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Read this: 27/11/2020 Radio 4 Feedback

Summary: Podcast

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27/11/2020 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, I thought is Boris Johnson lost for words.

We just had the spectacle of the prime minister appearing on a screen above the chamber answering questions that way and of course the link when we're just checking the same Prime Minister we lost your answer.

Have you press the button by mistake that exchange could be enjoyed on a program which has been running for 75 years long before exchanges in The Commons were broadcast I refer of course to today in Poole this week.

I'll be talking to one of its presenters Susan Hulme to a more familiar soap opera The Archers and the latest storyline pregnant Alice Carter struggle her alcohol addiction.

Is it believable? How could Chris her husband not know like Philip and Kirsty it's like Rob and Helen nobody notices, but the audience is also.

You know metaphorically he's behind you he's behind you will be hearing from to Archers listeners who became disillusioned when monologue replace dialogue in ambridge has Alice is alcoholism turn down to the Fold review The Radio 4 programme dad's to his daughters answers cos he was like oh my god.

I've got smacked.

That's not at all what I expected them to say so that was quite sweet.

It was a natural response was it did you find anything else to admire find out in feedback?

Which is the only program the BBC is obliged to broadcast indeed is written into its charter order the answer is an impartial account day by day at the proceedings of Parliament now.

It's 75th p.m.

Today in Parliament is broadcast everyday Parliament sits at 11:30 at night and again the following morning when it's retitled today in Parliament Susan human has been one of its presenters for the past 25 years and I'll be talking to her in the moment first here is some of your views about the program and Susan you Caroline Waterstone I think Seasons brilliant Kathy Incisive coated in her reporting her observation and comment TV sharp explanation between the clips of politicians talking on today in Parliament

I love Susan's presentation knowledge and balance a very interesting program one of the best on Radio 4.

It's always amazes me how you compressors every action of the whole day of Parliament in 227 balance minutes in what must be a very short preparation time well, I'm glad you joined by Susan Hume at I know you will want to dispute everything lovely things that people have just had about you, but can I dress that question from my Gibbons how do you compress 27 balance minute the end of the day with so little time? Could you take a through the running order for you like well, I'd like to say it was all me, but it really isn't we are a team of reporters and an editor and we get weather at the start of the day and we'll look at what's coming up.

It's a bit of a gamble and you hope that you picking the good things to listen to because they're actually dozens of hours of things going on in Parliament now.

It's not just the chamber their committees with the lords are actually two chambers of parliament and politicians heading up to and understand committee.

You really we will want to feature this tonight are we do and we get press releases about it as well, but I will we remain pure and we make her own decisions the difficulty for asses these debates and things go on an awfully long time it can be 3 hours and that's a lot out of a working day for a reporter or for one of the presenters if it doesn't then make and you have to change horses and that's always the fear and a top of all of that.

Have you got to be balanced? We do balance across the political parties you do have to do that but of course political debate doesn't always divide down party lines not at all and prickly not at the moment and do you have to balance both between the parties and the key is getting that's 3 hours of 5 hours of debate and boil it all down into phone half.

The encapsulates it's got the best bits and it's balanced and it shows you bought that debaters like and yes, there is that tension between the person who is a fantastic speaker and because otherwise we have the same people on night after night.

We don't want to do that and you get stressed.

I mean you have commerce not in the common person.

I thought I was come you get stressed.

You must do there is so much drama and excitement.

It's not a matter of stress.

You look forward to a late nail-biting fault with a bit of Fear and trepidation.

It is it all going to be seed of your pants live at the end however the fee at the start of the day becomes the limit the end as for anyone who's doing the seat of the pants late-night program and it's fine in the end.

We haven't fallen off yet.

Of course you would have had Parliament to yourself.

You don't know and Karen lipsitch has this to ask does increased visibility of parliamentary proceedings from the filming of pmq to the 24/7 running commentary undermine the value of today in parliament and yesterday in Parliament you feel threatened.

I don't feel threatened.

I think the end up doing the different things because it a news report you will get a couple of birth of audio or maybe 22nd quote from a couple of MPs old mainly the minister of the opposition spokesman, however, what we do is look what happened after that do all the shades of opinion the good speeches the interesting points that fill out that debate so no one else actually.

I don't think do you get that full sweep of?

