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Read this: Scott Mills chats to our guest host Jamie East

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Scott Mills chats to our guest host Jami…

The radiator day programme with broadcast bionics creators of The Bionic studio the smarter way to make radio hello welcome to the radio Today programme thanks for following US and let's get straight into it form of Virgin Radio and talk radio presenter.

Jamie East is your guest host this Jamie is known for setting up the holy moly website and doing lots of stuff on the telly yunohost his own podcast called the smart 7 with Liam Thompson comes out every good seven quite good actually might want to check it out this week.

He's chatting to Scott Mills who we all know as the big radio personality from overnights on power FM and is also doing afternoons on Radio 1 at the moment as well, so without further ado.

Let's see what they had to say to each other.

Listen exciting this is this is for the radio today podcast and all I am I am Jamie's sometimes appear on the radio and podcast around gonna stick.

I'm delighted to welcome to this kind of guessed podcast series that I think they're doing a radio Legend I'm sure everybody will be really good to hear what your thoughts are about stuff and where your headset and just was going on the life of Scott Mills oyster good.

Show me how are you really good looking to do think I know quickly because I just realise that you you were the last person I saw in London before the next morning.

I woke up and I thought something doesn't feel right and that was it and I've not been back in the next day or the next morning we both go to the photo next to a cardboard cutout of Riley

Just off Great Portland Street the little sweet but the Scandinavian cafe.

I feel quite lucky actually that I've been able to go to work everyday and actually still working through all this so I do a show on Saturday and 5 live for a while that was recorded from our houses the thing is with the BBC building for a while because it was only you and no one knew anything about it.

Is that how do you make a building that covid-secure so it kind of wasn't for a while like we were just keeping our distance and doing you know what what people said to do space and this is way before like if you next time you go into an office anyone listening.

You know young they have to do it.

Like literally one way signs everywhere and one person in the lift and I'm just used to that now because I've been going in for out, but there was none about to start with and because of that the live show was coming from from home for a while now.

Obviously all the right precautions and protocols are in place.

So we are able to go in and do the show but it's that building the BBC building on the Portland Place that I think capacities are at six and a half and people and there's no one there.

There's a few people in The Newsroom and it's literally well for example my show me and Chris and a producer behind the glass but even Chris was at home from for the first lock down the whole whole way through so I've been going through out and I do feel quite lucky to be able to do that because I have a routine which I know the most people haven't had such a long time now.

What was it like for the first?

I think everyone everywhere will have you know there'll be telling you know the families for generations to come as well on the day that it all kicked off but for someone at the BBC which is you is something that cannot ever stop no matter no matter what the BBC will keep on going it is the epitome of keep calm and carry on and do something like radio as intrinsic is to be in the studio in the mix with the desk with everything there around your support infrastructure that you guys need to get your show on the all of a sudden the Rulebook just had to get ripped up everybody.

What was it like in you know early days, when nobody even really knew we knew how you got it, but it wasn't clear to start with you remember.

It's like touch this will I get it? All is it airborne or what is it? So that's actually quite hard to make plans for it in in a Workspace if you don't really know what you're fully die.

They didn't and I mean I don't think it's out of place to say that in the early stages.

There was even took that you know we may have to all go to one network just to reduce the amount of shows as in kind of like Radio 1 and 1 Extra so everything yeah.

I think that I mean it never happened and never got to that but like wartime kind of like write in a bunker to go on like even more extreme than that everything all that will never happen because you just don't think like I said never happened in our lifetime, but the work you know it was entirely possible at one point that it would just be the radio the network BBC national radio will be one service and yeah and would be you know radio for doing the news my god imagine being the PD

Yeah, I doubt I would have got the call to be on but I seem to remember talk about you know that emerging Radio 1 and do for a type of stuff that you wouldn't even ever dream of even being an option.

You know you play the best of the nation.

Just to stay home the same as like going out and saying by the way what's gonna happen in a couple of weeks are Radio 1 radio to Radio 4 ready A36 music and one extra organic under into one station absolutely that's ridiculous.

I believe that those conversations as an absolute last Resort were happening and that's fine say because nobody nobody knew what we were dealing with and also that the the early stages.

It was like we need to have a less people in this building as we possibly can.

What did happened was that the shows became long? They wanted to give some people to have a bit of space and get the head around it because when you're on the radio at this time and this has happened.

Why you don't know what's going to happen then? She won't have terrifying it.

Was you need a bit if you're on there everyday you actually need a bit of time yourself like everyone else has to process that they took a shower out so normally would have Greg Clara me and then Grimmie in the daytime.

