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Read this: Pat Sharp's new sorta-biography

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Pat Sharp's new sorta-biography…

The radiator day program with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson we pay tribute to our friends this week Julie Donaldson and award-winning broadcaster from a community Radio station in the northeast of England sadly died this week after 3-weeks in intensive care with coronavirus brings home a little bit also on the podcast an old friend.

It's Pat Sharp he's got a new book out.

It's a sort of graphie.

The untrue story of his life.

It's got rerun the fun and we'll talk to pattern a little bit on the radio Today programme was composed yes, we're excited that is coming up before that though the main events.

It's radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin hi Roy happy lockdown.

How are you? It's back.

This week.

Yes, lockdown.

Two lots of fun, tell me like you forgot all about it then again.

You've been in lockdown for weeks form of lockdown, but yes, it's good to be bringing the South in line with the rest of the North stop really a lockdown if there is it cos you can still go out as much as you want you can still go to the shops.

You can still buy some tiles from the tile shop if you really need some it's just like every was open apart from the hairdressers long hair again that I have a river Topps Tiles FM will be carrying on to entertain the people going into the tile shop so that we go Topps Tiles Topps Tiles going to stay on here.

Yeah, hot news breaking news this week, but yeah, so do stay safe in the lockdown.

It is coming up obviously the wheel of people working from home stuffing that we doing now really with the radio from home though.

It's also easy and straightforward and I hear some companies are even sold their buildings.

They don't need them anymore, but which ones were going to be talking on This podcast.

To Pat Sharp in a little while a great bit of lockdown reading for use time that well as he Thursday is got a book out and Thursday the day the lockdown starts that is very good time.

Very good time and that so he's gonna tell about his new book called rerun the fun.

My life is Pat Sharp which is a untrue story.

It's not real life and we've got a spare.

Copy to give away cos you've got one got one and we got a spare one.

Yeah, I got sent to I think one was meant for you, but you don't live with me.

So they sent you one as well, so we've got a spare we're going to do a bit of competition.

So doing it now.

I should do it later.

Do it now.

There's no format here is what we like right.

Ok, so what we going to do we had a quick chat before we came on the podcast hey don't let people think this is all plant.


Sorry it's the first time so we gonna let.

Rerun the fun by using Twitter which we all love of course I have to do is tweeters at Radio today and are Pat Sharp in there with #im Pat because that's what you going to do it.

I went past that book #win Pat at tell us the reason why you should get a free.

Copy of Pat book you can put a funny comment in there as well.

That'll be even better and try and get loads of retweets.

So let me go through the rules on that again if he gets in terms and conditions for this soul on the fly today and Pat Sharp and use the hashtag hashtag win Pat put something funny.

Get your tweets and likes retweets and likes and we'll pick a winner and we're going to close it on Sunday the 8th of November so if you listen to this after that you've missed the book.

Yeah, you can still call that you're

Will not be counted and you still will be charged then you do need to have Twitter enter so if you haven't got that, then you can and if you haven't got Twitter you you're probably living a better life tonight.

Ok, so if you missed that just rewind the podcast like I'm in it and get all the details again.

I've been sending again because it's not just and you can revise so you'll get entering at 8th of November the entries close at midnight and we will announce the winner next week on the podcast at six famous for like a particular jingle.

Yeah, if we planned this better.

We could have got a single to play I've not got that.

They have got many have you got any there? Is it is it this one boring?

I'm thinking of you this morning have a feeling This podcast could go on for hours that have you got anymore that it's not the one I'm thinking oh hang on.

Let me try let me try this one.

It's almost like you've got a radio station that plays jingles and you've got a lot on your archive.

No it wasn't that's not that's not the famous one another one here.

Show me a song not this one might be going to talk all over them.

So they can't lift these no that's not the one I pick it up either.

Have you not got the Pat Sharp jungle this one just kill you that one.

I think we've just one more.

Is it this one at the end of that one? I think we've just lost Iain Dale and the rest of the audience.

They don't like it when we talk about shingles.

It's very nice this hang on.

Let me search my heart pashley.

Still listening.

That's the main thing here we go and James I've got that one.

That's the jingle right.

We can move on now.

I just said it right ok entering if you're going past but I think we should talk about something other than Pat and other than to know first on the list of things to talk about.

Is it jingles right? You've got a minute go companies in America obviously the first one that comes to mind his is jam, and then you think of TM sort of the old school and then you've got the new boys like real world iqb.

