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#147 - The Audio Adventures of Harry Meg…

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Hello and welcome to the media podcast I'm only man for the future of broadcasting is Ofcom announces a new review of the TV landscape Snaps up Harry and Meghan we take a look at the former royal podcast strategy and another spend a year for the Swedish music streaming giant on the programme The Guardian report record donations BBC invest in the comedy scene and in the media quiz I insert my Christmas paraphernalia into the week's medium you come and join me today in our exclusive Media hub, my digitise Groucho of the sky is audio on.

Extraordinary at Matt himself, Mr Matt Deakin hello, Matt you've had no radios to analyse this year as your Christmas been ruined because that's how I imagine you found it then beautiful.

I see data conference my interview some radio station bosses and asking questions about Radar and did they miss it? It's like they all suffer from Munchausen syndrome in the face of all did and they really wanted it to be there every quarter.

I think it's just so used to it more than anything else.

I mean like I imagine you would I convert Simpsons gets little baseball flags, you know waiting for the season premiere.

That's how you are waiting for the next door to finally be unveiled.

We gonna get some next year.

Do you think I think we're gonna get some in August I think we have that long to get some data.

I think they're gonna be into the market in Q2 which means you won't see it until August that's when I click on my viewfinder is this letter.

Media Rebecca Messina is back on the show hello Rebecca now you have the answer to the question we are all asking.

What are the best decorative chess sets for your home? I actually write that one myself.

I'll be honest for me.

It was all about the matroska Dulcet from Amazon only 4899 talking point are you can't afford not to buy it we will make a small commission on that referral fees important at this time of year magazine publishing I guess you know it comes up to Christmas traditions.

You have to create twice as much content to get through the Christmas break and simultaneously plan January is that basically your experience at the moment the last week or so the last couple of days when I really felt like oh, it seems like there's a lot of time for Christmas but we're not actually working for almost all of it.

So yeah.

I'm going to have a mega day off Facebook

Yeah, right ok and your packing stuff up for weeks and weeks to come in you know I write a column for print magazine and I've just written February it's really hard like we haven't had Christmas Day yet putting the last Christmas and work and January train stuff, but on the magazines on the print teams are working on March April May even now, so yeah, it's crazy.

They're already picking what we going to be loving this summer a Merry Christmas everyone on to the news and we end the year with a little look into the future of broadcasting as the culture minister John whittingdale cesnet could be placed under ofcom's jurisdiction one day this comes after recent announcement by Ofcom to review Public Service Broadcasting in the UK at something they call their small screen debate the report said new laws may be needed for Public Service Broadcasting to survive in the online world the public service remit could be extended to additional content makers.

Gsbs must create new partnerships to better compete at lots to unpick let's start with partnerships.

How do you read the rules for the BBC and Channel 4 PS4 create new ships to better compete the crazy thing is we don't have much better partnerships of the regulator hasn't stopped things like kangaroo have been 10 years ago.

It's nice that the regulator say all you should work together.

It's maybe a lights for that.

I think things are moving fast.

I just got a new Chromecast that comes with Google TV basically Chromecast with a with a remote control does that job of pulling all the stuff from BBC iTV Amazon and Netflix into one scrollable think there's no EPG in it cos it's all on-demand content no rules around probably says content being you know top of the list or whatever you that's in.

That's the challenge of the way these devices are going and some government regulations around that if you think that's the

To ensure the public service content reaches people's important the dangers if your Netflix aficionado and you just didn't really consume a lot of broadcast television you're not necessarily seeing what was the public service and should those services be mandated to show stuff whoever makes it seems to me there's like an intrinsic contradiction Rebecca in what the Ofcom report says cos it's celebrating Public Service Broadcasting a 7-in 10 adults love Public Service Broadcasting love to have british-made stuff.

They love very news and then in the same report it kind of saying but Netflix is coming for your children which is it like if it's so popular then it will survive if it isn't then it needs to be regulated.