So me and Clara can a flip-flop for a while so it would be great and then so that would be a 4-hour show the next so would be 4 hours that would either be or Clara then and then granny would be 4 hours and that happen for a few months Greggs took some time off then I feel Greg for a week or so when he had his time off and for Grimmy as well, so I mean yeah the schedule did change very much.

We will never see it like that again.

Just standing outside the BBC you know front on on Regent Street in thinking I can't see one person and this is I think that was like a free afternoon and minimal people in the building and but I have to say I think they dealt with it amazingly well.

Just to keep everything out because I think the BBC has this singing like let's know if something falls off.

Are you just can't have that so it makes sense for somebody to always be there and also I guess from pacifica radio one point of a lot of people to Radio One is it clear as it's it's yeah for advice to come for them to lay and it feels you know that's what that's what ready one does really well.

I think that's part of its success Radio 2 just that I mean lots of radio stations provide you know company through the audience.

I'll probably slightly more did they die younger for?

Yes, and more worried.

You know yeah, I mean I actually I'm not going to say their names, but I am and I'll paraphrase I actually have got some here.

Just to you a bit of an idea of what people are saying that I can tell you and say that all people it's been ready.

You know it's been vital to people in the pandemic.

Can I can say or or I want? I just think it will give you a couple of examples of the kind of the message that we get on the daily and under headspace that people have been in segway.

Nearly into that.

How do you think radio is changed much over the past 12-months presumably interactions.

Can I gone through the roof now and and how people are using radio definitely through the right the first time with all told to stay at home and it's just a small tweak that maybe people wouldn't notice but the muse.

Was made warmer and friendlier and you never know you remember that Massive Attack change their name during the Iraq war just a massive just no one knows everything and I think you're a bridge like person wouldn't notice but yeah, I think it in when it's really unsure time.

I think you surround yourself with familiarity and comfort so actually the playlist was made warmer and actually more upbeat and I really noticed it on here, but that's because I need I mean in terms of I have been there a long time and Radio 1 evolves, because it does it does keep up with what Young

Pink and what they like and but I have to say to you are the reason of the reason I love working there so much is the people like it is a fair play and that such a rubbish, please show and I'm sorry for using it, but it we all really do get on that comes across.

There's no grave appearing on your show you and you know it's not going through gritted teeth because you come in.

I certainly hear different stories about Radio 1 in the 80s, but that's go there for now, but no it's really weary team and not just sit on their staff.

You know the people who make the shows it's such a lovely lovely place to be especially now and obviously that just isn't happening so I tell you what I want what I liken it to it's a bit like if you ever worked at a radio station and you've had two.

And then do a show on Christmas day, it's like that every day or overnight.

I've done both where it's like a person here or a while Christmas at Home in the first lockdown.

It was literally just me and a producer from behind the glass and they weren't even allowed to come in or anything unless or not now, but it was just me and another person.

I'm just not used to that and I'm used to coming in and the VI being like Radio 1 via and everyone Zone and ideas and and is Bath gone so the last 12-months haven't actually really being working.

It's not been like working at Radio 1.

It's just not I think we've done a good job of keeping it together on are at the heart of it like the relationship with the listeners is still strong and the and the

Survive with Chris obviously hasn't changed so I wouldn't say that with faking it.

It's just different and it's not obviously you can't believe I guess it.

Yeah, you do and it's and obviously this is the way anyone really wants to work, but that's the way it is you know you know from doing a daily so which you've done you know sometimes your you'll have an idea about radio light on TV you'll have an idea and it will be on 5 years later on radio kind of gone because normally have main Chris and you never produce that you have an assistant producer now most people are at home.

So that spontaneous idea that you have isn't spontaneous anymore because someone at home with me like yeah, cool.

I'll get on it, but then you had to WhatsApp them you're not seeing them in person and then they're internets down or they don't all the software for editing is crashed.

Just made everything it's possible, but it's made everything harder bahiscent the word things that Aled Haydn Jones it is now heading Radio 1 been in the building so all the time he's been in that job being had already around and he's not the first time we saw him did the Comic Relief lolathon last week and he was allowed to basically wave from like I could only just see him distance and that's the first time he's been at the radio station.

I think almost a year but you're in charge of the registration, but you haven't been there so yeah, I mean will never hopefully never have a time like it again so I can covid-19 if I guess coming to the over the past 1220 months been around a long not long as that is podcast Is On Demand audio.

What's your what's your head out with stuff like that?

