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Read this: Victoria Derbyshire, JACK expands ROAR

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Victoria Derbyshire, JACK expands ROAR …

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionic created of the bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello, we're back.

I'm Stuart Clarkson and on this edition of the radio Today programme will talk I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and the radio people in it with Victoria Derbyshire one of this year's contestants familiar voice on UK radio over the last 20-years of course will also find out about the expansion of the Jack radio brand in the UK just announced as we release This podcast is the arrival of Union Jack dance and Union Jack rock beginner lounge this week nationally will find out more from Clive Dickens and I also got a special report from Bela Shah on the Radio Academy on audio and radio event that took place as an online webinar this week.

Martin is here.

I had a packed edition of the radio Today programme hello Roy hi, Stu how are you? I'm alright.

How are you? You've got some exciting news of your own this week right that was a pleasant.

Yes, I have indeed I have some exciting news on myself, which which which exciting news.

Do you want? Oh is there more than one bit of exciting use always exciting news? It's just the one that show with you.

I talk about Radio travel news that was the thing I was thinking of what's Radio travel news radio travel news is not not a radio station because it sounds a bit like one, but it's basically service for radio stations to travel news on their own radio station, so this new company called Rio travel news will supply at 45sec audio bulletin full of traffic news either for your area or for the whole of the UK and it's launching in January how exciting so this is you and Andrea day x of traffic, Lincoln

That's right.

Yes, oh two of us.

Got together and came up with this idea after gonna sit in my head for years.

I've never got round to it.

I thought we are during a pandemic when you actually on the roads anymore, it would be the best time to launch it so that's what we doing January 11th.

If you want more details at Radio travel of course and we look forward to seeing you with travel news excellent.

Have you paid for this advertisement on your own podcast cost for new businesses is going to be quite low which is good news.

So no, I haven't paid for it.

It's all I need to disclaim.

That's yeah.

That's alright.

It's not often This podcast it's fine.

What's the interest be like you've had a lot of people getting in touch with you.

I presume so yes, we want to take your travel news.



We just went public on Tuesday this week.

We've had quite a few emails and lots.

Wheekson things like that people wishing you as well.

We've had that doesn't people sign up already which is good.

We need 468 to actually break-even so we got a long way to go when we hoping for that to happen over the coming months and years you never know do you want some travel news on your radio station by the way, I'm good for travel news at the moment thanks, but yeah, I'll get back to you on that one.

That's the thing with this.

It's not for everybody is going to be regional buttons but if you're on the end on the edge of a region then it's probably not good for you, because they're gonna have the big stories from the main cities in the regions not for everybody it's certainly not through tiny stations or yours is a good example because you're just having three towns.

So you wouldn't want to take the Yorkshire boating because it be full of stuff to Leeds Bradford and Sheffield and places like that before you start doing things and then you know you can give us some money has very exciting.

I'm looking forward to it and good luck with that when it launches in the new year.

And it's very exciting is all these applications for small scale DAB multiplexes, where do you think we got more applications in the end too often than we thought we would get more actually I've got the least 2 for each region, but some places have just got one as 45 altogether gone for a 25 areas at some have five nations and so have one so yeah, it's going to be very interesting to see which kind of application is going to be favoured by Ofcom whether it's the community Radio Christmas teamed up with an experienced operator whether it's a company that runs loads of them across the country and has no particular connection with the area.

It's going to be in and everybody is looking forward to finding out what's happening in your region with with that you're Bradford on you.

Yeah, it was a few.

I think is that with a for applicants for for the Bradford motorbike something like that and there's leader.

Oh, yeah, there's some hotly contested.

Not like the areas.

Where is you say, there's just one applicant for them, but it'll be interesting to see I think the Bradford ones as you know quite a few different groups have gone for it.

So we'll see what happens at the nearest one to me.

I don't think I'll pick it up where I am but there we go interesting and will hopefully get to know within the next few months who's winning all those dub licences and good luck to her, but I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.

