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Read this: Student radio in Warwick turns 50

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Student radio in Warwick turns 50…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up this week as raw 12:51 celebrates 50 years of broadcasting from the University of Warwick will talk to add farrow has put together a pop station which include some of the famous names to presented on the station in the past and will also hear from one of the current station managers there Shaun Bolton will tell us about her experiences of running a student radio station pandemic music for This podcast was composed I'm acaso before all that radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin is here.

How is your week going? My week is just fine.

Thank you.

Lot better than last week because we had a few responses didn't wait to say you guys alright sound like you had a bit of a bad week.

Holguin are you ok? Yeah lots of exciting things going on.

I'm getting a new car this week as well.

Which is goodbye to Skoda after 15 years of having skodas and going friend should get your Peugeot it's saving some money to pay outlet every month but I think I will be very sad to lose my Skoda VW Group radio have enjoyed having the big touchscreen with the nice big logos and stuff.

I think she wants alright, but it's probably not as nice.

I'm glad you brought the conversation straight back to radio when you started a real life stuff there for a second on This podcast so what's what radios in the new car thing some modern Joey with everything and carplay and all the fancy things and Daft and everything but I don't think the UI is going to be as nice as this one.

I've had in the Skoda for last 4 years, but will report back next week.

That's interesting I was going to say that most cars have double standard now and and carplay or somewhere to connect your phone.

So you've got this similar system you can still you.

Please on your big screen and all the yeah could do all that can do all that.

I think I'll find out when I get it and I'll report back next week but but yeah, I think the the way the logos display for radio stations and stuff on my Skoda they've had up for the last 304 years.

I really like the radios in the month so sad thing I'm losing about my car logos in Shirley what little no.

I'm not sure whether this is what is an unknown quantity as we record this but I will report back.

I'll probably post some pictures of the radio on Twitter to look forward to it and I believe you've got a new car registration plate to go with you.

Thank you for that.

That was my birthday gift from you have such a kind gentleman.

Very well console tax deductible.

Is it ok? Let's move on record Phillip Schofield has a new book out and it sounds like there's lots of geeky radio.

It does and he was on with Chris Moyles on Monday morning and I really enjoyed it.

It was such a good chat all about radio course.

I'm not sure a regular listeners would have appreciated but nobody listens tomorrow's know that he's going to go off on a roundabout radio some point at least once a week.

So how was your day enjoyed as well, it was on Facebook Live wasn't it's alright if you want to listen back to that if we did a story on it in factories on Radio today as embedded into that and not turn into a discussion about a Radio 1 roadshow as well, which you tweeted Phillip Schofield about replied the yeah.

I just as well.

I enjoyed talking about the ongoing as a kid to watch it in Newquay cos he's from UK I grew up in UK and going to watch the Radio 1 roadshow and then talking about actually getting to host it when he was already on DJ and I saw him.

On the road show stage with Stu rights in summer 1988 when I was on holiday in Cornwall we went to the Roadshow most exciting thing of my life when I was 7 to get to go to the Radio 1 roadshow, and I've got lots of pictures of it, so I found a picture with Steve Wright and Phillip Schofield you just about make them out on the stage behind all the crowds and I found the audio as well as Philip come stage, so it's worth having us to my switches is fun that and I just love this story about you know I'm going there to watch the Radio 1 roadshow in the 70s when he was growing up and then actually getting to host it on same stage on the same location and Daisy and that is that I saw a bit of 11 in Blackpool I thought that was my only story but I'll speak to my mum and dad during lockdown on one of our many FaceTime calls and apparently we were in on holiday and 10.

Wales at some point must be in the 80s or 90s and the Radio 1 roadshow was in town on a particular day, but my parents happen to have some discount ferry vouchers to have a day trip to Ireland from Tenby so we didn't go to the Radio 1 roadshow when it was in Tenby on a boat for a few hours couple of hours in Ireland and then came back.

It was all done.

So I could have a day out of the Radio 1 roadshow in Tenby as a kid but I didn't maybe a listen to some Irish radio something instead something geeky like that in the car.

May be amazing think it was great was great for the interview if you ignore the Bermuda shorts.

I'm wearing in the 80s, but I've got the picture of Neil Twitter as well stood by the Radio 1 goody McBeal around the back as well and there's a load of boxes piled up, so I should have really need to box with a merch.

It might be worth something these days smiley Miley or have had a thing to say about the truth right onto some radio on other news from this.

