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Boom Radio’s Phil Riley David Lloyd…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics working with the world's leading broadcasters and equipment suppliers to transform industry standard technologies and workplace coming up this week boom and you radiogram from the people who brought his heart magic free radio and program the big stations including Galaxy LBC many more Phil Riley and David Lloyd will be on the podcast in a little while to tell us about their plans for boom

It'll be on DAB from early next year and says it's the first dedicated station aimed at the baby boomer generation music podcast was composed iso2a.

David Ed little while founder and editor Roy Martin as always to start the podcast with a look at the week's news in radio Hallam you failed already because I'm expecting a can of Nick Ferrari kind of intro where you ask me a question.

Good morning.

Yes, yes, I'm good.

How are you? Thank you alright.

We got a few things to talk about it's been a very busy week of for radio stuff hasn't it and getting nearer Christmas so so it's going to quite a down I think maybe let's hope so, I'd like some time off if at all possible over Christmas but boom what are waking radio.

Yes been been very busy on it.

I see what you did there jumps that in a minute over the weekend then there was this bit of interesting radio on Radio London coolest try to get onto the radio quite often trying to say rude things usually there's a delay and you can get dumped.

It doesn't make it to her or you've got a presenter or produce who cuts the call off as no we're not having you on but BBC Radio London that didn't happen.

I have to be careful what we say because the BBC have told us that it's now a police matter and the police are investigating this so we can't really say much about it other than why the hell does the Dumbarton these days quite but yeah, you know David Lloyd's blog.

Is it is worth a read on on this matter and in terms of how things could be better handled in terms of presenters taking calls and stuff like that, so that is worth a read that there is a lot more that we can say really about it.

All that we want to say but you'll get it to try and prank radio stations are trying to make it on the are the word is that this caller has made it onto another radio stations on the BBC as well, so hopefully now they first spotted it won't let him back but as you say it's quite rightly been referred to the police because if somebody has done this deliberately to try and speak bad words on her then that should be investigated properly exactly.

He wasn't paying attention or obviously was interrupted.

Maybe have some talk back in his ears or something like that.

We don't know the full story or just general couldn't hear I didn't understand what the colour was trying to say which is a possibility as well.

Yeah, the pressures of live broadcasting like that.

Obviously these guys.

Are we doing it while now but the pressures of being in there anything could have just distracting for a couple of seconds and obviously listening for it because it's a clip and we're expecting something but during your sure you don't can eat you.

Don't think it's coming to you.

Just expect to have a normal show not one that could possibly change it you buy some pranks to calling up and saying stupid things on the radio, but I think few people have said there but by the grace of God go, are you know it can quite easily happen even if you're an experienced broadcaster that you miss something and classic case from quite a long time ago.

Is is Tommy Boy Who put a colour on the air and was you know thought this sounds like a normal.

It's fine.

I'll get on with just checking these emails and doing this why I'm listening to that one here zoned out didn't hear what he said to call a finish speaking he said yeah, well.

Obviously we can't agree with everything that you say but thanks for your call.

Turn out light reset some things under Tommy getting sacked so it's possible to happen.

That's all.

I'm saying yeah.

Just goes to show listen to every single word that these the saying because you have one job.

Can I think when you're talking to somebody on the radio and I don't call him to be sacked like many people have said on the socials on the horrible Twitter thing mistaken.

He said sorry that should hopefully be there.

I'm sure they'll be a full investigation not only by the BBC world by the police as well, so will that will follow that one and her keep you posted if there are things that we can report let's move on to something a bit more geeky and that's the small scale DAB multiplexes that are getting ever closer milestone.

This week as the deadline.

For applications for phase 1 it all sounds very exciting this is very exciting.

It's becoming a major thing especially when I'm not so much major radio executive has happened in stop when you get David Lloyd and feel really putting up a substantial amount of money the starter radio station on the platform, then you know it's going to be a big thing and obviously we're all here during the course of This podcast but yeah the the first round of 25 areas.

It's probably going to be a couple for each area, so that's 50 applications potentially more and full of radio people prefer experience and it's going to be quite exciting.

I'm looking forward to reading the full list of these applications.

They should be out at it off concert could be we days could be weeks could be out already who knows but will pop it on Radio today, when they do yes, if you have told us about already by the applications, but we're still waiting for the the full list from Ofcom quite an interesting thing all these new radio.

Is being proposed regulation has changed the industry so much the local radio and especially a whole new industry is emerging because of that regulation think local radio as it used to be probably on its way back.

Even probably been more local radio and like your station and many other station serving a couple of pounds.

