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Read this: How ITV News reported first-hand on the storming of Congress

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How ITV News reported first-hand on the …

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 extraordinary scenes in Washington this week as the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump dominates the news electric clear.

This is a story where the media is the story it was TV networks that connected to his bass and social media that gave him a very modern megaphone Focuses on the events of January 6th when a large crowd of his supporters stormed the capital hours only TV cruise inside the capitol building with the writer's there were three of them and I work for ITV News camera crew Mark Davey producer, Sophie Alexander and correspondent Robert Moore third one at precious kitchen.

Robert and Sophie on the line to talk about their experience at subscribers to the movie showing the BBC Sounds app will already have heard.

This is you but I want the rest of you at to hear it today because Robert Morse report is genuinely historic student of TV journalism will be watching it for years to come senators and house members have cited it in their case against trump and as we speak law enforcement in the US is still sighting in chachi Amanda hundreds of trump supporters since arrested for what went on so this is the story behind the story I started by asking Sophie Alexander how they managed alongside the Mob as the right began.

Obviously we knew but plans are afoot trump.

The president was speaking at a rally.

We've been following obviously history, but more specifically is ardent right-wing supporter story for you know well over a year now.

We've seen how things are breasts from his loyalists of just writing his name to becoming very very angry at what they deemed you know a fraudulent election so we had a meeting the night before we knew thousands more going to be descending on DC then perhaps another time so the 5 of us in the Bureau in the morning and then Robert myself in our caravan Mark Davey decided to head down to speak to the trump.

Loyalist do a few interviews and watch the president speech perhaps.

What was the final time and then what happened after trump spoke did you guys Stay Together Robert did you do something else that to Robert what did you do after trump spoke?

Mr my secret weapon in all of us is the is a bicycle because what I do is when we have hundreds of thousands of people in Washington and if I need a manoeuvre around police checkpoints.

I abandon my car and I go on my bike if I did that morning and use ladders Michael you know transport of choice so I was on my bike icicle around through a few checkpoint.

I met up with the my team Sophie Alexander Mark Davey just outside on the south side of the white house and there we began to to filming to record this as many hours before the coming of congressman.

Already that morning but also the previous day.

I was hearing whispers or something dramatic across social media where you know the Militia groups and meeting I wasn't contacts in the Militia groups who were also saying look at the moment of danger is before inauguration not immediately after the election.

I was sensing something is wrong.

I've written the previous week to my boss is.

Is in London and ITV news that sentiment something is brewing here.

We need to be resource for this moment and and then I told Sophie and Mark and they have this instant in them anyway, because this can go wrong very fast and then we make sure I peeled off to do a a report from the evening news on ITV and do a live to get some context and quickly along the Congress and that's where they are but that's what they were and I joined them when things began began to release of become very volatile very that was the moment when we realised this was going to go from her.

I really enjoy a riot.

I'm very possibly into Insurrection that is so fascinating so it shows starting out in the industry.

You just have to hang around so Sophie you were there with the trump supporters after trump President Trump spoke that morning.

Have you guys separate? So what did you go back?

Bureau to do the evening work exactly right.

I was in The Bureau on the roof doing the live report in the Edit suite doing a quick pull together for our Evening News giving Sophie and Mark to make sure there's nothing on the ground.

So you done alive on what time is the six oclock news here in the UK that gives you 5 hours or 4/2 hours different to Washington Sophie at what point after Robert does the live do you get in touch message on WhatsApp how can you get me then? Call him we were speaking on the phone and WhatsApp and obviously signal is a bit of an issue when you've got thousands of people in one place, but we managed to keep in contact her out which is always crucial to these kind of things is communication.

So you and Mark Dover the camera around of it take us to the moment when you're saying to Robert actually she's kicking off yet.

It's a packet so so Robert nips back on his bicycle to the Be-Ro package for evening news Mark and I continued to Rome Mark Gathering shops.

What was going on and it really did feel like the air changed? Is it best way I can describe it something just felt different Mark and I also noticed a man walking past us wielding big flag with a spear on the top which is something.

