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The radiator day programme with broadcast bionic creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio turn up this week, what a year and as it draws to a close.

We got one of the big bosses from Bower to tell us how 2020 has been for them default is on the podcast later will find out what's the best thing to come out of the pandemic is and most importantly which of Bowers many breakfast shows she likes to tune into every morning music was composed for the final time in 2020 radio today's founder and editor Roy Martin is here.

Hi Roy the final time of the year is that it is Christmas next week, isn't it? So we're offer thing with the weeks is that right boss we do every year anyway.

It's just creeping up on a so quick in this and it's been quite a few things going on this without looking at all the stories.

You've been writing already.

Giving a busybody this week is also stuff on there.

I have been very busy.

If only I had a deputy editor who could help out occasionally busy running a Christmas logs and everything it's going to be busy time at to radio rumbles get it right come on rumble radio.

Yes, sorry.

I think you know when you when you're as I'm sure people listen to this will know when you get everything ready for Christmas and you going to be hopefully taking a bit of time off.

There's a lot of work to do with the schedule in logs and organising programme schedules and dad's and everything else you need to do and when you running a radio station on a Shoestring just a couple of you running it and some people helping out.

That's a lot to do.

I'm looking forward to hopefully nobody sending any press releases over Christmas because that would just be a dream if you've got any news, could you just hold until February 4th February next year of course keep sending it in especially if it's like the one we got today.

Are we got today? It's not really relevant to us.

Is it that was an interesting one? I might treat it a video system camera system, so not really relevant radio as we get so many press releases that are nothing to do with radio.

They just get sent as I'm just revisionist think it's ok from America but yeah, I have some pictures which I probably would have sent out where the press release if I was a PR person, but there we go look out for Rise Twitter sorry, because I might not might get in trouble if I if I if you don't then it is basically a model female model who has bought a Home Studio kit from a company and it showed her a couple of pictures of her with normally clothes on which the imagination skin so that'll be fine, but it's probably not over here anyway.

Please, please don't send the stories like that.

We like ones about radio.

Please speaking of which we got sent some news about United DJs this week, which is the radio stations be going for 3 years now and it's gonna shut down.

Yes, this was Tony Princes personal project to get all his mates in for some of his mates and transpires want to do this anymore as well into helping run this station and the time it wouldn't last very long and 3 years I guess but the time is running out the money is probably run out as well and it's going to close before the end of the year.

It has been on the few places is online but the soul money no personal radio stations around at the moment that they're not going to last forever especially if they're just managed to project about knowing your audience.

Isn't it? And I think yeah as we talked about before with all these new whatever we call them flurry stations are spite stations.

You know the better ones are the ones that know who their audience is no.

Geographic area that they covering and go proper hyperlocal the ones that are just people having fun playing records well anybody can do that because everybody needs a hobby.

I'm sat here in Studio One in Dorset and I've got like three hobbies Ryan through to me and that's that's what they are but you know everybody needs jingles in their life right.

Are you everybody needs 24 singles non-stop everyday, maybe so I'd like to people who been involved in United DJs if they're looking for more work.

They find it and Mike Reid and Neil fox.

Obviously going nation Radio which is gonna have a bit of a relaunch in the new year as well and apparently some other jokes from United DJs are going to be on some other stations as well then been to Purley open approach.

So interesting times.

I did have told me for a comment but he replied saying if he did I probably wouldn't print it so

Happy days, I'm sure but will they will move on from Latin put it down to experience.

I think that big news as well bit of a shock this week to come out on Monday that Siobhan Kelly is leaving centre.

She's the CEO of radiocentre the industry body representing commercial radios done loads of the last 3-years to can a raise the game for commercial radio and raise the profile you know Mum politician.

Obviously the work they do with the advertising sector as well and massive team that she she runs at radiocentre that be a big change having a different person in charge of that and Siobhan very love does rather so much love for us running within commercial radio on the BBC as well.

She's done that use a fantastic things over her relatively short time in charger holder 6 years, so will miss out because great tools as well.