So it is and at the same time we get these kind of crazy national stations that are going to go on multiple small scale multiplexers around big cities at boom radio being one of those and all the David hotels bit more about that soon, but you know I had a new national inverted commas radio station is going to launch on lots of different multiplexers.

I think Tuesday morning.

There was a story in the Times about it and they touch about it on Radio 4 Today programme do newspaper review so the new exciting stations that are offering something different with experience behind them can cut through this complicated market work.

Yeah, I'm boom sounds like a radio station.

I would listen to even though I'm really I'm not a baby boomer programming plans and it's got some good music 6077 some 50s you know I do like a bit of 50s it has to be said so I might even tune in and listen more than once who are you going to be listening to next on a Saturday morning Graham Norton on Virgin or Claudia Winkleman on radio to listen to the radio anyway, so whatever I want exclusively from the editor of radiotoday listen to the radio smooth on which isn't really radio.

It's just background music.

You know what I mean.

It's not sweets radio or entertaining radio by any stretch of the imagination the perfect station for eating your dinner too.


I don't really go out listen to the present presenters that much I'll probably listen to this to Alex can on brambles radio on this morning, but Claudia Winkleman is going to replace Graham Norton on Radio 2 then and we got lots of comments on our Facebook page about that.

We have to band some people and hide some comments and block people because people are just if you don't want to say anything nice if you don't like somebody's been announced for Radio Show don't listen to the radio show don't tell anybody else that you hate her and you think she's rubbish doesn't matter just keep that to yourself not necessary.

We don't have a comment section Stewart's I don't know what you're talking about Facebook I said on Facebook I didn't mention the Radio Star

Has a comment paid you're not under and we don't sell on Facebook isn't yes Jordan on I'm a Celebrity have you been watching any of that? I was quite getting into it Jordan and Derbyshire on there and Vernon I watch the first few nights so pretty much Jordan's first few challenges and I've not watched it since he done any more this is first three it's not be doing the challenges, but he's made be made camp leader and these are quite a lot of airtime yellow Jordan I think he's going to be a bit of a superstar when it comes out and it's all kicked off with the the happy place.

Happy place turf more stuff Burnley Football Club in the charity in in the area making loads of money from t-shirts that they selling so I think he's going to be a big style when he comes out.

What your did you see the clip on ITV news on BBC news about the the guy stood outside to more asking the guy going past his wheelchair.

That was hilarious cos his response was very badly.

Yeah, I'm not bloody.

What do you expect how to turn very dare you accuse me of having a Lancashire accent, but yeah, I think Jordan's doing very very well indeed, and I think yeah he's going to be inundated with offers when he comes out and it's ready one don't move from the weekends to the weekdays fairly soon.

That was some miss.

I don't know why they call it West Yorkshire because it's just East Lancs is it really just an extension of his hand and let's not go there again.

That's definitely not geography and Roy Martin they don't mix.

I think you must have been playing up from school that day.

This is a head.

I don't always read the stories that you posted the radio today as sometimes just glad the headline thing all that and I've really down well you go back in time and well.

It's like you not listen to the radio.

I don't really read your stories about this one caught my eye Hits radio is take.

In a Christmas Eve jingle campane, what's this about like my kind of thing so Hits radio has teamed up with the jinglemad radio station to national campaign to play an hour of non-stop jingles on Christmas Eve and all the Dingles will be a mixture of jam.

TM real-world, wisebuddah, and some Thompson creative as well or they basically want people to jingle jangles on their doorstep at 6 on Christmas Eve by bell.

So they can jungle it outside that would be quite magical actually go outside at 6 on Christmas Eve looking for the big man in Skye and always here around you is sleigh bells or bells or jam Hells Bells which have an exciting that answer your question.

Yes ok, that's so it's nothing.

Senses that what you're telling me.

I won't bother reading my details of radiotoday that could eat a hashtag where you will also find information about this week's audio production Awards depending on when you listen to the cast the audio production Awards will be either about to happen or will have happened and if they have already happened.

You can see all winners at radio and I'm sure it was a great night on my favourite especially when they're worried the cattery the responsive by radiotoday.

There's a fantastic one.

Yeah looking forward to seeing that last week right.

Let's get the main event on because Phil and David took a lot more sense that we do you and I'll be back next week with another guess.

I don't need to guess I got some others lineup for first couple weeks of December but nothing booked for next week yet.

So we'll see what life throws is ok.

Hopefully, maybe by next time this time next week will be able to reveal all so we'll just never mention it again sounds we do plan this but I have genuinely no idea what you're talking about even I'm intrigued to do something before I go cos we forgot for the last couple weeks.