I've not seen before a previous trump protests and rallies, so that mediately got my new sense going because ok this man is visibly armed with a sphere you know so I mean before the crowd weeks Congress because there were thousands take some time so my can I sort of positioned in the middle of the mall the crowd of slowly moving past us we went with them and then we did hear to booms and I just thought ok.

That's unusual that it wasn't definitely didn't sound like a gunshot, but I had two very noisy boom.

Later turned out to be teargas and Canons so that's when Robert Anaya in communication.

I think he'd had a tip off as well, but there was some fighting breaking out at Congress so I immediately knew we had to get to the front and we had to be in a position to see what was about to erupt ok.

You're talking really about the prospect of violence just for people who haven't been in that situation.

Do you when you're encountering take your CV experienced senior correspondent when you're about to encounter violence is there any sense which would have to get into the sign off you have to talk to the phone desk at home does Uno ensure policies kick in if you're about to enter go into a potentially violent situation what editorial checks.

Do you need to go through no actually I mean to the credit of my boss is back in defining features of working for ITV News it's been a long tradition of ITM is a trustis.

We feel that very deeply in the field at the weekend.


Judgement if I proceeded to dangerous, I got Sophie your mark on myself wearing address lives you know I would be with obviously Retreat or be checking what we did and also if we want to push the envelope with your right up to the the Frontline of a volatile situation.

I thought I have the confidence and and honestly the experience to do that stop the feel intimidated by a crowd but I was in a very vigilant as to what people doing in that situation.

I must be looking people not their faces family after the hands.

I'm looking at them hands to try and get a sense of how quickly things might be moving in a joiner.

I was looking to see if any sidearms wrong display.

I realise they wouldn't be kind of what they call here.

You know you wouldn't be kind of romantic are not because it's not allowed in on Capitol Hill and that would be kind of a red line, but I was looking for whether people had baseball bats whether they had any knives on them and we're

I'm always looking at hands and I'm sure Sophie is always looking at our back to make sure that there is approaching us from behind so you know we have a can of understood protocol of how we operate but were also keen you know not to take a bed to make sure where on the camera front row.

You know the Old ITV News ITN tradition is to become of try make visceral television raw television don't always get in the way of the story of film was absolutely are journalistic instinct that day don't over report it be eyewitnesses roll on the camera grab people as a running down the car everything on a spontaneous and organic if you like, we'll try and do something a bit different that moment.

I think that's what carat is to try and get this sense of what time folding in people's eyes so that the viewer is in there with us rather than that over analysing overthinking until you understand.

I am still here are we can have the camera on the floor he wants he can.

In any Direction it doesn't matter we're just your it can be our eyes at that moment and I think that's why I reported maybe I'd documentary was so successful.

Is that it's a bad just taking the viewer in that moment.

So what is a producer's job in that moment safety top priority.

You know Mark has got his eyes in the camera.

So he is here fective Lee cannot see what's to the side of him or to the back of him.

So I am his eyes and ears because he doesn't know if someone's going to be running to the side behind him staying with Robert you know Roberts got his eyes on the crowd used to see who the best person to interview his eye and making sure that we won stick together because the worst thing you do in that situation is separate and to that Robert and Mark on surprised by anything you know safety absolutely in a writer situation is the number one priority.

Yeah, I'm glad that was achieved on the day.

Obviously we'll get to The Action just before we do that.

We talking lunch time in Washington and know it sounds been I'll have you eaten.

I mean it's a long time since breakfast and you're going to be busy for the next 2 hours.

What was going on these long days and not least in Washington and New York and your tummy is rumbling before you embark on this stuff breakfast you got to be a breakfast well.

I'll tell you what I cannot operate without a good breakfast bowl of porridge.

We like to call out me up and that's took me up and I'll tell you what it is.

I'm going to be a big story.

I definitely need breakfast first lunch know that if I have to breakfast before I'm away.

I love you.

That's a given every day of the week.

I mean you've been there watching is Trump supporters.

