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Read this: Johnny Beerling Darryl Morris

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Johnny Beerling Darryl Morris…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, I'm Stuart Clarkson coming up this week.

We're going to chat about Jordan north and the other radio presenters in the castle not the Jungle on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here this year.

We'll talk to on a Jordan's former flatmates.

It's also radio presenter himself.

He might know I will also talk to the former radio One controller Johnny bailing after 64 years.

He's returning to Boots as a presenter doing a new Sunday night show for Serenade radio playing big band music.

He's on the podcast of little later before all that exciting stuff though.

We've got the usual matter of radiator days family guy Martin for a little chat.


How are you? Not too bad this week what you been?

I've been watching your new best friend on the TV is not my new best friend was your new best friend Jordan for a few years.

I remember him answering the phone to making the tea and stuff at five live that was years ago and then I bumped into a few times since including at the foot is a burn if I receive my son go to football Burnley the radio to do make-up years ago, but I was chatting to him there.

He was there watching this might say that we were having a catch up with him and show him somewhere else recently as well camera where it was but he was going to come on This podcast as we mentioned last week this week.

He was going to be on the radio Today programme instead of going to some castle in a place.

We cannot pronounce in North Wales near Rhyl exactly.

Yeah, the former radio One controller and radio presenter who happens to be one of John's mate.

Yes, so yeah, I'll be watching that as well quite enjoyable.

I enjoyed the moment that Victoria and Jordan met again for the first time in a few years and the introduced himself as I'm George nice to see for Victoria and now I'm on Radio 1 this by the way in case anybody listening.

You doesn't know what we talking about.

This is I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which started on ITV because I'm the kind of person who would be like I don't watch TV that much and I'm only watching this because I'm catch up because because these radio guys are in it.

So yeah.

That's to explain it just in case it was a student he was.

A kind of assistant at five Live going back a few years ago now and Vernon Kay's on it at Victoria Derbyshire as well.

Is that your dog on mine my dogs barking at this time is not another Amazon delivery coming.

I don't have definitely I gave you that we've also been watching the radio festival this week or last week.

That was all online.

Did you enjoy some of that I did that to yeah.

I've got a minute.

I don't generally like these carvings if you really good ones bright.

I watch this Sunday yeah, I mean some of it.

I couldn't because as we mentioned last week and have clashed with the whole duties at home thing but from I saw an employee 70% of it is very good.


Very very good very proud of everybody that their mind very pleased with everybody's at work on that.

American ever be a teacher goodnight.

Yes you doing very well.

You do a very good job.

That was good is what I'm trying to say chocolate and watch it again on catch up and if you didn't a ticket for tonight segway that because if you didn't get a ticket for the first if you missed it or you can buy a catch-up pass and go back and watch it catch up or catch-up passed on the homes ease a bit of the end.

They can have lots of bits of audio from all the sessions through the week and skewered it in his at the side of his Radio 4 programme The skewer and you can listen to that on This podcast it might have dropped in forecast app already if you not listen to that as worth a listen.

It's lots of editing of clips to make people say things that didn't actually say etc.

Which is very funny and there's a quiz at the end, which you never any doubt in my mind that you're going to win that and if you didn't want me to pick up then.

I would have had to replace you with the person.

Who did when it's I'm glad you're one because I quite like you.

Are quite good job but I did put a picture on afterwards on FaceTime together during the quiz and people thought it was really thought I was helping you but if people now my level of knowledge and other knowledge.

Is there just can't remember it.

Yeah if anything if I was asking you for help how it off your points.

I think so exactly you're the last if we doing it to get confirmation.

I wasn't helping with just sometimes look up when he's got things are on just to Just For The Vamps has been fence and the other thing to mention about the quiz was some other rounds actually does a really good round.

It was expertly put together by Neil Sloan from communicor and one of the rounds.

He had on there was playing clips from that days breakfast shows and you had to work for Michael 10:15 second clip.

What the station was I thought I was fascinating that was a really good idea that was the radio today round.

There was the radio today right yeah, give me that mention this.

6 and it's called Radio today.

This is Radio today with a small c apologies Rory Stewart it's not about Everyone's Favourite radio history website actually another rounds which is audio.