What's going on in Bristol right? This is Ofcom asking whether it's ok to change Sam FM into hits radio station going to Great estates and son going to Hits radio at Bristol couldn't be included in this because it was quite a new licence and the Old rule of not changing things and a major way for two years exist.

This is why this is coming up now at some of them of course is all by power and they plan to turn into Hits radio, so they need a big format change because it's currently a rock station one of them and they want to turn into a hit station, so they need a bit consultation and approval which is not automatically guaranteed because they refused access in Manchester done.

So there's nothing to say this is you know it done deal.

They could refuse it as big campaign listeners there about excess in Manchester and the kind.

Advanced which I don't get the impression.

They're years with Sam FM in Bristol we haven't got many listeners.

So yeah, you never know and to put out a hits radio station is a little heart and a little bit different to capital and whatever else is in Great Britain or The Originals are Kiss so it's so it might sit nicely in the middle between heart and capital so maybe off combo say yes, it will still broadband listener choice will have to wait and find out but if that gets approved then, it'll be the first time bowel launches a hits radio station of their own outside Manchester interesting and talking of our changes.

You were keys does a little bit of last week's podcast with some Ipswich news.

We've now got that Ipswich news.

It's not the sale of Ipswich 102 tube hour, but it is greatest.

It's arriving on it as part of a brand licence agreement.

Yeah, so this is one of the other stations that can have got away in the big cuddle at Ipswich 102.

Read as it was because it's only part Own by Bower I think they have 40% the other people that own it haven't sold it, but they have agreed a deal to Greatest Hits radio on their which kind of tidy things up a little bit and then getting away with having the current regional show for the East the Greatest Hits Roy and me and you spent sorry that's meant.

What about 5 hours trying to work this out if my windows and we presume that the regional show if that gets provided by Ipswich one or two instead of by Bower than that means.

It's still technically legal according to Ofcom regulations.

I like I don't know better way to explain that but if that is the case.

That's what they've done.

Yeah, so where there is a brand licence agreement and

Desert as a third-party owner of a brand by one of the big groups in this happens with community as well that the licence holder the owner of the licence has to prove that they are in control of their licence and one of the ways they do that is by having a show so happens with the communicor stations where they provide a show and global do the other 21 hours a day in this case Ipswich 102 limited needs to provide a show on 102 FM in Ipswich and win the stand that they'll provide the drivetime show and then power will know that drivetime show off them and put that on its stations in the east.

It will obviously be in control of its station zones of these cos it's supplying the content for the other 21 hours a day which is interesting this is allowed and it must be for it to be happening at then there are situations like this another part of the countries were stations.

Could do this kind of deal and no.

Duplicate program so like in the south coast you've got to drive time shows onto GHI stations provided by different people because that I'm not saying to sack one of them and get on with it, but technically that could happen, then there's other companies doing the same thing like global incommunicado other areas where this could happen to it.

Just a loophole which we think it's been revealed recently because if this was always possible then surely people would have set it up the Raiders and the other interesting thing to watch I think I guess with which one or two taking a brand licence agreement to put Greatest Hits radio on of any other stations around the country where that could now happen as well.

You know one of the obvious ones might be in the Northeast where the sun FM that's not just Sunderland anymore.

It's Durham and Darlington and Northallerton as well.

So they could perhaps put Greatest Hits radio on FM there in the Northeast where it isn't at the

I have a brand licence agreement with our to do that again.

They could do a similar deal by having one regional show provided by nation instead of the other around just to get around the rules complicated if you have no idea if you don't worry this let's get slightly more geeky before we move on and talk about transmitters in Wales where global of turned off some of them medium wave smooth transmitters is that right only care about medium wave transmitter has been turned off and I don't know maybe they doing Wales because FM is a bit more patchy but that yeah two of the frequency is that used to be red dragon touch and golden now snow at one of the sites is being redeveloped and globals take the opportunity.

He looks like to just turn them off and give the licence back and save a few quid in the process.

Not the first time.

And setting up the last more DAB Multiplex applications are being revealed now, so obviously the groups of working on these I think the deadline is next month isn't it to Ofcom for the the first wave of small scale DAB multiplexes and with words I think even in just the last week about applications for Cardiff and Salisbury and South Birmingham and Bradford and other places so the groups that are working.

