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Read this: Bonus podcast: The Radio Academy Festival Skewer

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Bonus podcast: The Radio Academy Festiva…

Hello hello welcome to a radio Today programme extra at will be back as usual on Wednesday with our normal Edition but we thought I'd give you this little treat from last week's Radio Academy festival with thanks to John Holmes that unusual Productions and Sam and the team at the Radio Academy festival is what helps bring the Radio Academy festival to a close on Friday tea time it's John Menzies skewer done for the radio festival securing all the audio in the sessions that we heard throughout the week.

Whether you watch them or not.

We hope you find this entertaining and if you near the school before at look it up on BBC sounds John and the team skewer the week's news and it's an audio delayed best listen to with headphones, so here.

It is the radio Camp Bestival 2020 as you never heard it before and my shirt the scooter on the festival enjoy.

In the garden with my Philadelphia get me billions and billions really bad idea, but I like it when he was asked what the point of radio waves was he said they were no use whatsoever.

January what are you scared of coffee so powerful 1845 commercial radio with big business with fat profits for long periods really tapped into Absolute Radio is all about it looks just as good or better than the big TV networks.

Play coronavirus experience of these wretched scientifically empty useless broadcasting 20 hours a day 49 of course.

It's been an extraordinary year globally we seen the best of times and times Radio breakfast literally beat itself in public and available on catch up.

Don't forget that.

to be honest

hello, I'm Harriet Scott over the same if not better welcome to 11 days with Danielle Perry and 11 questions over of course a group today the special for the Radio Academy

What's remission I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts in people's hearts but I don't see myself being queen country fascinating.

I think I was allowed to have any embarrassment.

What are you scared of establishment the time married into they seem yourself a threat of some kind of all out.

I'm not a whole new radio station is the team news UK and the story and take us through the launch of times radio is on lockdown stories.

Radio station in the middle of a rehearsal together otherwise we didn't get pain looking back.

It was a mistake so we had the looking for a frontman Timmy love.

All my name is and I'm the program director of the times.

They didn't like it was always washing his feet or until a few days before they were completely committed and into it and it's really well.

I didn't know what they were doing.

I didn't like this where the magic happens out of that studio's quickly as possible.

Like nobody wanted us to do that have been around for over 200 years and I'll brand awareness is really high legitimacy.

You've been to you took all of yourself from outside the studio.

They certainly couldn't be heard on the radio from shops in the Independent over Confrontation across the UK on online welcome very special edition of the radio cademy festival 2020.

Good morning, what's on today at the moment? Please name the singer who had the original 1963 hit with this song as my radio music welcome to the session of the 2020 Radio Academy festival this session is about what a radio crime might look like in 2020 was easier or more challenging to get in.

ODEON 2020 live and die by the selling newspapers on the street and Liverpool hey Johnny FM live radio station

Soft gentle breeze you can can't you up like a sex take it's coming from I don't know where it's going and when I know it's all around us.

It's never present.

It's actually a wonderful thing for you.

First time to hear from Cupar next favourite song I know Alexa is gone off in my room setting the robot Alexa voice vs.

Overdub, which is broadcast advertising on your phone and building new categories of speech enabled products building new voices from the harvested larynx.

There will come a time that you've made a mistake the robot schnauzer Academy festival session we are the no such thing as radio on the weekly podcast microphone to discuss our favourite, but my favourite is that there's no such thing as radio itself Radio podcast that is true.

We make $50,000 each show absolutely true in VI

You've been going we've published three books with TV shows which we did BBC2 and then we do the tour shows as well hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of I know everyone that's what the point of no use whatsoever so on you today to talk about a vision for local radio at we launched a pilot on smart speakers will be offered audiences a daily news rap.

Generous play released in 2060 as change it change it it's the same format as follows.

who twisted the skewer the festival QR was acquitted by the Producers it was my musical production for the Radio Academy

John whittingdale if you want Alexa

Transcriptions done by Google Cloud Platform.

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