Not having I'm a Celebrity watch on the telly every night at the moment at about you but after follow me every night for 3 weeks and it's what to watch on the telly now so tell them to Jordan from Radio 1 runner-up in this year's I'm a celebrity in the castle.

I know you you started watching it at the beginning of it right.

Did you catch up with any towards the end as well? I did now.

What's the first three four episodes and that was it obviously you can't move from hearing about it on the newest.

I kept up-to-date with yous doing lots and who's winning in the end.

So yeah, well done to Jordan who's on Radio 1 breakfast.

Monday he needs to come good on his promise to appear on this show obviously the next 3-weeks.

Yeah, I'm guessing he's a bit full at the moment but I have followed up the messaging I was having with him back in mid-october to say about coming out podcast then that's so you never know with him at some point lot of the tabloid stories and our saying Jordan's going to get a promotion and you know won't just be the boy on radio one that is Agent and people apparently talking to anyone about getting a more high-profile show and it's probably get some TV jobs and stuff so I think for his career.

It's the wonder if it doesn't get any more shows at the BBC there's always Virgin Radio chilled on was on with Greg on Monday more.

Let's have a little listen to that and then after that we're going to talk to Victoria Derbyshire I was last minute that blows my mind.

Right, ok.

Ok still fantastic show I love and then I gotta go back to retire saying you want to do it someone dropped out and then I had 2 days to do everything a medical psychiatry test them everything filming.

I did it in 48 hours.

This is nearly never happened before I'm a Celeb as well supply teacher.

I'm no longer no more.

That's going to be like in the this year g does a podcast Jordan from Radio 1 roofer from magic Vernon x Radio 1 and radio x and Victoria Derbyshire who's on the podcast hi Victoria

Hi, how are you? Well? I'm alright the Motorpoint how are you if you recovered from and has couple of weeks in Wales god? I am still buzzing honestly.

I found it really hard to sleep since I come back probably had most nights 3 hours sleep.

I'm just wired because I had the best time ever which I can't believe I'm saying but honestly I loved absolutely am single second of it.

I just kind of went for it and you sleep hands for a bit weird because they they made you stay up late at night cause we ever saw you live doing the evictions and self in the picture is going to trial at 9 10:00 at night and then you had to do the trials and then you have to eat so it's like 2 in the morning.

It was really late to is was early.

I mean more like 4 every single night, but then we slept think because obviously we didn't have a 11 half 11 ish, so yeah, we just shifted everything back basically and you do get used to that.

You bought it your body clock does adjust and when you first arrive then on our screens u-turn.

Cliff and you spotted Jordan did you know he was going to be didn't know for sure because nothing is confirmed and I mean I've seen reports.

You know like I had for many of the people actually that last week before we go in all our phones and laptops and tablets are removed from a and access to British television, so you've got no way of tuning into anything to get absolute confirmation.

So it was only when I saw him on the cliff top that I knew for sure obviously he was in it and how was that bad you seen him recently.

I was it kind of your 7 years since you were 10 yourself Broadcasting House maybe three months ago.

Just just bumped into each other said hi has to be my boys were doing obviously I'm following on Twitter anyway, so I know what kind of stuff do not show so yeah, it wasn't that long ago, but obviously singing in this environment was totally different auntie did alright for himself.

Oh my god.

I did think he's going to win.

I've got to be honest.

He just changed so much in those two weeks and he was funny and he was himself and he's a laugh and he's sweet and lovely all those things and you was between him and Jay and I just couldn't call it at the last moment just before Ant and Dec announced it but seriously for those two and Bernard to be in the final.

Just all just special wonderful people.

Can you all just got a long you know previous series of I'm A Celebrity probably seen them people fall out people get you know ready with each other, but it was all that was good.


There was no one who was and is usually at least one.

Obviously I'm being polite here and cheese, but no one was no one had any edge.

There was no sides when we just had a laugh and I just don't think from the Producers point of view.