Can I pronounce in them partly through Radio today, so that they can say have you got the station you might want to put onto a Multiplex exactly and that's only 123456 doesn't have the 25 areas that we know about son.

It's going to be really exciting things to BH25 areas were people apply for a multiplexing was probably going to be at least 2 for each one.

That's picked locations to sift through and to report on and there's going to be people applying for these that we have never even help your nun radio companies are going to be applying for this so I think it's going to be an exciting.

This is the next big thing in radio is it doesn't and doesn't serve new local radio stations in some of these areas as well, so it's interesting to watch you get that will be probably some syndicated on lots of multiplexers.

You know the kind of crazy national station to want to get Patrick coverage of the UK so you know it could be a cost-effective way to do that.


She said it's an interesting time radio and touch on BBC local radio as well this week.


We had a story and ready today about some management changes and 8 managing editors at BBC local radio stations are leaving as a result of this is a quite major changes really feel like radios network yeah, this is this is actually a lot of Managers editors of radio stations leaving that have been there a long time and the radio stations can have shaped around these people like John Clayton at Radio Lancashire and Sarah Miller radio Solent and Oliver been there a long time to work.

I'm there redundancy in there off then off to sit in the sun for a few years and then come back and see what's going on but yeah big changes for BBC local radio the interesting comment from them when we asked.

I don't think this has been reported anywhere else so far nobody picked up on it, but they said that the listeners won't notice any difference if he's in his eighth boss is leaving so you can imagine the comment came back on nights on the year and Facebook are not good and we've had some more announcements this week about the Radio Academy festival including default from power is giving the keynote speakers at this all happening next month of course online this year over the course of a week that you can get your tickets now £25 for Radio Academy members and we're going to be hearing a bit more about the Radio Academy festival and what you can expect on next week's radio Today programme assuming we have one we will we will be here next week.

Don't worry we'll be here next.

If you're not driving around lockdown Valley with your new Peugeot whenever it is yes, I'll report back next week on how many radio is but thank you for that and talk to you next week.

I guess right remind me again who's coming up next we have got couple of fabulous gas people have never been on This podcast before and we've not anything on student radio for long time either Soham and Shaun Bolton coming out talking about raw 12:51 the university radio station in Warwick today programme with bionic creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except away you make it the radio Today programme going to focus on student.

This week as it's a special 50th birthday celebration for student radio in Warwick began life as University Radio Warwick in 1970s now at the award-winning raw 451 we can speak to Ed far as a former student and former member of the exact team at raw and it was a program director and also Sean Barton who's one of the current station managers took over just before the lock down started.

Hi guys welcome to the broadcast.

Hi hello.

Let's talk about this celebration first 50 years for any radio station is a long time and add you been putting together something about special turn to recognise this yeah, I'm in 50-years.

It's just I know we're early.

Xx 50-years.

Just seems it really does you know and it's I think we're the second oldest student radio station in the country.

I think you are why which is York is the oldest let me know that.

Ignore that but yeah, he was we believe we did research on this website all the Sue newspapers.

We believe the official birthday is on the 12th of October 1970 and it was founded by Ian black and a guy called Dave Davies Dave and much more trendy name the David Davies he became who was he was many another day politics.

We did he was the brexit Secretary his home secretary at some point.

He was the founder of the station and 1970s started off in a little heart and their roots d-block which is the least white is the Halls on campus and it's still to this day.

It's gone you know we've had some huge names come through and development of Timmy mallets Steven who wrote the Office Ricky Gervais Leone grams of this on Absolute Radio and and so many games we really wanted to celebrate that celebrate the people who come through the station and not just so you know the big names.

I've just gone through all enjoyed their time and and celebrate with the station has done over the last 50 years, so when I left the the committee I decided I do this to fill my time after exam and we we are you starting work in podcasts and celebrate the sessions history, but we thought it'd be much more fun to actually bring presenters back to do shows so I would like to get 50 hour pop-up station retro raw.

It's got shows have documenting stations history and we've got some of my phone back to recreate their own shows Anderson special programs celebrating the amazing people that come to the station.

So yeah, we really really excited about it and I think the we got a nice balance of programming from all the years we got presenters who presented the session now and a guy who was on the very first schedule 1970 so

Future of Radio in the future of the country, so is it important for you to want to look back at what the history of the radio station is the biggest things that this project is so nurses how much raw means to so many people in all of its forms whether it's wr963 loads of other names time and how much that's to find people's lives even fifty years on this little student radio station and I think it makes us really proud and s212 especially in the current time.

