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Read this: Meghan and Harry on Oprah: the media fallout

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Meghan and Harry on Oprah: the media fal…

BBC sounds music Radio podcasts from BBC Radio 4 hello, it's Harry and Meghan show not really are very real and as we always say the media is the ITV share price dropped nearly 5% this morning reuters has quoted City traders.

You say that the full can be partly attributed to the resignation of ITV star journalist and presenter Piers Morgan Morgan record ratings for Good Morning Britain but he quit on Tuesday after refusing to apologise, please on a criticism of the royal couple so whilst the interview represents an historic moment for Buckingham Palace is it also a massive die of a British Media does Piers Morgan's depart show that his brand of highly opinionated journalism is incompatible with an Ofcom regulated TV channel.

Siri surface 11 of the new channels coming to the UK we should promise capitalise on that exact style of noisy journeys and let me introduce you to guests James Martin is with us to Martha Jane martinson.

Surgery is a professor of journalism at City University was of course at the minions the Guardians Media editor Jane just a motor go on the zoom call you on a phone call is terrified me.

Who are you talking to him was it to be a journalism? It was actually talking to the Guardian opinion desk which I had written a piece about the aforementioned Piers Morgan GMB to Topman it is it online now by the way that's remained any major legal errors.

Just give us a top line.

Night, you know what it is about impartiality and he is a supportive made himself and sorry which the history of the British Media industry.

It's amazing how many times but it's particular time when we got these tuna in entrance and Rihanna hear from one of them later in the programme.

This is a really important for the British Media seem to think about what Public Service Broadcasting means and impartiality and how we're going to protect that on whether we want to absolutely absolutely should I go home at this point? Thank you James wonderful Benjamin Cohen is the chief executive of pink news bendrey want to be with you on today? What are you writing about stories in Snapchat

You've been going through a weight loss because that would work out increase the fitness first time because I'm actually Midway through a muscle wasting I can't use my right hand if the pen I can't type properly reigns and I'm really sorry to hear that but I should say that despite that relapsing medical challenge you're over saying pick news which is despite your own medical difficulties seem huge growth over the past year has it? Yeah? I knew it's really weird when rewind back to the year ago.

I really wasn't sure what the future would be worried with need to be letting people died.

He actually double dart team during the week.

I think triple that are ready you somewhere around that massively great stability because actually really strange environment where.

It's about that later and particularly young people or resin towards Media which has a has different brands of interest in there is a financial arguing for the editor of his will get onto that which words could have you with a passion in difficult circumstances and Scott Brown is a TV broadcasters Scott opera tv.

Watching managed to dominate news headlines for 2 weeks with this interview mean.

It's it's such an unconventional interviews are done these days.

I mean with the rise of streaming Giants with their being so much competition.

It always comes down to as a strategy right how we get on to so many different forms on at the same time without so what happens was with the exception of two clips that were 90 seconds revealed in advance last week.

That was absolutely nothing said about what the interview was going to contain it was also.

But it was on a broadcast TV channel I mean and managed to get in the ratings in the US triple the amount of people who watch the Emmys travel the amount of people who watch The Golden Globes I think people are quite surprised thinking you know this is not what we expected at 2-hour interview with many adverts on a broadcast channel, but I think part of that is down to oprah's approach.

She's always known exactly what audiences once she has many bills.

She could have done some Apple TV plus.

I mean have you can always have deals with Netflix but I decided that the way to generate a lot of interest is all the big viewing figures throughout the pandemic and they've all come massively when it comes to news, but also in other stories as well in this is just one example of that so so fast the power of long-form and the enduring power of terrestrial channels will come back.

Thank you.

Got good to have you with us already lot of speculation as you go from there as to where Piers Morgan will be going next and in the frame GB news.

That's the news.

This year which counts Discovery at amongst its back as people in the media getting excited agitated about it.

There's been some talk about there's no it might be a UK version of Fox News now on Monday I sat down with a chair of GB news it also star signing Andrew Neil I should point out that this was recorded before we've seen the rain in to you and an eternity before in modern use terms and Eternity before Piers Morgan ITV Player beat I asked you what the business case for GB news actually is good news channel new jobs for joiners bodacity is great and nylon.