You got you got a successful podcast which is like a highlights package of the it's basically the show without the music and it's still amazingly still does really good.

I think is the best kind of show right right the bloody music in the way my games again the Scott Mills Daily Podcast is actually existed.

I look to the other day.

I think it's the First Time podcast came out and it was all that's fine, then.

I went off the idea so it's existed since the First Time podcast for a thing which is like 12 years ago and just kept going and it's it's been there ever since so now when people go out podcast you should get one of the twelve years, but it is just literally the show catch up, but it does it still does really well, you know because a lot of that is because I used to be on drivetime and then I moved to 124 and a lot of people that maybe her drivetime can't listen between 1 and 4 because of work.

I think that we picked up a lot of people and still do pick up for a fair amount of people from from that podcast and radio happy bedfellows, do you think you know I think they are because the quality says me know and I actually think the quality I hope will continue to grow I mean don't get me wrong.

There are some fantastic podcasts and there are some very bad ones and the audio quality is now from the ideas and all their let's not get it twisted either like we're in our little London bubble.

Where like everyone listen to podcasts.

I still think it's about 17.

So it's not like it's not huge, but it's going up but it's audiowrite and that's what I love.

So I think podcasts well actually have made people listen to audio that maybe never listen to the radio and audio is what we do and I think it will probably cause radio if anything to evolve anything.

I mean ciues podcast like this.

I got a dog recently alright.

Never had a dog before I'm contractually obliged by the whole of anybody listening to ask what kind of good boys.

It's is a Cavapoo called Teddy and he's really cute a part of my drawer if I could have written what kind of dog and what it would be cold and put it in an envelope.

I just got emotional I had a poo called Teddy and I'm a dog owner.

I done it before so I might are the must be podcast first so I just search dog podcast and there's a really good one that comes up cold.

It's called dog's best friend.

I think and Holly then you got Clare Balding has got one on Spotify think I could wait around and listen for a dog section on LBC or five live but I'll be waiting while so I can just go straight to that and that and it's an actually on the journey to go and get him.

I listen to back-to-back podcast of that and I learnt a lot so the by the time I met said it was like.

I send you this so that is invaluable, that's how I use podcasts, but I do not think anything can replace the way live radio makes you feel the way next with an audience so the way you know it can provide company or uplift you or reassure you or explain or feels very present all the time and if I'm honestly.

I've never been more sure about radios place and it's kind of amplified through all this having worked on there like I said play Fruit through this.

It's I don't know it like listeners.

Feel like I didn't know a long time.

So you are part of somebody's day and sometimes I sit back and go well.

It's just me then I mean but but listen is feel that they do know you because it's part of their daily routine if they've chosen your station.

Show and it's weird I've been doing this so long, but I've been I've been worn at the death of radio is coming so many times I remember god it must've it must be there and Andy Parfitt when he was controller a meeting and the Viber bit was not from him actually, but the home via the meeting was like social media and we're all going to die and I think it was I think it was Twitter actually when he was like that was starting to get a bit just a bit of a London thing and it was just that we were kind of Wands that that would be you know the beginning of the end and then ready as always find a way of soaking up those those peripheral kind of things and then I member even before that before I was at Radio One it was like the in thing and these got internet radio stations popping up everywhere that was like what they're going to kill us and they didn't.

It was streaming services like well playlists will kill us all it hasn't it's a bit like a few years ago.

When was panicking that YouTube would replace television hasn't and I do not think that radio is going dark anytime soon.

I really don't think anyone in particular argument aside about using the charger and all that kind of dues always found a way of using social media to do benefit the output YouTube the great example of of where the ones just shone and and utilise that you know instagram's other great ones the stations probably form Cinema it's content to be a bit more snackable in a bit more YouTube sound to be utilised on social social anymore, but not at the never really at the mercy.

I don't think she's a few years back.

We because of the YouTube thing we just mentioned I think that I got be careful.

I think occasionally we were doing things on her as a radio station first and foremost us where we were worrying about yours too much so I member doing a couple of things.

I would think I was filling in on the chart show and our tagline was listen watch share Bachmann right so this probably for 5-6 years ago.

You are certainly Alisha saying listen first, but then you're saying watch.

What's the what's the radio and this is because of the massive explosion of YouTube and YouTubers and I remember doing a couple of things on the radio and think it's radio is.

My first thought you see because that's just how I've always done it and it's radio radio guys like to the biggest most nerdiest point you know that most of things again this doesn't work on the radio.

This is to visual and that shouldn't I mean it's all hindsight is a mob sing the action be the case of the tail tail's wagging the dog in it didn't happen to many times and remember like everything we said we'd like well.