What are the big ones TM century has been sold and it's been bought by an even bigger anorak than me and you bigger accident me and you steer who used to work at Invicta FM

My memory surgery and Chris Stevens who is Mr jingle UK who runs diva Woburn ignite jingles and a Singer big well-known singer called Greg Clancy in state as well at all three of them of work 40 m of Last of couple of decades and they all thought it was about time.

They got together the money together and and bought the company.

They like it so much they bought the company and the big story this week.

Why we don't know but they've done it right.

I think I should have well done to them and yeah.

That's only in the jungle company that's that's much up there with owning a radio station if you're single and what about a radio station that plays jingles alright ok? Let's move on to something serious.

What's happening in radio this week.

I saw a story about my mum medium transmitters being turned off.

This is like the old Chiltern frequencies.

Is that right? What was now smooth on these medium wave frequencies and off getting the licences back.

Oh, yeah, I've got 5 years left to run.

In Luton and Bedford basically, just relaying smooth with a couple of local bits in there, but what is transmitter sites being sold off? I think National Rail is buying it or something like that, so I think it's these opportunities come along the big companies have just seen well.

You know that probably more hassle than their worth to be honest and they just turn them off and hope nobody knows nothing has been like to tweets about it.

I can't pick you up anymore and of course going forward you can still listen on the AP and only speakers and online and all the rest of it, so yeah, I think we're going to see a few more of these disappear because couple went in Cardiff few weeks ago as well.

So sorry not the first and won't be the last I read something as yesterday about your car getting a radio upgrade touch about my car last night before what's going on with your car.

This is it together from jingle?

Radio 2 am transmitters to am receivers in Currys linking together, it's like with planet so the big story with Choices That tesla's at sometime this story you read it is a headline think off not getting one of those but it's a Tesla basic came with am FM and play Bjork serious in the States but if you want to talk grade your Tesla that was like 5 years old to the new the new computer chip.

Shall we say you lost AM radio am-fm and Ethiopian fact but now anybody who paid 2 and half grand to get the upgrades and lost the radio in their car, but now they can paint at the 50 quid to get that back so £3000 upgrade gives you the ability to watch Netflix in your car and continue listen to the radio.

Does affect everybody says it's just those really old ones that went for the upgrade we can go for the upgrade.

It doesn't matter you still that you're ready ok? Well.

It's good to know that you can still get radio on the dashboard is the most important thing released so every radio station apart from the BBC of course and any stations falling out with tuning you can still get on your radio in your car if happened to Owen stations that are not on TuneIn but there we go yeah right well as a recording this the US election is about kind of get a result overnights very cold in Tuesday night, so there's also live programs.

Just starting as where recording this to the BBC doing one lbca doing One News radio UK about that that is doing as well.

So good luck to everybody.

I'm sure they'll all been brilliantly selection night shows they were great.

I enjoyed all of it and I'm quite surprised.

Never saw that coming did you definitely not know who believed he was going to win can't believe it.

I put my money on a white male winning and I want my money back.

I put my money and my money back next week next week as well.

I see kiss has some new night-time shadows are really funky advert and looking at kiss through the years and that is this a can of lockdown schedule for staying in enjoying some music while you're at home during.

How far is pretty permanent.

It's some new new Talent as they're saying and lots of new additional specialist shows on kiss and somebody commented that this is probably the thing you never not going to speak to the table, but all the details on the website of all the new specialist is loads like it doesn't do showers on kiss.

I don't know if it's just for a lockdown and not but

I'm sure I'm sure we will continue well.

Maybe we'll Aspen Cooper next week because he's going to be on the radio Today programme next week fantastic.

Have you done that interview yet? Not done that one yet? Though is your questions you can send an email if something you wanna Aspen Cooper at Ben is I think even Aquino at the Radio Academy Festival next week as far and doing that.

I'm going to be in after his session and it will be on the radio Today programme next week cause search recently joined our after money is ready wash tag ask Ben at Radio today and we might get your question to Ben Cooper and I'll try and not asking things about you know throwing things at the Studio clock and all those producer Ben games from the Chris Moyles early bit I don't have that noise.

No no no it's it's another radio.

It was on the radio say anyway right Graham Torrington back to the Script Graham Torrington ASDA final BBC local radio show this week as well and Andy finished of BBC Radio Nottingham breakfast is going to drive lots of other changes going on in BBC like really with kind of talk about these every week, but there's somebody else or as well leaving her phone in shower after 25 years so lots of change going on still in the be that the people leaving and it just popped up on my Facebook page L Jackson Close personal friend.

He spent 87 years at BBC local radio and they just put on that is leaving is going on leaving is taking retirement next year so and good luck to Gerald I don't know if he's listening of the podcast but I'll be writing about him in the next couple of days.

