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Read this: 19/02/2021 Radio 4 Feedback

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19/02/2021 Radio 4 Feedback…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts hello, it's not easy succeeding some of the most loved most respected presenters radio presenter Louise need time to settle into their roles and find their feet however.

I find the new presenter of braces and rude at times and she put it around you is rather more than 2 but other listeners.

You womans are main presenter Emma Barnett is a breath of Spring and I really would love to say how much I am enjoying our precious Woman's Hour with Emma Barnett at the helm in the first week back of our new run will be discussing by the woman's are starting to sound more like Newsnight and apparently if you press that sort of Us it's a bit on what on earth good Corrie Corfield mean.

I'll be talking to coriander another much love continue to presenter Neil sleat as they press the button on their departure from Radio 4.

We talk to twenty something politics graduates who have never listen to the Today programme when they finally did.

What did they make of it? You know what I say.

I didn't I think it came up later on in the day.

You know and they could my parents as a did you know so did she enjoy anything else and will she had her friend be listening again find out later in feet.

All change at Woman's Hour the long-serving Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey have gracefully departed to be replaced by the Radio 5 Live and Newsnight presenter Emma Barnett she now presents for Anita Rani TV presenter of Countryfile takes charge on Fridays and Saturdays most bonnet is already hit the headlines B&Q used by some reading Muslims of conduct a strikingly hostile interview with the first woman to leave the Muslim council of Britain 29 years old zahra.

Mohamed well, how has the new bed in her first for using mixed that many of you have been unhappy with the tone here are some emails my name is Ruth I'm in Wiltshire it seems that the program is turning into a phone in time for that was many emails and comments being read out all the way through the program.

There are many other programs which use this format and I don't like them, so I don't listen to them.

I'm a bit fed up the one of my

Radio programmes that seems to be going down that road Christine castle, please pass my congratulations on to Emma Barnett for her wonderful presentation of Woman's Hour on the radio just to listen to her regardless of the subject matter.

She's Direct listens to her guest and Has Compassion I might lack of can see and appreciate her achieving the true story about causing embarrassment or pay Carol night.

I love the way she is really energized and in charge of the details she engages with the guest without compromising the the depth of questioning I am the typical Woman's Hour listen, but I've just listened to her interview the first female to be appointed to the Muslim council and as a pulled by her in your face and rude interview she's aggressive and persistence a point that was really hard.

Listen to her she was quite different but others on the same program you get the best from those your interview by interrupting being a prat grass of and bullish, I think what's really important than most counting books in the work the we do is actually that it's not about defining you or going into the types of questions regarding spirituality, but actually look how we can benefit our Communities especially given the pandemic and given Corsa role, that everybody needs to be playing it's just quite striking that you can't answer that question is not a religious or spiritual role.

I don't feel like that within the parameters of my roles and responsibilities especially as the first elected female representative.

I would have but I'm asking you what let's go to what you do say represent which is you know it's wrong with priests or rabbis.

Islam has no pleasure imams Dooley Muslims in prayer we asked for someone for a woman's all Radio 4 to come on and respond directed your comments, but no one was made available a spokesperson provided us with the following statement throughout the years Woman's Hour presenters.

Have always made the show their own and we're delighted to have two new presenters with a wealth of broadcasting experience to bring fresh perspective and inside when exploring the issues facing women today the program has a long history of challenging interviews with those in positions of responsibility authority and power Christmas know this sits alongside wide-ranging topical conversations with women talking about their lives and sharing their experiences well.

I'm delighted to be joined by two womans are listeners Carol Waterston and Sarah Bell welcome to the program.

Can we start with the zahra Mohamed interview it attracted over 1 1/2 thousand comments on Twitter

Caroline Walters done, what was your reaction to that interview in particular the fact that the presenter Emma Barnett asked the same question 4 times.

I was surprised to their secretary-general was for the interview.

I felt that there were answers.

She should have known and been able to give freely and I wasn't surprised that Emma in wanting the answers that I feel she come on the program to give but was it right Sarah do you think got the same question four times but I think so I did her best to explain why you couldn't answer that question and I felt that in particular the beginning of the interview.

She sounded very upbeat about her new post and by the time it got to the question about the imams.

She was totally different mood.


I mean this comes down to the way in which you think such interviews should be conducted.

I mean Emma Barnett is known to be a very good news and current affairs interview and

Program squishies interviewed politicians and Thornberry tough but polite way, she's brought this technique to woman's and I suppose the question is whether it's suitable you think it's suitable for Caroline do I do I think particularly in that interview because this post being filled by a woman for the first time? I think it's incredibly important.