It's quite a clever idea in the Ofcom report the idea that rather than trying to force you know BBC to become more like Netflix we should do something before US Netflix to become more at the BBC

You know it's like yeah, of course we celebrate Public Service Broadcasting because it's an amazing service and it is important, but the same time like you know we celebrate vegetables.

They're really help.

You know the better will be but like you don't always want them to know the meaning like you've got generations of people now let you know my generation and younger who are used to consume ice their content via stream, and when you are given a choice of literally everything you could want you're probably going to choose to you know go and re watch Parks and Recreation or something aren't you you know over watching you know Newsnight but that doesn't mean that is better and I do think there is something in the idea that maybe the the best solution is to place more constraints on Netflix I mean you are kind of artificially lino restrictions.

I don't technically need to be there but that might actually have to be the solution is not necessary very pretty but at the end of the day if you leave it open to the consumer market people probably just going to choose what's easier.

Comforting what kind of constrains I mean that if you said to Netflix right you need to produce a portion of your content needs to be about British regional news that is what we said, then.

I really would be a direct competitor for the BBC and that would be a problem.

They likely win in a lot of those and they have my budget early for you could argue then who cares whether they BBC win or lose if consumers get the right public service content then who cares whether you know Harry gration makes a big money transfer to Netflix then that's that's good news for Yorkshire I think there is an interesting bit about British content and public content being surfaced on those places so Netflix doesn't have to make north west tonight, but maybe they surface that to consumers.

I don't think I'll be a terrible thing and what about this business of the public service remit being extended to additional content makers, so not necessarily platforms but companies.

I wonder whether there's an argument for much much smaller providers that mean actually people like us.

I mean here.

We are actually having a public service conversation, but spoiler listeners isn't profitable I mean you know we could we say right.

We we need you to become top-slicing.

Didn't it? But we need some public service money independent production companies to make audio for commercial radio and community radio and that's really successful fishing shows for fun Kids we've had quite a few Indies work with us for the first time to produce great material that sits on our platform, but it's also von podcast so I think once you wants to brought one of the issues is historic Lee booking the volume to three and four were super essential and where everybody went now if you ever 55 that still the case for large change the orientation the case anymore.

Originally the 90s and noughties introduce Rosa nepg so that could you ups be content must have dropped top of the EPG now and an EPG this world what you do, but if you strip away the child who's been important that the content becomes important.

So if you say Matt you need to make the all-new good morning Yorkshire and I asked her I can do that and I've done a deal with Ted Sandos to make all Yorkshire people see it when they log into Netflix that so that's a a similar replacement for what was mandated by the litre in the 80s and 90s well except of course it would put public service television in the hands of a big American corporation and we met that is the argument really for the BBC and not for Netflix isn't it already so can you can we see to BBC obviously with iPlayer to a lesser degree ITV with husband Channel 4 with all for the all of them?

Removed from catch up to destination with mixed success but to be honest.

It's going to be to the to the wayside because of the new device that can be Freeview play as well as Apple TV and Google TV collating stuff and bringing stuff together.

There is a person in the mix now.

Tell us what we can see on the television actually Netflix are spending more money on British content anyway.

I'm leaving without being asked to they just collaborations with the stormzy's brand consultant amazing job Adam from the filmmaker writer sex education bisha.

K Ali voice is basically Rebecca getting big vehicles on Netflix do you think they're playing catch up there or do you think they're ahead of their rivals?

Recent things you know like small axe on the BBC I think that's starting to go and you know in the direction that yeah activist been talking about forever now, which is you know not just casting actors from ethnic minorities in random roles not just colour blind casting back to be telling stories.

You know by black minority ethnic creators like about people from those Communities you know we've seen me has seen an increase in that and I think you know even seen it interesting things happening like the backlash over the famalam sketch dream of the Jamaican countdown lots of people got very angry on Twitter exploiting stereotypes of Jamaicans but it was made by blackbridge places and they were able then to have this conversation, but it wasn't you know pale male stale take a joke.

It was you know creatis and that community engaging and you know a real debate with other members the same community about what's acceptable the same thing happened with autism.

About 6 years ago, but it's much less sexy example.

I be alright.