Actually happened in the full suite of what people thought when you look at the last 25 years you've been involved was the most intense period brexit with all his late night, but I'm afraid my history of Parliament stretches all the way back to the Maastricht European treaties.

There is something about Europe that really gets the political passions going and has done from many many years.

I thought they would never be anything quite like that where they would sit through the night with bizarre shenanigans going on with solving having to wear top hats in the middle of faults and order to quite bizarre however, I think the extraordinary scenes during brexit, which dominated everything nothing else really happened hidden leached into everything that happens to our Parliament in a way that also of course coronavirus has not long afterwards and people talk about poverty or used to talk about Parliament not being so important.

Don't think they say that now and you're getting listening figures off and a half a million very last thing at night, but then you've got over to deal with and how is that affected you because sometimes it changes almost silent.

It is completely bizarre.

I remember during those brexit debates and votes you would be able to watch the way people are interacting there would be Theresa May and the front benches chief whip would be on his knees whispering to her trying to tell us whether he thought she had the votes or not you would see who was talking to who was sitting with who you can see the body and even if the camera didn't show we could tell listeners about that.

It is amazing to me.

It never fails to amaze me that at the moment we have a time which similarly huge national events.

You've got the most extraordinary restrictions and changes to people's lives being discussed and decided in parliament because they do have the final decision on it.

And yet, there are a couple of dozen people in their other people appearing by video link you could hear a pin drop and yet you have these huge events on building and I must say you no speaking personally.

I hope that wouldn't continue I people may like them or decorous atmosphere and you can hear everybody speak with long as the computer link doesn't feel I must say I missed the drama and you still is excited now as you were 25 years ago.

How do you get bored by don't think I've seen it all before and I haven't I haven't seen it all before I am surprised that events dear boy has still managed to be so extraordinary because it doesn't necessarily creates the it is reacting and it is dealing with the outside events from the world and reacting to those and I think people think of politics very much as who's

Who's dancehall a bit dull who cares about what's going on in this Westminster village, but that's not actually the case politics and particularly what happens in Parliament is hugely about sex people in their lives day today from the minute.

We wake up to the minute.

We go to sleep and probably when they are asleep as well and that's always changing it's always relevant.

You couldn't get bored with that.

You can't get bored with the drama.

I that I hope that comes back and funny as Susan home.

Can you give me an insider's tip supposing? I am a young MP it's a big stretch and her to think that and I want to make my Mark how do I get you to put me in your program? Yes, I think when the BBC started reporting on parliament and milk came down the director-general to warn.

The parliamentary reporters against putting in undistinguished witticisms and wisecracks from MPs in there.

I certainly wouldn't want to put in any undistinguished wisecracks, but I do like a wisecracking and it's still busy after all and you want to be lonely and don't you certainly in your script maybe maybe eye twitching eyebrow.

That's all.

Thank you very much and please do tell us your thoughts about the interview or anything else to do with BBC Radio this is how you get in touch you can send an email to feedback at the address is feedback PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow activity on Twitter by using at BBC R4 feedback or you can call us and leave a phone on 03345 standard landline charges apply, but it could cost more and some mobile network all these details are on our way.

Will it regrow asking to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zones and listen to a pro? They wouldn't normally be on their radar this week.

We have Mel Cox from Solihull in the West Midlands and draw out from London and no just to give us a sense of your taste.

What would be your two programs if you were stranded on that does Ireland I really enjoy Gardeners Question Time pick of the week and I really really liked Adam buxtons rambling series a few weeks and draw.

What about your top three more Maze any questions and Crossing continents definitely ask you to listen to something that wasn't like any of those programs.

It's the Likely dad's broadcast on Radio 4 and also available across on BBC sounds.

How would you describe the program explain what it's about? It's five famous dad's.

Of different aged children some young some older described as a comedy discussion show I think with a host and has a loose formats like they give her a topic each week to talk about on fatherhood which comes first I would say discussion.

Yeah, I didn't find it that comical and what are you draw? Did you laugh at all? Very there was some good beds.

I guess so ok apart from the comment.

It was doesn't seem to have gone down particularly well, how about the insights into actually being a dad draw.

I mean neither you normally I think have children.

So did they tell you things you didn't know probably not I mean the questions will really good but the laughter and the general sort of illness prevented the answers from really being something that you can learn from.