She's always writing stuff for us and speaking to us, so we'll miss everybody on this and we don't know quite what she's doing next.

I don't think she knows what she's doing next to her but good luck.

And they have said they will be replacing her so interesting Times interesting changes down at radiocentre and seaforde from Bauer c Siobhan go as well.

Get her response at later on on This podcast at talking about I get confused about who owns what and things but the Bristol radio stations Sam FM is that power or is that Nations Sam FM I get confused as powers to be confused because nation did owner Sam and they turned into Greatest Hits but this sound will be turned into Hits radio in abaqus.

Ofcom have sent yesterday format change to play drastic change actually going to go for a man album leads.

Sort of almost rock station or that of play many guitars of last few months to hit music station, which often says is not already available in the city.

Apart from Heights and kiss and yeah, but we don't know when but they still need to do a 3-hour local show as well, so we're looking forward to tales of what that will be and maybe somebody who's currently at Sam will will continue their employment there and maybe do a hit music show if any of them are up for it.

You never know lots of people getting their jobs and changing jobs and stuff at the moment.

We heard on This podcast last week about the expansion plans for Union Jack radio with the Union Jack rock and Union Jack dance now on to turn on STL dick stone has been hired as well.

Xx global gcap gwr to be the group content manager at for Jackie think that's a good hire.

Spence McDonald is going back on breakfast is joining imagine radio in Stockport and Eric Smith from BBC Radio Shropshire retiring next week after 26 years on breakfast he's been radio for 49 years started out BBC like.

Had a big spelling commercial radio as well with red hair others I was on the radio Today programme last year when he hit 25 years on Radio Shropshire breakfast days are in nice man definitely worth a listen back.

If you miss that like right alright.

Yeah, and if you are looking for work then pop yourself on radio / available.

It's free listing for anybody who is a job and if anybody is looking for staff then have a look this is quite a few people now all categorised into different skillsets radio Fools and Horses The Girl radiotoday to put any job adverts on there has not been recently finished with sorry changing jobs leaping retiring starting the Adventure in the new year was hoping 2021 is going to be at the better.

Yeah, what's the new Ventures including at something else that was Astoria today about?

Show host from air and we are using it right now for our production notes for This podcast don't wait.

I've got it in front of me as we speak it's very good quite like it quite like it.

I think so if you don't heard about this.

This is not enough and we will get some of the guys from are on at tell us about it in the new year maybe but show host it's really glad it's not something I never thought people when they're prepping shows maybe work on the Breakfast Show and you've got a big team got a producer and presenters and accepted you something like that.

You might have bits of things on iCloud Notes are on a Google doc you all over the place bid to paper this is the answer of this brings everything together in one place on a kind of screen that you put your running order in and you put your songs and where everything in the show goes people can edit it and then you bring up a liver cyst view and see your scripts and see your bits and your topics and funnies and things like that.

It's it's a kind of thing that I thought would exist already because it's such an obvious thing.

I'm sure other Industries have things like this to help them do that radio presenter of recent podcast as well, so well put together and it's obviously been put together with the import or by people who do radio shows so you look anything.

I only did this and then you press the button anything though.

It does it say that to bring it all together and you can scroll at the same time and he basically all sing off the same hymn.

Sheet at the same time.

I should have been the slogan.

Yeah, I can pretty much is but yeah, so we've been using it might put my openers and I don't some things in there and how long they last am I teased at the start and then we've got our notes for our chat.

Yes, it is all prepared things to talk about in this little bit and then I've got in and then I've got my main guest interview and all my notes so if I prep that a few days ago.

You can go in there cos you're part of my team and you can settle I'll have another question for the folder whatever so we can have collaborate and work together.

Just using notes on my phone and that kind of did the job at this.

Let's do a lot more, so yeah, thank you to the guys at the trial accounts good couple of things to mention the Arias announce now at entries going to open on the 4th of January you'll get 5 weeks to get your entries in all the rubrics are online on the Radio Academy website now the award are going to be in wait for it.

May already Academy Awards doing me.