That was fun.

Wasn't it and the YouTube videos up and we said it for absolutely everything remember the chart used to be the Radio 1 chart.

Show it was like before watch from 6 and we became of c'est with watch now.

I think what I think now.

We have the balance 100-percent right because

The video content that Radio 1 does is amazing and it is very snackables you said it wasn't there where you know breakfast shows were streamed on to Sky also all about mental that's ready.

Just spoke to memory for me.

This is probably 15 years ago where they did something called Radio 1 on 3 and it was my show for a week on BBC Three but that's not that interesting because it's just me talking into my phone now.

Obviously we we wrapped up the visual stuff that that would be good on the telly as well, but that actually happened where I can remember one day coming in and I was like well the studio lights have got a lot better and they're like yeah.

We're going to be on BBC Three on.

I think it was like it was a trial thing because everyone was trying things out, but yeah, it was on off it was on after Family Guy and it is just just literally me go radio on and looking who is entertained by that I'm talking into my phone.

I mean the thing is you have to radio one has and you have to go with that trend and and and and and go with what is now and at the time that was now telling people to go to YouTube every 5-minutes that was that was what we thought we needed to do at the time.

It was like I don't I'm not saying that was a bad mood.

We should never have done that because that was just the way the young people consume in I think we've now got the balance right the radio is good first and formers and then everything else falls into line because it's a radio station.

That's a good point.

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If it doesn't cost anything to get started and you can find out more on that website at cleanfeed dotnet motorbike that has been positioned.

This is like a guest episode from me.

Jamie's the host of the seven podcast speak into radio Legends already, won Mr Scott Mills

The question for you and it's one I'm particularly invested in so whenever I've been on television whenever whenever I've been stuck on the box.

I've always psychic in gladly so so amazing people to Ryland Sue Perkins Emma Willis Christine Bleakley all you know my place eventually talk to me about the dynamic between you and Chris Stark do you class yourself as a double act as you featuring Chris how is that address because and is it something that you had to address very early on because I think you do otherwise it gets out of control and gets uncomfortable to think about that right.

So I always think that when we discuss in this kind of thing of those when you read books or you see stuff about like those big American hosts, or you watch those films.

That's like.

My name of the title first many reasons because but mostly because it involved so slowly and so kind of naturally from the point where a genuine friendship, so I guess if I was going into a show with as a double Act and I was like if if I had a big enough we go to see myself as the man with you know my name above the doors.

You know I wouldn't I wouldn't be this brush about it.

It's my show yeah, but that is never come up with Chris because it it's just kind of involved into Scott and Chris and is there's never been a conversation about lights I have altered my name because of my bigger than him.

It just doesn't happen and where I think it's very rare because I do think that.

Conversations are had a lot.

I think initially it's because neither me or Chris have egos particularly.

We actually don't and then also you think about how it happens you can see why we're out of that we're out now because it's like I said it's just kind of it happens naturally we won't put together I remember when I first met Chris it was used done for Southampton sized the DJ a lot at Southampton university and Southampton university when I was doing a lot of these dj-kicks there and he was always on before me he comes off.

I go and do my set and you just have a couple of drinks afterwards and I just got to know him quite well, because I was playing so many gigs as a hamster the time.

Sorry just got chatting.

I knew that you did a bit of a student radio and I knew that he loved Radio 1 and light.

And the more I got to know him the more I just thought you're a funny guy and I heard a bit of the studied on the radio and I thought actually this is not amazing, but it was student radio was kind of rough around the edges, but I was like he's definitely definitely got someone here and I just remember like being in the pub with him like I became more friends and again your storytelling it is great and I tell you why I tell you what it was about Chris that I thought like he be good for radio one because he is and he won't mind me saying this your Everyman London Media DJ right so at the time.

He was you know a young guy from Watford in on he is listening to garage and he's driving around the ASDA Watford car park kind of vibe.

That person or anyone like it, but you'll add you know the lad young lad and actually that's loads of our audience and we are really have that I should say as well.

This wasn't like a massive moth like I know what we don't have a lad let's get one of those it was just like we didn't have it and I just thought he'd be great and then he was on the show is just as a caller sometimes festival and then Barry from Watford to say he was my mate.

He just like he would just like all up and and it would be something and it go to where I found funny that happens if like I said I was I'd be in the pub with him and be like right.

That's got to go on eggs.

That's funny and we do a phone call and then Ben Cooper the boss at the time heard it and realise that I'm glad you agree and we just tried Chris out like I think it was maybe even 1 or 2 shows a week for ages actually from a year on.

