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Read this: Jamie East on leaving talkRADIO

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Jamie East on leaving talkRADIO…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up this week.

We're gonna talk to Jamie East he's been at talk radio and before it version for the last 4 1/2 years, but just announced this week Easter the last show it's his decision to leave and he treated it's clear that talk radio has a clearly defined idea of where it's heading sadly not many of those ideals were a great fit will say about his Daily Podcast the smart 7 which is doing very well at the moment and never mind this week in history this week in the present.

We got a future radio moment coming up to the podcast with an emotional farewell from Keith skues.

This week first radiator Days by Martin is here.

Welcome to the new style podcast Roy no Trevor no David no James it's just me and you if I had some Echo on my mixer presetting.

I would make it sound like we're in a big room all on our own post-production and also you didn't give me my full title when you introduce me, so is this part of the new podcast sorry executive president and whatever you are.

Is it exactly give it to me that's fine as you are well by the way.

How are you? Yes? I'm not too bad either should we talk about some radio stuff? That's been going on this week the radio programme it is we've learnt about plans for this year's radio festival which was a nice few weeks ago, but we forgot the dates now and when it's going to be on and of course.

It's happening online this year.

9th to the 13th of November please give me the different well one thing that's different nobody's kind of mention.

It is the name it's not the radio festival anymore.

You know know that it's the radio at me festival.

Oh ok soon previous years.

It's always been the radio festival but I noticed a couple of weeks ago.

There was a couple of different mentions country dimensions of professional radio Comedy Festival the last announcement was made was very clear.

It's the Radio Academy festival, so they've taken ownership of it.

I'm not sure it really matters but anyway it's about the content Nile Rodgers will be there at the festival Lorna Clark Jordan and Perri from kiss, please remember the first names announced and it's going to be happening over a period of a few days every afternoon.

This is going to be where where will they be? Where will Nile Rodgers be other going to be in a place that we can go to your house mine.

I don't know new I live know Roger is going to

In Connecticut they go is give me talking about his new Apple music One Show which is called deep hidden meaning radio x to the 13th and usual stuff that from the festivals such as presentations interviews and panels and how much will it be Stuart for me to watch all this? I probably get a free one how much would it be for £25 to you sir as a Radio Academy member and 20% of the ticket Revenue number no ok 20% of the ticket revenue goes to the audio and radio emergency fund as well.

It prices here and interesting week fantastic.

We talked about Radio 1 dance move we talked about Radio 1 dance at last week, but we've heard from Ofcom on this in the last few days and they say no we're not going to look into this as money for public interest test commercial ready was complaining that ready one dance.

Some of that audience Ofcom saying that's fine, but they have said they're going to look into BBC sounds which may be even worse because that's like the grandfather.

So what are they going to do with sounds? Do you think I just ordered a report and the end of it or is often going to shut down BBC sounds now.

I don't think often is going to shut to have BBC sounds.

It's saying it's going to review it and you know they said it's grown perhaps later.

How often visage.

So they just going to review things and then will report back later this year the BBC as well by the way said it's you had all their prey from Ofcom to do ready one dance anyway, and it wants the it's going to be using old content so existing content from other radio stations or your previous programs 11.

There's nothing exclusive and new and then of Commerce group with and said yep, that's fine.


We don't think it's going to make a serious dent in what commercial radio does interesting but it's out on the 9th of October on BB

Is Radio 1 dance to watch that with interest was interesting about all this is that Ofcom said in one of the reports last year that BBC must do more tried to younger audience often says you must launch Radio 1 dance and off and now they having to investigate them for munching Radio 1 dance.

So it's all a bit weird me my mistajam has left Radio 1 suddenly.

It's been there for the last 15-years Reece Parkinson has now taken over 1 Extra drivetime Charlie Hedges is now doing ready 1 dance anthems on Saturdays so where's mistajam going you have music kiss capital Xtra think he's got to broadcasting left in them.

I'm definitely and you don't just leave because you've nowhere to go unless of course you find it looks like it's his decision to go and of course we know where his old boss is now don't wait Mr Ben Cooper and Cooper now.

He's got so you never know you could end up with kiss or like you just suggested it could be joining.

Chums off to Apple I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.

Yeah, I had an interesting headline on radio today this week, but power wants to move Northallerton there's so many characters we can put in a headline to match our site style and yeah, but it does fully explained.

They don't want a lift remove the time you want to move the the conversion of word thanks, Northallerton is if that makes sense in the same with Jasper as well, which means it's going to be in a different approved area you're near Northallerton so you can probably tell us more about it.