So if you're telling his jingles to listen to listen to this one right well.

We get Pat Sharp on in a minute.

We will talk to you again next week when I bend Cooper

Well, enjoy enjoy the first stage of lockdown.

Enjoy and stay safe stay indoors.

I will do and just to finish this section.

I want to play a bit of a friend hours on This podcast Julie Donaldson from zetland FM she won best female at the community Radio Awards in 2018 best community program as well at last year's Awards earlier this year.

She was on radio Today programme talking about presenting a show during lockdown.

It was episode back in April this year then after that.

She had a 50th birthday in August this year she got married.

It was delayed a few times because covid and a longtime partner John it works at BBC Tees got married in August this weekend Julie died.

She'd been in intensive care for more than 3-weeks covid-19 and zetland FM put out a really lovely tribute to her on Monday mornings online.

It's worth a listen to on mixcloud.

Have a look at the zetland FM Facebook or Twitter and find out it's some.

A great tribute to a wonderful broadcaster and a fantastic human being we just want to pay a little respect to Julie a fantastically well.

Love broadcaster, so many tributes app to clear across the northeast of England this week so patch up on the way next but before him his little bit of Julie and her winning entry to the community Radio Awards stay safe d ream things can only get better Donald Trump calls Kim Jong-un a rocket man on a suicide mission Donald Trump made it to Friday morning which is why is my name not more exciting and it's just got my train of thought going I was thinking the only person who was ever looked down at her chest.

Got a really suspect more and then suddenly realised it's chocolate.

A look at the front covers of the papers this morning the Brazilian soccer Star Ronaldinho is planning to marry two women in one ceremony.

That's according to the daily staff I can imagine you have to make something in 10 seconds from No 6 bricks and you have to make a duck within 10 seconds from No 6 bricks and it will show you a lot and it'll show me a lot if you can now try and put that LEGO to go into a duck now.

Don't think to do what you need to show all the different learning styles have your pathway works and I think it's a huge.

What you got there is something that I've done this about 1000 times.

I've never seen one like that before salute lovely.

Look at Timon and he looked back any has really cheeky grin.

Is it still those moments? I mean there are obviously I am but I never left upset me because I think it's not his fault.

When it's not my fault that was my man tries to say that to him all the time to be going through what you're going through in your own health and to actually see you son going through that as well now difficult was that to support him when actually you need the support as well.

Sorry Heart by Elvis if you don't smile, then we got to live for you know a smile costs.

Nothing feels like a row if you like a robot.

They get up in the morning because she tastes to get dressed.

I was going to the hospital Newcastle to see my son spend all day there come back home to do washing you.

Do you need to your chores? You got a bad you get back up? It's just like being a robot recently the cross your heart bra years ago.

Show me up around cross Redcar and Cleveland radiated a program with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to an unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio except the way you make it we are very excited this on the radio Today programme to welcome and old friends, but it's not that old it's Pat Sharp thank you Stewart then I'm alright just turned 59 actually send the reason you're on this week is because you've got a book out and I was fascinated to see this earlier in the year.

I saw you sweeten that you were having a book out later in the year that I do enjoy reading Pat's book.

Full of really geeky stuff, it's not the book.

I thought it was going to be that tells the story had a book came about some people come to you and ask you to do your autobiography.

Yes absolutely no, it's not the story that you accept.

You would have enjoyed it and nobody else, but no so young chap who was probably about 10 years old the same age as a couple kids or certainly close to anyway was on the school rota called Darren and I would drive into school with a couple of my boys and then his mum would take them the next day and so on and so forth and about 30 or 28 years later.

He came to me and said you remember me I used to sit in the back of the car and he used to like that because I never said thank you.

You're so rude.

He goes well the reason.

I didn't say it was because I was rather and Emma that the chat from Funhouse was driving me to school so I just think I went all right then Darren have you been what's going on?

Just say thank you now and he said no I want to write your autobiography because I'm a journalist and writer for various newspapers and I've done comedy sketch is 09 highly intelligent and let's do another said no don't do one it'll be ever so boring because it will be full of geeky things that stupid Clarkson on the radio today people will like so he said well whatever just you know put a few pages down see how it turns out and so we put a few pages down and they started to become a little bit off the wall and slightly spufi and we'll sort of based around the timeline of what I've done in my career, but not necessary the true versions of the events and that's what lead do this book which is as it says on the front cover based on an untrue story yeah, and it does say that but I think a lot of people picking up this book in the bookshop or ordering it from Amazon or seen it on your Twitter or ever on your Instagram and say or patch up still going to get that is called Rea on the phone.