I suppose yes, it's a more sophistic is a new one conversation.

Isn't it between minorities making the shows and minorities claiming not being represented than when it's white people making me and I mean.

I'm sorry if it comes down to budget on Netflix just has so so much money to splash out, but it's relatively easy for them to you know to grab a headline by investing in a million into this thing alright.

Maybe into this country.

You know they can make those kind of pronouncements that the BBC couldn't really compete with Global the other thing is actually a financial model isn't there to say you know it's not a minority group.

It's available to everyone in that minority group.

All Around the World in some countries where you're not a minority.

Any goes into UK production companies but that is designed to be a program that doesn't look British it does look to British so you're not really sure what it's meant to be designed that way and the other crown of his Very British but that's designed again to be shit to ship everywhere reflecting British stories is the challenge and I need some of these save announced do but I think the challenges Netflix can get the headlines it doesn't actually could use that much and volume compared to UK pro casters who having to make the changes more programs for the main channels than the Netflix does Netflix put out there you know saying that they going to invest more money into telling stories from the expected, but when they mentioned socio-economic.

I thought that was interesting to especially as you're saying that you know they're a lot of their stories are designed to be relatively you know brand.

So they can you know be showing across all their different territories.

It would be interesting to see what social economic.

What is going to look like to them diversity.

Why's example of that global audience involved in Netflix snapping up Rowan Atkinson's next series as well.

I mean that's there after Mr Bean audience physical comedy series Man vs.

B I mean every digital platform in the world would want that so absolutely and I think I'm weird isn't it? You think Mr Bean's being such a success and I know that Rowan Atkinson is probably pretty cheesy about what he does but to come up with a kind of a version of it.

Would you let me know what it is yet, but kind of a version of it.

I imagine they got the cheque books out but I'm sure it'll monitise beautifully in Uno 100 markets in like 30 years time Mr Bean clips on the ITV series in the 90s are still massive on YouTube it's insane little bit podcasting now and less than a year since Michelle Obama's podcast.

If I have landed another big proposition Harry and Meghan will be delivered into your ears in The New Year in the form of the incredibly an interesting remains podcast archwell audio Rebecca what is the show going to be about inspiring people? It's you know it's been as corporate.

You know they might not be working royals officially anymore, but they certainly can't get involved anything.

That's a bit bit dirty or a bit edgy.

So it's going to be very uplifting content and I don't know unless they start sharing things about their personal lives.

I don't know how wide is a periods going to have in the long term but the style of it and then we only have a trailer to go on so far, but the style notably podcast e and not that corporate.

We can hear a clip shree Teresa

I mean, I'm Harry and Meghan one of the people and hearing their stories in a matter what the story they usually offering and understanding of her someone else is coming from and at the same time remind you in some way of a story about yourself and that's what this project is all about to bring forward different perspectives and voices that perhaps you haven't heard before and find our common ground different different perspectives establishment and elitist and a member of either of them personally and I'm sure it'll be totally listenable.

It's the idea that they're telling stories that haven't been told as though there are hundreds of podcast is out there have been doing that for.

I think of you I kind of always thought that the more celebrities get involved in podcasting.

You know you Gemma Collins is everybody it does drive up listenership for podcasts can ultimately that's a good thing for everyone making it podcast inside carries.

All Ships so more people in the sex is good audio production company name rather than brand name, but maybe they'll be fixed later on it will be the most people who said to Spotify they had problems with royalties so maybe this is Direct position of gimlet.

I'm not going to say it's paying off but this is another do that at least uses some of the things that they bought because that style that informal style.

We just had in the trail.

He is 0090 Meghan Markle is a seasoned actress but even so it's a produce Prince Harry to sound like that.

I imagine must have taken actually quite a lot of effort and that's the kind of thing in a good that is a year.

That's all the people Livesey acquired companies and their positioning themselves that you have to basically use the Spotify app as your podcast app because it will combine shows you can get public from RSS feeds with shows are exclusive to the platform and this just like Joe Rogan will do that and you know they are playing a blinder.