Sky 1989.

It was meant to destroy the BBC or iTV the kinda just added to the choice that was available and if you look at the major news providers in Britain at the moment.

They all come from various shades of left.

Mad laughter or anything like that bit from centre centre left a bit more left and then a bit more left a lot of people here and say what evidence do you have for that you know you've written at the BBC News a lot of news outlets to Southern is to metropolitan, but if you actually go and listen to local news in Leicester or Scunthorpe to Huddersfield it's not liberal left.

It's not Ramona stuff.

It's local news from local journey, but I'm not talking about I'm not talking about this you have the national bulletins lean left for the BBC I would say it is a moderate centre-left outlook in the world because it should be cause for the Metropolitan Outlook please share the same metropolitan value.

They have the broadly the same Luca online director-general of the BBC hasn't said to metropolitan.

That's a different thing from centre-left said to left as a political position on.

Thomson said it was and the BBC was at his happiest Mr Blair was prime minister because the BBC look in the world.

It doesn't make people share a number of you.

Obviously, let's talk about some of the names you signed up as on-screen Talent Alexandra Phillips who is UKIP head of Media for three years then MEP for the brexit party Michelle Dewberry department as a brexit party candidate in 2019 doubtless have in common is a distaste for socialism, so just how brexit he would you been I know you've got up with the news brexit happen brexit over you know what I'm talking about to what to what extent would it be if a number presenters were on the brexit side of the argument, so what's 90% of the BBC presenters wear on the remain side of the argument, so what's the point?

Still did their jobs properly the the the main presenters on the BBC still covered the referendum in the proper way, they did then I would expect to do the same to accept that GB news is the first explicitly political domestic TV channel set out with a political purpose of the existing political trying to tell me Channel 4 news is not political you're selling out to a very different way on the typical view that all is fine to be on the centre-left.

That's not political but if you're on the centre of the centre right that's political.

No, it's not that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is there a lot of people look at TV news and look at the the mission that you have expanded in public which is about answering a need for non-metropolitan use and the fact that you are going to Channel

Opinion evening broadcast and that challenges or threatened potentially an ecosystem where impartiality is receding from public view and lot of people think in personalities and yes, you'll be regulated by Ofcom but there are lots of people but there's very little people but literally might have concerns that an era of Culture Wars and social media actually GB news end up in the problems.

We have rather than answering.

I know that that's the mantra.

That is thrown out as all the time that don't want GB news to succeed, but it's not true.

I know of course the same patronus which is part of that man tries.

It will be Fox News when someone is just nonsense but we can only be judged by what we do.

I didn't I'm going long in the tooth now D9 things about a network that hasn't broadcast a second of programming yet.

Will we be different than the existing network yes because the old do this.

Who was the point of doing what they do when we come at stories a different way? Yes, will we give the advices to people outside the Metropolitan consensus yes very interesting Fox News no disinformation.

No conspiracy theories know there's nothing in my journalistic record.

It could lead you to Fox News I am there's no market in Britain that have you got to have to wait and see what we doing sure that's including on the show several times, so help me out here Fox News writer centre.

It was opinion rather than using prime time and invest heavily in personality driven evening shows TV news right of centre.

Please towards opinion rather than using Pronto and is heavily in personality driven evening shows so GB news is different to Fox News because when I describe MSNBC in America version of the same thing exactly.

Give you a chance to be looking Paigey been used to Fox News and the chance that is about the difference.

Look there are two people when GB news launches are two people going to be deeply disappointed.

What is a small number of people that want it to be Fox News and the other of those who said it's going to be Fox News the ones are going to be disappointed.

It is possible to learn from the United States bus from the left wing MSNBC and the right fox about programme about the importance of not doing rolling news anymore unless there is strong used to do that's a lesson sky and the BBC don't seem to have learnt Americans have learnt that that you get appointment of you if you break up during the day with programs not rolling news programs built around strong anchors with Edge character and even a sense of humour.