It's been really tricky trying to keep the station up at the moment and it's really pushed this this project to remember.

Why we doing it and how many amazing people have come through our station doors the people have gone to work in the industry and a few of them and many more.

Probably be listened to This podcast but I suppose it provides some cab inspiration for the students working at the moment to know actually I could get a really successful career out of this definitely I think it's one of those places.

I think what we pride ourselves on is the allowance for creativity so what I love so much about Rory's.

It's kind of a place where you can go and try things and there's been some pretty terrible programming that has gone on but I think that's formed before into brilliant presenters and producers and people all over the industry and It just gives people a place to try new things sail against people a space to fail and not worry about things.

They can go on to produce some really great things as that we're not all bad is fine.

We've all been there for me wasn't stream radio Tees hospital radio and kind of small commercial radio, but you need a place to fail as you said the supposed to be interesting thing about it is having some of these people.

Again who were on first time round to you have been nostalgic about it and if you've been working but these broken together.

I guess for a lot of people.

It's it's a special thing to have been involved in student radio on that be the place at the decorator 100-percent talking to so many people as we can as well, but you know just from emailing these people calling chances are so passionate about it there so passionate about the programs that they did and having that back is so exciting and then there's all sorts of stuff in the 80s 90s naughties remember.

There's so many special programs and people love to reminisce and I love to bring it back and your son mentioned as she said it's a really crowd-pleaser a place to fail we also we interviewed merchant for this and for the shower doing with him.

What we better looking back at his show called the Steve show they did the 90s a highlights programme go to what he did and how.

The origins and I think what I got from listening to that interview and listening to the shower and just hearing from Stevenage that accept that maybe some of the best comedy ever produced, but this is gold in there.

There is an absolute God but I think they gave him and it gave others is not duty to try these things doing things he got his job with Ricky Gervais outtakes from wr963.

You know that went on to produce in the office which is you know.

I'll give you one of the greatest comedy programme ever written we won't take full credit for that, but it's a space to it's supposed to be creative and people like Stephen and all sorts of presenters like Adam English using Jack Radio breakfast presenter.

Who are who is showing and voices the Steve show programme is the narrator he was super inspired by Steve has staff and then did his own stuff from the super creator.

Got his breakfast, so yeah, it's a special place and hearing all of these shows ago is has been really special for all of us.

We can't wait to share it with everybody and a good thing about student.

There are so many people in the industry who came through stream radio not only as presenters, but as programmers managers and Portsmouth Esther another one from from raw who was on This podcast last week and he is part of your retro at program lineup as well, but has a station manager gives you lots of other skills not just about being on the radio but about managing a team and running a project as well quite a big team for a student radio or a student Society this over 20 of us that are directly running the station plus people that help out as deputy heads of department.

Then everything is some really massive team and it's so inspiring because everyone work so hard constantly especially having to run it all online as we have been forced.

But yeah, it's definitely given me a lot of scenarios for job interviews.

I'll say that much a lot of working under pressure and dealing with difficult situations like a pandemic.

What what kind of the immediate things you had to start a ring when you took over this job, so I don't think even thought about any of this situation when we took over we took over from March 7th.

I think things really took off in the first few weeks, so we like to say whenever a new team takes over our desk.

We live in the college sushi died on the first day of the job.

I just kind of a baptism of Fire I think I described it when after having a breakdown about it at the time and you know she's kept it going for a good few months now which is impressive.

Like a scene that yeah, we took over broke up for Easter on the last day of uni and I was sitting in the right office we got an email from the uni telling her exams were going to be online and we also well.

We'll have to come back anyway like we just come back and do the examiner house and then quickly realised that wasn't going to happen and we kind of we just the office as it was there's probably some weird smells going on in there over the summer so yeah lots of people left things like pots and pans a bed who is now graduated that they have now given to row.

I don't know what we'll do with them, but yeah, so we had to move completely online and Tim three we didn't want to stop that was a bit of transition essentially everything broke so we got to learn how to use a lot of social media a lot of live streaming on Facebook which is being really fun.

And just keeping it going and I think one of the things the station manager I was so worried about with getting new people getting freshers in in this time because obviously we can't have them in person for the first two weeks, so we thought like there's no real true, but we had loads of Interest which is really encouraging and I think this right 50 is a brilliant place to start we still not broadcasting in the studio yet.