We have to pick a winner for who's winning Pat oh, yeah.

We had a book to give away that we had the entries in we had them we did the prep work for as in we got all the entries together on a on a note and we just needed to pick a number between one and how many were the six 500 centuries.

Have you got the 4th? No OK well? Let's say number for whoever is number 4 on the list this sounds very genuine doesn't then they will win and will announce it on Twitter or we could just pause this.

Back and announce the winner should do that ok.

I'll find a list a they're already check out more stories today.

Thanks for holding the fourth one down and we worked it out.

It was Ben Lewis Jones who is in Bristol she's at crowfeather's on Twitter and where does Becky work doing O2 work in radio or is she said she'd like to win because her husband would love it for Christmas and cheese a cheapskate Christmas present on its way well done.

Becky and thanks to you for listening and unlucky few didn't win our competition another one in another 7 years who knows pleasantries out the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic stew.

Listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mix and lock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything except the way you make it to the word because we're going to talk about any radio station aimed at the over 55s launching next year.

It's Phil Riley a David Lloyd Wilkinson podcast apps hi Stuart so people probably saw this on today earlier in the week and exciting new radio station coming in 2021 called boom radio tell us Phil where this idea came from David's idea, so he can stay and I can't we just talking to each other usual email backwards and forwards over the summer and David just floated at almost at throwaway line.

Email I still think there's a gap in the market for a station aimed at older listeners, and I just bring you an email, but are you really serious about that and you said the outside? I'll do a spreadsheet and the rest is history with a spreadsheet didn't didn't turn out a terribly big negative number which was unusual for some of my stuff, so I said to him actually that might be something in this so that was said mid July when we started talking seriously about in here.

We are for 5 months later.

It actually have announced it all about the cost of the because obviously setting up a radio station now is quite different to say more up in in the 90s David this idea, then I know it took me your blogs people who regularly read them all know that you've been talking about BBC local radios audience demographic change and what radio 2 is doing going younger.

So this is wave spotted this gap from your consultancy and your observation of the market.

Where is it from from listen again? That's the BBC has a strategy and frankly if I work in there probably be doing much the same as they are you know they got some find radio stations play Radio 2 is a different sort of U2 from was and it's left an audience which may be don't love it as much as the audience use to you know you listen to some of the songs that is playing in the morning.

Do you think actually this probably isn't chiming too well for people who are not old.

They just day to B60 so you're we think there's there's a marking similar word BBC local radio again despite the protestations that they've not moved younger.

They haven't and that's fine leaving again a hole for a radio station that plays you know blend of old is some complementary new stuff and have some companionable friendly familiar voices between the songs.

I think the other element of this is of course those radio stations do appeal to people over the age of 60 but not.

Recently, and I think that's where what we're trying to do does find a niche in that we really do only want to serve the people who are baby boomers and particularly the 65.

We're just not interested in people younger than that particularly and I think that's where those radio stations.

You've got a broader demographic their regulatory choir to serve.

What would find it more of a challenge.

Yeah, they will be people listening in the industry who say that clearly the real brands like smooth and Planet Rock golden Greatest Hits at in commercial radio that are picking up some older listeners spoke to Stuart absolutely none of those radio stations.

Have you sat down with a pro controllers and and you ask them who is the target listener for your service on of them would say somebody who is 68 years old none of them.

That's the difference.

We are saying that we are saying we're just not interested in people are in their forties a really 50s they've got plenty of other.

Somebody who 68 hasn't got something.

That's really really really aimed at them.

I think the other thing is at those radio station incredibly well program, but you really take that the genre stated are taters whatever Greatest Hits Simpson great radio stations, but they are you no particular station is doing a particular thing rather than a mainstream mix for somebody who happens to be over 6 not about being nostalgic all the time will play same old stuff and some new stuff, but we treat our listeners as being vibrant hungry for Life individuals at what distance focus groups in Rugby quotes.

I remember is someone who said not really annoys me.

She says when you fill in the form for some research or whatever it is.

How old are you and got that 8224 and then fifty5plus as if that's it if you're over 55, that's it yeah.

Yeah, I think this week.

He said that you're station would need to be content.

Invoice an attitude and I suppose there is a danger isn't that if you're targeting an older demographic you have presenters and styles of presentation and music like radio used to be in the good old days, but actually people don't want to be treated like we're having back to the past.

They don't know it's like when you when you bump into an old friend.

You know you probably have a glass of wine and talk about the olden days, but you were talking about covid and brexit and price of fish has a place in your life, but it's not all your life and that's the blend we're trying to get on here and we're I'm saying these people Who been on their donkey.