There's a bit of a weirdo licence so it started out as well.

I think it was going to be called btn.

When they applied for it, which was bleadale Thirsk Northallerton wasn't it was a atrc life back in ice proback 2004/2005 minute that and then they launched it as Minister Northallerton and it had a breakfast show in her mid morning show of its own and then the rest of day took Minster

But then it was part of star in Darlington with Darlington and Durham and Northallerton so is in the Northeast and it's what back to Minster when Star Wars salt rather good few years ago, Northallerton is in North Yorkshire but ofcom's northeast approved area has Northallerton in it and I think it does get Tyne Tees telly and stuff like that so technically it should currently have coming from the North East but it hasn't had one for last 4 years because it's just been a relay of Minster from York so have ukrd actually been breaking the rules as well as Baron our be the original drivetime show for Greatest Hits radio in Northallerton is going to Leeds from 2 years ago which contradictory information which said he was in one part in the table of the list and then someone else in The Telegraph it said somewhere else so that there was a an Ofcom mistake order at some point down the line which probably lead to this yeah, and I think.

Going to say yes, but it's kind of formally got to run this consultation to see his go and your actions about it and down near you then so in Dorset Shaftesbury is moving as well.

That's right.

Yeah, basically Shaftesbury currently associated with the southwest which is everything going from Bristol I guess they want to change it so it goes into the South region doing this from memory because it would be more associated with all the Dorset stations and he would have programs come from Hampshire which is closer geographically closer, but at least it would put to the Shaftesbury licence in with the Dorset stations, which one you looking on a map which you can do on radio it makes little bit more sense that saying in the southwest.

Sorry about radio x which is largest a crowdfunding campaign now.

This is radio exc in Exeter radio.

Exe not radio x which is obviously different and the radio x in Exeter has a presenter called Ashley

Sorry, you could actually from Radio x and be totally confused about that, but yeah, this is the as they say the last remaining commercial radio station in the area miles and Miles after Radio Plymouth was sold to buy that's not a done deal by they might be buying now been put through the in the month so I was told to power and of course the Breeze is now a c-hr in the wider southwest region and they're asking for £82,500 to keep it going until Easter which is when they figure they'll be back on their feet £82,000 on a fundraiser to keep a commercial radio station going is that the don't think Stuart what do you think of people seem to be donating? I think the time of recording of raise about £16,000 virus rewards that you can get by donating and the anoraks listing will enjoy this cos you can get goodybags.

Just by making a donation or they'll give you the chance to read the weather forecast or read the news on the radio.

Patience about write it for you and you get to read it out.

So if you pay 50 quid you can read the news bulletin or something like that so that I'll get the gigs donating at least which has both helps such a hard time for commercial radio and I went to the launch of the new city of the brand new videos the whole beautiful they even got lights that change colour.

It's that posh in the new Studios so I do hope they survive but of time is capital gain tax band is is ghar agana expanding to the area just you know either just treading water you don't know the answer.

No, I don't know the answer and clearly you know if you own a radio station and you think it's fine you want to make some money from it, then you want to carry on doing that, but it's only comes along with a chequebook and you need £80,000 to keep yourself going until Easter 6-months away, then you know if they will cover that and will give you some more money to buy shares off you all global for that matter or somebody else then.

It's you can see why it's happening lots of the local areas can't you good luck?

And hope they they get through the troubling times.

Tell me about pod play Roy oi is it hard play from the logo first I heard about this was a press release send a pod play has launched and this is our new platform for creating and publishing podcasts at basically launched in Sweden and Finland this week is already running in Norway but it's not I mean you can access it and got a pod and you can see everything is even got content from UK radio stations all the snaps globalsar Chris Morris's on their community radio stuff as well, so there's loads of UK stuff, but this thing is only available on on a targeted at Sweden Finland and Norway so don't be confused planet radio was the the one to bring everything together, but this new one has appeared portly.

I don't know what's going on.

Let's talk about it hard.

Yeah, well, I'll look it up, but I'll go I will have a look for podcasts talkSPORT is looking for three new apprentices to join its production team this looks like a great opportunity there in pushing this on their social media this week to get some new people involved in raid and you get qualification with it as well as various bits of training at done through press association and others and you get a bjtc accredited thing at the end of it applications of opened.