Not only for the Muslim community if there is one such community, but I think for the life of all of us and I was just disappointed that she didn't have those answers and so I wouldn't have expected energy of ask different questions.

What do you think about the term so far member Barnet I've said it's probably know more news encounter farish than the predecessor is that something you welcome? I think she was fantastic on Newsnight and Radio 5 Live wasn't very good interviewer.

I'm just not quite sure there's the style that she's brought to Woman's Hour is a pro.

And I'm just really disappointed particularly with that Sara Mohammed interview with her interruptions.

She interrupted her about 11 times.

I think I don't know he's had a word, but she has seems to have turned down a bit since and then actually some of the more sensitive interviews she's done.

She's very empathic so I just felt that interview is an example of for me far too aggressive an interview for someone like woman's are it felt like listening to the Today programme between 8 and 8:30 someone saved course you Caroline have to sort of stars of interview one for individuals are talking about their own personal experiences and those who come on as representatives of organisations and then it's appropriate if the person is a representative as in this case that she was interviewed by have small Tuffley that someone will be talking about some pups difficult personal emotional experience.

I think that's right.

I listened yesterday.

And she's wonderfully empathic and she's a lot of compassion with other people but Muhammad was there in the leading heading very important institution and the tone is rightly different cut-off you about the age of the presenters which is always a tricky business.

They are younger than the previous presenters so Emma is still in her thirties.

I think I need to is a 43 obviously Woman's Hour has to get a new audience, but it has to do so without using its older audience to think the red Angels with having two presenters.

Who are rather younger.

No, I don't really Roger I think we have to move with the times and you know we had Jenni Murray in place for such a long time and see McGregor before her also been posted for a long time and Jane Garvey of course.

So I think it's good to see younger Blood coming in and you know maybe the con.

Will try and attracts different audience and that is welcome, so no I don't have an issue with the age of the presenters at all Caroline do you think that it's absolutely dangerous to have both presenters relatively young certainly significantly younger than the average age of the woman's are listening.

I don't I feel that they've always addressed a very very wide range of topics covering all decks are thanks to listeners Caroline Waterston and Sarah bedell and do let us know your thoughts on that interview or anything else to do with BBC Radio and I've always had to say this our contact details are Red by Neil you can send an email to feedback at alright a letter the addresses back PO Box 67234 London se1p 4ax you can follow activity on Twitter by using at BBC

For feedback or you can call us and leave a phone message on 03333440574 standard landline charges apply, but it costs more on some mobile networks all those details are on our website each week, we asked to BBC Radio listeners to step out of their comfort zones and listen to a program that would normally be on their radar this week though something a little different we have Rebecca Coleman from London and Molly Cobain from Kirkcaldy and you both graduated last summer from Glasgow university with a degree in politics, but you don't listen to BBC Radio 2 at all.

I am shocked Rebecca how come home.

I there's not really a good answer for this really and and certainly since agreeing is the concert they increasingly.

Why don't I listen to the radio? I think it's one of those things maybe.

Molly where you've just have got access to information everywhere radio isn't necessarily the first port of call anymore.

It's not just a few Molly that you know you'd rather go to the internet and texts and so rather than listen to steam radio if I put it in the majority of times.

Yeah, I definitely feel the same way if I'm going to watch the news.

I'll either just switch the rolling news on or go straight to Twitter for the internet and if I'm going to listen to something that would be probably my own music but your products alright you were politics students and you would have thought on your course your electricity would have say hey listen to the Today programme which we are discussing the moment because that's where the ministers go and son did you Rebecca did you listen to the day programme regularly in your final year at Glasgow no not at all.

I have to say I think Somali will remember we both took a module together and it is a British politics and I think one of those things.

Was you really should listen to these programs.

I don't think I've ever said I did you know.

What about your upbringing because I had assumed that you know when you were much younger your house, so your parents probably have Radio 4 on at some point or if not Radio 2 BBC radio digital feature in your house Hills with your parents say 10 years ago BBC Radio is Future my family so my dad listen to radio to my grandparents Radio 2 and then my dad graduated up to Radio 6 recently which he loves and when my dad that picks me up we listen to Radio 6.

I do like it, but I just don't listen to on my own time and what about your charger did BBC Radio featuring it so I have to say not really I think both my parents are coming to my music listen is the only thing.

Sorry, not the most drawing in for a young 13 year old it's 8 on Friday the 12th of February the headlines official figures show the UK's economy experienced well.

Let's see what your break of the Today programme.

It's been going since 1957.