My life is Pat sharp as you say it's it's a work.

But it's it's kind of got anchors in it that are true about your life and pictures in the middle of you with very famous people so at the first glance it looks like an autobiography and it reads like an autobiography the son of the warning signs which are on the cover and in the in the in the different sections and you might think really did he I mean remember sending you two couple of palace of Minos a PDF beforehand to ask them what they thought it wasn't quite the finished version and they went why do you did that really the best incredible great? That's it.

It's done the trick there.

Obviously real people that you encounter in your life can of splatter through the Book People Like Chris Moyles Chris Tarrant and Terry Wogan and Greg James radio people at this kind of rivalry with Neil Buchanan is completely made up, but it kind of is almost believable from the time, isn't it? Yeah?

And you can take from the book as you wish because at the end of the day even though I'm saying it's based on and on true story a lot of my memories of the 80s and 90s were of course lost in the Hayes a list of my hairspray.

So you know some of it only took about that but yeah, you talk about being at the BRITs and things like that so as a as a music radio jack, you probably were at the BRITs although was events that are happening that you took the things that happened at the BRITs in the 90s, so I'm reading it thinking maybe that is recording.

That's how involved have you been in the writing of it very involved you very involved a lot of the gave them the ideas to worm around and turn into a spoof.

Obviously not lot of it or love it came for me because they weren't to wherever they know where of some of the things they would be the Funhouse Luke and Darren the the two routers with me, so yeah, it was very much me and I'm done the main contributor render and author I'll have you know how you damage you get some the Royal

So we do want people to buy it obviously but the I'm in the main premises the book is about this idea of yours for fun house and your your excitement of being the presenter of fun.

How can of your life falls apart when you no longer present it and I suppose that's the kind of thing that happens in showbiz where somebody is really famous for a long time and then disappears Republic Peter I'm not saying that happened to you because obviously you've been very successful doing a lot radio stuff and things since but there's an element of that that is kind of based on how entertainment industry works 100% of the mean nothing lasts forever, so the end of the day when you know when I lost my job at capital radio and then I got my job at Heart then I lost my job at heart and got my job as smooth and lost my job as moving around on Greatest Hits radio ready to lose my job.

So you know these things move on and things do change but I think when you're doing whatever you're doing it fun house or any of the radio stations.

I've been lucky enough to work at you probably.

You think that is going to last forever but that is something that I think that crossed my mind when I was younger.


I realise it's definitely not going to last forever and I'm definitely going to be thrown off whatever I'm on now soon because I'm doing breakfast this week, so there you go, what's the real story of fun house that was that a format that somebody came up with and then approached you or was it your idea itself as a TV show was format.

It was hosted by JD Roth and he was the American Pat and it didn't last as long in America as he did here only had about two Seasons I think and here it was on for almost 11 years.

We did 13 season so it round and round and round here was probably one of the most successful pictures of all-time Scottish television in a part of ITV decided to make the program in Glasgow I went for an audition and I went up there and auditioned and got the job.

So it was just like anything else.


Just got put up for a job by your agent and I happen to get it has been Paris things to Kinder try and bring it back recently and now you're talking about.

Live event a few years ago like that the Crystal Maze thing is do you think that might still happen one day obviously probably can't at the minute, but once we get out the pandemic.

Will you send that as well because we were doing pretty well with now instead of bringing.

It crowd funding plan which is what we tried a few years ago, and it didn't work.

I say we tried somebody else training.

We just went along with it wasn't our business, but now we're involved with the rights to actually make a live immersive attraction for adults in various towns and cities up and down the country and it has been put on hold due to covered, but it hopefully because let's face it.

What's the weather in the bulb on the load of people sweating and and then chasing around in go-karts is not ideal at the moment.

Is it so but we are quite close and hopefully when this is all back to normal.

We will have a chance to rerun the phone and people who never got on the TV show in an hour 35 years old can jump in the go-karts and pick up on the browsers and at the end of it have a drink and a dance with your DJ there in return.

Attraction in the mercy of Attraction for adults wow, I mean in this fictional story of your life when you when you finish doing fun house, she then can't hit on the student nights and again that something that you actually have done capitalised on that kind of following that you had from the kids are now grown up and go to University so the club has stuff that you've been doing the last 10 years or so, that's that's the kind of real thing and I'm guessing questions that you did always get asked was about the twins and that's mentioned in the book, but I'm guessing the answer that you you give in real life is different to the one in the book well.

Yes, I'm actually I mean normally someone shout to me from across the street goes alright.