This are the closing date is the 12th of October think the only stipulation is you have to be over 18 so apprenticeships these days and not just for young people but it's a great opportunity to to get in to talkSPORT

That's somewhere you're staying out radio looking for opportunity definitely have a look at that and at the end of an era this week for Keith skues.

We're going to his final sign off from BBC local radio in the e at the end of this podcast so stay tuned for that.

I kind of modern radio moment a Future Radio moment let's call it that that's a good idea.

I don't know but we can put the radio show of the week or something like that at the at the end of the podcast cos we've nothing else now after you saying bye.

Yeah, when is one of legalities ever stop to think that's true the radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching react and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transformed everything about radio except the way you make.

Next on the radio Today programme, let's talk to someone who's been the eye of a little mini Media storm this week after quitting his radio show quite public is Jamie East hi Jamie how are you? Are you doing a mini media store before you can talk radio was your last at the station.

You've been there for a few years now the tell us in your own words why decided to quit well.

I mean it was I mean.

It's a combination of things really but but ultimately was it was the fact is most listeners working radio.

No you don't often get the chance to leave a job.

You know you're normally you normally get their boot so it was quite nice to reach the decision on my own and I did decide and I knew that the radio and I am seeing eye to eye not in terms of any kind of argument or anything like that, but politically and and and I guess edit.

For some time and that's no detriment to where they want to go.

It's no different to hour ago.

It's just it just wasn't a fit anymore.

I'm probably make their teeth itch with hell left the Liberal snowflake.

I am and on the flip side.

I didn't really want to be on a station where we're condoning people cutting a mask on there seemed just hugely responsible, so that was the straw that broke the camels back and you know obviously just had to get my affairs in order to make the gym yes, this is video Dolan drive on a Friday from your few weeks ago which they shared on their social and everything you did on her a couple of million people have watched it on Twitter cuppa mask said ignoring the government rules getting on with my life.

So not very responsible.

I mean Ofcom obviously we'll look at whether they need secondary action about that, but as you say it doesn't publicly look very good.

No it doesn't.

And it's always a tricky one Stewart because you know as most of us know balanced talk radio doesn't particularly work very well.

You know it just doesn't it's just not it's not a genre that wide audience which is why you need to go one way or the other I think and improved over an American and it's starting to become more prevalent over here so I can I can understand the contrary arguing and the desire for creating a bit of a bit of outrage and another rest of it speaking to someone who had covid-19 and having relatives that have died from it and knowing people who have lost families not been able to attend funerals that people that take over that find it just find it prevailed and horrible to to see someone like Mark you.

I know you know don't get me wrong.

I'm not going to punch each other in the street or anything you know.

I know and respect mark as a broadcaster.

I just think that is an extremely misjudge.

Heat at the moment kind of thing where somebody was trying to create a name for themselves and after a few more shifts and it was just massively misjudge.

The did not read the room well, but not my room anyway.

It's not just talk radio stations probably guilty as well to some extent more important to radio said he taught radio that only increase as well and it's just you know each To Their Own It was just something that just didn't want to be part of I just didn't feel as I could justify kind of being sympathetic and then having that as disable mate.

It just wasn't just didn't feel right.

I suppose you're fortunately that you've got some of the things that you do and it was just a weekly show that you doing do you think they might be people who think?

This is my life.

I can't walk away had negotiated very good show Rod Stewart so that was a good ages, but you know yes, I had a weekly so I done you know I done a lot of shows but already on the past.

I did a lot of cover shows originally you know Originals to dollar conversion to because they asked me they want to drive there, but that didn't transpire at the beginning with you.

It was a lot of fun, but you know the shift dried up because I just my face don't fit I knew that and that's just how being a broadcaster.

Is you know that's that's just life so it wasn't you don't obviously it wasn't a huge life-changing decision to leave but you know enough for me to can I have a bit of a think about it.

Just seen a few years ago.

When obviously when wireless got bought out by Muse on the high-profile departures people like Colin Murray and stand calamari said you know I'm not going to work for Murdoch and I'm quitting yeah.

The time in wireless same towards privately you know I'd love to be able to afford to just walk away from a Daily Show Colin Murray can do so it's hard to put your morals above your look it is and let you know I'd be lying if I said it was 100% and moral choice.

You know I'd also done.

I've done two years on a Sunday and I quite fancied spending time with the kids and all smart 7 has become big success nuts early mornings, and it was just a bit too much.

So yeah, you know a lot.

I can I couldn't say anything about working for me like I work for Rupert Murdoch for most of my professional life.

You know I started working I continue to do work at sky even though he's not there.