I'm so impressed.

How quickly he got really good and I think he's a fantastic broadcast now.

I always knew he was good, but I didn't think that he would become this good.

I actually did I'm blown away by him for example when we did this comic relief lolathon last week.

We work together so long now.

Let's let's just give a shout a half nuts and bolts and I'm going because we like in America couple.

We know so well the he can just tell that I ok.

He is just giving up the text number but he is too tired now to actually explain why we need the money and he will just pick it up and it'll be like it's so hard at the moment to ask you for money, but we're doing it because of this and this and this and he will deliver exactly what I want to say but my brain.

Little bit at the time so it and it's like he reads you.

I don't even need to go like help me how he will just do it.

It's the colour of it when you finish each other's sentences when you are a couple of other it's and I love being on there with him.

I do and partly it's because he's one of my best mates, but I can tell when a duo on the radio is just been put together sometimes.

They work amazingly well because I got lucky sometimes and if I can still or you know it's worse can be terrible and uncomfortable to listen to so I think it is I think it's the same for TV as well.

That is because it's because when when people have put together in situations.

It is not implicitly explain to them what the dynamic is intended to be knows it.

Never is because he the commissioners or PDS or exact so whoever.

Decided to put this chicken together has not like put them both and it would solve all these problems but both rooms right.

It's your show your sidekick either deal with it or it stops now because they don't have it was chosen because there a better anchor and you're better are doing the window funny.

That's just how it got to work.

Do you want to do this or not? Yeah? I get it now because what happens is just happened to me several times and and it's know kind of like detriment to anyone that I have work with because it's always soldier was a co-host always sold the most you turn up for work this like Graham this co-host and then you get the Script where you get the running order indigo.

Yeah this about this this much like a carer and then you got the phone on the phone to your Wi-Fi your boyfriend or whatever you go fucking now.

It's happened again.

It sounds awful to say that that is purely because it's not an ego think it's because you've been sold.

I understand the back to thing you see what like we're because it's been so because it comes from genuine friendship, but it's never put together we like we would like all that will be a nice idea.

Let's try him out and then it just it was so slow and as you know and it's happened to me as well.

These things generally on especially and television it's like right.

You're doing it with block and I mean I've been in situations where I've never met that person before and then you're on the ABBA then and an actually you're right.

You don't know necessarily what they know what your role is and you're right.

It is I've never thought of it like this because I don't this isn't this is not this is just not what happened with Chris but it is always and you'll be co-hosting with an often you go.

To me, why am I in the Booth and then the floor and I'm reading off the iPad yeah? Why are they on screen and I'm not so I wanted to ask you about this afternoon to the show and something.

I think most people spend any time with you guys on the radio.

Is is that you've developed and it's usually the cause of death version is that your show is peppered with in-jokes and a language that is only if there is any really explain but if you just keep listening to the show and yeah usually the thing that you're told not to do on the radio.

It's like never never never doing jokes never let you know you've got a reach-around broadmanor people.

You know you're going on.


I actually.

Not all of it, but some of it is actually stuff like it was a school of radio.

You're absolutely told not to do and yes, I think and I am aware of this but I just wondering why you think it works for you because it does work.

Yeah, I think I do I think it's that thing is I always remember probably pre-internet will I be like to go on holiday to America was at 18 and I listen to All the radio all the time and see what they're saying and who was so excited famously apparel.

Steve Wright this isn't it? Have you heard that story you guys to a hotel just maybe we can do it from home now America yeah, I remember going there may be the first time and I was only listen to Howard Stern and I mean I certainly don't love myself and our son, but this is kind of like what you're talking about I listen to it and I was like I have no idea.

What's the

But I kind of like it and I like the feel of it and I get these really good, but I'm going to have to listen to this more to get it and so I did and it's a very easy one to forget let you know you if you're getting new listeners in you need to keep re explaining and actually sometimes.

I'm not very good at that because I'm so used to Melissa's like being there and chipping in and here's the thing like even I've been on Radio 1 for 8 million years and on other radio for 8 million years before that.

I'm always learning I truly am and I listen to a lot of it.

I listen back to the chart on that I do on Fridays a lot and go out clubbing tighten or you could have done that better supercritical and yeah, I think the Show of the time.

It's a right now is it feels like a bit of a club? You know it's gonna lunchtime club.

It's a big club, but but

Think if you get the jokes than that's great if you don't then hopefully you'll like the vibe of it and just cannot stick around and when I joined Radio 1 have to say to you.