Will it be a super successful show if it was them solving family problems that's something.

I need somebody why do you think it is no Rebecca that for I mean.

I'm using a short and calling I know technically they're not in the official practicing royal family but for royals.

Why do you think podcasting would appeal where it's hard to imagine a royal even excommunicated one doing?

Radio shower TV show LBC phone in which she is very very safe way for them to you know things you know they make themselves as sound relatable podcast if I come in your friend in your ears, but also it's obviously going to be you know editor very carefully so it can be in a presented in this in the package.

They got in mind.

I'm another lie.

I mean I might listen if they drop a few you know hints about their private lives.

I mean on that does their willingness to allow such vetted Media organisations access into their Private Lives contradict with what they're doing in the High Court and associated newspapers are suing a picture agency for invading their privacy can they have it both ways yes, they need to make a living but they are making a living by selling access to themselves.

It's going to be entirely be on their own terms and that's a mixture of legal giving exclusives owned media and I've got a documentary thing with Netflix as well as I got this Spotify play yeah, I mean I think it's the back now that works or not.

We'll see I'm sure it will be absolutely fine for them.

I think they also know that they've got to buy being totally against the press which is pretty much what they are.

They need access to the road Media social media podcast and the Netflix tele2 to get their own voices heard.

They do in between mass of the Sun or the Daily Mail to communicate to the to the public and they've done that to their own channels to to speak to her subjects directly I think you know we have seen recently a bit more of a celebrity push back against this idea that it is a trade-off.

I think you know decades we've accepted as part of a fact this idea that.

Famous you owe us a certain amount of your personal life it comes with the territory and we've just kind of let that be you know just the fact is Morgan argument basically saying push bike and I think you know awareness and environmental health has contributed to it.

You know there are celebrities are saying why he says you know and I think having their own you know social media podcast platform has really boosted that movement towards know what I'll tell you what you can have do.

You know how they judge whether it's excess mean? What's the metric cos anyway? They make money is by converting people into premium subscribers or selling until you to bed to have you that's that's so podcart if you're a Spotify subscriber and don't get ads on the music.

You will still get ads on the forecasts.

So there's an ad model there.

I'm looking forward to make.

Redoing squarespace and doordash adds third person play who do the reeds for them you know but that's that's the market for Spotify to hold your remember the music bit doesn't really make any money but all they need to do is shave a couple of percentage points off the royalties.

They pay all the volume that they pay the record companies to make the whole thing profitable so if I was them and I was saying hey 70% of the audio consumed on Spotify is music now when we come up to write negotiation.

We won't have another look at that so by being broader.

I think they let me have a few leavers.

They can pull the could actually make the operation much more profitable nothing podcast things apart lyrics to I wonder if there's something to be said for the fact that you're princeton's I'm not I was a premium subscribe.

It slaps I'm not anymore, but if I put on a playlist of music I don't really mind the ads and I don't mind if it's getting around at random because it's my playlist but if I'm listening to a podcast if only gone to the next like I'm going to be happy if it skips to two episodes before you know there's a certain idea that you need to have control over that you know the order that you're listening to each episodes, which would probably push the people so it shouldn't affect your podcast listeners that should just be all just like normal like any other app, but this is a chat now.

Sorry are shows on Spotify Originals as well as the normal audio ads they can put video into those they now see more about you.

They can get a better Premium on those those commercial independent shows like this one.

They're only adding adds to their own shows at the moment because then if you make a podcast and you're listening to this and you're thinking I should be should I be telling people to listen on.

You might be fine.

I don't want I don't see any of it, so you was a surprise, but they might they building ad network for their own shows which I'm sure at some point be turned up to other people already have that with anchor which is there to the self-service thing that runs out from the network, but and some people might say you know what rather than be with a car stored access ba boom.

I would my Spotify selling my head's the other thing that will see from Spotify is your back in the day when playlist first arrived there were loads of indie playlists and they were promoted by Spotify nowadays.

It's maybe Spotify playlist to music industry partners that operated when we look at podcasts, they promote a lot of podcast at the moment sure that will drift a bit more to look at their original so they control the audience and what they see.