So it is regarded by people of Central to their lives after a lot of people let some let's find out how central is to yours now.

You've actually listen to One Edition that was on Friday the 12th of February and we asked you to listen to between 8 and 9.

So what is a pleasant experience for you Rebecca I think it was definitely interesting because you know the new sources.

I do have more of a skim read and then if anything I am particularly drawn to her event focusing on and read the article having the hour to just sit and listen to lots of different things that probably wouldn't take my in.

The first I thought was actually quite beneficial.

What about you money when you listen to do you think why I haven't listened to this before know when a word I like the first kind of like 15 to 20-minutes of it.

That was an issue with the Tory minister Victoria Atkins and then I felt like maybe half an hour in probably would have switched off at that point well as you will probably know the BBC is desperate to get people like you to listen to is terrified that you won't so you're both in your early 20s.

Just graduated.

Is there anything that Today programme could do to make itself more attractive to you any ideas about Hollywood you for example.

Have a brother younger presenter.

I'm not giving away secrets to suggest that the too long when you were listening was certainly passed the half-century mark.

Don't know I don't think it's a problem with the presenters because I think it's important that the BBC radio stations respect their core demographic so if you start making all the presenters very young, then you may be going to lose some of your loyal listeners, which I don't think it's right either but maybe some of the guests that they had on all the content could have been aimed at younger people but I don't think you need to make the presenters necessarily all in their Twenties I think Nick Robinson was he did a good job.

I'm sure I'll be really pleased I think that's about the settee you suggesting that a different subject matter would have been at least dropping on different subject in to the pregnant.

What sort of subject were you thinking about then.

They would have been greater interest I feel those mini segment that they did about mental health.

Radio 4 shipping forecast mixed with classical music it's one of the many sounds films and articles at the BBC's Headroom website described as a tool kit for mental health which has been launched today.

We can hear more about that now from doctor.

I think if he'd extended that segment a little bit talk more about the topical issues around mental health right now particularly students and young people in coronavirus and had maybe a younger person on to speak about their experience a segment like that might be helpful to lot of younger people and engaging record you think they could put something into the mix which was a greater interest people of your yeah, I think so I mean both me and Molly existing on echo chamber interested in politics.

So mean when we listen to the interviews and stuff predispose to listen to it, but you do forget there's so many people who just on interested or wouldn't think to tune in to listen to The Daily News ok when we come to the

Discussion on the Today programme the big question are you going to give listen again you listen because we asked you to would you do so voluntarily Molly I think birds look ahead to see what was maybe going to be in the show and then consider it from there and Rebecca will you set your alarm clock saying listen to the whole of today from 6 to 9 that the first half of the shows definitely out of the question unfortunately that again.

I think for my daily news.

I'm probably going to stick to their usual selection well, Rebecca and bollie.

Thank you very much indeed for joining us.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do let us know if you would like to be put out of your comfort zone.

BBC News at midday ministers are visiting coronavirus vaccination sites across the UK in Plymouth this guy so Lundy fastnet Shannon Rockall and Malin so many wonderful voice is leaving in such a short period Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey Mark Mardell Carrie Gracie and Norman Smith and now to Corrie Corfield and nails, please and their departure is much lamented.

Des O'Dwyer sorry to be losing too great continuity and answers particularly clearance neutral voices do wish them well Stephen Holland both are able to bring us news all the ghastly things getting on in the world in a measured Trust fashion, but it doesn't take away the horror and despair of what is happening does I believe help the listener keep it all in perspective.

Voices have been a much-needed Oasis of calm throughout the noise of the day curry and Neil are both supreme exemplars of clear concise vocabulary and reassurance I shall miss them deeply well.

I'm delighted to be joined by Cory Coldfield and Neil sleat well nearly left.

I think last week for your last Days on Tuesday you doing I'm in Corrie I know you love skiing and I know you love the Greek Islands but you can't do either what you going to do chop wood and get a pupil in the garden and now it's so difficult to believe I'd always planned to go by then to be honest with you.

I was going to go last year, but I should have put it off for another year.

So yes the plan was that I was going to go and then I was going to disappear Dexter Heidi hide away and enjoy all the mountains of Austria and then just bit of decreasing would have you any courses you say it's all a bit on hold at the moment, but I'm still going.

Climb is that what you been a friend of mine gave me this phrase and it's been very useful and people say what you do with your time and that is I'm regaining ownership of my time because of the job does it does take up time other things I want to do you know astronomy piano all sorts of things that I just find it keep getting into very inconvenient and curry.