I I mean it was the 90s and if you remember like like TV in the 90s actually quite horrible.

I remember going on when I first started already one.

I remember going on like Never Mind the Buzzcocks steak and a horrible.

I think everything was a bit less warm then and I've got to tell you because I thought that I had to harass Superbad see on the air that has a bit of a Queen I was a bit of the whole world was like that was a very powerful.

Dangerous Thing at holy moly for instance there popbitch all of those yeah all of those kind of things are in a car to start a massive rust think me and you had a tiny falling out online before we do outside.

Thank you Nick to holy moly i-94 you do you remember there was a picture of a woman who work for a council or something that is amazing black rimmed.

Yes, and I know her name.

I Lincoln Council is Nikki ideas for everybody did all that we believe me Jamie we saw that on.

Holy moly.

We took that idea we ran with it.

It was quite is it was a really weird time to do the media I think so and actually I think that what I was doing.

I'm a nice person honest, but I think I was what I was his name and I still actually finding my on a thing was my go-to was I just be a bit nasty and be a bit of a better and easier because it is easier, but I say this as well like I did commercial radio before Radio 1 so I'm from since.

I did I did a power FM Southampton then I went up to gwr in Bristol to work.


Don't work in Piccadilly in Manchester for 2 years.

So it was like 2 years to years and then I came to London to work on their lunch of heart, so I done a lot of commercial radio before Radio 1.

Ok because I have been doing it since about 16 and I have to say.

That not not now because I think there are some fantastic people with personality on commercial radio, but then personality was not required if find like a recording of me in the mid-90s on Piccadilly in Manchester or heart.

It's all good.

I'm telling you the time.

I'm telling you the weather.

I'm telling you the music and it's also it really yeah, it sounds all really bright and really tired and really jolly.

Is there anything of me in that broadcast not a bit because it wasn't required it like it just it was all very fast pace if you listen to Capital from back then like I get I think that point Radio 1 was really the only place where people on the radio in music radio 2 a bit but it was radio commercial radio them was like key 103 Manchester the most music that was simply Red here probably and don't forget.

Online still open and and the weather 24 degrees in and Scott Mills song I can do that really well when I went to Radio 1 they're like they literally call when he got the producer which I've never had before but I never had a producer at the side of you.

Just didn't happen electric produce the blank sheet of paper and write.

So what should we do in the show? What do you mean because I wish I was used to doing such tight formats.

What is Radio 1 spotted in you? How do you do? How do you make that leap? How did that leap of Faith a lot of people listening? You are commercial DJs who are who are having that problem.

You know yes, I had a virgin and that's no problem.

That's just that just I just was the commercial radio whatsoever, but it will be a lot of people that have got ambitions to do the day after that you're doing but can't find a way out.

I agree and I say this now.

I actually.

Is a shame because a lot of these guys because of networking etc you no have have no or lot less work now and I think there are I think they're great more than I ever remember growing up some great Talent in smaller stations local stations the seems to be it's a bit like I always say that do you remember when you first started watching Popeye door X Factor and you were so amazed that when someone can sing while you're on my god.

They're brilliant and now everyone can sing probably because of YouTube in the internet when someone like like like Kelly Clarkson or Leona Lewis back of the only be like oh my god.


Yeah, I feel that about Radio now like they're more good people Morgan broadcast never been I think the standard.

When I was growing up and actually getting into the industry is so much higher now and it's a bit like everyone can sing not saying everyone could be a DJ but there's definitely a more people who are a lot better at it than the was thank god when I when I was getting into it if I'm honest.

I wish I was just so pleased that I was on the radio anywhere.

It was what I wanted to do it since I can remember since I was like 8 years old.

I'm 7/8 years old my poor most like they're in in in my bedroom like pretending to be on Radio 1 only Lesnar make a mighty standard you said that so I never thought when I got into radio even as I was up through it.

I never thought that radio one would even be an option it didn't cross my mind because to me it was the equivalent of

Becoming the president it's just one of those things that doesn't happen to you and even as I got you know too because actually if you think about the city's.

I'm move they did get bigger that Southampton Bristol Manchester London you know it was all going upwards like that and then the natural thing for maybe you could think was like.

Oh well, I'll give Radio 1Xtra idont know why but it never really occur to me that would even be an option and then I met a guy at the Sony Radio Awards are you actually sadly died a couple weeks ago called Simon Willis yeah, and he remember him coming up to me at the Sony's and I was on heart at the time in London when I just going for the launcher heart and you should send some stuff to Radio 1 to me and I said this on Instagram the other night.