It's like the old times go to the Grosvenor house and and stand on the balcony and get charged £10 for a Diet Coke do that.

Hopefully not hopefully it'll be somewhere else not with anything wrong with the Grosvenor on Park Lane but it wasn't the cheapest place to get a drink tonight.

I don't think I've ever bought one actually we were always drinking water.

I'm working and then think the last time somebody bought a round was and are not mention that.

How would I know I know who you're going to say I do around in that place, but the Arias going to be in may get your interest ready over Christmas if you've been saving audio well year 4th of January is when they open I think that's about it from us for 2020 you got any big predictions for 2021 goodness.

No, I think I think I done I think radio as I think if we could just now please as an industry.

I think that was done all I doing globals can of happily bubbling along doing their thing with all their decade station they might fill in a few presents on the schedules new album.

Yeah, it's all about the small scale of course that's gonna be big in 2021.

There's a prediction small-scale will go bigscout.

Have you got any suppose? It's better than predicted some things again it completely wrong.

Isn't it? It's so it's better to say nothing.

I don't know what predictions.

Did you make last year have any of them come through last year January new streams added to BBC sounds including Radio 1 radio to spin offs so already won dance take that wouldn't get Radio 2 80 s time yet new jingles for BBC local radio stations XS Manchester rebrands took Extra close another broadcast centre in the north star time.


I'm just skipping over the ones we got wrong April Sam FM south Coast branch to Greatest Hits Radio

You in January Bronte Hits radio not yet.

Maybe put her in for next year BBC Radio 5 live news on 5 Live Sports 24 outputs stilltime capital expands to Kent other words you got a lot wrong in your predictions this time last year if you write fiery bronze to hits which they kind of the brand but not rebranded I make sense and this is what I stick by October surprising radio results for everybody they were surprised and they don't exist surprising Chris Evans and ounces a big change.

Vague in your predictions and they might can raise horoscopes really isn't it? You may have a good day today.

They go Chris Evans and answers a bit changed can just call me Meg right well, so there so I predictions are that nothing really much is going to change this year was kind of flat.



Have a lovely Christmas and I'll maybe talk to you in January supposed to do it first week in January I can't see it being busy at all first week in January but I'll speak then I'll stick around default is coming up podcast as well next the radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio listening watching reacting to and learning from every word Kolo sweet and SMS to a mixed unlock and understand your content the bionic studio transforms everything about radio x text away you make it.

Now 2020 has been a big year for Bauer completed acquisition of 50 radio stations from for groups after the go-ahead from the CMA got them all integrated into the Greatest Hits radio network and then it's network to new deals with nation dealing with acquired buildings and people I bought a couple more stations on the way and then the global pandemic it which brought challenges for staff and revenues over in a monk's running a massive media company with brand new national brands like Hits radio pride Absolute Radio 40s lots of changes at kiss and that's before we even get to magic scholar Jazz FM and Elsa forgotten day.

I'm so let's get a look back at what a year.

It's been for power and I'm pleased to say on the radio Today programme this week.

We've got the group managing director die for Heidi what an introduction what a year is it a year for you that you want to forget or a year if you want to remember.

I think it's a year that probably have never had the like of before in terms of the amount that have learnt.

And I thinking in many ways whilst this whole year has been really tough on individuals and businesses as well.

I think it is going to be one of those years where with with a spine that perhaps we didn't know we had and and in some ways that sort of thing back to the start of all of this.

It's only watch it was March that's the first inkling that I had it I remember thinking I was working from home on the first day.

I think it was the 23rd of March it would be on Monday anyway, and I remember I'm not quite sure it was facing into here.

We think we would just about to get the keys to the door to of major acquisitions that you've mentioned, but there was something up with with all of the conversations all the news around covid and every Monday I do two things and make sure I know where we are.

Expected to deliver for the rest of the year planner so I'm always checking on the financials, but then on this particular Monday I went straight back to a day book that are people made a books always have done but the add some notes in in probably it was at the start of the last downturn and then admin some notes about I don't know if you've ever seen this video Stuart it's it's one that you can usually get on YouTube but it's called lessons from geese a line of one thing.