I mean it's gone.

It's gone past its pretty for 5 hours since you've eaten your battery back on the tough is imagine the toughest.

Project if you're a very distinguished so far pretty short Korean brilliantly young producer had your lunch that's what I want to know well had breakfast which Royal Mail change forever based on last Wednesday's I will now eat at least a banana every morning for the rest of my life.

Just in case I encounter another riot Indian so hungry so few days my best journalistic tip to you after a year working with you.

Have your breakfast you say you look at people's hands when you did get to seeing you do come back bike from the Bureau is that you got there and what did you see? What do with it? Yeah actually abandon, my bike at this point and because the proximity Rob euro to capitalise actually run run on a story but I have to say I ran physically ran from the Bureau over a Pennsylvania Avenue and my real concern was connecting again with Sophie and Mark

Realise it was a volatile crowd now.

They were police lines a policeman tried to stop me Crossing Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Avenue said there is no way you can cross that road.

I said I was the Genesis just made no difference at all.

I thought crimez imagine if this story is lost because of 1 police officers instructions, but fortunately he was distracted about a minute later and I saw a looking other Ryan across the road into a crowd make sure that he saw me he couldn't sort of extract me so it's often successes comes out banal moment if that police officer hadn't way you know it might have been a different outcome.

So you know I'm grateful to the officer who everything he is and then I connected with with the guys and I was thrilled to see them and then almost immediately within two or three the crowd began moving right into Congress WhatsApp those exterior stairs marble stairs, and I realise this was going from as a safe for a riot into an Insurrection we're on.

Brink of a really big story and I've always known he was going to significant only at that moment did I realise we were going to be eyewitnesses the history of those haven't seen it.

I really recommend a 7-minute report of yours of the day report as it work which is already the stuff of Legend that report starts with you.

Robert quite.

Very well in your you're a long way further forward than any other TV crew.

How did you please get so into the middle of the thousands of the word you know you weren't at the fringes and you're the only people there.

You know presuming on the sort of jobs and pass you be looking at other any other TV how did you guys get so well so far in when I asked you that Sophie actually truthfully.

We just knew we had to be at the front quite simple you know we saw that this was unprecedented not unexpected and we just pushed our way to the front.

We climbed a couple of walls.

We follow the crowd we saw them breaking into the inauguration.

Age and we position ourselves in the perfect place for the shot truthfully you do start to worry because I was looking around as a while they're in no other TV cruise here whatsoever and I started to worry then we're in the wrong place, but you kind of just stick with your instinct and we did and it was right.

Thanks mate.

Those people as we seem to Spires did you get people save you saying to you who the you know are you? What are you doing here? You're the problem fake news media etc.

Well, we did spot on the was the capital someone had screw the phrase murder the media which I did notice if we went in so you mean we're going into a situation that is unprecedented as I said and we know we are not going to be popular and we are going to stick out.

It was only inside really well.

There are a couple of moments including one moment when a crowd of men and camouflage or wielding is heavy wooden sticks did.

Circle round as demanding to know where we were from you know what fake news outlet we were from that we talk we took them down asking hold your Sophie I'm 31.

Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation? I have not know did you fear for your life as you entered the building?

No, truthfully no, I I knew I was in a dangerous situation.

I knew one of the dangers could have been being crushed actually before the break through the doors the cross with a meant there were so many Furious people just swarming and pushing at one stage.

I was come across from all sides, so I just grab Mark's backpack Roberts arm and pulled us to the side and that got out of the way of that immediate danger, but I just we just carried on I was aware of making everyone safe in the situation, but no I wasn't for my life was aware of the we have to be careful and you then or shortly after that said the the words that all Creations do in these situations which is there's a piece of camera.

There is a professional assassin see the kind of establish yourself in the situation with method in Madness now working in a world.

Where is you know hundreds of thousands of social media operators in a lot of people just activates if you like many people will live streaming at event.