That's been going on this week and shock horror didn't see this coming Graham Norton has signed for Virgin Radio by didn't actually see old smoking a lot of baloney, Graham Norton will never leave the Radio 2 show and join commercial radio, but he has done or is doing which is surprising and back to that clip that you put up online if you listening to it now looking back you think it's obvious that was when he was in the building to sign the deal with Graham was on the Chris Evans breakfast show at the September so this is like 6 weeks ago and he was on for a good hour and a bit they played one song in that time took a couple of years breaks, but there was a good 8 minutes of it where they were chatting.

Video and in particular Chris trying to get Grahame to sign for Virgin so here's a small sample if you've not heard it gets just got to residential your schedule BBC is there an interest here.

It's true.

I could leave this place and go somewhere else.

And and the radio Times schedule in it for you if you get him to sign.

Just been listening to have been looking through the press releases and I think I missed unworthy appointed Chris evans' PD yeah.

I was talking about the chief meerkat.

I think which it is way of discovering Rebecca Brooks that he's talking about if he isn't then I apologise for that if you want a job on Virgin Radio just book yourself as a guest on the Chris Evans breakfast show and you never know what it could lead to yeah quite so Graham's going to finish just before Christmas on Radio 2 and then he'll be joining Virgin Radio for Saturdays and Sundays in the new year with and what time slot yet.

I'm guessing it's going to be Saturday morning Sunday morning this week.

Tell who's been there like 15 years she does Big Band special on a Sunday night and that will end in early January some other interesting BBC news about some additional local services.

So everywhere else was the BBC that seems to be cutting budgets, but we can get 3 extra BBC local hyperlocal services for the details for a bit sketchy on this the press release says play radio stations, but radio output with special content local hyperlocal content for Bradford Wolverhampton and Sunderland saying these are the areas that don't quite get servqual Albert Bradford you know just being a Suburb of Leeds gets gets quite quite a lot of coverage on radio leave at the I think that's all the listings in Bradford just turned you off and shouting at the eBay and what Wolverhampton also known as north Birmingham also gets quite good coverage from WM and Sunderland maybe I'll give him Sunderland

What a distinction between Newcastle and Sunderland I think about the school Wolverhampton in the west of Birmingham isn't it? Where are you now and then but surely you can get coverage are quite close to the the main Studios BBC local radio station Lancashire you do and I Morecambe or you know and Barrel 3 million miles away from the centre of Lancashire and Cumbria my point stands that they could use Barrow for Cumbria because that's also million miles away and it is yeah.

Yeah, that's a very bad graphical error for me and I hope you like that just like the reference to Bradford Leeds

Does a football chant in there about Burnley and Blackburn the people whatever the people in Blackburn people in Burnley shout you're just a small town in Burnley or something like that to the supporters.

I'm not a football person that along the line somewhere spin-off pops up on my DAB here in the Bradford District so I suppose that was there little trial for it.

So it might be that it's not like a BBC local radio station might be affiliated to something like 1Xtra station.

Is it going to be on on DAB as well and they are going to be more areas? I did ask twice in fact got got told the same standard response twice.

So they haven't announced where the rest.

What frequencies are multiplexers and going to be on but time will tell on this one so I watch this space sounds interesting now.

Yeah, there are certain areas of the country as well used to be splits in big silver grey you mention Dorset but you're Cambridgeshire I live in Caversham in Britain others separate programs for Peterborough on the Peterborough transmitter from Peterborough Studios and they don't exist anymore so we some Counties saying all work out we have this back.

We used to have it before mentioned.

I said before we started recording by for anybody who's loaded thinking but also Cheshire Cheshire was going to have never happened in Durham as well did happen then change but you get the point.

I've no idea what's real and what happened off there anymore and soca playlist safeplace happy places happy place the happy place happy place the community Radio Awards are out the nominations for 2020 winners can be announced in a virtual awards ceremony happening.

Next month nice to see on their best female presenter nominee Donaldson from zetland, FM because we mentioned on podcast couple weeks ago Julie died at the end of October from Coven she was only 50 she won the best female couple of years ago.