What is that what we saying earlier about your Netflix and flagging shows and access to that promotion.

The weather forecast of any dynamic ads to inject for us in the fight against covid-19 working together is more important.

We're continuing our collaboration with European governments organizations and researchers in Spain the World Bank is using Facebook disease prevention.

That's the forecast needs for testing and and we've worked with governments across Europe to build WhatsApp chatbot the answer questions about covid-19 quickly and accurately get the full story at Europe the critically-acclaimed smash hit A Christmas Carol is returning to London's oldvictheatre, but this time it'll be streamed live from The Old Vic into your home The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln starter Scrooge in this award-winning production.

It's a genius adaption by Jack Thorne writer of Harry Potter and the cursed child online with family and

This Christmas Christmas Carol wherever you are in the world book your online ticket now.

I told thick the media is Made in partnership with rethink audio a group of award-winning podcast producers and see what they've been up to this week.

I worked in obstetrics on label, which is I did say towards the higher end but nowhere as high as as you get best selling author Adam Kay talk to flying doctors about the trauma.

They witness for the London's air ambulance podcast Picking Up the Pieces educating and delivering that experience issues rather than working 380 problems Microsoft Angela chin reflects on a year of virtual classrooms for Jabra sport the soundbar there was a one case of a crazy person who burnt his French car the week's digital team discuss the three most important stories that have passed onto your radar this week.

The week unwrapped well industrial your dad's are following hashtag sometimes.

It's a very stupid thing to do and much much more maybe they can help you make your next podcast for more information had to rethink audio come now welcome back Matt and Rebecca are still with me and let's talk comedy now Charles the BBC sound of comedy show in Alan has launched a new comedy Association is press releases its core purposes to promote inclusion and representation on and off-screen with a commitment to engage enable a new wave of comedic Talent a bit like what you were saying about famalam earlier basically recent idea that there aren't enough right wing comedians which is it was months ago now isn't that it first we can be talking point but it's all been bubbling along under the surface since then so I imagine that.

Involve some kind of half-hearted harebrained chase after some comedians that they can stick on panel shows the diversity of ethnic representation, but also class background political views haven't seen it happen yet might as well.

Just right wing views.

You'll probably get a better chance to be on Have I Got News For You thing is though maybe maybe I'm looking at it charitably maybe when next time there's a Labour government whenever that might be it might be easier.

It's just very difficult so that'd be a right wing government and two comedians especially on panel shows like I Got News For You that are very political you could be right wing and go on there and he didn't say got the Tories maybe you wouldn't be considered right-wing enough you know certainly labour.

Authorised enough United the last genuine office introduced to my running order Rebecca we were having which is supporting women comedians of whatever political persuasion outside of the usual mechanic so one of the things she is saying it's basically he's not think we don't need to go to Edinburgh anymore, but he is kind of saying stop just getting all your new comedians from Edinburgh Festival you need to look elsewhere.

You need to look at tiktok is what he says there's a question about whether you need the BBC to support you.

I think I think it's somewhere.

It's the other way round the BBC we lucky if social media performers one-a-day their presents on their linear networks, where is at the moment? They're actually control their own networks and they monetize it directly the successful ones much better than a fee to be honest.

I got news for you for a night and is a question as well as like the day.

Inform someone who can do incredible arius 22nd tiktok videos, what will they do on the BBC is for instance if you know they going to turn out into what is get show a sitcom might not always fit and there's also the thing of I was talking to a friend of the day.

I sent him a video of being funny on Twitter for like 30 seconds and he said Twitter Howard we have got this and that's true.

You know this there are people who are excelling in this format that doesn't really exist on on traditional broadcast in my broadcast TV and even short form comedy.

It's a case of how do you use those people that there's not necessarily even a place for them, but there is a place which is like an old-fashioned BBC Channel 4 sketch show why doesn't exist naturally?

Cover for someone very good.

You don't like them.

That's basically a microcosm of the whole issue with traditional television is that they're serving your big helping a random things that you either don't like and you just have to sit through them and there's obviously now.