He was really my

Volume to radio one I've got a lot to thank you before and he was part of the whole you know like when is Zoe Ball took over the breakfast over the first time already won II started same day as though it already won so he was kind of responsible for that.

He looked so he was overseeing that show and my show so I have a lot to thank you and when he died me and sorry we're chatting and just kind of reminiscing about Simon and how brilliantly was and about the old days that you know we are first days at work there and I think what they were looking for it.

If I'm honest was they were looking for somebody to do early breakfast nothing more than that they were looking for a young DJ who could actually do a good turn is what I always say could be energetic that.

I was very good at being really tight talking up to the vocal telling you what the songs were telling a bit of info about the song did I have much more than that about point no, but I think as always and always should be at Radio 1 think there was a thing about that.

We need to get some new younger voices on here and it was very lucky to be one of those however.

I'm saying that's me or you to send something else like so I did this continued for 3 years with them going now and me going ok.

Send a small OK cool and then so this sounds ridiculous and it sounds made up but I'm in the getting an email and they're like I'll send you some more and I part of me was going do you know what it's been 3 years now? I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing.

I'm earning good money.

I'm live.

King the piss yeah, it was ok.

I'll send another one but in my head.

I was saying to myself like you've got to give this up because it was a lovely idea and thank you Simon for suggesting it where you then ended up being my exact but he actually put my put it in my head in the first place before that.

I haven't even thought about applying for everyone then once I started I was like.

Oh well.

He said that maybe I should I wasn't pestering them, but I was genuinely like you know sending them and they go it's not looking for all then you send another one that happened and then I sent in one more demo and I cannot remember or what it was and maybe it was something that I don't know maybe it was that thing that they were looking for.

They have no they maybe they heard something there that they didn't hear in the others, but they were like you should come in and do a demo and as I'll here we go here.

We are right.

I'm going in the building guys this must mean something and there was a guy called Fergus Dudley who is pretty high up now at BBC and he was my produce of the day.

I'm going in there on a Sunday afternoon in the old building in Yalding house.

I'm just operate for the street and I'm in the saying what good here in the next door doing the charters of the saturated and and this often happens with me, but they gave me some songs and get me some notes and Jamie my nerves totally got the better of me the whole thing I found so overwhelming the fact that I was there and I knew that I can do better than I did.

You know that horrible feeling when you like, it's actually I really I like I really and I remember finishing and going to reply to Ferguson going only met that day and he was like I think you could do better than that.

Do you like yeah and he's like and I thought I'd blown it.

I actually did and then he's like just come in and do it again.

That's weak and let's just erase this why then I went in the next week didn't mean can you tell her how did another one it was better.

I'm in this could have been again 6 months later.

I got an email.

Can you come and see Lorna Clark who is now the head of BBC is on BBC at that point was editor for Radio 1 on a member she took me out Aaron's Soho at this private members bar.


Why did you want to meet me because I've had so many rejections is it just to tell me to my face that I'm crap and then they often the only breakfast and I have never what a great had a feeling like that.

I mean yeah, but anyway in summary it took awhile, so if you are listening and thinking like well like I mean no one tried harder than me some Solace and hope to people I mean I've certainly seen in my time already 1 people just get on there and I'm ok.

I mean you fancy for one just electric got the job that I tried 5 years to get but it definitely was it definitely was how many years has it been to be 21 years? Where's your head at their you know where where where are you in in your mind? You know it doesn't sound like.

Who is suffering from fatigue from you know for anything? It says where's your head at someone? I don't know name them but I someone like I really respect in the in the who is the presenter was the presenter was like and was already one is like when it's time.

You will just know like because either you don't understand the trends of now or you can't be asked with them one of the two it's like and I've got a light most of it.

I feel and I think this is part of the reason.

I've been there so long.

I think there's a few reasons one because I don't ever cause a fuss.

I keep my account and try and do a good job take always true.

I think it is like don't become a problem for those guys.

You know it's just like get it done and get it done.

Well too.

I'm super krita.

I am a bit of a old school Believer as you're only as good as your last show a bit and I've got that motivation.

I don't ever want to do a crap show ever and when I do have a crap so whichever one well if your everyday I get a bit fed up, so there's that that's good as well and then it's just if you can still represent what young people like and what they want and what they need and what they are into then.

I think you're good.

I think there's a thing with Radio 1 not so much now, but a while back well best approaching 30.

They need to be off there and it's like yeah.

You do need young people on Radio 1 but I remember David Lloyd saying this Legend he was like if a plumber comes round to fix my sink kind of want them to affect some sex before you.