It's a massive TV operation you know on that Castle everyday on that site about 500 people working but it all the people who have

Bringing a cast as I call it together.

They can't know what we're like when we really knackered what we're like when we really hungry even when we were really knackered and we still really like each other and Moseley laughed and I know Piers Morgan said you know you I'm afraid it was camarzani 24-hours a day and after you know after 24-hours you forget the camera.

So it was genuine what you saw.

Yeah, I think so many radio people don't you generally every series the last eight is how long has been going to deadhead radio people in there and you can't hide when you're on the radio special.

You know the radio that you've done what you doing a speech show for several hours everyday.

You can't hide in that so they make good to be on a TV show like that.

I think it's well.

You know it's true anyone who loves riding knows it's true that you can't Hide on the radio.

You have to be yourself and that's what listens appreciate I think.

No, that's how you build that connection and I'm so when you go into this very quickly forget that it's a TV show you got no idea what's going out you got no idea how it's been answered and you just like you are at home or on the radio although.

I think probably I was obviously there's some bits of me like the swearing and the being necessarily done on the radio or TV over the years but in that environment.

I just was myself and I think the thing I'd miss most being a news junkie and you're probably the same is not knowing what's going on in outside world.

You've been able to follow Twitter so what was the first thing when you got out then you got reunited your phone? What did you want to catch up on well the first thing? I did obviously was ring home and the first thing the boys and Mark you one has been you that would be wanted to know what the news was literally the first thing.

I said he was going to be another Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special with you and then gradually that fills me with the other stuff.

There's a vaccine and you know whatever else, but that was the first thing they said to me which I was obviously very happy about but the first few days.

I found it really hard not to have access to my phone not to be in control of what I was consuming and what I was watching it was reading and not knowing what's going on with bizarre and you just have to give it up you have to let go because you haven't got control so one of the ways to enjoy it is to just be kind of liberating if that makes any sense at all and obviously all the pr people say I'm a Celebrity is great for people's careers.

You're probably get lots of offers to do stuff now and you can perhaps do things that you haven't thought you might be able to do before and get offers to do things that you know a bit more exciting.

Not that what you have done already.

You know what other things that you want to do now that you think the publicity of this will help you to do in York I mean it could actually hold me who knows there are loads of obviously.

I love talking to people people stories of what gets me going those of the things the stuff I do on a daily basis.

That's what I get up in the morning for that's the most enjoyable stuff so I want to carry on thinking about ways to engage.

You know the underserved audience for BBC News I really would like to do podcast on breast cancer with you know Jess and I had a conversation in there.

You know and she was asking me brilliant open questions from again and so many young women get in touch with Mrs instand.

I'd like to do an agony aunt column.

I would like to do you know the Panorama that we made earlier this year.

We were very pleased with the impact that had that was that I'd love to do more immersive documentaries all the documentaries just loads of stuff and so many years you had doing a daily radio show do you would you go back to doing that one day? I'd love to do radio again.

I mean exactly listen to this absolutely loved it and I'll tell you Jordan I spent a lot of time talking about radio in their 5.

Radio one in particular, but also other because we we we listen to loads of radio stations none of that I'm told ever made it to work quite boring for National Holidays but honestly we talked about radio and Vernon as well cos he's done a lot of Fraser and just just how much we loved it and funny moments and you know powerful coolers and moments that make you stop when you're in the car.

We just had a lot of time talking about Radio 2 show me onto the screens really love to watch that never mind right well.

It's lovely Victoria and thank you for kind of giving her a big lift at the end of the year cos it's been a fairly crap year to have that kind of positivity on the TV for 3 weeks has been brilliant.

Thank you very much.

Do it honestly it was amazing and thank you wanted to hear more about it lovely lady.

That's my ll55 colleague Victorian Shahir on the radio Today programme and yeah, it was lovely to catch up with her and great to know that they will talk about radio in the castle quite a lot radio people in it this year.