You know younger Generations saying why would I and I can just go and pick out the best few minutes.

You know they've become you know popular gifts so they've gone viral people cite them all the time but people don't sit down and think I'll stream an old episode of the Mitchell and Webb so it was crap like I mean but there is there is also that Mr Webb sketch where they say is this going to be the one that's not very funny.

Just description of anyone that follows this I mean no if you are the next match for the website an example.

I mean if actually if you are in this poor now divided minority of Wight Oxbridge comedians.

You can't get a break.

Presume you are still best off going to Edinburgh and doing a one-hour show on you if you're back kind of comic like if you want a Radio 4 show the Old memes are still there for usually I guess I'm coming comedian.

You need two things that you need money and you need platform / awareness and historically the best way to do that would be from BBC newsflash BBC3 on Channel 4 and the question now.

Is is is that the case? It's probably speedy route to do to do world but if you good you probably had a Twitter YouTube TiK ToK break out already and you would write fully formed at Edinburgh is probably isn't isn't much of a thing they might be able to make some money and it's crazy people that make my friend but it's reversed of it is that you don't go to Edinburgh to practice you have practiced online or on digital platforms are on a paramount.

Central comedy spin-off thing and then you've and then maybe you've taken that up to Scotland so I just think he even saying hey we should look to the internet.

I'm not sure whether Basingstoke people that bothered about what broadcast Ellie wants news now and the increase of 43% Rebecca I feel like responsible, but is it on this year and especially you know the conversations over fake news that I didn't have enough people to you know they want to hang the colours to the pin their colours to the mast to be like festively display your colours on a map the mainstream Media people.

Obviously invested in not just getting the latest updates but in getting the most accurate updates its goodness of God it's not often that you hear the Guardian a story connected with it having you know positive financial break interesting to see print subscriptions are up too early.

I mean they've been in decline for so long to look at it go is it a change or is it just sort of hassle of going up or down 119000 because that's the right subscriptions with the Guardian owl movie for you.

Just ask the newsagents to deliver it and have counted as anywhere walk past newsagents for most of this year.

I think it has had an effect and that there's a group of people have been unfortunate coronavirus in the work situation and had to change their lifestyles because of it and there's also another group of people who have it to work from home who have a much higher disposable.

Because they haven't been going out or doing things and maybe some of that is gone on traditional and on and digital media print subscriptions have been up significantly and I think that probably can't really confirm it, but that's probably kovid related in terms of people not wanting to be going out too much.

You know prefer to have the news brought to them like an old days, so that possibly has had an effect in that way this year because of covid-19 has traveller.

Can you believe just because I thought you know what actually that's exactly what I want to read right now.

I want to look at pictures of nice places, but I could be wrong.

I wonder whether you know you think about the news of the last 12-months and he's a lot been going on Rebecca is not just a lot going on is it is a lot that really is in the Guardians wheelhouse you know you had Jeremy Corbyn standing.

No election President Trump standing for re-election in the United States he had black lives matter you had a crisis over climate change I mean if your garden wasn't going to shopping.

When was it the Guardian is traditionally the way in which middle-class white people try and find out what non middle-class non-white people are thinking so I can definitely see that you know the black lives matter protest etc.

Probably driven interest you know in hearing those perspectives which the Guardian is already.

You know only compared to the rest of the mainstream Media but has traditionally had a bit more of a handle on on on showcasing their viewpoints radio essentially been a year of mass consolidation across the commercial networks, but there are some you launch into discuss tell us the ones that are coming next year.

This year's called boom radio and then JACK fm which has a station called Union Jack on national dish radio and some local stations in Oxford a launching spin-offs around dance they British Union Jack not kind of Nigel Farage UKIP style radio.

It's just they have to play songs for people with Jack is the people behind it the one of the larger less post-independence remaining on radio so this year / last year about our acquired radio they quiet UTV local radio stations Lincs FM group so much all of that into Greatest Hits radio so these National

National dab1 the last remaining independence so Union Jack sort of rock flavoured mix of genres British music Union rock Union Rocky and Jack dance sort of do what they say on the tin but their description of those drama is very very broad so dance is basically stuff.