Necessarily mean it does sometimes it doesn't necessarily mean that that's what young people want to hear because some of it won't be very good.

No one goes no one Watches The Night Takeaway and then they just don't and kids loved it.

I mean yes, it's not that it's about is this entertaining to a wide range of people lot of them very young does desert six-year-old or 8-year old watching Ant and Dec like doing a funny prank and go that's money.

Yes doesn't it? Does 16-year old watch it and go front that's funny.

Yeah, that's funny 20-25-36.

It works and however.

There is some stuff that comes along and I'm not fully like I don't want TiK ToK I'm just not the fork in the road appeared with Snapchat for me.

I just like I don't know where the buttons are and where the bloody button is to start I think as long as

As long as you're not sounding really out of touch and is as long as you're turning on entertaining show which can be entertaining is entertaining with a young audience.

I think you're good.

I've got to be honest.

I know that there are many people that have like a career plan nothing quite lucky for the last 21 years.

I've not had to do one but I'm not I really do go with the flow.

I'm not one of those people is like round if I'm not on Radio 2 within two years that I may I just don't work like that.

It's a bit like that.

It's earlier about the ego thing.

I don't really possess one of I need sort so I just feel lucky to like a especially recently to actually be working like six days a week.

I love that so much remember that came to me 2 years ago and I like you I do speaks radio you're joking.

Never took over 2-hours music and then someone says speak to remember moving from Virgin to talk radio terrifying just absolutely sit in my pants remembered.

It was John I've put the time it was controller 5 Live and we went for a drink and he was like we can show is 5 live sport on news that he was I I want it to be I wanted to be have elements of that but I want it to be a Saturday morning show which is an entertainment show for five live now like yeah, but I still music radio DJ I don't like those songs on my crotch.

I need that and he was like you.

Don't he actually mentioned Simon Mayo to me who was on Radio 1 and 2 for years and then actually didn't 5-years Denon 5 Live every afternoon.

It's a lot of people forget.

He did that and he said to me that Simon was a music radio talk like you.

And then got did 5 Live and was amazing at it and I tell you what I've loved about doing that for the last over a year now even now.

I got to do something that I never ever thought that I would be able to do because now having no songs doesn't terrify me anymore and I remember that's only a year ago.

I was literally rocking back and forth sweating everywhere you can sweat going on my god.

I don't know I can't do this actually weekend and going back to the demo you know I said very messed up only on live on 5 Live my nerves once again got the better of me, but now I absolutely love it.

I love it.

I love it.

It's like jumping off the diving boards swimming pool.

It's just terrified different level of confidence.

You know if you told me 5 years ago.

Are you going to be on firefly be like in gout?

And it's so glad for that opportunity as well certain back to where are the Beginning talking about the impact.

You've had as a broadcaster and the relationship.

Do you got with the listeners? Show me the some of those messages that you got sent in around about the time of kovid ok? So just takes a couple of these out today.

Cos I knew we were chatting.

I just donated to your lolathon.

I'm 23 and I've grown up listening to you the last couple of years have been quite difficult but throughout lockdown.

I've had the podcast playing every night on my daily walk along the beach.

I really can't stress enough how important you guys have been to me and keeping my head above water much love I be listening all the way through.

Do you know I mean? It's your part of their day and you shouldn't take that for granted.

This is another one.

I doubt you'll get a chance to read this but just wanted to say thank you for always being there helping to raise a smile in the good times and the bad.

So many of your listeners, you've been the soundtrack to my day for many years and this is always been a comfort particularly over the past year which has been especially difficult for me as I know it has many others I haven't listened too much of a lot of fun as I would have liked but I've deleted because I wanted to show my support to say thanks for everything.

I know you get told that's a lot, but you really make a difference to people's lives keep up the great work that pretty much sums up everything that you need to say I think that's great.

I think that says it better than I ever could you know thank you so much for this really enjoyed it is been fantastic and obviously anyone listen to This podcast won't need to know that is already won weekdays and five live on a Saturday and could go out somewhere lolathon holiday money raised such a great cause Scott Mills thank you.

I've been Jamie East and they can catch me on the smart 7 podcast every weekday at 7 a.m.

Thank you.

I really enjoyed it.

Ladies and gentlemen Scott Mills and Jamie East thank you guys cheques in the post ok.

That's it for this week.

Thank you very much for following again and I will speak again same time next week will be on time next week because the interviews already in the cans and leave it or not for time or next Wednesday thanks for listening.

Thank you broadcast bionics.

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