It's just a very short video I'd recommend it to anybody to go and see but it's a really short video and and it and it took me out the time lessons.

I think I have really kept house and this year really made work hard and and I guess the big message from list of video when something I've always thought was if we got a shared vision.

That's right the way.

Are people in our teams then people with a shared vision really help each other to get to where they're going in the really clear about where they're going so it's important to have people with a shared that lets in touch.

It is also information in a clarity understanding making sure everybody is as gentle as everybody else there are many joys about being a leader the big responsibilities.

I think that we've got we've got to offer quality and courage moment and in this video it sorted talks about geese in the formation that they fly in space at the pumpkin loudly, let's make it positive honking let's make it really come and support our people and be clear without people and I think if you get all of that right you can build an

Where people feel empowered and it was got that I was thinking that was the frame that was in my mind on the 23rd of March by the end of that week so 5 Days by the way, I think we've got the best it team in the world, but teams have been relocated to work from home and not included broadcasting from cupboards, but we're nearly there and that's the whole thing was we just had to first and foremost make are people safe number one makeup peoplesafe check everybody's OK 17 is OK then let's see if we can actually kick them up be able to do the job.

I'm so glad on the 23rd of March absolutely no idea what this mountain was going to be anything like that.

We've actually climbed since then.

If I if I had known, I'm not sure have known her to have got on with it and it's something a bit a bit good about just taking every day.

Just doing what is right every single day keeping people with us keeping people safe being really clear and I guess leading teams in a crisis is doing it when you can't actually get face-to-face with them when you cut yourself getting to the office and you're doing it from home as well.

Just presents an exit.

Yeah, you're absolutely right and I still I'm not an expert on teams by a long chalk but I do remember some of the early called into the helpline from people who working from home and have been banned from the helpline.

I think we were having call saying my broadband absolutely rubbish.

Can you can you sort it out for me, please? And you know my camera is clearly not.

Because I don't think I'll have a look that old that sort of things but you know just making sure that people have the wherewithal basically to to be able at least to start to Bill's new ways of working and obviously to do that remotely but the first thing we had to do was once when you people were safe and kitted open we needed them focus on our business and there's nothing quite a stock is there a sharing with all of your people and you know where thousands of people about our but sort of sharing with them what an incredibly tough position we were in at the end of March looking into April it look horrific band.

Did it get it looks like they're from the racist radio 10 to research that radio is good £1 back perhaps better than other sectors after the

Where do we get to we got to replace first of all understanding that we had to make interventions happen, so we had to mobilize our sales teams with great sales messages and be really helpful to our customers whether that's through agency sales or Direct and we saw all revenues take a really significant and Incredibly quick dip straight away towards the tail end of March and obviously into April through Q2 lots of advertising didn't know whether they want to be advertising weather.

How long is things going to go on for whether it's worth investing in any medium nevermind Radio 4 share of voice for keeping their brand values live all of them all and obviously under consideration but at the end of the day there was this matching wasn't there of what is what is the size of the opportunity for for an Advertiser and that was.

Play determined by consumer confidence and so so I think what we've managed to do from a revenue perspective is with managed to take consumer insight with constant rolling surveys without inside panel and taking it out to advertise it so advertisers will always hear from us.

How are consumers are feeling how confident they are or how rich they've become and how much caffeine might have available to be able to go and spend at what period of time and so we will sort of taking messages out which I think is in as an we've done that really well, but also I think is an industry.

We've been credited in quite rightly as having a place in the lives of consumers.

That is absolutely unique the level of trust that is put in radio full stop but not least commercial radio and very my commercial radio.

The strong engaging younger audiences and this is where your moriens has come to to get to be informed as well as to be entertained and I think we've been credited with having a great place in lives of people.

We've been credited with carrying on innovating has been all sorts of inner product innovation with had as you mentioned already absolute which was a joy but matched only by Hits radio pride and so many other things that we've done so I think we've we sorted innovated with positive messages going out to customers.