Just be my conversations series I sometimes have a conversation with a season broadcaster, and I think to myself you know the radio audience has never really heard you at your authentic best yet.

That's how to get them and a match point was was really valid.

I think you need to have a contemporary feel a minute when you look at the launch video that we put out the logo.

You can see in that a mix between references to the things that people are in our target audience understand and know about but but done in a way which feels modern contemporary doesn't feel as though it's rooted in the stalgia particular cos that's obviously not what we want to do but for sure we're going to be playing a lot of older more familiar new rule on the on the station of course we are aiming at people in their 60s and early 70s.

I was interested to know as well.

That isn't just necessarily a music station you looking at some built programming around it as well.

Yeah absolutely some individuals were working with who will provide some rather interesting programs.

I wish I could tell you about 1 because I'm so excited about it, but I'm not going to go on you can help us.

It will be getting some music radio station.

You know presenters will have a higher profile In The Mix and are many excellent music stations, but you know there will be the occasional half hour.

Sing talk to me about the name Phil boom radio when I asked my dad.

I said if there was a radius and he's in your target demo and I said if there was a station that paid on your DAB radio called boom.

What would you think it would be and his first response was loud dance music understand that I think we'll have to disabuse with that although you know we might be a bit loud from time to time you know there's just because two people in their 60s 70s full of life.

I mean I think the name is I would argue perfect for what we try to do because not only does it capture the whole baby boomer era.

It does say something.

I think about wanting to still live your life and wanted it to be exciting and wanting vibrant things to go on and we think that is very very relevant to the audience of a try to get to in also.

To be really short single syllable easy to remember.

Hopefully easy to spot an all of those things matter when you are you know competing in a very crowded radio marketplace supposed to make he did say would flicker round and listen to 1015 seconds to see what it was like not just based on the name on his DAB radio sat here.

We are by the way embracing the whole ok boomer thing we do think that boomers have been given a bit of a hard time over the past 405 years and Julie and unfairly give Simon actually quite proud to be baby boomers and we think it's quite quite useful to embrace that we don't get off we still up a bit of controversy in in doing it because there are people out there that they do seem to put bedrooms of the personification of evil.

I'm not quite sure why but they do and you both launched radio stations in the past and some of them very well and got to make lots of money and beef.

Doing very well for themselves now.

Thank you very much, but saying her radio station in 20 20 20 21 is quite different beast certainly in terms of what your cost base needs to be you don't need a building anymore.

I need massive transmission costs you can do this prep celebitchy people than when you've set up radio stations before all this is certainly a different model to the one that you might see inside a corporate structure and you certainly right that some other things are dramatically changed in terms of their costs, but it's still pretty expensive to go and buy some DAB slots in the Bigg market to London in where will be launching in early part of next year, so it's not cost-free to Lucia radio station and you know there are things you have to spend money until you're absolutely right, but that big infrastructure cost of setting up a set of Studios and Anna Building and all of the stuff that goes with that that is something that you can do differently and we've certainly taking the view.

That if we're going to start in the middle of a pandemic, let's build the radio station in a way that sustainable both were in this particular environment and when and when hopefully we come out of it next year and like to boom x which is what were all hoping and people knowing that you two involved in this will probably want to work for you.

Are you hiring? Have you got all that sorted yet, so the people need to be knocking on your door if they are looking for jobs that so think we've got most of The Incredibles and we got most of the lineup sorted and the great thing as soon as I pick up the phone people they say wow.

I'd love to be part of that.

So it's been a lot easier than I had imagined.

There are still some holes to fill and will be joining things around but you can imagine my inbox yesterday after your wonderful piece on the radio today.

He has just gone crazy.

So I don't think we go to the young short of recruit.

I thought we could maybe get Phil Riley and David Lloyd back on here.

I'm doing a few I've been bumped office.

I wish I was in there for me.

Switch on Sundays and suddenly.

I'm no where was going to do it was still do that.

We will be making some announcements in terms of commercial appointment in the not too distant future maybe next week or two so so the other things going on obviously on the other side of alleged that they were doing two and obviously taking on staff presenters and production staff sales staff that think so that you already got some money to do that as that you no strangers to to raising funds to to launch project as you did with Orion but you got some funding for this Phil interesting me a different mod mean obviously with the Orion deal that was that was a big deal.

You were buying a business with revenues and cash flow and profit.

So you had to go and be backed by a corporate background that wants to the great private legalising ldc in Birmingham who did that was fantastic this is different because it's a start-up you can afford to take your first Steps in the different way and what we've just done it.