You know the actual protesters the interaction is Richard live stream music as they went in do I am aware that you know one of my rolls isn't just a film because a lot of people that are filming in terms of a social media my role is also to try and just a little bit of context out about blending when I spoke about before that that raw sensor that's going in that fly on the wall style recording but just punctuating its absence the best way to say punctuate.

It was just a little bit of context and analysis to help with you understand where we are for example.

Maybe do a little kick.

What time of day are we in and then just a let it float about bringing in a little bit of analysis as soon as soon as a navigation tool for viewers, but others not to come over and search yourself into the story the first piece of camera that I saw you do Robert in that 7-minute clip is on the steps.

You're surrounded by insurrectionist writers many of them have what we mean by on weapons and about to break into the building you're feeling at that point to a question.

You know I tend to compartmentalize a bit so I am Focus really on trying to get the best pictures.

We can you know where television news is distinctive in the sense that you know we going to be in the greatest place on the planet and the most exciting place on the planet, but if not filming it then you know it.

That's not we're not doing a Judy so I was very concerned about what mark.

Was in I was also try to come as I say keep an eye on people's hands to make sure that they weren't reaching for any weapons.

I could directly threaten as I was worried about Sophie what was behind her so she's giving out my bag and you be my back.

Is that kind of you know collaboration and then to be honest I want to make absolutely sure I'm really focus on keeping at the front.

I don't wanna be behind the front line because they're going to break into the building don't want to get very sure that we don't get stopped.

You know after a couple of people are in the so so my next kind of effort was to make sure that we didn't can delay the actual fresh all that the broken door and the smashed window where people was clearly about to dive into the very corridors of power is exactly what was Brunel Way is this a surprise? It has been fuelled by the Presidents rhetoric and it's increasingly clear this election has not healed a woman.

It is simply.

We follow the agreed than infuriated trump supporters as they stormed the building through broken windows and doors.

They had forced opened isn't there a profound profound danger they rob if you're trying to get to the front in this extraordinary dynamic the scary situation potentially arm police officers on the other side of the front.

Don't know your journey from ITN I mean did not cross your mind at the police police who weapons on us a concern particularly.

You know what is the old sort of adage of sort of War reporting you want to get between the two front line and see how you want to be with one side or the other do not get caught in the middle.

Otherwise you'll pay with your life.

So that's true, but it's also true that you know if we've seen a police officer.

I would have immediately shouted.

Press British TV and try to identify ourselves extremely quickly if anybody pull the weapon out you got a camera course which is used within in establishing that your holidays from are these big highly identified cameras and you think I'll be as a professional news crew what we were shooting on isn't actually that different from the interaction.

It's live streaming to their families back home.

So it is confusing situation.

I want my big concerns in this new world and so small cameras is it is increasingly difficult for a nervous police officer or nervous soldier to distinguish between an activist and member of the press.

Are you know a television crew? You know the Old distinction when you can see a television through a mile away because of the size of the camera and boom mic and all that stuff.

That's all over we are now on the front line and we look to all intents and purposes exactly like an Insurrection is but I'm aware of that John trying to anticipate that any police officer.

I see eye-to-eye contact with I may be holding up my personal.

Which is a well-understood as a symbol there, I'm also in a quiet compared to shout loudly prest prest British TV and also trying to make contact with Direction is all around me making eye contact them making sure that they know you know I'm British but I'm not I'm not an American reporter that helps to certainly cannot take away some of their anger and if I see humans like 20s or 30s looks like he's a veteran.

I'll even throw in there as I did on many occasions as we were crossing the threshold as a Wii Fit on the battlefield to be rock and Afghanistan together.

I'm try tell them that actually the Brits and Americans are on the same side and that is a very disarming back for some of them.

You know they see a sudden is allied so I introduce Dad Mark Davies got the Old taxi.

I don't have a dog in this fight.

I don't like the he is great.

You know so he just with the Irish line.

You look like you might be a better and you know you but you know we thought on in the trenches of the 2nd of the 1st World War we've been on the battlefields of many wars sense then so don't take me to record what you're doing.

So it's about building relationships in any circumstances and anytime with whoever you can quickly so they don't see you as a hostile.