You can tap your foot to and Rocky's.

It's got a guitar or you thought it might have had a guitar it's that sort of that sort of breath and the Challenge for the brand is the world programme radio station is looking good people involved but basically no presenters right.

I know they have a breakfast in Oxfordshire essentially no presents as they have kind of amusing interstitials comedy writers, but they have a lot of comedy writers who write bits neighbour also bought lots of comedy clips from TV shows that go in between Sony and

Play news on information as well, so it's a different way to do a station.

It's not quite a jukebox, but the big chance of them is disgusting through and then the second station which launches I think February next year definitely in the first 3 months of next year was boom radio.

This is from Phil Riley and David Lloyd they've been arranged for a long time they fill created heart and then run hot and galaxies and then they realise LBC it sort of this first of LBC pretty much came from Phil and David David's been praying every main radio station over the last 4 years and both of them in their 60s now will definitely getting that way and had sort of semi-retired, but I've always said and he said look the big gap in commercial in your radio.

Is is over 60s and now Radio 2 assorted of moving away from the older.

And so there is a gap so the big question for them is there's definitely gap in the market.

Is there a market in the gap and can people they can they raise the revenue from the people have a lot of money to spend but the arguments always been there the group people that have already made their brand choices.

That's probably slightly old-fashioned take a 60-year old now.

What is Barry different to a 60-year old 20 years ago? Yeah, that's the thing isn't it a lot of the heritage brands that are targeted at that audience Rebecca weren't designed for boomers so your BBC local radio stations which removing younger anyway, but can have quite a foster image and you've got Saga you know which again if you're 55 now.

You're going to think of something that you know just leaving your grandparents went on Saga Holidays so what's what's the thing for you and what's interesting about? This is from what I understand.

You're intending to make programs that sounds like contemporary radio for younger people.

Still interested in the world.

They're interested music.

Yeah woodies radio was kind of stuck for a long time in the 60s 70s and I think it's only natural for I mean yeah Radio 2 are yes, they are obviously younger audience members and they were previously but it's also sensing which time has just moved on and the 90s is Aldi's out but I mean it's 30 years ago so but yeah that mean it does mean this enormous who I think probably then they're not the radio for the end.

You know that's traditionally been this idea of you know old people listening to Radio 4 but if you want music.

Yeah, I do think there's a huge gap in the market.

Play the 50s 60s 70s and they haven't released a line up yet, but I think that would be very interesting to see you.

It's Direction they go I know the film and David of talk to you.

When they announcing the launch about bringing in people who were you know presenting during that time period which I think is a that's a great.

Obviously it's a great idea as the familiarity aspect but hopefully they don't remember that non-white people and women were invented in the 90s.

You know they were around in those days and hopefully that will be reflected because you know when we think sometimes of the Boom audience was thinking that specific type of person but you know obviously men women black white Asian etc.

They are people in that age group as well and so hopefully it will it will just be a throwback to the 80s and 70s radio sort of in this patch though.

I mean that is what they're doing with Paul Gambaccini and Simon Mayo doing increasing amounts of that it's more traditional.

Can I order commercial radio audience which is near the tag team is probably more likely 3555 3565.

Where is I think? It's probably going 60 +.

They're tricky's to probably have a good chunk of all the songs or songs of this audience grew up with but to have a decent chunk of new music or modern song that audience really like because you don't want to behavior 6270 definitely don't feel old and you don't want to be seen as being old and getting that balance be the the Challenge Form and if you're calling it Boo it's very clever name but I mean in 20-years time you know you going to get a 60-year olds listening to them.

They want to listen to A station called boom after boomers.

I think they just want to get it up and working before they were about what the future brand doesn't so many things about what is Norway they have a station station.

It's kind of a hybrid of radio to Radio 4 is called P1 and P1 sort of in the early noughties had a big colour of Dee

Freestyle kill off all the old DJs and Anna fresh and obviously it must be effective the ratings but still popular station so then launched nrk.