That's very nice.

And Fox News do as well you can do all of that without being either fox or MSNBC you can do that by having a different perspective to the TV existing broadcasters come, please the Metropolitan glasses that control the existing network news.

No, but that's not our job.

We're not aiming to please them trying to give people who don't feel they have a voice.

I'll give you a good example and is on the BBC and that is Question Time in the aftermath of the brexit referendum question time together Hughes credit used to be just out of London and it would go to Bradford Barnsley or wiganer present in the North and in the post brexit referendum aftermath when the atmosphere was quite toxic actually more so than they had been during the referendum son southern smoothie on.

Would say about didn't know they were voting to be met by a cacophony of Voices with Northern accent saying all we did we knew will work for inform we won't be patronized by you saying that we did that say kind of voice but you actually don't you're very often British Broadcasting hope we'll give it a bit of a voice well your headquarters be in Paddington and what's the format of your show going to be is going to be in our it'll be 9:00 at night 4 nights a week.

It'll be pretty segmented.

So it can be replayed in the digital format and digital slice and dice as much as possible will have a model of to begin with we'll have the cover story main story I got to have a walk watch.

I think we'll have a lot of fun with things like chestfeeding and what was that police thing about?

Being offensive is an offence and a lot of that isn't probably covered will do a min interview if we can get one we won't do an interview if it's only then list of a paperclip.

I want to do mediawatch including a video watch that homosassa.

I think we get things wrong we were there.

We got this wrong and also hold other BD2 does well.

I think we'll have a regular guests you know what a success Abberton Portillo wear on this week for many years that I think each night will having a cuddle that to be able to choose a card on the menu, is there anything about it and put it out themselves coming back who knows maybe that was an engineer and I spoke to her to say on Monday afternoon as well over an hour in Hughes detail that is all clear the real reason for that with Rupert Murdoch where he draws the line on free speech not released not least in relation to The Spectator right attack.

Who's the left the BBC and loads more? It's a very very long and interesting conversation I think and it'll be available for the media show subscribers the miniature podcast from around tomorrow afternoon, so if you look at the media show on BBC sounds a long are interviews engineer.

Hopefully dripping in their insight and revelation your head vigorously throughout much of that why the argument that this is about economics.

It's about choice.

It's about the Left Behind I don't eat other than the left behind the source of the current Media channel 4 on the left.

Why can't we have GB news on the right well, what's wrong with that?

I think it's best and I think it's really interesting he said there was no market for Fox News but I think it's because Channel 4 are the email they are still bound by 11 of impartiality TV news.

Yes, they will be but as you say the outlets is all going to be about news presenters.

It's going to be about you know opinionated.

He's a bit like I think that might be LBC radio which is popular and has a range of Voices which is of course how you you might get your licence and still be judged to be impossible broadcasters by being think that is that's all part of this sort of Culture war which says that just because you know you at the BBC and metropolitan, then you can't be speaking achievement doing good journalism and journalism should be about less alright and politics the BBC for a corporate sense, but I report at the BBC we moving out we Scott from

In which the news was the star to a world in which star is the news? Yeah, I mean very much so I mean I think in terms of seeing the possibilities of GB news and me and how to Good Morning Britain and its style of opinionated programming.

I mean I sort of CG been used as being good this case where you would have opinion people essentially argue at length with guests to completely are on the other sensible with them there for being impartial.

I think you know that's where there's been a lot of reporting in the Piers Morgan's next step and whether it will be with GB news.

I never leave because that is a style of journalism, which gets very popular online and then there's no hiding away from the facts about Good Morning Britain BBC Breakfast in the ratings yesterday the social media clips went incredibly rival on social media even if you are completely at warranted by the contents within I think that for some people thinking now we are having.

Ways of expressing our online form of news newspapers and online why can't it be reflected on TV I think at the same time though there are many people do you say we want to be that baseball impartiality to get been using and information and most importantly leave it to us.

Not you to decide for me exactly what I should be thinking and Engineers part of the strategy for GB news will be to slice and dice.