She won't best community programme last year and that'll be lovely for her to win that posthumously at the community Radio Awards this year but good luck to all the other nominees in that category as well.

Very richly deserved.


Good luck.

Always a good event which will be of course online this year.

Did you see Jordan in the shower? So I just wanted to say that can I just say this this happy place stuff more the Jordan can't talk about both you and I have worked at 2BR in relations professional with turtle and you go out of choice now for some reason but

You know we both mean they're not possibly be a happy place.

It's a bit cold sometimes especially on the winter's evening game in the middle of the lad from Blackburn says the yorkshireman here as well, but it's when you're when you're a fan of that you've not been a football fan.

Have you but when you are a fan of the football team and you go everywhere it is your kind of escapism and it is your happy place.

You know and the last four years Burnley been doing quite well.

They've been winning games so I think this it's not such a happy, but there we go.

Sorry you broadcasting house or something like that.

I'm sure everybody who works there does.

To Darrell Morris from talk radio who used to live with Jordan and we'll find out about that and also going to hear from Johnny beerling as he's preparing to go back yeah as a presenter for the first time in more than 60 years.

It's coming up next on the radio Today programme.

I speak to you next week right.

How old is he he's been on here for 60 years my goodness get him on let's hear a story the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching react and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transformed everything about radio except the way you make this is the radio Today programme and special guests this week to talk about his return to the air after 60 odd years.

64 years to be exact 664 years at is Johnny feeling people might remember you as the controller of radio 1 and a long time at radio one, but many people might say you started out as a presenter.

That's right rather.

I was in the in the Air Force doing my national service Stewart nice to be with you by the way, they said would you like to be in charge of the technical side of afp aviation forces Broadcasting Association I said? Oh yes that sounds like fun it said anything as you have to get up at 5 every morning and present the early morning show in the breakfast time in we relate to BBC overseas the general overseas service of the BBC from 8 till 8:30 and then we shut down again till tea time because the climate was hurting Aiden working day with from 7 till 1 and then the afternoons were free to the radio station broadcasts mornings and then again in the evenings and all day the weekends was great fun and I

So lucky I threw that I got into the BBC because a man came along and he said I'm checking on the reception of the general services to this.

Can I take it at lunch? I was 19 years old my first ever business lunch and I said I don't want to want to be a school teacher which is my fate as I'd like to get into BBC put the word employ when I get you can join us a technical operator and I thought that was working in the studio 2 Exam mixing and playing records.

I found out the hard way wasn't the controller and the rest is history and then so when you got to the BBC you at you at you.

Obviously we're at 10 writer and the studio manager and then the producer and executive producer ending up as controller of radio 1 SO50 since you did presenting and now you're going to go back to it at Serenade radio has this all come about well David Lloyd's a friend of mine who was telling me about Serenade radio night.

Very much like the old BBC light programme back in the days when I first joined 19:57 and I got more and more enthusiastic and we got a chatting and he said you know I'd like to do a big Bang series did anyone could do it electric I could do it and he said well.

Why don't you give it a try so little test and I haven't forgotten quite how to do it and he said right but start so I had to learn I mean things have changed a lot since I used to play out of date with the yellow pencil the market and it and things like that Now voice tracking my goodness what a difference yeah, so you going to be on there on a Sunday night sight from this weekend 6 till 7 with your big band special and it's ok.

It's kind of music that isn't real employed match on the radio these days cos even Radio 2.

I think he's going to stop doing some of its big bang stuff.

I know I know I love big band.

You know I grew up with him when I was a teenage you before I even went into the air force used to go to the

Coronation ballroom in Ramsgate what's the Ted Heath band with Dickie Valentine Dennis lotis and Lita Rosa Acosta I thought that was absolutely wonderful so years later when made me a producer said can I book the Ted Heath band and they said it? Would you like so suddenly had this man who worship from a fine for me in with me NW2 record because of the needle time restrictions everything had to be recorded in BBC studios to make up the the shortage of Music So the Ted Heath band recorded by me every other week to to go into music to Midnight with the late John Donne which was great fun and another nice thing about it was that to Ted son Tim was the score for the used to come to the studio to watch his father's band and Tim married one of the Radio 1 secretaries Pat and I still friendly with them after all these days in fact one of my legs.