Thought you only bulletproof s.

No, I don't know I'd not definitely I was just letting you know my regular.

You know casual clothes in a way.

I mean I wasn't going shooting tie, but I was just moving around I want to be fast and didn't do a gas mask I didn't do a flapjack it.

I want to be my for me the cheetah my safety as I judge.

It is mobility you know speed Sophie Bazaar of Duty is when you're in the middle of this extraordinary unfolding see what I have to say watching it.

I found it hard to fathom watching the scenes and you are there in a bit I eat pot.

Be on the phone to the desk back at home.

You want to go to this live or you just think let's gather pictures guy the pictures the pictures show that we're at the heart of things for the bulletin report whenever that might be it's together.

You know there is no way we could have set up for a live shot as you've got you know hundreds of men with baseball bats in their backpack streaming past you know as Robert rightly said you know where potentially already had target my being journalist, so if you sort of decide to try and stick up a like down in the middle of the coming Insurrection I do not think you're going to be very successful.

So and no it was together and who's making call but when to do a piece to camera when to do but I can just imagine you saying I think it's a good moment to do some vox pops you guys get some remarkable and the remarkable footage it is extraordinary of of the interactions and what they have to say at what point?

Make a judgement now the time speak to people well ahead of time.

I mean I was a very aware that there wasn't anger Fury and I'd really see although I've seen a lot of Anger in America or passion doing it so trump army story if you like in Aldi's trump rallies were people are very animated.

I've never seen anything like that and it drove my can a journalism in that you know the we were inside.

I knew that we had to stop people and grab them to do in a formal way literally as they were running we would just ask them and always started off actually with the same so almost naive question why are you stopping? Congress I didn't like it complicated for them the capture something and it was deliberately chosen.

Just a leading but slightly naive question.

What are you doing? It was kind of meant to elicit a reaction.

I mean, what why have you got your taxi to do this and not make a complicated question and you know what what's body on loaded just why it's that tomorrow but so often produces in the moment of a rider AWOL quite strong reactions and added triggered and they said because it's our house our house.

They stole the election sense of ownership.

Didn't feel there intruders they belong here.

I thought it was there real estate and it was a most striking take away from me of an hour.

I was in there didn't regard themselves as intruders to meet our house is not doesn't belong to those to the Congress men and women who belongs to ask the American people that is very uniquely American this solicitor people's house.

It doesn't exist in the palace of Westminster it was very striking in those few minutes at inside congress.

Protesters tear down processes nameplate pest control the situation you guys are confronted very difficult and haunting site when you included shots of Batley 35 Royal Air Force veteran, just moments after she'd been shot can just take us that moment did you see her being shot?

No, we didn't see her being shot.

We saw her into the building and we've you know we we have highlighted that because it's been helpful to know at the exact time as a friend and he entered so she is a help through the window by militiamen who grabs her and she quickly and Priyanka Charlie with some agility get through the window and then down the corridor and the next we see is is captured by a another social media video journalist who captures the moment when she's trying to clamber up timer over the furniture.

That's been round up the speakers lobby and Anna security agencies on the other side of the furniture and he opens fire and shooter and unfortunately you know she did subsequently died of her other forgive me.


See me I got there it was he didn't catch the original footage of being shot was there any discussions that any debate in your mind about whether or not? You should then film that I suppose you gather it and make a separate it.

Nothing makes abilities and they gone in the directions of Nancy Pelosi his office the Speaker of the House and there a very dramatic scenes and tear down her name played off the off the wall this smashing it and stamping it on the ground and then there's a moment when somebody looks me and look for stands for barrel of a camera and says who are you and I think you're ok.

So you could be arm and His Hands again.

He's holding candle shades of wood in there and think there's an immediate danger, but actually interesting racist water bathroom heinous actually wants to explain his Motives to are so if suddenly that sort of a moment that changes when we go from being a hostile present almost being have a megaphone for him and he said he shouting at this about why he's there and white unfair that criminalize him.