Hopefully in the next few weeks.

We'll see everytime.

I think something's going to happen it doesn't but hopefully we'll see and that will be really exciting but I think she's such a great moment to kick things back off again and hopefully welcome everyone back into the studio and back into the office to the first time in ages.

Yeah, because it is not just having a go at being a radio station and playing at radio you know you've got an audience there who are students and at the moment.

They probably need you more than anything for that kind of community.

And that kind of company so it's really important that you still exist and you carry on right through this and I suppose this applies to stream radio everywhere across the country one of the hour on a departments of really taken into their own in this situation unused department has done an excellent job at really focusing on University policy towards coronavirus, which would students in every change that have the uni there straight.

They're doing a show explaining it all and some really proud of that passport department managed to keep a weekly show during lockdown about sport which was very questionable, but they managed to do it.

So yeah.

I'm I'm really proud of how quickly everyone's adapted the things and who is really I think groaning our audience over this whole thing surprisingly.

I think we've been able to really recalculate what we doing at the station and really really focus on what are all.

Once and would like from us and we've now got listeners the have come from loads of different countries of a lockdown that's the benefits of social media.

We can see where people singing from the who's really develop the kind of international audience as well which is so exciting on the committee the biggest you say we were dealing with was One Time the Door fell off, but I will try to soundproof the Studio with sound and the issues that we doing so minor compared to what station was across the country doing right now and the fact that was actually grown.

It's still doing things as Ben so innovative such a testament to shine and Lucy's worker station managers and I think there are so many stations all over the country that people who love these societies PlayStations of taking over and they still doing amazing thing so it's a full Testament to how hard shine elusive work.

How hard the committee of works and they've been brilliant and it's

I'm talking to I think they're quite trousers with how the stations doing that even now in this awful time for is still persevering that a lot of that is down to the hard work of these guys are so much hard work in the thing.

I've always wondered about people running student radio stations because I've been to the stream Radio Awards and I see the fantastic quality and at the conference the other fantastic want to go on insta radio how much to do all this and do your degree swell and manage that I'll do your Masters as you're doing Sean you.

Would you find time to actually do some work as well as ringing the radio station? I think one thing I'm trying to work on.

It's not dropping everything immediately as soon as someone having a crisis and china space myself away from it tiny bit I can have a tendency to want to control everything all the time but yeah definitely like I think we have this running joking for that a lot of people that do Road don't care about the degrees.

About my degree doing I'm paying enough for it.

So yeah, it's it's very crazy and I think a lot of the time a lot of people forget the we doing this free and on top of us, that is yeah.

I am I love it's what I love to do.

So it doesn't really feel like a chore at all and I find it when we not having a crisis or texts you like cta, which is all of our very expensive equipment the air-con broke over the summer which would be lovely everything's going to be into the ground surprised me giving the scenario.

We waiting for a fire that's the only thing I can think of that could have had it wouldn't surprise me even when those kind of things happen.

It's just remembering what we doing it for and yeah, it's great.

It's everything I want in life is right now.

It's the best part about my university experience and I guess anybody who's got an interesting Rory when they're about to listen to All This schedule II put together for next week as well.

Yeah, so I mean as long as everything doesn't crash and die which I think with loraserver 50/50 coin flip.

It's going to be all broadcasting on our website and if you are for some reason within the area, you can pick us up on 12:51 a.m.

Then you can listen there to her.

No idea.

How anyone does having a picked up 12 tool for but it's on the website all of the shows and archives on a special mixcloud page so even if you miss a show all of it will be on there after broadcast.

There's a nice archive which I think will be a good time capsule and looking back in a few years absolutely well.

Good luck with that and a good luck Sean with the continued work to a radio station, please fix that again and thank you both for talking to us.

Oh, what lovely people that was Shawn Bolton and add farrow talking about raw 12:51 at the University of Warwick just before we go this week a reminder about cleanfeed if you are a student radio station to Great way to connect with guests and presenters and get them on are in fairly decent quality.

It's great for obese as well interviews co-hosting from different places to normal cleanfit has been designed for radio people and for podcasters really simple to use and connect in live decent quality audio.

Just using your browser can even record within the browser as well.

Greenford won't cost you anything to get started till to take 30 seconds to sign up and with a minute.

She only first live interview or hosting your show find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet join us next week for another day off the radio Today programme will be talking about the Radio Academy festival 2020.

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