We have shown that we have got hi trust that people come to radio and really trust the environment when they're listening and I think we've managed to get ourselves in a position where I certainly from agency revenues now a really good strong growth.

I wouldn't say rebound because we're not rebound right back up there, but we've seen some good strong growth and

As each month passes we can see that booking patterns are changing customers becoming more confident at booking in advance, so that's 1 elements for business that are local what time does I think they're going to take longer to come back a lot of small SMS just haven't necessarily traded through a lot of the period of lockdown, so I think it's going to take a while for them to come back finally before you move onto topics other than the pandemic.

Is there anything that Bowers done this year that you thought you know what I think will carry on doing that even though perhaps.

It's not something would have done had the pandemic.

Not I think one thing comes straight to mind when you ask me that is we follow quite a lot of people and we needed to make no bones about it.

We absolutely need to fix cost business and when your revenue Falls away, you're in trouble and so we we feel that people I think we did that in a good way.

I think we were pretty pathetic about it.

We communicated really frequently with people on furlough and then this was the genius move we made all are people on furlough as well as all those that remained working in the business able to take part in some bomb Media Academy development courses 500 people were educated by the Barr Academy over the summer, but there is this wasn't just about skill development because of course it was about skill development, but the big payback has just been this fantastic confidence boost.

There's nothing quite like being someone on Thurlow who is confident about their relationship with their line manager who's giving information every week, so no voices in my head that I'm feeling with worry and by the way I can go and learn new skills and never go back to business and going back with fresh legs, so we've had people summer school.

We've had them doing accredited courses.

We'll even have people who've never.

Starting their master's degree course, I think it's been ace and the Academy has played such a big part in the sort of reshaping the Leaning in all of our people into the opportunity of being developed and Stuart you know as much as anybody else listening to this podcast we reporting in the evolution of radio development skills if we can deliver that would be never more valuable were in this transition.

Are we from from broadcast to IP by DAB and the skills required every part whether your content creating will selling all of that it is really important to keep relevant.

So so I think Academy sitting at the heart of our business on the outskirts is it will definitely continue going forward then obviously the CMA gave you the go ahead and perhaps you with the little bit quicker.

Integrate the businesses because of the pandemic.

Are you pleased with how it's all gone or is there anything that you could have done better and I think every single person responsible for those positions and the integration of those businesses if we could rewrite history.

We would we would if we couldn't have got rid of colour together with a pushed it back because what we're he wanted to do what we set out to do with to get to know those people and teams as well as we possibly could do and that of course would have required us to get out there to meet people to understand to see how things got done in these local stations because there were definitely elements of of those stations that were quite outstanding.

the truth is when we're in a pandemic and we have bought assets that if we let them continue those assets would have in a position where their viability would very definitely have been challenged and so you're you start to stare into something that you know on the one hand we ought to be accelerating on the other hand we really ought to be being a kind and a sensitive with people as possible because because any change for anybody is really difficult in the end of the day we to integrate those businesses and Accelerate what we needed to get out of them only in doing that could we then absolutely ensure that those licences those station would remain viable and they would still delta play a very vital part in the Communities that they serve but I have to save for the battle team led by Graeme Bryce

Who did a really great job? I think it was incredible hard yards for the team to do because all of this had to be done remotely and there was never anything sensitive about remote it had to be hard of the teams being integrated and hats off to them.

I got so much absolute respect for those people and we now are owners of businesses that we're really confident about early when you make changes on this scale.

There are going to be people who are not happy with what you do whether they're inside or outside your businesses, but what do you say? I would how to respond to people who say that these licences that you turn into a national network will never given for that purpose.

They were supposed to be local radio licenses, but now with Greatest Hits radio.

You've got an essentially crazy national.

What is it right that you're using the government spectrum to do that when it was designed for local radio licences were awarded the world was a very different place.

And we are a radio industry that sits within an audio industry.