I would I would the film editor at the sun.

I done video work for the sun.

So I'm not I'm not I'm not a Murdoch Basher iso-uk a lot you know that they've been very good to meet you just in this instance now not for me and the way that talk radio.

Is is changing as you say it's perhaps trying to chase headlines a bit more and it is a credit.

Nice with LBC doing so well and times Radio now coming along so I guess it probably needs to be controversial.

It needs to carve out a niche for itself because otherwise what's the point in having talk radio and Friday as a company for doing the same thing.

Yeah, I think that was the fork in the road.

I think for for wireless really was x radio appearing in and having this you know colour remitting lovely remit that they have is which is no you know now, but I just don't worry about the advertisers.

No Confrontation just make good radio which is you know sounds like a bloody dream that I did apply to to be part of the time radio team.

I would have loved to have been part of it, but it wasn't to be in then when you know the times ready is going one way talk radio is ever known only going to go and obviously we talked about you being there for a bit.

Obviously you went to wireless to work as a music presenter on Virgin how did you find that that switch to do music presentation when I don't think it was something you done before.

No, I've never done that I hadn't done TV and you know just really so I was lucky that the launched a Virgin Radio Liam Thompson was great and you know you don't get you don't get mentors like that very often.

I certainly haven't had one like that since and you know he obviously saw some me the lights and Liam Fisher as well at wireless.

You know just champion for me without any other expecting it weirdly Sunday show with Virgin then they offered me Mid mornings.

It was great and I really enjoy you know I was given a lot of freedom in the early days of Virgin and it turned out too much because they change their mind and what it's all about the music so I was first out on from them to now.

You've lost his new podcast that started a few months ago now the smart 7 and it's yeah.

I like it.

It's it's kind of a bit more quirky then some kind of daily news.

Gas and it's you know it's very to the point and it gets on with it.

Tell us why I decide to launch.

It's first of all the fun with Lee and Thompson my original PD from Virgin Radio still based over the lives we got together and we wanted to work together again and you know I've been producing in presenting in making podcasts for sometime not just myself before other people as well and I guess just spotted the trend now and got a sense that the shorter and daily is where is where it was heading so you don't really I'm sat down and worked out what we wanted to do to get ok with it can be shortened daily.

What what can it be in it's the obvious thing was news and I think you're right.

It's is quirkier and has a bit more independent traditional news outlets.

You know we're up against New York Times the times in the Financial Times all of these huge brands with you know 50 people working.

Millions of pounds budgets and Liam and I came up with a bit of a secret sauce way to make the smart 7 cheaply and quickly and but maintaining a bit of cheekiness too as well.

I think it's important.

I think you know whatever I've done as a broadcaster or a writer or when I was running holy moly way back in the day is always to talk to have a talk to each other and and I think the smart 7 does that and it yeah you mentioned the competition times Telegraph guardian ft sky all throwing lots of money at Daily Podcast dailycannon news briefings.

How do you cut through that when you don't necessarily have the big bucks to do the market because you are doing very well in the charts about having a good products, but how do you get it out there when you start doing podcast the one thing you don't want to hear from anybody is that there isn't a secret way.

It's just boring hard work and sadly that are turned out to be the case.

It's been you know five.

Starts for both of us for the past six months 5 days a week and then we get on and do our add at the day jobs that make the money at the moment, so it's about regularity is about consistency and and tweaking as well United is it will try to treat it quite radiolite which is almost antithesis of podcast but the production of the smarts sounds a bit more polished and I get a regular independent podcast would do you know we put a lot of time and effort into the processing into the compression into the you going to the stings into the beds and all that kind of stuff that you would normally do if you're in a Breakfast Show because the idea was that it would be the Breakfast Show News Bulletin that one's interrupt your Daily commutes Podcast you know if you listen to Adam Buxton you can still listen to the smart 7.

Obviously we launched this week and pandemics.

We've never really had time to test out the commuting Theory but you know it seems to go well so far and your expanding as well.

She got a sport one now as well.

I guess there are lots of different kind of spin-off the could do from.

Yeah, so we launched the Sport 1 the beginning of September that's going really well.

We doing that with my beauville who was the launch director for talkSPORT 2 and yeah, that's that's the same on niche even out sport it's still still slightly more Neasden than regular news and you know it's it's helping the idea was always having network and always always have several kind of strings to the sports ignore the smart 7bo.