He said look I didn't come here with violent intentions.

I've been criminalized buy my own.

The centre of the reasons that these interactions have and so I again we can get away with that because he was looking to be kind of potentially attacking us within the stories of somebody who could amplify his message from enemy to Ally and I just take back the to the editorial consideration and your experiences.

He applied it to that Ashley pub situation there is there are those who say that once it became clear very sadly that actually babbitt the veteran died that footage should have been pulled from Twitter that you know the family I guess but it's it breaks convention.

What would you not that footage obviously the edge of the internet is out there, but should you have pulled actually babbitt from your coverage once? You've that is one conversation that I would have with my head as back in London we would try and mostly that will be making an instant decisions on what to do and trusting own Instincts that sort of editorial called that I would consult with one.

Quickly if necessary when I'm in the Edit suite are so lucky.

No we do at this college or order is this fridge available on social media should be included and that is a judgement day.

We will discuss and I'll try and make a judgement as to whether it can be married to in terms of the Uno news agenda.

Whether it's driving the the political debate here.

Maybe or whether you know cos we do we wanna and distress so you know I'll viewers excessively we want tell the story but without causing them a personal anguish, so that's a judgement.

We would make and can I just ask you both was the moment which you were most scared for me.

I think it was when there was a man who has sobered identify have had a flagpole that was kind of accounting provides fear and he lunged towards us.

This is just inside we just across the threshold about 3 minutes later.

I'd seen them awhile back.

He was wild-eyed.

I had a thick beard.

And maybe he was intoxicated.

Not just so metaphorically with the head Lanchester maybe actually was on some kind of medication or something or or was drinking because he did seem pretty while he obviously been made by the police officers outside you need some pepper spray and his his eyes.

They were streaming as well, so he was a pretty intimidating figure.

You seem to be carried on with the flagpole.

Cheers running down his eyes.

He was wild-eyed it seems being toxic into any other flag, but I was watching extremely carefully and suddenly I saw him lunch towards us Paragon Mark safe, and then it became clear that he wasn't able to direct thread he again wanted to deliver this kind of you know probably animated message and he just shouted 120 camera America and it was ok a moment.

There was very dramatic but also I realised actually he was unlikely Thomas so she was at the moment for you where you actually.

Wasn't actually as I mentioned before it was just as we're on the steps.

Just at the moment before the crowds broke down the doors and we're about to store capitals weather in this Crush of people and I just immediately remembered what my dad always told me which is you know you can get crushed to death in a crowd of too many people and I immediately remembered but my dad is said about how dangerous a tightly packed crowd of people can be in that's when I looked at the corner of wire saw a tiny sort of gap on a step and that's when I put myself Robert and Mark towards it just give us a bit of breathing spaces at that stage.

My chest was feeling pretty tired because I was so crammed among these people I noticed Rob you were wearing a mask for some of the questioning and obviously the piece of camera that you weren't wearing a mask is that right and does that is as a point when your story thing actually.

Dave UK restrictions and how they interpreted something that we just have to put aside for second we are aware that we are working at on the Frontline in a time of a pandemic.

So you know we were wearing masks with careful to give us a list of maximum safety we can but yeah, they're at the moment.

I might drop my mask primarily if I feel like I'm more than 6 feet away from anybody so we careful about it.

You know we balance said and I try and make sure that I'm always wearing a mask no immediate proximity of people but it's also true to say that you know if I'm trying to do it quick interview.

I might drop my mask for a second if I'm more than 6 feet away in order to make sure that I'm heard of blenders of Frontline reporting but also making sure that I don't bring it back to my Bureau and disabled.

We're not here.

We go from here are 0 very fast if I suddenly found that I was covered.

Disable being tired ITV News operation through the inauguration of the biggest we always are in this business and the biggest we can always be tomorrow.

So it's not about just in the evening that story I'm at that moment you hang on a second mister despre very quickly.

It'll be even bigger tomorrow.

So hard job is also just a healthy and safe for the next story and Sophie the FBI are reportedly using your footage to help identify protesters.