That's got new competitors for our listeners ears the Dynamics of running a commercial radio business nevermind just in normal times really what we ought to be doing to fight off those competitors.

You know there's marauding competitors for the big tech platforms from from the States is we have to be innovating in product.

We have to be putting more of our investment behind really great compelling product whether that's broad Radio business might be a streaming service whatever this place.

Is that we want to secure audiences within we must do that and I have to say Stuart I have never in all of my life and we're both in Yorkshire play talking today had anybody any listener call me up and say or die.

I really do like that that building you've got on the Burley Road you know I don't mind where.

As long as they're entertained by it and they're informed by it and the challenge brothers.

We really believe in serving local Communities so what we are to do and we're doing that with our best foot forward everyday.

I'm sure we'll get better day in day out is provide content that that listeners really appreciate in terms of quality and some of that it's got to be network because because that's the way we can get the best quality Talent into a business and some of that content is going to be local and really resonates with those local community and so what we still working really hard to do is to create as much of that sort of local flavour as we possibly can do embroidered and woven throughout those really big quality national no names that make us a really attractive network forever a listener, but equally a really attractive network for our advertisers or sponsors and they're in.

I guess you got a look at the regulatory change as well and you know look at whether this is what the industry wanted a what consumers wanted this regulatory change that allows all this to happen and I guess you'll be say it's bow on its global that have been pushing for this and that's why you've been allowed to do what you've done.

I think we would do it because without we don't have a business.

So you can't you can't say to push the something in avoid having never thought about what this would mean the listeners are our whole strength industry.

Is that we've got really good radio businesses within the commercial radio industry.

We've got the BBC great competitors there as well and so we we confess our standing toe-to-toe with constantly battling to do engage more audiences, and we will do that if we understand what they're is audiences want and I go.

To the fact that we know what our audience is won't because we talk with them all the time.

We try and serve more though.

This is that's the game or in how come you're engaged more people will do that by providing a greater choice of content and sometimes that content won't come from the place at the listener residing sometimes.

It's going to come from somewhere else so so the lightning of regulation.

Do you like it's never been about anything other than how do we build our audiences couple more questions because I know a little bit pushed for time, but where do you assess the state of the the radio sector shop news this week that she born kenny's going to be leaving at her role at radiocentre.

You know is there a need for a body like that still exist when it is mainly dominated Now by power and by global know what's your relationship like with Ashley and and Stephen a you toto competing with them on everything or are the things where you need to collaborate.

Will miss her she has helped us transform our industry.

She is a real class player so personally I really miss them in our industry in in our lives, but the you know there is opportunity and every changes in there, so we will go on and will recruit a new shape of chief exec car industry body because we need an industry body.

I've already mentioned that you know we and global stand toe-to-toe as we do with the BBC and that that has to be great doesn't it has to be there we compete with each other and we ought to be doing that in many ways, but equally there will be times when we we really must hold hands holding hands and uniting together with the rest of the industry is going to be good for us.

We have always done this weird with collaborated when when we can and we we compete when.

And that's what keeps I think this industry a really healthy industry and actually what we ought to be thinking mostly about is how do we get our industry now to swim upstream into the space that is occupied largely by streaming services.

That's really difficult I believe anyway.

It's really difficult to streaming services to create really radio in the way that we believe radio is relevant.

I'm not sure it's quite so difficult for a radio business to start swimming upstream into that space and in doing so then we can start exploring it and and securing a new digital revenues.

I think there's all sorts of Opportunity that actually by competing to get great product but also by collaborating to make sure that we as industry grow and then monetizing those audiences and seeking to get not just not just radio budgets, but also then a digital audiobook.

Digital display budgets can only be great Carter it's is new revenues into this industry and that can only be a really great thing we are so into the idea of innovating.

We got more ideas than you can shake a stick at the more revenue we can pull in the more we can investing in content and product and the bigger the audiences will be that will be able to and it's been important year for issues around diversity and inclusion, where do you think Bowers at can you do more and what's your reflection on have the industry as a whole is my goodness me well.

I've sorted talked about how important.