Do you might just explain what that means and whether you do it pick news.

What's the idea? There is about cutting segments of a TV programme up and then pushing them out and social media is the content long 14526 probably quite sure traditional broadcast I did find two things particularly interesting in what he said.

There and the BBC Travel what is liberal maybe for people who might consider themselves to be left of centre Flitwick Lee incredibly socially conservative coverage on the issues relating to LGBT I'm take the trans issues at the moment on the BBC you couldn't say that.

They are live.

They are covering them quite and socially conservative wait watch the pinckney racism.

I'm not sure why anyone should find people who are aware of social justice and racism particularly concerning as actually a positive things.

Another word for damage racing we can't get into too much about it, but I guess he engineering and argue that the original meaning of work has been polluted in and me something very differently just you mention that Benjamin because he said that he's going to put the spotlight on phrases like chestfeeding the term one NHS trust everything is it actually wasn't true.

That's true quite interesting because that story is reported on pink you actually wasn't true.

It is nearly saying that when it comes to transgender people they should have appropriate and it wasn't saying that it should be ready one else actually I love the media both broadcast and print Media actually wasn't true and I think it probably was only playing you and a couple of many other publications are actually pointed out it wasn't true.

I'm going to play matters and use the phrase culture Wars in your last answer if you've seen in the last hour and a half or so but Charlene at White his is there is a black woman journalist has stepped down.

I think it is I didn't quite catch the other historians doing other things but I think she stepped down from presenting this the press Awards which was hosted by the Society of editors.

Is that right? You just bring us up-to-date on at Jane if you know the top line and we haven't talked about here is the broadcast media and the notion of impartiality and truth about.

Find leave your own opinions at the door in the UK have had an incredibly opinionated newspaper industry and what happened on Monday after the allegations by Meghan Markle which newspapers says no, there's nothing they could be an issue here for percent of the British media and art of ethnic minority the numbers alone.

Tell a story that perhaps we're not terribly representative in the newspaper industry.

I'm really sad that Charlene has two down and is not presenting the Awards you know I think they have come out today with the statement.

I saw it lunchtime the side of that sort of thing you know we're going to think again ways of having a look in there, but our role is not to hold the powerful to account you know that is a huge issue that we.

Minority groups and they want a hold the rich and Powerful to account will tell all of the countless members of the minority community you're attacked daily and trolled Bailey and the newspaper turn on the rich and Powerful that the people who will escape the attacks of some of the UK's biggest news organisations Scotland approach to information which is private eyes of the outrageous and emotional is good business is good tellies.

You say Scott I mean Ofcom received 41000 complaints about Good Morning Britain after Piers Morgan said he didn't believe Meghan markle's claim Pip as you lots of complaint and the very next day Scott they BBC Breakfast in the ratings briefly but also create a lot of problems in itself so for example in regards to Piers Morgan

Mind the mental health charity issued a statement to say that he was making about Meghan Markle they found to be quite disappointing.

Why does that matter well ITV themselves have been doing a mental health initiative Google get Britain talking across the entire channel that was launched after love Island and and Caroline flats passing and it was completely for also it had mine's involvement so I think you know the facts but also the Duchess of Sussex has written a letter to ITV I think even though that these can be incredibly lucrative things we seen it time and time again, but if anything comes to controversial advertisers gets spooked and they can easily walk and I can leave and it can cause headaches across the entire rest of the movie that came out to Benjamin

Yeah, I think I think what is there was no Market from niamh's so they're obviously has been as got saying watching him and he has improved ratings Good Morning Britain most popular in Britain have been outside in print by the male the sun many many years not online thing is that decides mentality look what happened in America you know freedom and market deciding you've got the social media Giants taking over everything without anything that is not enough long for my wish campaign for this show too much longer and today's demonstration.

What should be that is a hate saying this but there's always time for today.

Thank you so much to Jane martinson the Benjamin Cohen the chief executive of pink news.

Tv critic and broadcaster and thank you also to Angie new chairman presenter on GB news.

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