They spoken to you with the view of a subpoena your Ashes maybe the request is coming from the Capitol Hill threat assessment unit but I'll leave the position is always going to be here on the same all is we're going to say and then this comes from my lawyers in London but we're happy for them to see footage that has already been broadcast.

We will not handover are Russia's we went at hand over that with Alex Pacific court order and so that may that we may be subpoena.

Maybe Acorah coming our way in which case you can be a legal decision the company makes but a proper defrost is going to be in a corporate is that we don't ever been to a shim wear those on one side of this great divide feel that works operating with the other side to we will only do it under court order and Sophie just the many producers amongst the audience with all this on a single card in a camera which case that card is pretty valuable and also how many what is Russia's how much did you have in total?

Two cards lock and key and now been put on hard drives, which you know in a safe secured by guards and dogs two cards and subsequently on hard drives and so I forgot the rushes how much how much do you have in terms of Russia's how much do we have an hour and a half 90 minutes journalistic glory if I mean for Man U vs.

Transitions broadcast I've got to put that you would just three years ago the printer is working for the Daily Star if you'd said when you're ready the Daily Star 3 hours later.

You're going to be in the middle of history and what you just said that sounds alright as long as you're going to turn out safe.

Yeah, you're completely right.

I made the transition from tabloid hack to TV producer and yeah, I think you're looking back there were those moments when I was at the star and I thought quite fancy not writing about EastEnders page three girls and footballers anymore so I decided to you know something a little more serious, but yeah, I think even the days when I was in Folkestone at the Folkestone Herald pounding the streets talking to locals about the local election other newly built you know Civic Centre I don't give you told me that a few years later.

I'd be in the middle of history in Washington DC and the only one only producer there.

I would have believed it at all, but yeah definitely the right to make a move.

What's the future hold for you.

So if you're going to get in front of the camera.

Absolutely not I like being behind the scenes.

You know I like being behind the scenes.

I like orchestrating things directing people Robert can stand in front of the camera.

Joe's pizza PC camera, but I've absolutely no interest whatsoever in getting in front of the camera.

I'd like to keep producing and you know keep on with the foreign news for sure Robert is when you're very good at it.

You must have had a huge huge huge interest from American networks chat shows no doubt book deals Robert you can be done for a long time.

So please be in the basic response in America American and British and people just wonderful complementary about about the journalism on that day, but also about ITV News

The bottom line here in Washington with all of us you no notice of British press and TV pool, where all bodies you know I've got tremendous respect the Jon Sopel and the BBC football danahar got tremendous respect for the Sky News guys here and cuddly and Amanda you know the Wirral friends, so it looks like there's no sense of satisfaction.

We were there, but I'm also aware there tomorrow.

They could be a bigger story that they see me on and it's you know we enjoy your scoops.

You know when we get them but we're also you know you've been in this game long enough as they say you go from here.

I'll be doing lunchtime live for offer and everyone thinking that Robin was useless so lovely meal.

We have if you're in this day long and I pay my like you have been then internet in newspapers and and and in broadcasting and you realise it, but where he is good at last story and what you need is a great deal of humility and realise that actually you know we're not we're just we're just tell me now.

It sounds almost potentially just telling other people's stories and another a bigger things at stake then then then who gets one particular scoop you know this is a country that is is in turmoil.

I got I live in America I have to some years.

I got friends who were in Uno in serious distress anguish about the state of this country.

I've got neighbours.

You are talking to each other because Alba on different sides of the kind of trump divide so I am aware that you know this is wheel of journalism.

We'll have a good scoop of course you know it's good traditions in the BBC and ITV ferociously on the ground but also you know I understand that you know it's bigger than US I mean we're just telling a story and and you know it is it isn't a big deal tomorrow.

We just get on with the story that's coming away very well said very well, Robert Moore ITV Washington correspondent and Sophie Alexander former reporter for the Folkestone Herald and Washington produce of Rosie thank you so much.

Today and thank you for listening to the special bonus podcast from the media show.

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