What is true none of them none of the talks actually made it to where there was a little bit where they were talking about kind of what's the biggest mistake you've made kind of on on Talia on the radio and stuff so a little bit of that can have made it on that Jordan was talking about somebody when interviews and stuff.

They don't worry mate bit of a faux pas so that may be on but it wasn't anything annakiki about radio enough right.

Let's talk about stories this week before we hear about an exciting new brand extension can a mini brand extension going on in Bradford with the launch of BBC Radio Bradford I tried to turn on medium wave in Keighley but it was a bit crackly and he had a little bit of a listen online.

Have you heard any of BBC Radio Bradford oil live listen to the first hours and then probably won't listen to it ever again is the way these date some of it a bit confused really as to who was aimed ass.

I'm guessing it's aimed at everybody in anybody in Bradford which ranges from your

9th right through to the the Cool Kids who got to go to university and places like that, so I'm I wonder if they know who it's aimed at the presenter.

Who is was talking very very Street she's obviously very young and cool and saying like get on the floor and things like that and then playing some music so I don't know if they know I'd like to find out if you heard it.

I've heard a little bit but yeah the music that they're playing seems to be the same playlist as the BBC Radio Leeds station and I heard the link where the presenter was talking about the first time that he'd watch Mamma Mia and he thought all the songs were very similar to something that before and they've been ripped off somewhere so clean and give album was out to help meeting that on the radio and then was Gareth Gates I thought it's not.

Then I realised that is from Bradford South years.

I can't have made a bit more sent.

We don't know how it's going to last for I think it's colour pencils into be until March it's supposed to be something to do with the covid pandemic.

Obviously by providing a hyper-local service for Bradford from the BBC but who knows what might happen with it as it develops, Wolverhampton and Sunderland are on the way and then more places as well apparently.

There is some changes coming to Greatest Hits radio in the new year.

Just announced last week.

Jenny Powell is joining to do weekend breakfast.

I've got change weekday afternoon lineup as well with Debbie Mac who's the most recently been on hits been covering quite a bit on greatest hits over the last few months as well.

She moved into Andy cranes weekday afternoon slot cray moves onto the Late Show Alex Lester to overnights and that's your line-up for 2021 on Greatest Hits radio which means Sean is leaving and also Tony is going to weekend over.

Pronounce and then who knows what he's going to be doing so big changes and still nothing on the rumoured Breakfast Show change which I'm sure Simon Ross is very an ongoing rumor isn't that they just waiting to hire at suppose it's celeb for the Big Show that Big Show will find out yeah who knows what 2121 might bring it.

We had lots in presenters moving between radio groups and BBC and all sorts this year as well recently with her dad going to harm mistajam going to capital and things like that a lot of movement between a bit of Graham Norton obviously sign in the new year on on Virgin as well.

So maybe 2021 will bring more changes to presenter lineups all over the place centre report just out commercial radio beyond the bubble.

It says more than 12 million people rely on commercial radio as their principal source of information.

That's already and also you can find out about these.

An audio creatives and their campaign to get more south Asian voices heard on UK radio they've done a bit of a a top of how many people from south Asian backgrounds are on UK radio stations at the moment and it's not very many and we got more coming up on that topic actually at from this week's race on audio and radio events held by the Radio Academy report from that later on in the podcast lottery events as well happening at the moment online been watching a couple of days.

So we had your text last week was good the audio products towards was a radio show we already after all so that's good.

I was really good show with Jeremy and snoochie shy that has got a good show full that supposed to be 90 minutes, but it went on for quite a bit longer, but I was good and there a few radiocentre events taking place as well.

I watched a bit of a listen to a bit of the audio production was as well.

That was nice how the winners on the phone line up.

Chat services, then I said it was a nice nice way of doing that.

I thought they must have had them on speed down because they came on straight away magic of radio and lots of people have seen tweeting getting very excited about getting their radiotoday wall planners in the post.

I've even got one that came here to the rumble trailer Studio this week.