I think communication is been this year particularly this year because people have been dispersed in working from home etc.

The thing about communication is the most important element of communication that I have really learnt this year is listening hard and and I think with all of the

The summer you know listening accepting understanding the point of view of other people who had a very different experience me standing different shoes than I do with a really valid point of view and really valid story to tell it absolutely brought home to ME14 saw educating ourselves.

You know it's got to start with me hasn't it? We none of us can change unless we look at ourselves, so I think it really brought home to me being educating ourselves of understanding.

What true allyship really is all about and then trying to create an environment within businesses that talks about this sort of stuff all the time the Faces into the fact that as an industry certainly is our we don't represent.

The audiences that we serve our bame representation is not reflective of the UK population to be and I think what this year has absolutely brought brought out in me and I think our organisation is with the levers in what gets measured gets done.

So we measure stuff.

You know we know where we are now without being representational where we want to be and by when and we're doing stuff to make that happen for example all of our leaders have been or will happen if they haven't already on training around proper quality recruitment so that we are going through a really good recruitment Processes to bring in resourcing Talent into our business that can get the rights of shape of resources that were talking with the right tone with the right content in the right way playing the right music whatever it is to secure bigger order.

So I am I just talked about being there but clearly in a we have within baranow adni, manifesto that I'm really proud.

It's really clear.

We measure our performance on that manifesto.

We meet very regularly as a as a forum to make sure that we are progressing on I think it's fantastic that we got had another great women in programming killer.

Because we blinking need it.

You know where an organisation and Industry where it would be fabulous to have more confident women in front of and behind the mic and I'm so we've got we've got workstreams.

We've got Pillars we've got I hope I'll people think we're listening.

I believe I'll be all would call it out if they thought we weren't and that's another thing.

This year I love the fact.

I love it.

I love the fact the when when individuals in our business and found something to not be right they've had the voice and courage to say something and only when people have that are we able to then take responsibility for listening best of all acting and I think we are not want to be with regard to DNA but we are definitely on the way our intention.

Is there or actions are there and we will get there and I'm really pleased and Proud some of the progress that we've made lots to do before we let you go I suppose the question everybody wants to know the answer to that when you get up in the morning and you put the radio on which station is it is it one of your own.

Is it the Today programme on Nick Ferrari's something like that can't listen to the Today programme because I find it utterly depressing to be honest my my phone.

You know you got many kids but but there is two radio stations that are like at different times of day the one I like to wake up to that is registered and I like to wake up the Greatest Hits because I know all the words to all the songs.

I find it uplifting.

I find it talks in a tone of voice that I really it wakes me up at 11 to be up.

Not that I'm sure I need to match sliding up, but I absolutely love that spring in my step that I get from that but for everybody else is listening from bar.

I love all of our radio stations play.

Just a different times a day when we wish you a happy and safe Christmas ID and all your team and let's hope 2021 is give me a better year for everybody.

Thank you a Happy Christmas to everybody listen to the podcast.

Thank you.

That was default group managing director at our here on the radio Today programme hour before we go this might just be what you need to sort out the Tech issue.

You've got as we head into Christmas and the new year.

Purdis going on about cleanfeed all year, but have you actually tried it yet? Well whether it's an OB and interview co-hosting through my location.

I just getting somebody different on your show cleanfeed has been designed for radio philanthropist casters really simple to use and connecting live decent quality.

Just using your browser the quality as great and he even record within the browser as well.

There is completely free version of pay for options and I only take you 30 seconds to sign up and within a few minutes you within your first live interview or recording with cleanfeed find out more at cleanfeed dotnet well.

That's it for this week and thank you for listening during 2020.

We got a big back catalogue, so use the Christmas break to catch up on any previous Editions that you might have miss think my favourite from 2020 was probably be with Chris Stark in April as definitely worth a listen if you missed it out and the one I didn't present as well when printing the Howard got me on as a guest talk about my own radio station that was fun anyway.

Have a look through the back catalogue.

At least one you missed and enjoy listening to those over the festive season for see you next year.

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