What a lot of listeners have written to us about is how much we appreciate what Stephen Hollinshead your voice is Biggin Oasis of calm during these last month's of kovid that impact that you're having by being this reassuring presence at the time of great worry and and Happiness we are aware of it partly because of things like Twitter and social media and you get some feedback from listeners saying it's a lovely feel to hear Radio 4 and answers and everybody is keeping the ship sailing on and it has been a feeling of going through something.

Will always remember a few weeks ago the story was it was a bit grim because of covariance turning up and people not make sure the vaccine was going to be effective against and I remember looking at the headlines and thinking Mrs it's not unremittingly grim, but it would be very easy to dramatize these first few headlines and send everyone the spare and I mustn't do that.

I must think it's measured.

Yes, this is gloomy this parts gloomy, but that's also bring out the positive things for the news headlines cuz people need you not to send them off until Tuesday are you know you need to it needs to be measured.

We take a step back from it and you're telling a story and I think that's all you have to do it in passionate way, it doesn't mean to say you don't go home afterwards and have a good old board or whatever but I love you had to change your voice over the last 20 to 30 as it was no no not at all and I think you know women.

United Kingdom and say what I think it's absolutely right, but we have as many different sounds as possible.

Let me know that probably has changed when I first tried and BBC it was a humongous mmrp and I think no it isn't that is quite right.

Is there such a thing as received pronunciation now who's receiving it, but I don't know now well.

I don't know I'm it is an old thing.

Isn't it? And I think I don't sound like a newsreader sounded in the 50s, but I wasn't in 70s and I think you ever comes after me will not sound like me and I think that's the way it goes but no, what do you do when you've I mean I got from Cumberland and there's a place in Cumberland at which it has a long name, but it's much shorter than the way, they talk about it and if people say Penrith on can I get mad it should be Penrith I mean a lot of people say I'll come on we don't talk about it that this way I mean Shrewsbury Shrewsbury who decides nowadays.

Shrewsbury Shrewsbury partly because I know people from Shropshire and they tend to say Shrewsbury and pronunciation guide and look at that many times says both but I know either is ok, but I I don't know anybody who's Shrewsbury who lives near the Wella Levi ask ask you the question about the the 35 character Hawaiian surname in the audience loves it when they think our does this absolute Beeches Brook over problem coming towards this but when you approach this as I say 35 surname.

Did you think or did you actually leave at the challenge? I'm slightly ashamed to say that I left at it.

It was Matt Kings brilliant really at he's a great editor and a great writer and I said we should say the name.

I went done it and I said the second time should be in The Newsroom house style of the first time first name and surname second reference honorific plus surname only and just casual thing in the world Chinese traditional Hawaiian name comes from her late husband said she would never consider using a shortened version because the Polynesian culture also rejected suggestions that she could use her maiden name worth if you only do is read out strips, but of course you are doing far more than holding the whole network together in many ways, but sometimes you come across.

Don't you 5-years? I cannot believe is true that you accidentally noticed the button on the keyboard in the studio and shutdown Radio 4.

It's one of those sort of Horror moments which occasionally comes.

Haunts me now which is we don't have an engineer with us, so we have to press all the buttons and do all the speaker bits at the same time and I started up network on a Saturday and then there's a new summary and downstairs about to do the news summary and everything was going well and I'm taking network from control room and all and I just noticed the keyboard in front of me slightly to the right to reach for something and suddenly everything disappear.

It was dead out so I phone control room and complete asteriks and Spencer comedian.

I don't know what I've done a minute silence or I think I think it is a minute now an emergency tape files off from the control room by a stroke affect I am the voice of the tapes that so a minute everyone at home would have just heard of what charity sorry we seem to be having technical difficulties in the meantime here's a little bit of Music and his little bit of this and he's looking for that.

I'm one of.

Said now his soon which is all pre-recorded because there was on with me.

That's morning Twitter responding to I do know what's with Corrie walking and Zeb's reading poetry and it's all just splendid because it was all perfect pre-recorded meanwhile upstairs.

I'm running around like the scream and sort of trying to hold my hand the control room and trying to work out how to get the studio back on and 8 minutes later anyway.

Eventually we get the other long way studio up and run and I go to Saturday Live and they take over and I just lie on the floor feeling terrible and then about 2-hours later one engineer came back in and said you know that but apparently if you press that disappears thought about it same fundament and so they put a perspex box around it now, so nobody can touch it or not it did seem a bit silly.

My thanks to Corrie Corfield and Neil split whose voices will carry on gracing our airwaves a little longer as they've agreed to read out our contact details and that's it for this week until next week.

Keep safe and help keep other people safe to Dubai

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