Have you still got it still not sure yet? I also had a text from Radio Chris Mason who received one address to Chris Mason BBC Westminster and he was very excited about that.

They are getting everywhere if you want radio yes, please use just fill in the form and I shall personally and nip to the post office with your own.

Copy that very kind of you.

Thank you very much.

We should get on with the rest of that we're going to hear from Clive Dickens in a minute.

About the expansion of the Jack rand in the UK what again I'm still waiting for the northwest regional version the Today programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every spoken word Kolo sweet and SMS to unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transform everything about radio except the way you make it today programme now an early Christmas present for listeners across the country getting two new radio stations on the SDL second national digital radio Multiplex this week Union Jack rock and Union Jack dance at Clive Dickinson's with this co-founder of the Jack radiogroup.

Hi Clive this is a couple of weeks to go to Christmas and a nice Christmas present for listeners everywhere.

Why festival you decide to launch these services so we've now have strategy around original radio and national radio stations in the group The regional stations broadcasting from Oxford to go to the Thames Valley market and we years ago introduced office national stationers Union Jack playing I need a best music and we've now decided to add two additional national stations to that so after the accessory ninja decided that let's keep going and when we were looking for a gap in the market and music was extremely popular and we had decades of history two then.

I'm not dissimilar to decision that we took back in garden, swearing.

1010 10 years ago when we started the trend of decade stations with Absolute 80s and having three British music only stations give us a real clear gap in the market and the obvious question is you know it is there a gap in the market for a dance station and a rock station.

There are lots of Dan stations already capital of got one have got one Radio 1 have got one there you go on sounds and you know Planet Rock absolute classic rock the list goes on each.

Yes yours going to be playing British music but is there enough people who like dance music and rock music to want to listen to these applications in significant gap in the market particularly when you add in British comedy as well as highlighting British come across Tiaras and history of British jazz music and history British rock music in a very crowded Market London market.

Well over 100 broadcast services a consumer can let alone the hunters of online services available to the consumer as well, so that crowded market you really have to have something immediately attracts attention of someone is thinking about it.

So naming is really important but also this music is hugely dominant in the world still and talking to you today from Australia and 30% of the music.

I had on my driving this was British barzagli under played by British radio to realise how much.

Obviously for my station like in Jack take a pretty broad approach to our universe as well which is something that we have been doing as a team so it's not the same old songs it's going to be quite deep catalogue and we're really excited about how Jack is gone conversely.

We're playing a lot of Kylie on British radio here, so well that kind of what's going on you mentioned.

You know what the name of the radio station is when people are flickering when I've got so much to do my DAB radio now at the moment.

You've got a station called Jack radio on their which doesn't really say what it does and actually it's playing female artist so that's gonna disappear as part of these changes some Czech radio as been around for 2 years and is very 150000.

Really well and the idea of playing female only artists was really really popular with the audience.

I think the biggest challenges for reflection when we have the opportunity to third national 6 within said ok, so now got to do with it and I have no idea the British music I did and done so we're pretty keen to get that we should do another music station and then increase mean Jack radio national station not actually part of the family so much that experience and looking at the success of patients like an art Trading Places you've got to have real simplicity to cut through so wasn't wasn't.

What we needed knowledge that that's a suite of three was likely to be more successful than that and so therefore that format and maybe in the future, but I'm not we find as a very large correlation between what you just dance and the Jack radio audience so pretty hopeful large chunk of that my dad over to UK dance because the feeling of dance and you talked about at the success of the British comedy element of Union Jack radio.

There's going to be comedy on Union Jack Danson Union Jack rock as well and that's you know your building quite a lot of bills programming that are airing on the stations now and quiz shows and podcasts that kind of thing so we got our own stable of broadcasters and media that week commission so the multi-award-winning fantastic.

casting Josh's at phenomenally talented at Christmas and we have writers in the Jack radiogroup who writes all of the tropical such a recall liners on the stations as well and then we also licensed audio from other broadcasters and content libraries in the songs with licensed and that's really did some research recently because obviously get for a while anonymous with British comedy the brand is coming through almost equally strong as British music so we've also invested in comedy festivals and we were working with others if you take it into two parts only British music and only British comedy these are two very strong to French

Interesting mention obviously they've been orator at the moment.