I do when when cruise ships are operating at work one is about the history of the teddies band and Tim cooperated with me and got out the family memorabilia and photographs and everything to make a lecture a big success, so when you looking for a big band Show presenter somebody like you said he knows their stuff.

I mean you're 83 now Johnny and in terms of the radio landscape things obviously changed and she were executive at radio one, but what what is catering for you as a listener in your 80s now.

Well my own collection.

I still play CDs big band music and country music that is really my favourite I suppose it.

I don't listen to much popular music anymore classic FM radio for attends to be much of my listening Serenade seems to be coming out of a niche for people of your generation not only has presenters, but as listeners who remember those days of the light programme and you feel that other radio stations are apps not doing a

The interest Gandhi married has got a great deal of experience and enthusiasm for the Old light programme effective still runs music while you work and sing something simple on the network and it does have a lovely nostalgic feel.

What are you most looking forward to about being back on our back in front of a microphone after all this time always wonderful take as a motto something I say to my presenters that something is the late Roger Scott said you know I can't I found this great piece of music and I can't wait to get to the huge gramophone and share it with all my friends are listening and I feel like that.

Nobody is listening to different tracks and think it'll be a great one to put in then looking up little stories about them.

It's interesting to research it all and I just love the sound of music in the driving rhythm section in the large brass and hard-of-hearing.

That's what I tell her and you know the danger is don't you that all those Radio 1 presenters that used to.

Pretty can be there boss over the years they going to be tuning in to your show and snooping you and sending a feedback that's going to have to help so David how much as one of my neighbours.

I'm sure he'll be listening well.

We wish you lots of luck with it so 6 Sunday night on Serenade radio which is online and also on DAB in Dorset at Johnny beerling a new presenter at the age of 83.

Thank you very much still Celtic and we'll talk about Jordan North Darryl Morris will be on in a second first a reminder about cleanfeed.

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Started as a completely free version as well as they paid for probation at so get sign up today and you would be doing your first live interview bit for your show or recording for your podcast within few minutes.

You'll find out more Darknet from magic at the musicals is joining a Gang Along with Vernon Kay and Victoria Derbyshire and of course Jordan North from Radio 1 and we can have a word with one of Jordans friends is former flatmate.

It's totally has Darrell Morris hello best you how are you? I'm not too bad and you had a mention on the shower already.

Tell us about your toes mate.

You're super Saturday night in 21st.

If you miss this if you miss Jordan on the show he effectively confessed that he and I had missed the big.

Night at the Olympics where Mo Farah and I think it was Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford I think as well got all their big medals it was super Saturday massive moments in history and we decided to watch a film instead and get a pizza because it was writing that he told the story in the camp in the castle and he was right we watch the Olympics all day everyday like it like for the whole week in a roll up.

I said I'm a bit fatigued.

I'm not sure if I could watch another javelin thrower across some grass to be honest.

Let's just have a night off because we picked the night off.

So what happened that was the end of the night my girlfriend at the time of the evening, but she's been with some friends and and some friends and he burst through the door and said oh my god what an incredible night.

You know did you see it? What do you think I was sorting along pretending to them onto Twitter

Live with it and it was evident that something absolutely spectacular had happened and we were the only people be country basically they missed it so Jordan I made a pact that night.

She said whatever happens whatever happens.

We will never tell anybody that we missed the super Saturday night at the Olympics 2012 because we were watching no material pizza that packs and I've not had never anticipated Jordan would break that packed not least bread that passed by literally telling Moffatt on National Television that we get the nation already in the first few nights has grown to love Jordan I think he's doing alright.

I think you'll do well in this.

I think he's doing spectacularly well, spectacularly well.

A couple of times will talk about this on on on talk radio show of the weekend we had we had a couple former.

I'm A Celebrity contestants on and they were given this relatively similar advice which was be yourself.

You know the warm funny people do well.

The true real honest genuine types of the ones that get far and winning or come across Ireland and come out everywhere whatever whatever that is just like he's really really perfect for this.

Show is really perfect for it.

He is absolutely have just been sort of really genuine really warm really funny a bit ridiculous.

