death of Diana Princess of Wales has been announced in Paris 104.9 Radio Station today in circumstances.

We wouldn't have wished due to the tragic death of Diana Princess of Wales has a mark of respect someone who has going her own way stand apart from the rest and being a remarkable Ambassador in the Struggle for the dispossessed the sufferers of leprosy and Dave and the ongoing Horror of landmines, who was the dedicate the activities around 1 today to her memory?

This kind of steadily developing couldn't feed it with us or Princess Diana this week in 1997 in history.

Generally when you has played it's role, thisislondon, the government have given instructions for the following important announcements closing the places of entertainment all cinemas theatres and other places of entertainment are closed in media tear until further notice.

They are being closed because if they were hit by a bum oceanside remarkably you all too familiar these days that the BBC this week in 1939 engineers Gerald transmitters in preparation for wartime broadcasting and the national and regional programs became the home service drama this week 50 years ago in pirate radio.

You only ship and some people at Building and they shouldn't be another international being boarded this week in 1970s been controversy of late about the pre-release the press of Midsomer it happened again this week in 2011 when protesters disrupt at the Proms at the Albert Hall in appearance by Israel for the monarch.

Sorry, that was unable to continue with our broadcast.

It's nice time by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra because of disruption in the Royal Albert Hall so with Century Radio north east launching 26 years ago 70s going on a 1-year ago.

Good morning.

This is 41 years ago and welcome to VHF radio for the rest of this evening and Harriet take me of a magic breakfast 3 years ago very exciting to be with you and looking forward to them.

You know the next year.

Homes in our reception area which you can sign and the first ever News Bulletin on radio on a 10k in Detroit 100 years ago, but isn't a moments wow 100-year.

Thank you David and thanks.

Also to write Martin am I guess this week might car join us for another radio Today programme same time next week broadcast.

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