We we know from various studies that listening habits have changed quite a lot this year during the pandemic in radio seems to have benefited over music streaming services with people wanting that content which fits in with what you're just saying about the comedy content but you know what what have you seen in terms of trends to listening to your station to the Jack stations of as a team pioneered streaming for decades back in 1995 when there's a battle between Golden Square and Leicester Square getting the first ever mono stream up virgin house b&b, Leicester Square by couple of weeks literally the game back to them all the way through to it when we lost his dream on Absolute Radio and podcast in radio.

Scale was considered to be early adopters of those therefore seen them some most forecasters globally explosion of listening to speakers and and listening to Radio Player and other forms of activity so it suits the way the audience is an our lives on demand also I think although very much like to come back as soon as possible.

We have to acknowledge that has to keep it feels like a safe and as feel like is going door-to-door to place those Diaries or at least to prequalify the people who complete online Diaries is really really want.

What is actually done it's not all of the radio groups focus on things that they're inside their influence so I think Australia working with the group handle social living to see in the last 12-months all of a sudden eveready discover the internet for years and years inside this group.

So you know there is another way that people radio you know and there is no I've noticed the all of the groups of the seven have been rapidly improving their broadcasting video usage agitator WinRAR does return which I'm hopeful it will do my next spring then we will actually come out of it as industry.

For the first time in terms of audio in the way, I want to listen to it rather and distributing it in the way the industry wants to measure it.

I think that's really really find the pandemic happened 25 years ago when all of the listening wasn't online you will be able to see the train.

So what you can see now is where you are now on my listening at the moment compared to this time last year and I can think of that does help you get a picture of all the audiences are going pretty different stations and even then the innovation around car audio streaming now exploded which is also an opportunity and threat with some beach content and music.

I think is fascinating example innovation so we're in the time.

As always were not really competing with each other as reggae groups or radio stations reading for things that people can listen to and that's really shopping every Skittles in this area so and the list of benefits which is absolutely well lots of love with the new station launches, and I think the Jack Brand in the UK died at the refreshers.

Why can the logo the campaign is that right? Yes, you know it's always fun when audio brand logo.

Yes, it's all the Six Nations up together 3 regionals and nationals.

You're starting to see some of 15 years of different designs there, so I think we finally I got them just an important step but overall most of our investment always goes into the content and the marketing.

Heard it at the David Lloyd conversations Podcast episode that he did with you looking for your career is fascinating about with a little island lots of stuff about the 80s and 90s in radio that I just didn't know about the history of so I'd recommend that I know you were in a bit about talking about yourself in your own career, but I think it's a fascinating listen to record David's at genius, and it was it was in my parents listen to it was interesting and M but then the number of people who contact you after having one of these up on people from my life's been wonderful to hear from wiki look into the future.

Thanks to turn on the radio Today programme a reminder about cleanfeed could come in handy over the festive season for you.

You could be doing outside broadcast from Santa's.

Wearing masks of course or interview are co-hosting show or a podcast from somewhere different to usual maybe the back bedroom at your auntie's in your Christmas bubble at cleanfeed is design radio and podcast and it's really simple to connect live audio over the web the quality is really good and you can even record within your browser cleanfeed won't cost you anything to get started with it'll just take 30 seconds or so to get and trying out doing the first live interview recording for your show whatever it might be find out more about it at cleanfeed dotnet.

That's cleanfeed dotnet now earlier this year the Royal Academy launched.

Its raw initiative that stands for race on audio and radio accessories of five webinars designed to provide a platform for people of colour to talk about their lived experiences in the UK and audio sexist the first two events in August focused on the stories of black British people in the industry and included the likes of Trevor Nelson Lorna Clark and Darren Bent in this last week the attend.