I just I was a bit frustrated.

I wanted to learn well.

I'll try and be positive.

Well, I wanted to like it because my brother has got three under 6 age children and he had his first age 39, so he was an older Dad I want you to know gets their take on it so I can put myself in my brother shoes and he had a theme of absence this week.

So they were talking about their feelings about being absent from their children cause a lot of them are actors or generally said away from home quite a lot.

So there was a bit of insight there.

You don't think they were Frankie than I expected them to be in one or two places.

They were approved for this quite a lot of heartache revealed and crosses divorce in one instance as well and there was also a slight element.

I think of guilt memorably the German soccer journalist who was talking about when you watching a brilliant football match and had a wonderful Italian I don't know the champagne on Ice but she was rather good night.

Yo, you get a full night's sleep and a hotel before your day's work.

You get a call from home sound really struggling.

They're not sleeping and Anne did you find anything really in the section in which they asked to children they got questions for two of John Thompsons children actually the comedian John Thompson got two of his children to set questions as it were for the father to see how far the father knew the children that was quite interesting women it wasn't that took me by surprise.

I didn't think they will go now talk to the children and I think that was a great touch.

I love the fact that answers were all wrong.

Olivia's a little bit older so I think so gather the problem with separate answers if they are ok right, so I think Sophia probably Billionaire Boy and then Olivia car Sophia said Wallace and Gromit the Curse of the were-rabbit small part in there and Olivia said The Fast Show typically the jazz steps well the word a few moments ago quite sincere that I did like you what I'm thinking about the discussion around being the nice Dad you know that seems to go to quite a few interesting places awareness that they may be off loading something onto their partners and trying to avoid I think it was Russell Kane said something really interesting typical comedian.

I just want to be like do you know which was quite a telling? Thank you know this.

This was something refreshing what the mum's do all the disability in the hard work and the dad comes along and present or take some to football you are aware of it though, which is what's interesting in that many programmes were you get men talking honestly two men about their problems and son and in this case the word it was mixed you people sort of talk then little bit embarrassing.

They made a joke that Mike is moving down the pub.

They probably don't normally talk about their feelings and their feelings about their family and stuff.

So they probably enjoyed the chance, but I think every time it's went down there the getting a bit emotional they brought it back with a joke to do anyway so maybe.

Which is another way of saying will you listen to another episode in the series or was that enough? It was probably enough.

I was out of my comfort zone.

I was surprised you didn't put me off as much as I probably wouldn't listen even though I appreciate it's probably something good for other people about new Melua your comfort zone.

Yeah, I probably won't listen again.

There's not enough hours in the day, but if you had an impossible male friend at work or would you fancy saying hey listen to this plug-in might learn something.

I don't want to but I'm happy to recommend some radio shows on that might be one of them.


Thank you very much and you could find at The Likely dad's on Thursday evening at 11 p.m.

On Radio 4 and on BBC sounds The Likely Lads themselves James Bolam and Rodney bewes work.

Just as available and do let us know if you would like to be.

Out of your comfort zone.

The Archers like the rest of the country has struggled undercover, but it's been a relatively minor concerned for Brian and Jennifer's daughter Alice Kartel she has a more immediate problem.

She play Secret alcoholic become pregnant, but cannot stop drinking finally she confessed all to her husband Chris and last week.

There was a particularly Halloween scene when she demands Locker in the bathroom in her bid to stop herself drinking and so possibly damaging their unborn child and of course it wasn't long before she was demanding she let out a character time.

I'll call the police.

Turn down last forever.

So you can this is how some of you have responded to that very powerful scene Peter Fickling competition listen as a stand-alone piece of drama.

I thought it was astonishing in a good way brilliant acting and writing Ruth Anderson after hearing episode yesterday.

I'm not only was it misleading and factually inaccurate but also it was overly disturbing and unnecessarily sensational defeating its purpose fridge presumably if the entertain and inform the listeners anison episode and Wednesday the 18th of November which most likely very well researched I expect it was pretty true-to-life regarding how alcoholics behave it was also Grimm in the extreme.

So I'll probably give the next few weeks.

Which is a miss Pam Plymouth I seem to remember an episode of feedback in the summer discussing some listeners disappointment over the format of The Archers programs during lockdown is disappointed not often reluctant to listen however the broadcast this Wednesday evening the 18th although.