The phone at centrally to our mates Media friends colleagues people we know who we think might be interested and we've ended up with a very decent part of equity invested in what they like.

We think is a great business, then that's not to say that we might not have a desire to go out race and more money in the future to go and get a really excelling things if that's what we think is the right thing to do but for now.

We've probably got about 20 shareholders on-board all of whom have invested in a personal capacity.

It's actually a fantastic sounding board of very very experienced intelligent people who are in the media business ad agencies TV radio production etc.

David the number of radio stations on the on the dial if you like these days fire smart speakers is enormous the choice for people to listen to so one important thing these days launching and the radio station is about how you cut through all that noise and how and where you markets absolute.

And still said the name is great as you hear the name.

You don't easily forget it and that's that's the great step forward.

We do have a marketing budget.

We're also going to be working with other media partners as well, because you say you know it's very easy to set a radio station actually making sure people know about it and sample it is a rather like losing a podcast that's actually where the battle is Ford and with the least many qualifications in the field and having loads many radio brands your I think we're pretty well equipped to to make a noise you know are we going to be bursting out with a campaign on ITV know but I think we have a budget which we can spend cannily and and find the audience of the greatest even judging by the energy of the responses last 24-hours.

I think there's an open door.

They're ready to be pushed and the time of her announcement.

I guess there's no surprise that this is the week or the DAB applications for the first round of small-scale arinso presumably your named on some of those which is why you've gone public with it.

You should be named on quite a few of them if that we put three bids in ourselves.

Just to show willing I mean I know that there will be lots of bits for each one of those and it would be great if we won one or two of the three that we did it to show willing to support what I think is a very exciting new era for DAB as you know I was the original chairman of the regional boxes that covered most of England and Wales inside mxr.

Then I lead a bit further national DAB Multiplex have been building for DAB feels like 20 years so it feels right that we should crack on and have a go at these new small scale DAB although I have to say if you look at the potential population coverage and and the fact that in most of the major markets are 0203 of them that they're really City DAB is Martin the way I've sold it to the people we've talked to because if you can get on the three that are in Birmingham of the two in Newcastle or the one in Leeds etc.

YouTube free most of a city and that's quite attractive, I think so, that's a very interesting a new way that I think we will expand and we were already on to the experimental not as you know we're going to be on in Bristol and Birmingham and Glasgow and hopefully as the small scales come on and we can get on most of them that will be in a pretty decent expansion beyond the initial base in London I guess the economics of suggest that because they're going to be so many if you went on every single one of the small-scale multiplexes once they're all launched it gets the point.

Where is Bratz cheaper to go on the multiplexed.

There's a trade-off and I think it's some point.

We will have to have a look at you know where the best use of our money is but actually the small scale DAB numbers pretty cost-effective as a the number for being in London because London such a big market, so he makes a lot of sense for us at least now to expand incrementally if you want to.

On the one of the National Express you've got to have pretty deep pockets.

It's probably beyond private investors of the saw that we have backing at so I think we've we've done the right thing weather in previous time you want to take another look at that.

We will know that we will and I suppose the last thing is about the Tech you touch about not necessarily having Studios and working remotely from people's homes like has been happening during the pandemic the Qatar broadcasters you talking about the people who used to be on the radio in the 60s and 70s can they do that take on their own in their own home David it's dead easy.

No, I mean isn't voice tracking wonderful when it didn't exist and were very cynical about how can you do a real radio programme you're not saving the studio listen to the record but actually once you have mastered.

What is a new skill a new hard.

You can make beautiful radio and it's also increasing the simplest is not complicated to press a couple of keys on a keyboard it easy and it has certainly that people would be talking too many of them are doing it.

Already now or I'll hungry to learn new things exactly like are Orient still hungry learn new things you've got me on here in pretty decent quality.

I am I'm an absolute clubs at this so if I can do it many of the people that David and I have known for 40 years can do it too.

I'm sure super while we're looking forward to hearing more about these people you got on board because it does seem very exciting and we wish you lots of luck with it when it finally gets on there early next year.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you Phil and David great to have David Lloyd back on This podcast well as a one off just before we go a reminder about cleanfeed.

It's great for doing things in the run-up to Christmas especially if you're still under lockdown at great way to connect with guests for your show or podcast in superb quality.

Just using a browser and you can also get connected back to the studio from home etc.

Etc is great for OBS and much much more cleanfeed.

Radio people and podcast as it's really simple to use and the quality is great cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started in Lower take you a few minutes to get Side Up and within minutes you doing the first recording or live for your radio station find out more about it at cleanfeed doughnuts.

Thanks for listening for see you next week.

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