Raw has turned to the south Asian community and here with a report about the Radio Academy of its Bela Shah last week the Radio Academy held a race on audio and radio webinar weirdest the British south Asian experience within the industry session 1 focused on Talent those who are in front of the mic the panel shed their stories and experiences both positive and negative panelists included Bobby Friction from BBC Asian Network Anushka Arora from sunrise radio and Neve Spencer from kiss at100 all they need has enjoyed it says welcome here at cos she told us it wasn't easy getting work in mainstream radio on a mainstream stations and they would always say we don't have to show for you.

We have no interesting in this time.

Why don't you try and such and Such leave was given that feedback?

In fact she wasn't looking for an Asian show Bobby Friction believe that the part of the problem lies with stereotyping happened to me it happened to me everyone I know the south Asian industry.

Especially when it comes to entertainment is that establishment itself has a cliched idea of what south Asian should do and why be tired anybody has stepped out of that I need to get a rural shed her frustrations at the limitations around entertainment reporting on Bollywood subject matter why can we not have a body with Sky News program because Charlotte can't goes to Skyrim they all go to Sky News for the interviews when they come to the UK so why is it that I can't interview at Sky why is it that we can't interview them out of BBC Radio 1 member of the panel bally Singh co-host of the Saturday night's I died at podcast shared his.

Yeah, we don't like Pam this where Conor is your network and we didn't want to show for BBC sounds podcast is nothing to do with being Asian and I feel that opportunities if we go look about you dislike, so you're Asian can you tell us about Asian music or weird about struggle, so you ever turban.

Did you ever get bunnies or I'll tell us about arranged marriages.

I don't listen to my music by Beyonce pop music but when someone sees that ok? No, we don't want you to talk about that is from the award-winning micellar podcast and she spoke to us about being on panels solely because she's Asian there's a lot of oh, yeah.

You're here.

You're representing a certain section of the population of see the thing and move on but I don't but I think that kinda will be here to do so sometimes works could get into the audience but I'm not always work for the people who invite we had a question in from a view about why.

Asian Network Talent were crossing over to Radio One will be shared his thoughts on that so many brilliant people work at the BBC the 7th talented people.

I don't think anyone's thinking about this stuff or doing it on purpose.

I don't think people are racist we have a generation of Gatekeepers who just can't think outside the box.

You are consciously trying to stop people they just don't really want you to do that stuff.

We been painted as being a community but on the dining on Entertainment we don't want to be like them and that's why those jumps aren't being made as The Gatekeepers even though they're not doing a consciously just can't see that in that position.

What would you say to upcoming Talent about joining the Asian Network should they join if they don't love just asianmusic when I looked over the Asian Network

Has a station that celebrated south Asian music right I never saw it as a station that had to cover every music every cost every believe every problem for me the Asian Network is something to be celebrated and I think if you use the agent network for something serious is not going to hurt you when we talk about these problems.

They're not the problem the Asian Network created the problems are coming from the establishment so plenty to take in there and a lot of work to be done before change is seen and heard you can watch both sessions featuring Talent working in front of the mic and behind-the-scenes on the radio academies website.

I'll leave you with starting thoughts from Baddeley clock watching like when is that I'm going to come again Barry

Ending that report from Bela Shah for the radio Today programme about the Radio Academy is raw webinars and she said you can watch all four of them on the Radio Academy website have been told to look out for events in January as well disabled experience in UK radio and then in February the discussion moves to the lgbtq.

I plus experience a lookout for those thanks for listening this week.

Thanks to Bela Shah and to Sam Bailey at the Radio Academy at thanks.

Also to my other guests Clive Dickens and Victoria Derbyshire and radio today's Roy Martin join us next week Wendy Ford will be on the radio Today programme to look 2020 a year of big change and integration at Bower and will also talk about how the pandemic has affected commercial radio original music for This podcast was composed by MiKasa

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