P1 plus and 1 plus with the basically used to listen to P1 before they all told to get lost.

They did a grey TV ad campaign.

Where is like the old DJs going to slightly dustia Studios I got that you remember from the 80s and 90s could've been sorted bought back and the station is a massive success Mrs and ok the public broadcaster in always had a good amount of things behind it but it got very popular very quickly because it was an audience that didn't have a station for them and we're kind of dealing with least worst option and I think that's a question for your over-60s now is the station they listen to you at least worst option rather than something.

They really want to kill sheep and at the moment.

It's just the singer.

Turn the launching rather than a suite of stations like Union Jack now has become but I'm interesting that idea of the kind of family of stations thing because it seems me even if you don't listen to the spinoffs, if you're using I guess what we might now.

Call a traditional DAB set rather than the smart speaker as you spin through the dial the fact that you have to go through three or four stations called Union Jack help something that Brandon your hair doesn't flight Virgin Radio with their children their anthems or lemon it just reminds you but Virgin Radio because it takes that little bit longer to get past it and they also I think some of those stations are gateways to win Absolute 80s launched.

Yeah that had a lot of people who didn't listen to absolute radio won't really sure what it was but he understood the word 80s and quite interested in that and that was like this Breakfast Show like ok.

I'm now an absolute listener and I think spinoffs nothing spin-off can do is they can stop you switching channel to a competitor?

Try and keep you in the family and I think that's that can be quite powerful as well well.

We're going to keep you in our family for just a few minutes longer.

You'll be thrilled to know there is time for legendary Media quiz this week.

It is entitled can't see the wood for the Christmas trees.

I've taken three headlines from press Gazette this week and inserted my Christmas paraphernalia to distract from the real very much like Christmas day at my house.

You need to identify the story that I've obscured via my Christmas words to school yourself a point you say your name to buzzing Sara better you will say I'm at your say Rudolph here.

We go Sunday Christmas mirror Holly Sunday ivy people elf editor snow Paul wenceslas, Henderson coldsteps Mariah Carey down restructure.

I think of now there's a story about Paul Anderson stepping down as well done.

It is yes and he's not been replaced Rebecca I know the weather is supposed to be a 7-day operation these days, but old having the Sunday People without an editor.

Isn't it? Make its generation of this to me.

I don't understand why there should be a whole second team of people working on the same newspaper one day a week in sides of the mirror around a Sunday People cover would anybody be there right headlight number to Daly's potatoes out bread sauce £100000 the Queen's Speech James Noel Edmonds Dyson presents out of the UK brexiteer James Dyson

Got got a Christmas bonus from the Daily Mail for labelling him very elegantly done.

Yes, the Daily Mail paid out £100,000 to Sir James Dyson over misreporting of the rail is housekeeper and finally the tiebreak wow.

It's the end of the year.

We have a tie break.

How exciting is this here's headline number 3-ft Boxing Day crowned indigestion journalist of the Year stuffing for winter wirecard solstice investigation.

That's the journalist of the year at the British journalism awards for his wirecard investigation which looked into German payments company wire card exposing a multi-billion fraud countries in the British journalism awards you see that I don't know if that's the case of flourishing market Rebecca or just a bit of desperation on behalf of the individuals concerned to get notice before he said it was very interesting the story of the journalist of the year did go to something to do with covered trumpet cetera although that obviously did shirt and some of the other Awards Stuart Ramsay got London Heathrow the title award, but it was his peace from the Italian hospital back in March 31st.

Closure Matt you are the festive winner of the media podcast quiz how does it feel do I get a christmas bauble? You are our Christmas door car and that is it Merry Christmas everyone my things to Rebecca Messina and digging we will be back with her annual prediction special early in January in Witham to forecast for year and media hasn't bring to account predictions from 2020.

You can get that episode as soon as it drops when you subscribe via any number of apps or at the media where you can explore all the Ghosts of episodes past and donate on the air long enough to reach 150 glorious episodes and production and until next year.

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