Have a good day and then you just move on because at the end of the day people believe it but the twins from a good friend of mine and you mention nice when I'm done over the last 10 years so probably the 10 years previous to that from the beginning of the MMI until about 20:10 and then of course what happens is that people and

Audience progresses so I couldn't do a student night now if they were around which shows they aren't in and if they have been a load of fresh as gigs last month.

I wouldn't have been able to go and do any of those because they wouldn't know because I'm not there generation now, but I was at that time so now that's why I host the let's rock festivals because everybody that annoys me because they have the right generation and you move on yeah, eventually all my gigs will be in old people's home and I will be doing them as not only you know the the Host but also as the resident perfect is Dick and Dom turn off the stream lights at the minute thing isn't it time as well before they become obsolete with their age group.

This is just a way of the progression the way things evolved and the other big obsession in this story of yours is the hair the mullets but the kind of the addiction with hair products that is there.

Do you know why I never used any hair products?

It was very very sort of just birds nest the and just went with the flow I didn't read before the anything in it at all.

It was just a work of art without any help, but in the book has a lot of hair products and have you seen the index as well? Yeah? Just says I'll put this one I was a little teaser for anyone who wants to give the indexes Mallet V pages 122019 and that's it nothing in this for blank pages.

They all genuine I mean the ones that don't have any kind of labelling you no copyright and details of who took the picture my pictures because they've been taken on my phone with the people that are in the picture.

So yeah, they're all my car and you got everyone from Mr Blobby to Jason Donovan and Chris Tarrant and Chris Moyles in terms of your radio Carrera where you're at you mentioned to you know the various places you worked out and

And left it started somewhere else.

What are the stories in in radio about you is is about parky sakiniu with a red card here we go but your recollection of that story is just not there, but people suck the time but it's that you've written this book is a work of fiction what you could have heard that in there cos you said it never happened what I say never happened with the remember.

I'd like to ask Richard to be honest with you.

I'm sure he'll remember he's probably tell me the me and he's just been lost once again as a fable of radio and I think you didn't lose quite fun that was a bit of banter.

We having a you know he took me out for lunch after I finished my last year at capitol and red car because I was off and and I was so but did it happen the team that man that was that was but have a great time on the team and you put me on the team, so what's not to like the capital when it was massive his you know probably my best achievement certainly in radio anyway, and if anybody wants your real life story and the career in radio David Lloyd's podcast series.

Is very good not get all the geeky stuff in that yeah, that was fun.

That was fun to do the other final thing I suppose is where you're at now with your show so I presume you're doing your Greatest Hits radio shows from home some of the time now all of the time and that's something again.

You know this joke about in the book that the loss of radio Studios and people sat on the toilet in their own bathroom at home doing the radio show that's kind of pretty much for your right now.

Isn't it with the bathroom will be way so I wouldn't do it wondering on the loo but I have done some from home and the technology that is available is indeed.

I'm speaking to you from home now.

Is is great and the let's face it I sound very resonant and but if you can work, but not going to do but no this week.

I'm doing breakfast covering Rossi at Greatest Hits radio on I'm doing it from one of the fine Studios live, so yeah, that's really good fun and enjoying that and the books out as I say this week as well, so there's a good bows for it mixing a bit of a bit of audio and live radio of I've always done in my licence.

I was on Radio 1.

20 so I've had a great time and 38 years on still doing it and on a great station like Greatest Hits so very lucky fantastic.


Good luck with the book.

It's a very funny story.

There are shades of things that will recognise about things happening in radio as well and the kind of DJs talking to themselves and practicing things in the mirror and that kind of stuff so I'm sure people in ready.

I will enjoy reading it's called rerun the fun my patch up and it out this week.

Thanks a lot to do a real life radio Legend here on the radio Today programme that one and only Pat Sharp thank you for that pat.

Just before we go as lockdown resumes.

You might be looking for a bit of technology to help you get on the air from somewhere different to usual whether that's your back bedroom or the shed or somewhere else completely trout cleanfeed.

It's been designed for radio people and podcast is really easy to use the quality is great and the best thing is there is a completely free version to get started with that won't cost you as single penny UK record within the browser if you making a podcast or something like that.

Today at cleanfeed dotnet for all the details on next week.

It's the Radio Academy festival so many fantastic Sessions going on all that you can watch from your office or your home during lockdown every afternoon next week at from the 9th of November and it all finishes with a big quiz hosted by Scott Mills on Friday night then Cooper is going to be one of the keynote speakers and so we're going to him here on the radio Today programme next week find out what life after radio one is like for the former comptroller who's now in charge of content at our platonic.

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