I did not have much actual knowledge of the subject matter withdrawal symptoms of an alcoholic I was absolutely gobsmacked by the quality of the show both the script and the acting in fact so much so I then listen again following lunch time well done the Archers you've redeemed yourself welcome from Plymouth you remember correctly and I'm delighted that are two arches listeners megacra.

Cell and Kumar able to join us to review their position which was a disenchanted one.

I think so Maggie do you think they have got their mojo back? Yes, I thought it was.

Dramatic episode grabbed my attention first time for months and months and months.

I think it's extremely good story and very worthwhile story so very impressed by the reason I say that is that the fetal alcohol syndrome is extremely serious and in my career as a lawyer I have come across it in his proceedings.

I dealt with well.

I want to pick up some of those details in the moment, but good just going to carry due to agree that the Archers have got their mojo.

Yes, I definitely agree, but they've got them back, but I have turned off.

I couldn't listen to the monologues, so I've been listening to it's product Lee and just got back in the last time.

I was listening Alice was taking too many drinks as we all were knocked down and then suddenly I saw have missed lots of episodes was I can barely listen to it and I come back to what was undoubtedly a very powerful but totally over-the-top the trailer some.

Drinking too much to someone who was going through the most ridiculous withdrawal symptoms.

I'm not saying that women do not go through that those symptoms as withdrawal symptoms.

I'm sure for some fun.

It's true, but it seems hugely exaggerated well.

Can I pick up that point with Maggie crisell Who with mention handsome little experience in this area first or whether it's realistic.

I mean to started called with some of the things you've had to deal with in your legal career.

Oh, I'm invisible alcohol syndrome can lead to quite serious disability developmental delay and other things abstinence can make a baby very distressed jittery sleepless crying in pain and very hard to watch very hard to look after about the seriousness of the issue and then the question of course is whether or not it's been treated realistically and care you don't about that I do know first-hand.

That's about the syndrome however.

I have yet to meet an alcoholic who goes from drinking too much for this massive withdrawal, and I think that was overdone you agree with that.

I do actually I agree with what Kerry said this is the reservation I have there's all of a sudden somebody exactly is carries out who likes a drink suddenly become 1 episode of full-blown alcoholic husband very experienced and attentive man has not apparently noticed that his wife is a full-blown alcohol well then maybe reason for that is because he like to drink as well if you go back and they've been seeing the story time for a long time and I didn't want the suggestion is that both of them were drinking a lot yes quite realise the dangers.

He because he was used to drinking of didn't.

Understand how far she's gone on I mean there's an element that we mislead ourselves willfully, don't be on these things but is also the listening audience sees what a villain or a difficult character whatever is doing a new none of their Nearest and Dearest apparently notice it like to be patient when we could see what's going to happen with our superior and we just get frustrated when they're but we do care well.

That's the crucial thing.

We have took are carried you care about Alice and no because because I don't believe that she could have had such hideous withdrawal, it just seems to come on so fast these withdrawal symptoms.

I do know from personal experience alcoholics and this I am sure this is correct, but it seems unrealistic and because I've not been listening over the summer I do.

God's sake typical Archer overreaction over-egging the pudding you decided it was too trivial and be too serious let sleeping agree on something.

What did you think of the acting was excellent? I do think it was very good it correct me.

I'm listening either but the last 5-weeks I've listened to the omnibus to see if it's getting any better, but this really did grab me.

I thought it was very well acted and the hallucinations were interesting as well.

Yes, I would entirely agree.

I thought it was brilliant and very well acted important question here is whether is out of all storylines have actually brought you back to the Archers so carry.

Could you be now be considered a regular Archers listen again just about.

I am now listen to the omnibus but I generally haven't started in the evenings again, but it's a nice Sunday morning listening.

So you're half way back.

How about you Maggie I started on the on the bus that they were doing proper recordings and doing it properly I started listening on a Sunday when I was doing something on and yes, I will continue to keep me going thank you very much.


That's it for this week next week.

We'll be speaking to me hatchimals, so she's the presenter of mayday, which tells the story of the life and mysterious death of James Le Mesurier the co-founder of the Syrian based white Helmets and will also into the editor of Radio 4 daily consumer affairs programme you and yours.

So please do get in touch with your questions and comments for both our guests until next week keep safe.

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