You know just get very hot hazard a bit of a walking disaster the details on Radio 1 the stuff of the podcast and this is him by the way you have had several people have reached out to me a lot of people messaging me saying putting this on what what is this?

Is this a joke and I can honestly tell you with my hand on my heart that what you are seeing is the Jordan North this is properly properly true to who he is and he's perfectly perfect and we know working in a medium slice like the old big brother isn't that? It's the cameras are on them all the time and it's edited into a shorter snippets of bits for the telly so the stuff where he comes out with you.

I haven't changed with pants for three days.

You know that's going to get on the telly when you say something like that yeah, and you know the thing about that as well the fact that you are watch 24-hours a day the fact that you are in this for the rocker been there for at least a week before the eviction.

So you cannot get away with not being genuine really and you soon see with these programs and let's be honest about it.

It is it's a really great example of why the old cliche is so true for the radio about.

Self write personally thought is that when you do radio be yourself and the reason that you're told to be yourself is the if you are going to go anywhere anywhere with your radio career if it is you're going to be a success and you are not yourself.

You will eventually be found out you will because there is there is just nowhere to hide these days and he is still living that really and this and this show is living proof that also also can just in general Radio presenters going onto reality shows is living proof the are plenty of examples examples are not quite coming across as the way they come across on the right now because perhaps it's not you know sometimes.

It's not fairly edited for them or whatever else but but they're not being true to themselves.

Only is a brilliant example.

Is raw genuine totally real and so of course he was a success on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and it's the same for Jordan so is there anything else going to learn about in that we don't know yet, but you know from all the time to spend with him.

What's the Jungle on purpose so careful, but that was news to me tonight.

There are endless stories endless Endless endless stories and you know I think I think that Jordan's Real win here is in his genuine warmth and charm and humour and his kind heartedness a really special part of sure tonight where Beverley callard.

Look down the barrel of the camera.

Room bit of a diary room get the day and just said the something really special about Jordan he's just really warm and really kind and I just thought of a sudden as well hallelujah absolutely.

I'm so glad that's been I've been recognised by the campmates but also that it's been on the television exactly who years just so kind so loving so warm so caring so genuine is a real treat actually just to have the nation been produced to him in this kind of way.

Yeah absolutely it's so passionate about ready.

I know this times.

I've spent before I was direct messages about a month ago and he was going to come on this weeks podcast we haven't done now so yeah.

Going to be in Jordan shadow, how much she loves radio and how proud he is to be on Radio 1 even though it's only 2-3 days a week whatever.

What do you think this will do for a career who won a stain radio won't want to go from be a TV star with absolute core like a like a like a lot of us.

He got bitten by the bug when he was with the kids.

Just wanted to do nothing other than radio really actually from here.

I mean he is has just come across so brilliantly in this last couple of days that he wants to do you want to carry on doing the radio I suppose but you know he's he is very very big things ahead for very good things and it's great seeing all the positive love for him on social media.

I think the last few days.

You know what it is, but the last few days.

It's gone all smiley and all we know what the memes and their you know.

Tigers everything that happy place not that kind of stuff so if anything he's helped make Twitter a nicer place surgery on my side like yeah absolutely I think it was his Radio 1 colleagues saying we need it is I'm a Celebrity some fantastic Jordan means to bring Twitter together to make it a nice place to go for that reason as well to be brilliant brilliant series to be on for all of them for the contestants there and everybody involved in the production of it because it is a cornerstone of Orville sort of dragging ourselves to the end of this year's size huge hit the viewing figures already huge and it will go down in history.

So it's a good idea when it was first answer Jordan first told me that you was going to be honest.

I didn't think I can't believe you've missed out on going to Australia that's absolutely.

You can have to do it for a Castle in Wales but it I think it's turned over the best.


He would have been eating chips within in Australia with a nice to catch up with your Daryl and it's great to know that you supporting the Burnley fan.

Jordanova bolton's Vernon Kay this year as well.

So yeah, that's difficult actually that's that actually is hurting ever so slightly and what's his birth certificates from Bolton to support fellow boltonians ever return so I'm I am also team Verdon for sure radio Today programme broadcast.

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