So they can bounce off each other and feed each other and and and and all the rest of it and it's working quite well, so yeah, we've got we got plans for at least a eventually when we when we can fit the time and now we recommend having listened to the smart we can find out and coronavirus in Alder usual podcast places as well.

Where was that? You know which part of the Spotify daily Drive has been a huge calaboose Tours and it was really nice and pleasing and satisfy the Spotify choses as a kind of independent news podcast and we are now.

Among talkSPORT there white weirdly all of my wireless friends, are you know the times talkSPORT and I think the Financial Times near Connor Mr in there as well, so and then there's little holders with our kind of a pink logo just shouting and taking the mick out of them out of Matt Hancock so you know that's been pleasing development fantastic.


Lots of love with that while you're on you mentioned.

Holy moly.

Obviously you know the state of showbiz coverage and gossip and things like that.

I think you're obviously inner sole.

Holy moly and then when they closed they said the world's change people getting the gossip from other places now we in a good place for a rumour with social media as it is at the minute.

Do you think well? I mean social media killed off celebrity gossip stonedead because you know when fans could hear straight from the celebrities.

You know keyboard rather than him to wait for the cheapest on a Sunday or even the websites the next day.

You know there was there was nothing really anyone could do regardless of whether a story was true a celebrity had a cancer.

I can directly on Twitter to 10 million people at it absent flow.

The way that are appetite for showbiz in and celebrity certain in the UK for a cyclic we have a Kind of Love Hate and and we go through periods of being reverential to celebrities in holding them up in or and and you know and all the rest of it and then a few years later.

We know Andrew British style.

Just want to give him a good shoeing and and a lot of not quite sure where that cycle how to spell heading back towards Pat I'm out of it now though good this morning so too tiring yeah, it just gets it depends a little bit on with the the tabloids in the people that the Daily Mail celebrity comes are a fan of yours see Brighton to be getting a Kick in the weekly at the moment.

Just here is Steve Wright going shopping and it turned into a negative story about him, so I mean it's stuff like that.

I mean it's just weird, but it's what's the real story here and of course the real story that they don't like mentioned about these just doing a decent decent chunk of money at the BBC and that's why they really hate Steve Wright and but actually I love the fact that to their stories have been going.

Is a known case everyone still loves you know because it's Steve Wright I need a really really good at his job exactly but he makes you wonder why the hell people are writing these in newsrooms, but there is the current in the pictures always had as well.


Yeah well soon Jamie and maybe we'll hear you on the radio again one day as you say you know never say never you never bloody knows that I can get called back in 20-years time and people just like yesterday.

What a nice man.

That's Jamie East talking to me here on the radio Today programme do check out his podcast just before finish a reminder about cleanfeed.

It's great for doing outside broadcast if there's any of those going on at the moment also interviews for your show your podcast co-hosting from somewhere different to usual cleanfit all works in your browser to connect in live studio quality depends what you got plugged in at either end and it's great for both radio and podcast as well the quality is fab and he gave record within your browser.

Is a completely free version so you can get started today without paying any money it will just take you 30 seconds or so to sign up and you were doing your first live interview or recording for your shower podcast within minutes cleanfeed, Dunnett and now as we get used to life after David Lloyd's radio moments.

We thought we'd finished with this this week.

It's a radio moment for the future something.

We might be talking about in the years to come on Sunday night BBC radio Norfolk was home to the last Keith skues show of all at the age of 81.

He's finished his late night slot on the BBC the east from BFBS to radio Atlanta Caroline luxy radio London on to Radio 1 on launch day radio Hallam and BBC local radio in the east for the last 25 years is Keith skues signing off listening to that song by Frank Sinatra once again and the words regrets I've had a few.

I too have regrets never finding time to settle down with a good lady wife, I've been very lucky.

Girlfriends all my life, but I always put my career first and that was probably a big mistake because I was very selfish but from a broadcasting point it's been an incredible broadcasting life spanning 61 years, please allow me to thank you for all the wonderful cards letters emails and phone message is received over the last 3 weeks and to listen to feed in touch with me for many many years I joined BBC radio Norfolk in April 1995, but I hope I hope helped make some of you happy during the last 25 years or so there be many rpa is radio production assistants on my spelling those years and without them the program would not have been so successful.

They know who they are and my thanks to each and every one of them.

To all of you listening to this program.

I wish you happiness and great success for whatever you do in the future.

Maybe we will meet again over the airwaves.

I hope so but that decision rests family with BBC management This podcast was composed by MiKasa

Transcriptions done by Google Cloud Platform.

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